AET 18- Charades in Venice.

Level by Greywolf

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Tasks in dark blue are for the Secrets                    

Golden Key.

Hop into the water and collect the Golden Key under the jetty NE and Ancient Gun ammo SE. Get back out at the steps between the gondola’s.

Head E into the alley, and E up the steps to another canal. The boat is here, but we cannot use it. Swim into the far SW corner and find an underwater lever, this is #1 for a trapdoor** for Secrets well get to later. Get back out of the water.

The Blue House, Rose Jewel #1.

Run over the bridge or just swim to the doors SE, open them and step into the blue staircase area. Under the stairs is more Ancient Gun ammo, go up the stairs and open the double doors. Jump onto the chandelier and onto the next, then jump into the window and shoot it. Run jump with shift (swan dive) onto the balcony. Draw pistols, jump up and down till you shot that gem from the lion head. Jump into the canal below (where you used the UW lever), climb out SE again, go back upstairs and over the chandeliers to the opened door there. Inside pick up the Rose Jewel, use the jump lever left to open the door, get the Flares and go down the stairs.

A Torch.

Open the doors at the bottom of the stairs and step into the room under the chandeliers, first open the doors on the far right, go in and open the next doors too. Now the way is free, go back and back in the room open the doors to the kitchen on the left (NW). Straight you can pick up a Torch, ignite it on the fire, go out to the room and throw it on the floor.

Secret: Now go back into the kitchen and see the fire is gone (seems that when you get close to the fire and wait, it will extinguish). Light a Flare and spot the crawlspace (W), up over where the fire was, get in there and drop down at the end. Open the doors and come to a library. Pick up Ancient Gun ammo right, a small medipack left from the table and go to the left hand bookcase on the S wall. Pull it twice, get behind it and use the lever to open a panel in the W wall. Go over the bridge to find Secret #1, an Easter Egg. Back inside, straight through the doors, up into the crawlspace to the kitchen and out to the room.

Pick up the Torch and go through the doors SE (that’s why you opened them before), right down the stairs and out to the canal, cross the bridge and out W to the alley.

The Café, a Blue Key and Red Wine.

Take a right, drop the Torch and open the door to the Café right. In the back, right is another door to the storage, inside are hidden under crates Red Wine, Flares and the Blue Key. Over the crate where the Flares are is a hatch you can open, but we need a Yellow Key up there, so you can open it, but no need to climb up yet (remember the trapdoor in the corner). 

Yellow Key, Bag of Sand.

Get out of the Café grab the Torch, go NW up some steps then left to the patio there are some Flares. Taking the Torch head into the opening NW, and in the street, where you can see the canal left, drop the Torch for now (remember where you left it) and open the doors W. Go left up the stairs, then right and open the first doors left (N). Pick up Flares and open the trapdoor in the left corner (face W). Get down and grab the Bag of Sand and the Yellow Key.

Use the Golden Key;

Bookcase Puzzle, Mask Piece 2, Rose Jewel 2 and a Book.

Back up and out through the door, left a bit and open the doors right (S) leading to more stairs. Go either left or right and use the Golden Key to open the doors on the right (NE).

-Push the 3rd Bookcase on the left in twice.

-Turn right and push the last bookcase on the right once into the entrance passage.

- Roll and loop around left and pull it once, loop around again and now push this one into the entrance passage – S as far as so you can store another bookcase here too.

-Roll and take a left, pull the one you pushed (W), back out twice, go around and push it and also into the entrance passage against the first one you pushed there.

-Go in where you got the last one from and pull out another one three times and leave it there.

Now go around and into the back W and get the Book and Rose Jewel 2. Read the book.

Mask Piece 2 and the Ancient Gun.

Turn back and just around the corner you can shoot the middle book panel (S), pick up Mask Piece 2 and pull the lever, a door opens up nearby.

Now you have to push back the 3 bookcases so you can go back to the stairs.

-Roll and go right, left and loop around the corners to a dead end. Turn right and push the block on the right (W) as far as it will go (W).

-Roll and go straight then pull the block on the right (S) once. Roll and go around the corners again to pull it once. Roll and go back, then push the block (fore last one on the right) as far as it will go (W).

-Roll again and go straight and right around the corner (S) pull that one 3 times and loop around to the left and you are back at the corridor.

Go right and then left into the doors opened by the lever, opposite the Gold keyhole. Inside is the Ancient Gun.

Use the Yellow Key, Finding the Code clue 1.

Go all the way down the stairs and out to the alley (you can bring the Torch), go left into the street, then right through another arch and loop left around into the opening to a yard with trees (we’ll be back here), go left and Lara looks up right to a church tower with a clock..

There’s another clock here. It shows a different time, both are still and I wonder why. I think there is a reason for that…

Drop the Torch left at the alley and leave it there.


Code clue 2:  

Go back and right through the arch, right again, then left and straight to the canal, go right a bit and turn around, look up E and spot another clock tower, this one points to 20:17 and as the author stated Italians are always a bit late, so 20:20 should be more accurate. Jump over E to the steps and go straight into the alley and left to the Café.

Once in the Café go into the storage in the back, hop on the crate and open the ceiling hatch. Climb up W and use the Yellow Key, hop over the corner of the hatch to the door you opened. Go into a gallery with paintings and get a clue when you go to the painting left

I think the code is hidden somewhere between (in the) alleys, squares and canals of Venice. I must keep my eyes open and look around carefully…

In the SW corner is the code pad; the code is 2020. A painting opens up and inside is Mask Piece 1. Combine the two pieces to get the Carnival Mask.

The Shop, the Laser Sight.

Get down to the storage, out of the Café and left right to the canal again, jump over to the W and go into the narrow alley W. Left into the shop and find a little elephant on a table… When you approach the owner..

I think you need a Laser sight, I could have one but you will have to give me a Carnival Mask in exchange..

Place the Mask on the stand NW, turn around and get the Laser Sight from the table behind you.

Open the door behind the man (W) and the doors inside too. Hop into the water and find a Medipack along the W wall, and an underwater lever SE (#2 for that trapdoor**). Climb back out and in the SE corner.

Secret Detour: in the corner near the door you can grab up on the right (W) to a roof, shimmy right around the corner and pull up in the end where you can stand. Turn around and shoot the right hand balustrade in front of the windows N. Now stand somewhere in the middle of this square and stand jump towards the red pin on the clothes line and grab it, swing and jump to grab the open part at the N balcony, go inside and get Secret #2, an Easter Egg. Hop into the water; get out at the doors and back into the shop.

The Boathouse, a Sword.

Go to the canal and left into the street, straight to the end and right through the arch to a small courtyard. Up left on the pillar is a jump lever, grab up to the roof above the door E and pull up, back flip with roll to grab the jump lever and see a big door open up *. Go through the arch NW to the yard with the trees and take a right, through the arches right (E) and keep right through that door * you just opened. You’ll come to the boathouse. There are 4 boxes on the bottom, shoot them. Three of them have goodies; one is empty. E a Medipack, W Ancient Gun ammo and S the Sword (Crowbar).

Use the Sword, Shoot the Bells to open the Café trapdoor.

Get out, loop right around the wall at the archway and use the Blue Key. Go into the yard, get a small medipack left and open the gate with the Sword. In the next area, dive under the entrance ledge (SE) to use the underwater lever  (#3 for the trapdoor**). Climb back out and go up to the bridge, standing on the bridge look up SW and shoot one of the 3 bells, you can see that trapdoor in the storage of the Café opens up (for later).

Villa Venetia, Lion Statue #1.

Go down to the N side, take a right and open the gate in the end, go into the square and come to Villa Venetia. Use the two Rose Jewels to open the front door (up the stairs E).

Inside we can go to the basement first, so straight under the stairs and to the right through the doors. Down the stairs and get Flares from under the stairs, open the doors in the opposite corner (NE) to get to a large storage room.

For a Secret: A rat will emerge from a crawlspace right, don’t kill him, but go to another crawlspace far left (NW) and go in when the platform inside is down. The rat will lower and raise it. Inside, around the corner is a lever, lowering a platform in the storage, so go back out and find Secret #3, an Easter Egg. In case the platform blocks the exit from the crawlspace, use the lever again.

Now shoot all the boxes spread throughout the room and get Flares (N), a small medipack (SW) and Ancient Gun ammo (E). The rat will most likely attack you now, you may now shoot it.

In the E wall is the crawlspace the rat came from, get in, pick up Flares and crawl further. Shoot the box to get a Medipack. Now use one of those flares, turn around and look up to use the jump lever  (#4 for the trapdoor**). Get out to the storage and leave SE for the stairs, go back up to the Hall of the Villa and go upstairs to open the doors left (N).

Chess Puzzle.

Go left and pick up a Book with the clue to the upcoming puzzle. Go through the opening N and find the Chessboard. Find the white knight W and move it twice to the E, once N, then twice to the E, once to the N (the white block goes down for that). Again push once N, then E twice, now push it to the S till it is standing on the tile there, just behind the lowering white block. The knight turns and a block goes down in the E wall revealing Lion Statue #1. Get out of the Villa and left to the canal where you shot the bell.

The Café, Lion statue 2.

Go over the bridge and left and leave (SE), out to the green yard, through the arch to the yard with the jump lever (S), right to the street and left, E to the Café and into the storage.

Secret Detour, now you have the sword, climb up N through the hatch to go into the gallery with the paintings. Open a crowbar panel in the wall on the right (E) to get Secret #4, an Easter Egg. In the corner right of this panel is another one, open that one and throw lever #5, to finally open that illusive trapdoor **. Get back down to the storage.

Climb down into the trapdoor in the corner, wade through the deep water to a room with two lion heads, still standing in the passage, draw the gun (maybe jump up once first to be able to do that) and shoot the two gems, a platform goes down in the floor. Swim in there to pick up Lion Statue #2.

On the N wall is a trapdoor, we’ll get to that later. For now that’s all, so get back through the passage, up the ladder to the storage, leave the Cafe and head NW to the street. Right (N) and right to the jump lever yard, left to the green yard.

Cat Square, down to the Sewers.

Go left to the far end where Lara looks to the clock tower and go left (take the Torch with you) into the alley, left around the corner is a white lowered block under a jump lever, that is for the Timed sequence later.

Go S, right up the stairs and you’ll come to a small square with a bunch of cats.

…in the garden of Eden there was everything. Livers, small kidneys, chopped meat, little goldfishes and milk bowls. Only one thing cannot be eaten: “the forbidden fishbone”. Which was growing in the middle of this magnificent Paradise. One day Mew-Mew, the first she-cat, met the devil, dressed up as a mouse…

Well, that was helpful..

Using the Lion Statues, Timed Platforms.

Go N and drop the Torch at the doors left. Open the nearby manhole (from facing S and climb down. Go left (W) and keep going left to reach a dead end with Flares, now go N and through the opening N, left there and climb up right into the opening above the pipe. Here you can place the two Lion Statues in the receptacles, this will open the mouth of that Big Lion head up on the W wall.

Look on the NE pillar and spot the jump lever; it is timed. Climb the ladder and stand over the jump lever. When you use it, platforms go up in the room. You have to climb the ladder again, run right and jump over to the pillars at the other side (S), turning right jump to the first platform and then to the next and jump or run into the Lion’s Mouth.

Monkey swing Hall, the Water Skin.

Crawl in and pick up more Flares at the ladder, then go up. In the Hall with the monkey swings on the ceiling, go into the niche under the N side monkey swing. Left is a lever, throw it, run out and a bit right to the platform that went up, grab up to it from the higher part of the floor and grab up to the monkey swing. Shimmy into that same N side niche, Drop onto the pillar and get the Water Skin. Jump over to the ledge N and throw floor lever 1. Get back on the monkey swing and now go left (E) to the niche to throw floor lever 2 and hear some water flow. You can leave the sewers now and skip the next blue part, but…

Optional: Quest for the Remaining Easter Eggs, 2 Timed Runs.

Light a flare and spot the crawlspace behind lever 2. Get in and follow through to a Timed lever to raise that block under the jump lever near Cat-square. Light a flare, make a Save and pull, roll while the block shows (could not break the camera) and run left around the corner, into the crawlspace and down to the floor. Drop or run into the ladder hole NE and crawl out of the Lion head, jump down forward with Alt and run to the back, right and down left into the water, right/left and follow to the ladder. Go up and back flip roll before you reach the top. Run to the fountain, left down the stairs and left to jump onto the white block.

Part 2.

Jump up to grab the jump lever and Save while doing that. Side flip left while the camera shows the trapdoor and sprint right around the corner, before the clothes line right to the yard with the jump lever, right to the street and left, left again to go E to the Café, into the storage and down the trapdoor, try to jump around the corner, as far as possible into the deep water and wade to the room with the trapdoor. Climb on and run jump into the right hand niche with the lion head to get Secret #5, an Easter Egg.

That Illusive Trapdoor.

Go back up to the Café, out to the alley and right left to the street, right and right again to the jump switch yard, left and out to the green yard. Right to the arches and keep left along the blue keyhole, left through the gate to the canal where you shot the bells and cross the bridge, take a left and open the gate there with your Sword. In the left corner is the open trapdoor **.

The Maze.

Maze 3D

Drop down..

This place is really a Maze! I think somewhere there is any Easter Egg, but I haven’t to get lost! If I was in a video game, I’d save now…

Face S, go straight and turn a bit right into the dark, left and right down a slope, follow with a U-turn left and then keep going E to the end and to the right is Secret #6, an Easter Egg. Go back W, up the slope and at the end of the slope straight E, left (N) where you come back into the light and a bit right left going N, take the second left (W) and then right down another slope, left and you can stand up there. Take a right around a corner and climb up left into a higher passage, follow to where you can stand again and take Secret #7, the last Easter Egg. Go back, drop down and go around the corner and left into the crawlspace, right up the slope and on top of the slope right and at the next crossing you are back at the trapdoor. Climb out and go out to the canal. Over the bridge and left, right out to the green yard and to the other end at the clock tower. Left into the alley and follow along the cat fountain to the Sewer Man hole.

The Element Puzzle.

When you get back to the Sewer entrance, open the doors left. If you need to fill your Water Skin, climb down into the Sewer and get some of that clean water there. Go back up and take the Torch into the open door and open both doors there if you haven’t ignited the Torch, you can do that behind the first door left. Go through the door S to get to the Element Puzzle.

Bug warning! Don’t pour your wine into the bowl before you have a burning Torch, because if you pour the wine and save/reload before igniting the wine, the wine will have disappeared, leaving you stuck here.

The water goes in the first bowl from where you enter, wine in the middle, ignite it with the torch and the Bag of Sand in the last, a cut scene takes over explaining it all to you…

G&D, April 6-2018.