Return to the Pacific, Dutchy’s Rescue.

Level by Rufierto

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.


Lara goes on a vacation in the South Pacific to visit her friend Dutchy

at his bar on the beach.  Not surprisingly Dutchy has been kidnapped by

unfriendly natives on the Island.  Lara must rescue her longtime friend

before he runs out of beer.


1- Beach.

Lara: Where’s Dutchy… He said he would be here…

Go left around the bar and spot a left-behind beach slipper.

Lara: Where ever he is, he appears to be missing a slipper. I TOLD him the natives were not too friendly on this island. Looks like I’m going on a little adventure.

Well, since Dutchy is nowhere to be seen, pick up the small medipack and head out the door.

To The River Cave.

In the lagoon, SW is some Shotgun ammo. From there go N along the rocks and just before that bend-over palm tree you can jump up the rocks left. Follow to the right to an old wall and climb that. Turn left and run jump N to the flat surface against the rock wall. Follow this path to the waterfall without sliding down. Grab up to the ridge N, shimmy right and pull up to collect Shotgun ammo. Jump to a small ledge around the corner and from there drop down into the River Cave below.

Swim N along the left and climb onto the first outcropped ledge left, face W and jump up left to the dark corner to collect some Shotgun ammo.

Swim to the N, left around the bend and find the spot where you can climb onto the rock ledge in front of the cave SW (right hand side).

Fire Challenge, Beach Key.

Go into the cave and carefully past a Fire statue. Get to the edge of a pool room and stand back a bit, hop back and run jump to grab the ledge under the statue when the flame is down. Shimmy to the right and at the corner wait for the flame to go down, pull up, turn right and hop to grab the next ledge. Shimmy right around two corners and about one grab from that corner, save and time the flame, pull up and turn right. You probably have to wait a bit for the next one, but when you can, jump there and run, roll grabbing the edge. Hang right and pull up in the corner when the flame is down. Turn around when the flame is down and

Now you have to time the two flames to stand jump and grab to the next. Time it, pull up and a running jump to the safe floor behind it. Grab the Beach Key from the pedestal and the gate right opens up.

You can now take two routes back to the Beach area..

1: Follow that passage behind the gate and jump out of the hole to the beach. Take the same route back up into the River cave (scroll down to the next paragraph).

2: Hop into the water, swim left around that statue ledge and get the Shotgun ammo. Swim NE and to the far right corner where you can climb out. Go out to the River cave and follow back right to the waterfall, wade op along the right hand side to the edge and don’t slide down.

Over the Roof, open a Gate in the River cave.

Walk E along the edge of the waterfall as far as you can and now you can do a run jump to a ledge E, just right of the rock face. Go follow this path (SE) up to a banana tree and down S. Look left to spot an entrance with a gate and a keyhole. A bit to the S, on a rock outcrop is Shotgun ammo.Go get that first and return to the gate.  Open it with the Beach Key, slide down and shoot the Tiger. Through the opening S and up the ladder to the rocks again.

On a rock pillar in the distance behind the Beach Bar you can spot a Medipack(W), that’s where we’re headed. Go over the rock outcrop to jump to the roof of the Bar. Go straight over, jump and grab the rock pillar and the next and pick up the Medipack. You’ll get a view of a jump lever on the side of the pillar, go use that and see a gate open up in the River cave.

Into the River Cave, Swinging Logs.

Make your way up the rocks W again and right to jump back into the River cave. This time follow through, left around the bend and then right through that gate you opened N.

Swim through to the far NE corner (there are pointed logs swinging and some jump levers). Find the higher bottom near the short pillar, from standing on the bottom you can grab up to the pillar.

Turn around and face NE, the right hand jump lever can be reached by a jump onto the slope in front of it, roll in mid-air and jump again to get to the lever (1), you’ll get a screen of a gate. Get back onto the short pillar, stand jump N to the space behind the logs where you can stand safely. Run jump straight E to get behind the logs there and turn left. Stand jump and grab to use the jump lever (2) and see the gate open up.

Swim right and loop right to a niche with Shotgun ammo under jump lever 1. Swim back to the short pillar, swim S and climb up to the slanted block there, hop to the next one and then stand right, run jump to the spot behind the logs. Without the Secrets, turn left, slide and grab the crack.

But for the Secret: Turn right, slide and jump to the block with the statue, run jump left up to the lake above the waterfall, swim left and hidden in the plant is Secret #1, the Silver Chieftan. Turn left and wade up to the corner pillar, run onto the waterfall (left side) and slide, jump and grab the block with the statue. A curved run and jump back to the ledge under the log. Slide from the other end and jump to grab the crack.

Shimmy right and drop on the corner ledge. From there jump to the block in the water. Jump to a block in the corner right of the open gate to get Secret #2,a small medipack. Jump back to the last block and from there into the open gate. Slide down into a Jungle.

Into the Jungle, the Boat.

Swim straight towards that gate and climb left up the dark bank. Dramatic music starts and a Native will come for you shortly, he’s a bad character, he can set you on fire and even spit fire at you, so stay well clear of him and watch out when he kneels down. You got a screen of a boat behind a gate. Pick up his Flares and go into the hut to pick up some more Flares.

Go into the cave SE, follow through and after a short swim you’ll find Secret #3, a Secret Refreshment. Get back to the hut.

Hop back into the river, swim diagonally across to climb out right of the waterfall N. Run up the strong current and swim to the now open gate. Get into the boat…


2- Inland Ruins.

Turn left into the N waterway, just past the crossing go left against the shore at the big trees. Hop out of the boat (shift & arrow) and go N up the hill, keep a bit right and at the next nice green tree, go up left and get across the waterfall to the W. Turning left follow the path to a large cave entrance.

Run jump to the S, go to the next nice palm tree and right of it is Secret #4, the Bronze Chieftan. Go back and do a run jump with a left curve to the cave entrance.

Hall of Fire, open the Gate.

Follow the cave down to a hall with a pool, climb the block and grab the monkey climb, go to the flames. Only the one left is passable, so go left and straight. Just before the next pillar (right), hang a bit right and drop onto a slope, slide jump right onto a ledge behind the pillar. Use the lever there to stop the flame where we go now. Hop into the water, swim back to the entrance block. Take the time to shoot the Croc behind you and get back on the monkey climb. Go left, right where we just dropped as the flame there is now gone, left around and to that lever on the ledge up there. Two other flames gone, if you’re not going after Secrets, grab the monkey climb, go back around the pillar and right left to the NE corner.

For a Nice Secret however, get back to the entrance and get back on the monkey climb. Go straight to that corner ledge in the distance and drop to get Secret #5, the Shotgun. Get back to the monkey climb from the entrance block.

The Temple Key.

Go left, straight and left around the ceiling block and then right to drop into the cave NE. Go into the lower passage in the back and find a bamboo block, pull it all the way, climb on and grab up left, go into the passage and pull the lever near the window to open an underwater gate. Go back, hang from the edge and shimmy left along the crack. Pull up into a tunnel that will get you back to the Jungle. Swim right and then right into that open gate. Straight to the end where you can get air. Pull up over the slope and slide down into a pool.

Swim into the tunnel left (E), follow through to a pool and climb out SW, be ready to deal with two natives. Go W through the gate and find a sort of trench leading to that other pool. On the wall left (S) is a lever, use that to open a trapdoor in the pool, releasing a crate which now floats at the surface. Dive under the crate and in the end of that tunnel is the Temple Key. Get back on the crate and jump to land.

To get Back to the Jungle.

Head W into the yard and through the opening left to a hut, a Fire Breather will show, take care of him carefully. Pick up the Shotgun ammo he dropped and go into the corner behind that hut to find the open gate the Fire Breather emerged from. Throw the lever in the back and watch what happens.

Back to the pool, onto the crate and jump to operate the jump lever next to the waterfall, a gate opens in the W yard. Jump E to the ground (or swim through the E tunnel and head to the open gate in the W yard. Careful… yes, another one… Go into the passage after you’re done with him and up the ladder, out of the gate and you’re back in the cave near the Hall of Fire. Get onto the crate E again, up to the crack and shimmy left to go through the tunnel to the Jungle.

The Temple Entrance.

Go back to the boat you probably left NE. Ride it up the waterfall NE, the low E one (use your “sprint key” too) into the upper lake. Jump out of the boat SW, left of the waterfall and go S to the gate (up left at the spikes) you can open with the Temple Key.

Timed Levers and Blocks.

On the E wall, opposite the entrance gate, is a lever (1) (opens that gate up right and brings out a block behind you). Up right you can spot that gate, behind you another lever (2) next to the entrance gate and up left is a third lever (3). Save at the lever E (1), pull and back flip roll, run and jump a bit to the left onto the block under the lever next to the entrance gate. Pull the lever (2), roll and get back to the first lever (1) and use it again, jump off with a bit of a left curve to hop onto the block left (NE), hop up once more and quickly use the lever. Run back down to lever #1 and use it again, hop back turning right so you can hop onto the wall, hop onto the block on the wall and run jump/grab to the open gate, pull up to get in before it closes.

Piranha Pool, Jumping Frenzy.

In the next room are piranhas, hop to the ledge, turn left and jump to the corner ledge. In the corner is a pole and on the next ledge a block moving in and out of the wall, use the pole to get on the block when it comes out walk up to the edge and stand jump to grab the next pole. Swing and jump onto the far side of the slope, slide and jump with a bit of a left curve onto the next slope. Slide and jump to get to the safe ledge. Turn left and stand jump to grab the next ledge, shimmy left around the corner and pull up at the next, hop to the dark ledge. Hop to the next when you can and jump left to the one near the waterfall.

The Cistern, Open the Gates.

Face N and stand back a bit to hop and grab the pole, the next and then the jump lever. A gate opened SE, so jump to that ledge and get in. Follow through to a small pool. Shoot the Croc and go to the large opening to a cascade room right. Safety drop down and turn right, walk to the edge and spot the 3 trapdoors going up and down.

Take a step back, then a hop back and run jump onto the first when it is up, save in a new slot. Wait a bit and stand jump to #2, save in a new slot. Now a stand jump to #3 and a running jump into the sloped passage.  Follow through to the bottom of the Tower. Go left into the passage between the 2 statues and reach a Flood lever which will flood the lower section of the Tower. Go swim back, left and climb out at the gates E, to the right, in the corner is a small medipack.

Jump and grab the ladder on the Tower and go up to a niche in the top. Throw the hidden lever behind the plant to open a gate below. Run out into the water below, swim back into the passage N to the Flood lever to drain the room again.

Out and left around into the opened gate, loop around to get behind a crate you can push out of the passage now. Climb over the crate and move it to the right (W) as far as it will go. Go to the Flood lever and get the water back, the crate will now float, get out and climb onto the crate. Now you can jump to that ledge in the Tower and get to the lever. Watch the flyby showing you where to go.

Getting Out, the Wooden Hub.

Get into the water and climb into the passage NW, straight into the open gate and climb the ladder. When you get onto the ledge, the gates at this pool room opened up, we have to go into the one straight ahead, but with the boat. So go through the one on the right and go get the boat. Into the opening you just came from and right through the gate. We have to jump the cascade left, so face E with the boat and back it up against the wall, hit the sprint key to get enough speed and jump into the lake beyond the cascade. Leave the boast against the ledge with the pedestal and grab the Wooden Hub. The gate opens up.

For a Secret however, turn to the ladder on the pillar and jump to it, go up and crawl to get Secret #6, another Secret Refreshment. Get back to the ledge.

Hop up into the open gate.

3- The Rescue.

Lara:  There's a blood moon tonight.  Looks like I got here just in time.

The Village.

Take on the two natives and then go check the SE hut for Shotgun ammo. Other than a beer bottle left by Dutchy (leave it, it’s mine) and a steaming Cooking Pot I couldn’t find anything else. In the cave, NW corner is an underwater lever to open a gate in the building. That gate is in the wall left of that big Skull.

The 4 Torches, the Wooden Cog.

There are 8 levers to ignite 4 wall torches, several combinations are possible.

We did the outer one on the NE pillar and the inside one on the SE pillar and the gate opens in the back (SW), go in and get the Wooden Cog, combine it with the Hub to get a Wooden Cog Switch. The gate opens to the outside, go to the NW building, on the block in front of it and left side is the receptacle for the Cog Switch. A bridge will appear and there we have our friend Dutchy. Climb the block, go over the bridge to the Cage. Pick up the Flares.

 Lara: There you are Dutchy, you had me worried.

Dutchy: Lara, so good to see you.  How did you find me.

Lara:  It wasn't hard,  I just followed the beer bottles.  I need to find a key to this cage.

Dutchy: I think the chieftan has it.  Watch it Lara, he's a witch doctor.

Lara:   I'll be back in a bit.

Walk back a bit and left of the doorway is a ladder, go down, jump around the corner to the pedestal and get the Skull Key. Jump back, up the ladder and through the doorway to the hall, left is the gate you can open with this key. Step through the opening.

Into the Skull, Lever #1: Levers and Rolling Balls.

Jump and grab the crack up left in the opposite wall, shimmy left around two corners and there drop grab to the crack below, go shimmy back right to pull up on the ledge. Turn around and jump with Ctrl into the crevice, follow up and shimmy right around. Go through to where you are back outside, a block goes up down below in case you have to get back up here after a fall. Run jump left around to a ledge with flowers, then hop up E behind the tree. Hop to the next grey ledge and go inside. Use the two levers on the back of the block to open two gates. Go into the one behind you and Balls will start to roll, run right keeping close to the wall and go left along the wall, watching the Balls for an opening. In the back opposite the entrance is a jump lever (1) giving you a screen of a gate. Get back to the room with the levers.

Go to the Timed lever on the W side of the block, pull, hop back and jump over the block, into the gate E and left around the corner and sprint through the gate to get Secret #7, a Gold Chieftan, go back to the room with the levers.

Into the Skull, Lever #2:

Now go into the gate right (N) and come to a Huge lava room. Run jump NW down onto the sloped wall, slide and jump, jump again from the next slope to land on a block. Jump to the passage and go right to find jump lever #2 up left at the dark wall (the gate opens).

Go right to the other end and jump up left to the ledge, there’s a jump lever on the side, stand right above it and take a step or two back, time the platform going up and down and when you see it coming down, roll holding Ctrl and this way Lara will use the lever, slide and jump to back flip onto the platform. Look W and see a Medipack going up and down… Jump back into the passage, go to the opening left at the jump lever. Run jump to the Medipack and turn right, facing W, wait for the platform to go down and grab Secret #8, the Medipack, immediately jump forward onto the slope, slide and jump to the block.

Go to the E end of the passage, run jump up left onto the ledge and jump to the platform. Time your jumps to the next ones and then to the ladder on the entrance block. Get back to the room with the levers and into the gate W (middle of the wall), up the ladders and once outside over the ledge to where you can jump through the eye of the Skull.

Block the Lava Flow.

There are two blocks, push them onto that central ledge E and left and right over the side so the lava will be blocked from flowing out of the Skull. Check your health and run jump out of the nose onto one of the ledges with the Torch poles below. Drop down to the floor between the two poles and slide down to a now safe ledge.

Lava Challenge, The Masks.

Go into the tunnel and face N at the hole, drop down and immediately hop back to run jump to a wider ledge where you can take care of the native, watch out for the spike floor though. Go into the gate he emerged from and jump to the ledge, to the next and then to the slope. Roll and jump back to avoid being crushed. Back over again and up, jump to grab the climb wall left, shimmy right around two corners and back flip onto a slope, jump and jump again to get on a block with Mask 2. Run jump NW to the low ledge and back into the entrance. Right around the corner of the entrance is where you can use this Mask. A block goes up in the Lava, don’t stay on the spike tiles too long, just run over them and jump onto the block.

Go to the open gate and shoot another native which will emerge from it. Inside jump onto the block left, hop onto the slope, jump 3 times and grab the climb wall, go left around the corner and back flip onto a slope, jump and grab the climb wall and shimmy right around till you can drop on the floor. Go get Mask 1 and jump into the opening W, follow back right to the spike ledge where you can use this Mask left.

The Chieftan Idol.

Jump to the block at the next ledge and take care of the native, go into the passage and jump the slopes left after timing the flame to get to the pedestal and grab the Chieftan Idol. Jump back along the other side and leave, go N to use the Idol on the gate. Up the blocks to the lower section of the hall with the Cage.

Fight the Natives, the Cage Key.

Hop to the block and to the floor, the Chieftan will appear, shoot him jumping left right, you cannot get closer…

When he had enough he will escape and lets a Fire Breather take over…I jumped on a block next to the floor to shoot him from there. When he’s dead, go through the now safe opening in the spike wall and enter the room NE, Dutchy must have been here too, beer everywhere… Another Fire Breather will attack, when he’s dead, the gate SW opens up. Jump in there and go up the wall. Way down there you can see the Chieftan. Stand right, hop backwards off the wall and grab the edge, pull up and just back flip to land in the pool wayyy down there. Get out N and get that Medipack from the alcove (will re-appear if you run out) and then go to the other side to shoot that guy and get his Cage Key.

2 Routes Back Up:  

1-with Secret: Jump and grab the Timed jump lever on the central pillar. Blocks come out of the wall where the Chieftan was. With a Secret, ignore them, go out climb NE, into a passage that opened up there, follow through climbing ladders. A gate opens up and another one across the room when you step out, drop down and climb the wall again, jump from the wall into that open gate SE. Back in the Cage room, jump up left and grab the monkey climb there to get to the other end, jump with a left curve to a lower block with Secret #9, a Secret Refreshment. Get down, go through the spike wall and to the right into the open gate W.

2-Without Secret:

Jump and grab the Timed jump lever on the central pillar. Climb out S and quickly get on the blue block, run jump to the next block, turn left and then jump up into the alcove S. From there jump to the ledge on the central pillar and straight over into the passage. Up the blocks and a ladder and you are back up on the wall. Go through the opening E, jump to the floor and go through SE to the lower part of the Cage room. Through the spike wall and jump to the block right (W) and head into the open gate there..


Follow the passage and climb the ladder back up to the ledge with the Cage, use the key next to the doorway and watch…

Dutchy:  Follow me.  There's a shortcut out of here.  

Go out S and right through the gate I opened for you…

G&D – July 2018.