BtB 2018 - 3 - The Frayed Ends of Sanity.

Level by Tolle87

Walkthrough G&D productions.

Mentioned Savegames are in this Saves Folder.



The expedition from Earth has discovered a new planet, but it turned out there is a huge mutant living there. It occasionally produces invisible but deadly poison gas which mixes with the air.

The crew managed to establish a base in the close proximity to the mutant, separated only by a huge subway tunnel. Unfortunately, there are also some infiltrated mercenaries in and around the ship, with the idea to use the gas as a weapon back on Earth. The crew managed to create some ways to reduce poison effects but they can't go any further without an experienced fighter to help them with the mercenaries and the mutant.

Lara was sent to the planet and was dropped onto the location close to the spaceship. First she has to reach the ship, then she has to find the way to reach the mutant through the tunnel, so they can kill it for their safety and also examine the gas for eventual usage.


Secrets: 6. Task related to getting the Secrets are in Dark Blue.



After a long slide go through the room and through the gap in the wall, shoot the crate for Light Sticks (Flares). In the next wider room with a big pit, go right and up to the cocoons in the NW corner, shoot them to get Uzi clips. Back to the entrance and straight into the NE structure to get 2x Uzi clips and the Uzis. Left in the short passage is a floor lever raising a platform near the pit. Go out straight and shoot another crate for Light Sticks.

Go left behind the structure there (SE corner), and grab up into a crawlspace in the structure, push the face button to lower a platform. Get out, around the back and find the pillar straight ahead (W) with Secret #1, a Space Souvenir.

The Cave.

Go to that platform you raised W of the pit and climb it to jump onto that terrace in the pit and drop down the hole from facing W. Get down to the ground and shoot the two Alien Monsters in the Cave.

For a Torch.

In the S wall are two doors for later, proceed through the opening E, hop to the rock in front, then left and to the slanted wall. From the ledge there jump to the rock E and from the next one you can get to the balcony E. Go in right and grab Uzi clips. Right of that pedestal is a grey tile, a platform. In the far left corner (green light) is a lever lowering that Timed platform. Run down into the opening and quickly get away from the platform.

Find a stack of Torches near the green light and throw one or two over the slope into the other section of the room. Notice another platform (raised) in the SE corner. Now crawl up the middle of the slope, turn around and climb down into the section where your Torches are and shoot an Alien Monster.

Get a Torch and ignite it at the fire. Hop onto the crates near the fire and drop it on the edge, close to the lever (hit #1 key to drop it). Now save at the lever SE, which will lower the timed platform SE in the other section. Back flip onto the crates (left one) and grab the burning Torch. Turn right, stand a bit back from the ridge and throw it over the ridge onto the slope, so it will roll down onto the lowered platform. Be sure it is there. The platform will take the torch up (Be sure to leave NO “extra” burning Torches here by accident, we’ll explain in a bit).

The Alien Totem.

In the W end is a hatch in the ceiling, jump/grab up to open that (face N), climb the low block and get up to the room above. Get the Torch (SE) and jump the rocks and ledge back to the opening W. Go to the left door (S), kick it open and go up the slope inside. From the crates there you can throw the Torch through the hole in the wall (behind the crate you can shoot W) so it ends up in the next room (be sure it did). Down the slope and outside left around to the next door (S), up the ladder and find that Torch left on the crates, Lara looks right. Take the Torch into the room W, up the slope and ignite the firewood on the block (stand against it). A big flower opens up above.

It is best if you take the Torch with you to prevent lagging problems later! Note: (Getting rid of that Torch in some water will reduce serious lagging in the areas we will visit next).

So hold the Torch and go down the slope and take a right up another slope. The Flower released a wraith. Run left through the opening W and into the water, the wraith will freeze the pool (and the Torch will be extinguished). If you happened to get under the ice, get out through the crawlspace W, climb up and get through the crawlspace E, back to the frozen pool. Climb the pillar in the pool and get the Alien Totem. Go back to the Flower, right down the slope passage Go down the ladder N to get back to the Cave.

The UW Entrance Key.

In the N wall is a big door, use the Alien Totem at the statue on the right to open that door. Wade down the pool and swim right through to an opening between the fences. To the right in that flooded room is the UW Entrance Key, swim left and up over the door is an UW lever opening it. Swim through to a larger room with floating crates. Climb up to the crate on the right (SW) and jump the crates to the Keyhole NE. A platform lowers in the opening down left of the Keyhole; swim through all the way to the back and up. Turn around and get out, get up the stairs (S) to the Research Center. At the water edge of the Shuttle Bay, jump to the right on that ledge and go straight to the wall (W) and into the opening there.

Entrance NW, Captain’s Message, Code Door.

The entrance will close off; pick up the Captain’s Message on the right.

My Fellow Crew members, I’ve discovered that each of these three ‘colored’ rooms on the left has a number written somewhere inside of it. If you arrange them in RGB order (Red, Green, Blue), you’ll get a code for a coded door downstairs.

Ps. I’ve also discovered that it’s useless guessing the password randomly without knowing all the numbers, because you won’t be able to get far.    The Captain.

Red: Freeby, first digits of the code.

Go in the Red Room and left around the corner is a contraption with the number 12 Lara’s looking at. Go back out to the corridor.

Green: Timed Platforms.

To open the Green Door, go into the opening opposite the Green door, save at the Timed switch right of the window N. There are several switches you have to pull to open the door. Pull, roll and run left (W) jump left to the corner ledge and from the up onto the platform (SW).

-Use the switch; roll and hop back to do a run jump back onto the central ledge, run right and with a right curve jump over the water to grab the platform left of the entrance.

-Use the switch; run jump back with a left curve to get to the central ledge, run W and curve right to jump (and grab) to the platform NW.

-Use the switch, jump back left, run to the end and up onto the left side of the platform straight ahead, run with a right curve and jump to get to the jump lever on the S wall (savegame.0).

Laser sight, third digit of the code.

You’ll end up in the water, that’s okay, because we opened an underwater door on the right (W). There are Light Sticks N, pick them up before going through the door. Swim up left at the end and left in the corner is Munghi Fruit (small medipack). Shoot the crate near the ‘fish’ tank (spot a Secret inside the tank) and pick up Uzi clips. Push the button on the pillar to open the Green door. Leave through the small door SW and in the greenery is another Munghi Fruit NE. Leave by opening the double doors E. To the right is your open Green door; inside is the Laser sight on a glass table and in the back Lara will look at the number 8.

Blue Door: Trapdoor Puzzle.

Go into the opening opposite the blue door, and a flyby starts in the next opening. A soldier runs away and trapdoor opens. Straight down the stairs is that Code lock the Captain was talking about.

Inside go right, then left (N) and pick up Light Sticks on the ledge right. In the back are the trapdoors you saw opening up, as you can see that soldier made a mistake… oops.

You make sure you drop down on the lowered platform (grey tile). Go into the passage left of the spikes and don’t touch that cage there, but go right, and push that cage twice, turn left and go to that other cage and now push it twice (N) out of this bypass. Pull the first cage back twice, go around and enter the room this cage was blocking. Use the lever in the  left corner (SE) and see trapdoor #1 go up. Roll and go right into the passage (E), pick up Uzi clips between the two pots and follow up, push open the doors to the upper room.

Go right and back towards that open trapdoor and turn left before the glass floor, look NW and spot a lever in the alcove. Hop over the corner to land there and open a door below with that lever. Drop down and enter W, push the cage all the way, you’ll see why in a bit. Go out, right up the stairs and loop around right and near the double doors is another Munghi Fruit, head N to the back where you’ll find trapdoors and a lever over one of them, use the lever and drop onto that cage instead of in the spike trap under the cage! Be careful, best might be to stand jump off the cage, because the spikes might hurt you if you run off.

Go into the passage shooting crates and open a small door, inside keep left to get behind those shelves in the back, to the right is a lever raising trapdoor #2. Get back out from behind the shelves and leave through the passage on the left (W) to the double doors.

Magnum, last digit of the code.                                                                   

Secret Detour: Turn around to go back down the passage and in the U-turn of this passage are two large pots, crawl into the triangle gap behind the left one (side flip behind the pot), follow through, at the crossing left is for later, go straight and drop through the trapdoor. In the fish tank with the weird creature is Secret #2, a Space Souvenir. Climb back out, go right at the crossing and drop down.

Open the double doors, take a left and then a right (at that big vase on the block you probably shot) are the two trapdoors. Jump over to the E side and use the button to open the Blue door… Drop down, go up the stairs and straight through the blue door, on the table left is the Magnum and to the right is a panel with batteries and the #4.

Through the Code Door.

Go out the blue door, keep going straight, down the stairs (N) to the Code Door and type in the code 1284 and close with >.

Lara: "Great…"

Inside go up one of the stairs in the back to get a Survival Kit near the glass window with a weird creature on display.

The Crowbar (Lightsaber).

Go back to the lower part of the room and slide down the passage in the W wall.

 “No weapons” down there, lure the Alien to that green column left and be sure to side flip away as soon as he starts his swing. The column explodes; the Alien will be electrocuted and explodes, leaving his Lightsaber (Crowbar) behind. Open the door W with it, step into the Teleport and get back upstairs.

Go right (E) and into the door opening and left around.

Open the first door right between those white pillars, nothing to do there for now because what we need is on top of a tile in the back.

Go to the next door on the right and open it. Inside, up right is an electric box; shoot that to turn off the power.

Secret prep: Now the power is off, that tile in the other room broke, we can go back to that previous room (next door) and run into the back where we can now find the Grey Key. Go out and loop right into the room where we shot the box.

Cross the room and go into the next room. Go left into the corner and from the crate jump over the fences, shoot the crates just for fun.

Open that round door with the Grey Key and inside is Secret #3, a Space Souvenir.  Go out and left.

Go to a small white door, get Uzi clips left and Flares right and go through the door. Follow the passage and open the doors to get back where we initially entered the Research Centre. Go straight, climb up straight to the higher floor and then right/left down the stairs (SW) and go all the way to the SW corner where you’ll find another door you can open with the Lightsaber.

Hub room, the Helmet for a Weird Experience.

Just as you enter the bright-lit chamber in the Hub room, is an LCD Tablet on the floor with Helmet Instructions, read them. Then pick up the Helmet and a platform goes down on the right, but first we go straight through the door that went up S (the room with the water below is one we visited earlier). Follow in and when you get to a larger room, the Helmet goes on.

WARNING: No weapons or Flares can be used when the Helmet is “on”. The High-Tech Visor (binoculars) works however.

To the right are Uzi clips. Go down and up the left stairs in the back and loop left around through the dark corner to get to the crowbar door. Go through and another electrified room, but that can also be your imagination. This one we can just run through and onto the trapdoor in the small room and fall down. In the room below and W is a closed door, not too hard, because the Non-existent Key is in the other corner on a table.

Here comes the weird (hallucination) part, we were warned.

Hallucinations: Circuit #1.

Use the key and watch what happens, nothing. Go back to the table and the Key is back on it, go use it again. Now the keyhole moves two times.

Before you use the Key again, go back to the table to find Secret #4, a Space Souvenir. Go back to the keyhole.

Finally the key will do its job; well that’s what you thought. Go back down the trapdoor again, to the table and this time there’s a Circuit (#1). When you get that the door will open. Go in and get transported back to the Hub room where you got the Helmet.

First Floor, Circuit #2.

Go straight through and in the room (W) where the Elevator opens up is Magnum ammo on a crate to the right. Get into the Elevator and push the button (right) to go up, go straight through the Hub room to the room E where you see the big pot, the Helmet goes on. In the back, behind that red light pillar is Circuit #2. When you go back, you can see the pot is gone and it left a pit with spikes. But nothing is as it seems… you can just drop down and run to the other side to climb out.

Ground Floor, Move the Power Unit.

Go straight to the Elevator, go down to ground floor (where you can see the pedestal where the Helmet was). Go there and take a left into the Research Centre. To the right, in the middle of those pools below is a Power Unit (that glass box). Push it once N and then left (W) once. We could have done this before, but we wanted to keep related tasks together as much as possible.

First Floor, over to the walkways.

Get back into the door SW, right at the Helmet pedestal and into the Elevator to go up, go to the Hub room and left to the First Floor walkways. Take a right and follow through to a closed door on the right, from the corner of the walkway in front of the doors, run jump and grab the Power Unit. Turn right and jump to grab the open spot in the walkway N.

Weird Experience, Lara’s Access Card.

Go left and on a table is Magnum ammo, take a right and follow the walkway, over a platform that goes up and the Helmet goes on. Run through the passage and slide down a slope.

Just keep running straight till you run into an insult (Lara You Suck).

Lara: "Ah... beautiful..."

Just keep going till you enter a flashing passage and you will be back at the top of the slide without Helmet. Go down again and now you can pick up Lara’s Access Card. A Teleport activates behind you, get in and back to the walkways. Take a right and climb up the crates, climb higher up to the walkways above. In the back (S) and left is a terminal where you can use Lara’s Access Card to open the door to the Hub room.

The First Floor Key, opening a Shortcut.

Go through the doorway, pick up Flares left, turn around and go to the W end and right down the sloped passage to find the 1st Floor Key (for later). The door opens as a shortcut back to the First Floor.

Move the 2 Power Units.

Go through that door, right to the Elevator and down to ground Floor, to the Hub room and left to the Research Centre, go to the Power Unit you moved before (E) and move it to the E end of the ledge, so it fits neatly into that gap in the First floor walkway. Go to the Elevator and up to the First Floor, in the Hub room left to the walkways and follow right to the doors in the end. Open the doors with the First Floor Key.

You can have a look in the room where some coffins are stored, but there’s nothing there.

Just left of the doors is another Power Unit, pull it out and now the doors are open, you can push it onto the one you placed in the gap below (W) so it closes a gap in the Second Floor walkway. Go back up to the second floor (To the Elevator and right through the shortcut to 2nd) and go to the red pillar in the Hub room.

Timed Runs and Traps.

To the right of the red light pillar is a Timed lever (W) and it will open a door on the floor below, S side. Pull the lever and do nothing, just wait it out and save in front of it. Then pull (you won’t have that camera), roll and run to the red pillar and turn right onto that grated walkway and run off a bit to the left so you’ll land on a slope below, next to the door. Hop back a bit and turn to hop through the door to get inside (savegame.1).

Go straight up the stairs and left around flowing the walkway. A switch is what you will find in the end. Pull, back flip roll and sprint right, at the end right and straight at the stairs, right onto to the other (W) walkway and left through the opening before the platform goes up (savegame.2).


Follow through; you are now in the lower back of the room and in the end, left of the trapdoor is a Survival Kit. Use the lever over the trapdoor, slide down and start running and jumping from one break ledge series to another and finally to a spike trap. Run through after the spikes and jump over to the Blue room at the end (savegame.3).

Secret prep: Turn around, jump back to the spike ledge and turn around, look right and jump grab the opening W to get the Blue Key there. Jump out to the right and back into the Blue room.

In the Blue room go right, Run-jump with grab straight ahead (W) and go right, through a tunnel with swinging Blades and open the hatch in the ceiling above the pink plant. Grab up left (W) and slide down, jump at the end and land on another slope, jump and land on break ledges, run to the end and grab up, jump over another pit. Make your way through the moving blocks (yes, the 3rd is not working, but you didn’t know that…) slide down.

This room has 4 levers and they turn on/off the moving blocks, just use the ones on the right (N). First pull the right hand the lever and put it back up to stop the block again with an opening showing. Then the left hand one N. Now you should have a free passage to the other side (W). Go pick up Circuit#3 in the next room. In 2 corners are Uzi clips and Munghi fruit.

In the S wall is a door you can open with the Blue key, inside pick up Secret #5, a Space Souvenir. 

Go up the stairs and loop left to the Teleport, and you are back at the red pillar in the Hub room Go around the red pillar to the door straight ahead (W), take a left and follow that passage to the upper level of the Hub room where you can see 4 contraptions. Slide down left as well as right to place two of your Circuits. Jump to the central blue ledge and jump onto the ledge straight ahead (E). Go in, two Soldiers will come for you, take them out. In the passage straight from the entrance is one of those Power Units, go there and pull it once to get access to a lever. Turn around and loop right around to the back (E) and right to that lever to raise a platform, another Soldier snuck up on you. Loop around again to push the Power Unit back where it was, get out and loop around to the right (N side). Climb the platform N and grab the monkey climb to get into a crawlspace leading to Circuit #4. You don’t have to crawl back; you can get out through the small gap left of you. A last Soldier will appear when you want to leave.

Leave the place (W), go down left and right to those contraptions and place the last two Circuits. The laser blows a hole in the S wall. Jump to the central ledge and then into the opening left (S).


Using the Circuits and finding the missing 4th Circuit.

Big Bad Snake.

The helmet goes on, use the lever over the trapdoor and drop down into water. You still have to watch your air supply. Swim through the tunnel to a wide cave with what seems to be an imaginary underwater dragon.

The Elevator Circuit.

There are 4 underwater levers you must find and use, #1 is on the block where the dragon is, right hand side, the SW corner (there is air up in this room). We have a ceiling lever (#2) under the block in the outer SW corner of the room. Then swim SE in the structure is a small opening (E side) and inside an underwater lever (#3), turn around to find it (don’t forget to get air). Then swim N (NE corner) to an opening you can see from here to find a ceiling lever (#4). The dragon is slain as a boulder drops on its head. Climb a platform S and go straight until a flyby will start, looks like the end of the level, but that’s not the case, just your imagination again….

Lara: Oh… dear…

You are back in the room where the helmet went on before, pull the lever again to drop down and grab the Elevator Circuit this time. Step out to the Red Light pillar and go straight through N to the opening to the walkways.

The Second Floor: Fix the Pipe, Fix the Elevator, the Shuttle Bay Plugins.

Take a right; follow through to the end where you see the Pipe. Hop left over the fence and pull/push that piece of pipe (over that power unit) in its place between the other pipes, so the water can flow again.

Now jump straight over the pipe to the white floor (NE corner), grab the Uzi clips. Go left and hop to the N walkway where you’ll find that Elevator. Use the Elevator Circuit outside the Elevator and the helmet goes on. A cover lifted inside the Elevator so go push the button if you dare. When you step out, an Alien T-Rex will come for you. And at the moment you are ready to draw a gun, you’re back at the Elevator.

Lara: Of course….a Tyrannosaurus in space…that’s perfectly logical.

Let’s try that again, go back in and use the button again and this time you are in a different version of the place. No more T-Rexes, only one tiny critter appears from a grate in the floor, follow the passage to the end and get up the ladder. Get the Uzi clips from the table left and open the door with the lever.

Go left around to the back and jump through the fences to get Uzi clips and a Shuttle Bay Plugin, hop back down to the floor.

For the Secret behind that window, go back to the door, inside and at the lever hold Ctrl and let Lara use the lever 3 times in a row (last position is UP), then side flip right before it closes. Turn around and go through the crawlspace left and follow around left to pick up Secret #6, a Space Souvenir. Get out and to the Teleport.

Step into the Teleport back to ground floor near the shuttles.

Shuttle Bay Plugin #2.

Go left, up the steps and take a right to the pool where we came from before.  Jump straight over the pool to the room NE (No Ctrl), take a right and find a Giant Head crying because you opened the water flow by fixing the pipe before. Hop into the right hand side of the pool, and find a niche with Shuttle Bay Plugin #2. Get out, make your way back left around into the Research Centre and left at the Shuttles you can place the Plugins next to the Launch tunnel (E wall).

Alien Temple, Big Bad Snake, the Gas Sample.

The Shuttle will take you and some teammates to an Alien Temple. Go to the pool and two soldiers immediately open fire, after you’re done with them, jump to the high stack of crates N from the blue grass on the higher ground next to it. Jump to the hill N and get the Temple Key. Go up to the Temple, right of the doors is some Munghi Fruit, then open the doors and enter. Go to the far right corner, climb a dark block and grab the crack in the white pillar. Go right around one corner and at the next corner (highest point), back jump with a roll and grab the opening. Go around and jump to the crack in the white pillar, around the corner and almost at the end a back jump with roll again to grab the opening. Go around again and to the next crack, around two corners and then back jump down to a block, turn around and run jump to grab the next dark block, one more run jump and you are in a short passage with a lever to slay the dragon (savegame.4).

Get down to the floor and pick up the Gas Sample. Run back (E) for the Shuttle and watch the end flyby.


G&D- June 4-2018