ICE AGE 3 – “24” Nothing Left But Ashes.

Levels by CMS (Clara-Masha-Sponge)  Updated version June 3-2018

Authorized Walkthrough by G&D Productions.


In Ice Age 2, Lara manages to recover the DNA crystals that have been stolen by a terrorist organization with the intention of using them to create new ways of life. Once the organization is destroyed, Lara throws the three green crystals off a cliff and into the sea to prevent further experiments, but she is being observed:

Since the crystals can make genetic changes to living things, the fertilizer manufacturer Sanmonto is interested in them too, and immediately sends out divers to the drop site. In consequence, Lara is taken into custody by the CTU Los Angeles as a suspect. Joined by Jack Bauer, she now has to set out one more time to hunt down the DNA crystals...

Conversation in the interrogation room:

Lara Croft: Trust me, that wasn't me. I dropped those crystals into the ocean, and that's the truth. I have got nothing to do with the divers.

Jack Bauer: You do now.

Lara Croft: What do you mean?

Jack Bauer: You are the link. Whether you're involved with these people or not, you'll be held responsible for the disappearance of the crystals.

Lara Croft: …. [staring]

Jack Bauer: I'm offering you a deal. You get out there, fetch back the DNA-crystals and make sure they'll be completely destroyed this time, and I'll put in a good word for you with my boss in return.

Lara Croft: How do you know I won't just disappear myself?

Jack Bauer: (whispering) I know you won't.

Lara Croft: Mhhh... I'd say we have an arrangement, then.

Jack Bauer: Good. At first, you will need to get in touch with Chloé...


These levels are pretty complicated, this is the way we got through. But if you looked up the walkthrough because you were stuck at some point we can have done different things than you up till that point. You’ll have to read back the whole particular level to find what you might have missed….


Links to the levels:

1- CTU-Los Angeles

7- Sanmonto UK Ltd.

2- Jack is Back

8- Svalbard Norway

3&4- Highway Construction Site

9- Global Seed Vault

5&6-AirportKasselCalden Terminal/Tower

10-Epilogue : SOS



Episode 1: CTU – Los Angeles.

Secrets 4

Lara Croft: Trust me, that wasn't me. I dropped those crystals into the ocean, and that's the truth. I have got nothing to do with the divers.

Jack Bauer: You do now.

Lara Croft: What do you mean?

Jack Bauer: You are the link. Whether you're involved with these people or not, you'll be held responsible for the disappearance of the crystals.

Lara Croft: - [staring]

Jack Bauer: I'm offering you a deal. You get out there, fetch back the DNA-crystals and make sure they'll be completely destroyed this time, and I'll put in a good word for you with my boss in return.

Lara Croft: How do you know I won't just disappear myself?

Jack Bauer: (whispering) I know you won't.

Lara Croft: Mhhh... I'd say we have an arrangement, then.

Jack Bauer: Good. At first, you will need to get in touch with Chloé...

Step into the left corner where you see a trapdoor, throw the table over (Ctrl) and open the trapdoor to find a Medipack, turn N and crawl into the duct. A Laser trap, duck and use the sprint key to roll down into the lower part, stay down and then roll to the corner. Stay well clear of that Fan left when you roll there. But now approach that left grate carefully and hit Ctrl to open it and roll through (Lara will do that for you and maybe first take that Medipack you found). It will cost your health… Throw the switch in the next corner to stop the Fan and go up the ladder. First go right (S) to pick up a small medipack, turn around and head for the Laser trap. Run after the Laser, then left into the niche with the fan and just run against the air flow a bit till you see the laser pass, then turn and run to the next niche. Go on like this to the other end and come to an old elevator shaft. Climb down, roll and use the lever in the corner (NE). the elevator goes up, roll and go left to the opposite corner to use the jump lever and the door opens.

Control Center, Talk to Chloé.

Go into the Center, take a right  and at a desk where a guy fell asleep (we’ll deal with him later), go left to the elevated desk with the girl. Stand in front of the desk and talk to Chloé:

Lara Croft: Chloé?


Chloé O'Brian: There you are! Jack's already filled me in about your situation, so I guess you're my personal observee now?


Lara Croft: Yes, I am. But you're still going to have to trust me.


Chloé O'Brian: I have to trust Jack. I don't trust you. End of story. Just so we're clear. Let's see... I can establish an account for you in our database. If you can find a spare key card, you will be able to reformat it via one of the computers in the conference room. Once the data has been saved on the key card, it will grant you access to any area in the CTU, including the armory and deep-level garage. You should gear up for some serious field work before leaving the premises.


Lara Croft: All right. So I will get a key card, reformat it in the conference room and go on an equip spree in the CTU's armory - and all that without supervision?


Chloé O'Brian: Oh, I will be monitoring you all the time, Miss Croft. And you'd better play nice. What I am about to do isn't exactly protocol, so you would better be careful not to attract any unnecessary attention.


Lara Croft: I'll see to that. Thank you, Chloé.


A hatch has opened in the ceiling above. Go up those W stairs and loop left around and jump from the walkway onto the lamp. Climb the wire, turn to face the ladder and back flip into the opening. Stay low as the Chopper pilot will open fire when he sees you. Go left around the wall and push the crate once. Climb over the crate and pull it twice along the wall under the grate and climb up to kick the wall under the grate in. Get in and use the switch left to open a grate where we came from.

Timed Steam Run.

So, go back and jump to grab that ladder behind the cable, go down and drop grab to the now open duct. Get in and left around the corner, then straight E and left at the grate. Just before the steaming floor is a switch right. Save and use it, turn left, go fast and left around the corner pulling 3 switches before time runs out. Watch things unfold and get a screen of the roof too, steam pressure pushed a block up to the roof.

The Roof Card.

When you return to the first switch, a block goes up, standing with your back to the glass wall you can jump up to open the hatch above. Face E and climb up to the roof. The pilot must be sleeping as the chopper won’t open fire this time. But don’t get too close… Go straight and right behind the solar panels and use the switch on the block SE, the panels move, go hop right over the block and find the Roof Card on the arrow under the panels. Hop back over the corner block and head N to that elevator shaft. Left is a block with a ladder.

The Empty Card.

Use that Card behind the block (N), the hatch opens behind the block, go to the opening.

Face S, hang down and drop/grab to a crawlspace for Secret #1, Revolver ammo (a special secret sound plays). Safety drop down.

Or: go down the ladder into the office. On a table is the Empty Card. A screen shows where to go with that. Use the switch on the opposite wall to open the door and go to the ground floor office NW (right of the W stairs), open the doors (stand in the middle and push) and use that Empty Card  on the laptop at the head of the table. As you can see, Lara’s account appears and is programmed into the card, so now you have an Access Card.

Using the Access Card, Armory Card.

Go out W, to the left and open the doors S (where the guard is behind the glass), go to the door right and open it with the Access Card. This is part of  the interrogation room where you started (behind the mirror). On the table is the Armory Card.

Jack Bauer, Toilet Paper.

Go out, left/right into the passage and find Jack, pick up the Toilet Paper.

Lara: What are you doing here?

Jack Bauer: I'll be sent to the desert.

Lara: ??? (doesn't understand)

Jack Bauer: Chloé’s discovered that the fertilizer corporation Sanmonto is very interested in the DNA crystals. They obviously hired a few goons to salvage the crystals. There's a former military base in the Mohave Desert that Sanmonto recently purchased. They probably use the building for secret experiments. Maybe the crystals are already there.

Lara: OK. You'll go to the Mohave Desert and I'll take a plane back to Europe. Sanmonto has several branches there, where the crystals could be as well.

A Mug with Coffee.

Run back through the passage, right and into the Control Center, up the stairs in front of you and right, open the doors to the office. Behind the desk is an Empty Mug on the floor (you may have to duck to get it). You can open the doors N too (maybe for shortcut reasons).

The Armory.

Get out the door at the stairs (S), go to the office S, open the doors and step into the office to use the Armory Card, go in and pick up a Medipack, a Revolver and Revolver ammo right. On the other racks, S are the Binoculars and Flares. On the S wall is a jump lever lowering the block below for later.

Coffee and a Pipe.

Get out of the office and go down the stairs, go right and into the doors (S) again. Inside go left into the passage and open the doors right, step into the medical unit and grab the Pipe from the bed. In the back (W) is a coffee machine, use the Mug there and get a Mug with Coffee. Go out, left/right to the center and right to that sleeping Guy. Stand next to him, facing S and give him the Coffee. You’ll see a cover lift from a code pad. Go stand behind him and look over his shoulder to see the code we’ll need later on his monitor (2413).

The Men’s Toilets, Accelerator.

Go W at the big window go right and open the door left with the Access Card, to the right and in the center cubicle you can see someone wanting paper, give it to him and he’ll come out (step aside fool). Go in, climb up behind the bowl and get the Accelerator, combine it with the Pipe to get Accelerator with Pipe. Check the other cubicles, some nasty stuff going on here, just get out…

Using the Code, the Garage.

Back into the center and up the W stairs, left into the office and right to the Armory. If you didn’t yet, use the Jump lever (S) to lower the block. Go in and follow the walkway to the far end and find a small medipack between the spot lights. Jump onto the nearby stairs and go down, into the NE passage to the elevator and shoot that grate left. Enter the code (2413, close with >) into the pad and Lara will take the elevator down.

On the crates in the back is Revolver ammo, go back and use the Access Card, then shoot the barrier and go into the Garage. NW is a small door, a switch will open a trapdoor at the ladder in case you don’t have all the items needed down here, you can climb back up to the Center.

But if you want a Secret, climb up till you see a niche behind you and back flip in to get that Secret #2, a Medipack (there’s that sound again). Get back down and go out of this passage.

In the fenced off area E is a Bike, go in there and first pull out that wooden ramp part and leave it in front of the ramp already there, you can shoot the road work barriers S. Go back to the Bike.

Climb over the crates S, go around the SUV and find Secret #3, a small medipack. Go back to the Bike.

Stand facing S and fit the Accelerator with Pipe on the Bike. Take it out and right, loop around lining up for the ramp and hit the sprint key to add Accelerator and jump over the bad floor to the other side, drive it up the ramp…

For the last Secret however; there is a way to jump the bad floor and break it anyway, because we need to get below this floor. When you go straight up the ramp, turn a bit right so you will hit the far right corner of the bad floor (against the fence and pillar, and it will certainly take a few tries) the floor can break while you are still across.

-Another way to do this might be to start up the ramp with Acceleration and then leave the Acceleration alone when in the middle/upper section of the ramp. It will take a few tries before you get it right.

Now climb down, walk S and pick up Secret #4, a small medipack you may have seen 10 times at least while falling through with the Bike.


Episode 2: Jack is Back!

Secrets 3

10.00 AM- 11.00 AM

This level can be done in random order, only thing you have to watch out for is taking out the S side Turret guns first.

Go behind the crates NW to get a Medipack. Go up the sand in the SW corner, onto the scaffold and from the top of the tunnel entrance you can jump up S onto the wall.

Chloé: Jack…, this doesn't look good. Our software detected a hell of a lot of movement within the perimeter. The place is crammed with terrorists. They use CCTV, sentry guns...

Jack: I can handle it. Getting in shouldn't be a problem. But I need you to get me some backup on my way out. No doubt they'll have means to track any kind of communication, too, so we'd better keep radio silence once I'm in.

Chloé: Radio silence!? (moans) Fine. I can get you the US Navy, but why go in alone?

Jack: Listen, I don't need a bunch of clowns blowing up dust and raising suspicion before I even got the crystal. So just do it!

Chloé: Alright. Got it.


First order of Business: the Metal Bar (Crowbar).

Go left a bit, just off the steel plating (not too close to that sentry gun) and down to safety drop into the yard, go under the scaffold W to get a small medipack. Turn around and loop right, head S along this side (you will be under fire) and under those stairs right is a crate you can pull out (twice). Go behind it and open the trapdoor, get down. Flip the switch to open the door and inside open the green chest to get Flares and a Medipack. Turn around and pull that crate with stuff away from the door so you can get the Metal Bar (Crowbar) from the doorway. Go out of the room.

A Magnet.

Open the crowbar door, go in and in the room with the Tank, jump against the cracked window and it will break, flooding the room. Open the underwater door in the S wall of the once dry section and get in there, up and follow the crawlspace around to a Magnet on the N wall. A key bundle is shown as you pick it up. Go back, swim back through the passage and up to the Yard.

A Key Card, an Access Card.

Loop right around the stairs to find a Crowbar door (you will draw some fire), open it and inside in the green chest is the Key Card. Get out, go across to that forklift and climb up right, through the window into the Garage. Turn around and use that Key Card, flip the switch to open the overhead door and now you can get the Access Card that was lodged under the door. On the shelves in this section is a small medipack, on the crate behind the Van in the other section are another small medipack and Revolver ammo.

Use the Access Card, a Battery, a Revolver.

Go to the open door and crawl out right, run back over W to that crate you pulled and move it to the right (S) into the corner and climb up onto the roof. To the left you can use the card to open the trapdoor in the roof, drop down and flip the switch to open the structure. Open the crowbar door and go through, then into the doorway W and on the middle shelves you’ll find a Battery.

Jack: Damn it! What's wrong with me?

Part of his leg became green, he’s infected. Go out, right and through the doorway.

Cut Scene:

Chloé: "Jack? Lara? There's bad news. The airforce lost a signal of one of their stealth bombers."
Jack: "A hijacking?"
Chloé: "It looks like it. And I bet Sanmonto is involved in this too. The signal was lost near Frankfurt. Lara, you should look into that."
Jack: "Yes, you follow up that lead. But I have my doubt that they parked the stealth bomber directly in Frankfurt though."
Lara: "Mhh... I've heard Frankfurt is nice this time of the year."

Go into the next opening right and get the Revolver from the green chest, mind you, there’s only limited ammo, so don’t go shooting everything… (at least not before you saved).

Go back left/left to the room where you found the battery and shoot the boxes at the S wall, shoot the grate too and go in, right and through to a small room with Revolver ammo, a Medipack and Secret 1, a Corn (2/3). Get out and left back to where you came from (right leads to the room where you found the Revolver).

Using the Battery, the Laser Sight.

Go back N where you came from and right through the crowbar door, left out of the structure (if you flipped the switch). Loop right around, get on the crate and on the roof and go left where you used the Card before. Climb up W and first shoot those soldiers on the walkway S from where you are. Go right to the Turret Tower, take a right over the wall to the E Tower, right again and follow that fence to the S end. There’s a big tank with a pump in front, place the Battery left of the pump and the basin behind the fence fills up. Turn around and step through the gap in the fence. Go left to the N side of the basin and hop in, swim through a narrow gap to where you can pick up the Laser Sight. Go back and Jack isn’t feeling well when climbing out of the basin.

Take out some Sentry Guns.

Go through the gap in the fence to where the pump is and shoot the two electric boxes under the Turrets on the S Towers. You’ll get a screen of the monitor room. On the wall you can see 4 monitors, one of the turrets with view of the important areas we just shot the first. If the view is zoomed in after the screen, hit Esc. One Monitor down!

Shoot the soldiers on the roof in the S yard (if you didn’t yet, two rounds a piece), now find a good spot to shoot the two boxes on the N side Towers too, another Monitor down!

Head N and shoot the 4 boxes on the N Yard Towers and the other Monitors are down too and the small turrets will explode. In the NE upper area is a crate near those Rounddown barrels, shoot it for a small medipack.

First go get that Medipack from the place where the small turret was, on the wall between the 2 Yards. Now go to those walkways over the S Yard and collect 2x Revolver ammo and a Medipack. The ammo on the block will reappear when you run out of ammo.

The NW Basin, A Key.

Head for the W side upper region and from a block with a blue keyhole (N), you can jump over the fence. In the NW corner is a large Empty Basin, on the NW corner of the walkway are Grenades (important).

Now, see that pipe over the basin? Shoot that red cap and the lower part of the basin will flood. Hop in and throw the underwater lever N, the door above opens up, get in and grab the Key (with the blue label). Swim up to the opening E and left are barriers you saw when you picked up the Corn (look on the floor, you need 3, one is behind the barriers S). When you approach the E barriers, they go down, get down in the N Yard.

Go to the NE corner and pull two crates out of the corner so you can reach the switch there, a hatch opens above the crate left. Climb up there, go through N and left. Open the crowbar door right in the other end, pick up a Medipack and flip the switch to lower the barriers behind you. Go in there and right to get Secret #2, Corn 1/3. Go back through the rooms to the trapdoor and down to the Yard.

Use the Key, the DNA Crystal. 

Get up on the scaffold SW, left and up onto the wall at the steel part, to the right to the W side upper region and to that block with the Keyhole, use the Key and the trapdoor behind the block opens up. Climb down and head E into the tunnel, you’ll come to that barrel with Secret #3, Corn 3/3. The barriers go down, approach the ones N and they will now lower for you, grab those Grenades left and then shoot that object N so you can pry out the DNA Crystal.

Bundle of Keys.

Go out, left to the N yard, over the wall to the S Yard and head for that Tank in the SE corner. Stand on the grate under the tank, use the magnet to get the Bundle of Keys out from under the grate.

Quarantine Area.

Go to the doors S and open them, go to the left and straight into the room where the Russian Lady (Boss of Sanmonto) is.

Jack: "What has the acid done to me?"
Russian Lady: "Your cells are changing.... wait! There's a counteragent. But I want comprehensive immunity!"
Jack: "I don't negotiate. Where's the counteragent?"
Russian Lady: "Your decision. But you should hurry up. The mutation is already fairly advanced."
Jack: "How much time do I have?"
Russian Lady: "Maybe five minutes.... maybe five seconds... who knows?"

The Guy with the broom, still mad for him shooting the camera’s, will hit Jack.

A Way Out.

Notice that big crate of Explosives… You can pull a crate NW out of the corner, turn around and get a small medipack. Go around the crate and up into the duct, get out the other end and pick up a Grenade. Oh well… take the whole box. Get back into the duct and to that room you came from. Stand near the duct, you can arm yourself with that Grenade and then throw it (Ctrl). The crate explodes. Go to that window S and Save. Jump up and grab the pipe, to free the Gas. Turn left and run into the passage, roll and throw a Grenade into the room with the Gas. The passage is blocked and you’re out of danger for now.

Getting Healed, the Serum.

The Gas sped up Jack’s mutation…

Follow the passage left and through the door, you are back in that large corridor, throw some grenades at the soldier and go right (E) to that large room where you met the Russian Lady.

Left is a crate, push it aside or pull it out, kick the broken wall and climb in backwards, down and follow to a round room, go left and roll to jump up and open the hatch. Roll again and jump up W, run right around the pillar to flip the switch you may have noticed before. From the door behind you, you can get Serum 1. Run out through the windows W and get a glimpse of that window with Serum 2.

Follow the passage, go up the ladder to the S Yard, straight onto the crate and up onto the roof, into the hole and follow the corridor to the S and grab Serum 2 from the barrel, get out of the room with the gas and combine both ingredients of the Serum, then drink it….


Episode 3&4: Highway Construction Site.

Secrets 2+2=4

05.05 AM


Chloé: Lara - are you all right?

Lara: I'm OK, but someone has just blown up the newly built highway

bridge. And judging by the dead woman on my bonnet ... I'd bet these

were the terrorists with the DNA crystals. Is there any place near here

where they could be hiding out?


Chloé: Just a sec - in the satellite image I can see a small airport.

That must be Kassel-Calden. It looks pretty deserted - exactly what

you need if you want to disappear without being noticed.


Lara: OK. The jeep has had it. I have to get myself up onto the

highway somehow - I can see a police car up there I could borrow.


Chloé: Good. Since it's a construction site, there should be a crane

you could use. I'll keep an eye on the airport.


Lara: Thanks Chloé.


This level has two parts, probably because of size… therefore we won’t mention the level changes



The Shack, Detonation Key and Shotgun.


Go to that truck S and left towards the tunnel, a ball will drop and breaks the fence around the shack behind the truck. Go in and keep left along the fence, hop over a plant onto the crates and climb the container right. On top is Shotgun ammo.


Down in the SW corner of the yard, you can grab up to a higher floor W, go right and pick up Secret #1, a Wad of Cash. Get down to the yard.


Go left and along the fence to the E and onto the remains of the grey pillar and use the high part to run jump and grab the roof of the shack. Climb up and get the Key with the red label. Drop from the roof, open the shack by using the Key (SE corner) and go in, get a Flashlight and from the shelves in the back a Detonation Key. Get out, loop right around the corner and carefully crawl to those mines to get the Shotgun, crawl back before you stand up. Go back to the road.


Calden Tunnel: Gas… a Crowbar.


Go to that tunnel E, stand at the left wall and run in, quickly run left around into the niche before that stupid truck runs you over. Notice the Yellow keyhole here. Now look at the opposite wall of the tunnel and spot the grate, shoot it. There’s a sign you shouldn’t use fire, so don’t use weapons anymore. Climb in and backwards out the other side, drop and side flip right, up the ladder and right till you are well above the slope. Drop with the right key down, so you’ll slide backwards and grab the edge. Hand right, pull up and wait a split second before you back flip with roll to grab a ledge behind you, pull up.


Pick up the Medipack and flip the switch to cut off the Gas. Safety drop down and shoot the Worker (will drop a Flashlight), go to the unit W and shoot the cover from the switch. Flip the switch, roll and sprint to the other end of the room, onto the block and hop onto the ledge right. Save at the switch and use it, roll and turning a bit right, run jump to the slope block, jump to the next and slide far before you jump to grab the trapdoor left of the ledge we were on before. Push the button and side flip right before the trapdoor drops.


Hop into the open gate and find a switch with flames left, to the right is a ventilator unit, move that into the niche with the flames to kill them, pull it out again and go use the switch to open the hatch N. Climb up there and get the Crowbar from the shelves. On the floor under the boxes is a small medipack, so shoot them. Get out, down to the Gas station and out through the crawlspace to the Tunnel. Go out W and right is a gate to the Wind mills, you can open it, but there’s nothing to do yet.


Frankfurt Tunnel.


So follow the road N and left to the W tunnel (to Frankfurt).

Because of the running car, there’s CO2 gas in the tunnel, so take care and run out to get air when you need it. Shoot the garbage bin for a Medipack, open the small door there and  run out of the tunnel to get air.

In again, into the door and left at the bottom of the stairs, follow up the next stairs and roll, run jump and grab the ledge above the stairs and quickly flip the switch to start the ventilation system, the car takes off. Air is now safe to breath.


For the Power Room, Power room Key, Tin of Cola.


Go back through the passage and left, a Worker will come for you, shoot him and go into the door he came from. On the shelves right is the Power Room Key. In the cabinet nothing is a Medipack and another Flashlight. From the desk you can grab a Tin of Cola. Go out, up the stairs and straight to the door you can now open with the Power Room Key. Inside is another “safety” door, open it with the Crowbar. Step in and when you come to the Power Room, a flyby shows you around.

Step out along the left or right side and when the flame in front is down, walk to the edge of the next tile. That series of 3 will go down the same time, so run and jump to the safe floor.


Shutting Down the Machine.


Side flip left over the fence flip the switch W, turn right and go down the trapdoor, pick up a Medipack E, turn around and use the button W to stop the machine, so the flames will at least not move anymore. Back up to the floor above, side flip back over the fence to get to the switch in the NE corner. Shoot the cover and Save as it is a Timed switch. It opens the gates in the S wall.


SW Gate, flip the switch, get into the gate and pick up a small medipack, then pry the Fuse out of the fuse box on the wall. Get out and back to the Timed switch.

SE Gate, flip the switch, get into the gate and immediately stop at the right hand wall, and before you touch the Dynamite Tile. The gate could push you onto the tile if you did it another way. Turn left and shoot the crates, hop to that corner and pick up the Dynamite. Hop back and pick up Shotgun ammo before you leave. Turn left and hop over the flame to the exit. Go out to the Tunnel.


Construction Site, up the Crane.


In the Tunnel go left and as you come out, just out of the tunnel, open the crowbar gate right.

Go left a bit and to that excavator. Lara looks at the ladder. Hop up from where the ladder is onto the excavator and loop in left to find the Start button in the cabin, Lara will use the excavator to move that rock. Hop out, stand on the ladder and use Ctrl to pick it up. Go to the base of the Crane (NW) and place the ladder between the yellow clamps, climb up. Grab the tower and go left around the corner, climb all the way up and left to drop onto the platform.


Use the button to open the gate on the other side. Hang from the platform and shimmy right to climb down the tower quite a bit before you can climb right around to the other side. Go up and hang right, drop grab to hang and shimmy right onto the platform. Go in and use the Fuse right, then try the controls..


Lara: Bugger - without power, the crane isn't running, of course. Let's

see if I can get to the house over there somehow.


The Garage, Control Room Key and Battery.


Look up where you came into the crane and open the hatch, climb up and crawlspace roll to the W end of the boom and drop out. Go to the Garage N and open the door, shoot the Worker and grab the Control Room Key from the shelves left. Pick up that Screwdriver from the chair at the table and go to the front of the car, use the Screwdriver to get the Battery out. Go out and back to the crane (Secret hunters scroll down). Slide down the hillside into the construction site.


With a Secret: Walk left towards a big tree N, look down E and spot the road below, slide down backwards here so you can grab the top of the tunnel entrance, shimmy left all the way and back right once so you’ll be lined up for that jump lever, when you use it you’ll see the portable toilet open up and an angry worker is waiting for you…Go into the construction site again (gate S of where you are) and shoot that guy (in an open area or the pickup might end up under a barrel), pick up Secret #2, his iPhone. Go back to the road and follow around, back to the “Calden” tunnel.


The Control Room.


Go out the gate NW and follow the road around into the tunnel to “Calden”, left to the yellow doors and use the Control Room Key.


The Caves, Blow Stuff Up.


Shoot the Soldier and get the small medipack. Throw the floor lever and get a screen of the windmills, shoot the boxes right of the lever to get into the crawlspace, follow to the detonator. First go right, crawl underneath the wooden frame and come to some big barrels, go behind them and face W to place the Dynamite on top. Turn left and crawl behind those wooden supports to get that Shotgun ammo. Return to the Detonator, facing it N and use your Detonation Key.


CMS Power Inverter and Substation Key.


Go back in and into the opening in the back.


First go right, jump right over those barrels to get a Medipack, then go shoot the grate left to get Secret #3, a Wad of Cash. Get back over the barrels.


Go through N, and in the large cave is a container, get in to get the CMS Power Inverter. Out of the container and turn around, grab up to the roof of it (over the closed door). Look left and spot the jump lever, jump there to operate it and open a gate. A Worker might have shown up by now, go up the ramp to that excavator and get in, you can’t operate it, but on the floor of the machine is the Substation Key. If you hate that music, shoot that sound blaster the hipsters have playing. Ahhh…!


Break the Crate.


In the NE corner you can grab up to the scaffold (face S), get over to the one S and then a run jump SW with a left curve to grab the walkway S. Go right and jump to the steep part W, walk up to the right and grab up to the ledge above. Grab the grating, time the steam vents as good and as bad as you can and get a Medipack in the end. Now line up for a curved run over the ledge to jump and grab the chain on the crane. Swing to the rock ledge E (straight E, just left of that steep scaffold). Up the scaffold and jump to grab up to the one S, turn right and jump to grab the rock ridge W and shimmy right passing a Boulder up there, pull up on the flatter part above the crane, shoot the Boulder and watch things unfold, that crate below will break. A Bat might show up, shoot it too.


Hop up into the niche NW to get Secret #4, a Wad of Cash. Hop back out.


The Rusty Breaker (Relay).

Hang from the ridge, shimmy right to that scaffold E and drop, go N and jump to grab that ladder. Climb almost down to the bottom and back flip to a ledge with an electric panel. Pry the Rusty Breaker from the panel.


Lara: The relay is pretty rusty, so it's of no use.

Chloé: There's a trick to get rid of rust - after a cola bath it'll be good

as new.

Lara: Cola? - Are you sure?

Chloé: It'll definitely remove the rust, but I can't promise the relay will


Lara: It's worth a try - thanks Chloé.


Drop from the N side of the ledge onto the scaffold, go get the Dynamite where that crate broke (near the E scaffolds). 


Getting Out, Blow the Rock.


Go to that rock in front of the gate NE, place the Dynamite at the end of the fuse and because the detonator is broken we’ll need something else to get an ignition. When you placed the Explosives you saw one of the Hipsters at the excavator drop a Torch, go get that (on the wooden ramp) and go down the slope to the container, right into the passage and right to where you used the detonator before. There’s a burning barrel, ignite the Torch and go back to the container. Go back up to the cave and ignite the fuse, get back a bit and go out of the cave after the opening is freed (if the gate is closed you forgot to use the jump lever from the top of the container).


Get the Power Back On.


Get out, left and to that windmill, place the CMS Power Inverter and get a screen of the Sub Station of which we happen to have a Key... Open that gate right (NW) and follow the path to the building. Open the door with the Key and inside left, on the table is a plastic basin, put that Rusty Breaker in it and pour the Tin of Cola on it. Now pick up the Cleaned Breaker, flip the switch left of the door to open the yellow doors to the Power Field. Go outside and on the N wall is an Emergency switch.


In case you didn’t use the CMS Power Inverter yet, you have to use this Timed switch, jump over the blocks in the Power Field and left to the ledge where you are safe.


But we can just run through the yellow doors, go left to where you can use the Cleaned Breaker, the power is almost back (the wet floor is deadly now). Hop onto the ledge right and throw the lever there. Take a step back, turn left (S) and run jump to grab the cables so you can swing and jump onto the high instrument block. From here jump E over the fence. Go back W to the building and on the corner of it, near the gate is a button opening the gate to the road.


Swing the Crane; Up to the Bridge.


Go out to the road, a bit right/left into the Construction site and up into the crane once more. Climb up along the right hand side this time. Now the power is on, the crane will work when you push the “swing left” control. After turning the crane, hit the controls again to pull in the container. Go back out to the platform, first go down a fair bit, climb around to the other side, up again to the platform. Then run jump over the railing onto the container, grab up under the boom and monkey climb to almost to the tip. Where the camera changes near the end, drop onto a broken part of the bridge and jump up W.


Police Car…


Pull the first officer on the right away from the Car Key. Now head to the Police car, put the Battery under the hood (in case you didn’t get the Battery before, go NW and right at the entrance of the tunnel are double gates, push them open and go into the Garage with the orange door, pick up that Screwdriver from the chair at the table and go to the front of the car, use the Screwdriver to get the Battery out).


The hood of the Police car will close, get in and line op along the right hand rail (facing E) Back up a bit and drive it over the broken parts to the other end of the bridge. I missed a Secret in save 2-3, this is a corrected one. Drive into the tunnel…


Episode 5&6: Airport Kassel-Calden, Terminal&Tower.


6.30 am. 3+3=6 Secrets


This level also has two parts, probably because of size… therefore we won’t mention the level changes.


You’ll find invisible walls here and there, that’s as far as you can go.., it has to end somewhere….


If you are having problems getting into the car, just try the other door..


The Piper Key Card.

Go left (S) here at the roundabout and stop near the end of the road go on foot to the Terminal, the doors at the bus stop will open for you. Inside go left to the Up & Away bar and grab the Key Card from the “Piper” guy’s pocket.


Piper Building, the Terminal Master Keys.


Get back to the entrance and to your car, go N and left around the corner and then take a right to the Piper building. Park the car N right of the white Lohrlein Systemtechnik  Van and go over the low wall right of the building to open the side entrance there. Go in and towards the big windows… Terrorist take off with their stolen Stealth Bomber and start bombing the Airport…


Lara: That was a great job again! I need to know where they want to

go. Chloé, do you have any idea?

Chloé: To hide the stolen stealth bomber in Kassel, was pretty clever.

They can go anywhere in the world without being recognized. Lara -

you should look around at the airport to find out where they're going.

Besides you'll need an airplane.

Lara: Well - it looks bad. These guys haven't left a lot.

Chloé: You could take the "Fieseler Storch".

Lara: The what?

Chloé: This is the plane next to you. Although built in 1943, it's

overhauled and absolutely fit to fly. You only need to fill up the tank.

Lara: And what fuel does it need? Briquettes? Maybe Charcoal? Wood


Chloé: It even flies with biodiesel. The company "Loehrlein System

Technology" produces biodiesel. You'll certainly get some there.

Lara: (groans) If only everything in life would be so simple...


Notice the office SW and the palm reader next to it. Open the double doors S, inside is a poor bloke caught in a nasty machine, left in the corner is a switch with some indication how to stop the machine, 1-Pull down, 2-Push back up. When you do that the cutters stop. Go pull that guy by the head…


Lara: Poor guy - but it doesn't help... I need his key.


Duck near the lower part of the body and grab the Terminal Master Keys.




Get out and go left, remember seeing that bomb drop near the corner of the building? Well, it destroyed the fence, so step onto the field and go to the building NW, left of the entrance is a crate with stuff, there’s a Crowbar in it. Push it inside and then left underneath the press. Duck and roll (sprint) through the press. In the corner is another operation switch, use it twice to stop the press and get the Crowbar (to get out, the press should be in the UP position obviously, just use the switch again if it stopped in the wrong position, it stops the annoying shaking too).


Flight School Kassel.


Make your way S to the building with the terrace and climb the ladder to the roof. In the middle is a window in the roof and that is where the Key is. Get down and open the door. Left around at the coffee vending machine is a small medipack. Go into the hall and shoot a window S, get Secret #1, Clara’s Laptop Case.

So, that’s how that girl is wasting the bosses time (look on the monitor)… building TR levels…

The “Secret sound” will play when you leave the premises. Get back N, right through the damaged fence


Get back to the car in front of the Piper building. Now you have a crowbar, we can open the sliding door of that white Lohrlein Van (driver’s side). Step into the back and get the Key.


Lohrlein Systemtechnik.


Get into your car, head back S over the main road and right at the crossing. This is the Lohrlein Workshop. If you go all the way to the W you’ll find a garbage bin with Shotgun ammo, then return here.


Now go to the Lohrlein building S, right around the corner is the door you can open. Inside open a small door and go into the factory.

On the shelves E is a Large Oil Can (Empty).

Back to the entrance and climb on a machine W, turn around and jump up to shoot the grate up E, get in there fast and shoot that guy to get his Key Card. Grab the barred ceiling and go over to the walkway S, use that Card there. Get back to the ground floor where a trapdoor opened in the grated floor SE, drop down and shoot the worker. Grab the Laboratory Key. On the sink NW is a vial of Methanol (412ml). Shoot the crates in the opposite corner and push the button to open the basin of Colza Oil. Get in there and fill that large Oil can (5 liters). Climb out of the hole, jump up and grab back up to the ground floor. Open a trapdoor in the grated floor near the SW corner and climb down into the basin. Use the Laboratory Key there. Go in and left around shoot the grate to get the vial of Potassium Hydrochloride (24ml).


Mixing the Ingredients. 


Go back up to the ground floor, look on the wall near the mixers (NE) for the formula. We seem to have 4x the amount of chemicals as given in the formula, so we probably need 4 liters of Colza Oil, and we have 5.

First mix (combine) the Methanol with the Potassium Chloride and put it in that bowl (N), the gate left opens up, get the Small Oil Can. Get back down to the lower SE section.

Fill the large can (if you didn’t already), combine the 2 cans and there will be 2 litres in the large one, empty the small one and combine again to get that into the small can and refill the large, combine again so one litre goes into the small and leaves the 4 litres in the large can.

Climb back up and put those 4 litres into the measuring bowl, the dial will go to green and a door opens up. Go to the entrance, through the small door and left into that opened door, all the way to the end of that passage and turn the wheel to get the process started. Go get that vial of Glycerin (we’ll be using that much later, in Norway) and a worker will come in through the front door, meaning it opened up again.

First shoot that worker, then get down into the now filled basin W and open the underwater door E, get in to get the Fuel Canister (Empty). Swim left, follow to an underwater lever and get through that grate, climb out and back up to the ground floor. To the entrance and left into that side passage again, in the first corner is a little tap on the pipe, use your Fuel Canister there to fill it up and take the Fuel Canister (Full) with you. Go out of the building and right to the road.


Piper Workshop, the Pipe.


The next big building (W) is the Piper Workshop, open the door a bit using the Crowbar and get inside. Lara looks at that engine hanging from the crane, we need what’s underneath. Go to the plane in the back (W) and climb the wing near the right hand wall, shoot a grate of the office space and jump grab up there. On the desk is the Transformer Station Key. Look into the workshop and see a cable hanging with electric rays, we need to shut that down. Shoot the grate left of the desk and drop down. Go out through the door NE and head NE to that small building, the Transformer station. To the left of it, on the parking with the black Van is a Nissan on blocks, they must have stolen the wheels, crawl underneath for a small medipack.  Go to the door of the Transformer Station and open it, and flip the switch inside (twice as indicated on the left wall). The power in the workshop is off.


Return into the workshop and look get back up on the plane’s wing, up to the office and look left (E) before you jump to the cable. Shoot the first two windows of the next section. Now jump to grab the safe cable. Turn left and swing to grab the other cable, left and up to the floor there where you shot those windows. When you go to the desk, a Worker runs into the building and opens the power unit.


Worker: What's the reason for this blackout? - Crap - I can't repair it.


Drop down and shoot him, then pull out that power unit and move it to the balcony E, no need to get up yet, we need to turn on the power first. So back outside to the Transformer Station and flip the switch. Back inside, onto the power unit, shoot a grate and climb up. To the left is the switch to operate the crane, so move that engine aside. Get down and grab the Pipe that was underneath. Combine it with the Fuel Canister to get a Fuel Canister with Pipe. We don’t have to use this immediately, so we can save a trip back to the plane now and use the fuel later.


The Terminal, a Packet of Drugs.


Go all the way back to the Terminal (E and right), stop at the first barred off entrance and go onto the “Tank” parking lot N, open the door of the Narcotics Dog kennel and he runs off to a truck, a Guy jumps out and throws something away.


Jump from one of the low walls next to the kennel to grab up to the roof and get Secret #2, a Wad of Cash.


Go to the truck, it is a bit to the left (SE) the dog is waiting. Crawl under the truck and get a Packet of Drugs. The dog takes off. Now go into the Terminal (SW).


Inside go right and push that Smart car aside to get the Shotgun ammo from under it. Go to the NE entrance and pull/push that big plant bed on the cart all the way to that scaffold W with the worker on top. Get onto the scaffold and stand next to the guy to open the hatch in the ceiling. Get back up and climb up N, flip the switch and cables drop on the guys head.


Worker: "Ahhh - I could puke!" (But in German, Boah... ich könnte kotzen!).


Security Check, using the Terminal Supply Keys.


Get down to the ground floor, into the security check area NW.


Loop right around into the photo booth to get Secret #3, a Wad of Cash.


Go in and right to the desk with the officer and leave all your weapons there. Go through to the Gate and open the doors SW with the button, go in and left down the stairs. Push the button to open the doors behind you and inside loop around right to use the Terminal Master Keys. The Bulky Baggage Check-in opens up in the Terminal. Next to a couch NW is a pack of Revolver ammo


Go through SE (the gate up left is a possible shortcut for later) and open the double doors to the Baggage Handling area. Get onto that belt left, up on the right side and turn around, back flip and jump to get up to the ground floor. Go to a door in the back (SE) and open it. Inside, in the first toilet right is Cash on the floor and you’ll see the Up & Away lady cleaning some spilled beer?


Grab up into a window S for Secret #4, Binoculars. Look with Binoculars out of the window, a bit right…Now the Secret sound will play.


Get out of the toilets and head right (N) to the end of the hall, open the glass door to the Non EU Nationals officer and talk to him.


Scottie (customs officer): Do you have anything to declare? Cigarettes? Ivory? Illegal drugs? - No? Sorry, but then you won't get your weapons back.


Give him the Drugs and the overhead door opens behind him. Get the Pistols and Shotgun back from the right hand shelves, climb onto the left hand one to get the Revolver and Revolver ammo. Go out of the office,

there’s a vending machine nearby (N), use the Cash to get Orange Juice. Push the button left to open the doors for a shortcut and go back into the hall a bit (S), left at the conveyors and open the doors with the button.

Step out into the Terminal and go right, that worker from the scaffold is now sitting there and the lady is cleaning the counter


Waitress: Hey, you! If you're hanging around here all morning, could you get me a bottle of orange juice? My boss never has her afternoon champagne without orange juice.
Lara: Oh sure, no problem. I could serve it to here too. For this however I need the lift code….
Waitress: Don't you listen? I said 'afternoon champagne'. No, no... leave it. The serving I'll do myself.


Stand at the side of the counter (between window and counter facing N) and give her the Orange Juice. She’ll drop a note on the counter,


Waitress: The code itself is of no use without the CEO office key.


Climb on the counter next to the worker and grab the Lift Code (Management Lift Code 5892).


Bulky Baggage Check-in.


Head back into the Terminal and just past the Smart car, go left and to the Bulky Baggage Check-in which opened up when you used the Terminal keys before. On the counters are 4 call buttons, they will stay active for a while, but all have a different timer. They will open the trapdoor at the end of the conveyor belt in the niche SW. Start with (from left to right) #3, then #4, #1 and #2 last. Jump into the SW corner of the conveyor behind the counters to get through the trapdoor.


Shoot the Grate, Baggage Handling, a Jumper Cable.


Just follow the conveyors, looping around right and when you go N you can see a corroded grate just above the slope you came down from. Jump up and shoot it (may take a few tries), go left around and back into that passage going N and run jump along the right hand wall and over the sloped part to grab the opening where you shot that grate. Shoot the next grate too if you have to and climb down into the baggage storage. Follow the conveyor and around the next corner is another broken crate of beer, jump over left and try getting on the baggage left (just run against the baggage and grab up). Climb into the middle and throw a lever to stop the conveyor. Get out and climb back up through the crawlspace (S).


The CEO Office Key.


Go around right to the W side (W is that shortcut grate up in the wall, in case you need it). Look up E for a grate, shoot it and climb up in there to get the Jumper Cable. Climb down, turn right to go to the double doors S and get through. Right on the back of the pillar is a jump lever, use that to open a trapdoor in the grated floor (NE corner). Face E and run in, slide backwards and at the end of the slope back flip, then jump back and grab the ceiling. Or just start jumping the slopes to the other end and get on the SW block. Use the switch to turn off the power so you can jump over to the panel E. Place the Jumper Cable on the panel and see a forklift topple over.

Run back to the other end, back flip onto the slope under the trapdoor and jump/grab up to the floor. Go left to the forklift and get the CEO Office Key (the cover lifts from the code pad). Open the doors SW and go right, right onto that conveyor as before and with a back flip up to the ground floor hall where that corrupt Customs officer is and E through to the Terminal.


CEO Offices, Dog Food, Laser Sight.


In the Terminal and left where the Smart car is, is a forklift. Open the elevator doors with the button and use the code on the now available code pad. Punch in the code (5892) and close with >.

Step out of the elevator and it is done with the peace, shoot the guards that pop up when you head NW and left for the Shotgun ammo near the window. Exit the hall through the doors SE, on a table left (N) is a Medipack. Now go to the other end and a Blonde is on the telephone


Mrs Müller: Ja, Müller here, Kassel-Airport. I'd like to ask if you've received the ... goods. Your employeés launched from here some time ago. - What? Ah - good. You've got one crystal - the other one is on the way to Norway? Well, I don't care. The main thing is that you pay for the damage your people have left here. Bye.


Open the door with the CEO Office Key. Enter and go right around to that telephone..


Lara: I need to know who she's just called. 


Go to the telephone the Blond was using and from facing E use it..

Sanmonto Secretary: Sanmonto UK Limited - branch office London. What can I do for you? - Hello?
Lara: One crystal in London, one in Norway.... Chloé, what are they up to? 
Chloé: No idea. I'll Try to find out what they are going to do with the crystal in Norway. You should fly to London first to fetch the crystal from there.
Lara: Ok - will do.


Look in the drawer behind the desk S near the dog and get some Dog Food.

Go to that door panel in the W wall above the cabinet and shoot it, hop in to get the Laser Sight (get a screen of a security camera).


Now open the door right of the phone and find an open trapdoor, slide down the pole and you are in a mirrored version of the other toilets. Open toilet door NE and see where Blondie ran off too.


Mrs Müller: Occupied! Is there really no place to have some peace and quiet?
Lara: Oh - sorry.


The Tower Key.


Pick up the Revolver ammo at her feet go out and use the Master Keys to get out to the Baggage claim area. Go onto the Baggage belt and down the hole to the floor below, head N to where you used the Terminal keys first and look for that surveillance camera, shoot it from close by. The door right opens up, shoot the guard. Go in and check the drawer in the S part of the desk to get the Tower Key (the doors of the Terminal open up again). Get out, left and into the opening SE, through the doors S and up to the ground floor using that conveyor belt left again. Right (E) through to the Terminal and outside.


The Tower.


Go to the Car and take it N and left/right/left to the Tower. Open the door and a worker comes running as you enter, shoot him for his Key card. Look through the door S and spot the “Door Code 8661” note on the wall. Go outside again, loop right around the building to find the Card reader and Code pad. Use the Card to open the cover and punch in the code (8661). Go in and roll right into the passage through the press. Push the white block once and climb up, crawl to the end and climb off left, pull that green block once, climb over and push it against the fiery crawlspace so you can reach the switch above. Twice you have to use it and the racket ends…(the presses should be in the UP position obviously, just use the switch again if it stopped in the wrong position).


Chloé: Be careful, Lara. These pistons are still hot even when they are

turned off.


Pull the green block back once and get the small medipack from the crawlspace, get out.


Climb a blue striped block SE, right of the white block and get Secret #5, a Wad of Cash. Climb down.


Go up a blue striped block in the SW corner and down the left side… you’ll hear someone getting shot. Be careful here, push that crate and duck, crawl into the corridor, pick up a Flashlight and go left through the glass door, at the corner of the desk you can stand up and shoot the baddy. Grab the Lift Key. A door opens behind you the one through which you saw the code before.


Go through and use the Lift to go up to the Control center, OR….


Up with a Secret Detour: Face S in the elevator and as soon as you can, run into an opening halfway up, open the door and step into a toilet. Use the vending machine to get Secret #6, a Tin of Coke. Hop onto the machine, climb up left and get a Medipack, then use the jump lever to open a hatch above. Stand jump to the left side of the ladder under the hatch and go up.


Immediately draw a weapon because they’re waiting for you. Shoot two baddies and get the 2 small medipacks. Look right of that red radar panel W to find the Trapdoor Key. You have to find the right position to grab it. Use the Key next to the elevator and climb up to the opening above the keyhole. Immediately start shooting another baddy pick up the small medipack and find a guy shot to pieces. 

Go get that separated Bloody Hand.


Lara: Ugh - that's digusting! But I need it.


Get back down and a guy is shooting up the whole place with grenades. Fire everywhere, go to the Fire extinguisher on the E side of the Lift wall and get it. Get back to the key hole, step as close as you can get to the burning guy facing W and use the Extinguisher (select from inventory). No go stand on the other side so you look NE into the damaged Lift shaft, run in with Ctrl so you will land on the grey sloped floor, pick up a Medipack there (it will not be here if you picked it up in the toilets earlier) and do the same to get a floor down, once more and get another Medipack after shooting a grate, one more time down and then safety drop to the ground floor.


The Flight to London.


Get the Car and go all the way N again to that first Piper building we visited.

and inside go to the front of the ‘Fieseler Storch’ (face N) and fill it up. You’ll get a cut scene of that Dog whining.


Lara: Oh, are you hungry? Wait - you'll get something.


In the far right corner open the office, give the Dog Food to the Dog (you might have guessed that). He will come out and open a cover from a finger/palm reader. Use that Bloody Hand there.


Lara starts up the Fieseler Storch’ and takes off…



Episode 7: Sanmonto UK ltd.


Secrets 5.


3.00 PM and 4.00 PM


Lara lands the plane in the street.


Lara: Sanmonto is a globally operating company, what makes this

particular location so special?

Chloé: The lab facilities in the building are quite up-to-date. If

Sanmonto is in possession of the DNA crystals, they're probably doing

tests on them in there...

Lara: Okay, I'm going in. (convinced)


But things turn out a bit different…


Chloé: Lara? Are you there? Oh, I don't believe this! Hello?!

Lara: Urgh...

Chloé: I didn't see that coming, sorry.

Lara: No, it's... cool. (snarl)


Open that chest in the corner and get a Pressure tank and Flares. She pulls the chest out of the way, go shoot (yes you still have the pistols) the low grate and climb through backwards. Crawl through and down right into a duct. At the dead end look up and facing E (bit hard to see on this compass) jump up to open the panel above.


The Waterworks.


Climb up left (N) and get down into a flooded basement. Through the opening NW, left and quickly get through the passage right and underneath the fence to get to a wider part where you can dodge the attacks of a mutated Croc. We need a Key up E. Go kick that door NE and go through, keep right into the back and at the gate climb up the ladder left. Up there push the button on the right hand wall and go into the room. Up on the block right is a small medipack, then throw the lever to stop the W side water flow into the large basin downstairs.


Go back down, to the basin and shoot the Croc on the other side, then run jump/grab over and go up the column with the ladder, left. Right around onto the ledge and use the button (NW) a grate opens over a ladder. Get back down to the floor and to the NE corner, shoot a grate in the N wall and jump to get in there, draw pistols and start shooting rats. Then go through and jump out the other end. Push the button there to open the door and you’re back on the E side of the basin. Go through the gate that opens and right to the basin, stand right in the corner of the brick wall and run jump over W to grab the wall under the central column, go up through the trapdoor you opened. Back flip onto the grate floor and shoot some rats. In the other end is a button opening a trapdoor, go down and open a door N. Go in and get the Key from the skeleton inside.


Up to the Streets.


Get out, right to the walkway and from the walkway down to the lower part left, from the brick floor hang over the pit and drop/grab the crack, shimmy right around and drop. Go back through the door S and up the ladder left, use the Key there and go up the next ladder. Hang right on top of the white steel panel and back flip roll grab the other side (just hit Alt), climb up in there and push the button to open the manhole above. Climb out and approach the front door of the building…


Lara: I don't suppose there's a back door?

Chloé: No such luck. But according to the satellite pictures, there

should be an air outlet in the rear yard. Looks pretty high up, though.

Lara: Okay. I shall find my way around, then. Thanks, Chloé.


Backyard, Supplies, Revolver and Matches.


To the W seems to be off limits, so head NE (big gates left), and at the plane up the steps left to the higher street, left into the corner and open that black steel gate. Go in and find an ambulance parked there.


Climb onto the back of it and get Secret #1, a Wad of Cash (20’s) from the roof and get back down.


Stand in front of the ambulance, back flip onto the front window and jump again to grab that air conditioner. Climb up, turn around and run jump to the balcony to get First Aid supplies (small medipack). Jump back down into the yard. Go up to the air conditioner again.

Now look N into the garden there and spot a tiny tree growing out of the right hand wall, run jump and grab that to swing onwards to the tree in the corner.


Jump into the right hand balcony W for Revolver ammo. Hop down and look on those rocks for a box of Matches, left behind by the smokers. Get back on the tree and now do a swan dive (Alt & Shift) to the left hand balcony W and get the Revolver. Jump out right onto the ambulance yard.

Or from the tree jump to grab the small tree again and swing back to the yard.


Leave S, back to the street and go straight to the E end, from the flower bed jump onto the balcony to get the First Aid supplies (Medipack).

Jump back to the street.


Bicycle Inner Tube.


Go S and left around the church into the alley at the white Boccanach building. Left into a small park, loop left and get a small medipack in the corner (NW). Now dive into the pond and swim through, after a block on the bottom immediately down left through the plants and to an underwater lever. Roll and swim out left and up in the end where the manhole opened. Go to the bike there to get a Bicycle Inner Tube. Push a button right (W) of the gates to open them and carefully go out as part of the structure collapses. Go to the alley…


Turn around and look for the security camera covering the Boccanach building, stand against the post and hit Ctrl, Lara will look up and climb the Camera post, don’t go all the way up, but stop at the band in the park wall, press Alt and Lara jumps over, grab the opening, shoot the grate and also the grate left, crawl out and get Secret #2, a Wad of Cash (50’s). Crawl back and safety drop from the right hand side of the opening.


Go right, up to the street and cross the street over the pedestrian crossing to the Fire Station.


Go onto the yard right of the building and left around into the back ally to get Secret #3, a Wad of Cash (5’ers). Go back around to the street.


To the Tracks, using the Matches.


Head S to the Railroad tracks and to the right is the entrance to a small yard, here you can use the Inner Tube to open the gate. Look through the fence S and to the right you can spot a walkway we’ll have to get to.

If you are not going for secrets, you might try the alternate route, scroll down to the blue text.


Use the Matches to burn that wooden Fence repair and Lara will jump onto a passing train, wait a bit, then jump up and grab that little tree and swing/jump and grab up to the monkey climb under of the walkway. Turn left and get into the crawlspace.


Screwdriver and the Back entrance to Sanmonto Ltd.


Crawl in to the right and climb up through the hole in the ceiling. First stand on a low block SE, face the crawlspace we need to get to (N) and jump up to shoot that grate inside. Now push the button on the generator N and the red work platform goes up. Jump up W, left into a niche and grab the Screwdriver (for a Secret later). Get onto a block with cylinders NW and jump up to grab the platform. Jump to the walkway S, go left and crawl backwards from under the barbed wire. Shimmy left to a niche and from here a run jump with grab at the last moment to that crawlspace N. Crawl out backwards and climb right to the ivy, drop and grab the edge of the sloped wall. Shimmy right, all the way to that walkway and get into the crawlspace there. Follow through and push the button to open the manhole and get out into the yard.


Alternate route without picking up the Screwdriver, so when you aren’t going for Secrets, you can also do this:

Use the Matches to burn that wooden Fence repair, when on the train, go jump left twice as far as possible and stay low. You’ll arrive in the station, run jump down to the S side and go left shooting a rat, there is a Bundle of Keys near the gate. Run jump and grab back up to the train and go down N, right and up the staircase to the ticket gates left, jump over and use the key right to get the gate open. Outside take a right and climb up over the white door. Shoot the guy in the alley and hop down, climb up the E wall, look right in the niche for Shotgun ammo and get down into the E yard.


2 routes join: Backyard Dump, Crowbar.


Get up onto the ventilation unit SE, jump into the window and get down in the dump, look left in the niche to find the Crowbar. Grab up to that ledge SW and jump over to the left, get the small medipack there. Jump back, then right to the window. Jump/grab up left to that grey block (crawlspace) (not if you took the blue route: quickly get out at the other end (W), go shoot that guy in the alley. Go back and look for some Shotgun ammo in the niche right at the brick wall. Make your way back up to the window and the grey block crawlspace and notice the grate N. Hang out on that side and Lara puts her feet up, back flip/roll (she does a nice jump) to the platform and crawl into the duct after you shot the grate.


The USB Flash drive.


Follow through, through water and where you can stand again are some nasty fans below, grab up to the ceiling and swing left around. Down into the area with the red light and around a block with cardboard boxes to push a button, the elevator goes up. Turn around and shoot the grate, get in and follow through, shoot another grate and jump out to a roof terrace. Use your Crowbar N to open the elevator and grab the USB Flash drive.


Disable the Lasers.


Hop back onto the terrace, turn right and open the panel there (E), just right of the elevator. Go in and just a bit right, on the table with the candles is a laptop computer, use the Flash drive and watch what happens. Push the button SW to open the door and go into the stairwell, to the left is the elevator, go right and down the stairs.


Go straight in E and open the door around the corner to finally shoot that bloody receptionist. Use the Screwdriver (you picked up earlier) on the door E and get Secret #4, the Shotgun (looking more like a HK 15), ammo for it to the left and a Medipack to the right. Go back S to the stairwell.


The Elevator.


Go to the W end and right into the corridor, left is another elevator door you can pry open. To the right of it (E) is an automatic door that will get you back to the front desk we just visited (shortcut?) but you’ll have to go around again, because it only opens one way.

Open the elevator instead, jump to grab the left wall inside and go down. Push the button there to open the basement doors and step into the offices there.


A Valve, up the Red Pipe.


Push that file cabinet under the red pipe, climb on and turn around, shoot that small panel in the glass wall E and get to the floor to grab up in there. Kick in the door in the E wall, go in and left is a valve wheel we could use, you have to turn a bit left (face NW) before Lara can pry it off. Back to the office and when you crawl under the lasers (N), you can pick up some Shotgun ammo. Get back down through that small window (crawlspace jump out) to the office with the red pipe and climb the cabinet you pushed underneath, use the valve (select from inventory) to turn off the steam.


Pull the Grate.


Now you can just use Ctrl and let Lara climb up, use Alt and she will jump/grab the monkey climb. Go straight to the balcony and drop. Just to be sure, open the elevator door here (in case you drop, you can get back up here through the elevator). Then go left up the stairs to pick up a Medipack, turn back and grab up to the monkey climb again, loop right around and then drop onto the walkway. Turn left and run jump over the balustrade to grab that cable. Swing and jump to grab that broken grate in the S wall and Lara pulls it down.


Grab up in there and drop into the lower duct, around the corner is a grate left, first go to the end of the duct to get Flares, return to the grate and shoot it and to in there (jump out). In one of the corners are some grates, jump behind them and duck to shoot the box with pistols and get Shotgun ammo. Jump back out, go into the other dark corner (SW) and grab up right into another duct, shoot that tiny grate and climb out. Open the door SE, and go left/right.


A Bundle of Keys.


A cleaning lady working on the floor. It is slippery, run jump right around to her cart and grab her Bundle of Keys. Run jump to the other side of the room (E) and go left through the grated door, nasty critters appear. Go left around the corner and kick the door right. You may want to run back a bit first to get some distance between the critters and yourself. Now go in and use the Bundle of Keys to open the trapdoor.


Timed Swim for the Blue Door, preparing for the Big Bang.


Down there is an underwater lever, it opens a Blue door, but it is Timed… Swim through the duct, getting the layout and in the end is another underwater lever opening the next grate. Climb out at that Blue door and push the button to open the second grate, making getting out of the water easier. But first; hop back into the water and use the underwater lever again, then swim back to the other end of the duct, get air and save at the lever.

Pull, swim through the duct and get out right, above the lever and run out into the corridor. Use the button right twice (as the little note says) to open the blue door again.


The Big Bang.


Go left into that alcove and use the crowbar on the red valves on then gas pipe and when there’s enough gas in the air, run back into the blue door, right onto the grate and push the button (SE) to turn on a broken lamp, the spark will set off an explosion that will shatter the windows of the Lab.


Preparations for getting the DNA Crystal.


Jump through the broken window, go right and up the stairs and open the first door right. Inside on the desk are Sulphuric Acid and a an Empty Pressure Tank. Go out to the walkway, go straight and loop around left to a door NE, inside is a machine, pick up Nitric Acid from the machine place the Empty Pressure Tank in the same machine to fill it and take out the now filled Pressure Tank. Combine the two acids to get a Nitrating Mixture to be used later in Norway.


Planning the Escape.


Go back to the walkway and left into the dissecting room, left up in the corner is a ceiling hatch, face N and jump up to grab the part that is just a bit open and pull it down. Turn right and climb up the cage and through the opening, follow the duct and down in the next room you’ll find a button which will drop the ceiling hatch of the elevator. The door here won’t open, so get back through the duct and out to the walkway. Down the stairs and to those pipes S, place the two Pressure Tanks on the pipes and watch things unfold.


Out with the Crystal.


Get ready for some action, hop onto that contraption to grab the DNA Crystal, top up the health and draw a favorite weapon, two guys come in through the window, one drops a small medipack. Go up the stairs and shoot two more guys, one leaves Shotgun ammo. The door to the elevator shaft opened up (W). Turn left and hit Ctrl, then up and Lara will climb up, then Alt and she will jump back to a duct, get in and then you’ll find some grates. Shoot the one right and left you can shoot the two right hand grates and hop down. Throw the lever to lift some bars at a zip line.


Get out and straight into the other duct…


Chloé: Lara, I finally managed to track down those terrorists you lost

in Kassel Calden.

Lara: Really, where'd they go?

Chloé: Well, our systems place them way up north, and I mean WAY

up north, near the *speeks slowly:* Svalbard Global Seed Vault.

Lara: I see. Two DNA crystals and an endless supply of plant DNA...

*sigh* this just keeps getting better.

Lara: I guess I might be outside mobile coverage for a while.

Chloé: Hmm. (disapproval)


Left at the crossing and use the Zip line, crashing into a window above the Pub.

For the last Secret: Have a look at the pictures on the W wall, now stand against the bookcase below them and use Ctrl. A wall panel opens up somewhere.


Open the doors N and jump from the balcony to the grated fence (or just hop down), drop down and notice the keyhole on the fence. Open the door left (W) and in the Pub behind the counter is a Key on the floor.


Get Secret #5, a Portrait from the open panel in the N wall.


Back to the yard and open that fence.

No, not the Bike, but a button right of it to open the gates to the street, go out to the plane…


Episode 8: Svalbard, Norway.


Secrets 4


07.00 pm- 08.00 pm


Check your health first, then walk forward a bit and turn right to shoot the terrorist. No, no revolver, it is left behind..? Just left of him, near the barrel is a Flashlight. No go E and on that blue structure is a switch (yellow), use it to open the gate to the yard left. Go behind the big truck and shoot the guard that came out of the door there. Enter and shoot another guard, there’s a caged bear E, she’s not happy.


Move the Crane, a Key.


Go right of the cage and be careful, left around the corner a sniper can take aim at you. I you stay in his sight for too long, he will kill you.

So, stand at the corner of the cage (out of view) and shoot that grate in the E wall, run in quick and get the Crane Control Key. Go to the trolley with the red crates (W) and move it to the right as far as possible, grab the small medipack that was underneath, now climb the trolley and jump to grab the balcony over the entrance (N; you may have to line up perfectly straight first. To do this, hang from the floor, pull up and roll without turning and now you are lined up perfectly straight). Place the key and the crane moves. Now you can line up straight, run jump and at the last moment grab the container. Jump onto the cage and grab the Key. Jump to the S, shoot the barriers and get onto the walkway there for a Medipack and Shotgun ammo. Drop down and go to the front of the gray container.


A Frozen Fish, set the Bear Free.


Stand in facing the pad lock and shoot the lock with pistols, the door opens up. It is freezing cold in there and the door closes on you, quickly grab the Frozen Fish from the barrel and go back to the door to push it open and get out. Now go open the bear cage, go in and put that fish in the food bowl. Now be careful, because she CAN harm you, but you need her to open some doors for you.


The Crowbar (Metal Bar).


Go to the doors SW, let the Bear open the for you, then go out and left through the open fence to the street and left to the doors E. Go through to the next yard, there’s a big cage in a crane…

Go to a crate (NE), push it as far as it will go to the S. Climb on and jump to grab that cage, get on and walk past the crane, then jump to the crane platform. Flip the switch to lower the cage and it bumps to the ground, a part of the door breaks loose. Hop onto the cage, go drop to the ground and run to the front. The Bear may have reached you already, so maybe lure her away first and watch your health. Grab the Crowbar.


To get rid of the Polar bear, lock’er up again, flip the switch twice to open the cage door and get that Bear in there, quickly get out and flip the switch to close her in and you’ll get Secret #1, a Polar Bear.


Climb the roof of the side shack (W) and up to the domed roof.


Run left to the front and get Secret #2, a Wad of Cash.


Go to the N end of the roof and down a ladder and get Shotgun ammo near the barrels NE (duck to get it). Run to the other end and shoot the crates for more Shotgun ammo, then open the yellow door with the switch left of it.


Killing that Sniper, Revolver.


Up the ramp S, leading up to a parking deck is the Snow Bike, but it is under lock and key. Jump SW onto the orange container and drop to the street. Go for the gate left of the Stealth Bomber (SW), use the Crowbar on it. Go left and follow the road to those crates blocking the Tunnel. On top you’ll find a Flashlight. Get into the tunnel, run to the back fast and see you’re targeted. Look up S to spot an old window, aim for it, jump up and shoot, that Sniper behind the panel will die. Now face the slope under that window, standing against it and hop back once. Turn around and back flip onto the slope, jump again to grab the monkey climb.


Go into the opening N, shoot the crate and follow the crawlspace, through the small door and use the Crowbar on the barrier. Shoot the crates and get Revolver ammo, pull the trolley once and climb over to the other side to shoot another grate and get the Revolver and a small medipack. You’ll get a screen of the Laser Sight. Make your way back to the tunnel.


Grab up to the monkey climb and get in where the dead Sniper is for Secret #3, Shotgun and Shotgun ammo (duck to get it).


A Pipe.


Get out of the tunnel, go back W and left after the grey structure, make your way up the snowy hills to a power transformer, go right and run up that light blue sloped tunnel entrance. Look down left and spot the items on top of that truck. Jump on the truck and get the Pipe and Shotgun ammo.


Zip Lines for Accelerator and the Pliers.


Get down and make your way back up to that same hill, all the way to that high wooden Tower. Stand on the mound next to it and grab up. Use the zip line to the first tower, drop and drop grab to the platform below to get the Accelerator. Drop down and go back up to the same high tower and get on the Zip line again, this time all the way to the corner tower, grab the second line to get to the roof of the TREP TECH Building. Shoot a Terrorist and get Shotgun ammo SE.


Go to that small structure and grab up from the N side, look down S and spot the two dark panels in the roof, the left one looks corroded. Hop down onto that panel and you’ll drop into the room below.

On the table is Revolver ammo, in the cabinet SW Shotgun ammo and a Medipack.

Shoot the grates right of the cabinet, shoot the two grates across the yard too and run jump over grabbing the niche. Get the Shotgun ammo and shimmy right to get the Accelerator, combine it with the Pipe for the Accelerator with Pipe. Drop down into the yard below.


The Bike, into the TREP TECH Building.


Now let’s get that Bike, go N to the yellow doors, open them with the switch and go left through the red doors. Go along the building, right to the inner yard and loop left up the ramp. Stand in front of the Bike, on the chain, looking N and use the Pliers to cut the chain. Before you get on, fix the Accelerator with Pipe on the Bike. Back it up and go left down the ramp, right to the street and left through the red doors to the yard where the Bear is, right through the yellow doors to the TREP TECH building and run it up that ramp S, hit sprint if you have to and jump through the windows.


Pool Puzzle, Laser Sight, close the Valves.


Leave the Bike there an go up left (E), shoot the fences and hop left onto the balcony over a Basin. Shoot the fences E so you can jump to the one there, open the small door left and shoot a Terrorist inside. Open the right hand toilet (NW) and a worker drag himself out on his last breath. Go in and get the Laboratory Key. Open the other toilet and get a small medipack. Go back to the Basin S, drop down and have a look around, 4 big Pipe valves, 3 with red lights above them. Open the door W, pick up the Laser Sight from the table right. In the corner are shelves where you can get some Revolver ammo. The door opened SE, shoot the Terrorist and before you use the switch on the wall, put the Sight on the Revolver.


Flip the switch, roll and run back to that hall right, a cut scene starts of a worker opening a valve. In the hall big valves open up and you have to shoot the red lights above 3 of them. When you come in, immediately look up straight at the opposite wall, shoot that one, adjust your aim to the left where you can shoot #2 from the same spot. Now run jump a bit left over that big floor valve to the back corner (NE) and roll to shoot the one near the entrance and up left (SW). As you may have noticed the valves block the view when you stand in a wrong place.


Time Doors and a Wrench.


Now climb the pole W, and back flip onto the only still open valve, run jump W onto the floor and when you approach the switch SE, that worker will come out of the door, gas will again fill the area.


That switch left will open the cover on another switch. That worker is jumping around the room and we need the wrench he has in his hand. We’ll have to kill him for it (and not by shooting him). Run back to the pole and hop left down onto that balcony below, roll and jump into the opening where you left the Snow Bike.

Flip the Gas control switch and the air will become safe again after a bit. Get back up to the floor above using the pole and the open valve and return to the switch NW. Save, flip the switch and I hopped back twice while turning left, a run jump before you reach the edge of the floor, on the first Valve running jump a bit left to the next Valve and curving right a run jump with grab into the right hand side of the opening.


The switch in there is Timed as well, flip, roll run to the edge and turn right, a hop to the valve and a run jump to the open door. When the Guy is jumping the Valves (in case he didn’t fall down already), kick that Valve wheel and the valves close, the Guy drops to the floor and leaves a Wrench. Pick up a Medipack and a Flashlight from the crates. Go out to the balcony, jump over the fence to grab the Valve W and use the pole to go down to the floor. Pick up the Wrench.

When you grab the guys helmet, you’ll get Secret #4, the Helmet.


Climb the pole again, back flip onto the first balcony and jump back into the opening where the Gas Control is. Jump over the fence to that little dial left and use the Wrench on it. Now get to the corner where that dead guy is (crawl) and pull him by the head. Hop over the corpse, top up your health and save before picking up the Bazooka (Grenade Launcher).


Chloé: Lara? Jack's helicopter is approaching Svalbard. He's going to

give you one of the DNA crystals. Apparently Sanmonto's people have

already got wind of it. At least there are several heavy-armed guys

lingering outside the factory. Moreover there's an odd fish leaving the

building who looks as if he’s enjoyed a bath in acid. I think, Jack

certainly needs your help.

Lara: Oh, bugger! OK then...

Chloé: Hurry up!


The Battle to Save Jack..


Quickly jump out and go left, down to the Yard and get a bearing of where Jack is, you have to protect him while shooting your opponents, you might want to let the Mutant live for a while because he will kill Terrorists, but if he goes for Jack, you have to take him out. Constantly watch your health too, or just hit the medipack shortcut key every now and then (#9 Large #10 small). If Jack dies (you might accidentally shoot him), you die too. If you only shoot him once and he survives, he will open fire on you…


Best is to stay close to him so you can keep an eye on where you are aiming.

If you use this savegame, all enemies will have disappeared, but if you did it yourself they will still be there. There’s a small medipack where the bloke with the long coat died.

Go look for a guy in a black uniform, he will have dropped a Key Card.


Entering the Global Seed Vault.


When you pick up the Key card, Jack will hand you the Crystals and takes off. Now go W a bit and left up to the red truck and left of the grey tunnel you can use the Key Card to open the tunnel entrance, get in..


Lara: Chloè, any ideas how I could blow up this rubbish?

Chloé: What about some nitroglycerine?

Lara: Ah - of course! Silly me!


Go to that pile of rocks, place the Nitroglycerine (combine Nitric Acid a Glycerine) and go back, Lara looks at some little rocks on the floor, pick one up and jump over the black boxes, turn facing the Nitro and throw the rock, hop back more and duck while the stuff explodes. Hop over the block…



Episode 9: Global Seed Vault.


5 secrets


While approaching those blue lasers, a door right of them opens up and a scientist comes out, shoot her. The second desk has a Key Card, the last desk a small medipack. Shoot the grate on the duct W and get in, down into the next room and use the button to turn the lasers off. Go back through the duct, to the corridor and use the Card.


Through the Ducts.


Go into the corridor with the 3 Vaults and right to the first Vault, open the door and inside stand on those bags to side flip over the fence (you can shoot all those black boxes). Go in and to the far right, shoot the boxes and kick the grate to get in, go along the left side (watch the health) and stand up to grab up left (N) into a duct.

Turn around in the end and up again. Kick the panel around the corner and jump over to grab the ventilation unit, climb up. Stand left at the next slide and jump left so you’ll go left of a pit, jump over the gap and Lara kicks the panel.


Opening the Quarantine Area.


Shoot those guys and get on a crate S to jump up to the duct W.


Run jump NE with a left curve and grab the top of the big yellow door, climb up and left in the corner is Secret #1, another Shotgun and Shotgun ammo. Drop down and get back up to the grey duct W.


Jump and grab the container in the crane, right or left of the cables. Now run jump grab to the jump lever E. The loading bay doors open up. Go through and right into the Quarantine Control room, check the shelves in the room to get a Medipack and a small medipack. Push a button right of the laptops (NE) and see the security camera’s in the vaults are now down (not really needed for progress). On the glass shelf over the floor lever is Revolver ammo, now step behind that lever and use it to open the doors W.


A Soy Bean.


Go in and shoot the two guys behind the tents, grab Revolver ammo and Shotgun ammo. Climb the big tent with the ducts on top (NE), kick the grate in that duct. Climb down into the greenhouse and use the laptop with the red screen. The plants get more nutrition and air and grow like weed. The one shown even has a ripe Soy Bean you can pick (N side). A hint of where to use it. Jump and grab back up to the roof of the tent.


A Circuit for the Lift.


Go to the far left corner and find a bloke that fell through the window above, pull him away and get the Circuit. You can jump/grab into that broken window above, get in and grab Shotgun ammo from a cabinet. This room is a shortcut back down and up in case you forgot to take the Soy Bean. Get back down onto the tent.


The Lab, plant the Soy Bean.


Go use that Circuit SE, get in the lift, push the button and go up.

Nasty stuff growing here, grab Revolver ammo from the desk and go further into the Lab, a Russian Broad opens fire on you, shoot her (with the Sight), you may have killed her but she could also have run off... Watch what happens, that cage thing in the middle toppled over (if not, run around a bit to the NE).

Stand on that circle facing E and plant the Soy Bean.


(In case you got here without the Bean, go to a jump lever in the NW corner behind the blue plants, step out the opened doors and over the walkway, down the hole in the glass floor to where the mutants are (Shotgun ammo in the cabinet), out of the broken window to get the Bean and back the same way. Move the trolley under the hole in the glass floor to climb back up)


The whole Lab is covered in green stuff, climb up where the woman was, S.


Key Card, Frozen Seeds Sample.


Get down into the room, grab a small medipack and climb the pipe SW, face S at the top and back jump into a ventilation opening. Shoot the grate and follow through shooting another grate, to the right you can stand up and go through the passage, grab the overhead cable rack to monkey swing over the pit and jump down into a corridor. Follow through, shoot a Guy and then another, the second one dropped a Key Card. Use that at the end of the corridor. Push a button into the Off position and turn around, the freezer behind you opened up, grab the Frozen Seeds Sample. Open the vault door left (W), go over the pipe and near the end that Russian Broad opens fire. Shoot her (don’t waste too much precious heavy ammo) and apparently this one has 9 lives as she takes off once again… In the room where she was, drop down SE, shoot the Guy and get the Shotgun ammo from the corner.


To the Seed Vaults, 3 Electric Cables.


Go out, hop onto the glass floor of the room with the Mutants and drop down, hop out left through the broken window onto the tent and go out the yellow doors E where the Russian went. Into the Control room and use that floor lever again to open the other yellow doors. Go left through those and a door opened in the left corner of the loading bay. Go up the stairs, shoot a Guy and step into the Seed Vault we’ve been through before. Climb one of the Storage racks the N end and jump over the fence. Look up over the entrance and shoot that camera (Revolver ammo gone or you want to save on that, you can shoot it with pistols from the Storage rack). Grab the Electric Cable (1) which fell to the floor.


Go into the corridor and right, right to the third Vault, stand on the crate in the right hand corner, shoot the camera (or jump the fence and shoot it from a Storage rack) and grab the Electric Cable (2). Go out to the corridor and left to Vault 2, just above the open door the woman went through, is a jump lever. Use that jump lever to open a trapdoor and enter, climb the rack, shoot the camera and get the Electric Cable (3). Go to the back of the Vault and left in the back is that open trapdoor, get in and up in a small room with 3 switches behind a fence, open the gate and place the 3 Electric Cables under the switches. A door opens S, go through.


Lab with the Green walkways and Light Puzzle.


There are of course several ways to go about this, but this is how we did it:

We numbered the actions needed to get the light rays working.

Shoot a fence S and run jump to the white ledge. Grab up to the monkey climb and follow it right (S) and left around the corner and drop in a window with some grates.. Scroll down.


Secret: Run jump SW, grabbing up to a grate in the ceiling, grab Secret #2, a Medipack from the barrel. Push the button left to open the trapdoor and run in N with Ctrl, back into the window.


Detour for another Secret: Grab the monkey climb again and go back to that white ledge at the other end (where we came from). Shoot the fence S and run jump (no Ctrl) onto the walkway S, onto the white wall and shoot the grate in the duct to get in there, go left and in the end left first for Shotgun ammo, turn around and go straight to the other end, shoot the grate right and get in for Secret #3, a Medipack. Shoot the boxes on the trapdoor to open it and drop down into a small room (a small bonus is that down the stairs here is a button to lower a block ‘(3)’ and doing that now saves us a detour later, go down the stairs W and push the button in the window right, the stairs lead down to the lower section of the Lab). Go back up the stairs and out to the walkway, hop down N to the place where we had to go to anyway.


Drop onto the walkway below. Push the button right of the Mirror (1) and push the mirror through the opening and then pull it onto the Tile. It will be locked in as you can see. Now hop up to the balcony W and throw the floor lever to close a trapdoor.  You can just jump there from here, NE. Go pull that Mirror (2) over the trapdoor onto the Tile. Turn around, go to the end and run jump to grab the balcony with the lever, drop/grab down, shoot two grates and go through. Stand on the S end, take 3 steps back from the railing and hop over to land on a sloped block, grab the edge. Pull up and back flip with roll and grab a block (or maybe you lowered it already at the Secret detour). It HAS to be lowered. So if it is not down, jump S to the grey ledge, right up onto the block and left into the opening. Go up the stairs a bit and push the button in the window to lower the Block (3). Go back down, out right onto the block and drop from the ledge to the next Mirror (4), move it into position.


The Circuit.


Jump E over the ledges with the plants, left and to the alcove under the grey duct to shoot the display and get the Circuit (5). Jump back S twice and one W, grab up to the balcony above (N) and go left to grab up W, hop through the corner at the mirror. Jump into that niche in the white wall W and push the button to open a trapdoor (6). Run down E onto the grey block, go left and move the last Mirror (7) into position.

The block lowers and that’s good.


Place the Circuit.


Jump to the N, then right to the button at the contraption and push it to open doors way up in the Lab. Jump back W, then right around the corner to a trolley. Pull/push it against the yellow block and grab up to it. Stand jump and grab up to the walkway W, roll and run jump grab to the next, turn around and grab up. Turn around and shoot the grate, then jump grab up there and place the Circuit. The light ray will now hit that contraption and a huge bean stalk appears.


The Freezer Key.


Walk out a bit left and run jump over to the balcony W, turn left and jump/grab the bean stalk, go up and well above the floor back flip. On a glass shelf up SE is a Medipack. Go to the desk (W) and grab the Freezer Key, you’ll get a screen of the back of Vault 3. Leave by kicking in the door NW and follow to a button behind a trapdoor, drop down and you are standing in the duct leading to Vault 2, so crawl through and get out to the corridor. Take a right and go right into Vault 3. Use the crate right to hop over the fence and go left into the back, use the Freezer Key. Enter and go almost to the end where you can place the Frozen Seeds Sample. That Russian woman keeps running, wonder what she’s so afraid of…


The Big Freezer, Key Card.


Follow the tunnel, open the door by turning the valve right and inside shoot a Guy. In the far left corner, in a kind of office, is Revolver ammo on the shelves. On the laptop we can see we need a Key card. In the SE corner you can shoot the window and inside get a Medipack and Revolver ammo plus Explosive Grenades from the cabinet.


Stand next to that fire E, face W and draw pistols, run jump with a roll onto the snow mound and jump to shoot the grate in the upper walkway (saves revolver ammo). Now do the same jump to grab up there and go left to find that Key Card. Get back down, to the office (NE) and use the card on the laptop. The fire at the vault door E is gone, so go open it.


Switch Floor Lab. (GSV-Switchfloor.jpg)


Climb the pipe and back flip to the floor above. Grab up to a niche S and push the button to open the door on top of the stairs. Safety drop down and go to that door. Inside that Lab is a floor that keeps changing, we have to get to that button shown in the flyby.


Run in straight when the dark tile is there and you’ll have to get the rhythm

Wait a bit … and side flip left, … and stand jump forward, …. and side flip right, … and stand jump forward, … and side flip left, … and side flip left again onto the next tile against the wall and stand jump to the grey tile. Stand left and run jump with a right curve directly onto that block to use the button.


Key Card.


The floor stopped changing, from the lower tile run against the fence S, turn a bit right while running and jump to the grey block. Push the button to open the door right, but first jump to the ledge S, to the next and get Shotgun ammo, shoot the grate and go in to get the Key Card from the shelves. Jump back to the block and up to the office N, use the Card on the PC and see the door to the Danger Zone open up. Jump back over the ledges to where you got the Shotgun ammo and run down onto that green tile below, A careful run jump to the exit and go down the stairs. Down at the pipe and in the Hub cave go left through the door S.


The Danger Zone, Mutant Maze. (GSV-Mutantmaze.jpg)


There may be several ways of going about this, but this is how we did it:


Some Pickups, Red Key and Explosives.


Go in and left, watch out for Icicles falling from the ceiling and go right. At the next crossing is a hatch in the ceiling, go to the left and spot the Green Keyhole in the right hand corner. Shoot the glass S and go in and at the big mutant go left (E) and at the end left again (N) a long tunnel with all kinds of stuff, just run straight and at the next crossing are grey doors right. First go left, shoot the crates there and get the Grenades and Revolver ammo. Turn back to the doors, take a left, left around a corner, right (N) and first right again and in the end left around the corner, shoot the crates to get a Medipack. Return to the doors where you left off, so right around the corner, left and left, right around the corner (S) and at the next crossing are the doors.


Open those doors E, shoot the last panel right and grab the Red Key. A guy comes running to a room and flips the switch to open the cages. Mutants will be coming from everywhere. Take the Grenade launcher and shoot them when they are close together.


Use the Red Key for the Green Key.


Go into the room (E) with the guy (no need to shoot him) and shoot the black boxes in front of the shelves S, grab the Explosives.


Get to the door, turn around and shoot those crates with the Grenade Gun, they will shatter and reveal Secret #4, a Wad of Cash.


Now when we go back out, choose your weapon for the Mutants, the smaller ones I shot with the Grenade gun and the bigger ones with the revolver from close up, you don’t have to shoot them all, only the ones bothering you. Go straight (W) and in the next tunnel left around the corner is the Red Keyhole.


From here we can go for another Secret first, I don’t know if we will be back here, head N into the tunnel and before you reach that mutant, go right (E), then immediately left (N), left/right and straight N into that cage, shoot the glass right of the steam blower and get Secret #5, a Medipack. Go back out and left is a mutant, shoot him and the crates and grab the Revolver ammo from the ground. Out W and left, left/right (S), right/left and in the end is the red Keyhole.


Go into the door right and open the cabinet for Grenades and Revolver ammo. Shoot the boxes right and open the grates, watch your health as you crawl in to the right, keep along the left wall, stand up in the end and back to the left wall, jump up to open a hatch. Turn around quick and go up the ladder, that woman again…


Open the cabinet for Grenades, Revolver ammo and Shotgun ammo. Grab the Green Key right and throw the floor lever to open some cages with big Mutants, they might kill some enemies for you, a guy comes running through the door, shoot him. Grab the Medipack from the desk near the door and go through the door and I was right, that Russian dame is a goner, she dropped her Mobile Phone.. Now go to that button and when you push it you’ll drop into the tunnel below, be ready to shoot some Mutants..


The Search for the Mobile Phone.


Go through the window you shot earlier, SE of the hole in the ceiling and in the end go left, left in the end (N) and you are back where you got the red key before. Go left again (W) and left at the next crossing where you used the Red Key, pick up the Mobile Phone next to the dead Russian. Go back E and at the grey doors right and in the end of that tunnel right again, loop right around to where you can use the Green Key.



Use the Green Key, Using Chloroform.


Use that Key right, go into the door, and look up right over that green door. Shoot the grate and jump to it to grab into the duct, another grate and down into a corridor where a researcher attacks, they all had karate training it seems, just shoot her. Get a Medipack from the cabinet and Chloroform from the shelves. Push the button at the bottom of the stairs and go up to a room full of gas. The guy right is trying to fix it. Pick up a Paper Towel from the dispenser next to the sink (NW), combine it with the Chloroform and use it on the guy.. Duck to pick up the Key and use it on the door E.


The Cocoon, a DNA Crystal.


Go out, pick up Grenades and climb on top of the room you just left for some more Grenades. While you’re up here, look into the hall and shoot that green cocoon with the Grenade gun, just look up a bit to aim high and fire, it will open up. A platform went up too, go NE and jump onto the higher ground N, run jump and grab the platform, use the button to raise another platform on the walkways.


Run jump to the SE, the walkway behind the pillar and push the trolley, then jump right to pull it to that platform. Climb the trolley and jump to grab the platform, grab up to the monkey climb and go left to a jump lever, use that and the ball will also open up, revealing the DNA Crystal. A load of Mutants come in to protect their life support system.


Jump to the ground floor and make your way back up to the E side platform, up to the monkey climb and go to the cocoon, drop on it and use Ctrl to grab the DNA Crystal.


Lara: *tensely breathing in... and out* Jack, can you hear me?

Jack: (helicopter in background) Loud and clear.

Lara: The chief executive is dead. But I'm afraid it's not quite over yet

- there are mutants everywhere!

Jack: The situation HAS to be contained! Those mutants must not

find their way out in the open. Blow up the place and make a run for

it, if you have to! Do you have the third crystal?

Lara: Yes, I've got all three DNA crystals now. I'm not sure an

explosion will be enough to destroy them, though.

Jack: There's a submarine volcano just off the coast...

Lara: Say no more. *resolved:* I've got this.


The Big Bang, Escape (GSV-Timedescape.jpg)


Jump towards the jump lever to land on the slope and jump to the ground floor. Go to the small room E and shoot the guy. Save, combine Mobile Phone with Explosives to get a Bomb and place that on the crate with explosives. Run out fast, to the right into the gate, don’t bother shooting anyone, just sprint along the dark path and try not to hit the sloped sides… You have to shoot a glass panel too while you’re at it....

Immediately run forward from this save so you can watch the following cut scenes.


Episode 10-Epilogue: SOS...


Destroying the DNA Crystals proves to be harder than Lara imagined. The Sub is damaged by the explosion and floods rapidly.


Open the airlock E, it all goes painstakingly slow…Swim through and down left a bit to use the controls of the robot arm and break a window, roll and swim up left to that window and use Ctrl to push it out. Swim out and immediately right to swim away from a large piece of Coral falling down, the fish will also hurt you.. The only air is up, you can find that I think…. When you climb onto the crate the final Cut scene will kick in.


For a Secret however, don’t climb on the crate yet, but get air and save. Go to the SW corner of the crate and face SW, dive down and swim to the left corner of that big coral wall, near the bottom is a triangular opening, go through and right, on the bottom is Secret #1, a Pearl. Roll, don’t you dare get air in that red hole, go left and swim out, back up for air quick. When you climb onto the crate the final Cut scene will kick in.


Lara: *yawn*

Jack: Okay, so the stones are destroyed, as is the horde of genetically

engineered abominations they created; and we're still breathing. I'd

say the mission was a success.

Lara: *teasingly* Says the man who was almost turned into the Hulk

in the process... Anyway; Chloé, what will happen with Sanmonto -

now that it's clear that, in a way, they tried to weaponise food?

Chloé: Well, without the DNA crystals, all the research they conducted

with them is rendered useless, basically. We’ll keep an eye on them,

of course, but I don’t think they’ll be giving us trouble any time soon.

Jack: If ever. There's nothing left of their high-tech labs but ashes,

and the mastermind behind it all is pushing daisies.

Chloé: Right. You’ve helped us a great deal, Lara. That’s why the

board of the CTU have decided on your rehabilitation - you're free to

go. Your car is already waiting outside, in fact. … Lara???


Lara: *snoring*


End of this Epic Adventure….


G&D- June 8-2018