BtB 2018 - 1 - On the Edge of Forever.

Level by KitKat

Walkthrough G&D productions.


After a very successful dig on an alien planet interstellar archaeologist Lara Croft finds herself adrift in space at the farthest reaches of human exploration, an area called "the Edge of Forever", after her spaceship's on-board computer suffers a catastrophic failure...

Secrets: 1

Regain Access.

The air is sucked out off the Loading Bay by the explosion; also zero gravity sets in. It looks like Lara can sort of swim to get things done. Turn around and swim into the passage, right to the door, which will open; inside up and right next to the light fixture is a ceiling lever. Swim out to the passage and straight into the opposite door, another ceiling lever up to the right. Gravity is restored... Pick up a Survival Kit (medipack) and go back to the Loading Bay. Shoot those crates on the right and pick up the Light Saber (crowbar). Back into the passage and into the right hand room to operate the crowbar lever on the floor and the airlock will open in the passage. Get out and right through the airlock to the Power cores where the malfunction occurred. Careful the floor with the flames is electrified. The right hand passage is deadly, so go left and through the opening, up the ramp through the door to the Main Corridor.

Living Quarters Main Corridor.

Go left a bit and straight to the back, right around the corner and then left through the door. Pick up Plasma Gun ammo and go to the room in the back, a cover lifts from a button as you walk over the grate in the entrance.

Lara’s Access Card.

Push the button and see a trapdoor open up. Out of the room, left and right through the door (E) into the Recreation Area, pick up a Survival Kit from the table left and a Light Sticks (Flares) from the one NE and a Munghi Fruit (small medipack) SW, leave through the door N. Left a bit and then right into a Dormitory, in the back is the open trapdoor, go down and into the crawlspace, into the lower duct and shoot the cover from the switch. The switch will raise a platform in another dormitory. Get out and to the Corridor, left and left again into another another dormitory, up the platform in the back and stand back (face N). Jump up and grab to open the hatch above, get into the duct and up into the higher duct to find Lara’s Access Card. Get back down and out to the Main Corridor.

Use the Access Card, the Lab.

Take a right (W) go to the back and left/right to the first door and in the far corner you can use the Access Card on the terminal to open the door to the Lab. There Plasma Gun ammo on a small table if you turn around. Get in the open door, and just right around the corner is an LCD Tablet; examine it.

Bring back Life form. Priority One. All other priorities rescinded.

Go through the door N, use the floor lever; a cover will lift from a button. Go out, straight to the other side (S) (when you get too close to the big plants in the Lab, critters are released, run to one of the floor grates E and stand on it…) Get the Plasma Gun ammo from a small table and go out of the Lab.

Teleporters, Level 1.

Go out to the corridor, take a right and left into the living area and go to the right through the door (S), back in the corridor go sort of straight and push the button on the left to open the door to the Teleport Room. The left hand one is up, step in. Walk out of the door into a corridor leading to a Loading Dock; you can see some bloke stands guard there (he’s a friendly as long as you don’t draw your guns, remember this!).

The Circuit (#I).

Back to the corridor and to the right is a door (E), follow through and down a few steps to come to a large room. Go to the other side of the walkway and jump over to the ledge (N) and from there to the to the next one (N) and into the corridor.

Follow through to come to a crowbar lever, use the saber on it, #1 for a large trapdoor *. Go back to the big room, jump down left onto the stairs and go down. Into a door on the opposite wall (S) and turn both the wheels in there to raise a platform. Go out, loop around and climb it, grab the monkey climb to go to the crawlspace NW, use the wheel there too (#2 for trapdoor) and safety drop out.

Go into a loading bay (N), go over a pit into the far left corner and find a reach-in switch, you’ll hear a trapdoor open up. In the other corner (NE) are Light Sticks.  Go back into the large room and into the far left corner (SE), shoot all the crates and get a Survival Kit. In the corner is the trapdoor you opened, drop down. Wait for the laser to get close and hop over and jump up onto the ledge in the back to use another reach-in switch (#3 for trapdoor). You’ll see a large trapdoor open up in the pit in the loading bay.

Get back out over the laser and run back into the loading bay (N), run down NW to get onto a ledge and then climb down a ladder and go to the room with the crane, climb the ledge facing N and crawl to the Circuit, pick it up and the crane stops. Get out, up the ladder and go to the other side of the pit to grab up S and get out. Go up the stairs and around to the exit NW and back to the small passage.

Circuit #2.

Go straight into the next door (W); follow through and a door closes behind you. Step into the large room on the right and open the second door (SE) with the button, inside use the two valves and a trapdoor goes up. Take caution at the conveyor floor and do the same on the other side of the room to raise a trapdoor. Climb that platform next to the furnace and jump/grab the nearby ledge; jump left to the trapdoor and right to the higher ledge. Grab up to the monkey climb and go to the far end where you’ll find a floor lever on the walkway opening a trapdoor up and behind Lara (W).

Take a running jump to that lower part of the ledge (W) (use Ctrl) then climb up through the trapdoor you opened. Walk straight to the edge and grab the monkey climb. Drop onto the walkway in the middle and get the Light Sticks right and Survival Kit left. Use the monkey climb again to get to the far end of the room (E) and grab Circuit #2 on the left, then go through the opened door and down the stairs, left around the corner is a jump lever to open the big door.

Swimming for the Exit.                                        

Get in the water and follow though and up at the end. Climb out and up into the crawlspace, follow through to a corridor with Light Sticks on a small table, go down N and through the door to get to the Loading Bay we saw before..

Loading Bay.

That bloke is still there, drop to the ground floor..

For a Secret however: Jump to that ledge you see in front, light a flare and spot an invisible one, use that to jump straight to the one NW, go left and get to the one SW, the door there will open as you land on the ledge. Get in and up right into the upper room. Pick up the Alien Cannon and Alien Cannon ammo, and Secret #1, a Grey Plush (called Paul). Get out and drop to the ground floor.

One word of advice, DO NOT shoot those crates in this Loading Bay…

S is the corridor we already visited, W is a door; which hasn’t got enough power to open.

E Corridor, S Door : Space Walk, Battery #1.

Take the E corridor, first go through the door straight ahead and get a Survival Kit. Go out and through the left hand door (S). Follow through to a bloke guarding a door, but we have to shoot the cover from the switch and then he will start to shoot at us, so better sacrifice him and then shoot the cover and open the airlock door. Go in and to the right get 2 x Plasma Gun ammo and at the other side the Plasma Gun.

Open the next airlock door with the button on the left, go to the back and shoot the cover and use the switch, this opens the trapdoor a bit back. Drop down in the area under the Space Ship and follow through, where you see that large plant, be careful stay well clear of it they can hurt you. To the right, behind the plant in a crawlspace is a Survival Kit.

In the next area more nasty plants and left around the corners is another Survival Kit, you can go get it when you stay close to the left wall and jump past the plant, but it will cost you some health.

Go through to the N side (running jumps, cost you a bit of health) and at the wall (N) slide down.

A Fruit Offering.

Go into the cave on the right and find a Big Head statue which needs a Fruit Offering as suggested by the one empty pedestal. Go around the room, the water is deadly, and use the 3 Face buttons to see fire go out in the valley.

Go out to the valley and an alien will attack you, best is to shoot him. Then take a right (W) through the opening to the Alien Display room, in front of the boss is a Fruit Offering on the floor, nick that. Get back out.

Battery #1.

Go back to the Big Head in the cave left and place the Fruit offering on the pedestal (face N). The Flame under the ladder SE is now gone. Go up the ladder, turn around and jump to the ledge on the left, in the windowsill get the Battery #1. Get back to the opening at the ladder where the door now opened. Get into a recreation room and leave through the door (NW), follow left, then right up to a passage leading back to the Loading Bay. That bloke is not friendly anymore because you shot his friend earlier…. Take care of him.

E Corridor N Door, Circuit #3.

Take the corridor E and into the door left. Follow through to a wider corridor where a door closes behind you. Get the Survival Kit straight ahead. Go to the end of this passage and a herd of critters comes for you. Stand on one of the grates N and let then fall in the pit below, you may have to move a bit to get them all in there. Enter the Hall SE. In 3 side passages are Plasma Generators, pull them twice onto the circle tiles in those passages. Then go back into the corridor (N) and to the right to find a fourth, pull that out and pull it into the entrance of the Hall on the circle tile. The generators are activated and the trapdoor in the middle of the hall opens up. Drop down, grab Circuit #3 and grab back up, leave through the N opening (either push the Generator away or jump over it) to the corridor and left to where you can now open the door back to the Loading Bay.

N Corridor, use the Circuits for Battery #2.

From the Loading Bay, take a right into the Corridor (N), left door and follow to where you can make use of those Circuits in the 3 contraptions left, the water level rises in the pit so you can jump over the floating crates to the other side. Shoot the cover from the switch on the left and go through the door. Left into the corner to get Battery #2. Go back out, over the pool and left to the Loading Bay.

W Corridor, use the Batteries, Captain’s Keys.

From the Loading bay go right (W) into the corridor and place the two Batteries to power the door. Go in (shoot the guard) and up the steps to the flight deck W, to the right is the dead captain, pull him away and get the Captain’s Keys. Use them on the left and there this adventures end.

G&D, June 04-2018