Shattered Ties.

Level by Dreamfall.

Walkthrough G&D Productions.

Lara pays her last respects to her Lifelong friend Winston…

The Bike.

After the gate closed, go straight and jump over the separation of the road. Keep going straight and then take left and go to that gas station. Go into the door and to the back, open the door and the next one on the right and grab the small medipack.  Leave the bar and outside take the bike and drive it just around the corner and dismount.

The Crowbar.

Walk into that alcove on the right (E) and grab up into a crawlspace on the left (behind the plants). Down at the other end (Ctrl + Forward) and walk to the far right corner (NW). Lara looks at something downstairs (there’s something under the grated floor).

Drop down and SE around the corner are some Flares. Go back, to the other end and find an opening in the wall on the right (E). Go up the stairs and slope and loop around to the right to open a door in the back. After the guy is gone follow him and loop around left and grab the Key from the floor (SW). Go back out and straight to the other end, turn right and use the Key in the back on the left wall. Turn around, climb the ladder and loop right to pull/push that crate twice to the N. Some rubble will come loose and drops through the grated floor. Go back down the ladder and take the stairs to the ground floor and drop down through the broken floor. The Crowbar is in the middle of the floor at the E wall. Climb back up W and up again and leave through the crawlspace (SW).

Get back on the bike and follow the road and when you arrive at a closed gate on a bridge, dismount. Go left (N) and open the crowbar door. Pull the garbage container out and aside and get in there. Lower yourself through the gap and arrive at a pool with rocks. Face SE and jump to the slope (the one pointing away), slide to the end and jump and grab the next rock NE. Turn around and a running jump to the flat part next to the slope you came from. Then jump to the flat triangle (SW) on the next one, and one jump up in the same direction. Turn left and take a running jump with a slight curve to the vines on that bridge pillar and shimmy around to the right. Climb down a bit and backflip with a roll, jump again onto a flat rock.

Then take a running jump to the wall (S) and jump up to the left. Follow the wall around to the bridge (N) and climb up at the corner. Then a standing jump NW (stay away from the open gate) and hoist up. Go right and open the crowbar door on the right, use the switch in there and the gate opens so you can go across and get the bike. 

Jump the Pit.

Ride the bike and when you feel a lot of rumble leave the bike (leave it on the right side of the road near that rocky outcrop) because the road ahead collapsed.

For a Secret: go on foot to the pit a bit further. Make your way down to the bottom carefully starting on the left. In the SW corner is an opening hidden by some plants on the left. Crawl in hugging the wall and get Secret # 1, a Cross. Crawl out and from standing on a flat rock jump to the S wall, grab the edge and hoist up. Turn to the right and jump up to a ledge (S wall), from there turn right and a running jump to the one N. From there jump to the safe ground also N.

Now get on the bike and you have to drive up onto that rocky outcrop and veer a sharp to the left and jump over the road onto the rock ledge on the left side of the road, keep your bike straight and drive up and jump over the pit.

Follow the path and leave the bike at the gate, push the button on the right of the gate.

Hello! It's Lara Croft, I came here because of Winston…

I need to tell that he's... Hello? Is someone there?        

Get in and up the stairs into the front door which opens.

The Mansion.

Go right into the opening with the boxes and open a small door on the right, pick up the Flares and get back to the Main Hall. To the right of the stairs is an open door (NW), get in and around the corner go down the stairs. Open a door on the left and on a small table left is a small medipack. Go back out (the doors E are a shortcut for later), up the stairs and back to the hall. On the other side of the staircase is another door (SW), open it and you’re in a Laundry room (door left in the back behind the shelves will never open). Take a right into the corridor and at the end is another door.

The Code Door, Living room Key.

Get in and go left, follow through and loop around to the right, open the door (N) and read the sign.

Press, move 2 right;

Press, move up 1

Press; move 2 down

Press; the door shall open.

The door right is the cloakroom and nothing to find there. Go out and left to the wall and use Ctrl to get the numbers up. The only possible number is to start with #4… Push 4 – 6 – 3 – 9, then * and the door opens. Left is a Medipack, and a Journal next to it, on the other side get the Living room Key and Flares.  

In the Journal you’ll get clues about what’s going on here, we’ll find more later.

The Living Room, Study room Key.

Go out and open the door left to find a patio with a pool and Robert’s Lab left, we’ll be back here. Go back into the corridor (N) at the stairs loop around to the right, back into the Laundry room, take a left to the Main Hall and a left (N) and use the Living Room Key at the doors at the end. Go in and left into another room and watch the flyby. Be sure to Save here and quickly get the Study Room key from a pedestal in the far right corner, the Ghost that just killed Sarah’s Sister, will come for you next. We have to get back into the corridor we just came from..

Run with the Ghost.

Get out to the Main Hall and take a right after the main stairs into the Laundry, then go into the corridor on the right, loop around right up the stairs this time and once upstairs go to the left and use the Study room key there (NE). Get in, go straight and loop around right into another open door, left around the corner and kick the lower part of the wall in and quickly crawl in.

Open the next door and follow through. You bump into a pushable crate; leave it for now and go behind the back and spot the trapdoor in the ceiling, open it. Go back to the pushable crate and pull it twice so it is under the now open trapdoor, hoist up and climb up higher (E) (the door that opens where the crate was is a shortcut back to the Hall).

Follow through this attic, come into a room and get a Page of the Journal from the carpet. Go into the passage left and follow the attic, in the last room is a small medipack on a table left and behind the crate you can flip a switch. Go back to the trapdoor and there on the right a door opened (E). Climb the ladder and use the switch over the trapdoor, you’ll fall down into the Basements.

Flooded Basements.

Swim into the crack (SW) and another one on the left and wade through and around the corner get out. Use the switch you find in the other end of that corridor and you’ll hear a gate opening up (up E from the pool you dropped into).

The Electrified Pool, a Fuse.

Turn left, go to the end and crawl into the gap right, drop out into the water again. Climb out E and follow through the gate you just opened and open the door in the end. Get down to the lower part and spot the Fuse on the bottom of the pool. Run against the fence and jump to grab the walkway on the right hand wall, now you have to jump across to the other side (W) avoiding contact with those cables as much as possible. Turn right and go down to the lower ledge, grab the crack N and shimmy around to pull up on the last ledge. Jump across the pool again and flip the switch on that E walkway.

A gate opens, giving access to the N end of the room, behind the fence. Run jump (no Ctrl) down to that lower ledge on the other side and climb up left, then jump SE (with Ctrl) to the lower entrance floor. Go out to the corridor, right and right again into the now open gate. Open the small door left to come to a control room with 4 switches. From left to right use #2 and #3 and the pool will drain. Go back there through the corridor and hop down into the dry pool to get the Fuse. Grab back up S under the railing and get out to the corridor, follow back to the water room. Into the gap SW and wade through the shallow water to where you used the switch before.

Opening up a Shortcut for later and the Hall Key.

Turn left at the switch and crawl underneath the pipes, a gate left will open up later (for the pistols **) and a shortcut down here would be nice.

Instead open the small door on the right (N), go right down the steps and up the other, left in the corner is another Page of the Journal, then place the Fuse in the box on the right (S), a gate opens up. Back down and up the stairs and loop right to find the open gate, push that box of furniture all the way and quickly turn right, go up the ladder before the beast can do real harm. Open the panel around the corner with your Crowbar and step into the room. Left on a table is the Hall Key.

Pull the pushable crate twice from the NW corner and leave it there. Go where you got the crate from and you’re back in the hall under the stairs (the door that didn’t open from the other side). Go left up the stairs to the Main Hall.

The Dining Room Key.

Go up the big staircase and left to open the door there with the Hall Key, just go straight into the corridor and left into the bathroom to get a Medipack from the shower. Back into the corridor and left, the first door right opens into a bedroom where you can find Flares. The next door in the corridor, left, opens into another bedroom and left in the doorway is a Page of the Journal. Left around the corner on the table is the Dining Room Key. Better Save before you pick it up.

The Chapel, the Crypts.  

Run back into the corridor, straight and out to the Main Hall, down the stairs and right to open the door to the Dining room (S). Inside another Ghost will show up, get into the kitchen SW and right into a corridor, follow passing a Red Keyhole and left around the corner, sprint outside and push the button at the gate. Go through and just sprint all the way to the back of the yard, left and into the Chapel, some rubble will block the entrance and you are rid of that Ghost..

A Torch.

Open the small door right in the back and go to the last door right, crawl into a small opening NE and flip a switch to open a gate *. Get back out to the corridor and into the next door for a Page of the Journal and a small medipack. Get back to the Chapel and now take the other door in the left corner. Into the first door left and jump behind the bed to get a Torch from the tree. Out to the corridor, left through the next door

Lara: Someone IS here....

Ignite the Torch at the fireplace. Into the corridor again and left through the gate you opened before (*). Left into the open door to a place with a wooden floor, throw the Torch on it and it will burn away. Grab the Medipack left and then drop down into the Crypt below.

Go through the door and at the intersection take a right and loop left around to get to the crate you saw at the intersection, pull it once and go back around to the intersection. Go through S where you pulled the crate from and open the small door left, through to the next room and find some Flares in front of the table (duck to get them).

Restore the Power.

Open the trapdoor left of the table and get down to the lower level. Go through the door and in the room N are some gates with coffins behind them, two have Fuses behind them. In the SW corner is a switch; doesn’t work, probably something wrong with the power.

Go down the stairs in the W.

Secret: Go to the end of that room and left into the hidden crawlspace, follow through to get Secret #2, a Cross. Get back out.

Fuse #1.

In the room downstairs, open the door on the left (N) and inside go up the stairs to the higher level. Get a small medipack SE and pull a crate from the other corner, move it aside to access the passage behind it. Go in and to the last coffin to get Fuse #1.

Fuse #2.

Get out, down the stairs and left (E) into a room with switches. Use the second one on the left and the one directly across too (second on the right side). All lamps seem to have power now. You’ll hear a gate open up. Go back up the stairs, left out the door and left up the stairs to the first room. Left to the gates with the coffins, where the one on the right is now open. Get Fuse #2 there.

The switch in the SW corner does work now, but it only closes the gate where you got Fuse #2.

Go back through the door S to where you can climb back up to the level above through the trapdoor. Go straight (N) and left in the next room, right and right again to the intersection with the crate, go right through a triangular opening and find a Fuse box where you can place one Fuse. Back out to the intersection and left (S), through the open door SW where you can spot one of Robert’s mutated employees through the gate S. Take a right (W) into the passage, pick up a Page of the Journal, around the corner you’ll find another Fuse box. Placing the Fuse you will hear the gate open up to where you saw that creature.

The Challenge for the Crypt Key.

Loop right around into the now open gate and go down into the next room, left up the steps and through the door. Flip the switch on the right hand wall and go back out. Jump up to the now open gate on the right (S) and in the next room left in the indentation in the floor is another Fuse, face SW to the passage and save before you pick it up.

The Creature shows up again and he’s not happy, sprint through the passage, down the slope and turn sharp right into the next room, because another Ghost shows up and he might push you into the burning barrel. In the back (N) is the Fuse box and behind the two fenced off areas is a kind of cage with two large gates. We’ll have to get that ghost in there and blow him up.

-Place the Fuse to set things in motion, roll and run into the first fenced area. Just left of the gates is a switch, pull that and those gates open up on a timer of 10 seconds. You have to lure the Ghost in and manage to get out and leave him inside before the gates close. (If you happen to get caught inside the cage, there’s a switch you have to use two times to open the gates again).

-In the left side fenced area is a switch (just right of the gates), use that and an explosion occurs, the Ghost shatters to pieces.

Now the ghost should be dead, open the gates again (either one of the switches), go inside and look for the Crypt Key where that ghost perished.

Left of the fuse box is a slope (N), get up there and use the key. Climb up the vines in the hole to get into the graveyard. Look for the Key to Robert’s Lab near the cross E and a Page of the Journal (NE).

Garage, a Jerry Can.

Leave through the opened gate SE and turn right, go back to the Mansion. Before going in, take a right over the balcony and open the door to the Garage right. Between the cars is a table and under is a Page of the Journal, behind the second car (E wall) is the Jerry Can.

Robert’s Lab, Deposit Key.

Get out and head back inside the Mansion, at the Red keyhole go right into the kitchen and then left into the dining room and out N to the Main Hall. Just before the stairs left into the Laundry and right into the corridor, left in the hallway with the staircase and straight to the code door. Take a right there and if you didn’t yet, open the door W to get to the Patio. Left (S) is the door to Robert’s Lab.

On the floor where Lara is looking is a dead guy (Could that be Robert), pick up the Deposit Key and a Page of the Journal from under the body. To the W are three element bowls, check the Journal. Best not take any risk and wait with using the Jerry Can till you have all elements.

The Deposit, open the gate for the Pistols and a Key.

Go out to the Patio and to the opposite wall, a bit left is the door to the Deposit you can now open. Inside to the right is a door and in a chest there is a Medipack. On the floor under the lamp is Shotgun ammo. Go out and run in a NW direction over the bottom of the stairs to trigger some rubble coming down. While you are in that NW corner, go into the passage there and left around is a trapdoor, open it. There’s a pit under some pipes and left of it is an opening, go in there and left and right are two switches.

-Left fills that pit with water (to fill the water skin later).

-Right opens an important gate in the basements, (pistols) **.

Nothing more we can do here now, so get back out through the trapdoor SW and go to the stairs. Go up the stairs, turn around and run jump to grab up to the floor E. Open the door and on a small table in the back is a Key (screen of where to use it).

Flooded Basements, The Pistols.

Get downstairs, out to the patio and left through the door, left again opposite the code door and in the hallway with the stairs right to the Laundry, left to the Main Hall. Loop left around the stairs into the door NW, down the stairs and into the shortcut door NE, opened when you visited the Flooded Basements earlier. Around the push crate into the opening (NE), down the ladder and follow the passage through the door S and find that open gate ** there to the S.

Where the cages are, open the blue door NE and get Uzi clips and a Medipack from the meat storage.

In the left animal cage, next to the ladder you can get through the fence E (animals escaped there!) and pick up Shotgun ammo, Pistols and the Gallery Key. Those animals will return, shoot them there or get out first.

A Bag of Sand.

Leave N, straight and up the ladder, straight through the room with the crate and left in the hallway, up the stairs and left back to the Main Hall. Up the stairs and left through the door, left at the ladder and in the next room open the door right with the Key. Crawl straight into the opening behind the plant to get Shotgun ammo, crawl out and open the door left. Inside is the Bag of Sand on a table. Go out and left right to the Main Hall.

For a Secret: Go straight down the first flight of stairs and up the ones straight ahead (N). Go to the right into the door you went in long time ago, take a right through the small door and stop, turn left and shoot those carton boxes. The wall behind it shatters too, shoot the next wall too and jump over the shaft to get into that opening for Secret #3, a Cross. Jump back and return to the Main Hall.  

The Gallery Puzzle, the Jewel Key.

Go to the dining room (S on ground floor) and pass through to the kitchen, take a left into the corridor and open the door there with the Gallery Key. Take a right inside to where you can read the clue.

The smile screams the loneliness.

Turn around and go to the far end of the gallery, to the right is the Mona Lisa and that must be the most famous “Smile” ever, jump over the blade and use the jump lever.

Hop back out, go left and skip the next two paintings, go into the fore last, the “Scream” and do the jump lever there, out, left around to the next, “Loneliness”, this blade doesn’t work luckily. The door next to the clue opens up. Loop left around into the door and open the chest to get the Jewel Key.

The Water Skin.

Leave the gallery, go into the kitchen (E) and left to the dining room, out N to the Main Hall, a Creature showed up, shoot him. Just before the stairs left into the Laundry and right into the corridor, left in the hallway with the staircase and straight to the code door. Take a right there to the Patio.

Go to the back (W) and hop over the balustrade onto the rock, grab up to the vines and back flip onto the roof. Go up left (S) and jump over the balustrade, open the door and inside you can place the Jewel key on the little crown (face SW).

A book case opens up behind Lara (E), get in there and grab the Water Skin from under the table. Get out, down to the floor of the Patio and into the Deposit N. Into the far left corner next to the stairs and left around to drop down through the trapdoor to the basement. In the pit filled with water you can fill the Skin (switch in passage left fills pit).

Robert’s Lab, Attic Key and a Strange Key #1.

Get out and to the other side into Robert’s Lab, put the elements into the bowls, water left, gasoline in the middle and sand right. We don’t have to burn the gasoline; the gate opens.

Go in and get a small medipack from under the table right, and on the small table in the back are the Attic Key and a Strange Key #1. Two creatures attack, shoot them and get back to the Main Hall (out of the lab, right to the code door and left, at the stairs right to the Laundry and left).

The Attic, Secret room Key.

Go up the stairs and left through the door, use the Attic key left of the ladder and go up and off on the left, to find a door with a keyhole. Head NE into the passage, loop right around to a room where you can get some Shotgun ammo. Go back and open the first door right.

Secret: Take a right and another right and shoot the boxes, get into the crawlspace for Secret #4, a Cross. Get back to the door.

Go left (W) this time, around the corner there and find Sarah on the floor, pull her away and get a Page of the Journal and a Secret room Key. The explosives she writes about are on the floor, you cannot pick them up; she placed them there to blow up this Haunted Mansion.

Uzis and Strange Key #2.

Go back to the door and right/left back to the ladder. Open the Secret room there, go in and get the Uzis and Uzi clips from behind the hole in the floor, then step into that hole and just drop down into a bedroom. In the SW corner is a chest of drawers, pull it twice to the N so you can use the lamp switch on the wall, a painting opens. Go in and get Strange Key #2.

From the chest of drawers jump and grab back up through the hole and leave through the door (E), left to the ladder left around the next door.

Using the Strange Keys, the Detonator.

Climb down to the hallway below and turn right and go around the corner (NW) where you can place one of the Strange Keys. Turn around and loop left around to the stairs, go straight up (N) and inside loop left around that crate you pushed some time ago. Place the second Strange Key and hear a door open up. Turn around; go right around to the staircase and right to the door you opened.

Step into the Ballroom. Go left to a study and get the Balcony Key from the middle of the floor. Go back to the Main Hall, down the stairs and loop right around into the Laundry, right into the corridor and in the hallway with the stairs, go up the stairs and once up, loop right to use the Balcony Key.

Follow through, up some stairs to come to the balcony above the Ballroom. Go straight through to the balcony above the study and through the door straight ahead (S). You see more explosives, Uzi clips and a Shotgun on the Floor. The switch on the wall is the Detonator…

Final Battle “Cleaning House”.

Be sure to have full health, save at the switch and pull, turn right and run out, just jump straight over the balustrade into the study below and pull the Uzis. When you run into the Ballroom, a Ghost shows up, be sure to have him in sight when you shoot, when he is behind furniture you are just wasting precious ammo. You’ll switch to pistols when you’re out, finish him off while staying close to the exit SE. When he’s dead, Mary (possessed by a dark force) appears, switch to Shotgun and fire away. You should have just enough ammo to get the job done. Immediately run out the door and sprint straight down the stairs out the front door before the time is up.

Watch the cut scene… The blast throws Lara down; she gets up and gets some gas at the gas station before driving off…

And all of this happened because Mary didn't accept her family's death. Winston is dead, he was my family... Well, I'm sure he's in a better place now. 

G&D – May 1, 2018.