The Black Diamond Part I.

Levels by sonnyd83

Part of the 1943 Series:

1943: The Star of David (2012)
The Black Diamond: Part 1 (February 2018)
The Black Diamond (2014)
The Black Diamond: 2 Minutes to Midnight (Expected October 2018)
The Iron Cross (2016)

Walkthrough by G&D Productions

Part 1a

Marcia: I should better not get too close to that guard…

Warning: Don’t get too close to any of the soldiers or you’ll die.

An Explosive.

Go straight and find an opening in the wall (a bit to the right), pick up Flares on the right and watch out for the icicles. Go a bit back and when the soldier walks to the right go towards the SE corner and one tile before the corner grab the Fuse and run out this small cave.

Get out and go to the back of the building and climb up the roof. Up the chimney and get the Torch and a small medipack there. Get down and ignite the Torch at the campfire. Go back to the front of the building towards the ice.

I need to find a way to melt this ice, if not done so already..

Throw the Torch onto the ice (NE) and wait till it melts the thin sheet of ice. Get in the water and swim through. Up at the other end (opening on the right underwater (NE) you might use later).

Pass the jeeps and into the opening on the right.  Around the corner get the Flares. On the first blue drum is an item, avoid the soldier and grab the Explosive and get out. Swim back and make your way to that fire basket (W).

It looks like I could put something in that bottle.

Combine the Explosives with the Fuse put it into the glass bottle (face a bit S). The second you get control back; run away from the ice boulders that are falling down.

Make your way into the cave (W), pick up Flares and Medipack on the left and go down the slopes.  In the wall N is a pushable crate, pull it out twice and climb on top, hoist up (N) and run through the wolf pack to get the Secret Crystal (1) and run back down again.

The Village, a House Key.

Go down the last slope and once on the snow watch the flyby.

Climb the fence well away from the soldiers and safety drop on the other side. Go around the building and find a door you can open around the corner on the right. Watch out a guard is patrolling there. Go to the right and to the back, open the chest and get a Key to the House. Roll and pick up Flares, then leave the place. Go left and around the building again and into the courtyard there, use the Key to the House and enter.

On the right pick up the Water Bucket and leave this house. Back to the alley passing the already opened door and go straight. Watch out!!!

Jump down in the canal, fill the Water Bucket and go back to the House you opened with the key.

Go to the fireplace and use the water to extinguish the fire then open the trapdoor (face W). Climb up at the back into a passage. Follow to a small bedroom picking up Flares on the right and climb into the crawlspace next to the bed and grab the Wood. Down again and down the chimney and out of the house. Go back to the canal and place the Wood in that bucket. Watch it to transfer to the other side. Go there:  

What needs to be done with this?

Push the little cart with the wood once (E).

Go after it (stay on the left) through the broken fence, and over the bridge on the right. Hop left over the bride ýnto the canal and swim to pick up the Flares, roll and swim under the bridge (W) to get a Secret Crystal (2). There are also some nasty fish, so better get back out either at the bridge and go up the ladder and jump back onto the bridge (the opening on the left of the secret takes you back to pool at the start of the level). Once on the bridge again, go over the bridge (S) into the valley.

To the Castle.

On the left is a slope with the tree, jump up the slope and go right (S). In the far left corner (watch out… soldier) are some Flares. Go into the cave and follow through. Watch the flyby. On the left (S) are two pushables, pull them away so you can get behind them.

Go into the passage behind the blocks and at the slope stand either left or right and slide down, watch out for the icicles (OR take a running jump slightly to the let) and get the next Secret Crystal (3). Go back and through to the passage on the left (N), watch out because when you see an open field a boulders will crash down, so try to avoid it. In the far left corner behind a wall are Flares and a small medipack.

Turn around and look to the small graveyard (SE). Take a running jump over the slope on the left and the car and get to the SE corner of the graveyard. The fence on the right has a loose piece of steel you could use as a Crowbar, pull it off.

Could I use this at the entrance to the sewers below the castle? I cannot get through the main gates.

Take a running jump back over the slope and the car. Go back to the pushblock valley and push the first block towards the hills at the E side and then twice to the N. and then once again to the E. Climb up and jump straight ahead and climb up one more ledge. A boulder might drop but it is to the right of Lara. Pick up the Medipack.

Turn to the right and start jumping the ledges all the way up. Another boulder will drop so watch out. When you are at the wall start climbing and shift to the left, then climb up.

I should be able to get across that ice bridge.

Walk over the icicles (tightrope) to the other end. Turn a bit left and look down, run off left and end up near the collapsible ice walkway. Jump on it and run to the end (S). Jump NE onto a ledge and from there climb up on the right (S) and again to the corner (S). Face E and side flip, grab the edge and shimmy to the right over a climbable wall and pull up. Use the wall (or partially and jump the rest) to get to the top.

Watch out for the guard patrolling there. Grab the Flares on the right and then turn the valve. Go left and at the end jump up to the left. Face S and safety drop down and slide down into an opening.

I need to find a way to melt this ice, if not done so already.

Go further and time the flame emitter and jump down. Follow through, using the monkey swing, timing the emitters, through to the other side.

Grab the slope on the right, pull up and slide down. Turn to the right and make your way to that fence by jumping the ledges. Watch out for a boulder so either duck or take another running jump to the ledge in front of the fence.

Use the Crowbar and enter....

Part 1b.

Don’t open the hatch just yet, go to the back and jump forwards, back-flip and jump again. Get Secret Crystal (4). A flock of bats attack, so get out quickly.

Now open the hatch and I went down backwards and then safety dropped down. Crawl through and walk through the mud to the playing rats and go up the stairs. Open the door at the end.

In this room you have to use the buttons so the thumper will plug the hole in the floor.

So use the left button with the arrow down and the right one with the arrow pointing to the right. Go back to the stairs and see a camera shot. Go down and into the now empty pool and into the hole in the far right corner. Crawl through and down at the end. Turn around, hoist up and crawl even further.

When you can stand up crawl into another opening straight ahead, follow through and down at the end to get into a corridor.

An Explosive Mix for a Grenade. 

Behind the door on the left is a Medipack around the corner. The door straight ahead is the bathroom, but for now go upstairs and loop around to the right and open the door at the end. Watch out for the guard inside and when you can go in, go straight to the table and grab the Potassium Nitrate (KNO3) and run out.

Get in again and walk after the guard when he goes to the left. Near the fireplace grab the Torch lying on the wooden blocks and ignite it and walk out. Drop the Torch on top of the stairs and open the door in the NW corner. On the right, pick up Flares and turn around. Open the cupboard and get the Aluminum Oxide (AI203) and leave. Pick up the Torch, go downstairs and loop around to the right into the Element room and drop the Torch there.

Go to the bathroom (E) and in the SE corner is a trapdoor (light a flare). Pull up in the crawlspace and use the valve at the end. We filled the shower, so now you can fill your bucket with water (H2O). Go out and to the element room (where the torch is). On the blackboard behind you is a hint. Pour the water in the left hand scale; the Potassium Nitrate in the middle one and in the right hand scale, the Aluminum Oxide. Ignite the scale with the Aluminum Oxide and get a Grenade in return.  

Go to the corridor and take a right, through the crawlspace, back through the passage and around the corner to the fence on the right (watch the flyby) and push the right hand fence forwards. Loop around to the left and climb the vines on the wall to the top and shimmy to the right. Get on the balcony for Secret Crystal (5). Get back on the vines and down, turn and now go into that corridor N. Climb up the ladder on the right. Be careful with the guard.

I need to get past that guard - would an explosion help. I'd need to mix the correct chemicals first.

Place the Grenade into the hand on the wall on the right and the guard is gone.

The Theatre.

Go into the chimney and climb up the ladder (W) and climb off to the right. Crawl in and end up in a room with chains, watch the flyby.

Take the iron staircase all the way down and pick up the Theatre controls and read it.

Go up the stairs and from left to right pull chain # 2, #3, # 5 and as last # 7  (#1 is to "reset" if you need it).

The Piano.

Down the stairs again and when you get to the next area pick up some Flares on the left. Go down the next steps…

Perhaps I could use that piano to distract the guard? I should find instructions on how to play it first.

Go right and loop around, grab the Musical Score from the table and retrace your steps. Go to the piano and you be transferred to the piano.

Check the Musical Score to find the solution.

Pull the levers, from left to right:  #1 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 - 7

When played the keys right you’ll be thrown back and immediately take a left, because the guard is shooting at you. Try to loop around (sometimes you have to go back and fro a bit) then go to the left up the spiral staircase.

Fix a Ladder.

Go up another spiral staircase.

Perhaps I can find a way to fix that broken ladder? I'll need to stand next to the part that's broken in order to fix it.

At the balcony just climb down, go to the far right (or left) wall and climb up, from there you can get to the balcony. On the left (SW) behind the railing are Flares. Climb up the ladder and even higher. Go down the staircase and open the door at the end of the corridor. Watch out… guard inside. Take a left, go around the corner and carefully look around the next corner where the guard is. Get the Hammer from the table and go back to the passage, now go the other way and get the Wood for Ladder (Unsawn) in front of the fireplace, then leave. In the corridor on the left at what looks like a door is a crawlspace in the ceiling.  Get in and down at the other end, go to the right and place the Wood for ladder on the wooden log. Then turn right and go down the ladder opposite the crawlspace. Pick up Wood for Ladder (Sawn) and Flares a bit further. Back up the ladder, through the crawlspace and up the spiral staircase.

Now take the next staircase up as well.

Light Beam Puzzle.

Open the door at the end and watch the flyby.

I need to send a signal to my contact in the castle above. In order to do this, I need to switch on some of the lights so the light reflects from one lamp to the next lamp and so on, so the light is amplified significantly.

There are a bunch of spotlights in this room; you have to turn on some of them (on the back of the lights are the buttons to turn them on).

Go to the back of the room and start with the one NW (next to the slope). Then go to the lamp that the beam is pointing to then follow the beam turning on the lamps.

You’ll get a cut scene:

Prisoner: Sir, we have just received an encoded message from somewhere below the castle.
General: Good, it looks like our contact from London has arrived. Please make the necessary arrangements to get me down there.

Go back to the corridor (camera shot) and down the spiral staircase and once on the balcony the doors opposite are open as you can see. Get down onto the floor above the curtains and run to the broken ladder at the other side. Combine the Wood for Ladder with the Hammer (Wood for Ladder + Hammer), and place it. Then jump up to climb the ladder all the way up. Go even higher and jump onto a spiral staircase where the General is waiting.

General: Hello Marcia, we need your help with a little problem.
Marcia: What problem would this be?
General: We have heard rumours that a rather brutal army unit may be taking control of this camp very soon. We need you to eavesdrop on a meeting, taking place in the conference room. The best place to be would be directly above the room. Good luck.

Go up the staircase and open the door, you can go left or right but a guard is patrolling the next corridor so watch out.


Go in left and run to the stairs, you are in an attic with crates on the right. Pull one out and pull/push it behind that pillar (W). A lot of bees will attack you, as there is a beehive in the next part. First go behind the crates and find a trapdoor en jump down. Slide down the slope and crawl into the crawlspace. Crawl to that moulded floor and listen to what they are talking about down in the room below.

Woman: Welcome gentleman. We are here today to discuss the security at Evenstein Castle.
With me today are General Kumptof, Sir Conrad Bower, Captain Reinhard of the 76th Northern Army to discuss a problem. The problem is right here in this castle: the persistent escaper. These enemy personnel require a great deal of time, effort and money to recapture, those resources could be put to better use in the war effort. We therefore propose a partial takeover of this castle by the 76th Northern Army. These men are trained to be the best of the best, and will soon quell any dissent. We also propose putting the prisoners to work in the local area, the work must be exhausting with long hours, they must have no will left to fight back with, and anyone who attempts to rebel will be shot.
Marcia: Good Lord, I must report this to the general as soon as possible.

Crawl back and jump up the slope, face S and climb out. You hear a door opening, so jump down again and into the now open door. Go behind the prisoner and behind the pillar on the right (SE) is a Secret Crystal (6).

Leave and climb back up to the beehive room. Now climb the crate you moved behind that pillar W, watch out, a guard is standing on top of the stairs. Climb up (N) and down the ladder on the right. In the next room open the door on the right (S), up the stairs and take a left (guard), around the corner through an open door (you’ve been here before) Go down the spiral staircase and get an Office Key from the General there.  

Marcia: Hello General. You will not believe what they have planned for this place.
General: And what is that?
Marcia: From what I could hear, they will be moving an elite unit of brutal soldiers to the castle, the prisoners will be put to work as forced labour, and anyone who doesn't like this will be shot.
General: My god, we need to do something about this as soon as possible. Here is a key to the office; it may contain some useful information.

Go back up and take a right and down the stairs, through the room and up the stairs (N). Go left and use the Office Key. Go in and take a right, hop onto the table and get the Radio Code Book and read it:

ORDER X4309EC991

The order is as follows: You are to launch the B13 rocket from Evenstein Castle at 23:00. The target is to be London, England.

Go up the right stairs and walk passing the safe…

Marcia: This safe may contain useful information on a rocket research program. I will need a lock pick to open it though.

You’ll hear a door open up. Go down the stairs and out the door and take a left. Through the now open door and go up two spiral staircases and open the next door. 

On the square is another door on the right, step in but don’t go passing the dog. Step out and go to the guy, he has something to say to you.

Prisoner: I understand you require a lock pick?
Marcia: That is correct, yes.
Prisoner: I can create one for you, but first I need you do something for me.
Marcia: Oh dear, what would that be?
Prisoner: The guards confiscated something of mine, and I'd quite like it back. The item will probably be found in the commandant’s bedroom, but that is heavily guarded.

The iron door W opens. Carefully step inside as there is a guard patrolling. Stand on the right and when the guard goes left take a running jump up the staircase.

Go to the right and open the door, go to the bed and side flip over it and grab the Money belonging to prisoner.

Go out and open the door opposite. In the bathroom go around the corner and get a Medipack near the toilet. Go back to the staircase and go down. Once outside give the Money to the prisoner and he gives you a Lock pick.

Prisoner: Thank you, here's your lockpick.

Leave (NE) and down the spiral staircases and take a right into the library and pick the lock of the safe (N wall). You get a Camera and Rocket Blueprints.

Marcia: Now I need to locate a rocket, and take a photograph of it. Once this is done, I should go back to see the general.

Get out again and left, up the spiral staircases and into the house at the end (W). Go left or right and open the door, around the corner is another one you can open. Jump to the ladder on the left and climb down, at the water step first left and slowly walk to the bag so it drops down without killing you. At the end you need to pull the bag, water disappears so now you can walk through (N). Go straight and you get a Rocket Photographs, do NOT step up, you will die.

Marcia: I'd better get back to the general with the photo and blueprints.

We have to go all the way back to the officer, so turn around and go up the long ladder and backflip on top. Go left and in the room out the door. Left to the NE, down the spiral staircases, straight down the next staircase, through the room up the next one. Straight again and around the corner take a left and go to the officer and give him the Photographs.

General: We must find a way to alert the allies to these plans. There may be a bunker with some radio equipment somewhere. You need to find out the code to use so the message is not intercepted.

Go back to the square, down and up the stairs, up the spiral staircases and on the left is open now. Loop around left and grab the Key to the Radio Room from the shelves. Open the door (S) and grab the Dog Food.

Go back to the square and to the dog (on the right),  

Marcia: Nice doggy. Perhaps it'll move if I feed it?

Feed the dog and walk into the passage. Once out in the open, loop around left and use the Key to the Radio Room (which by the way you already have).

Marcia: I need to locate a radio code-book which may contain clues as to where the enemy intends to target with a rocket. Once I have this, I must find a radio room and advise my contact in England so we can destroy this rocket.

Drop down behind you and walk straight ahead.

Pick up the Radio Controller and look up your code. Go and stand on one grey thing (London – Evenstein, 23.00). Choose the Radio Controller from inventory, face W and place it on the floor there (like Mechanical beetle).

Marcia: Come in, come in, is there anyone there?
Voice: This is PO Box 500, who am I speaking to. Over?
Marcia: This is agent Blue Pearl. I have important information regarding the Black Diamond mission.
Voice: Please go ahead. Over.
Marcia: I have uncovered a plan by the Gamma Republic to launch a deadly rocket to various locations throughout England. The first is to launch from Evenstein Castle, at 23:00 hours tonight. It is set to target London.
Voice: You have authorisation to disable this rocket by any means possible.

Here the level ends, will be continued.

 G&D - Febr. 2018