The Cross for Santa Claus.

Level by Eelkemama

Walkthrough by G&D Productions

Part1 - Find the way. (no compass)

Out in the Cold, Music Room key.

Lara is in the living room of the Mansion. Turn around, go to the chest of drawers and climb on it, push the painting and the front door will open up. Take a left outside and go into the glass covered area with the benches, in front of the first bench, right hand side is the Music Room key.


Go out and into the alley behind the glasshouse and step onto a raised tile in a corner left. You hear a gate open up. It is up left at the Christmas decorations. Get Revolver ammo and shoot the window there. Step in between the candles and a lever appears in the alley. Go out and use that lever to open the gate opposite the last one and get the Revolver there.

Now go to the other end of the street (look at the snowmen with their sled), pick up Revolver ammo in front of the bench at that grey tower. Head left around the corner of the street...

Shoot the wooden panel down in the left wall and get in for Secret #1, a Shield.

The Jump Lever.

Through the fence in the opposite wall we reach 5 receptacles for Dragon Emblems (later). Go to the Carton box on the right, in the archway with the fence. Pull it out 4 times and then move it to the side of the grey tower, there is a jump lever up there you can now reach. The fence opens up as well as a door across the street and a bit left from facing the Jump lever. Behind the fence we cannot do anything yet, so go for the door opposite the Mansion. Inside take a right up the stairs and find a button on the far wall, on the right of the TV set; a door opens somewhere. In the opposite corner, behind that small table is a Dragon Emblem (1).Go back outside and better go back inside the Mansion before you freeze.

Mansion Upstairs, White Tea, open the Kitchen.

Inside take a right and up the stairs, on the upper landing, take a right and loop around to the desk and find some Revolver ammo behind it. Back to the stairs and straight, then right into the corner where you can pick up from a plinth, a box of White Tea, the kitchen is shown. Turn around, go to the other end, ignore the maid for now and open the bathroom left. Pick up the Dragon Emblem (2) from the shower, then flip the switch in the left corner and see the door to the kitchen open up. Go out to the landing, left into the corridor and take aright to open the door to the Music Room. 

Music Room, Crowbar. 

Get another Dragon Emblem (3)from the pedestal right. Then pick up the Crowbar from the floor near the stool in front of the piano.

Bedroom Key.

Go out and to the stairs, opposite the stairs are two boxes on pedestals, shoot the boxes and the bookcase moves aside, use the Crowbar to pry the Bedroom Key from the wall. Go back to the corridor and left of the Music room is the bedroom, open it. Go in (wait, No Bed?, but Lara looks left) and push that box to the door, a trapdoor will open up in the Kitchen. Go out, to the stairs.

Kitchen, Empty Mug, Scarf.

Go downstairs and right, at the chest of drawers left into the kitchen through the door you opened when you used the switch in the bathroom. In the kitchen open the door to the storage (right) and find that open trapdoor (when you moved the box in the bedroom). Climb down and find an Empty Mug. The stove in the kitchen is shown again.

But first go to that open door in the end of the passage and find the Scarf around the corner (you can see into the pool from there).

Meat Locker, Laser Sight.

Go back and climb back up and in the kitchen turn left, combine the Tea and the Mug (Big Mug of Tea)and place it on the yellow stove, a door opens.Back into the storage and left is the open door, find the Laser Sight there.

In the ceiling, opposite the entrance is an opening, grab up there from facing the door and climb up to the room above. Grab a small medipack.

Shoot the carpets in the corner and get Secret #2, a Shield.

The Swimming Pool, raise a platform and open the Garage.

Get back down and go to the living room and out into the cold. Go left towards the glasshouse and standing with your back to the swimming pool door, look up above the laundry shop. A swinging target ball behind a window, shoot the window and the ball and the door behind you opens up. Go in and a few things you can do here now, push the button on the left wall and a platform goes up in the alley. Hop into the pool and use the underwater lever you could see when you picked up the scarf before, the Garage opens up. Go out to the street.

The Garage, a Dragon Emblem and Money.

Straight ahead and a bit to the right is the garage. Go to the lady in the back (on the right) and give her the Scarf, a platform will lower giving access to the ladder. Climb up and in one of the windows is a Dragon Emblem (4). Go back down and pull that car out once. Go behind it and pick up the Money.

The Theatre, a Ticket, Dragon Emblem 5.

Go to the grey tower (left) at the other end of the street and right into the alley where that platform went up, climb up and flip the switch. Bit hard to know what happened, but doors opened up near the grey tower. So out of the alley and right through the doors into the Foyer. Give the Money to the guy selling Tickets and get your Ticket from the pedestal right of him. Go left to the girl and the door into the Theatre will now open. Take a right and get the Revolver ammo. On the same wall, left is a slot where you can use your Ticket, the curtains open up. Hop onto the stage and behind Santa’s sled is Dragon Emblem (5).

Using the Dragon Emblems, Buddha’s Bowl.

Leave the Theatre and in the street loop right into that open gate where you can now use those 5 Emblems. Go through the opened gate and get Buddha’s Bowl, well that’s not too hard to figure out where that goes. Go out to the street, sort of straight and right into the open door. Give Buddha the bowl and see the gate open up in the swimming pool.

Chateau Laffite 1959, Empty Winebox.

Go to the swimming pool (left of the glass house) and into the back. Left around the corner is a bottle of Chateau Laffite 1959. There’s a butler in this room... Flip the switch in the back of the room, left of the gate and see a wooden box explode in the street. Go out there and pick up the Empty Winebox, combine it with the Bottle and get a Full Winebox.

Go back into the Mansion and up the stairs, loop around left and give the Winebox to the Maid. The door to the Laundry shop opens up. So back outside and straight into the Laundry shop.

The Laundry Shop, the Roof-door Key.

Go into the shop and on the last machine left is the Roof-door Key.

In the corner behind the machines is a toolbox, pull it out of the corner to find Secret #3, a Shield.

The Roofs.

Go back into the room in the back of the swimming pool, where that butler is and open the gate in the back with the Roof-door Key. Go up and a flyby will take over, it also shows a gate opening in the street. Since we need a Key here, go back down to the street, take a right and to the far end left.

Go around the house and up in a corner of the garden is a platform with a switch. Stand under the platform facing the switch and jump up, from this side you can for some obscure reason jump higher so you can grab the platform and flip the switch to open the house. Go around to the front door and enter, Save here as advised, this save can be used in the next part of the level.

Push the button and a platform on the left goes down. Drop down, slide down and after a flyby we reached the end of this part of the game.

Part2 - Find the Roof Key.

A Torch.(The compass is back)

Don’t run, but look up first where you start, there’s a jump lever up above, use it to open a door in the other end of this passage and go there. Up the ladder and left into the passage. Take a left at the closed gate with the Star. Pick up a Medipack and shoot the panel behind it after checking it out, you’ll hear a gate open up. Go pick up a Torch from the pile where that panel was. Go back through the passage; push the star button behind the now open gate left and the doors in the passage below open up. Don’t forget to take the Torch and go down the ladder.

Into the room right and drop the Torch for a bit.

Secret: On a crate right is a barrel, shoot it and get Secret #4, a Shield.

Push the low crate near the green door into the left corner and find a Letter, put that in the mailbox in the green door (W). Behind that door is a grey trapdoor, open it and drop the Torch in there. Go down and ignite the Torch on the candleholder. Go ignite the one in the opposite corner (NE) and the glass wall breaks next to you. Leave the Torch here.

Two Candles for the Candleholder.

Hop down into the water, down and swim up the other side to get out in the Square. Behind the couple watching you is Candle I. Pick it up and go use a jump lever on the N wall of the square to open a gate in the water tunnel (to go back later).

Old Key.

Left, in front of the gate to the storage (W) are Spikes, underneath is a Shield, looks harder than it is, just pull the spikes away and get Secret #5, a Shield.

To the right of those spikes is a Star button, use it to open a gate behind you, S. In there are a pack of Flares and the Old Key in the corner behind the Seagull. Now go to that gate NW, somehow that was triggered to open for you on approach.

Lower Streets, open a Door.

Slide down the slope to an alley, turn left and use the Old key to change the slope into a conveyor going UP, to get back up later.

In the opposite corner of the alley is a crawlspace up high, get through to a yard, go around the grey wall and flip the switch to see a door open on the Square. Go back through the crawlspace and to the sloped passage.

Candle II.

If you used the old key already, jump in and let yourself go up (jumping doesn’t help to speed it up). Go left to the now open door near the couple. Inside and to the right is a switch, it will open the doors in the passage and reveal the candle beyond them. But when you enter the passage, the doors will close again….Can't be helped. Go to that closed door and climb up the pipes (left or right), pull the chain up there and see a curtain slide open. Get down and left to the opened curtain. Tip; first flip the switch to re-open the doors and don’t enter the passage again.

In the mirror you can see some Flares, so go and get them. 

The passage changes and a crawlspace will appear. Go through that crawlspace to pick up [b]Candle II[/b] in the back on a pedestal.

Behind that candleholder S is Secret #6, a Shield.

If you did as we suggested and those two doors are still open, you can leave through them, otherwise get back around through the crawlspace

Using the Candles, the Roof Key.

Out in the Square, take a left and get back into the water. Down there and to the right is the gate that opened when you used the Jump lever in the Square before, use the underwater lever. This will raise the water level in the S end of this tunnel, where you came from before. You can now open the underwater door there and swim back up to the room with the Torch. Combine the two Candles and place them in the candleholder SE. Go through the gate behind you and up the stairs, climb up a ladder and get the Roof Key. Step through the gate that opens and you will get back to the street (no more compass). It is possible (with a trick move to get it up the short ladder) to take the Torch with you from here, but the game will crash later after you used the Roof Key.

Use the Roof Key.

Take a right at the grey tower and left into the swimming pool to the back room with the Butler. Into the passage in the back and up to that place with the block and the keyhole, use the Roof Key there and go through the doors in the back.

Part 3 – The Cross For Santa Claus.

Notice the wall torch right, someone is snoring like Santa…

Bookshop, a Holy Cross.

Go straight and take a right in Main Street, to where the guy is grabbing some firewood. To the right where that guy is you can open the Bookshop and inside go all the way to the back where you can open some double doors. To the right you can pull away the display and pry the Holy Cross from the wall. In the other end of the room, next to that Lava lamp is a Star button. This will open a door to the Gift Shop. Go back out to Main Street.

The Gift Shop; Switch Puzzle, the Blue Star, Old Key and a Glimmer.

To the left and then in the right hand wall (opposite the green door) is the door you opened with the Star button in the bookshop. Enter and find 6 switches over trapdoors. Below 2 of the trapdoors are ladders (NE and SW), just ignore those and pull the other 4 to lower a block around the back. Go in and around a corner, climb up the wall there to get the Blue Star. Go to the shop window in the back and next to the white wrapped gift box is the Old Key. Go to the S wall, climb up the wall under the hole in the ceiling and climb to the right. In that passage is something shiny on the wall (right hand side), pry that Glimmer of the wall.

A Torch, a Hat.

Out to Main Street and go right to the house next door where you can use the old key to open the pool hall. Ignore the racket and go to the back right and next to the sofa near the tree is a Torch. Take it out to Main Street and left to the guy near the firewood. Drop the Torch there for a bit, go straight (N) to the receptacle and place the Blue Star. The pile of firewood behind you caught fire.

Shoot one of the grates in the N wall and go in for Secret #7, a Shield.

Pick up the Torch and ignite it, take it to the other end of Main Street and left into the alley, ignite that wall torch there and go through the door. Inside behind the table is a small Hat.

In the back, behind the desk is Secret #8, a Shield.

Abandoned Swimming Pool.

Go back to Main Street and to the green door in the right hand wall (opposite the Gift shop) and place the Glimmer in the Moon receptacle. Step into the room of a Swimming Pool and to the left find a small Santa statue, place the Hat there. A platform goes up.

Shoot the Menu sign S and water will fill the pool, dive in, grab some Revolver ammo we don’t need and swim through a gap in the other corner. Follow through around some corners and get Secret #9, a Shield. Swim back and get out at the platform.

Climb the platform, stand at the edge and jump up to the monkey climb. Go across into the opening, down into the next room and left behind the arches is a Jump lever, this will change the slope into steps, so go up. Push the statue of the blue lady into the opposite corner (pictures) and the trapdoor goes up allowing you to place the Holy Cross. Santa will enter from behind the door.

“Thank you, now Christmas can come”.

G&D, Dec “17.