ORC ‘18 – The Heir of Sharabhang.

Level by BigFoot.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

-Players on older PC’s might not be able to see the images/clues in-game, so we added them at the bottom of the walkthrough and they are mentioned where they appear…

‘Lara travels to Bhutan to find a Dragon Egg, the son of the last Dragon: Sharabhang.’

Lara is watching Games Of Thrones. As soon as you walk out of the room you’ll get a page for the Notepad. You can check that in the inventory.

Image 11.bmp

Secret: In the exit is a crate, if you go for the secrets, pull it into the room twice and pull/push it to the S twice, climb on and hop into the niche SE to get Secret #1, the Stone Dragon. Get down and push the crate back to where you found it.

Crate Push, Mines Key 1.

Climb onto the crate and look up to spot a keyhole, now push the crate once more and pull/push it to the N as far as it will go. Climb up and grab the monkey climb and go straight over to that pillar with the grass where you’ll find Mines Key 1.

Outside, the Bike.

Go back as you came and move the crate back into the room entrance to climb up to that platform with the keyhole. Using the Key there will open the door to the outside, over the crate left. Go right around and find your Bike in a pit, ride it around the building (W) and park it on that Tile there, face the bike towards that niche E, a block will lower there later when we have to leave in a hurry… When the bike is left on that Tile, a block will go up in the room with the monkey climb.

Jump lever, Mines Key 2.

Go back through the pit and climb out, look up left of the steep slope E and spot the plants under the roof. With a back flip onto the higher sloped block under the roof (face W), you can jump and grab those plants and monkey climb around the corner to a jump lever, a door will open in the corner left (NW). Go in and left to a drop to a lower room, go down one ledge. Jump up into the niche left, jump out off the niche with a left curve to get to the caved in mine tunnel, get Mines Key 2 there.

Lara: The Dragon…????

Use Mines Key 2, a Torch.

In the lower part of this place is a puzzle floor with symbols; we’ll get the clue later…

So climb back up to exit (E), loop left around and move the crate back under the monkey climb. Swing to the corner and then left at the grassy pillar and drop onto the block you raised in the N side niche. Run jump over the fence into the receptacle room W, we’ll be back here a few times. Right around the corner is a door you can open with Mines Key 2. Take a Torch from the stack of Torches inside.

Torch Puzzle, open the Trapdoor.

Jump over the fence down and throw the Torch where you can find it again. Climb up to the crate (from the left side) and pull it once back into the passage. Now you can go back and pick up the Torch, hop up to the crate and take the Torch outside and ignite it on the lantern there, go into the open door NW and down to the lower room with the symbol floor. Don’t step on it yet, but go over to that Bowl #1 NW and set it on fire (screen of the trapdoor). Go back up to the exit with the Torch and outside throw the Torch down for a bit, go to the bike and take it off the Tile (just drive it a bit forward to the niche E), so that block will go down.

Back to your Torch, into the passage, over the crate and down into the place with the trapdoor, go to where the block lowered and hop up to ignite the Bowl #2 on the right (screen of the trapdoor). Hop down and throw the Torch onto the raising block. Go up to the crate and make your way to the bike, place it onto the Tile facing the E niche. Go back to the crate, push it a last time under the monkey climb and make your way to the block with the Torch. Pick it up and run jump over the fence to the receptacle room, ignite the last Bowl #3 there and see the trapdoor open up. [color=blue]A block went up too, in the room with the monkey climb, a shortcut so we don’t need the money climb again.

We don’t need the Torch anymore, so just leave it there.

Flooded Mine, open a Door.

Hop over the fence into the open trapdoor, turn around and save at the surface. Swim in, left, over a fence and left again in the large cave with the Pagoda. Again left through to the next (E) section and left through a crack, keep left into a tunnel and right around is an underwater lever opening a door near the Pagoda. Swim back and keep going right around, over the fence into the tunnel and right to the air pocket at the trapdoor.

A Fragment of Parchment.

Swim in again, left, over the fence then take a right and stay on this level to get behind the open door in the corner on the right. Go in and at the corner up right is another underwater lever; use that to open a trapdoor in the E section. You can get there in one go, swim out to the Pagoda, left and straight (E) through the opening to the E section, up right is the open trapdoor and also air. Climb out on the right (W) and a bit further look up left for a Jump lever, spikes will de-activate under the Pagoda.

Secret: Swim down to the grassy patch N and get Secret #2, the Jade Dragon.

Now swim through W to the Pagoda and get a Fragment of Parchment from the tile with the disabled spikes.

Lara: I should consult my computer about the Chinese Zodiac signs.

The Zodiac Puzzle, the Ruby.

Swim back E a bit, up left over the fence (N) and right into the tunnel to the open trapdoor. Climb up to the crate SW, go left into the room and to the computer ([color=blue]because you don’t need the crate anymore, you could pull it into the room with the computer and have it out of your way). Use Ctrl at the computer and a new page is added in the Notepad, check it out.

Image 14.bmp

Go out of the room and left, back outside right into the open door NW. Down to the Symbol floor and go around to the NW corner where you’ll find the Rat sign just under the bowl you ignited. Climb back up to the floor W; go left to the last one this side (SW), the Dog. Back up W and right to the one next to the Rat, the Tiger. Then just walk onto the Dragon tile (S of it).








You’ll see something appear on top of the Pagoda. Go up to the exit and outside loop left around into the passage, go down to the open trapdoor and swim left, over the fence and right, on top of the Pagoda is the Ruby. Swim back over the fence, right and up out of the trapdoor, [color=blue]use the block raised after opening the trapdoor to get back up to the receptacle room. Place the Ruby on the small pedestal on the right (NW). A trapdoor opens up in a tunnel (that’s near the Pagoda).

Clock Puzzle.

So, back into the water, left, over the fence and right, right again into the first tunnel and left around the corner up and out.

There was a hint on the last Notepad page, ‘something about Midnight’.


There are 3 buttons on the N wall; they activate different combinations of the Clock’s hands. Up behind the Buddha is a chain, which will turn the hands.

(Right hand button- Activates 2 Hands; Second hand- turns 15 min clockwise, Minute hand turns 15 minutes counter-clockwise)

(Middle button_ Activates all 3 hands; Second hand- turns 15 min clockwise, Minute hand turns 15 minutes counter-clockwise, Hour hand turns 15 minutes counter-clockwise)

(Left button_ Activates  2 Hands; Minute hand turns 15 minutes counter-clockwise, Hour hand turns 15 minutes counter-clockwise)

The Hands should all point up, to Midnight. There are other solutions possible, but this is what we did… This sequence will also open the Secret door. You don’t have to deactivate a button before pushing the next.

Push the Right hand button and pull the chain once. Push the Left button and pull the chain once. The Middle button and pull the chain once, Left hand button again and pull the chain, last is the Right hand button and the chain a last time. The Bell will sound and you can see a door open up in a flooded tunnel.

Swim back to the Pagoda, left over the fence and up right to get some air. Dive back in and loop right around into the tunnel.

Straight ahead is the Secret door that opened, get Secret #3, the Gold Dragon.

Turn around and on the right around the corner is the Ornate Prayer Wheel.

Swim out and loop left into the tunnel to the trapdoor, get out and use the block again to get to the receptacle room. Place the Prayer Wheel on the left and you’ll see a block go down, that is in the room with the Clock. So, back into the water, left and over the fence and right/right into the tunnel you just came from before. In the room with the clock, go up the ramp to the Treasure Room. Go in to get that Egg


Lara: So, that's the terrifying dragon?

I find it pretty cute!


Dragon: Indeed, he is.

You on the other hand you look rather stupid, old female.


Lara: And you are not really mannerly for someone so young.


Dragon: Do you know that the soul of the previous dragon remains attached to his offspring until it is born?


Lara: I heard rumors but nothing official ... So you have to be Sharabhang?

I am Lara Croft.


Sharabhang: I am Sharabhang and I protect this egg until it hatches, old female.


Lara: Hey, wait a minute. I'm not old; I'm only 39 years old.


Sharabhang: It's true that a strange magic surrounds you Lara Croft, it seems to block or slow down your natural ability to grow old.

So your age remains the same.


Lara: What do you mean? You mean ...


Sharabhang: THAT'S ENOUGH, I don't care about your magic problems you female.

Leave this place and never come back.


Lara: I have an idea, why not leave this place together.


When the earthquake starts:


Lara: What's going on?


Sharabhang : Moouawhouawhouaaaaa! The trap has worked.

All the Greek fire hidden in the temple will explode this place and send it to the devil.


Lara: WHAAAAT ... ???


Only the egg will survive, hidden under the decay until its advent to reduce your world to ashes.

Too bad, you will not be here to see that.


Lara: I'm full of resources and I run pretty fast for an old woman.


When you turn and start your way out…


Lara: I saw Game of Thrones, no need to guess what will happen and I'll have to run fast ... very fast.


Run back through the Clock room, swim to the Pagoda and left/left over the fence, right to the trapdoor, quickly up SW, outside and turn right, run through the opening where the block lowered to the Bike, get on and ride it through the opening and up the ramp to get out of this place (with the Egg I might add)… If you hit Esc, you can watch the credits.


In case you don’t make it up the ramp in time…


Sharabhang: You’re dead, big tits !!!

Moouawhouawhouaaaa !!! 


D&G, July 2018.



“I spent the day watching shows on my computer and reading. It’s time to start my research. My friends in the next village did not lend me a motorcycle and a bed just for me to have fun, LOL.

While on the plane to Bhutan I jotted down some notes on the village of Gadhonpoor and the legends surrounding it. Let’s go and see if there is something to these legends…”


Image 12.bmp

Do the dragons really keep an eye on treasures? This is what the legends claim. Rumor has it that a dragon egg and a huge treasure is buried in the Sharabhang Temple near the small village of Gadhonpoor. Turned into mines around the beginning of the 19th century. The place was witness to strange noises and incidents that suggested something stirred beneath the temple.

A good part of the mine was therefore voluntarily flooded by the workers in order to prevent the curious from digging deeper into this cursed place. When the mine was opened the villagers mysteriously disappeared and the hills are alive with terrified whispers that the dragon had been released.


Image 13.bmp

The Greek Fire.

An even older rumor suggested that a powerful weapon may also have been hidden, the Greek Fire.

A terrifying weapon capable of destroying villages and even entire armies in a moment.

In George R.R. Martin’s fantasy series of novels: A Song of Ice and Fire and its adaptation Game of Thrones, wildfire is similar to Greek fire. It was used in naval battles as it could remain lit on water and it was an extremely secretive recipe and was protected immensely.


Image 14.bmp

“OK, I have to identify four zodiac signs and jump from the weakest to the strongest.” Not very difficult… ***********

“The rest is not clear. Something about… Midnight?? And a Secret if less than six sequences…”


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