BtB 2018 - 8 - Starlantis – Natla’s Trail.

Level by AgentXP

Walkthrough G&D productions.


Before they travelled to Earth and established their colony, Atlantis; the Atlanteans lived on a planet many light-years from Earth. Natla has travelled back to her homeworld to rebuild her empire of Atlanteans from the dust of their home planet.

Lara has travelled to the distant future, to planet Starlantis, in pursuit of Natla. Is she too late to stop Natla and her new army of Atlanteans from unleashing chaos on the cosmos?

Mentioned Savegames are in this Folder.

Secrets: 7

Tasks related to the Secret are in dark blue.

Fresh out of the Shuttle, shoot some crates for a Survival Kit, Light Sticks (Flares) and a Magnum. Head SE to the buildings. There’s an old abandoned Stargate W, a door at the building (S) will slide open as you approach. Follow the steep tunnel down, go through the opening and shoot the crate to get Light Sticks. Go down to a large cave with a structure in the middle, there’s a closed trapdoor underneath.

Go straight (E) along the left side and find Magnum ammo. To the SW is a Munghi Fruit, near the water puddle.

Back to the structure and go left (S). Before pushing the big face button, pick up the Survival Kit on the right. Save at the button and push, a quick back flip to get into the exit because blocks will fall. Go straight through the big cave into the tunnel N and get to where the doors opened. Left is a Munghi Fruit (small medipack) and right a crate with Light Sticks.

In the back wall is a crack, grab up and ledge jump up to grab a slope, pull up and back flip to a ledge on top of a pillar. Face S, stand a step right of the left edge and one step back, then side flip left onto a sloped block, jump again with a right curve and grab the broken stairs. Go up to the button, push and back flip away. Get down and leave the room, go back to the big cave where an electric ray activated the trapdoor.


Climb down the ladder as far as you can and safety drop down, before using the lever get a Munghi Fruit (SW) and then use the lever and faaaalllll down into a deep shaft. Get out and look for 2x Laser Gun Arrows, a Munghi Fruit and Uzi clips around the waterhole. In the passage S are more Uzi clips.

In the first part of the large Hall are 3 vases; two have Uzi clips. A nasty Bug shows up. Go to the S end of the Hall and shoot another Bug.

Go right into the passage (W wall), watch out, a slamming door! Pick up Secret 1, a Secret Access Plug (#1) and duck again to pick up the Uzis from a hole E, Laser Gun Arrows from the hole S, Light Sticks W. Get out to the large Hall.

In the corner near the entrance is a ladder (NE), go up a bit and back flip onto the first floor. Go around shooting vases for 2x Uzi clips and a Munghi Fruit and another Bug or two may show. On a pillar W is a lever, it will raise a timed platform in the other side of the room. Roll, run and jump over the gap grabbing the other side, quickly get up onto the Timed platform and pull the lever, a door will open below (savegame.0).

Get back to the ground floor, in the back, left is the opening where the door opened (SE). Go in, pick up some Uzi clips from the indentation and back flip onto the slope, jump firing the pistols to shoot that statue up N, a platform goes down right (E). Go use the lever there to open a door on the first floor.

The Energy Cell.

Go back upstairs (ladder NE) and to the far SW corner where that door opened. Left in a vase are Light Sticks, in the back are slopes. Face S, stand against the blue central floor and back flip on the slope, jump 3 times and veer left after the last jump so you can grab a ledge S, just left of that corner pillar. Shoot a vase SW for a Munghi Fruit. Hop to a lever E to drop the Ball. Use the slopes to get down and face W to drop down where the Ball went, sliding down the slope you will end up on top of the Energy Cell which came down with the Ball. This is where you got the Secret before, now would be too late.

The Zodiac Key.

Get out through the slamming doors, a “shortcut” platform went up straight in front of the passage, stand on the higher part of the floor and grab up, Run jump up to the first floor and to the door SE. Open it by using that Energy Cell. Go in and crawl in left to get the Laser Gun and use the lever to drop the Ball in the large Hall. Drop down to the ground floor and into the hole in the middle of the floor.

Crawl in S (don’t bother shooting all the vases), all the way to the back and shoot one vase there to get Secret #2, another Secret Access Plug (#2) and 2x Uzi clips. Go back to the hole in the floor.

Crawl under the floor N and get the Lower Silo Key from the middle of the floor. There’s a Munghi Fruit in a vase N if you want to go for it. Get back up to the ground floor (hang and ledge jump up).

The Silo.

Go into the passage S, use the Lower Silo Key left and see a door open up. A short flyby will show you your next challenge. From the bridge a straight jump to grab the ledge at the door on the right (W) and get in, be sure to have the crossbow and explosive arrow handy.

Timed Run.

A Bug shows up; take care of him quick. Look for a crack in the W wall; shimmy right to get to the niche with the Timed lever opening a door in the other end of the cave. Roll, just run down and run right to jump to the trapdoor, climb up fast and get into the door.

Block Jumps, move the blocks.

In the next room pick up Uzi clips at the end of the ledge, then go back to the Timed lever and save. Pull, roll and jump the blocks to the door E, right hand side (the left one cannot be reached yet). Another lever, not timed, pull and just drop out of the passage the floor of the pit is still safe, collect Uzi clips left and a Munghi Fruit right, climb up onto the W side block.

Jump into the opening (S). Go left and pull that cage once, the lava starts to flow and moves the block into the other side of the room. Run jump out left, back onto the ledge with the Timed lever and this time jump the blocks to the left hand door E (savegame.1).

Shoot a vase right for Uzi clips, pull that cage twice and climb on. Face E and grab up, ledge jump up till you see Uzi clips, crawl in to get those. Hang out and jump up once more. On top jump to the other side to shoot a vase for Light Sticks and hang from the edge there, drop twice and get in for Uzi clips. Back up and to the opening NE, follow through to a drop off into the Lower region of the Silo.

Hall with Ledges, Fix the Pipe.

Jump across to the opening right (E), go in to a Hall with Ledges and Fish tanks. To the left is a big pipe missing a part. That missing part is under the trapdoor nearby, open it and go down the ladder. Go along the left hand wall into the back (W) and right around the corner are Uzi clips (SW). Roll, loop left around into a niche with a lever, opposite a platform in a niche (later). Use the lever and see big doors open up *. Now go E and in the next section are a Munghi Fruit and Light Sticks under a vase near the E wall. To the N is a blocked room, so go back to the trapdoor and climb the ladder to the ground floor.

Yikes, Spikes!

Those doors* you opened up are to the W, enter and go left, shoot the small vase for Uzi clips and proceed with care as you’ll come to Spike traps hidden in the floor. Jump only onto the ones with blue plants. For the third jump left near the window.

Hop to the plants left at the window, shoot the vase and get Secret #3, a Secret Access Plug (#3), a Munghi Fruit and 2x Uzi clips.

Proceed jumping the safe spots to the E side, shoot the big vase for Light Sticks, in the other corner a Munghi Fruit and go left to get Laser Gun Arrows at the window and another nasty Bug emerges from the plant.

Climb the ladder in the back, back flip with roll and grab the ladder or the floor, go up and come to a lever (S), it will lower the platforms under the ladder you just climbed and opens up a new area.

The Energy Cell, raise the Pipe.

Roll and go back to the ladder, jump to grab the opposite side and go all the way down, into the room to get the Energy Cell (screen of where to use it). There are some vases to shoot; two have Laser Gun Arrows. Head S and right to where the pipe is, pull/push it onto the platform under the trapdoor and roll to place the Energy Cell where the Pipe came from and the platform lowers at the lever in the back. Loop around left or right and into the niche with the lever (E one) to raise the Pipe.

Go back E and left to the ladder shaft, grab up to the piece of ladder S, up on the floor and roll to jump and grab the ladder. Back flip roll and grab to the upper floor and go right at the lever, to the Hall with the Ledges.

Open a Shortcut.

Jump over the ledges to the ladder SW, to the right of it is a lever opening the trapdoor so the shortcut ladder becomes available for later.

The Cosmic Cube, the Ornate Bowl.

From the fountain in the middle of the Hall you can jump to the fish tank NW, dive in and get the Cosmic Cube from the bottom. Up and out, go to the pedestal N to pick up the Ornate Bowl. Hop into the other tank and grab a Munghi Fruit from the bottom. Up and out, jump back to the fountain and go to the shortcut ladder SW.

Move the Pipe into place.

Climb down the ladder to ground floor and go to the Pipe to push it into place. The fountain above starts working and a platform goes up.

The Arboretum Artefact.

Back up the ladder and from a blue flowerbed at the fountain, grab up to the floor above, go to the S side and jump over to grab the platform. Hang from the platform and ledge jump up to the top floor. Here you can use that Cosmic Cube in the middle (face N), a plant on ground floor get watered and leaves us something. Make your way down to the ground floor (along S side), get the Pieces of Fruit from the ground floor and combine them with the Bowl to get an Arboretum Artefact, a camera shows where to use that. So back up the ladder SW, up to the floor above from the flowerbed next to the fountain and from the platform a ledge jump up to the top floor. Jump over to the pedestal and place the Offering to open the doors on the left (W).

There are Uzi clips on the ledge below the pedestal, go get those first if you want (run off the outcrop with Ctrl) and make your way back up to get through the doors W. Take a right and follow over a trapdoor to the Silo, jump to the bridge and shoot a Bug.

Turn around and look down to spot the Secret, safety drop down there (will cost health) and get Secret #4, a Secret Access Plug (#4), a Munghi Fruit, another Uzi, Uzi clips and Laser Gun Arrows. Turn S and jump to the ladder and go back up to where you left off.

Jump to the other side of the bridge and two Bugs attack, run into the passage, roll and wait till they are close together, use an explosive Laser Gun Arrow. Go through to the next room.

Hammer Gods.

To the right is a vase with Uzi clips and a Munghi Fruit a bit further. When you approach the middle of the room, a Hammer God appears, take him out and he will leave some Magnum ammo. In a vase NE are more Uzi clips.

Pool of Goo.

Go to the door in the back which will open for you, around the corner another Hammer God will come for you, he will drop a Munghi Fruit. Then another door opens, step out to a weird pool, doesn’t look too good.. Run jump to the left side of a break tile (very hard to see) in the mist (W) and side flip into a passage, go through and get up to the higher ledge. Get the Magnum ammo.  

Run jump over to that strange wall and run left to the lower part, turn towards the Fire God and shoot him side flipping left right. Turn right, go up to the opening W and get through the slamming doors to use the lever. A platform will go down. Get out and straight over the top to the other low part (E), quickly shoot a Bug and jump down left from wall onto a triangle ledge in the goo. Jump up N and go left towards the platform that lowered in the corner, pick up some Laser Gun Arrows on the way and use the lever. Watch out for that nasty flying Bug.

Another platform lowers, this one in the cave where the Fire God was, step back a bit from the platform; turn S and run jump straight over the goo without Ctrl to land on the wall. Continue straight and hop to the tile in the goo, run jump up to the Fire God cave and get the Magnum ammo he dropped.

In the back is a Munghi Fruit, turn left and find that lowered platform, get in there, turn around and grab up. Shoot a vase for yet another Munghi Fruit and proceed to get to level 4 of the Silo. Jump to the left where you see a small vase (SE) and back for Laser Gun Arrows, go back to the ledge; then NE for Uzi clips, but don’t jump back yet. Jump and grab the edge of the slope N, shimmy left and pull up left of the plant, jump W to grab the ledge and pick up 2x Uzi clips, then use the lever to raise the monkey climb platform on the entrance ledge. Now you can jump back, shimmy around the corner and jump to the entrance ledge.

Face the entrance, jump and grab up to the ladder and when your feet are up, back flip. Jump up and grab the monkey climb to cross over to the other side and drop. Go in, spot the boulder around the corner and run down, hop before you slide and jump again to get through the opening, run right or left around the corner (savegame.2).

Pick up Uzi clips left, jump over and grab the Laser Gun Arrows NE and more Uzi clips NW. A few Bugs might show up deal with them quick. Head N into the opening and come to the Snake Pool.

The Snake Pool Challenge.

In the corner right is a vase with Laser Gun Arrows, in the pool is a Mutant snake, shoot it when it shows. Go around the room to use 4 levers, but only 3 of the doors E open, a bunch of Bugs show up too. If you already shot that snake in the pool, dive in and swim through the slamming doors E to use the lever, #1 for a platform in the room above. Get back out and get some air.

Now face the opening W and time the spikes to get to that underwater lever which is #2 for the platform. Collect 3x Uzi clips and a Munghi Fruit from the bottom of the pool. Climb out of the water W and climb that platform NW (don’t jump up, but only use Ctrl and up) and hop up to the upper ledges. Shoot the vase where you come up to the floor and get Magnum ammo. Throw the lever E to open the last door. There are 2x Uzi clips and a Munghi Fruit too. To the E is another lever, don’t use it because it will only bring out another Bug. DO pick up the Laser Gun Arrows next to it though.

Mirror Room.

Get to the ground floor and through the doors E, follow the passage and come to a Puzzle room with a Hammer God. Pick up the Starlantean Key he dropped. Use it S and step onto that thing in the middle of the room to get things going. Look in that mirror and spot a blue diamond texture flashing in the back right (later). But there’s something on the floor at the left side of the mirror. Go there and pick up the Mirror Room Key. Go into the passage SE and climb up S through that texture you saw in the mirror. Down the other side and use that Key there to open big doors. Get back to the Mirror room.

Jumping to the Target.

Go through one of the doors on the right (E) and just inside is a pulley, blocked by a platform. Go further and just around the corner is a Munghi Fruit in the connecting passage, on the right (SE) is a closed door and left (NE) a room with one of those targets as you will see. Shoot the vase at the entrance and get the Laser Gun Arrows. Run jump into the room and onto the sloped side; keep jumping towards the other end, while timing a Burner too. In the back draw the Uzis and shoot the Target when you get the chance. Save and now jump back, timing that nasty Burner again. You’ll have to face S to be able to jump and land on the ledge where that vase was.

Break Tiles.

Go into the passage and loop left to the door that opened. No turning back as soon as you step through the opening. You could use all 4 tiles, but if you stand against the right hand rock, you can run jump without Ctrl onto the third tile, take a step forward and hop to the next doing a running jump to the ledge in the back.

There are vases with Uzi clips and Laser Gun Arrows, then use the pulley to lower a platform in the Mirror room. Grab up to the ladder piece S, up and hang from the crack and shimmy right to the end, drop onto the platform and jump to the exit.

Push Puzzle.

Head out to the Mirror room (W) and go left into the opening right of the Key hole and get down. Move that pushable onto the grey tile (N) and use the lever in the back, this pushable goes up and the platform for the second pushable goes down so you can climb out there. Move the first piece onto the NW corner of the central structure (as you can see in the mirror) and get a screen of that pulley behind the doors E.

Go back down for the second piece, move it onto the platform and use the lever again to raise it up, climb out at the other opening and move piece 2 into place (SE corner). Go into the passage E and use the pulley and watch things happen. Back to the Mirror room where the Upper Silo Key now appeared under the Lara double. The Keyhole for that is in the passage SW.

Upper Part of the Silo.

Go in and pick up the Munghi Fruit, then save at the lever, pull and back flip roll, get up the ladder fast and reach the Top of the Silo. Cross the bridge and watch out for the slamming door! In the corridor is a vase with a Munghi Fruit and straight ahead one with Laser Gun Arrows. Follow through to another Munghi Fruit in the plants left and straight is a large Hall.

Look up E and spot an opening.

Hall of Fire, Quest for the Starlantean Totem.

As soon as you enter a Fire God appears, shoot him and get a Munghi Fruit from the middle of the floor. In the SW corner are Uzi clips.

Pull the cage SE out once, then move it around the corner into the passage S and under the opening E. Jump in and get Secret #5, Magnum ammo, Laser Gun Arrows, Uzi clips and a Secret Access Plug (#5). Throw the lever to raise a platform so we don’t have to pull that cage back into the Hall. Go down and N. Get on the platform you raised, right, next to the pillar.

Without the Secret, just pull the cage twice to the N and climb on.

Jump and grab the crack left of the pillar, time the burner and go all the way left and around corners to where you can ledge jump up N. Run jump SW onto that ledge on the Alien statues and go over to a Face button S. Pick up Uzi clips right and time the burner to use the face button. Hop back and safety drop down, roll and run left through the doors you opened. Hop into the pool to get rid of the wraith and climb out to deal with that Hammer God, which will leave a Munghi Fruit.

Go to the N side of the pool and use the 5 Access Plugs if you have them. Inside you’ll find Secret #6, a Magnum, the Starlantean Cannon with some Ammo for it and finally another Munghi Fruit. Get out to the poolroom.

2 Targets to kill the Flame.

Go into the side room S, face the target up left standing at the edge of the Burner tile. Back flip onto the slope when the Burner goes down and jump to shoot the target (best with Uzis). Turn right and use the lever where the platform went up. Go out to the pool, dive in and swim into a small tunnel S, get the Munghi Fruit and swim out, get air and swim straight into the small tunnel N, save at the underwater lever.

This one is Timed and will raise a platform in the NW corner of the pool room. Swim out, up right and get out, jump onto the platform and shoot the target. Turn around and see a lever is now available NE, go use that to raise a Timed block under a Pipe. Go out E to the previous room and left to where the pipe is, push it onto the Burner and the flame will be diverted. Run to the pool to get rid of the Wraith and go back, use either the cage or the platform to get back to the crack E, shimmy to the N and ledge jump up. Hang from the front of the ledge and drop/grab to get to the Starlantean Totem. Run down from that ledge, far from the burner and go W to the Poolroom.

The Teleport.

To the W side and place the Totem in front of the statue and you’ll see an opening appear in the pool. Dive in, turn around to swim in W, follow through and get out. Shoot some vases for Uzi clips, Laser Gun Arrows and pick up a Munghi Fruit before stepping into the teleport.

Timed Task.

Go through the passage to come to a large room with a pool of goo below. Shoot that Fire God coming from the right and if you want the pickups, go left and shoot a vase for Magnum ammo next to the passage we’ll get to in a bit. Go all the way around to the other corner to get Munghi Fruit from a vase SW. Get through the spike trap and throw the Timed lever in the SW pasage to raise some trapdoors. Get out fast, sprint around the room to the passage SE. Get through the slamming doors to use the lever and open the big doors S. Get out as fast as you can sprint to the N side, turn left and jump over the trapdoors to get through the big door S (savegame.3).

The Wizzard’s Room, Starlantean Scion, Battle the Beast.

Go towards the deep end S and pick up another Uzi, then go up to the high pedestal and grab the Starlantean Scion, the wizard will place you on the battle floor with some large Creep, “killing him softly” is NO option, give him all you got and be careful he doesn’t push you off the floor, it’s quite a drop. Maybe best is to just run into him while shooting.

After he’s dead, quickly pick up 2x Uzi clips and a Munghi Fruit (not much of a chance getting that during the battle was there?), then go for the small door SW while the whole place starts shaking. Nothing in the vases anymore… go up the slope and run through the slamming doors, don’t stop as a boulder will drop. Go down and you are back in the Wizard’s room.

Leave NE, from where the trapdoor went down, jump onto the top of the arch (E wall)and drop down from the side. The floor is now safe.

Run to the W end, shoot a vase left and get Secret #7, Natla’s Teddy. Go back to the arch.

Step into the light and you’re back at the Shuttle. Get to the Shuttle where the adventure ends…

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