BtB 2018-5- Lost in Space.

Level by Die Basis

Walkthrough G&D productions.  


After running out of fuel and sending emergency calls while being on a mission in space, Lara finds herself soaked up in a mysterious spaceship and tries to escape in a shuttle by finding two access cards to get to the hangar.

Please turn Volumetric FX on for the fog effects.

Secrets 3 (Alien Dolls).


In space no one can hear you scream…

NW flight bridge.

Turn around and take a running jump (hold forward), slide down into a corridor. Turn right, to the flight bridge and take a left into a corridor.  

SW flight bridge. 

Go to the end, go right and get Magnum ammo from a small table. Go to the other end (E) and climb up at the window. From there take a running jump NW over a slope into a room with deadly water and a cascade. There is a hatch in de ceiling.

Stand at the edge of the deadly water and take a running jump to that safe block in the water (you also can jump from the higher block). From there another running jump straight ahead and a bit left and grab the edge of the opening (spikes are underneath. Get in and around the corner grab the Energy Cell from the reach in hole on the right. The next door swooshes’ open.

Jump to the next corridor left (or jump down and climb in); go left for a Survival Kit. Turn around and take the first corridor on the left. Go right into the corridor and all the way to the end. Left in the next room are Magnum ammo on a small table; that’s it, so back to the corridor and take the second opening on the left and slide down.

SW Flight Bridge, use the Energy Cell, the Passage Key.

Go right and left into the corridor with the ladder and up into the window there (E) to place the Energy Cell in the receptacle. A cover lifts from a jump lever just behind you. Get down and climb the ladder (facing W) and at the top get to the monkey swing and make your way around it to that jump lever. The hatch on top of the ladder opens up, so get to it and climb up (facing E this time) and off to the left. Jump over the laser when it come towards you and drop down at the end, get the Passage Key and you drop down on a platform in the deadly water.

The Cosmic Cube.  

Jump to the NW corner and use that Passage Key and a couple of doors open up. Turn around and jump back to the platform in the pool. Take a running jump to the opening N and grab the monkey swing. Go forwards into the corridor and through to the opposite door. Drop down; a door opens in the SE corner. Pull the chain, jump over the slope SE, back into the corridor where that door opened (E). Go through and get a screenshot of the Cosmic Cube. To the left you can find Magnum ammo. Go to that contraption in the middle (W side) and stand on the edge of the higher floor, jump up and grab up to one of the platforms (E) and hoist up. Jump to the central platform and grab the Cosmic Cube.

A Fuse.

Safety drop down and leave (W). From the higher floor at the big door, jump over the slope to the right, into the room with chain and jump over the next slope N and place the Cosmic Cube (facing N). The door on the right (E) opens; get in to grab a Survival Kit from the left and from the right a Fuse (screenshot of where to use it).

NW Flight Bridge, Timed Door, the Circuit.

Leave through the door on the other side (W), go sort of straight (left/right) and then left and on the left slide down the slope into the corridor.

Go left (N) and on the flight bridge take a right, up the windowsill and place the Fuse. The hatch over the ladder opens, so up the ladder and off to the right. Safety drop down at the other end and climb the block left (W), first get Magnum ammo from the left then pull the Timed lever on the right to open the door at the other end.

Kill the two snakes in the next room and go to the far left corner (SE). Face N and do a backflip, jump from the slope grabbing the jump lever. Jump as soon as you drop down, to jump over the spots on the floor or else you will be spiked.

The tower on the S side lights up, so pull/push that to the now raised block in the middle and when the hammers smashed it get the Circuit.  

The Teleporter Activator.

The gate in the SW corner opened up so jump in there. Go right for some Magnum ammo.

Note the red light in this corner…turn left and walk through a walkthrough wall for Secret #1, a Little Alien Doll.

Go to the door in the other end of the corridor and slide down, go left to the room and use the Circuit on that machine on the right of the raised floor. Now you can get your hands on that Teleporter Activator as the shield that protected it goes down.

Zodiac Key, Cascade room.

Go back to the corridor and a door opened on the right, so from the higher floor jump over the slope and grab the Zodiac Key (screen of the keyhole) and jump back out. The big door is open now (W) so go to the right through the door, keep going straight and hoist up. Go through the glass tunnel W and use the Zodiac straight ahead.

Go in (left) and at the cascade, see that red box in the corner on far right? You have to shoot that, take a running jump towards it and start shooting. Then when you drop jump the slopes towards the block lowered in the opening, OR slide down to the breakable floor and quickly jump in the opening (W).  

To the Mirror room, the Plug Key.

Jump over the corridor (W) into a small room, shoot the electric box and use the switch. Jump back onto the block in the corridor and straight over to the cascade room and into the opening you just created left (N). Use the monkey swing to get into the next room (N), get the Survival Kit on the left and pull the chain. You hear a door opening (back in the corridor). Jump back over the slope into the corridor. Left is the door you opened… 

But first we go to the right into the Mirror room.  In the mirror you can see a pole. It is on the raised tile. Climb up almost to the top and backflip onto a block, as the floor is deadly. Use only the S and W (blue) reach-in holes, for a Survival Kit and a Plug Key (screen where to use it).

Use the Plug Key, a Cosmic Cube.

Jump back to the pole and slide down. Now back to the corridor NE and straight through to the other room you opened. Loop around left and use the Plug Key (NW). An Alien drops down, you have to let him (or her) walk over that green tile in the back, to trigger a raised block and then you can kill it.  Jump from the block to the inside. Grab the Cosmic Cube and drop down.

Again go to the corridor, take a left into a passage and jump onto the block on the right. Jump over to the cascade room (E) and into the opening left again. Swing over to the room with the chain you just used and jump up in the corner behind the missile on the left (W). Jump over the laser where the roof is higher and drop down in the room and use the Cosmic Cube, this open the door on the left. Get the Crossbow and at the other end Arrows.

Jump from the slope into the opening on the right to get back into the corridor. Go right to the mirror room and shoot the last glass cage (NW) with the Crossbow and one explosive arrow.

Jump towards the person and pick up a Circuit.  

For a secret shoot the middle empty glass cage and jump up, here is Secret #2, a Little Alien doll.  

Well, you know the drill by now; back we go again through the corridor to the room where we got the Cosmic Cube straight ahead and place the Circuit on the right. Pick up Teleporter Activator #2.  

The door on top of the waterfall opens (N and up right), get in and run through, loop around to the right, back to the upper walkway, then slide down at the second opening on the left. Turn right (S) and run all the way to the end. In the back in the windowsill is a wraith catcher (you got a screen of that when the wraith showed up). 

The SW Flight Bridge, Activate the Teleporter.

Place the Teleporter Activator (face S) in between the two incubators and jump into the Teleporter.

Pick up the Magnum in that room and run into the opening straight ahead. You’ll get on a conveyer belt and better hang to the side and safety drop down. Kill the Spider Man.

The cover (W) lowers so jump over to get the Hangar Access Key #1 and you’ll get transported up to the corridors.

Go through the glass corridor and slide down into the corridor.

The NW Flight Bridge, Activate the Teleporter.  

Now go left (N), stand between the incubators and face N and place the Teleporter Activator. The teleporter-beam activates; step in it.

Hangar Access Key #2.  

You get down to almost the same room; there is a code pad next to a closed door. Go left and up some steps and around the corner on the right is a button. Push it to drain the pool, Go through the door and hop down. Take a running jump to the pillar and climb down. Hop down through the opening in the floor and grab the LCD Tablet and examine it, there is a code on it; 8923.

Get back up the pillar, run jump/grab back (E) after a straight line up and go up into the door, down the steps and right to the door with the Code pad. Type that in the code pad and close with the red arrow. The door left of you opens up, go through and down the conveyor NE.

At the end of the belt take a running jump to activate a jump lever and drop down, grabbing the edge. Back flip back to the conveyer belt and backflip a few times, roll and run forwards (W) and jump to the right in the now open door NW. Get the Survival Kit and Arrows. Back to the belt and now at the end you drop down through an energy field and land safely on the floor below.

A Hammer Alien was waiting for you, you have to shoot him, because he will prevent you from climbing the pillar to get the key. You can use whatever ammo you want.

After he’s gone, climb the pillar and get the Demi God Stone Awaker. And you guessed it, you did awaken the Demi God. Pick up the Demi God Key he drops and use it at the N wall to lower the protective shield on the Hangar Access Key.

Go over W for Hangar Access Key #2.  You'll get transported back up to the corridors.

To the Hangar.                                           

Use the Hangar Access Cards onto the two terminals in the next room.

For a secret, climb up into a hidden opening above the switch on the W wall and find Secret #3, a Little Alien doll. Drop out.

Jump up out of this room E and watch the flyby.

The Control Room Key.

Go right through the door and follow through, take a left at the end and hop on the windowsill on the right in the corner (SE) and flip the lever.

The trapdoor at the other side (W) opened so climb down there.

Pick up a Survival Kit and Magnum ammo along the left wall and go straight (E), into the corridor. In the next room go to the glass table NE and pick up the Control Room Key and Magnum ammo from the pedestal.

Control Room, a Battery.

Leave through the door and go to another door on the far left where you have to use the Keys. Two unfriendly guys are waiting for you. After they are killed go to the right side (higher floor) and climb up the pillar in the middle. You found the Battery.

Drop down and out the room and place the Battery on the N wall.

Turn around and get Lara’s Helmet and watch the flyby.

Go through the open doors to the outside, approach the vehicles and here the story ends.


G&D - June 2018