BtB 2018 - 4 - Lara’s Answer, 42!

Level by Lara Croft

Walkthrough G&D productions.


After some invasion from Aliens to the Earth and years of war, the blue planet is struggling with wasteland and drought. To regenerate the vegetation on the Earth we sent a few spaceships to collect plants from other planets.

Lara Croft is a crew member on the Spaceship number 42 and she is helping them with her talent to experience the best adventure.



Turn Volumetric FX On

Mentioned Savegames are in this Folder.

Secrets: 2


Lara is the only one awake so far, step down from the cryo pod and get the LCD Tablet from the pedestal, examine it to read about your mission…

Living Quarters, Gathering Supplies.

Climb a ladder S behind the cryo pod and back flip to the floor above. The door right (W), on the upper floor opens to a greenery with deadly plants. Go left, E and where the corridor bends left, are two shelves against the wall.

Secret: Stand just right of that plant pot between the two shelves and jump onto the slanted wall part, Lara will slide through the gap behind the right hand shelf and get Secret #1, go pick up Magnum ammo, Munghi Fruit (small medipack), and the Grey Plush Doll from that table N.

Lara’s Access Card.

Go further N and Lara looks to the left, go to the shelves and get a Survival Kit that is hidden behind the Mc. Dutch burgers. Go through N and left on the small table is more Magnum ammo. Head W to the Flight navigation deck, proceed W and in the next bend, on the last table right is Lara’s Access Card.

Just around the corner is the teleport station; it is not active yet. Go towards the greenery door (do not enter) and just right of it on the slanted wall with storage units you see a Heavy Key, stand in front and grab another from that storage 12.

Some Weapons.

Go through the door behind you (E) to the Navigation control station, there’s a Navigation unit here that needs a Circuit. Use the Heavy key left and drop down the open trapdoor right of you. Get Flares, a Survival Kit and go to the shelves near the trapdoor (SE), reach in 7 times to get all the stuff in there, 2x Magnum ammo, 3x Plasma Gun ammo, Plasma Gun and the Magnum. Climb out using the ladder through the trapdoor.

Push puzzle, Timed Block, Emergency Key.

First we prepare for the Timed run, go out through the door E and you are back at those power units. Pull the first one left out once, then pull/push it S to the door. Go around N and left into the door to the Navigation control station and out the door E to get behind the power unit, push it once and then push it once back to the left (N) so it stands in the middle of that higher ceiling part. Back into the door and in the Navigation control station up the ladder left (SE), back flip off and go use Lara’s Access Card on the terminal N. A trapdoor opens in the ceiling, climb to the Cockpit above it. Behind the pilot seats is a switch on the wall. Save there and pull, a platform goes up near the power unit we moved.

Pull, run right and with a left curve down the hole, down the hole to the Navigation control station and out the door E, bit right and up onto the platform. Turn around and grab up N into the ceiling crawlspace. Crawl out the other end, hang and do a back jump (down key) landing on that power unit.  

Turn around and run jump to grab the pedestal N where you can get the Emergency Key.

The Shuttle, Planet Flavometalla, the Teleport Coordinates.

Return to the ladder you first climbed (S), down to the cryo pods turn right from the ladder and open the door (SW), go down the steps to the Shuttle. You’ll travel to Planet Flavometalla.

Shoot the crates SE to find a Lightsaber (Crowbar) and then shoot those Alien eggs (N) for a Munghi Fruit.

Go to that crowbar lever SW, face N and use it. A Timed door opens up in the other end of the valley. Run straight into that small passage, grab up on the right (E), best as most left as possible, and ledge jump up. Pull up and keep jumping left over the deadly water to the wall and to end up on a flat ledge.

When you land there, you can immediately do a running jump E to the next ledge grabbing it a bit left. Turn right and stand jump onto the nearest side of the big slope, slide and jump (or grab it) onto that transparent block, turn left (E) to jump to the next and left again to get to the Timed door (Savegame.0) (In case you need to use the crowbar lever again, first use it to put it back in position, then you can use it again to open the door).

Open the Hangar.

The blue tunnel here changes color as you proceed, this is a clue for the order in which we have to use 3 levers in a bit. Yellow, Red, Green.

Go through and behind that Power station in the end. Use the Wheel to open the large Hangar door outside. Go back there, jump left out of the Timed door to slide down and 3 Alien soldiers start shooting you. Take them out and pick up Magnum- and Plasma gun ammo they dropped.

Restore the Power.

Drop down from the N side where those eggs were and go down the stairs. We need to use 3 levers to open the big door S. Remember the colours?

From the right hand corner, hop down SW onto that walkway, next to the ship. Drop from the W end, turn around and shoot that face switch. A door opens up way up SE, for later.

Go up the stairs (N) to the middle floor, to the end and open the white door there. Go in and shoot an Alien. This room has Yellow light, pull the lever (1) on the control Panel. Go out and all the way to the ground floor.

Jump up behind the pillar in the E and throw the switch to open a trapdoor under the ship. Two Aliens attack go shoot them and pick up a Survival Kit. Go down the trapdoor under the ship and throw the lever E (2) in that Red room.

Make your way all the way up to the Green room (SE). The door should be open if you shot that face switch W before. Inside the room loop left around and use the lever (3) next to the window. Look out and see the big door S opened up. Go out, jump from the upper floor to the ledge at the door and enter to get the Teleport Coordinates.

I think I needed this…

Lara will travel back to the Space Ship.

A Helmet, the Captain’s keys.

Up the ladder and backflip, go into the door N to the Navigation control station and place the Circuit (left) to activate the machine.

Go out N to the control panels and straight ahead a cover over a button has lifted. Push it and see water is dousing something in the greenery. Go left and through the door. Jump behind the big plant in the flowerbed SW and grab the Captain’s keys, you may have to duck to get them. Return to the observation deck N, use the Keys right of the trapdoor in the floor, on the pillar.

Repair the Teleport.

Go down and there is a very strong draft here, we have to push a pipe (W) to the other side of the room to repair the machine, but the draft is too strong. Run into the back of the room (E) and push that block in front of the S fan. Go to the pipe and push it N. Go into the back of the room again to move the block to the N side fan. Now you can pull/push the pipe into position. The Teleport is active. Now you have to push the block back to the S side to be able to climb back up the ladder. Go SW to the teleport and step in…

Planet Purtenebris.

A Mysterious World…

Go right a bit then left into the blue world, you can see a jump lever up S, go a bit left of that blue mount and hop S through the gap, right up the slope and use the lever to open big doors. Slide down right of the lever (W) and keep left to get to where those doors opened (SW). That water will take your health slowly so you can go in, but better stay on dry land as much as possible.. Your goal is a block behind that big pillar you can see NW.

-The route without touching the water:

Jump to the block ahead, then right to a long block. Jump to the island and now jump left (W), left of that pink plant. Turn left, SW and hop right around the corner onto a slope, slide and jump onto the next slope and one more jump to a flat corner. Turn around and jump onto the flat block left of the slope (NW), then to a crack (NW again). Shimmy left around the corner and back jump (down key) to a block, N to the next and again and left around the pillar. Now jump straight N and grab the crack, go right around and back jump to the block against the big pillar.

-Or: from the island just run through the shallow parts of the water, NE find your way right along the E wall, running through shallow water (next to rock ledges) and over to the far NE corner where you can grab a crack get onto a block against the big pillar.

To the N you can see a push puzzle for later. Grab up to the crack, ledge jump up (Alt) and shimmy left to pull up. Hop to grab the rope and swing to the ledge up N, there’s an Alien settlement up there. Run to the right (E) and S along the outskirts of the settlement, passing big doors (E). Opposite the doors is a Merchant right; she has some Munghi Fruit for you.

Trapdoor Challenge.

Go behind the merchant to the N side and jump over to the left of the house there. Then turn left and hop over to the next island (W). Stay on the left side and jump over to the right side of the hut. In the corner there is an opening, jump in there, go right and over the next bump and into a crawlspace. At the right hand side turn around and the climb out backwards.

You’ll slide down a slope going a bit to the left, that’s OK, best Save near the end of the slope and just slide onto the left side of the trapdoor. This one will drop soon, you have just enough time to turn right towards the next trapdoor. Hop with a bit of a right curve and Save as soon as you land have a bit of patience and run jump to the next trapdoor when it starts to go up, landing on the right hand side. Save as soon as you land, now turn left and run jump to the next against the central tower, landing on the right hand side so you can jump around the corner to a safe block.

Now you have to get to an opening in the central tower, left around the corner from where you are. Run jump and grab to the trapdoor W, start when it is going up, and grab the right hand corner. Quickly pull up and either roll or curve sharp left for a run jump with grab to land inside the opening in the tower (savegame.1). Inside grab a crack E, back jump (down key) to the ledge behind. Run jump without Ctrl S to the ledge left of the block under the monkey climb.

Get on the block and the monkey climb; you may have to go sideways (with Shift) to the flat part. Go all the way to the other end and drop on a ledge with a lever. This one will raise a Timed trapdoor in the other side of the place. Pull, looping right run to the E and jump before you are at the end of the ledge to the spike trap (try timing that) and a running jump onwards to the corner ledge. Right and jump/grab to the trapdoor, take a running jump to the ledge with the face button; push it. Stand on the N end, just run off onto the lower trapdoor and wait for it to drop. Go into a door that opened W at the bottom, the floor is safe now.

Right inside and left of that waterfall is a slanted block, grab that, hang right and pull up, back flip and jump back with a right curve landing on a higher slope. Grab the edge as you slide off, pull up and back flip with roll to grab the higher floor. Right is a vase with Flares, left around the corner you can grab up higher on the left.

Slope Jumping.

Go left and turn around at the corner, back flip onto the low slope where it touches the higher slope and jump with a left curve onto another (low) slope left of the wall, grab the edge. Hang right against the wall, pull up and back flip to a higher slope, jump back with a hard right curve to hit the corner of the highest slope, jump to back flip onto an even higher slope and now keep jumping slopes (facing forward) to end up on a flat ledge (savegame.2).

The Ornated Bowl, Push Puzzle.

Grab up N, go to a sarcophagus where you first have to deal with 3 Alien Doggies (Lara says something?). Get up the steps to that sarcophagus and open it for the Ornated Bowl. In the back of the cave, Lara looks at the blue plants; grab up into the crawlspace behind this plant and get into a wider cave. Near the big fence is a pushable (we saw this when we came through that big cave outside), squeeze between the fence and the object and push it onto the grey tile (platform), the trapdoor opens. Hop on the block with the Timed lever, use it and roll, take step forwards and jump with a slight left angle up through the trapdoor. The trapdoor closes, pull the globe away from the trapdoor and the trapdoor falls down again. Go back down the trapdoor and pull the lever again. Roll, take a step forwards and jump back up again. When the trapdoor closes push that Globe onto the next trapdoor (S). Just stay there.

Drop the Pushable, Fruit Offering.

Lara falls down with the Globe and now push it to the different looking tile at the W wall.

Secret Detour: Now the water is safe, run to the NE corner, right and find a Munghi Fruit and Secret #2, the Helmet. Get back to where you left off.

Go back up the cracks on the pillar (SW), get to the rope and turn right. Swing and jump to the ledge in front of the hut E. Next to the carpet, hidden in between some grass are the Pieces of Fruit. Combine that with the Ornate Bowl to get the Fruit Offering.

The Cosmic Cube.

Jump over to the ledge N and take a right to get to the first big open doors in the E wall. Inside place the Fruit offering on the left side, the big flower opens. Get out and go there (SE) and just right of it the Cosmic Cube dropped to the ground. Go around the flower and open the small door S. Inside jump through the hammers/spike trap and come to a Spike passage, get through those, hop over a spike block and through the Axe (savegame.3).

The Battle for the Alien Grass Pot.

Place the Cosmic Cube on the contraption (face N) and another set of big doors slides open. Go out NW by pushing the double doors open and take a right to those big doors. Slide down to the battlefield and slay 2 Hammer Gods and a Fire Bolt Gods. One of the latter will drop the Alien Grass  Pot, so finally you have your sample.

Go through the doors E, down the stairs, open the trapdoor and drop down to where the teleport is. Step in and get back to the ship. Go straight into the greenery and a bit left to put the Alien Grass in the empty incubator.

This completes the Mission; the ship takes off to other planets…


G&D - June 2018.