Another Christmas Spell. (Advent 2017) (Revised version - Dec 30)

Level by“Team Christmas”  (Jesus C Croft, LoreRaider, Sponge, Talos).

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Not much to see or do in this back street (except for a closed trapdoor), so head right through the alley to a Square. Left side of the square and way up in the air is a fur tree hanging by some ropes; we need to get that down. Underneath near the doors is a manhole; open it and climb down the ladder; you’ll end up on ice, which will break. Get to the other side where you’ll find Glow Sticks (Flares). Run onto the ice, jump and grab the ladder and go back up, or do a curved run jump from the ledge to the ladder.

The Mansion, a Bundle of Keys.

To the left is an inviting open door, a girl staring at a Christmas tree while the doors close behind you to keep out the cold. Go right around the corner into the corridor and left into a long hallway, open the door to your right, inside loop to the right and find the bookswitch, a painting will open up.

Between the books on the floor near the window you can find Secret #1, a Coin.

Go out to the corridor, to the right and in the end take a left. In the corner is a block; on it are Fries (small medipack). Next to it is that open painting, get in there and down to the right is a Medipack. Go into the other side and follow through to an abandoned street. In the small square at the end is a Bundle of Keys on a pedestal (a door is shown). To the right, on the ledge are more Flares. Make your way back into the hallways.

The Draughty Courtyard Key.

Take a right, back into the corridor and open the door to the right with the Bundle of Keys. Inside you’ll see a girl in front of a fireplace and a ghost igniting the fire. On a pedestal left is the Draughty Courtyard Key.

Draughty Courtyard, for the Harp.

Go out of the room, right and then left into a room with a fireplace. Open the door in the far wall with the Key and go in to the Draughty Courtyard as you can hear. Another pussycat here and to the left is a lever opening a grate in front of a Harp.

Go back to the corridor with the doors and straight to the other end (where you got the Fries) and find that open grate. Pull the Harp out and move it to the right into the room with the pole. Leave it near the pole.

Golden Key.

Open the door in the back of the room and come to a yard with a pussycat.

Loop around right into a passage to the next yard, shoot the big present and get the Golden Key. Go back to the room where the pole is.

A Torch, the Spell Book.

Use the Golden Key to the right and push the Harp into the niche that opened up. Now you can climb the pole into the room above and get a Torch from the corner. Drop it down the hole and ignite the Torch in the room with the girl and the fireplace (corridor and through the door on the right). Step well in the back of the fireplace to get the Torch burning Go out and right/left to the other room and ignite the fireplace there. That pussycat is now reading a Spell Book, get it, that cat can’t read it anyway. You can leave the Torch.

Second Bundle of Keys.

From facing the green couch, pull the carpet in this room towards the corridor and get the Bundle of Keys, a door is shown outside somewhere.

Outside Again, to the Courtyard with the Fountain.

Go back to the girl in the other room and give the Spell book to her, a ghostly figure walks out of the mansion opening the doors for you. Out to the corridor, right and right around the corner and left through the door to the square, left to the big doors, you can open them with the Swiss Army Knife. Enter the hallway, in the back and to the right is the door you saw when you got the Bundle of Keys from under the carpet. Open that door and follow the passage down to a Courtyard with a Fountain.

Courtyard with the Fountain, Raising a Block.

To the right, are gates and on the left of them is a lowered block. At the left side of the opposite wall you find a manhole, open it and climb down to a Factory. Jump over to that beam left, jump to the next, hop back and hang from the edge. Drop onto the crates below and get to the floor. Go to the back of the room and to the right are Fries. Turn around and go back to the other end of the room (Lara looks up to a ladder) and onto the duct there.

Over that duct and left into the corner is Secret #2, a Coin.

From the duct jump and grab into the niche in the wall and flip the switch to open a grate. From the duct jump to the high stack of crates on the left wall, turn around and jump to the ladder to go up again. Turn around, jump to the last beam and then to that opening in the wall, crawl through and take the second left, left again and straight to the back first to get a Medipack there, turn back and go left around to that dark alley through that grate you opened.

The Storage, Various Materials.

Take a left, shoot a box there and get Secret #3, a Coin. Go back to the entrance.

Go right and hop left onto the crate, go left and get to the highest wooden crate in the middle of the storage. From there, grab the nearby roof and shimmy right around the corner to where you can pull up. Jump and grab the ladder on the pillar and go left around and up to a ledge behind it. Turn left, jump and grab the next ledge and now time the burners on the next ledges to get to the other side of the storage (you can stand safely in corners). From the last (safe) ledge, jump to the balcony and get down to a lever where you can use the Swiss Army Knife. Gates open in the other side of the storage; you saw them when you jumped the burner ledges. So back you go onto the crates in the corner and over to that gate in the back wall.

Inside pick up Various Materials; like a string and such. Throw the lever where the gate opened and then the second lever to see a gate opening up somewhere else. Go out, jump left to the next ledge and safety drop from the side onto the crates below, leave the storage through the gate in the other side. We’ll be back later, because an Apple will appear on a pedestal later.

Glass Beads.

Get into the crawlspace with the steam blowers, left/right/right and then straight and through the opening in the wall. Drop down onto a sloped block in the factory. Turn to the left and go up into the tunnel in the back, to the end and turn right. Jump onto the slope in front of you and jump twice more to grab the ledge at the opened gate. Inside hop into the water and swim down to grab the Glass Beads from the air bubbles. Go up and climb out. The gates went up next to the waterhole.

Get to the left switch and a Painting opens up (*), jump to the right and use the second switch to raise that block in the square with the fountain (**).

Get out, down into the tunnel and to the factory, onto the beam in the back and from there jump to the wooden crates and to the ladder onto the beam. Jump to the ladder at the wall and go up to the Courtyard with the Fountain.

Go to the block (**) you raised at the wall with the gates and climb up to the wall. Go right and left through the balustrade to jump to that wooden platform (or shimmy along the roof). Turn around and back flip onto the balcony, go to the first opening left and out onto the roof, turn right and jump to the platform. Stand close to the wall and stand jump to grab the next, higher platform. From here turn left and spot the rope above the wall you came. Turn right a bit and swing to jump to the top of the roof with the balconies. Follow the roof to the end and back flip over the last balustrade to an open door.

Mansion II, Ounce of Holy Chrisam.

Go inside and take a left at the clock (closed door) and all the way down the stairs on the right. A Ghost will appear and leaves through a door. Go to the back and loop around to the left and there is where you will find that painting you opened before (*). Inside to the right is an Ounce of Holy Chrisam, I had to stand left of the pedestal to get it (the door the Ghost went through is shown). In the other side of this hidden room is a switch opening those doors.

Ancient Book of Gospels.

Get out of the hidden room and straight, through those doors and a cut scene shows a girl being threatened by a Ghost. To the left is that scared girl, combine the Beads with the Various Materials to get a Protective Dream Catcher. Give her that Dream Catcher and see a door open up. The Ancient Book of Gospels appeared on the floor behind you, take it with you.

The Golden Apples.

Go out and left, back upstairs to that room where you entered the Mansion and left next to the clock is the door that opened when you saved the girl. Inside and to the right is Golden Apple I, another Apple is shown on the spot where it appeared. Go out through the door opened behind the pedestal and onto the balcony. Hop out right onto the roof and find a good spot to safety drop down to the Courtyard. Get back onto the wall using the block and drop down from the other side, near those closed gates is a cat in front of the tile where Golden Apple II appeared. Picking up the Apple shows the next one on a pedestal in the Storage we visited before.

Climb back over the wall using the low block in the corner and drop down in the Square. Get into that manhole again (on the right) to the factory. Jump over the beams to the hole in the wall, through that nasty crawlspace again in the storage right and left over the crate. Get to the far left corner, behind the green containers and get Golden Apple III, a "Trumpet like" jump lever is shown somewhere. Let us take you there.

The Trumpet.

Go back to the factory, up to the courtyard with the fountain and to the opposite side, where you came from initially and up the stairs to the Square at the first Mansion. Lara stares to the left, because in the far left corner that Fur tree came down onto one of those dark circle tiles. If you didn’t yet, open the manhole nearby.

Climb that tree from facing the door of the mansion (better make a safe before as you cannot turn while hanging in the tree), when you are up, hit the left key to jump to a ledge with columns. Jump to the next one and then up to a wooden platform, turn around and jump back to the higher ledge. Stand back between the columns and run jump to grab the rope over the Square (Or jump to the next ledge and get the rope from there). Turn towards the nearest wall (where you jumped from) and just left of the statue with the canopy above is a jump lever in the form of a Trumpet (above the gold cross on the blue shield). You’ll drop through the manhole into the sewer (that’s why you had to open it first). Grab the Trumpet from the bottom, climb out on the side and do a curved run jump to get to the ladder and climb out.

Using the Trumpet.

Go left to the door of the Mansion but don’t go in, to the right of the door is a niche, place the Trumpet there and hear a door open up. It is right next to this niche.

The Crypts, using the Apples and the Book of Gospels.

Enter and go to the middle of the room, stand on the ice and drop through. Go down the slope and it seems that someone beat you to it; the boulder is already triggered.

Step into the niche where the boulder is, turn around and grab up to a crawlspace above for Secret #4, a Coin (With that boulder lying there you’ll have to find out the best position to grab up). Drop down.

Go to the water and stand jump forward to grab up to the monkey climb and get over the water. In this passage you’ll find some spike walls. You can push them open, straight through leads you to a Tomb with a skeleton where you have to use a Holy Charm later, but you can open up the way and have a look. So take a left and through the spike wall, go down and at the closed gate turn right and start reading the book, turning about 7 pages, roll and run right, through the gate which went up when you were turning pages.

The Holy Church, the Ghost Charm.

A guy is waiting there for you, the Apple on the left you cannot pick up, someone placed it there already. So run around the arched center and place your 3 Apples, a trapdoor opens above the guy, so climb the block near where that one apple was already in place and jump on top. Drop down and give the Gospel Book to the Guy.

Wow, that gave me a scare… Climb out and go to the other end of the place where the wall torch is burning, through the opening between the angel statues. Climb down the ladder, go to the other end of the Church and read that old scripture on the table. A gate opens up above. Turn right and look up, a wooden scaffold. Stand close to the cross, facing the back wall (where the table is) and jump up to grab the corner. Hop left onto the ledge with the cross and start running against the cross (slightly turning left) and then jump and grab the scaffold at the other wall. Jump the scaffolds to the last one. Run jump and grab the higher one a bit left, turn around and run jump to grab the rope. Aim for the open gate and swing high to jump in there. Just slide down and don’t you move…!!

Run to the other end and place the Holy Chrisam in the left bowl (face the angel). You’ll get a screen of a rope appearing on the ceiling.

Go back to where the boulder is and to the right up the ladder into a niche; jump out onto that ledge. From there to the rope in the middle of the Church and line up for a swing and jump to the balcony with the stained glass windows. Reach into that mysterious circle and get the Ghost Charm.

Using the Ghost Charm.

Turn around and run jump to that magical circle, it will take you slowly down to the floor. Go to the boulder and left into an opening under the broken ladder, crawl through and in the back of that small passage is the gate you heard upon entering, up right. Crawl through, up the ladder straight ahead and up the next but longer ladder.

About half way up the camera changes, there is a niche behind you with Secret #5, a Coin. Jump back to the ladder and go up.

Pull up on the slope, jump and jump again till you are on a flat ledge. Up another ladder and in that last room is a switch, it is Timed and open a trapdoor above. Pull, roll and run jump left over the ladder hole and up onto the slope, jump again to back flip onto the ledge where the trapdoor is. Quickly get out to the square where it all started. Go back through the alley to the Square at the Mansion and into the open door to the Crypts (right of the Trumpets).Get down the hole in the floor down the boulder passage, over the water and this time go straight through the spike walls to the Tomb. Stand on the right hand side of it, at the white spot on the floor and place the Ghost Charm. An opening with a magical circle…

Return to the water, just jump in and climb out at the other end, up the boulder slope and climb up through that opening with the magical circle?

The Ghost will appear and he will light a Torch so you can see the Spell is broken when his face turns normal….

G&D – Dec ’17.