The Halls of Records.

Levels by Baddy82

Walkthrough by G&D Productions. 


We won’t mention all the scorpions you’ll encounter.


Looking for Khufu’s Secret Book.

When you run into the passage ahead, you will automatically get the research and Notes PDA’s in your inventory. Just follow the tunnel straight at the crossing, (left is where we go later, the lower burial chamber) just follow the passage and come to the Gallery.

The Grand Gallery.

Climb up to the higher floor level and a short flyby takes over. Go up the steep floor.

King’s Chamber.

Go through a crawlspace into the Kings Chamber, light a flare to spot a block in the N wall and pull it out and move it aside.

Khufu’s Boat, the Blocking Key.

Go in straight and push the block in front down into the lower room, enter.

“So, the stories about undiscovered chambers are true after all…”

In the back wall in the other room is yet another block, pull it out and crawl through the opening into a passage down the stairs to a lower chamber where you can pull another block. Follow through some rooms with ancient burial gifts and in the last room shoot the big vase in the right hand corner to push the block in the into the next chamber (can’t pull it out). Drop down into the pit and go into the room where Khufu’s Boat is. Run straight into the alcove in the back and step on the trigger pad. The water level will lower, drop into the hole in the floor under the boat.

Swim into the next chamber and climb out straight ahead, to the right in the back is a block, push it in and enter the chamber with the sarcophagus, open it to get Secret #1, the Blocking Key. The flyby shows where this Key should be used.

The Grand Gallery Key.

Get back into the water and climb out straight across, push the block in front so it blocks the water. Jump straight to the opposite wall and climb out of there, back flip before you pull up. Leave N, climb the N wall to get out of the pit and follow all the chambers through the chamber with the sarcophagus back through a crawlspace to the Gallery. Where the fences are, turn around and climb up the S wall and through an opening in the ceiling, crawl through, drop down and get the Medipack there. Go where you came down and climb up the E wall, you can skip the first chamber you see, because there’s nothing there and end up into the upper chamber, in a box in the back is the Grand Gallery Key. A Mummy awakes, just go back to the shaft and climb down to the bottom.

Using the Grand Gallery Key, a Crowbar.

Turn left and climb into the crawlspace to get back to the Gallery via the ladder, run down and use the Grand Gallery Key on the gate left. It slowly opens after all those years. Get in and safety-drop down into a shaft. At the end turn and climb down, halfway down into the side passage on the left and at the crossing take a right; follow through to the Crowbar, left behind by grave robbers. Can be a bit tricky to pick it up. Get back to that shaft.

Using the Blocking Key.

Climb down backwards and transfer to the left go down and spot the sloped passage below. Best SAVE here and drop, slide and at the first vine you see you can jump up and grab a crawlspace there. Follow through and come to the chamber you saw in the flyby before…
“I think I can move it, but it has a strange blocking mechanism. I need a kind of key”

Use the blocking Key in the slot in the S wall and now you can move that block into the pit behind it. Enter the Burial Chamber through a crawlspace behind the plants. Climb in backwards.

“Khufu’s real Burial Chamber… a simple sandstone coffin for the Great King..”

From the sarcophagus you can get Secret #2Khufu’s Secret Book. Go climb back up through the plants to the previous chamber and look in the left corner for that stone you saw when you picked up the book. Push it and enter the passage, follow through crawling from time to time and in a chamber with plants, drop into the hole, you’ll get to the next level…


2- GIZA Part 1. 

Follow the long crawlspace and drop into the partially flooded Chamber, climb up onto the ledge and go to the passage W.

“Where am I? This looks like the Tomb of Osiris. There indeed is a connecting tunnel to Khufu’s Pyramid.”

Into the passage and climb the wall to get in the burial chamber upstairs, go left (S) and climb up that shaft. Pull up through the fence and get the Crowbar from the corner (NW) if you missed it before.

Find another shaft going up (S) and back flip to the passage above, open that gate with the Crowbar. When you get out of the passage into the open, you’ll get a flyby of the Sphinx complex. 

The Sphinx Complex.

Turn to the right (N) and go to the Sphinx, at the fence go right and shoot one of the barriers to get through.

Long Detour for a Secret: Run through the fence (N) to the end and take a right to get on top of those ruins NE, somewhere in the flat floor is a breakable tile, run over and then climb down from facing E. Follow this passage, use the crawlspace roll…

You’ll get to a dead end, push the block and go left into the passage.

“I must be directly under the Sphinx now…”

Follow to the end and turn around, grab up to the passage above. Pull out a block (straight ahead) and push it left. Enter and again turn around, grab up to the passage above. Shoot a vase to get Secret #3, the Sphinx Stela. Make your way back as you came and climb up to the Sphinx complex.

Go back through the barriers S, left down into the lower area with more ruins. Between those white stone blocks, next to the palm tree are some barriers, shoot them. There is a hole in the ground, careful! Push that white stone block (W of the hole) into the hole first and then drop in.

Grab up to the edge above (W) and go into the passage SE, follow through to a block on the left (N) and push it twice to get into the chamber behind it. Pull a block from the N wall and move it right into the corner, you’ve opened the exit to the Sphinx complex. Now pull the block in the W wall out and move it right, into the corner. You can also push the first block against the W wall if you like.

The Well.

Go into that passage W, to the right and walk down slowly..

“Looks like a very ancient well”

Run to the right onto the slope so you slide down backwards, grab the edge and climb down that well, safety-drop the last bit. Look for the hole in the floor and drop down into the water below, swim through the tunnel N.

2- GIZA part 2. 

Through Dark Caves.

Follow through and climb out, head into the passage, follow through to swim through some flooded tunnels and climb out to a large dark cave. It’s hard to see, but you can go up to a ledge N through the NE corner.

“Wow… these huge caves must have developed on Ancient Times…”

From the higher part of that ledge jump forward and grab the monkey climb under the lower ceiling and go straight to the plants and then right to drop onto the ledge. Face S and stand jump forward, grabbing the ceiling just beyond the higher part. Go left a bit, then right and a bit further to the left again to get to the next ledge. Jump S and grab the next monkey climb ceiling and make it around to the far left corner ledge (you might have to move sideways to get through the first corner).

Drop and grab that ledge, jump and grab the ledge W and pull up. Turn left and grab up into a crawlspace, get through and climb down left as soon as you are through. Get down two ledges and then hang from the edge into the pit, back jump with a roll to grab the opposite side (while holding Ctrl and Alt, hit the “down” key). While hanging on the edge, use the Alt key to jump straight up and grab the monkey climb. Turn around and follow to the left, where the rubble falls, turn left and drop to grab the edge, again a ledge jump up (Alt) to grab the crawlspace above.

(The Ctrl and Alt and “down” key didn’t work at my end, so I pulled up and took a running jump and could grab the monkey swing that way. Turn to the right and you might have to swing sideways to get further. At the end turn left, let go and grab, shimmy to the right and jump up for the crawlspace.)

Go through and at the edge of the drop off, hit the space bar to get on your knees, then hit duck and sprint at the same time and you’ll launch out of the crawlspace. Now run jump (bit to the SW) and grab the ceiling again to get into the cave W (right to the wall), go to that opening W and shoot the bats.

Go left into the crawlspace to get to a cave with a waterfall. Get wet and swim through (N) to another cave and keep climbing up to a passage with a reddish light in the distance. Keep following through to a cave with roots, pull a block out of the left wall (S) and enter, hop into a pool and find the connecting tunnel (left), go left and down and follow through till you climb out where a flyby starts of a ruined Temple.

Ruined Temple, Hall of Records.

Find a block in the E wall, push it into a pit and crawl through to a cave with a pool. To the right, in the wall is a passage behind some plants, go through a burial chamber to the back and find a block left. Pull it out and get behind it and climb down the shaft on the right, drop into a lower chamber

“That looks like a giant ceremonial sarcophagus to me… strange…”

Find a block in the wall (S), pull it and move it aside, enter the room behind it

“Finally… This must be the Egyptian Hall of Records”

Shoot the big grey vase and get the Ra-Tas Tablets, turn right and shoot the small vase W to get Atlantean Tablet 1, two of the other vases hold Canopic Jars, but we cannot pick them up.

“Now I need to find a way out of here again”

Go out and left to that shaft you came down from (E wall) and climb the wall, traverse to the right and climb out (if Lara will not go to the right, let go and grab again, she will go right when her hands are on the same height as the edge). In the cave with the pool are more connecting chambers, but I found nothing there, so leave W to the Ruined Temple. In the middle of the cave the ceiling is somewhat higher and there might be some rubble in a shaft, run around a bit till it falls.

“Maybe this is an exit up there, but I must find the Hall of Records first”

Stand facing E jump up to grab the plants to climb up there and get into a crawlspace. Follow through, climbing up where possible, up a shaft and get to a small cave with another crawlspace. There’s nothing in the vase before you reach another chamber.

“That looks like an abandoned late Dynasty Tomb here…”

You can explore, but we have to go S and up the W side of the shaft in there. In a cave with a mummy, into the crawlspace straight ahead (W), take a right and push the block. The level will change…

2- GIZArevisit.

Climb out of the shaft, jump up right (SE) and run over the mountain to the S and enter the next level.


3- GUATEMALA Part 1.

Piedas Negras, IL tar’s Temple.

Jump the pillars straight over to the high one in the back (W) and then jump over to the hill W, take a right along the path and follow through to a deep gorge. Go all the way down to the bottom of the gorge and a flyby will show you around.

Left is a waterfall, in the water is a tunnel (S), swim through and climb out in a small valley. Go to the N side, climb up twice straight ahead, then grab up to the next ridge and shimmy right to the corner from where you can jump into the passage a bit to the right (NE), go through to the deep gorge.

Hop down and side flip (facing SW) to the ledge left and hang from its side, shimmy right to the end. Back jump (down key) and steer a bit left landing on a ledge. Turn left and hop up (W). Now go along this path (jump over steep parts) and get to the small pass through to the next valley

Go all the way down again, shoot a black panther and follow through to some huts. When you approach the most intact one, you’ll get a note in the PDA. Turn right and from the end of the rock ledge you can jump top those stone remains in the valley. Jump over to the other side (N) and down into that valley. Go to the W and slide down into the next valley, in between the stone remains is a deep shaft, push the block next to it into the shaft and drop down on it. Get into the crawlspace (E) and follow through till you get to a cave with a pit.

Cascade Valley.

Jump in the water and swim all the way to the NE corner, get out there and take a right into the passage to come to a cave with a small pool, again swim through the tunnels to come to a big valley with high Cascades. Head left (SE)up the slope in that corner and turn around to jump and grab the rock ledge (N). Follow to the corner and go left to get near that root hanging down NW, climb the root it up almost to the top and turn around so you can jump off (Alt) onto the rock ledge there.

Go around (if you don’t trust the ground, walk slow) to the far corner (NE) and into the opening there, in the grassy cave grab up to a ledge above (W, in the left corner) and turn right into the cave where you’ll meet a black bear.

Go down at the end and down to the lake in the next valley (swan dive down from the right hand side if you like). Swim into the tunnel on the left (W), follow through to another level change… 

4- GUATEMALA part 2.

Follow the tunnel…


When the tunnel turns yellow, the water will be corrosive due to Sulfur. When you get to a wider cave where rubble falls, go up left a bit and into a hole in the ceiling for air, you’re safe there. Face N, dive in and swim down into the tunnel in the bottom, still quite a swim. Up and into a cave where you will be safe again, go up S to the next cave with a stream.

Follow the current out into the open and go straight E to the nearby bank of the lake, walk up to the grassy slope (easy in the corner near the fall) and go left at the tree, hop to the corner ledge with the tree (to the right of the waterfall). Go up again N and grab up to the rock ridge. Shimmy left through the waterfall a bit then drop. Hop into the cave behind the falls and shoot the vases to get Secret #4, an Olmec Ritual Knife. Hop down into the lake; go left around the corner and straight ahead up to the cabin there (NE). In the small pool next to it is an old canoe, when you check the PDA you can read about a second waterfall..

Get in the canoe and follow the river, down some waterfalls and come to a big Mayan Head. Get out of the canoe, go up the hill W and left, up some ledges and then jump and grab up E to get to some ruins with another Head. To the E is another cabin; in the cabin you will get another PDA update.

To the Mayan Temple.

Run into the lake, dive down N and 3 crocs will show up, #4 was stuck on a small island N. Better go back quick, get out of the water somewhere and shoot them. On that island you can find that dead expedition member. Dive into the opening under the island, next to the big Head and follow through. Another croc in a larger cave, swim up right and get out (SE).

In the back of that cave is a block, get it out and go around, next cave has the same, block in left wall, slide down a slope to get to the next part…

5- GUATEMALA part 3.

Follow the passage, keep left and pull another block out of the way (N), follow out to a valley with the ruins of a Mayan Temples. Shoot the black cat and head to the SW corner of the valley, the ruins with the big tree on top, drop into the shaft there. Follow that passage to another drop down, push the block N into a pit, go in and go through a crawlspace to get to a pit, drop down and go S into the cave with a bunch of critters. To the left, in the back is a block (SE).

Kamatzotz, the bat-winged Mayan God of the underworld

Pull it out and follow the passage to the buried Temple. Get down and one of the skeletons, the one W of that long root in the middle has an Olmec Ritual Knife (#2), last time it was a secret… not this time?

Drop down into the water hole under the root (or use the root to slide down) and get out into the tunnel E, follow through to a large cave with a pool below. Get down to the water and swim into the tunnel in the NW corner, following through you will emerge in another cave, go up to the passage SE. In a small room, push the block in the far left corner and come to a cave with a Ruined Mayan Pyramid.

Some Crocs there (been too long underground); shoot them and hop into the water to swim through S and up (down is another tunnel where you’ll die caught in a strong current) to push another block and get a flyby of the place. Push the block as far as it will go.

The Hall of Records, IL tar’s Tablets and Crystal.

Get up on the block, take a running jump and grab to the ledge S, use the ceiling as a monkey swing to go to the opening S. Crawl through and drop into a cave with a shallow pool, there are three passages leading from here.

Go S, take a right at the intersection and then turn around to grab up to the ledge above the entrance (E), find the block right (S), pull it out and aside. Climb down the shaft to reach IL tar’s Burial chamber.

“IL tar’s Burial Place… So it’s a real (true) story after all!”

In the sarcophagus is Secret #5, IL tar’s Tablets.

“ILtar’s Tablets! But the temple must be somewhere else here”

Get out; climb up and drop down again on the left. Leave N to the shallow pool, take the right hand opening (E). Crawl through and drop down some holes into the chamber below.

“Another one of those ceremonial Tombs… Like in Giza.”

Swim through the tunnel in the bottom (SE), the water is freezing cold, be quick. Go right, left around three corners and up left to get out. In the next cave into the water and out in a pool with piranhas, so get out fast. Shoot a Croc if you like and run around to the back, into the water and into the tunnel under the central structure.

Grab up S through the hole in the ceiling and enter the passage S, turn around and up again, and once more to get to a large round stone.

“Finally, this must be IL tar’s Altar Stone.”

To the right of the altar, in the niche is a block, push it in and go through the crawlspace to a small room with 2 vases, the right hand one has an Altar Crystal.

“I wonder what happens when I put that crystal thing in the altar…”

The big vase left has a second piece of the Atlantean Tablet, you can combine it with the first part. In the back, around the corner is some kind of trigger pad, remember where it is. Go back to the Altar, hop onto the altar and face E to place the Crystal, quickly roll, run back into the opening W and get through the crawlspace to get to that trigger pad, the danger is over..

“Ok. Now I must pick up that Crystal again and find a way back to the Pyramid Valley.”

Go back to the Altar, pick up IL tar’s Crystal, now charged by lightning.

Leave N, down the hole and then climb down S, down into the grassy hole and then swim (or run) around that structure in the piranha pool and swim through the tunnel N, turn around in the end and get out. SW into the passage and check your health before you climb backwards down into the freezing water.

Swim right, then right around two corners, then left and get out fast. Climb the wall W, hang left and climb out crawling after hanging by the hands. Up through the hole W and into the hard do spot passage SE. At the shallow pool to the block in the niche N, get it out and put it aside.

Finding the Exit.

Go though and in the next cave straight into the opening N, up N again and stop at the water hole. (That will take you back through the passage to the place where you shot the 3 white crocs before).

The passage we came from (up N) is blocked by rubble.

Instead of diving into the water, jump and grab the N wall and climb up to the top of the pyramid.

“Hm, that above could be an exit…” (this is for later)

Turn around, grab up to the wall and climb around two corners (left or right) to get into a crawlspace. Go through and use “Ctrl Alt and the down key” to get out of that crawlspace into the cave below. Follow through (W) to the big cave with the lake below.

Grab the ceiling and swing towards the exit N. You’ll slide down when you drop, grab the edge and shimmy right to pull up and jump up to the opening N, follow through. Jump and grab the root and go up, jump off. Go up NW and follow back, at the push block right (N), then up left (W) and into a crawlspace straight ahead. Go down at the end and up the grassy slope W, in a room with black stone and rubble, go to the right. The next black chamber has a block (SE), get it out and go through. A cut scene will show the valley with a chopper and you’ll fly back to…

Last Station…Bahamas


“Oh no… the helicopter caused a quake…”

The Shipwreck.

Follow the tunnels (N) to a cave with a sandy bottom, wade up NW. Grab that hanging root next to the tree and go up, turn to the open side and jump off to the flat ground (W). Follow through to a lagoon, dive in and swim through the cave W, up at another lagoon, go W over the small hill and take a right is a big lagoon with a shipwreck. Go right, all the way to the other end of the wreck and get on top of it.

A Crowbar.

Find an opening in this rusty wreck and dive in, swim down and to the S wall and on the right you can pick up a Crowbar. Behind you is a hole in the floor (ceiling, as the wreck is upside down).

Swim back up to get air and save. Back down, to the hole in the floor and down again, swim E and down in front of the pillar to the next deck, swim W and down again, swim E all the way and up to the air pocket in the end. Get out and use the crowbar on the panel E, up a ladder and to another water hole NE.

Go through and when you swim out of the wreck into the tunnel straight in front and down, follow through to a hidden lagoon. Get onto the sandy floor in the back and into the crawlspace NW. You’ll end up in a large cave.

Through the Caves; the Rusty Key.

Slide down to a ledge below, face W and stand jump down to another part where you can stand, now a run jump to the next bit down W again, a stand jump to the next. A run jump and a stand jump and now run jump up onto that block sticking out. Go on with run jump to the blocks and then go up into the corner SW.

When on the top ledge, walk as far as you can to the N, turn left and grab up to the ceiling, go forwards and around some bends to a wall on the left where you can drop (at the reddish light). Go into the crawlspace to a green cave. Down to the right is water, go down there. Hop in and swim into the tunnel E, long swim though, keep finding the way up and end up in a reddish cave. Climb out S, and follow up to where you get a flyby of a large lagoon.

A Detonator.

Swim to the hut SW, go inside to get a note in the PDA. So, we are looking for a small underwater cave, swim into s narrow tunnel under the plateau with the hut, open the underwater door at the end, get the Rusty Key. Swim back out and head to the NE, wade onto the beach and inside the hut, left of the hole in the ground, is a Detonator. Drop into the hole, use the Rusty Key and come to a small cave prepared to blow. Shoot the wooden barrier and use the Detonator on the sticks of dynamite. Roll, run back to the crawlspace and roll around the corner.

Then go back and into the new passage, follow through to a deep lake, dive in and swim down the opening in the bottom…

BIMINI Part 2.

Swim through the caves, around a few turns, while still going upwards, and into another cave. Look N and find a pocket of air. Turn W,swim into the cave. Keep left and go up through a crack in the ceiling, turn around (E), swim through the next caves (don’t get stuck in a wall) till you reach a narrow crack with blue light. Go up for air there and wade out NW.

Follow through to a large cavern. Hop into the pool and follow through N to where the flyby directed you

“This reminds me of the underwater site in Yonaguni, Japan…”

In the back, NW is a hole in the floor, follow through and climb out into a cave where a flyby shows you around. When you go up to the SW corner…

“This looks like an old entrance, but it is collapsed… I need to find another way”

Go up in the SE corner instead, face W and jump to grab up to that ledge. Walk to the corner and jump back over to the E ledge, shimmy left along the edge and pull up around the corner. Go left to the corner where you can climb up to the block. Grab the ceiling to monkey swing to the corner on the right (SW) and find the opening up there. Better shimmy left a bit and then let go. Jump over SW and grab up twice (E) and go around to the cave opening NE. Follow that cave, sliding down into a pool.

The Turtle Stone.

Get up to the platform N, and a bit to the right in the N wall is a block you can push into a pit. Hop after it and save with a lung full of air before you swim through the tunnel. In the wider part swim down through an opening and grab the Turtle Stone (W). Swim back fast and get out. Go up that platform again and face N at that small circle on the floor to place the Turtle Stone.

From the SE corner of the platform (one step down), you can grab a monkey swing and go over to the opening in the S wall. Crawl in and pull that altar once (can be a bit tricky to get Lara to pull, you may have to turn Lara a bit before). A hole in the floor is revealed, swim through E and up again to a cave with pillars, look for a hole in the ceiling where the broken pillar is (NW).

A Crystal Turtle.

Crawl E and head right (S), go through to a grassy cave.

“This giant structure reminds me again of Yonaguni”

Go up S, climb the blocks and get into the crawlspace. There’s a stone coffin that looks like a pushable, but you can’t move it. To the left in a side chamber is a vase with a Crystal Turtle. Get out N and down to the floor of the cave

Push the altar stone under the waterfall so it will break the floor. Climb down backwards, climb down a bit(and here is another buggy part) to get into that passage below. If you fall into the water you are doomed, no way out. I went to the right hand side where Lara hangs by her hands, keep holding Ctrl, and hit crawl and forward….

Two Activator Crystals.

In the next chamber, just step onto that crumbling floor and drop into water, dive down and swim through (S) to where you can climb out. Head S through to the large cave, there are two crocs, they are “fast ‘n furious”. Go left (E) and push the block, go in and shoot the scorpions, if you are stuck in them, get on your knees by drawing guns and roll with the sprint key. Go behind that coffin (face N) and push it. You’ll fall through, get the Activator Crystal, up and out and back out (N).

On the pyramids top is an underwater tunnel, now closed. To open it you need to get two stones. Push the blocking stone (W) to get into a room with a moveable altar crystal. Push and pull it to the middle of the concentric room circles (earthquake). Crawl into the now open small tunnel to get a Deactivator Crystal. You won’t be able to leave the room without push/pulling the altar crystal stone back to its original place. Then return to the pyramid. Dive through the now open underwater tunnel (on the top) to its end.

You enter a huge roundish cave that opens up to an open top. There are four big round altar stones with inactive crystals in the room. To get to the top you have to activate the crystals.

“All these rooms are inside of these giant crystal cavities… This seems to multiply the energy of the altar crystals.”

Jump into the hole in the middle and place Activator Crystal (face N) into it (earthquake).Pull out of the hole and jump onto the lowest, now activated and hovering altar stone. From there jump onto the next altar stones until you reach the top of the cave. Jump off the altar stone and run into the connected, smaller room. Jump into bottom hole and place the Activator Crystal into it (face N) (earthquake stops). Leave room through new opening (N) and go down tunnel. Then jump into water and swim to the end. You enter temple similar to that in Guatemala with water around it. Get out 
Go to the other side (or swim there) and find the underwater entry to the temple under the building. Swim up and get out, take the opening on the right (E) and crawl through to a reddish room with a sarcophagus in the middle. Climb on top of the lid, jump up (E) and grab the edge, then pull up to the top (use crawl). Crawl through connection straight ahead and enter Iltar’s Tomb.

“Finally! This must be the Tomb of the Atlantean priest Hept-Supht Cayce was referring to…”

Open Iltar’s Tomb to get secret (Iltar’s Tablets and Atlantean Tablets 3) (PDA update). You can combine then into the Atlantean Records.

“Finally the third Atlantean Tablet. But the Tuaoi Stone must be somewhere else here.”

You can shoot the vases to see some of Iltar’s treasures.

Tuaoi Stone

Notice the opening in the ceiling. To get there, go to the E side, turn around and jump up to get to the monkey swing. You probably have to shimmy side ways a bit. At the end let go and grab and crawl in (better hang on the right side).

You enter a big crystal room with round crystal altar stones in it. At the very top of the room you can see a huge crystal you have to activate. Go to the end of the room.

“I’ll try to use Il tar’s Crystal from Guatemala here.”

Jump onto the altar stone there and place Iltar’s charged crystal from Guatemala into it. It is a bit hard to get off the altar stone, try in a corner.

Go back into the crystal room, jump on the lowest hovering altar stone and jump to the next one and pull up. From there jump to the edge of the top. To get to the huge crystal on the top of the room, jump from the edge and grab the monkey swing on the ceiling. Monkey swing sideways to the top and fall off onto the huge crystal. In front of you is the activated Tuaoi Stone. Face E and et it.
You wake up in the dark in an old burial cave. You must take a medipack now, as your health decreases rapidly. Turn round:

“Wow! What a trip… where am I now?”

and crawl through the small tunnel. Climb up the huge stone steps till to reach the top and enter a big cave with open front where a helicopter is waiting.

The end of this adventure