Forest Kingdom (Advent2017).

Level by AgentXP

Walkthrough by G&D Productions (revised Jan 05-'17).

8 Secrets.

Savegames mentioned in the walk can be downloaded here.

At the opening of the level you can choose an outfit you like.

Lara standing in a big cage.

Move the pushable cage onto the yellow tile, a trapdoor opens up.

If you want to make a little detour and get a Shotgun and Uzis first:  Hop over the opening and use the lever on the flame block. The gate opens up, quickly get out...

3 Yetis will attack, you can choose to shoot them, or lock them up in the cage you came from for the time being (which I couldn't). Because outside and just right of the gate is a lever, closing the gate. You have to be real quick though.

Facing the cage, go left of it and jump around to the ledges on the other side of it to get the Uzis from the skeleton.

Now just get down into the canyon and start shooting the 3 Yetis till they pop. Going up the rocks in the NW corner will get you a Medipack. From the Yellow Crystal patches on the floor you can pick up a piece to serve as a Flare, so check them all.

W is a cave, be careful, the right hand entrance has a spike pit. Left in front of the gate with the skeleton is Shotgun ammo. Other side in front of the closed gate is the Shotgun. Left we need a Key. Go back out and up to the cage where you started, you could use the lever again to free the Yetis, lure them away and quickly get back in.

Facing S you can climb down a ladder, drop into a yellow cave, turn around and hop up the slope N, go up left into the opening (W) to find Grenades and Uzi clips. From this opening you can also hop back and grab the ladder if you need to go back.

The Two Golden Gems.

Step out W and to the right, to find a steep slope.

Slide down to break tiles. Just slide out, landing on the tile and run jump to the next break tile, grab up to the crack and go left around a corner to the end and drop to a ledge. Hop to the ledge with the lever (SE) and the water turns safe when you use it. Dive down and floating near the bottom in the middle of the pool is a Golden Gem I, you’ll see a gate open up (*). Swim up SE and climb out, use the lever to open the exit on the left and go up to the cave with the ladder, go straight through to the next cave.

Block Puzzle.

Jump to the tiny ledge, then to the far right corner to get the Shotgun ammo there. In the NW corner are “Flares”. Hop to the tiny ledge and then into the opening SE, hop onto the right hand sloped block and keep jumping till you are on the ledge in the corner where that gate opened up (*). Go down left, jump and grab the ladder and go up, left to get Uzi clips from a vase you can shoot. Hop to the other side and go up to a corridor with statues, behind the second statue right is a vase with Arrows.

Proceed into a place with several kinds of blocks. Go left around the red block and use the lever (face W, the other lever is Timed and for later). A block goes down in another section of this place (**). Push the cage (E) once, go in and push it back once, then go shoot that Yeti (or do that first). Climb the crate and use the lever on the wall, a block lowers in the opening to the next section (S). Shoot a vase in the far corner (SE) and get a small medipack, in the water nearby are Automatic Pistol clips.

Go through to the next section and left into the corner where the block went down (**). Use the lever there to see a block go up next to a push cage. Pull the cage W out of the opening and go through, to the left you see the Timed gate we need to get to. Pull the cage N out of the opening and push it to the S as far as it will go. Then go through to the Timed lever on the left side of the red block in section 1 (NW). Pull, turn left and sprint through the opening and into the gate with a roll (savegame.0).

Spike Wall.

Hop with a roll onto the slope and jump to grab the ladder, go up and into the NE corner to get the small medipack. Turn around and spot the lever on the lattice fence. A block goes down, go into that opening (W) and save. Run in to the right, turn right at the lever and duck, wait for the burner to start and stop, immediately stand up, use the lever and side flip left, go through the new opening in the corner (OR; walk in and spot those different looking tiles? Just walk backwards onto a tile and then sprint back into the passage and wait for the spike wall to pass by, but it is possible you won’t be able to get the Secret when you do it like this) (savegame.1).

Use the lever to the right (S) and see a tall block go up in the room below the grate. Shoot the vase for Shotgun ammo and get 2x Uzi clips in the opposite window. Go through the corner where the block lowered to the room (S).

Secret; and best go to get all secrets as most of them contain nice weaponry…: take a right, back into the spike wall room and go left through that yellow screen, pick up Secret #1, a Golden Skull and Uzi clips, Grenades and the Grenade gun. Go back through the same opening.

Golden Gem II, using the Gems.

Climb down the ladder S, through to section 1 (NW room) and climb the red block with the levers, run jump and grab the tall block to use the jump lever there and a block goes down revealing Golden Gem II, drop down and get that. Leave NW, down the ladder wall and back flip off onto the slope. Which leads up to a Boulder, so quickly hop back into that opening right. Up the slope and shoot a Yeti, use the two Gems in the room up there. Hop up to the open gate behind Lara and enjoy the cut-scene.

Take out a weapon, hop down to the right and shoot the two Yetis(If you go up right (W) you have a bit more room to move).

Secret: Jump S to the tree that is on an island in the molten gold river and go to the back. Jump to grab a ledge behind the big plant S, pull up and jump a ledge higher, turn around and jump to grab up to the branch, get Secret #2, Uzis, Uzi clips and a Golden Skull. Get back the way you came.

Open the Gate.

Go W and on the higher ground grab up to the rock right (opposite the tree N), from there jump to the branch on the tree for Uzi clips. Get back to the rock N, grab up N to a higher ridge and shimmy left, around a corner to where you cannot go further, drop and climb up to the lever which will open a gate on ground level. Turn around and run down onto the slope below and slide to where that gate is.

Inside shoot the incoming Yetis. Take a left (S) to the end and around the corner in the next area on the right you find Automatic Pistol clips, in the next right Shotgun ammo, the only way onwards seems to be the opening in the far back left (SW). Slide and jump to the bridge, go left and jump left of the pillar onto a small ledge. Turn to the pillar, jump to grab the ladder and go down, almost at the end of the ladder do a back flip onto a ledge on the bottom. Jump to the Lotus leaf, to the next lotus leaf. Then to the right to the ledge along the N wall.

Secret: Hop to a ledge on the W side of the yellow pillar; get Secret #3, a Shotgun, Automatic Pistol clips, Flares, Arrows and a Golden Skull.

Get back to the ladder and climb to the top, back flip and jump back to the bridge. Go to the other end and jump over to the next bridge SW, to the tree W and grab up to a crack to go around to the back. Turn around and hop to the next bridge, go up the ladder there and to the right you can spot a Medipack in the distance. Hang right and from almost at the top, back flip onto a flat ledge on top of the slope.

To the Yellow Slope.

Short route: Slide and jump to the bridge, (Secret hunters, scroll down) take a right to the end and jump over to the next bridge SW, to the tree W and grab up to a crack to go around to the back. Turn around and hop to the next bridge, from here a run jump NE landing on the long slope down.

When you go for the Secrets however; as soon as you are on the first bridge, go left and jump left of the pillar onto a small ledge. Turn to the pillar, jump to grab the ladder and go down, almost at the end of the ladder do a back flip onto a ledge on the bottom. Jump to the Lotus leaf, to the next lotus leaf. Then to the right to the ledge along the N wall. Hop to a ledge on the W side of the yellow pillar; get Secret #3, a Shotgun, Automatic Pistol clipsFlares, Arrows and a Golden Skull.

To the Tree house.

Get back to the ladder and climb to the top, back flip and jump back to the bridge. Go to the other end and jump over to the next bridge SW, to the tree W and grab up to a crack to go around to the back. Turn around and hop to the next bridge, go up the ladder there and to the right you can spot a Medipack in the distance. Hang right and from almost at the top, back flip onto a flat ledge on top of the slope. Turn SE and hop down to the grassy area, slide down a bit towards the tree (N) and grab 2x Arrows. Jump back up (S) and go left, go get a Medipack and Grenades. To the left, NE, you can see a wooden floor and also some Yetis prowling around. From the tree where you got the last pickups, a run jump to that wooden floor, shoot the Yetis (or shoot them before you jump).

Hop onto a ledge next to the broken chair SW. Grab Arrows and climb down the ladder in the back, grab the Tree house Key and go back up to the wooden floor. Use that Key on the right (N) and grab Grenades from the grate before going up the ladder to the Tree house. Shoot the Yetis and get Secret #4, a Medipack, the Automatic Pistol and a Golden Skull. Get back down to the wooden floor.

Walk out to the right (W) and right onto the greenery, run jump to the patch NW, follow to the left and finally jump to that yellow slope going down.

No, no boulder… Turn around and hop into the dark left of the slope to get Shotgun ammo and Automatic Pistol clips, hop back. Jump into the cave W, where a flyby will show you around.

Dark Cave, Deep Forest Key and a Laser Sight.

Run jump straight W over the pit (watch your head), there are more of those pits in this cave.

Walk left to the SW corner and run jump up to the ledge with the mushrooms. A Yeti appears, shoot him quick.

Secret: Turn left and get Secret #5, Grenades, a Golden Skull and Shotgun ammo behind the greenery.

Walk down S to the part between the 2 pits and get Shotgun ammo, walk as far as you can to the W and jump to a Medipack behind the next pit. Go W and right onto a green ridge, hop left around the corner to what looks like an opening to a yellow cave. Save and run in, slide and jump to that island in the middle of the yellow goo.

Secret: Run jump to the ledge with the plant SE and grab Secret #6, a Golden Skull and 2x Uzi clips. Jump back to the island.

Run jump W to that tiny ledge between the pillars and climb the ladder on the right; on top turn around and hop on top of the next pillar. Go in right and find a closed gate with a Key behind it. Time the burners to get to the Timed lever in the back (or crawl under them) and make your way back to the gate. It will drop shut behind you to make sure you won’t forget the Laser Sight after picking up the Deep Forest Key.

Use the Forest Key, Puzzle for the Bow.

Go back out and to the pillar with the ladder, run jump N and grab the ledge with the bridge. Go over the bridge to the area above the pits, walk out onto the ledge and (I didn’t find any use for that crack in the tree, so) just jump to the green ledge right (SE)in the trees and follow around to the far NE corner where you can open the gate with the Deep Forest Key.

Lara is having a look around (if you don’t touch the controls…). But that skeleton seems important; ah the Bow probably the skeleton is holding. Throw the lever on that lattice wall right of the push cage, a gate opens behind you. Go in and save at the edge. Hop back and do a run jump followed by a running jump to get to the ledge before the spikes get you. Go left to the pedestal and get the Skull Key. Hang from the ledge and time the burner while you shimmy left to the corner ledge. There will be no spikes there so pull up and jump back to the bridge.

Back in the room, pull out that cage, move it right, in front of the lever, then pull it into the room once and now move it into the back of the room (E), into the pit behind the pillar with the skeleton. Now you can use the Skull Key there and the spikes retract, so the skeleton drops onto the floor and the Bow as well.

For a Torch.

Climb the wooden pillar and back flip onto the upper floor; a vase on the table has Automatic Pistol clips, another vase SE 2x Uzi clips. Go through the opening S, back flip onto the slope and jump to grab the crack, shimmy left around to a balcony and throw the lever there. Blocks will shift in the room below. Go through the opening NW to the next section and shoot a vase for a small medipack. Go over the bridge and jump up to grab a ladder there (you have to stand in the right spot). Back flip onto the top floor, the balcony S has Arrows in a vase. Then jump N to the cave and shoot that beehive Lara is looking at. The honey will extinguish the campfire, go get a small medipack from the grass a bit further away first and then grab a Torch from the campfire.

To my surprise I could ignite it here too in this version.. Facing S I could, immediately after picking it up. If you can too, you can skip the next blue text.

Igniting the Torch.

Go back into the room, right into the passage (taking the Torch of course) and follow down to a lever, go through the gate you opened and you are back on the bridge level, go right (passing the used lever) and down the blocks. Drop the Torch into the hole in the floor; go down too and into the lower level where you can set fire to it (W).

Using the Torch.

Go back into the opening S, hop onto the block and drop the Torch on it. Climb up the ladder to the room above, up the blocks to the balcony and use the lever again to get the blocks back in the normal position. The Torch will be taken up too; it has to go up one more floor. So, drop down and drop the Torch onto the block NE. Go up (through back flipping on the slope and shimmying the crack) to use the lever on the balcony again and get the Torch. Go to the N room and left into the shortcut passage to the top level. 

Hop to the balcony S and ignite the bowl, a block lowers at the bridge below. Take the Torch with you and go back through the shortcut, over the bridge and through the new opening. You are back in that corridor with the many gates; a Yeti is on its way… Drop the Torch for a bit so you can pop him.

Secret: We will mention the normal pickups here later. From entering go right and to the right is a passage hidden behind plants, a closed gate in front of the Secret. Go out and right into a dead end and shoot the two sets of bones #1-2 on the floor. Go into the corridor, a bit further N and to the left is set #3, proceed and right around the corner and find the next two sets of bones #4-5 (right and left). That gate is now open, so return and get your reward, Secret #7, Arrows, 2x Uzi clips and a Golden Skull.

Take the Torch and SE get another pair of Uzis, go N, in the corners of the corridors is Shotgun ammo, (NW). Around the corner a bit are Arrows in the grass, a bit further right more Arrows and near the end of the corridor, right are Automatic Pistol clips. Ignite the wall scone on the W wall; a block goes down. Hop onto that block on the right, stand back and throw the Torch through the opening (it has to go down into the next corridor). Turn left and jump grab up to the opening where that block went down. Drop into the corridor where you threw the Torch (it is that corridor where we couldn’t do anything before). Ignite that wall scone to open the gate next to it.

Fiery Jumps and Spikes, the Bridge Talisman I.

Drop the Torch in a safe spot and go into the hall with the pillars, shimmy along the edge of the floor to the window right of to the entrance and save at the Timed lever. Turn left and walk to the edge, stand jump onto the fire pillar with the circle and do a running jump left to the spike pillar when they are down, curving right a running jump to the next fire pillar and onwards to the last, then jump into the opening (savegame.2). Don’t get too nervous, there’s enough time for a good line up.

Go right around the lattice fence and pick up the Bridge Talisman. A wraith will appear, so roll and run to the gate which opened N. Sprint through the passage with spikes popping up behind you and stop in the corner room with the statue. The wraith will kill itself there, shoot the vase and get the Medipack.

Using the Talisman, Forest Mask I.

Step out to the corridor and grab your Torch, go to the next scone right, opposite the opening where we entered this corridor the first time. Drop the Torch. The flyby, after you enter, shows two Receptacles. You can make your way through this large room to that lever you see (which involves a bunch of tricky jumps over the lower slopes) OR go back to the other corridor (back to the first scone, stand on that small hill in the corner and pull up, jump down at the end). Go W and take a right into an area with a rolled up bridge. Grab the Flares and use the talisman on the block, shoot the incoming Wasp. Go over the bridge and shoot more Wasps. To the left, next to the green tree are Arrows, loop right around that tree and go straight to the next tree. To the E is a hill, on it is a pickup, you can reach it with a run jump facing NE and a left curve around the top of the hill. Grab Grenades and a Medipack and jump back over the top to the tree.

Stand on the higher ground S of the tree, facing the bridge and grab up to a branch above. Hop to the other tree, hop to the green corner SW for some Pistol clips (hard to see). Hop back and climb up the ladder, left around as soon as you are through the leaves and drop on the branch. Jump to the other tree and get the Pistol clips. Some Wasps show up, probably to protect their hives up in the trees. Shoot the two hives (one is way up S and when you jump back to the ladder the second hive is way up E).Ropes appear. Shoot the wasp, jump up to grab the first rope and swing to the second one, turn left a bit aiming for the widest part of the opening in the yellow wall left. Swing, jump and don’t use Ctrl (at least that is how I got in). Run into the back, roll and shoot a Wasp. Grab Forest Mask I; more Wasps show up while you get to see where you have to use the Mask.

Hop out left to the branch (the one sticking out to the S), one more hop left around the corner to get a Medipack and Arrows. Maybe you can find a safe way down here, but I jumped back to the branch, a run jump up to grab back to the yellow opening and went back using the ropes and the ladder on the tree.

Forest Mask II.

Go out to the corridor, left and up the block and through the shortcut to the second corridor. Get the Torch and go S, just around the corner you can ignite another scone to open the gate left of it. Drop the Torch. Shoot that yellow thing on the island in the lava and jump there (left side). Face SE, get to the highest point and side flip onto the slope at the ladders, jump and grab it. Go up close to the spikes and back flip roll to grab the ladder behind you. Go almost up to where the ladder ends and back flip roll back to the other ladder, climb up and to the and right onto the floor.

Go down the ladder at the other end and go to the spike stairs. Jump onto the second step and quickly go forward a bit. Hop to the right into the niche; shoot the vase and duck to get the small medipack

. Run down the other end into a cave and quickly shoot the yetis. Thank God for the Grenade gun.

From entering turn left and go into a crawlspace N, quickly turn to the right and shoot another yeti and go to the lever to open a gate with it. Go out the other end, shoot another yeti and go right into the passage a bit to get the Shotgun ammo. Go back and right/left to where that gate opened in the cave. There’s more Shotgun ammo before you reach the gate, up in a niche in the N wall of the cave.

Close the Trapdoors.

Through the gate you’ll get to another forest area, jump straight from the entrance to the branch on the first tree, keep going to the SE corner and get the Uzi clips there. Shimmy along the crack to the right. Throw the lever in the corner to close a trapdoor (#1) at a monkey climb. Shimmy back to the previous branch. Look down NE and spot Uzi clips on a darker ledge, just run off to land there and grab the 2x Uzi clips.

Hop to the S to a ledge in the golden lake to get Secret #8, a Golden Skull. Hop back.

Grab the ridge E and shimmy left to a safe spot, time the burners and jump across the break tiles (hop, run jump and hop/grab) to a lever on a block. Trapdoor #2 will close after using the lever.

The high Monkey climb.

Turn around and grab the monkey climb, go to the other end (watch out for the burner) and drop, side step right and grab and climb up, turn left, stand in the corner and grab up to the bridge to get back to the entrance. Hop onto the block NW and grab the monkey climb. Follow through, passing those trapdoors and timing the burners to get to an opening in a red wall, drop and get through the spikes. Shoot a Yeti and grab Forest Mask II. Go back using the monkey climb, through the first burner and at the tree you can drop onto the branch below. Jump back to the entrance and go to the cave, back through the spike stairs and up the ladder at the end of the passage. At the next ladder grab the monkey climb and go left or right around to the niche N. Drop and go down the ladder back into the corridor.

Using the Masks, the Golden Skull Key.

Go through N and left at the scone to the Big Pit. Run jump to the right to a flat part on the sloped corner and hop to the first receptacle and place the Forest Mask. Jump back and keep jumping to the window SW. Drop onto a ledge in the pit, hop down to the ledge NW, slide down to the one below and jump over to the N. Up twice to the one left and when you are at the pillar, jump to the NE window and place the second Forest Mask. The Big Pit becomes safe; slide down to the blocks near the water (or slide in and climb out W), shoot that yellow thing in the water. Hop in; grab Arrows and the Golden Skull Key in the other corner. A gate opens up in the “second” corridor.

Climb out W, hop up the ledges to the highest one NW and from there you can do a curved run jump to grab the nearby pillar with the lever on top. Flip it and get through the gate into the second corridor and go right, right around the corner and almost at the E end left into the gate you saw when you placed the Masks.


Run jump left to the balcony and shoot the vase in the back so you can run jump over the balustrade into the niche N and get Uzi clips from the vase. Jump back to the balcony and drop from the other end on a block and further down to the floor. Crawl under the fence W and use the lever in the crawlspace. Go back and left up to the opened gate. You are now in a cave you might have visited already when you went for the Shotgun at the beginning of the level…

If you weren’t here yet: Grab the Shotgun ammo from the skeleton, Flares from the yellow Crystals and take a right into the valley. More Flares and go left to where you can jump up into the NW corner and get the Medipack on the slopes there. Go back into the cave and to the gates N, pick up the Shotgun in front of the right hand gate.

Use the Golden Skull Key at the left gate and go to the next one that opened on the right. If you happen to fall into the water and need to get back up, swim to the E side and climb up right.

Pickup Detour: Walk down and left on the entrance ledge, turn around and climb down the ladder, jump the ledges to the big rock W and get Grenades. Hop down into the water, a bit to the right (E) are Uzi clips on the bottom of the lake. Swim to the E end and climb out right, climb up S to a grassy ledge and pick up the small medipack from the grass. Crawl out W, turn around and go up the ladder again.

Onwards with the Quest, The Golden Mask of Tornarsuk.

Jump to the ledge NE and then into the crevice N. Go left and crawl through where you see the bridge, cross the bridge and follow to the left, jump to that broken bridge. Go into the opening there and follow through (watch out… spikes) to a cave with a frozen pool. Go right into the open gate; run left to the far wall to escape from the burner as the elevator goes up. Just stick to the wall running around till you face N and see the boulder. Push the boulder down and it will crush the ice. Jump from niche to niche to get a small medipack, Uzi clips and Flares, then just slide down backwards, grab the edge and safety drop down into the water, climb out and get the Golden Mask of Tornarsuk. A screenshot of the big cave.

Just grab up W, through the spike trap in the passage to the big cave and jump down into the water, climb up W at the gate. Grab the Flares on the right and enter, up the ladder in the back, close to the spikes and back flip roll to the ladder behind. Go up to the top, 4 steps down and back flip roll again to the first ladder, go down and through the crawlspace. Finally some fresh air.

You’ll be welcomed by Yetis, follow the nice path through the forest and go into the golden gate on the right. Arm yourself and shoot that Giant Mutant. Inside his lair are some goodies if you need, Grenades, a Medipack and Uzi clips. Place the Mask left of that gate and run up to the Jeep.

G&D- Dec ’17 (revised Jan '18).