Quest for the Golden Armour.

Level by Opaque97.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

1 - Path to the Temple.

A Torch.

Lara drops into a cave, get the Shotgun ammo behind you, then turn W and walk diagonally up the small beach to get the Flares. Now swim through the tunnel N to get to the next cave. Take a right, go down in the pit next to the burning wall torch to get a small medipack. Go left around the pillar with that torch, climb the ledge E, turn around and find the climb wall, go up. Shoot a scorpion, get Shotgun ammo NE and a Torch from the niche W. In the SE corner is a large hole, hop down onto the slope below (SE) and go ignite the Torch. Find the 3 wall torches you can ignite to open the gate W (N on the ledge, on the pillar NW and one in the entrance SW).

Behind the pillar NW is also a small medipack to be found. Go through the gate and in a pit are a misguided scorpion and Flares, two bats can also be killed. On a block W is a small medipack, then go through the passage NW to a large cave with a Lava pit. Go to the far wall (W) and grab a crack in the wall to shimmy left across the Lava pit and follow the passage to a sloped hall where two hell hounds attack. On a pillar W is the Shotgun, in a niche S are Flares.

Lava Cave.

The cave entrance NW is for later, go down a sloped passage NE and climb down a wall into a Lava cave, run jump straight to that pillar, to the next, then hop left to the last one, shoot the hell hounds and run jump towards that passage with the gate.

Secret: go left first, turn left and run jump to the ledge next to the pillar, to the next and turn right to jump into the passage in the S wall for Secret #1, 2x Uzi clips and the Uzis. Jump back to the W.

Go to the gate in the passage W which will open for you, another hell hound appears from the next room with the giant statues.

All for a Torch Puzzle.

In two of the corners of this room you can find a small medipack and Flares. Now go into the passage W, going down again to a sand pit, drop into the pit, go into the passage S and throw the lever to raise platforms and a block in the room with the statues. Get out of the pit NW and get back up to the room with the statues (W).

Climb the block SE, jump onto the platform and go up to the top of the arch. Throw down a Torch and watch where it lands. Then slide down N and use the lever to fill the sand pit. Get down, grab the Torch and ignite it, go down W and cross the sand pit to set fire to the rope. A gate opens *.

Get back up to the Statue room, straight to the Lava pit and jump back across. Up the passage NE to the sloped cave and sort of straight down into the NW section. Go up to the block SW, then jump grab up left to the ledge above and jump across to the bridge leading to the passage where the gate opened *. You’ll come to a Temple entrance where we need 4 Gems. Shoot hell hounds when you encounter them…

The Temple Gems Door.

NE, Water, Gem 1.

From this cave there are 4 areas we can visit, let’s start N and right (NE). Hop over the hole and swim across the pool to get Temple Gem 1 from the pedestal. The room shakes and the exit is blocked. Swim into the tunnel under the pedestal, climb out right and go to a room. Go up a ladder SW, up a block on the other side, use a monkey swing and climb the blocks in the corner left to throw the lever there. Get down, safety drop to the floor and get NW to the water, swim back and straight into the tunnel under the collapsed entrance. In the cave loop right around into the next passage.

NW, Lava, Gem 2.

Grab up left to get to a room with Lava and a big platform above it. Drop down onto a path below and go S, right and hop to the first tile when the burner is down, hop to the next and jump to grab the block in the corner. Use the Timed lever to lower a block on that big platform and make your way there along the path before the block goes up and get Gem 2. Jump back and grab the entrance to get back to the big cave.

SW, Scorpions, Gem 3.

Go straight across into the steep passage SW, jump over the steep part and around the corner danger sounds, not a boulder but a horde of scorpions as you enter the cave. There are Shotgun ammo, a Shotgun and a Medipack on the ground. Behind the pillar S is a climb wall, go down and two Giant Scorpions attack, when you killed them, the gate to Gem 3 opens up. Climb back out, leave N to the big cave.

SE, Fire, Gem 4.

Loop right around up another steep passage and the gate closes behind you. Walk straight onto the ledge with the Scarab symbol and a gate opens, way up on the far wall. Run jump straight onto that block with the flames, wait for a chance to run jump to the ledge W and pull up to the higher ledge when the flames are down and go up even higher. Throw a lever (1) up there and get back down to the lower level.

Run jump to the white block SE, hop to the next and run jump to grab that big pillar SE (not on the diagonal side). Pull up on the left corner and walk left onto the safe spot. Run over the low end of the flame tile (when it is down) to the next corner (NE) and curving left jump to the ledges with the ladders. Go up to find another lever (2). The horizontal flames on the flame pillar are now gone.

Get down the ladder and jump back to the flame pillar, climb to the top when you get the chance. Jump and grab S when the flame below is down and get Gem 4. Dive into the water below and get out at the stairs NE. Leave N and in the cave go left to open the temple by placing all Gems. Go through the door…

2 – Temple Interior.

When coming into the Hall with the Horus door W, a Horseman attacks, while shooting him I also shot some vases, the one under the torch N had a Revolver.

S: Laser Sight, Eye Piece I and Left Gauntlet.

Go into the Hall S, use the lever on the N wall there and a door opens S, shoot the horseman and go in, a Harpy and a Bedouin attack, shoot them (save at least 1 revolver bullet).

Go back in and jump right into the archway, find the lever there, swim into the opening in the central structure and use the ceiling lever. Swim into an alcove NW and use a second ceiling lever. Climb out N and find a high block that went up along the E wall, Use the blocks to get up to the roof and get the Laser Sight. Jump to the door W, go left to the corner and look up E, shoot that ball there to open that door.

Go in, shoot two Bedouin and get Revolver ammo right. One of those Guys dropped Eye piece I.

Left Gauntlet.

Head through the open door W, stand in the passage shooting those guys running around the next room and go in, in the NE corner is Revolver ammo, SE is Shotgun ammo.

Lower the Cage 1, N, Blades and a Lever.

To lower the Cage we need to complete two tasks, enter the room N, walk immediately left along the wall and run jump to grab the crack W, shimmy right timing the burner and drop on the ledge. Run jump (mind the low ceiling) to the ledge with the lever and jump back S over the trapdoors. Go straight through the room with the cage into the passage S.

Lower the Cage 2, S, Spikes and a Lever.

The traps aren’t active yet, so just run straight to the lever and pull. Turn around and run left around the corner when the flames are down, hop N over the spikes and run or jump out of this room. Grab the Left Gauntlet and go through the door W, be quick, all the way down and into the teleport.

N, Right Gauntlet and Eye Piece II.

You are back at the Horus Door. This time go N Hall, the door N opens on approach, the next one doesn’t..

From where you enter, use levers 2-3-5-8 and the door opens. No idea if there was a clue..

Shoot the Bedouin and save at the lever N. A Timed door opens way up above the lever.

Detour for a Secret: Go to the block SE and make your way up to the highest one, jump to the door and grab the monkey swing. Go to the S end of the room to find a Timed lever which opens an underwater door for a Secret. Pull, roll and just run a bit right down onto the pillar, drop to the floor and run S. Straight the=rough to the hall with the Horus door and into the S Hall, through the door there to get to the pool, Dive in right along the building and the last niche right is where the door opened, get Secret #2, a Medipack and Revolver ammo. Make your way back all the way N to that Timed lever.

Pull the lever, run back to the other side, up on the low block and make your way up to the highest one from where you can jump to the door, get into the teleport. You end up on a ledge above the Horus door.

Grab the Right Gauntlet, jump to the opening in the wall SW or SE and go around the back to get Eye Piece 2, combine both to get the Eye of Horus. Jump down onto one of the blocks S, go to the Horus door W and open it.

Through the Horus Door, Tombs.

Shoot the incoming enemies and go right from the entrance to find Shotgun ammo, Revolver ammo and a Medipack near the large tomb.

Block Puzzle, the Right Greave.

Slide down a passage SW, look out right and spot a tall block, we need to move that. Throw the lever there once and the block moves, go down into the room, Right into the passage NW and follow up to where you can now get to a ladder, go up and throw another lever to move the next block.

Go into the passage S, down a ladder and the lever there I’m not sure of, I used it anyway. Hop out right to the block, up into the niche S and use the last lever to move the block to the N. Safety drop out, go into the passage NW again and jump to the block, then left to the next and right around the wall to the last. Get into the room up N and grab the Right Greave. Get out and to the ground floor, go up to the room you entered from (SE) where the slope changed into steps. Go back up to the Tombs.

Left Greave, Demigods, Breast Plate .

Go into a passage NW, throw all 3 levers left side and the doors open, go get the Left Greave. Nervous music starts, run back to the Tombs where a Demigod will attack you, there are some more behind the opened doors W. With a bit of tactics you can take them out one by one and with pistols if you like. The cage goes down on the Breast Plate and when you pick that up, the level will end…

I went looking for the last Secret after lowering the cage, but when I came back here the cage was up again and I could not finish.

Dutchy, April 2018.