The Frozen Mask. (Advent 2017)

Level by LoreRaider.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Turn left and hop into the SE corner, turn around and use the lever to open the door you saw. Stand back from the lever and hop out of there. Through the door and pick up some Flares. Turn right and jump to grab the block in the NE corner, jump to the one NW. Grab the monkey climb and follow to the next corner where you can drop on a high block. Hop to the next one and grab the small medipack. Turn to the middle of the cave and spot the jump lever over the tree. Jump to activate the lever and a door will open.

Secret: Head back through the door E to the first cave and jump into the SE corner again. The floor lowered and reveals a crawlspace with Secret #1, a small medipack and 2x Uzi clips. Climb the wall above the crawlspace and back flip to get out. Go back through the door.

Make your way back up as before and jump to the last corner, SE, where that door opened.

Walk around the corner to a pit, hang in and shimmy left to the end. Jump backwards (down key) and now shimmy right. Around the corner and at the end of that crack jump back again. Shimmy left to the end and jump back into an opening. In the room with the door (we will be back here) are Uzi clips in the SE corner, go down the hole in the floor.

Block Puzzle.

Swim to the other end of the tunnel and climb the ladder in the airhole (against the pillar). Pull the block SE out once, pull/push it to the other end of the ledge and to push it onto that trigger tile, you need to move the lower block in front first. A door will open and a block lowers in the water tunnel.

Secret hunters: notice the white block in the crawlspace up NE. Hop down into the water and climb back up into the room (at least, that worked for me) The crawlspace is now open, move the block back to the other side where it was, run jump to grab the crawlspace and climb in for Secret #2, Uzis and 2x Uzi clips. Get down.

Timed Swim.

Hop down into the water and swim W through the opening.

Secret hunters: Loop around left to find a small opening in the corner, swim through and pull the underwater lever lowering a block where we go soon, go back to get air and swim in W again.

Follow the tunnel to the end and find an underwater lever to the right.

Left of the lever, N, is that block that lowered. Go in and get Secret #3, a text on the floor in a nice Christmas room.

Save and pull the Timed lever, swim back through the tunnel, keeping left everywhere. Through the opening to the first tunnel and left again to the end, to the pillar and up the ladder, turn left and run through the door. To the next door and stop at the drop off. Once you saw the Checkpoint notification, turn back and get a small medipack and Uzi clips from the room.

Walk to the open door again and jump out with a right hand curve, landing on a block against the W wall. Jump to the next one S, one more time to the corner where the Medipack is. Turn left and jump to grab the branch (pole), swing and jump to the next, go on till you are on the ledge (you passed under a jump lever). Get 2x Uzi clips there and walk around the corner, jump over to the next corner and then to a climb wall, go all the way around left to the lest wall and up to the top. Hang right and just back flip to land on a thin ice ledge.

Jump to grab the branch S and swing to the next, then to the climb wall in the corner. Go up and left around, climb up to the monkey climb and Lara should transfer to it. If she doesn’t, go down a bit and try again.

Follow almost to the end (where the camera changes) and face the wall, drop and grab the jump lever, a teleporter beam appears and a block below goes up to soften the landing. You can pick up some Uzi clips(NW) if you want. That little white fox won’t hurt you, she just wants to play or show you her wounded partner in the corner near the teleporter NE.

Step in and be taken to a room with the Frozen Mask, where two Snowmen will show up when you grab it. Shoot them and another teleporter will appear, step in and the level will end….

G&D Dec-‘17