The Wolf Pack Part 2.

Level by JesseG

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

The Mentioned savegames are in this Saves folder

1- New Hampshire, 2366

In this adventure we’ll meet Danny, the white wolf and his friend Johnny, the brown wolf. Each has his own special moves, so we’ll have to switch characters a few times.

Go through to the S end of the cave, grab Flares and climb the ledge in the back, turn around and stand jump forward to grab the monkey climb.

Look at the left side of the monkey climb and spot a ladder, go to the edge there and press UP to get to the ladder, go up for Secret #1, Rocket Launcher ammo, a Medipack and Uzi clips. Climb down the ladder, safety drop down and get back on the monkey climb.

Go to the end, and drop on a ledge, take a step or two back and stand jump to grab the pole. Swing and jump to grab the ledge ahead, pull up and jump to the right hand ledge from where you can reach a ladder. Go up and from 3 steps down from the top a back flip with roll to grab a ledge. Walk out of the cave…

Go straight down to the lake, jump to that island and grab the Uzi clips, hop into the lake and get more Uzi clips from the bottom (SE). Swimming into a narrow gap SW will get you Rocket Launcher ammo from the back of that underwater cave. Get out to the lake.

The Forest, First Visit, Jumper Cable.

Swim through a tunnel W, and where you come to some big propellers right of you, go left through the tunnel to the Forest Lake.

Take a right into the NW corner and find the underwater lever on the submerged ledge, a screen of the Propeller. Swim back N through the tunnel and straight into the propeller tunnel, the current should take you right through (stay up high). Turn right and climb out, turn around and jump to the windowsill, shoot the windows and go into the garage to get the Jumper Cable.

Back out to the Valley.

Because the current doesn’t allow you to swim back, climb up E in the garage, hop over the ridge and end up in the valley with the canal. Get to the other side (you can jump over a block or swim and get out at the low ledge) and go to the valley SE. We’ve been there before, keep left to the valley E, passing a building with big doors.

Open the Doors, Floor Pad Puzzle.

Just E of that building is a puzzle floor, don’t step on any of the lower tiles, but go to the back (E) and hop through a triangular opening in the hillside E, grab the Rocket Launcher ammo and jump back out. Approach the puzzle floor, in the middle of the floor is a grey area with 9 tiles, step on the left one of the first row, walk around to the right hand one in the second row, then the left one of row 3.

The Alien Key, free Johnny.

First go to the tree SW of the puzzle floor and get Uzi clips, go down into the valley S, to the far SE corner and an Alien shows up, shoot him and grab the Alien Key he dropped. Go back up to the puzzle floor and to the building.

Go into the doors and left, shoot another Alien. In the NW corner are Uzi clips. Go under the arched wall W and use the Alien key to open the door, go down and find your mate Johnny trapped. Use the Jumper Cable behind the chair to short out the trap and is freed. That block in the room is now turning and the others you saw in the valleys are also active.

Change to Johnny.

We’ll need Johnny’s special capabilities soon (high jump), so go to the cube, press and hold Ctrl and the brown wolf, Johnny, appears.

Rocket Launcher.

Out of the room, up the stairs and loop around right to get Flares from the landing. Go back down and under the arches E, look up for a jump lever (SE) which seems to be up too high for you… Duck under the jump lever, then hit “Jump” and Ctrl when you get to the lever. The door opens N, go in and shoot the Alien left, go down to get the Rocket Launcher (might be too heavy for Danny, but fine for me…).

Laboratory Key.

Go out of the room, out of the building, straight and left a bit into the valley with the tree house. Go to the E side of that tree house and from the higher grassy ground just next to the white pillar, you can jump up to the wooden walkway above. Just duck, hit Alt and then when you reach the walkway, hit Ctrl to grab it (you might need to find the correct spot to start your jump). Shoot the windows and pick up the Rocket Launcher ammo. Go back out through the same window and grab up to the roof to get a small medipack. Drop down again.

Stand in the windowsill, take the Rocket launcher and shoot the wooden platform in the ceiling (you can aim like with the Revolver),  jump and grab up to that attic to get Secret #2, Rocket Launcher ammo, Uzi clips and a small medipack. For an additional pickup, change into Danny, the white one (sprint jump). Go down and out of the E window, left to the N walkway and around the corner to get the Uzi clips NW. From here turn around, face that beam you can see E and sprint, just before the edge hit Alt and jump to grab that beam. Get the Uzi clips and Medipack and jump back using the long sprint jump again.

From the W side of the tree house, follow the white ledge, then jump right to grab the branch and get the Laboratory Key.

The Laboratory, checking the place out.

Jump W onto the hillside and slide down, go back to the building, inside and run around to the back, behind the staircase. Open the door with the new key and on the table right is a Medipack, that’s all we can do here for now, so after making a note of the two receptacles on the wall, head back out into the fresh air.

Timed Cliffhanger Run I, the Watchtower Key.

Take a right, go straight, back to the valley with the canal. You need to be Johnny, the brown wolf, so go right to the cube and change. A bit N of the cube are Uzi clips on the ground, in the canal, just W of the block is a small medipack.

Climb out onto the low ledge in the water and look (NE) to spot a grate under water. Shoot it with the Rocket Launcher (you can aim like the revolver) and swim in. Pull the lever to open a door in the valley, get out, left out of the water and first change into Danny (we need sprint) before you go into the door NE.

A flyby will show the route of a Timed run, starting when you pull that lever in the back. There are two doors activated by this lever.

Out of the room left, jump over the block to the other side of the canal, go right and jump onto a block left of the waterfall, landing on the left side. Jump onto the waterfall and sprint to the other end, jump while sprinting because Danny can do a long jump that way. Land on the block and run off the back side, turn right and duck, use sprint to roll through the crawlspace to get to the open door left (savegame.0). Shoot the windows and get to a puzzle field.

-Pull/push the statue in the middle of the field out (to the N) once and then once onto the rose tile W. Two blocks go down.

- Pull/push the statue SW onto the rose tile, another block goes down.

-Pull/push the statue NE around the low wall onto the rose tile, another block goes down.

-Pull the statue SW back to the S where it was before and then push it E onto the rose tile.

-Now move the SE statue onto the rose tile N of it, that Tomb E slides aside and a crawlspace is revealed.

Go in after shooting the grate, go right and grab the Uzis after crawling to them. From behind the desk in the opposite corner you can grab the Watchtower Key. An Alien comes in, take care of him. A shortcut opened to the staircase room. Go there and down the stairs, shoot another Alien there.

For a Secret: Go down to where you found Johnny (brown wolf) and change back into him (high jump). Make your way back to the statue puzzle, a block also lowered in the NW corner when the Tomb moved, go in there and in the right hand corner you can jump up high (duck and Alt) and grab the high ledge, get Secret #3, Uzi clips and a small medipack from the room with the bath tub. Get back to where we left off, the staircase room.

Take a right and go back to the valley with the canal.

Timed Cliffhanger Run II, the Lever Puzzle.

Loop around right, back into the room with the Timed lever. We need Johnny (brown) because we need to jump high and shimmy fast. Pull, run out and do running jumps left (you cannot sprint), jump over the block in the canal to the other side and go right a bit, at the climbing plant run against the wall, duck, hit Alt and then Ctrl to grab the crack above, shimmy left and then pull up at the ledge, run straight into the door (savegame.1).

Pipe Puzzle, the Shortcut door.

Shoot the Alien and find a room with doors, on the fence W you’ll find 3 levers.

Pull the right hand lever, a door opens to the left (SE), go in and loop left to the lever which will lower two blocks in the main room and opens a door as a shortcut. It leads you to the valley with the canal (in the passage E), go to the other side of the canal and use the cube to change yourself into Danny, (the one that can sprint). Back cross the canal and through the shortcut door to the room with the levers.

Forest part 2, the Ventilation Key.

Back to the 3 levers and pull them all down, a door opens left (SW). Go through to a small control room above the propeller tunnel, shoot the windows. Go back a bit up the grey ramp, line up and sprint to the window, jump over the water and land on the grass above the slope. Go left a bit and then to that tree with the ladder. Jump and grab the ladder, go up to the leaves and right a bit to climb up on the branch. Jump NW to the next branch and get the Ventilation Key there. Hop down S onto a tree stump to get the Uzi clips and hop into the water, swim N through the tunnel and into the propeller tunnel. Loop right and climb out, jump over N to the garage and climb up right to get back to the valley with the canal.

Forest part 3, the Blue Vial.

Go across the canal to change into Johnny the high jump wolf. Jump to the other side again, enter the shortcut door to the room with the levers. Pull the right and left hand ones up so only the one in the middle is down. A door opens right (NW), go in and left next to the ramp is Rocket Launcher ammo. Go to the other corner (NW), face S with your back to the wall and jump up high (Duck and Alt) to grab up into the opening in the ceiling. Follow through to the door you can open with the Ventilation key. In the room with the tub are some Uzi clips, shoot the window and jump out right, go to the tree stump SW and jump to the branch S. Jump SE to the branch of the ladder tree and just right of the ladder you can high jump up to the next branch, go left a bit and grab up to the top of the tree. Make your way over to the tree SW and from there jump down N to get the Blue Vial.

Hop down into the water (For a Secret later: pull that underwater lever NW again). Swim through the tunnel N and at the propeller tunnel right, through the cave to the lake with the island, left and up onto the shore. Go left to the valley with the canal.

For the Secret Get back into the room with the 3 levers. Pull only the left one down and the two others up. Go into the door NE, run down into the water Carefully get past that propeller along the right hand side and swim down along the bottom and into a triangular hole, follow to Secret #4, 2x Uzi clips and a small medipack. Get out, swim to the forest and left through the cave to the island lake. Up and out left and left to the valley with the canal.

Watch Tower Run, the Yellow Vial.

In case you need to, change to the high jump wolf. Go to the back, NE and through the crawlspace. Open the gate with the Watch tower key.  

Inside is a pulley switch, save and pull, run to the corner behind the tree (SE facing S) and jump up high grabbing the slope, pull up and back flip roll to grab a pole, swing and jump to grab a crack, go left around a corner and pull up. Run around the corner right and use the change box to get Danny the crawlspace roll wolf. Duck as soon as that happened and roll 3 times, climb up left, turn left and run over the ledge jumping to that open gate N (savegame.2).

Inside an Alien attacks, you have to shoot him while dodging his attacks. When the timer starts and he has a red glow, stay clear of him and the floor will break. If you are too close to him when he dies, you’ll die too. Hop down into the water below if you didn’t fall in yet. Go find the Yellow Vial (S) and a Medipack  (NW). Climb out S open the gate with the pulley wheel, out the gate.

If you want all pick-ups, go back up to where that timed gate is and once up on the roofs go to the other side (E) to get that Rocket Launcher ammo.

When you’re done here, leave through the crawlspace to the valley with the canal.

Use the Vials, Hazardous Basements.

Go straight to the end and left to the building with the staircase. Go right or left around the stairs into the back and open the door there with the Laboratory key (if you haven’t been here yet, you’ll find a Medipack to the right).

Place the two vials in the receptacles left and right. Hop into the opening and swim through the propeller, carefully into the opening in the back where you’ll end up on a ramp in a dry room, save.

Walk a bit and when the boulder drops, run to the pillar, turn right or left and hop back grabbing the edge, shimmy to the end of the wall and pull up on the ledge, run with a curve to jump and grab the pole. Swing to the next pole, then jump over the spikes when they are down. To the right is the next challenge, swinging blocks. Walk up close and just do short runs with a pause to walk up close again.

At the other end hop over the ridge and in the next room,

Danny: quickly climb the ladder to get to the monkey swing (he does that himself) and go to and operate the 3 jump levers to open the door before the corkscrews come down and destroy the monkey swing.

Johnny: Johnny can do high jumps to the Jump levers, no need for the monkey swýng and ladder.

There are also Uzi clips in this room. Go through the door you opened, change to Danny in the next room, keep left and sprint / jump to the ladder, go up and end the level there (new pages and info added; savegame.3).

 “The End is Near.

Feel free to use everything you have in the next encounter”

Approach the Johnny double… (Esc).


Level 2, the Strabo Starship, 2010.

Go straight into the passage, right and arm yourself with the Rocket Launcher (only Johnny). Save and slide down in the middle of the slope, the door drops shut and a Wolf character opens fire on you from the middle of the room. Quickly take a step or two forward (between some fire blowers) and give him all your firepower till he dies (aim with the Rocket launcher, then switch to Uzis). Then a timer starts telling you to get out in 2:40. Go to the door up NW, do the high jump and at the ladder do another high jump or just climb up. Up and to the right is a change cube, use that to get Danny, the White wolf, because you can sprint jump over the next long pit due to the lower gravity.

Shoot the Alien there to get the Guard Key and open the door with it. You probably noticed you can jump higher due to less gravity, use that to your advantage, sprint jump over the pits with spikes to the last slope and one more jump to safety, well…

Shoot another Alien, get another Guard Key and safety drop down after you opened the trapdoor with it.

Use the crawlspace roll with a pause every time you passed spikes and at the end, jump down using Alt. Another crawlspace, shoot the grate, drop down (or just jump out with Alt). Quickly use the Change cube there to turn into Johnny (brown) because we need to jump high in a bit. Go down once more, on the edge of the blue tile, duck and do a high jump up to grab the yellow space ship. Go left and then right inside the ship where Danny is waiting for you, push the button and the level ends as you take off with the ship…


G&D- Aug 16-2018.