Path to Damnation.

Level by matthew9r.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Chapter 1- Mountains.

Lara wakes up after the Plane crash……

Diary: Ow… my aching head…How am I… Still alive…

It’s cold, but I must find a way off this mountain, maybe exploring around a little will help, at least… I hope it does…

What caused the plane to crash though? I must keep this in mind.

Crossbow and Laser sight.

Head N and just before the corner, is a passage in the rock wall (with a bush in it). Jump over the bush, follow in and get the Crossbow and Arrows. Hop back out, go right around the corner and jump over to the next ledge to shoot the box there and get the Laser sight. 

Go back to the corner and shoot that single crate next to the passage where you got the bow and get the Flares. Go S and look for single boxes, there’s one near the burning boxes, also Flares. Go S again and just passed that tree loop left into the niche for Flares. Proceed S, jump to the ledge and further to the next ledge (at the second jump and to the left are some rock in an opening, later). To the right where all the boxes are is another single one with a Medipack.


To the S is the last one with Flares, turn left (NE) and find the opening in the rock wall, hop over the bushes.

Diary: There seems to be some sort of box hanging from the ceiling up there over the pool of cold water. It looks like it can be destroyed; maybe if I had a weapon I could shoot it down and see what it contains.

Pick up more Arrows near the skeleton and shoot that box there (aim for the bottom), hop into the freezing water to get the Dynamite and get out real quick. Get out of the cave, go back N and at the jump hop to the right onto the ledge in the niche.

Diary: Upon passing an open rockface, I see a wall that seems fragile enough to blow open. Now if only I had some Dynamite (too late this hint).

The River.

Well we have that, so use it while standing at those boulders and get out of there before it blows. Go back in and follow through to an underground river. Shoot the bats and follow the stream to a waterfall, go along the left side and jump over to that ledge with the Medipack, better save first and take a curved running jump and grab the first rope (W). Turn left and swing to jump to the second rope (or directly to that ledge where you can see a skeleton).

For a Secret: turn left and swing to jump into the niche E, go left into the crawlspace and find Secret #1, 2x Arrows. Go back and get to the rope again.

Swing to the ledge with the skeleton (W) and grab the Arrows. Back to the rope and turn right, swing to jump onto the ledge SW and go left around, pick up a small medipack. Go into the passage and just slide, don’t use Ctrl and you’ll land in a lava chamber. Turn left and run into the passage (N); jump over two spike traps and then at the next trap hop into the passage right, jump over a pit and to the pillar in the lava room, leaving that creature behind. Jump to the structure with the skeletons and hop down into the hole, slide down, shoot a bat and go outside. Pick up the Arrows, the camera will stay like this… Turn right (E), left for viewers and walk slowly along the ledge to a steep part where Lara will stop. Hop back and run jump to the corner of the rock walls where you can proceed walking along the edge and another jump over a steep part till you see a cave, jump in there and the level changes.


Chapter 2 – Abandoned Bridge.

Diary: I finally found a possible way off these mountains, however the tunnel at the bottom of this shaft looks flooded. However there doesn’t seem to be anywhere else to get off safely, well, here goes nothing…

You’ll be sliding down a slope…

For a Secret: Jump left into the niche and get Secret #2, Arrows. Hop back on the slope.


Dive down, at the intersection right, then left and left again (N), climb out at a waterfall and check both sides to grab a small medipack and Arrows. Hop back into the water and swim straight and climb out left. Shoot the bats.

Diary: Wha..what is this? Some sort of road tunnel? Guess I should go look around.

Step out and go right, run to the end, shoot a bat at a pile of snow.

Diary: Darn, this end has snowed in…however there seems to be a place where I can light a fire. Question is… where am I going to get the fire to light it? I should continue to explore.

A Torch.

Go back to the other end of the tunnel and to the waterhole NE and swim down, right through the narrow tunnel and a gate closes behind you, go right, left around two corners and get a Medipack, roll swim left around corners and get Arrows. Swim back, right, straight, right around the corner and straight and swim all the way up at the end, turn around and climb out. Another gate closes behind you; you sure aren’t allowed to get back here…

Trap Galore, get the Torch out.

In this small room, under the skeleton is a Torch, grab that. Head E into the passage; do mind the traps, take a right at the end and come to the boulder room. The path is burning, but there are safe spots between those boulder ramps, stand jumps will get you to the other side. Take a right and jump through the moving blocks. Watch out at the next corner, as more boulders will come after you when you run right down the slope. At the end take a left where you see a stone floor (another beast will come for you) immediately take a right, just follow the passage up and after you jumped up a ridge (the beast will leave you alone here),ignite the Torch at the fire left (if you forget and run out, you are doomed and will have to go back to an earlier savegame…). Run out with the Torch burning and you are back in the tunnel.

Diary: It happened again! I had another one of those visions!...however, I found a Torch which I lit via a fire under a floating corpse. Am I really just dreaming or are they really happening? Still surprised I managed to pass all those traps.(This is a reminder of what you missed if you come out here without a burning Torch)

Go left and ignite the campfire and the snow hill (stand well clear of the fire!). After the flyby, step through the opening. You can drop the Torch.

Abandoned Bridge part II.

Diary: Oh wow…What happened here? So many bodies and broken vehicles. Guess I better go explore and see what I can find.

Shack Key for the Crowbar.

Go straight and pull that dead soldier lying next to those containers away from the Shack Key. A bit further is a skeleton with Arrows.

Run back over the bridge, take a right into the snow and follow to a wooden shack.

Diary: There seems to be some sort of shack here, however it seems to be locked… Just my luck. Maybe I could explore around a bit more to see if there is a key nearby, at least I hope there is.

Open the shack and shoot the dog if possible outside. Pick up a Medipack and a Crowbar.

Diary: Aha! A Crowbar! With this I am sure I can pry open that gate near the side of the road at the tunnel exit. 

Under the Bridge.

So, head back to the bridge and straight to that fenced off area, which you can now open. Go left and to the opening in the fence, hang and drop/grab the crack, go right a bit and drop again to land on a ledge.

Diary: Now I’m getting somewhere, hopefully by going under the bridge, I can head to the other side to continue to figure out where exactly I am, as well as an explanation to these visions I’ve been having…

At the campfire shoot a bat and grab some Arrows at the skeleton, then jump over to the ledge S, go along the one heading S and shimmy along theedge to the end of it, grab Flares and jump S again. Climb the block, stand back before you stand jump to grab the rope W and turn left to swing and jump across to the ledge on the S part of the bridge. Jump and grab W, shimmy around left and pull up, back flip to the ledge and make your way to a small medipack there. Now get to the ledge E bordering the ledge to the tunnel and jump to the rocks.

Grab the Arrows from the skeleton, go left and hop over some boxes in a niche to get a small medipack, then return and go into the tunnel.

For a Secret: Notice the gate left. You’ll have to get into the water under the cages, swim left and into a narrow tunnel NE, up and climb out. Hop to the gate and grab Secret #3,Arrows. Go out the open gate and left.

Jump to that cage and you’ll magically land inside, jump left to the second one and then a straight run jump into the opening (E) (if you happen to get into the water, pull up on a slanted side and back flip into the cage, or use the secret route).

A dog will attack, follow the passage to where you can climb up and get out to the S end of the bridge. Go to the right (N) first to pick up a Medipack and Flares, then run S to where a “vision” kicks in. You’ll hear Lara being killed, but luckily it was just a vision. 

Diary:  I can’t believe… I managed to get away..from those… monsters…

Now… Where exactly am I? I followed this road up to this gate before climbing over it, but not sure what lays ahead…

Head W along the tracks…


Chapter 3 – The Manor.

Go to the front door (W).

Diary: What is this Manor doing out in the middle of nowhere? Things just keep on getting stranger and stranger…

But alas, the door to the manor seems locked; maybe the key is located somewhere nearby?

Left is a closed gate, so go right through the opened one and drop into the water to retrieve the Main Door Key. Go open the front door (keyhole left of it) and step inside.

Diary: Whoa, the inside of this place is huge! I think I should take the time to explore every inch of this place for an answer… I just hope it can provide one…

The Servant Key.

Go right and left around the stairs is a small table with Flares. Go to the right (N) into the lounge and in the left window is a skeleton with the Servant Key.

Go back and just past the stairs right on the small table NW are Arrows.

The Backdoor Key, the Attic Key.

Then head S into the dining room, right around into the passage to the kitchen, loop left around the corner to a corpse, pull it away and get the Backdoor Key. The back door is in the back of the kitchen on the left (SW); so open it. Step out and go to those graves, the second and deeper one has the Attic Key.

The Bedroom Key.

Go to the W side of the yard and open the door with the Servant Key. Inside left, in the bedroom are Arrows on the table, back to the corridor and straight W to get more Arrows from the bathroom. Back a bit and right to the stairs down to the basement, the door will close and a fearsome skeleton awakes, just run to that symbol and grab the Bedroom Key, back flip roll over the skeleton and get out. Out to the yard and into the Manor (NE), go to the staircase and go up. Go to the left to open the Bedroom (S) and go in, shoot two dogs no less…

Deadly Basement, Kill the Beasty, a Heart.

Next to the bed are Arrows, in the bathroom left are more Arrows. Next to the bed is a shaft with a ladder, save at the bottom of the ladder and go into the fiery basement, there are 4 boxes of Arrows around, pick them up if you can while dodging the attacks of the Beast (side flipping while standing in the middle did the trick for me). You’ll have to shoot him while dodging his attacks and he will leave behind a Heart. Collect left over Arrows and go back to the ladder. Climb up that way to long ladder and save before you back flip into the bedroom… (After the camera changes view, first go down a bit). Go out to the Hall.

The Attic, the Library Key.

Go to the other end of the hall (N) and open the Attic, go up and shoot some bats. Left around, in the corner are Arrows, 2 more boxes of Arrows along the S side. First go into the E side to get a small medipack and Flares, then go W through the spider web and the gate closes, shoot the Big Spider and go around collecting2x Arrows W and the Library Key SW.

The Library, the Ominous Book.

Leave the attic; go down to the Hall and into the Library (W). In the NW corner is where you can use the Key, the gate a bit to the right opens up. Go in to get the Ominous Book. A Wraith shows up, run out and left to the Hall, right to the Bedroom and into the bathroom in the back to get rid of that wraith while standing in the water.

For a Secret: Go down the stairs, right to the dining room and to the left a bookcase opened up, grab Secret #4, a Medipack and Arrows.

Using the Book and the Heart.

Go to the lounge, N from the stairs and right of the fireplace is that familiar symbol on the floor, place the Book in the bookcase there and the one right of you will open up. Go down to a Chapel and shoot the dogs, stand in front of the symbol on the altar and place the heart, the gate right opens up. Go in and to the open door in the back.

Diary: Whatever I find beyond this door, it’s got to answer the question I am dying to get an answer for!

Run down the stairs….


Chapter 4 – The Catacombs.

Diary: After that strange and evil manor, I can’t imagine for this nightmare to get anymore worse….

But they say never to say never, I have a bad feeling…

Go down the stairs and you’ll fall through, ending up in a Crypt.

Shoot the bat and proceed into that eerie passage, look down the hole in the floor and spot the burner, when it stops hop down backwards and run down SW from the ledge to land on a smaller one in the corner, face NE and run down to land on that symbol tile with the complementary Medipack. Hop to the S and enter, run jump over the breakable ledges leaving some and in the crypt get Arrows from the pedestal (gate opens back) and also a small medipack from the skeleton in the back. Go jump back to the Main chamber and that open gate is to the right (E).

E Gate,Spikes!

Watch out for the spike traps (lower floor parts)! Hop into the passage, take a right, a left and hop over to get Arrows. There is also a dog roaming around. Out and left and jump around the corner Follow this passage to an intersection and go left, run jump over the wider trap and take a left to get the Medipack there. Turn around and go back a bit, this time go into the passage NE where you see the red light. Shoot the dog and hop into the redhole, swim to the end and go up, grab Arrows from the pedestal and see a gate open up. Swim back and climb out, into the passage, jump back S and left around the corner to where that gate opened. Throw the lever and see a green gate open up in the Main chamber. Go out, left and follow back left to the Main chamber.

W Gate, Timed!

Jump over to the small gate W, go in and find a cog wheel opening the gate N in the Main chamber. Face S, save first and pull the wheel about 6 times (the wheel can be a bit buggy where it won’t turn any more after 1 or 2 pulls), jump into the opening and run out a bit left, hop over to the Timed gate and get in (the red pool in the Main chamber isn’t deadly I discovered). Go up the stairs and at the pit hop back and run jump over the tile with the skeleton (knife trap) grabbing the edge of the next floor. Go up more stairs and come to a room with skeletons scattered about. Just be quick, run straight through and go up the next stairs. Next dark room jump from symbol tile to symbol tile to get across and run up the stairs, jump from the entrance to the pedestal (nasty knives traps around the pedestal) and collect 3x Arrows… Must be something real nasty ahead… (I could not use the “look” key anymore, crash)

Mr. Nasty.

Head up the stairs W, when you turn left, hop over that reddish tile (trap) to the next stairs and go to the open gate ahead… (could not understand what the Boss was saying in the next parts…)

Diary: What is that staring at me? Will that give me the answer I am looking for or will it start to attack me? I guess there is only one way to find out… God help me…

Do not try and kill that big guy, but concentrate on the Harpies that will show up, so load explosive arrows…While dodging the bolts from Mr Nasty, shoot at the Harpies and after you killed some, Mr. Nasty will leave and the level changes….


Chapter 5 (666) – Hell.

Jumping for the Hellstar Keys.

Walk to the W side and start jumping the ledges, you have to go two ways, left and right to collect the 2Hellstar Keys. I went left first (S) and had to shoot two Harpies along the way, if you really hit them, it takes about 5- 6 normal arrows a piece. So be sure you have them in front of you. The right hand side (N) had one Harpy. When you have both Keys, head in the W direction and open the gate to Hell. Pick up another Crossbow (why), some Arrows and a Medipack.

Mr. Nasty Again.

I used the savegame scottie so generously provided to try this, had more ammo than I had… (savegame)

Jump to Mr. Nasty’s front door, inside you’ll have to shoot HIM this time. I managed to stay alive till I ran out of ammo…. So I have NO idea what happens next as I couldn’t do it…


G&D Oct 14-17