BtB 2018 - 7 - Renaissance.

Level by Matrix54

Walkthrough G&D productions.

Story (and a little background info):

Lara and a small crew search for artifacts in space), but their search causes a group of aliens to capture the crew. Lara is hiding in the sick bay with Constance, who suffered injuries looking at plants (which Lara encounters later), so she will have to leave her there for now. Morgan (The Pilot) and Captain Price are taken (as seen in the cutscene).

Lara leaves and one of the aliens is lagging behind. Lara chases it. When she leaves the elevator, the ship takes off the docking bay. She uses the escape shuttle and the alien has wrecked the ship where the shuttle has landed, crashing into a deserted tower on a dead planet. She collects her stuff and repairs the ship, then leaves. She returns to the station.

From here, Lara can travel to different planets - one cold, one hot. There are aliens already visiting these planets. Some have been killed already and laced with bombs, the idea being that the aliens aren’t friendly, even of their own crew! They don’t really know how to get the artifacts themselves, since they’re puzzles. Ironically, these Booby-trapped aliens are the ones that hold the keys to save Lara’s friends.

After getting the artefacts, Lara can travel to the desert planet (the crew having been here before). Here, we learn that the Aliens have taken over the area, and have an artefact of their own, but they don’t have all 4. This is also where they’ve taken the ship from earlier.

If you save Morgan, she’ll give you coordinates to Earth. If you save Price, he’ll allow you to blow up the ship to save Earth.

5 Secrets 5 Coins. Tasks related to these are in darkblue.


“I must go to the Escape Pods…”

LCD Tablet.

Don’t even try to get that Tablet from under the crane… Get out of the healing pod, loop around left through the door and get a Survival Kit from the storage. Left on the wall is a switch to cut power to the crane. Go back and pick up the LCD Tablet with Constance’s Medical Report, examine it. In case the crane stopped over the Tablet, just use the switch again till you can get it.

Level 0, Living Quarters.

The door NE is now also powered, so exit there, an Alien comes running from a teleport beam and goes to the Shuttle Bay. Go left and down one of the sloped passages to the hall of the Living Quarters, there are several doors here that won’t open for now.

In the end of this corridor are teleports. Nothing to do there now.

Elevator Down, Level -1.

In the S are big white elevator doors, open that elevator with the button left and push the button inside to go down. On this level are some covered buttons green left and red right. Nothing we can do here now.

Level -2, Dead Planet, Lara's Access Card and Commander Price’s Memo.

So go down S (loop left or right) around the elevator and step through to the Bay with the Escape Pods, where a short a cut scene takes over. A crash site, that Alien crashed the Shuttle. Go left around that wrecked Tower and get a Survival Kit (it is not healthy to explore this planet any further). Go back around and pull that dead Alien away from Lara's Access Card and Commander Price’s Memo, Lara will fix that shuttle and return to the Space ship. (Examine that Memo when you’re back in the Shuttle bay).

Shuttle Bay.

On the wall on the right (S) are two buttons, the right hand one brings you to the Cold Planet. The left one brings you to the Hot Planet. Save before you try, but first we go get some stuff from our room (medipacks).

Level 0, Living Quarters.

Leave W, left up to Level -1 and take the elevator back up, you’ll see the mess hall explode as soon as you get out of the elevator, the Alien that was inside also exploded…

Take the first door right and in Lara’s room are Ye’sus Coins (#1) on the table, they pose as a kind of Secret, you exchange them to get items from the Merchants. The cover lifted from the green button on Level -1 (access to the Friendly Planet with the Merchant where you can exchange the Coins).

Next to the bed is a trapdoor and a Code pad next to that, remember that. Go out of the room and straight into the opposite door to the greenery. In the greenery are 2 Munghi Fruits (small medi) one left on a stand and the other right on the table. Now we have to get some more Medipacks before we can really start our adventure, get back to the elevator and go down. 

The Hot Planet, Spinning Codex 1.

Go left to the end, ignoring the green button for now and take a right down the sloped corridor to the Shuttle Bay. Use the left button on the wall to the right (S) and travel to the Hot Planet. Drop into the pit, follow to a deadly river of goo and jump across, mind the low ceiling when you jump left to the next ledge. Jump to the left side with Ctrl (E) and follow into a tunnel. Drop down into the room control centre with the control wheel on the block there, the Wheel turns the rooms. In this state of the rooms we need a kind of Offering in the last room with the Giant Head.

‘Heavy Pad’, Alien Totem 1..

We can turn the rooms to bring out other rooms. Turn the wheel on the block once and see the rooms W change because the machine started. Go straight through to the last room (W), there’s a ledge in this room we have to trigger with something heavy we don’t have. Go up one of the ladders, stand in the middle on the ledge and look down, take one step back and stand jump down landing on that trigger pad, hop back off immediately. The block drops into the room below, take a Mungi Fruit before you safety drop down because you need full health. Run jump and grab up W to get Alien Totem 1. Hop back onto the block and now jump to the other side, go up one of the staircases and head to the right (E) to the wheel on the block.

Use the wheel once to get the next set of rooms and in this version of the rooms you can spot straight ahead a died Alien soldier laying in front of the door to the Giant Head. He is booby trapped by a Bomb, you cannot get close; we’ll deal with him later (for a Secret). Just turn the wheel once more and you’ll see the next room with a closed back wall and a hole in the middle of the floor.

Magnetized, Alien Totem 2.

Go there, dive into the hole and swim through, DO NOT pick up that Heavy Magnet, because you will stick to that metal plate and drown. Just get out at the end into a room with Metal Panels everywhere, run through to the other end and climb the block. Face the Heavy Magnet diagonally and grab it and you’ll see another Alien Totem, it is up W. That boulder will drop and kill you if you stand on that central metal plate under it for too long…

Now that you have the Heavy Magnet, you will be pulled to the metal plates and die when you get close, so choose your path carefully, from the grey ledge below the block, face W and stand left, run jump to the left side of the central metal plate and keep running a bit right to jump towards the safe floor W. You can now climb the metal panel on the right of the W wall and drop onto the floor above and grab Alien Totem 2.

Using the Totems.

Safety drop to the floor below, (you are no longer magnetized, so the ‘ladders’ don’t work anymore) and swim back. You can now pick up that Heavy Magnet if you wish to do so. Climb out and go to the wheel, turn it once and see the Giant Head again, go into the next room and place the Totems in front of the statues. The Giant Head is now crying (from emotion?) and in front of him is Spinning Codex 1. Two Wraiths appear, so run to the Giant Head and jump in the water (which is safe now) to get rid of them. The doors to the shuttle open up after picking up the Codex…

Look around to get Ye’sus Coins (#2) from under the bridge (N side). Climb out.

Go back to the wheel (N), up the ladder left to the river that now dried up.

If you go left down into a pit you find more Ye’sus Coins (#3).

Go up river and right into the tunnel, climb out from the pit and go to the shuttle.

Cold Planet, Spinning Codex 2.

Back at the hangar use the right hand button S to travel to the Cold Planet. Make your way down the pit using the ice blocks and go in W. At the big doors take a right and come to a poolroom. That object will have to be moved to that tile in the back..

Jump to that ledge left and use the lever to open those doors you saw. Go back up the stairs E, right around the corner and an Alien monster appears. Go right through those doors, up the ladder and find another dead ‘booby trapped’ Alien (A Spinner next to him, we’ll get that later). Go straight ahead (N), drop through the opening in the floor to a higher floor in the Poolroom. Here is the Power lever E. Use it and the power is ON.

Kill the Alien Monster, Fresh Alien Organs.

Drop down NW to the floor below where the Alien is roaming around. Go up the stairs, right and at the crossing straight S into the now also open doors. Push the button you see straight ahead and go down the stairs. Lure the Alien to the back of the room where there is a kind of chamber and on the back is a button opening the doors. Lure the Alien in and under the electricity he will be fried. After he is dead go back up the stairs and push the button again so it is safe for you to go back in and pick up some Alien Organs.

Organ Bowl.

Go out of the room to the crossing, left through the doors and up the ladder. Down the hole (N) to where the Power lever is, leave it ON. Jump through the room with the lighting to get to the door in the other end. Up left or right to another Giant Head and into the back, through to a room with an Alien who already has an Alien Totem.

In front of the Alien, on the grey ledge are Ye’sus Coins (#4).

To the left is an Organ bowl on the floor, you can pick it up, those Organs are rotten by the way; that’s probably why he didn’t want it. Well, we got some fresh Organs..

Combine with the Bowl to get the Organ Offering. Stand between the rotten organs and the pedestal (face SW) and place the Offering.

A Wraith (cold hearted one) appears…

Freeze the Pool.

Run back E to the poolroom, quickly jump over to the Power lever E and throw it. Roll and run down into the pool, the Wraith will freeze the water and now you can push that object to the tile in the back (W). You’ll see your prize appeared at the Giant Head.

Go up the raised platform, up to the ledge above and make your way W to the Giant head to get Spinning Codex 2. The way to the shuttle is again free. Go down and up the stairs to the crossing and left, use the icy blocks and the one in the alcove E too, to climb back up, go out to the shuttle.

The Friendly Planet; the Merchant.

Spinning Codex 3, the Code, a Helmet and Detonator.

Leave the Shuttle bay, go left and left again use the ‘green’ button there to take a trip to the Friendly planet. Left on a carpet is a Spinning Codex 3, on the floor in front of the big guy is a Code Disk (5926). Then pick up the Detonator from the other side and last get the Helmet then return to the shuttle.

You’re back in the Shuttle Bay.

We can now go for the Secrets and some Energy Cells on the Cold and Hot Planet because we have the Detonator.

Energy Cell (1): Travel to the Cold Planet by using the right hand button S, get down the ice blocks and go straight to the ladder, up and to that box at the window. The Alien Soldier will explode, now you can safely jump over. Pull the Soldier away to grab the Energy Cell (1), needed to free your team mates. Next to him is Secret 5/5, the Lovely Spinner.


Drop down from the floor, up the ice blocks to get back to the Shuttle.

Energy Cell (2): Travel to the Hot Planet by using the left hand button S, follow the cave and the river down to the Control room and use the wheel twice till you see that Alien Soldier with the bomb. Go use the Detonator again and pull the Soldier from the Energy Cell (2). Open the double doors N and inside is a Tomb, open it to get Secret 3/5, the Ye’sus Pendant.

Back to the wheel and turn the wheel twice till you see the Giant head, the ladder to get out will be climbable again and follow the familiar route back to the Shuttle.

We’re back in the Shuttle Bay.

The Chilled Chemical Pot.

Go out W and left to the Elevator, ride up to the Living Quarters. We now have the helmet, so gas won’t bother us. Loop right around the Elevator going up S. To the left is the room that exploded, now you can go in. Mind the hot parts of the floor and go right around into the passage to the Kitchen. Push the button on the right hand wall and hop into the freezer to get a Chilled Chemical Pot. Go back out of this place and down to the right to the Elevator.

For a Secret, go(N) to Lara’s bedroom. You can now use the Code (5926) on the Code disk to lower the block in the corner and get Secret 1/5, a Grey Plush. Pick up the Munghi Fruit and get out.

Go into the Elevator and down.

This time go right, to the other end (E) of the corridor, because the cover on the ‘red’ button lifted before. Push it.

Alien Planet, Alien Grass.

Take a right (N) and run through the valley with the Gas emitting plants you saw when you picked up the Helmet. Follow through to a settlement in a Cave. Go into the building through the right hand opening and push the cage 3x, into the next room under the hole in the ceiling, climb up to the floor above. Head E up to the higher wall in the end and jump down to the ledge with Alien Grass. Get that, combine it with the Chilled Chemical Pot to get an Alien Grass Pot and run down SW onto the block below. Make your way back through the tunnels to where you see the shuttle left.

The UFO, Spinning Codex 4.

Take a right in the valley with the blue grasses and right again to where you see a UFO way up on the rocks. When you walk into the beam, you will be beamed up.

The button straight ahead is for going back down. Turn around and go E and behind the pillar is an opening in the floor. Get down and find Secret 4/5, Alien Fuel. There’s a Shuttle down there but I couldn’t find anything else.

Climb out, go W to where you see a Spinning Codex. Use one of your Energy Cells on the door left (N) and see Lara’s Team mate (who’s now free) in front of her bed with a Circuit above the table. You cannot enter this room, but there is Munghi Fruit in the doorway. Go get Spinning Codex 4 and then use the second Energy Cell on the door S and you’ll see the Observation Deck of the Space Station with a Key on the ledge. Pick up another Munghi Fruit.


Go back W, all the way to where you see two Alien Soldiers on the UFO’s Bridge, go in there. A cover lifts from a button and you are thrown in jail. Pick up the Munghi Fruit. Pull your Alien cellmate from the Ye’sus Coins (#5).

Pull the cage under the ceiling hatch and jump up to open it. Climb up W and drop down the other end. You are back where you got the Codex, go W first and keep to the right to where that alarm is blinking on the ceiling (N), there is a button available under that glass cover, turn off these nasty alarms. Don’t even think of going near that UFO’s Bridge again…

Use the Codex’s, Top of the Obelisk.

So go to the centre of this room, push that button W and get beamed down. Go into the valley (S) and right to where you can use the 4 Spinning Codex’s and a big sphere appears, step in and you’ll be taken to a weird place.

If needed, save and reload to get the normal view back. Pull the dead soldier from the Survival Kit and get it. Go to the right (N) and left following the ledges, just keep going in a anti-clockwise motion. From the highest block above the dead soldier, down to the white block and grab up W, proceed to that white pillar SW. Jump to the top block, close to that blue crystal on top of the obelisk.

Alien Battle Field, the Cosmic Cube.

Jump to that and you’ll end up on a Battle floor with a Nasty Alien. Get a Survival Kit next to the dead Alien soldier. When you look through the floor under that ledge with the circles, you can spot blue rays coming from under some of the circles (3). You have to step on those (the others are deadly) and the Alien will explode. Go to the Pedestal and get the Cosmic Cube.

You are back on the Planet. Now there are several ways to end this adventure. So Save here if you want to try all of them.

1- “UFO” Ending, destroy Earth.

Medical Bay, a Poison Canister.

Leave NE, head back E to the Shuttle and get back to the Space Station. Out W to the Elevator corridor.

Get to the Friendly Planet by using the green button. Go in and to the right on the pedestal is Secret 2/5, the Egg (although the name or Secret number aren’t visible). Get back to the Space Station. G out W to the Elevator corridor.

Up the Elevator and loop left around up S and right to the healing pods. Use the Alien Grass in the left hand incubator and the Poison Canister appears on the healing pod. Grab that Canister (you won’t save Constance in this version). Go back to the Elevator, down and right to the red button to travel to the Alien Planet again.

The UFO.

Head W and right to get back to that UFO, beam up. Turn left and go behind that grey pillar to use the Poison Canister, those Aliens are treated with some Gas which will explode because of the Lasers. You can turn off the alarm with a button on the pillar N.

Now go to the bridge, ignore those guys shooting at you and place the Cosmic Cube on the Control Unit.

The Alien Space Ship will destroy Earth and the Space Station will also be blown to pieces. Level ends…


2- “Bad” Ending.

Leave NE, get to the Shuttle to get back to the Space Station, go up to the Elevator Corridor.

Get to the Friendly Planet by using the green button. Go in and to the right on the pedestal is Secret 2/5, the Egg (although the name or Secret number aren’t visible). Get back to the Space Station. G out W to the Elevator corridor.

Go S to the bay with the escape pods and you will travel to the Dead Planet with your team mates. You will have to wait there forever to be rescued.

Level ends…


3- “Good” Ending.

Leave NE, get to the Shuttle to get back to the Space Station, go up to the Elevator Corridor.

Get to the Friendly Planet by using the green button. Go in and to the right on the pedestal is Secret 2/5, the Egg (although the name or Secret number aren’t available). Get back to the Space Station. G out W to the Elevator corridor.

Saving Constance.

Up with the Elevator and loop left around up S and right to the healing pods. Place the Alien Grass in the incubator right of Constance, you will see her looking at a plant and you are banned from the lab, because she has work to do.

Living Quarters, Coordinates to Earth.

Go N straight passing Lara’s room and the next-door opens to your Teammate’s room (NE). On the table you’ll find the Coordinates to Earth.

Out of the room, right to the teleports. Take the right hand one and go straight to the Flight Deck (there’s nothing under the dead Aliens. Go down to the right hand side and place the Coordinates to Earth in the Terminal on the back (face S) to turn it on. Your Teammate will say something.. There are a few things to do before we can leave Lara.

On the ledge in front of the window is the Self Destruct Key. Use it next to the window NE…

I must escape now, It’s going to explode!

Run back to the teleport, the right hand one going down and go straight into the Elevator. Go down with the elevator and turn right in the Corridor, in the end left down the slope to the Emergency Shuttle Bay. Use the button on the left wall (S) to leave and you and the rest of the Team are on your way… When you pick up the pistols, the level ends.


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