BtB 2018 - 6 – The World of the 3 Wonders.

Level by LoreRaider

Walkthrough G&D productions.

VCI strikes again! Lara, according to her researches, finds out that there's a portal which leads to a overworld in Von Croy industries. Of course, she's going to find what's happening there, and at night, she goes in there as a thief!

You must turn on Bump Mapping and Volumetric FX for a better experience!

Tasks related to the Secret are in dark blue.

Secrets: 4

Lara beamed down…

Frozen Planet.

Go into the blue cave and spot the trapdoor in the water, go left to that red light and push that big Face button to open the trapdoor. Turn around, walk back a few steps towards that pillar and just left are some Uzi clips. Go to the W wall and find a lever and pull it (#1* of 2 to lower a platform in an underwater opening).

Swim down the trapdoor, to a small cave, in the opening S is a trapdoor, still closed. So go either left or right, down to a lower passage and swim in S, to a cave, find Light Sticks (Flares) in the next bend and in the end of the cave is a Munghi Fruit (small medipack) on the bottom. Go up into an opening in the ceiling and in that room is a big door W we have to open. Crawl into the crawlspace in the middle of the N wall, up a ladder, pick up the Munghi Fruit and reach a platform, jump and grab across and around the corner are Uzi clips, use a monkey climb to get to the jump lever opening that door.

Frozen Pool, Spike Puzzle.

You’ll get to a large frozen pool, go straight through to the room W and use the lever on the wall between the staircases. Back to the frozen pool and right through the door you opened. The next room has Spike traps, when you look closely you can see some have no spikes below the ice floor.







First is a bit to the right, just walk on. Next is the second tile left and one forward. Next is first right and one forward. Next one left and one forward. Last is on the far right corner of the field, just hop to the safe floor at the door and run right onto that corner tile to open the door. Use the lever in the next room to open the second door at the frozen pool. Go back to the spike room (mind the spikes).

Look at the floor near the S wall and see an opening, you can walk through the wall here and get Secret #1 , a Munghi Fruit and 2x Uzi clips.

N door, Push Puzzle.

Back in the poolroom, go into the opposite open door. You’ll get to a room with a pushable object; there are 3 more on the ledges above. Behind the object is a trigger field (the slightly sloped tiles in the back) close to the door will raise 3 platforms; the slightly sloped tiles close to the pushable will lower them again. So run over the 3 “Up” triggers, don’t step on the others and go jump up and around the room to pull the 3 pushables onto the platforms. Get down and run over the “Down” triggers to lower the platforms and pull the 3 objects just once from the platform. Rays will appear and when connected, the door will open. Go in and use the lever to defrost (thaw) the pool, a door opens. Leave E to the pool, go in on the right (W) and up the stairs.

The Icy Totem.

Through the door and go up the steps. Before picking up the Icy Totem, get some Uzi clips and the Uzi’s left and right. A Hammer God appears, shoot him (stay as close as possible and jump up and down, he HAS to die in this room). After he’s gone, a passage behind the pedestal will open up, climb up and step into the beam, you’ll see a trapdoor open up.

Water Planet.

Underwater Cave and Levers.

You are back in that familiar underwater room, swim straight (S) and up through the now open trapdoor. Use the second lever straight ahead (#2*) to lower the platform in the triangular opening E (if it doesn’t open, you have to go back to the first cave and find the lever * on the wall). The opening is on the left (E). Go through and follow to a cave with a pool. Swim in and immediately right around the corner is an Underwater lever (1/5), a magic beam will indicate it is active. Turn left and go for the air pocket (E). Turn right (S) and in the back of that cave is another Underwater lever (2/5).

Turn around and swim down to those plants with the air bubbles to get Secret #2, Plasma Gun and Plasma ammo. Go back up to get air (N).

Swim N along the bottom to find some Uzi clips and then left around the bend to find another air pocket, left on the wall is an Underwater lever (3/5). Get back to the air pocket and when you look W from the air pocket you can already spot the next air pocket (W).

Swim along the bottom to find a Munghi Fruit and go up to the air pocket. Turn right (S) to find that lever (4/5), the platform in the opening W still doesn’t go down. Turn left (S) from the air pocket, swim to along the bottom, picking up another Munghi Fruit and in the back and left in the SE corner is the last lever (5/5), the platform lowers, under the nearby air pocket are Uzi clips. Swim back N to get air in the second air pocket and turn left to swim down through the opening (W wall). Up and get out.

Desert Planet.

Lara looks up to a dune, go E and left around the dune and hop up to the top to get some Portable Data. Examine it.

Welcome stranger, you’ve just arrived in the desert! Here you can restore your health and take some useful items for the adventure. Such as ammos and medipacks. When you will see a portal with a green radius it means you can come back here and get some more items. Have a good trip!

A trapdoor opened too; slide down W from the dune and go to the hut. Pick up a Munghi Fruit, 2x Uzi clips and a Survival Kit. A bit further of that portal at the next hut are Light Sticks, and 2x Plasma ammo near the ugly guy. Keep going W, right of the last hut is the trapdoor you opened. Get down, follow through and slide down a slope.

Desert Valley.

Go straight E past the pool and you can see a Face button up on the right. To get there, go straight to the rock wall E, where you can see blue plants up left. There’s a small sloped part on the E wall, back flip on that and jump back with a right curve to land on top of the ridge.

I case you can’t find that, go back to the entrance (W) and up the block S, from standing left, hop up E to the higher ledge and follow to the big blue plant, from there jump and grab the pillar E (blue plants). Then a bit left (NE) to the rock ridge.

Jump SE to get to the Face button there and open a door with it, turn around to spot a blocked opening N, where the blue plants are, that’s our next goal.

#1 For the N opening: Sand Pit.

Slide down right of the Face and loop left around into the cave S. Left through the open door SE, and find some cages. Move the one at the edge of the pit to the left to the wall (N) and use the Valve. Then pull the one next to it back once and use the second Valve (W wall). The Sand Pit gets filled. Go across and open the door with the lever on the left. Go in and use the lever to see that blocked opening. Go back through the Sand pit and into the dark cave.

#2 For the N opening: Rock Climbing and Torch Puzzle.

Straight into the valley W, pull up on the first ledge right (opposite a big mushroom) and grab up to the rock ledge left (W). Pull up and hop right around the corner to another Face button. When you use it you get a screen of a door opening up slowly.

For a Secret: Healing Pool.

Jump-grab back E to the ledge you came from, walk to the S end and run jump S to grab the ledge at the blue grass. Run jump W (there’s some gas coming from the rocks) and suddenly your health will go down, the gas is hurting you. Hop W over the slanted part, go left and run jump and grab over to the S, go into the opening there and find a pool of healing water. Just enjoy till your health is back up. Go back out (N), immediately loop to the left and follow the ledge. In the end up left onto the higher ledge to get Secret #3, Uzi clips, Plasma ammo and a Munghi Fruit. Slide down to the valley floor.

Go to the far NW corner of the valley, shoot the Giant Centipedes and climb up to a ledge N in that corner, now jump up left (SW) and follow that path to a blue plant sticking out of the rock. Run jump right around the corner to that door you opened.

Torch Puzzle for the Jump lever.

Right around the corner as you come into the cave is a Timed lever, it will lower a platform in the opening N. Pull, back flip with roll and sprint through that opening. Once you are inside, the platform will stay down, so you can now go out and to the pillar.

Stuck in the (E) side are Torches, get one and go into the cave N to ignite it. Back in the big cave, go around igniting 4 wall torches and platforms go up at the pillar. Climb the one N and run jump grab to the Jump lever. That platform in the N opening goes down (in the first valley). Leave the cave, run E through the valley and go left in the dark cave to the first valley. Go up to that rock ridge as you did before and this time run jump and grab to the ledge with the blue grass NE. Go through the opening to a large cave.

Short visit back to the Village.

In the back, (NW) is a teleport beam that will take you to the merchants Village where you can get the same items from the same spots. Munghi Fruit, 2x Uzi clips and a Survival Kit, Light Sticks and 2x Plasma ammo. W, and left of the Tower hut is an ugly guy in a chair, in front of him you can grab the Uzis. Get back by stepping into that Teleport beam; understandably you can only use this teleport once…

Rock Scaling up to the Big Door, Fruit Offering.

Back to the entrance (S) in the SW corner you can grab up W to the ledge above, walk to the right (N) and jump to grab a crack where the blue plant grows from. Go right around to where you cannot go further, ledge jump straight up there (Alt) to grab a slope. Pull up and back flip with roll to grab a ledge N, pull up. Grab a crack NE and go right to drop onto a tiny corner ledge. Turn right and do a curved run jump to the S landing on the sloped block, grab the edge as you slide off and shimmy right and pull up on the sandy ledge. Walk around a bit and side-jump onto the S side slanted part, slide and jump to grab the ledge S OR jump with a roll so you can grab the edge. Pull up and back flip with roll to grab the ledge S.

Go right and hop up SW, turn left and grab up to a crack (E), shimmy to the corner left and back jump (down key) with a roll and grab a ledge. Run jump NW, grab up N and back flip to a higher ledge, run jump E to a ledge (no Ctrl) from where you can get to a rope hanging N of the ledge. You might not want to go down all the way on the rope so you won’t overshoot the rock bridge. Jump to the ledge NE and go to where you can jump through the blue plant to the Big door, use the two levers to open it.

Go up the stairs and get the first the Plasma gun on the right then take the Desert Fruits and a Fire God shows up, go shoot him and go N through to the Teleport.

Jungle Planet.

You’ll slide into a Jungle valley, there is a Mutant Wolf waiting for you and while you’re at it some alien bat appears as well.

Fix the Pipes, Temple Key.

A screen is shown of something looking out of the passage S, go in there and at the pit jump to the right hand pipes, you can only move them when you shimmy along the pit and pull up behind the pipe. Put the 3 pipes in place (N wall) and jump to the other side to do the same. The Pit will flood allowing you to swim in W and up to grab the Temple Key in the small cave.

Tread Carefully, Marine Key.

Go back and make your way back to the Valley with the trees. Keep following the valley bending right around the corner another Mutant Wolf attacks in the next bend. If you lost track here, go SW and in the wide bend with the high trees, your attention will again be drawn to a side passage (W), go in and stop as soon as you come into a small cave. Look up and spot the pink plants, grab up to the ceiling and follow the path of the plants to the back where the door should be open now (W). Go in for Temple Key #2 and head back out to the valley, go left (N) and follow the valley to where two Alien bats attack. There is an opening in the W wall.

The Temple.

Use both keys and enter.

Short visit back to the Village.

Using the teleport Beam will get you to the Merchants Village again and in the same spots are Munghi Fruit, 2x Uzi clips and a Survival Kit, Light Sticks and only one Plasma ammo this time. But the Guy on the chair has another Plasma Gun for you. Get back to the Temple.

Secret: Go to the SE corner of this cave, use a Light Stick and spot the block, jump on ii and jump/grab up N or W, climb up (can be somewhat buggy), hang in the corner and get Lara hanging by her hands, then pull up using the crouch key and pick up Secret #4, a Munghi Fruit and Uzi clips on one side and more Uzi clips on the other side. Get back down.

Timed Levers and Platforms, Forest Grass.

After using the keys, go into the Temple, save at a lever NW which will set things in motion, side flip right and get on the platform to use the next lever, raising a platform across the room. Get there fast and use the lever, turn right while Lara pulls the lever and run right onto the platform going up right of you. Use the lever and now back across the room again to use the last lever.

The Big doors open up. Go in and grab the Forest Grass, a Giant Mushroom Flea appears. Kill it and the opening behind the platform is opened. Step into the beam and slide down a slope into a cave, in the room left is where you can use your Icy Totem and right the Forest Grass and that Desert Fruit goes in the middle in front of the door.

Slide down and come to a blue Valley with a Mighty Mutant Alien, shoot him and get into the blue beam in the back. After getting back to where you entered this world, grab the Cosmic Cube and climb up straight ahead.

The end!

G&D- May 10-2018