AET 18- Dreaming into the Past.

Level by LoreRaider

Walkthrough G&D Produtions.

No Compass, No binoculars…

After a tiresome day Lara is having a dream…

First Valley.

Go straight into the valley, left behind that tree is a gate *. From entering the valley, loop right around behind the tree and find Shotgun ammo and a lever opening a gate in the far side of the valley. Turn right from the lever and follow the high path along the wall to get some Flares. Go to that gate left in the far wall and pick up a small medipack from the ground just before going into the tunnel.

High Room and Gates.

You’ll come to a high room with ledges and gates. Hop up into an opening in the right had wall, crawl through to a small cave and use the lever there to open two of the gates in the high room. Get back there through the crawlspace and go straight to the opposite wall, hop up into the opening there and grab up where the useless ladder is (left side of the ladder). Walk out onto the ledge and spot the two open gates in the opposite wall. Run a bit left off this pointy ledge to the ledge below and hop around the room to the lower opposite gate. Follow through to a lever opening another gate.

Turn right at the lever, grab up to a crawlspace and get Secret #1, Flares, a small medipack and 2x Uzi clips. Drop out.

When you go back down this passage a boulder will come after you, after the first corner you will be safe again. Back in the high room, jump over to the gate you opened, opposite side and in the back turn around and climb up the wall to the gate above which will open for you. Jump and grab the ledge in front and jump over to the upper gate opposite side. Go into a room with 6 levers, throw all 3 on the right hand wall and only the left one on the left wall and all gates in the back should be open. Throw the lever in the back to open the ground floor gate in the high room, get back there, make your way down and go through that gate (opposite side).

Waterfall Cave.

Following the left side you will come across a gate. Go to the back, left of the waterfall and turn right to find a lever on the tree, that gate opens up. Enter the gate and find a lever in the back, turn around and go up the ladder in the left hand passage. Jump out to the branch and follow the branches to the far right. Look for the opening in the wall right of the rock pillar and jump in there, push the block twice and follow through to a dead end, grab up left there and walk out to an opening near the waterfall.

Run jump straight and grab the branch, jump to the next tree and use the lever on the statue to open the gate * in the First Valley. Make your way down to the ground and leave through the passage in the far side (opposite the waterfall). Straight through the high room and in the First valley there are now two Tigers roaming around. Keep right along the wall and hop up to the tree to enter the gate there.

Follow through and at the second corner (turning left) is a crawlspace right with a closed gate. After the left turn there are some Uzi clips in a niche at the right hand wall. Proceed along the right hand wall and in the next corner you will find a small medipack and a lever opening a gate ahead.

Go out and right around and go along the right hand side, just before a tree sticking out of the right hand wall is another triangular crawlspace. Go in and use the lever inside to open a gate. Go back to that other crawlspace I pointed out and get in, the gate is now open. Get Secret #2,  a small medipack, Flares, Shotgun ammo and Uzi clips. Get out and now follow the cave back to where you left off.

Proceed through the cave, picking up Flares left and get to the gate in the end. In the middle of the next valley are the Uzis, on a block.

Open the Gate.

From the block you can jump grab up to a rock ledge and get more Flares. From here you can go either right or left and use the trees to get to the upper region of the valley, jump around to use the 3 levers opening the gate. Get down and enter the Hall with the Shiva’s.

Hall with the Shiva’s.

Turn left where you enter and side step between the fire statue and the corner pillar to grab up to the gap in the pillar. Turn around and run jump to the platform. Climb up in the corner there and use the pulley wheel to open the first gate. Back down onto the platform and jump to the next, then left to the third and the fourth from where you can run jump and grab the next corner niche with pulley wheel, another gate opens. Safety drop down next to the fire statue (not behind the shiva or you will be stuck) and go to the gate right from facing the still closed gate.

Statue Scimitar 1 and Indra Key 1.

Go down the ladder, swim into the room and turn around, up over the entrance is an underwater lever, use it and go around the room to use 3 more, the central cage opens up and you can get the Indra Key 1 and Statue Scimitar 1 there. You can get air at the surface. Swim back out, up the ladder a bit and back flip off.

Statue Scimitar 2 and Indra Key 2.

Go straight to the other open gate, down the steps and cross the pool to the other side. Stand at the edge of the pool close to that big pillar and face the entrance, light a flare to spot a transparent ledge. Side flip onto the sloped base of the pillar and jump to grab that ledge. Hop to the pillar and use the lever to open a gate behind it. Hop down, get into the gate for Statue Scimitar 2 and Indra Key 2. Go out, grab up to the big pillar on this side and use the lever to open the entrance back up. Go to the Shiva room and left to open the gate with the 2 Keys.

Underwater Maze Challenge.

Slide down the slope and in the pool is a hole you have to go down in. Follow to a wider room (up is air) and use the underwater lever (1), turn right from the lever and go through a small gap near the bottom, swim straight to the end and right to the end for an underwater lever (2), (up is air) roll swim back and at the crossing sort of straight keeping right and follow through a narrow gap left near the bottom to the underwater lever on the right hand wall (3). Get air, swim into the tunnel opposite the lever and follow through to another narrow gap right, go through and use the UW lever (4) there. Roll, get up for air and now swim into the green tunnel opposite the lever. Go straight at the crossing into a green room and use the last UW lever (5), the gate should open. Roll go up for air, dive down and swim into the tunnel opposite the lever, left at the crossing and to the narrow gap with the bluish light. Left and follow through, up and climb out at the gate.

Spikes and Blades.

Walk towards the next gate and it will open up. Careful, the next room has spike walls and blades… Run jump in landing between the two pillars, step back as far as you can, run and jump again to land before touching the blades. This set of spike walls was not fully closed when I did it like this. So I could walk back and do a decent run jump over the 2 blades in the back and dropped into the water under the slope.

Scaling the Cave, Timed Gates.

Swim slowly through a gap (rubble will fall left) and climb out on the lower ledge left. Run jumps over the ledges to the one over the entrance and grab up to the climb wall on the higher block, run jump to the next.

Jump and grab the crack left of the ledge and pull up into the crack there to get to Secret #3, Flares, a Medipack, a small medipack and Uzi clips hidden in the plant. Crawl out left of the ledge , shimmy right till you are just over the corner of the ledge and drop.

Jump to the next ledge and grab up to the climb wall to go even higher. Turn right and run jump along the right hand side of the ledge to the other side, without Ctrl and landing on the sloped end of the ledge with the lever. Gates open up, Timed if I understand the music right… So save at the lever, Pull and turn right, grab up to the ledge, run and curve right to jump to the next ledge, right and jump up to the triangular opening with the gates.

Follow in, grab Uzi clips and walk slowly through the spiked plants, use the 4 buttons on the wall and go up the ladder in the back up to the gate you opened. Left of the gate are Shotgun and Shotgun ammo, duck to get that. Follow through and slide down to a wide valley.

Cascade Valley, follow the river.

Just to the right is Shotgun ammo, to the left is a Medipack and a bit further away, next to the second dead plant is a small medipack. Go back to the entrance.

Nice Secret: From where you pick up the small medipack, look towards the lake below and spot a large waterfall far left with a nice low grassy field in front. Run jump and dive into the lake, get to that grassy field fast (piranhas) and walk through the waterfall into the designer’s workspace with Easter Egg Secret #4, 2x Eagle clips and the Desert Eagle itself. Outside look towards that passage you came sliding down from and spot the low ledge at water level, swim there, get out and climb up left to higher ground.

But you can also prepare for the next Secret now. Look to the side where you just came from and spot the underwater lever in the niche left of the Easter Egg cave. To get the fish away you may climb to higher ground first, go right around to the end and dive to the lever from there, then get back to the low ledge and climb back up to higher ground.

Go right towards the wall with the entrance, left and in the corner you can find a ladder down to the river below. Climb left along the ladder to drop on a tiny triangle ledge and hop to the next ledge.

Look right and jump right around the corner onto the trapdoor to pull up in the crawlspace and get Secret #5, Shotgun ammo, a Medipack and 2x Uzi clips. Drop out, jump right to the next ledge.

Jump the ledges to where you have to jump to a wide one in the corner. This is a tricky jump, stand in the middle of the edge, run jump and at the last moment a grab. From the wide ledge to a block in the middle of the river and then left around the corner. Here you can grab up to a monkey climb to get to the next one. More ledges and then you get to one across the river where you can get into a passage.

Spikes and Slopes.

In the room, go left and right and grab the right hand side of the slope, pull up over and slide jump 3 times and when you go right, grab the higher edge. Pull up there, turn right and walk right to jump over to a pulley wheel and some Uzi clips. Get to the gate, follow through to another Jungle Valley. Shoot the Tigers and Vultures and head for the rock outcrop right where you can jump across to the other side.

The Swamp Cave.

Go into the opening and walk slowly up to the swamp. You can spot different tiles in the mud, jump there and then a bit right to get to the rock ledge in the right hand corner. Grab the crack and shimmy left till you can drop to another tile. Now run jump towards the next, which you will just miss, quickly walk forward and grab up. A few more hops to the exit in the far right corner. Walk out and right and jump to the next ledge, take cover in a corner to shoot the vultures.

Proceed along this side, drop down to the lower area and shoot tigers. Go left in the end and then straight to the wall and at the point where you will give up all hope of finding a way out, you see a push block under the wall. Step into the triangular opening and push the block left once. Slide down and follow the tunnel to a room with 4 blocks.


The hint is: there are all similar textures on the ledge, but some face the way You came into the room. That’s where the blocks should go.

First one left in the middle, second one against the wall. First one right, next to the tree and the second one right back against the wall. The gate opens, slide down.

Fiery Ledges, Skull Key.

Go left and push the button to raise a trapdoor, push it, turn right and jump to the first ledge, then hop to the next and another hop to the high block and run off left onto the trapdoor, get into the crawlspace and pick up a small medipack and Uzi clips. In the back is a Skull Key. Climb up the high block and jump to the gate, open it with the Key.

Turn around and hop back 4 times up the slope, then run down and right or left around the corner to escape the boulder. Walk up and into the next room, a closed gate and a block too high up. From the gate walk left into the corner, turn around and light a flare to spot the sneaky ledge, jump/grab up and turn right to spot the next, then left and finally onto the block to push the button opening the gate below. Use the zip line over the spikes, gate opens, gate closes, no turning back…

In the next jungle room, use the two Scimitars on the Shiva statues and now you’ll have to shoot them. You have enough Shotgun ammo (maybe even the Desert Eagle)… A gate opens to a sloped passage leading up to the exit…

G&D Productions, April 08-2018.