Quest for Immortality.

Level by Sabatu

Walkthrough G&D Productions.

A “true compass” is used, well just give the readings of the red arrow on the compass. So if the red arrow points N, that’s N…

Folder with the savegames can be downloaded here.

1 - Valley of Kings.

9 Secrets.

Run forward to the building and here we need two Artefacts, along the right side of the building is a passage to an area we visit later, we need to do something first.

Go left to the niche in the W rock wall, there’s a small medipack and get out.

Head left (S) along the building and at a pit around right a Lion will attack, deal with it and go get the Flares from the ledge in the pit. Jump to the E side of the pit, walk up into the niche and climb up left for Shotgun ammo. Drop down and go S into the cave, walk along the right hand ledge and jump to a crack in the E wall (over the opening below) and shimmy left to get the Flares there (crawl to get them). Hang from the edge, shimmy right and drop down.

Go down into the “second valley” with another structure. Some scorpions will appear from a closed door NE. Go around to the other side of the building and lure out a Croc.

Go down the grassy slope and grab up to a rock ledge SE, in the SE corner are Desert Eagle clips, hidden in a lower part. Drop down to the ground floor and go to the front of the building.

In the SW corner of the valley, into a dark tunnel W, careful, a boulder around the corner; be sure to jump back once it comes down. Go up again and climb up left then right and walk out to the right. Run jump around the corner NW to a ledge and get Secret #1, Flares and a Medipack. Safety drop down onto a slope from the N side.

Straight opposite the N side obelisk is a slope (near where you dropped down), jump over that slope into a passage with a crawlspace. Go through to a lever that will open a gate (near the first building *). Go out, right and up the slopes NW to get back to the front of the first building.

First go into a dark niche in the rock wall E, climb up left and down again, follow through, shoot some scorpions and get Secret #2, the small medipack. Go back out to the building.

Now go right (S) into the passage next to the building. Shoot the critters, pick up the Flares to the right and at the burning wall torches in the back, go right and to the right is the gate we opened in that second valley (*).

First go N a bit and to a floor with lower parts, those are traps. Except for the first one right (that is a hole), drop in there and follow to Secret #3, 2x Shotgun ammo and a Medipack. Go back and climb out.

A Torch, #1 for the Door.

Hop to the vase, shoot it and get the Flares, to the W are Torches, go pick one up and get back to the main room into the corridor where you shot the Scorpions, in the end of the tunnel W is a wall torch where you can ignite yours. Go back to the burning wall torches and ignite the one left of those. Drop the Torch here for a bit.

The Crystal Key.

Go to that open gate in the passage N and right, sprint in and run immediately right around the corner to avoid yet another boulder. Pick up the Crystal Key (the vases are empty) and go up the slope W, use the lever to open a gate near the pedestal so you can get out to the main room.

Block Puzzle, #2 for the Door.

Go straight up the sloped passage S, go left around to a push block in the corner and pull it out once. Then pull/push it all the way to the other end of the room and to the right onto a tile in the corner.  A block goes up in the corner where we got the push block. Now use the levers, from left to right #2 and #4, all blocks on the ledge should be up. Climb up to the balcony W, using the new block in the NW corner.

First turn around and jump from pillar to pillar to get Secret #4, and the Uzis from the highest one. Jump back to the balcony.

Move the push block onto the raised blocks and onto the tile at the end of the ledge. The door at the burning torches opens up.

Ankh I.

Go down the sloped passage and left through the doors. Inside to the right is Ankh I. To the left grab Uzi clips. You can throw the Torch in the water if you want so to avoid ghost lights.

Use the Crystal Key, Levers and Gates, Ankh II.

Go back W to the first building, loop around to the second valley (down that slope) and into the corner where those scorpions came from before (NE). Open the door using the Crystal Key. To the left are 3 levers, to the right 3 gates…

Right hand lever, left hand gate, go in and get Ankh II.

Middle lever, middle gate, a Croc and Uzi clips.

Left hand lever, right hand gate, a Lion and Flares.

Using the Ankhs, Building I.

Go out to the building and left up the slopes to get back to the first Building, open it using the Two Ankhs. Inside, left and right around in the windows are two vases with Uzi clips, then go down the ladder S to the lower ledges. There are two closed gates, jump over to the N side.

First Gem.

Left side, follow through, straight into a passage, a boulder, just jump over it to the lever. Throw the lever to start an earthquake and jump over the boulder, run and jump to the rope where the floor collapsed. Swing to the opening ahead, jump over the gap in the ledge and find the right hand gate S opened up, go down the blocks and jump through the room to the pedestal with the Gem. Quickly jump back across before the ceiling comes down and go up the blocks.

Second Gem.

Jump over again and take the right hand side, follow through to a pit, grab the ceiling and go over the spike pit. Shoot the Bat(s) and walk into the next room. Step a bit right facing across the room and look up with binoculars to spot the green tiles… Run jump and grab an invisible ledge under that green tile. Jump across to the lever and save. You can also see a green tile right of the exit. Pull the lever and stand jump and grab that invisible ledge, hang left at the corner and save. Pull up and do a running jump with a right curve to land on that second green tile (without Ctrl) and hop over to the exit (OR: stand with your left shoulder at the wall near the spikes and run-jump with a tiny curve to the right, keep running and jump to the tile near the exit, hop over to the exit ledge). Monkey swing over the spike pit; follow the ledge over the gap to the now open gate SW. There is a slope with a boulder, sprint down and then jump up the block.

Shoot the Croc in the pool and dive in, to the right, SW are some Uzi clips. Straight across, on the left side on a pillar is an underwater lever raising a platform above the entrance. Climb out SE and up to the entrance ledge; go to the ladder N and up. The other end of that ledge has some Shotgun ammo, then go to the platform, have a look with binoculars to spot the transparent ledges left and right. Straight to the Gem is too far, so jump to the rope, turn a bit right or left and swing to jump to one of those ledges (OR: do the trick with the rope swing, swing once and wait till Lara folds her legs around the rope again then swing and jump off). Light a flare and walk to the end, do a well-aimed run jump to grab the ledge with the Gem. Hop into the pool, climb out left again and up to the exit, follow back to the pit with the ledges, loop left and go up the ladder to leave the building.

Building II.

Right around the corner, and back S to the other valley and building II. Open it with the two Gems. Go in and get the Uzi clips from the window left. Drop from the bridge into the pit.

The Arena, 2 Golden Vraeus.

Go into the opening SE, hop up the slope and come to the area under the grate in valley 2. Go NE into the passage.

Secret: In that passage and left is a dark passage, in the end climb up left, face SW and hop to grab the ledge over the hole. Up left, then up right and you’ll be looking out over the valley, run jump right around the corner (no Ctrl) to the ledge and around right is Secret #5, a small medipack and Uzi clips. Shortest route is to just jump back, make your way down to the dark passage and to the crossing, take a left.

You’ll come to an Arena. Kill the lion and go to the far right corner for Uzi clips. In the middle of the W wall is a passage, go in, climb the block right and grab up to the ledge. Run jump and grab the pillar with the flame, pull up on the left corner. Hop and grab from pillar to pillar (shimmy left to the next corner), stay in those safe corners and get to a lever. The gate left of you opens up, run jump and use Ctrl to get in there and get a Golden Vraeus. Get back to the Arena.

Loop left around to the SW corner and use the lever to open the doors S. But first we go into that open gate N which also opened. To the right, in the niche, you can grab up left, pick up the Flares and follow around left to get another Golden Vraeus. Safety drop down and go down into the doors S; climb up through the hole in the ceiling and go N to use the two Vraeus around the corners.

Go back where you came from and see the doors S have opened up. Slide down, just let go.

When you are down, turn E and grab up to the slope, pull up, back flip with roll and grab the edge, shimmy right around the corner and pull up. Go up to the other corner (NW) and climb up to a block for Secret #6, Shotgun ammo and Uzi clips. Now slide down the of the slopes again.

Shoot that Lion you woke. There’s nothing in the structure but a bunch of scorpions, go up the hill N and up to the pillar, jump to the ledge and throw the floor lever. A gate opens up.

Jump from the ledge (shoot the vase there) into the opening SW, follow up through the open gate to where it becomes dark and run quickly into that niche left. Then use the lever there to open the doorway below in the pit. Go back to the opening and drop down, hop back and drop down I the pit. Into the open door and just slide down, shoot a couple of scorpions on the next slopes.

Go to the rock wall N and left around a corner you can hop up into a triangular opening, follow to Secret #7, a small medipack and Flares. Get out.

Two Levers, two doors.

Go down the slope and jump left around onto the block. Run jump to the ledge NW and climb up to a lever, this is for a door N in the building W. Jump back the way you came and on the slope go to the other side (S). Jump to the ledges there and pick up Flares.

Jump over to the single pillar, but watch out, only a small part is flat enough to stand on. Step back as far as possible and do a right curved run jump to a ledge around the corner (OR: use the Shift/Alt trick move, walk and immediately run-jump with a curve), go into the triangle opening and use the lever there (door opens S in the building). Go out and jump into the building. Shoot the incoming Lion and grab some Flares from the only vase you should shoot (SW).

Two Crystal Keys.

In the W wall is a big door that needs two Crystal Keys. This part can be done in random order.

N; Crystal Key I: Go through the open door (there are Flares in the niche right of the door) to a spike trap, the spikes go in a sequence allowing you to sprint in after them. Go as soon as the first lowers. Throw the lever in the back room and water will fill the pit with the lion, back at the front of the building. A bypass opens up also, next to the spike traps. Go back through that.

Notice the push block in the E wall as soon as you are back at the door, pull it out and push it all the way against the pillar S. Climb up through the grated floor and N is Secret #8, 2x Shotgun ammo and a Medipack. Get back down.

Go to the front of the building and hop into the water, there’s an opening you can now reach, under the ground floor of the building (NW). Swim in and grab the Crystal Key. Turn right and swim through to the back room where the Shotgun is (bit late?). Get back and into the building.

S; Crystal Key II: Through the door and down into a small area with a building.

In the NE corner, right of the building is a ledge you can climb up to and get Secret #9, Flares. Drop down.

Go to the far end of the building and left you can climb up the small roof near the ladder on the left. Go up the ladder, step out and run jump left around to grab the top of the building. Drop through one of the holes in the floor and grab the Second Crystal Key. Hop through the open window S and go out to this area.

Using the Crystal Keys.

Up N and back to the big building, to the doors on the right and use the Keys. Two high blocks go down revealing two levers. Use both to open the doors and run through to get to the next level.

2 – Underground City of Apep.

13 Secrets.

Raise a Trapdoor.

Go into the next room and left of the stairs is a lever to open a gate up in one of the corners. Go up to the S side of the stairs, jump and grab the pillar S and then to a crack in the S wall, go left to another pillar where the open gate is. Shoot the critters, go up the blocks in the back and turn around to jump over to a lever raising a trapdoor (*). Grab the Flares and get back down to the first room. Go up the passage W and shoot a Lion, go right up the sloped passage and left around the corner are more critters. Jump to a trapdoor and then to the next one you just raised (*). Jump and grab the rope, turn left and get to the next rope, then swing and jump to the ledge. A couple of boulders drop, saw no use in that… Turn left and jump to the fenced off ledge, walk to a deep pit.

Deep Pits.

Left around in the window are Flares, jump back.

Face the wall S of the entrance and stand close to the fence right of it. Only use Ctrl and forward to let Lara grab up to an invisible crack. Go left around the corner to a niche with Secret #1 (10), a small medipack and Uzi clips.

Now make your way down the pit using the flat corners for safety, run down a slope, slide and run over the ledge to jump right to the one with the Flares. Jump to the back of the room and find a closed door W (**).

Dark Pit.

Take a right to a very dark and deep room.

Just run down onto the ledge below the entrance and pick up Secret #2 (11), Uzi clips and Shotgun ammo and climb back up.

Stand jump around right to grab the pillar and jump the pillars to the ledges above, time the spikes to run after them and jump the ledges to the lever, this one is #1 for that door (**). Jump back to the previous ledge, face the exit and just run off holding Ctrl to land in the exit.

Quicksand and the Broken Bridge.

Go straight to the other end of the passage, a room full of quicksand. Jump left to the sand, right to the ledge and onwards to the sand in the back.

Go right to the far corner and grab up left (N) into a crawlspace for Secret #3 (12), Flares and Desert eagle ammo, drop out of there.

Go back to the E side and grab up right to the floor above, shoot critters and a vase S for Shotgun ammo. In a niche N are Flares, then get into the NW corner to find a ladder to go up to the floor above. Shoot bats and jump on a block E (shoot the vase) to get to a grated floor E for a small medipack and Uzi clips, grab up N to get back to the ledges. Go to the far S end, jump over the gap and go up to a lever. This is #2 for that door (**). Make your way back to the ground level and the exit as you came, or use the blocks in the SW corner to get down as far as possible and safety drop down taking a bit of health loss.

Underground Ruins.

Raising Trapdoors for a Timed Run.

(It is possible to walk through the gates N, this probably wasn’t meant to be. In case you got in there, you can get out of there when you go right to the SW corner and use the lever to open the gate).

Just get down to the ground, run to that central rock and climb up, shoot the lions and go get the Shotgun and Shotgun ammo. Go to the ground and up the mount against the building S, standing left you can grab up using only Ctrl and Up. Inside in the second window right is a lever raising a trapdoor (#1) just outside the W window. Drop out of the window where the lever is.

Go around to the back of this building and into the opening, right around the corner is Secret #4 (13), Flares and a small medipack. Go out and left and left again to a kind of roof over a pool, take a right into the SW corner, into the passage right and push that block once, go right and get Secret #5 (14), 2x Shotgun ammo, shoot the critters sneaking up from behind. Get out.

SW Building, Revolver, Laser Sight.

Left around the wall, at the S wall you can grab up right to a ledge, turn around and run jump into the building. Get the Magnum, looking like a Revolver. Put some Desert Eagle ammo in it and hope it will work… Get into the crawlspace S, stand up and use the lever to hear a trapdoor open up, get out and climb the pillar between the crawlspace openings. Facing N you can grab up to the floor above. Make a note of the gate with the gem receptacles and head N over the bridge shooting the critters. In the NW building are Flares op on a ledge left. Behind that ledge, near the gate is a lever, this will raise a trapdoor (#2), on the SW building you just came from.

Walk back onto the bridge along the left side, when Lara is in front of the Timed doors (W, later), turn around and look down to the right to spot the Sight through a window in the NW building, jump in there with Ctrl and get the Laser Sight.

Raise the Block, Raise Trapdoor 3.

Step back into the N window and run jump down into the water swim into the structure and left around the second pillar to use the underwater lever there, a block will go up somewhere (*). Get out of the water, turn around and look up E, a bit to the left you can see a brass ball in the ceiling, shoot that to raise a trapdoor (#3) up in the E side of the cave. Now we have all trapdoors in place for a Timed run later.

Open the S Gate in the top of the Cave.

Go into the alley behind the SE building, walk up the mount against the S wall there and grab up into the opening, follow down and shoot the Lion. Hop into the window and use the lever to open the gate below, hop down and go through. Up above is another gate we need to open (**). Run jump around left to the ledge and pick up Flares.

Grab up to the sloped pillar left and back flip onto the higher one. Jump to the E ledge and go up the blocks to get Secret #6 (15), Uzis. Go down the other side (N) and hop down onto the pillar, onto the slope and drop down to the ledge.

Safety drop down from the N side ledge onto the ledge below, jump to both sides of the room (you can stand in the corners of the fire ledges and hop to grab the next) to use the two levers and that gate will be open (**). Jump back to the ledge where you came down and grab up, grab up W and back flip to the high pillar from where you can jump to the open gate. A small medipack left, some critters coming at you and a lever W to open a gate up in the big cave for later (***). Hop out onto the pillar, onto the slope and drop to the ledge. Hop back into the entrance gate W. Go left and back to the Big Cave.

Up to the Bridge again, to the Top of the SE Building.

Two ways: use the route you used to get to the Magnum; SW building, up the block under the trapdoor, up to the gem gate and out to the bridge.

Or a more challenging route: Go to the top of that rock where you got the Shotgun (middle of the cave), jump and grab a broken pillar N, turn right and jump grab up to the one W, pull up on the corner and don’t turn, just back flip and jump again grabbing a ledge above. Stand jump and grab a crack in the NW building and go right around. Drop onto the bridge and run to the other end.

Carefully line up for a stand jump to the trapdoor (2) on the corner of the SW building and jump over to the one E (1). Hop up left onto the block and get to the roof, shoot a Bat and get Flares from one of the corner blocks.

The S Gate (***), Gem I.

Get to the most SE block and jump to the S gate you opened before, don’t shoot the vases. Inside the hallway are 3 gates, and you can go two ways.

Left (W), a Torch: Go to the next room and carefully trigger the Blade traps in the floor, or just jump over them. Into the right hand opening (S), pick up a Torch and ignite it. Back to the Blade room and now jump into the opening W, left around the corner, drop the Torch for a bit and find the block in the W wall, opposite where you came in. Pull it once, climb over and push it to the right (S) onto the grey tile to open a gate back in the hallway. Get the Torch and go back through the Blade room to the Hallway and hop up left into the open gate to ignite the wall torch there (#1 for the lower gate). Leave the Torch near that other gate and go into the E passage.

Right (E), Chambers.

Jump the gaps and run jump left around the corner.

Grab up left into a crawlspace, go through and get Secret #7 (16) shoot the vases and get Shotgun ammo, a Medipack and Uzi clips. Get back through the crawlspace.

Jump to the dark end S and go through to a cave with chambers. Two lions attack, then go to the last chamber, get the Shotgun ammo from it and go to the sloped rock outside to back flip onto it and jump to grab the ledge E, go left a bit and jump to the upper chambers. Go up left in the back and get Secret #8 (17), Flares and Shotgun ammo. Go back to the front and jump back to the ledge E, grab up E, then jump to the sloped ledge right (N). From there you can run jump into the second chamber from the left, grab the crack in the front pillar and go left around to the first chamber. Use the lever there to open the gate at the torch. Grab the small medipack, drop down and return to the hallway to ignite the second wall torch, the lower gate opens up.

Go in and turn around to climb the ladder, get Gem I and some Flares up there and get back down. Save as a Wraith shows up and you’ll have to take this one to water first. Run down the hallway and out the gate, a bit right a jump to the dark block, just run off right hand corner onto the trapdoor, run jump over to the one W. Turn right and run jump far onto that rock ledge at the S wall, drop from that and roll, run to the water. Now get back up to the bridge and over the trapdoors to the SE roof.

Timed Run to the Doors.

Go down to the flat part of the E side roof, run jump NE to the trapdoor (3) you raised. Hop up to the lever on top. Save and turn around to look where the doors are, W, behind the Bridge.

Pull the lever, roll and run down from the lever block onto the trapdoor, hop back and jump to grab the roof of the building, pull up and hop onto the top, run and jump onto the SW block and just run off onto trapdoor 1, jump over to trapdoor 2 and hop onto the bridge, run jump into the open doors (savegame.0).

Underwater Labyrinth, Second Gem.

Go down to a pool, hop in and swim into the tunnel W, right and the gate closes behind you, right around the corner through the spike trap and left to use the UW lever. Use it, roll swim back right, left at the spikes and straight to the spike trap in the other end, left and to the UW lever in the end. Use it, roll and swim all the way back to that first UW lever where the gate E now opened. Go in and left, up and climb out, run around to the other side and get Gem II there, a gate opens and that will be the entrance gate. So swim back, through the spikes and left through the gate up to the pool. Climb out and go up to the big doors, jump to the Bridge and go left to open the gem gate in the SW building.

Moving Blocks.

Hop through one by one and at the corner pit (for Secret #9 (18), look down and spot the ledge in the dark, Uzi clips and Shotgun ammo) jump over to the left to get through more Blocks, jump the pits and at the next corner jump out left, sprint a bit and jump left onto a block around the corner.

Second cave, to the SE Building.

Run jump into the window S to get a small medipack, jump back grabbing the convenient ladder. Go back up to the block, to the one N and jump to the ledges N. Follow the ledges up along the N wall and at an opening hop back when you hear the boulder coming.

Go in there, turn around and grab up to a passage above for Secret #10 (19), a small medipack. Get out.

Jump the ledges, staying up at the highest ones and in the end you can run jump to a trapdoor against the SE building. Hop onto the roof for Secret #11 (20), 3X Shotgun ammo, Desert Eagle ammo. Check the health and drop down through the hole in the floor. Inside the building is the block you raised a long time ago with the UW lever (*) in the other Cave (If it isn’t up, drop to the ground, run to the SW corner of the cave and use the lever there to open a shortcut to the First Cave so you can go use that UW lever). Climb the block and use the lever to open a gate N on the floor level of the cave, you can see it from here.

Drop down W, shoot a Lion and go get Flares from a niche SW, you could open the gate left of it, but I don’t think we need it. There’s a Medipack in the window above the gate, I got it by going up the ladder opposite the shortcut gate, run jump to the upper window and a hop backwards over the edge, hit Ctrl as soon as you cleared the edge and you’ll land in the window with the Medipack.


Get to the ground floor again and N to that open gate. Go into a hall with a Demigod and while you are dealing with him (takes much longer that normal), two critters join the fun. Now collect the 2 boxes of Flares and go check out the side passages.

From where you entered, the first right trigger the boulder, get out and enter again, climb up left in the dark and get Secret #12 (21), a Medipack and Flares.

Second right, trigger the boulder, get out fast and go use the first lever for the N door.

Last opening in the left wall (NE), boulder and lever 2 for the door.

Go through the door, run jump over that pit without Ctrl and come to a Boulderslope. Just run down, no sprint and jump over the pit onto the slope, slide a bit and back flip over the boulders. Go back up the slope and find Shotgun ammo and a small medipack where the boulders were.

Back down the slope, hop into one of the niches right and left and run jump over the slope into the opening E. Follow to the Lake.

Lake Area, 4 Ankhs.

In this area we will be looking for 4 Ankhs to be used in the room NE of the Lake.

Run down to the right and get to the lower ledge with the palm tree from where you can take out those crocs.

Hop into the water, turn around and swim through a triangular opening under the palm tree, get Secret #13 (22), Uzi clips and a Medipack. Get back out.

Ankh I. (can be done in random order)

Swim E and dive down in an opening just E behind that submerged roof, get Ankh I there and get out.

Ankh II, Deadly Jumps.

Swim to the N wall and in the middle, between two pillars, you can wade out, grab up right, grab up right again and go over the top to jump W to an opening in the wall, follow up to a room with a pit floor. The gate at the other end is open as long as you don’t step on the wrong tiles.

Here’s the route, save after every successful jump: From the grey tile at the entrance, sidestep to the tile right and walk forward one tile, hop straight over the hole. Hop right to the one at the wall and next row the one left (curving around the hole). Now you can hop straight N over the holes to the gate, go get Ankh II. Get out of the room and hop into the Lake.

Ankh III, Boulder Galore.

From the Lake, climb out SE into the opening. Left around is a ladder, go up and hop SW over the ledges to jump into an opening in the S wall. Go in and someone stole the ladder, so just drop down and shoot some critters. To the left, behind the block NW is a lever, the gate above opens up (also NW), so jump in there and go down in an alley with a boulder approaching, hop left onto the higher ledge.

Torch Puzzle.

Go left into the lower passage and up to the N is a boulder, stand with your back to the boulder against the wall left, back flip onto the floor where the boulder is, jump forward and side flip right onto the ledge again. Go up where the boulder came from to get a Torch. Now go to where that boulder went (S end of this passage) and hop up right into the niche, turn around and hop up to where you can ignite the Torch. Hop back down into the lower passage and go up left in the first opening, down and left. Hop up into the opening NE and you’re back in the main room.

Walk left and run jump over the slopes to the ledge with the lever. Drop the torch for a bit and use the lever to open a gate in the NE corner. First shoot the critters on ground floor and then slide down the slopes with the Torch and go to the NE corner, use the nearby block to jump up to the gate you opened. Down into the passage and left around the corner onto the block, up left to a green room. Hop from the entrance into the niche in the ceiling and ignite the wall torch (a block lowers somewhere *). Turn around, run out landing in the entrance and leave the Torch for a bit. Turn around, go down a block and hop left to the niche with Flares. In the SE corner on the floor is a small medipack.

Get back into the entrance, take the Torch and get back to the main room. Into the opening SE (gate also opened with the lever NW) and down into that room. Hop up into the opening right and down the other side, onto the next block and hop over to the one in the corner. Turn left and hop up to the higher floor to ignite the wall torch. Drop the Torch to the ground floor, you won’t need it again.

Drop down, go to the other side and onto the block where the raising block went down (*). Grab up to the floor above and throw the floor lever to flood the place (Torch in the water= ghost flame gone). Swim NE and back to the main room, up through the hole in the ceiling in the middle of the room. Climb out and look up over the entrance, a “Feather” symbol. In the next room only use the Feather tiles to get to the other side and get Ankh III. Get back to the water, swim N and up to get to the Lake.

Ankh IV.

Hop in, swim straight over and once again wade up between those pillars N, turn right and grab up W twice. Turn around and jump to grab the crack, go left around and on the ledge jump to get to the roof above the receptacle room. Up left in to a small cave with Ankh IV.

Drop from the roof and get into the receptacle room, place the 4 Ankhs. Go through, right and get through some more moving blocks. To the right and down the slope…

3 – Sanctuary of Apep.

2 Secrets.

Shoot the snake, grab the Flares when you enter the tunnel S. Another snake around the corner, follow to a slide and go down to the Sanctuary. The water is deadly, hop to the flame tile (right) when the flame is down and a running jump left around the corner to a safe block. Run jump to grab the next flame tile and go right around one corner, wait for it to die down and pull up to run jump around the corner to the entrance ledge. Go up to the floor above using the blocks in the corner and shoot the snakes, go to the opening W. Grab up right to a crack and go left around to a jump lever outside, after using it you are back on the safe ledge. Get back to the entrance ledge N and inside up to the first floor. Step into the opening E, hop out left and grab the block, jump up S. Get around the corner and follow the ledges.

From a lower ledge S side you can crawl down into a fenced off balcony with Secret #1 (23), Uzi clips and Shotgun ammo.

On the ledge NE are Flares and a snake. A lever there will retract the spikes. Go inside and safety drop down to the ground floor. From the opening E you can now jump over to the entrance E and step on the teleporter tile. Turn around and see you are on the terrace on the top level of the Sanctuary. Shoot the two snakes and pick up Flares. We need two Stones of Maat here to open the doors S. Can be done in random order.

W Side; Stone of Maat I.

Follow in, jump to the back of the place and go up the blocks in the SW corner, grab the monkey climb and get to the top of that roof like structure for the First Stone of Maat. Go back to the terrace.

N; Element Puzzle, Stone of Maat II.

There are so many snakes here we won’t mention them, but if you don’t shoot them they will just sleep on.

Get even more Flares in the entrance room and head into the opening right (W), keep right and come to a room with 2 vases, shoot the right hand one and get a Waterskin. Get to the opposite corner (NE), and grab up N, follow to where you can grab a Torch. Go back, throw the Torch through and climb down. Find the Torch again, leave and keep going right to get to where you can ignite the Torch. Go back right to the entrance room. Best leave the Torch here, believe me, you must have enough Flares and you won’t have to drop it every time..

Go into the N passage ( NE corner) and keep going right, pick up Uzi clips, keep right and in the next room in the back are two vases, shoot the right hand one for the Jerrycan. Back and just keep going right where you can climb up for 2x Shotgun ammo. Down and again right where possible to end up in a room with a vase, shoot it for Shotgun ammo. Under the skeleton is a Bag of Sand and there are also some Flares.

Go out S, keep right and you’ll get to a shallow pool where you can fill the Waterskin, grab the Flares and go out, keep right where possible to get back to the entrance room. Take your Torch and go in E, keep right and end up at the Element Bowls, drop the Torch at the entrance and put the Sand in the right hand bowl, empty the Jerrycan in the middle, the water left. Pick up the Torch and ignite the oil in the middle bowl. The door opens in the back. Go through and left, pick up the Second Stone of Maat. Don’t even think about shooting the vases in the other room…. Return to the entrance room, keeping left where possible and go out to the terrace.

Place the 2 Stones and go through the doors. Slide down and jump to grab the flame tiles, pull up in the middle and run jump to the next ledge. Left around the corner.

Grab up left into a crawlspace and get Secret #2 (24), Flares, a small medipack, a Large medipack and Shotgun ammo. Get out of there.

Block Puzzle.

In the next room with ledges you have to move two blocks up to two trigger tiles on the ledges up left and right of the entrance.

First move both blocks onto the raising blocks SE and NE, then use the lever under the gate W to move them up one by one and pull them onto the tiles. The gate opens, go through and there’s no turning back.

Timed Gate and Moving Blocks.

Up left on a block is a Timed lever, save there and pull it. Get to the other end of the room fast and hop through the moving blocks to get to the Timed gate before it closes. I just did running jumps through the moving blocks till I made it (savegame.1).

Apep’s Blood of Immortality

You’ll slide down to the Lair of Apep, you’ll have to shoot it. I ran to the back left turned around and shot it with the Uzis while side jumping left/right (savegame.2). Climb up to the doors, go through to where you can pick up Apep’s Blood of Immortality and jump to the ledge with the ladder left in the back. Go up and turn around, up to the ledge and over to the one SE, turn right jump and grab the slanted ledge and do a diagonal run to jump to the one W. Turn around and jump to the tunnel E, follow up to the surface….

G&D, Jan 2018.