Pearl of Kojada.

Levels by Maax 87.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

To leave an element of surprise we won’t mention Bats.

For the savegames mentioned in this walk, here’s a link to the Savegame Folder.

Link to a Video Walkthrough.

LVL 1 -

LVL 2 -


1- Archeological Dig Site.

9 Secrets.

Lara just checked her laptop, walk to the nearby taped area and get a notification in the Notepad. Go out and jump left to the ledge with the hides. Pick up some Shotgun ammo and then drop down. Find Flares in the window W. In the N wall is a gate we’ll open later (*). Go over the crates in the other corner to the next room and collect a Medipack from the wooden floor, just right of it is a ladder on the pillar, go up and through the passage to the outdoors.

Disable the Spike Trap; Silver Key.

Go into the opening S after shooting a snake in the grass…

In the pit below is the Key we need. Climb down the ladder into the hole in the floor. Back flip with a roll from the end of the ladder and grab the edge of the slope. Shimmy left and pull up, hop up into the opening, right around the corner and in the next room, left on a grate are Eagle clips. Proceed into the next room, there are two holes in the floor of this Hall, drop down into the second one. This should be the machine the Notepad talks about… Go to the SE corner ledge and safety drop down to the ledge below, go use the lever on the central ledge, spikes go down near the ladder on the N wall…

Notice the passage behind you, the exit for later…

Step to the side of the lever and grab the top of the lever block, shimmy around to the other side and drop to grab the jump lever there, you’ll land on that spike trap you disabled while the machine starts up and lowers the spikes at the Key. Turn around and go up the ladder through the opened hatch, turn around and hop out to the right, head into the opening straight ahead (NW). Back on the same ledge as before, drop down from the E end, hop to the ledge (with the used lever) and go left into the passage, follow through, through the Swinging Blades to a gate that will open up and you’re back in the hall.

Go N back to the pit, run out onto the triangle ledge and safety drop down onto a block, go get the Silver Key from the spike ledge next to it. Back onto the block and into the opening left (W), up the ladder and back flip into the passage above. Jump over to the triangle ledge, turn around and jump to grab the ladder, go up and out of the room.

Straight across the yard is the Silver Key hole, open the gate and enter, loop around left to use a floor lever opening a gate, it is back in the room with the campfire (*). Turn around and grab the Desert Eagle, the Shotgun and a Laser Sight.

Secret: Go outside and left around into the opening to a room with a kettle on the fire, loop right and find the Jump lever. Back into the passage and right through the gate that opened there, get the Shotgun ammo from the window and climb the ladder to the room above. Through the crawlspace N and find Secret #1, Shotgun ammo and a Medipack. Get back outside.

To the Excavations.

Now we return the way we came, loop right around into the opening we came from earlier (NW), down the ladder and over the crates SW. In the next room, with the campfire, is that opened gate to the right. Two crawlspaces leading to the same place, but if you take the one up in the left wall, you’ll find some Flares.

Timed Door.

Drop into one of the holes and enter the crawlspace N. In the next room is a cage in the passage N, can’t move it from here. So, back in the room, get up into the crawlspace E, go left  and down into the passage and come to the cage, pull it once or twice. Go back through the crawlspace to the room and into the N passage.

Secret: Go straight into the passage N, into the corner with the plants, duck and crawl in N to get Secret #2, climb left off the higher floor and drop on a safe ledge (there are spike traps). Get the Shotgun ammo and some more Shotgun ammo in the back after jumping over the spike traps. Jump back and get out of the crawlspace.

Go to the cage and push it as far as it goes. You now opened a shortcut to a Timed door (in the N passage from there).

Go back to the room, into the passage W and save at the lever. Pull, roll, slide and jump from the end of the slope to the room, left/right/left around the corners, then sprint or running jumps through the door.

Room with the Blades, up to the lever.

Next room, left up on the scaffolds is a lever; it will open the Timed door again (maybe we need that later). Notice the gate in the E wall. To open that, head N into the passage and right to a room with a pool. Go left and up to the NW corner where you can run-jump through a blade to the balcony E. Jump right to the next balcony (watch the low ceiling, so jump along the right hand side) and head up the ladder straight ahead and back flip off. Go to the other end and jump to a pole, swing across to the corner ledge. Go left and run jump around the blade to the next ledge, then left up to the block with the lever, that gate in the room with the scaffolds opens up. Drop down into the pool; swim down through the hole in the bottom and grab a small medipack and Eagle clips, E and W behind the fences. Get out of the pool and into the passage SW.

First Floor.

In the room with the scaffolds left through the open gate, jump over the spike trap and up the scaffolds to the floor above. Jump into the opening NW, you’re up in the room with the scaffolds. Jump over to the other side, go left first and jump back across to that wooden floor, shoot a snake and get a Medipack. Jump back and head down the passage W, get down on the left side and in the lower room on the ledge up left are Eagle clips, you can get them by jumping back onto the block you came down from (SE) and run jump W with a left curve onto the S ledge, go get the ammo and drop down again.

Two Puzzles for the Door.

To open the door W we need to visit both passages, N and S.

S: Hop over the pit, go up the crate left and to the roof, into the passage S and hop along the left side over the first blade.

Secret: grab up to a crawlspace there (in between the two blades) and get Secret #3, crawl in for a small medipack and Eagle clips. Drop back out

Hop along the right hand side over the second blade.

Shoot a snake in the next room while the gate closes behind you. Grab Eagle clips (NE) and use the lever in the window E to open the gate you can see through said window. To re-open the exit, look for the one ornament on the ceiling with a glass pane in it (NW) and shoot that. Go back through the passage with the blades, drop left from the roof and loop around to the gate you opened (E). Pull/push out that vase and place it on the marked tile outside, that’s #1 for the door as you can see. Hop back into the passage N and go to the hub room.

N: Inside go left into the corner with the small vases, and hang down into the pit, drop and immediately jump to grab a crawlspace over a spike trap. Get into the room with the double blades; I did a swan dive through, diagonally from right to left. Go up the ladder W, back flip with roll and grab the upper floor. Follow through to a lever opening the gate below, hop back to drop and grab the edge of the ledge and shimmy right before you drop. Get the vase out and put it on the tile. That’s #2 for the door.

Secret: Go back into the room where you got the vase, up on the crate in the corner and turn around. Jump grab straight up into a space with Secret #4, a Medipack and Shotgun ammo. Drop down and go out.

Leave S jump over the pit and take a right to the marked tile (#3) in front of the door to open it.

The Pagoda, the First Stone Disk.

Follow through to where a flyby shows an excavated Pagoda (Notepad). To the left is a ledge with entrances to two receptacles for Disks. Drop onto the block in the SE corner of the pit, jump to the slope W and end up on a block below. Jump up E, then NE, run-jump to a pole N and into the opening ahead, go through.

Preparation for a Secret: When you look out left and down, you can see an opening with spikes inside, look on top of the roof of the Pagoda and shoot that little white ornament, the spikes go down.

Now jump over to the roof of the pagoda, behind the high part is a lever opening a gate below, where the wolves are.

From the front of the roof drop to a bridge, go to the N side of the Pagoda and drop onto a block, from where you can shoot yourself some wolves.

Secret: Enter the passage S where the spikes went down after shooting the ornament, get Secret #5, Shotgun ammo and a Medipack from the room left, climb the crates in the back and get more Shotgun ammo and Flares. Go back out.

Go into the gate you opened with the lever on the roof, (W) under the Pagoda. Follow through and hop onto the block, pull up left into the opening. A gate we need to open straight ahead (S) with a Disk behind it.

Go up the scaffold, shoot the snake and go to the pool. Hop into the pool, swim through the tunnel and get out. Follow the passage…

Secret: after the second dent in the sloped floor, turn around and stand at the edge, hop back and run jump to grab into the opening in the ceiling to get Secret #6, Flares and a small medipack. Drop back down and proceed up the passage.

You’ll get to the ledges above the pool, hop from ledge to ledge avoiding contact with those swinging blades. Up the ladder to the rafters and jump over to the lever W, gate opens at the pool. Drop into the pool and get into that gate W and to the right is Shotgun ammo, watch out for the spike traps at the corners though. Return and head straight to the other side and follow through to a room to a room with a cage, go around it and enter from the front to get the First Stone Disk.

The Second Stone Disk.

Return through the passage, the pillar in the next room has spikes now… At the pool go across to the passage E, down into the next room and down the hole N. Out NE to the Pagoda and loop around right, climb the block and up to the bridge around the Pagoda. Go to the other end and left into the passage to a room.

Secret: On the crate NE, hidden in the leaves is a lever to open the gate. Go through and shoot the snake, left around, behind that crate is a hole in the floor, go down to get Secret #7, a small medipack and Shotgun ammo, climb back out. Go back out of this room (S).

Go to the pit W, jump to the ladder…

Secret: First go down, into the hidden passage S and shoot a wolf, crawl through to get Secret #8, a small medipack and return, up the ladder.

Climb past the closed gate, back flip into the room above and go use the lever on the block(S), go back to the ladder opening and just run down holding Ctrl to land in the passage behind the now open gate.

Another room with a pool; pull the cage out of the corner (NW) and go around it.

Secret: First push the cage against the pillar E, climb up to the top of the pillar and jump to the one on the right (S), turn left and spot the opening behind the leaves just next to the pillar. Get in for Secret #9, 2x Shotgun ammo and a Medipack. Go back and run out with Ctrl to land in the pool below.

Enter the passage (where you pulled the cage from, NW) leading to a room with a hole in the floor. That brings you to the room where the Disk is hidden, but the gate is closed. Go left up into the opening. In the room with the grate floor, hop onto the spike block facing S and run jump onto the grey block.

Make your way up the room, also using a pole to go across and hop to grab the ledge with the blade, shimmy right around and pull up just left of the spikes. Run jump with a curve (when the spikes pop up) to the ledge with the ladder, go up and back flip roll (grab) to the next block. From the scaffold in the corner a jump down to the next corner, a stand jump and grab the block with the blade where you can pull up left. Run jump (you will probably lose some health, so be careful) to the last block at a ladder. Go up through an open grate.

The Light beam Puzzle.

In the room E you’ll find some lenses and levers. First go right and onto the ledge with the lenses, jump and grab a corner ledge SW and go up to the ledge above the entrance for some Shotgun ammo. Get back down and use the levers right and second from right to bring up all lenses. The floor grate in the middle of the big room opened (behind you), hang from the edge and simply drop down, the grate below seems to have opened too. Grab the Second Stone Disk and swim out and up through the gate which opens S.

Using the Disks.

Climb out at the end and leave W, take a left of the pool, climb down the ladder a bit and back flip over the pit to the ledge. Go straight (E) and right, at the pagoda cross the wooden bridge into the opening (E) and onto the block right, climb up and then run jump diagonally across to the scaffolds NW. Go up; turn around and up to the floor above.

Jump over to the spike ledge NW and use the lever there to disable the spikes. Go through and walk straight along the Pit to jump onto the ledge S. Go inside both rooms to place the Stone Disks and see the locks of the door in the Pagoda open up.

So either follow the path you just came from back down to the bridge or use the blocks in the pit to get to the Pagoda. When you step on the lower tile in front of the door inside, it will open up. Go in and just let yourself slide down the slopes into the pit to enter the next level…

2 – Temple of Kojada.

8 Secrets.

Into the Unknown.

Go to a slide and go down, at the end of that slope jump with a bit of a left curve so you’ll slide down the right hand side (left for viewers) of the wide slope, just slide (onto a lower slope) and wait it out on the flat part of floor, if everything goes right, the boulder will bounce overhead… (You can also slide down backwards from the wide slope and grab the edge while the boulders go overhead).

Turn left and use the lever to open the gate behind you and get in there, down into the next room and grab up to a ledge around the corner (W).Then climb up right into a space between the leaves and get a small medipack. Back down and through the opening S, shoot the snake in the grass before you enter the next area. Go to the scaffold straight ahead and get a Notepad warning.

Underground River. 

Turn right and go through the opening, drop down onto the ledge below. Turn to the E and walk to the end from where you can run jump with a right curve and land on the grey triangle ledge in the river. Step back and run jump to the next, then a hop to the third, run jump to the next one against the wall and another hop to the one in the corner; climb up right into the opening. Follow through and walk the rope or shimmy along the crack in the left hand wall. You’ll reach the watchtower where you can use a lever to open the underwater gate W. Swim through to a small pool and climb out, run through the shallow water to where a flyby of a Temple kicks in. 

Two Disks to open the Temple.

Hop into the water and climb out on the crate in the far end. Jump to the right up to the ledge in front of the cavern.

Secret: Climb up right onto the ledge, turn around and run jump to grab an opening in the vegetation W, follow through to Secret #10, Eagle clips and a Medipack. Return to the ledge at the cavern.

Go inside, shoot a snake in the grass and get the Shotgun ammo from the grass too.

Stone Disk I.

Head up the stairs N to a spike floor, run jump and grab the crack in the pillar, shimmy around to the back and drop. Turn right to the passage and climb up the crate and up to the floor ahead, to the left are some scaffolds.

Preparation for a Secret: go right into the passage and pull that cage on the left once. Go back to the scaffolds. 

Jump and grab the next crack in the same pillar (E), go left around and back flip from the ladder to a roof. Grab the monkey swing ceiling (NE) and go to that opening on the right (N).

Run jump and grab the edge of the roof, go left all the way and back flip into a niche from where you can jump back a bit to the right onto the top of the roof. Into the opening E and come to a hall with fences. There is a Timed lever for later on one of the pillars, we first have to find a way in. climb the ledge on the right (S), jump and grab the climb wall on the block E (above the scaffold) and go left around to climb to the top into a niche. Turn around and jump to grab the other side next to that slanted ceiling, shimmy left, go through left and jump back across. Over the scaffold and jump across once more, drop onto the scaffold and you found your way in, drop from the N side into the room.

Timed Trapdoor.

Now we have to disable spikes at those vases. Go behind that cage SE and push it W opening a shortcut to the front room.

Secret: Climb the cage, jump and grab N into the opening in the ceiling to get Secret #11, Shotgun ammo. Get back down.

Go through the shortcut after locating the grated trapdoor in the pit in the middle of the room. Watch out for the spike traps everywhere. Go to that Timed lever; check your health, save and pull the lever. Turning right run to the left corner of that spike trap and jump with a left curve immediately onto the crate, run off left and just run with a left curve into the open trapdoor so you can grab the ladder and safety drop down if you’re lucky (savegame.0).

Turn to both sides of the room and shoot those supports in the columns to disable the spikes above. Then use the lever to open the trapdoor again and climb back up. Push both vases away from their trigger tiles (in front of the left one is a small medipack) and the pillar protecting the Stone Disk I will lower. Grab that Disk and leave through the shortcut.

Leave SE, slide down from the roof into the alley.

Secret: Go to the W end of the alley and push the cage in all the way, collect Secret #12, 2x Shotgun ammo.

Go to the S side of the alley and up the ladder (hidden in the plants). Hop and grab the crack in the pillar, go left around to the ladder and back flip to the roof. From the S end you can stand jump with Ctrl into the exit below and run down the stairs to the cavern. Shoot another snake in the grass.

The Secret we prepared for: Go straight (S) up the slope between the walls, stand against the wall and on the highest point jump and grab up to the ledge on the pillar W. Shimmy right and pull up in the corner, get ready to shoot a bunch of Bats. Run-jump to the other side (N) to grab the wooden walkway and go in left and push the cage there once (only if you pulled the one on the other side before). Go in right and get Secret #13, a Medipack and 3x Eagle clips. Go back and drop from the walkway onto a slope in the cavern below.

Over to the Temple, Looking for Stone Disk II. 

Go up the ladder to the right NE. Through the passage and grab the monkey swing ceiling. Go over to the other end and drop, go left into the passage E. Shoot a snake in the grass and go up the ladder on the left (SE) into the crawlspace. Go right around and jump to the pole, time the spikes and jump to that ledge, immediately side flip right to a ledge with a lever, it will open a door in the dark SE corner of ground floor, so drop down and enter the open door.

Follow through to where you look out to the Underground River. Jump the ledges to the top of the watch Tower E.

A Secret: Go in straight, crawl through and climb down a ladder to get Secret #14, a Medipack, go back out.

Icy Dungeons.

Head into the passage S, in the next room is a receptacle (stand) to open the gate on the left. Go straight(S), run over the ice floor, check the Notepad…

Go left into the passage and shoot two wolves in the next room. Up in the wall on the right (W) is a lever, too high… Go up in the passage straight ahead (S) and grab the Flares, turn around and jump from this passage to grab the wooden rafter. To the right is a receptacle, to the right of that is a cage you can pull out, pull it twice and climb up. Grab up through the ceiling there and follow the passage, straight through the next room you’ll see that statue from the Notepad. In the passage on the right (W)is a small medipack and also a scaffold. 

Optional; The Wind Rooms.

The wall shown in the Notepad (S) has an opening, you can climb through and find something behind that blue block…But there’s also an arrow on the block pointing up, climb the block, stand against one of the sides facing a wall and jump up holding Alt, grab after you went through the opening in the ceiling and climb up there. Stand at the closed gate and run jump over the hole, grab the opening up W.

Climb down into the Wind room and step on the green tile, bringing your health up to 100%, you can use this as many times as you like because you might lose some health during the next tasks.

Go to the wind tile, run jump over it towards the ledge SW and get up there, another wind tile. Stand against the N wall, jump straight up and grab the crack, go right around the corners to a slope. You can drop at the corner, jump and grab the next ledge or shimmy to the wall, drop then slide and jump to grab the edge.

Stand left and now run jump over the wind tile (down on the bottom) to get to the lower side of the slope against the S wall, jump again to grab the next ledge. Jump to the wind tile E, turn around and jump straight up, grabbing the monkey swing way up there. Go to the pillar, drop/grab the crack and go around to the other side to drop on a ledge. Jump to grab the one on the left (N), turn left and follow the ledges to the one SW, use the lever there to open the gate in the other room.

Run down into the SW corner landing on a slope and grab the edge to safety drop down, go get your health back up and leave E using the pillars there. In the small room the gate is open, go in and grab your reward, Lara’s Glasses, which you can use right away. When you leave you’ll see a Respect sign from Mikka the cat. Drop down to the room below and leave N to get back on track.

Spike Hall.

Take the passage E to a room full of spike traps. How I managed:

Slide down onto the spike ledge below and stand jump forward grabbing the next spike ledge before the spikes come up. Go shimmy around to the other side and while you do so you can see a grassy path below (E). Climb down the ladder almost to the bottom and backflip with roll; you’ll slide into the spikes eating your health away, so quickly jump up onto that grassy path. Well, that seems to be an illegal way.

Probably intended:

Slide down onto the spike ledge below and stand jump forward grabbing the next spike ledge before the spikes come up on the first ledge. Pull up on the green, now safe ledge (the green ones seem to be safe or relatively safe). Stand jump with grab to the next ledge and shimmy around to the back, pull up and back flip onto a slope, jump and grab the ledge above. Pull up and step forward, now do two stand jumps forward, the last one to a Jump lever, disabling some of the spike traps below. Slide down either side to a green tile below and jump into the grassy passage E.

Icy Caves, the Inlaid Stone Disk.

Climb down the ladder in the next room, turn around and go through the opening (S).Walk onto the snow bridge and around the first corner look down S, run down onto that ledge below, grab the monkey swing under the bridge and go left all the way to the end where you can see a safe ledge. Drop down from facing E and down once more, walk over that ledge to the other end (E). Jump to the ledge on the right (S) and then time the spikes to get to the opening NE. Drop down through a hole in the next room then stand facing S at the hole in the floor of the next. Run in diagonally and with Ctrl so you’ll land next to the spike trap, again drop down and go get the Inlaid Stone Disk.

Cage Puzzle

Make your way back up through all the rooms, in the cave with the ice bridge, just safety drop down and climb the ledges in the NW corner back up to the monkey swing. Back flip and jump from that snow ledge S back up to the bridge and leave NW.Jump grab up to the ladder in the next room and go up the ladder in the Spike Hall, pull up and hop over to the ledge straight ahead and quickly jump up the slope to the exit. Take a right over the ice floor and then left to where you can drop down onto the cage. Place the Inlaid Stone Disk E and a gate opens up behind you, run over the rafter and use the lever in there to raise a grated platform near the cage. Go back over the rafter and push the cage to the N onto the platform and go back to use the lever again, dropping the cage to the ice floor. Safety drop down on the cage and push it under the lever (W), when you use it a gate goes up in the room with the receptacle stand. Go out NE, follow back to the room and enter the open gate right (E).

The Carved Ring.

Jump and grab from the low crate onto the scaffold, turn around and jump to the balcony for a small medipack.

Secret: Hang from the edge of the balcony where that medipack was and drop/grab the jump lever in the plants to open a grate above the balcony, get back up, climb in and get Secret #15, 2x Shotgun ammo. Drop back down and jump over to the scaffold N.

Jump back and go through the passage to a hall with a Little Bell on a spike trap. Go to the back of the Hall and to the right is a lever between two doors; it will open the left door. Go in and around and right in the back is a window with Eagle clips. Nearby is a closed gate. Leave the room to the Hall and go into the far left (NE) corner, left on the arch is a ladder. Go up to the arch and jump across to the one on the other side. Into the crawlspace, follow to a room with 2 passages.

Secret: Left leads to a Secret, get in and onto the balcony in the back, turn around and run jump grab up to the room above for Secret #16, Flares and Shotgun ammo. Drop down and run jump up into the exit avoiding contact with the swinging bag.

Take the N side, over the bridge and meet a flock of Bats. At the end turn around and climb down the ladder, go under the scaffold and watch out, there’s a swinging bag further down in the passage. You can pass along the left side and come to a room with a wooden fence, go behind it, watch out for the pit in the corner though! There’s a lever on the left wall, save and pull, turn left and run, jump left over the pit and let the Bouldergo into the pit. Jump back in and back flip on the slope, jump and grab the ledge above and get to the gate you opened in the N wall. Go in and get the Carved Ring from the pedestal.

Get out, drop from the ledge and leave NW through the passage with the swinging bag. From the scaffold, jump to the ladder and get up to the bridge. Safety drop down into the Hall with the Little Bell.

Disable the Spikes.

Go towards the back of the hall (E) and left are two openings leading to the same place.

Take the left one: climb down the ladder; go through N to the Skull Room. 

Secret: jump to the opening right and go in, jump up left for Secret #17, a small medipack. Get back.

Jump to the opening in the W wall, climb a block left and use the monkey swing to get over the spike trap. In the room with the fires is a lever between those fires, the gates open and you can leave there, get to the bottom of the room where a grate opened. Climb down the ladder and roll, go straight under the scaffolding and up right into a crawlspace, through the next room and hop out right or left to the ledge next to the pillar. Run jump and grab the balcony W, shoot that support in the pillar there and see that gate open up where you got Eagle clips before. Head back through the crawlspace, up the ladder S and up S again, go straight and up the last ladder, SW.

Into the left door S and around right in the back is the open gate leading to a Timed lever. Pull, roll and sprint out, left around, out of the door loop left around into the Timed door (savegame.1). The lever in that room will disable the spikes under the Little Bell. Leave through the window left (S) and go left out to the Hall. Go get the Little Bell and combine it with the Carved ring into the Bell Key.

Stone Disk II, to the Temple.

Leave W, down in the next room and out W, face S and place the Bell Key on the stand, a cave opens up to the right. Go get Stone Disk II and return N, back to the Watch Tower. Jump the ledges to the opening W and follow through to the Temple entrance you can now open with the 2 Stone Disks.

Go in and read the Notepad, proceed and watch how things unfold. Go get your prize, the Pearl of Kojada.

G&D – Dec 01-2017