Oasis of the Primordials.

Level by Adriel

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Shoot the incoming scorpions, find a hole in the ground (SE) and drop in and make your way down by grabbing edges and safety drops. Shoot more scorpions and a Croc. There’s another Croc in the pool, shoot it too and go look for a lever in the left corner of the room (NE). A trapdoor opens in the pool, swim through a narrow tunnel to another pool and climb out N, shoot the scorpions. Find Shotgun ammo in the left corner (SE).

Courtyard with 4 cat statues, flood the pit.

Get into the crawlspace there and into the next too and come to a courtyard with 4 cat statues. There’s Shotgun ammo in the far left corner (SE). Grab up to the ledge in the W side of the room and jump to grab the sloped roof N, shimmy left to the end. Pull up and back flip with roll, jump back and slide before you jump hard right to end up on the ledge next to the slope. Go right into the passage leading to a hall where the camera keeps changing. Make your way through to a room with a green mist and lots of spikes.

Hall of Spikes, flood lever.

There are vases you can shoot, but I didn’t find anything in them, there is Shotgun ammo along the E wall, go to a block under the pillar at the N wall (right of the spikes) and move it aside left. Go into the passage and hop into the small pool, swim into the passage SE, just swim through those things without stopping after you saved… Pull the underwater lever to see a block go down, go up right for air and swim back to get to the Hall of Spikes. Hop into the water at the central pillar and find the underwater lever where the block lowered (SW corner). When you use this lever you’ll see the pit flood in the Courtyard with the cat statues. Get out of the water and leave NW.

Courtyard with 4 cat statues, underwater door.

Follow back to the Courtyard with the cats and hop into the pool to open the underwater door. Swim through to a large room, right around the corner is Shotgun ammo. Swim around that central pillar to the back.

Look for the plants against the central pillar, swim through them to get Secret #1, Primordeal Ashes. Swim out.

Climb out and take on a couple of Leopards (Cheetahs?). You’ll meet 4 of them while travelling to the back of that room (S).

The Sword (Crowbar).

Go to the edge of a ledge and just jump down into the water below, swim through one of the tunnels S and get onto the rock ledge with the plants. Grab up N, and inside the structure is a grated floor.

Go to the other end and grab up to a thin ledge, walk to the back wall, turn around and hop onto the dark block against the left wall. Use the monkey climb to get to the other end of the room and drop/grab the ledge. Turn right and jump to grab the upper ledge W, from there jump to grab the rope and swing to get onto the ledge in the other end of the room. Jump up left into the opening with the Teeth doors and get through those to get the Sword (Crowbar). Get back through the doors, run jump out to the ledge and jump to grab the sloped block, pull up over and jump to the corner ledge. Hop down E and safety drop to the grated floor. Drop from the grated floor into the lower part of the room, collect 2x Shotgun ammo down there and go to the blocks E, crawl in between them and grab the Shotgun. Jump out into the water and swim left (N) out of the tunnel to the pool.

2 Crowbar Levers.

Climb out right and make your way to the left (N) under the structure to use Crowbar lever #1. Turn around, walk out and go right to the other end and find Crowbar lever #2 there. Use it, turn around, hop out to the floor outside (not into the water) and loop around left to where the gate opened.

The Obelisk Key.

Go to the back and right into the passage, first go straight to get to some Shotgun ammo and then go back and take the other passage (N), crawl through and up to come to a corridor with slopes at the side, watch out for the boulders and go left around the corner in the back. Make your way over the dark soil and into the lower room. Push the block in the S wall as far as it will go, climb the block and hop into the opening in the wall. In the next room are windows E, one of the lower windows has the Obelisk Key. You probably would have to grab up to one of the higher windows to get out, but you can also just run through this grate…

Back to the Hall of Spikes, using the Obelisk Key.

You are back where you used the two crowbar levers, go up to the ledge above the levers and leave N, keep going N, into the water and into the tunnel right (E) to the underwater door. Out of the pit, up to the ledge W, the roof S and the back flip jumps to the ledge up E. Through the passages to the Hall of Spikes.

Hall of Spikes-Upper level, the Ornament.

First go to the far SW corner, pull the block out of the W wall and move it left, go in where the block was and use the lever to lower spikes (camera doesn’t work). This will come in handy later, you can do without, but it is easier (*). Now shoot the vases SE and push the block (under the pillar) into that corner, then move it over to that palm tree N, climb up and jump to grab the ledge in the central pillar. Get the 2x Shotgun ammo and jump to the walkway NW, follow around to a keyhole N. Go in and either take the 3 Giant scorpions on like a real hero, or run left into the next section and grab up to the low wall to kill them from there. If they run off, just hang from the edge till they return.

Go look behind a pillar in the back (N), under the bridge structure spanning the room, climb the ladder and time the hops through the spike traps. Climb up and step through to the Hall of Spikes. Run jump and grab the opening in the central pillar and around the corner is the Ornament. Go back to the opening; if you lowered the spikes below (*) by using the lever, you can just drop down into the water (In case you missed that, stand back against the W grate and run (no jump) off to the right (NE).

Using the Ornament.

Now we have to go back even further than the courtyard with the cat statues, so leave NW, hop into the pool in the courtyard with the cats, leave N and climb up the crawlspace and then up to the left. Loop around left to find the gate you can open with the Ornament. Go in and a horseman shows up and while you are dealing with that one, another one might come down the stairs…

The Obelisk Hall.

Go up the stairs and come to the large Hall with the Obelisk. There will be several ways to go through this room, but this is how I did it.

The 2 Ankhs.

Go left up the sandy ledge and left around the corner, jump onto the roof E and to the ledge E of it. Run jump and grab a rim on the structure SE, just shimmy all the way around corners to the back. Pull up in the niche and turn around, jump up into the walkway and get Ankh I. Back into the alcove and safety drop down, wade through the pool to the far right (NW) side of the pool and climb down to a block, drop from the front onto a slope and slide down….

There’s another Ankh up in a room NE, but that one seems to be a trap. Secret hunters scroll down.

Drop to the ground floor.

Last Secrets Detour: Instead of dropping to the ground floor, jump over to the ledge NW, then up W to the rock ledge with the plant, go in and get Secret #2, Primordeal Ashes. Go down straight ahead (W) and drop into the pool below. Swim S, after the central structure a bit left/right into the opening S, pull the underwater ceiling lever to lower a block. Swim out, right/left and to the far end (N), into the opening where the block went down and follow to Secret #3, Primordeal Ashes. Swim out and left, climb out NE.

Near a small pool a Horseman will attack, then throw the lever on the wall to open a trapdoor at a pole (no camera). Hop into the pool, swim S and right around the central structure climb up into the room above the underwater ceiling lever. Climb the pole to the top, back flip off and hop backwards around the hole shooting a horseman. Climb the block W to get Ankh II.

The Ancient Skull, a Torch.

Back down the pole, out N and swim up to the two ledges on the central structure to place the Ankhs. A gate opened under the E side ledge; swim in and up. Pull up on the slope and back flip to get the Ancient Skull. Back into the water and swim to the SE corner. Get out, climb the wall with the lever and grab up even higher, climb the blocks E up to the upper lake. Place the Ancient Skull into the left receptacle (E). The gate to the Torches above will open up. Get onto a pointy block NE, jump onto that arch in the corner and from there jump to grab the rim to shimmy around again, this time pull up as soon as you can and find the gate open. Go get yourself a Torch and jump to the other gate on the left (S) to ignite it there. Drop it outside where you placed the Skull and drop down after it. Ignite the wall torch right of the Skull receptacles and get a flyby. Another wall torch we need to ignite.

Take the Torch SW, jump to the blocks and get up onto the high ledge. Jump over to the N, go left over the sandy ledge to the exit, down the stairs and to the pool, on the pillar right at the pool is that wall torch. The gate opens E, get in and follow the long passage up to the top of the place where you got the Torch. Run jump and grab the crack in the wall E and shimmy right around to the open gate you saw in the flyby earlier. Slide down and run into the light.