The Amazonian Scroll.

Levels by Gabriel Croft

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.


1-Croft Manor, ‘Night Robe’

Go to the second door right and it will open, in the shower you’ll find the Golden Key. Use that key in the windowsill SE (in the bedroom) and the other door opens to a walk in closet (next to the bathroom).

Inside left are Binoculars and right is a button opening the bedroom door (NE). Go out to the landing, left and on the right hand wall is a jump lever bringing out a rope in the Hall. Go onwards to the far NE corner, open the bathroom with the button and inside is the Blue Key in the far corner.

Go out and loop right around into the Library, in the windowsill is a button opening a door W, go through to the Music room. In the windowsill W is a Cake. Go out to the landing.

Jump from the stairs onto the chandelier and then to the rope E, swing into the windowsill over the front door and use the jump lever to open the door to the attic (NW). Jump down to the stairs, up to the landing and go into that door, follow up to the attic. There are several pushable crates, the only one of interest is a different looking one far left (SW), push it aside to get the Plug. (If you push aside the crate NE, you’ll get Secret 1/-1, although I didn’t hear it and there’s nothing there, probably a left over trigger? ).

Get back down the stairs to the landing, in the hall go down the stairs and into the corridor NW to get to the Gym. Take a right and climb the low blue block NE, hop onto the one S of it and grab the monkey bars, go left around the corner and drop/grab to get into the crawlspace. Use the lever there to open the door to the swimming pool N.

Go to the pool, dive in and get the Mold. Back out, through the Gym to the corridor and loop around right to get to the Kitchen. Combine the Cake and Mold into a Cake to Bake and put it in the oven. The door to the right opens up. Go out to the training course. To the right, in the far NW corner is a Green keyhole.

The Maze.

Head E into the alley and follow through, open the gate to the front yard with the button, and left is where you can open the Maze with the Blue key.

Inside go left and keep going left, after a long stretch going W, you’ll go right/left around the corner and then you keep left again. When you go N through a longer stretch, you turn right around a corner (E), there’s some lighter patch on the hedge. Take the first right there and go into the hole, open the hatch in the other end and climb up to place the Plug, opening a gate in the front yard. Go back through that tunnel and back in the maze take a left, then keep going right and end up in the front yard.

Cross over to the far right hand corner (if you happen to need something from inside the manor, walk to the front doors and they open up). Step through the gate, left and push the crate. In the next room push that globe object from the Green Key and pick it up. Pull some crates from the NW corner and go through, push a button to open a gate to the training course. Follow through to the far NW and use the Green Key. The block lowers revealing the Yellow Key. That one is for the front gate, so head E through the alley again to the front yard and open the front gate. Go through…

For now you’ll have to exit the level and start another one up, choose the next from the level screen (Croft Manor Opera dress is the same level, only a different outfit)

Choose one of the Amazonia levels, same here, same levels/different outfits.


2-Amazonia. ‘Classic’

Looks like the saves from different outfits are interchangeable…

Slide into the jungle…

The Underground Passage Key.

Go a bit left and then to the opening you see in the N wall, around the first corner is a push block in the right hand wall (N), first collect the small medipack in the end of the passage and then push the block all the way. Hop into the water, swim through and get out near a waterfall. Look behind the waterfall (S) for a jump lever and lower a block with it. Go down N to a sneakily hidden canyon. Look down left and safety drop down. Then jump to the corner (SW) and take a running jump to the ladder. Climb down and when you can shimmy to the left and drop into a cave. Or just drop into the water and get out fast to the cave W, shoot the croc anyway as we have to get into the pool later, take care of the bats as well.

There’s a niche in the N wall, grab up to the opening where you lowered the block and crawl through to a dark cave. Grab some Flares and pull the skeleton lying N away from the Underground Passage Key. We’re done here, so climb back out.

Go to the pool, jump to the ladder and go up through the leaves, back flip roll and grab the ledge. Make your way up the ledges to the E side, turn right and jump to grab the edge of the one SW. Grab some Shotgun ammo from a crawlspace then grab up S to the waterfall. Swim back to the cave with the push block. Go out left to the Main area.

Underground Passage.

In the SW corner is a hole in the ground, slide down and grab the Flares. Follow through and use the Underground Passage Key on the gate there and go right to a cascade room. There is a big grate in the middle of the room with a pool below. Climb through the opening at the other side (N), shoot a bat. Go up the grassy mound W and turn around to grab the vegetation on the E side of the opening in the ceiling. Climb up and shoot a bat (there are Uzi clips up there, but I didn’t find that weapon in this level). Use the lever on the grate on the right (SW) and you’ll drop way down into the water. Swim into the large area and grab Flares S, spot the Key under the skeleton (can’t get it yet) and go use the underwater lever on the E wall, a block goes down upstairs.

Swim back into the passage N, use the underwater lever to raise a block at the back of the pillar so you can reach a ladder there to climb out. Straight ahead (E) is a push block, move it through the opening you created (S wall) and down onto the grated floor and put it against that waterfall E. The pool down below drained, go back down there and pull the skeleton from the Trapdoor Key.

Back up we go and to the keyhole straight ahead (E), to open the trapdoor left of you. Drop down and go down to the lower level, on the W wall is a jump lever opening gates in the pool with the croc. So we should have shot it… Pull a block N away from the opening and carefully go around, watch out for the darts. Down the passage and you are back at the pool with the croc, if you haven’t, shoot it and dive in.

Swim through the opening on the left (N) and up in the end to get to a staircase. Watch out, as there are darts on the steps. Going through the opening will wake up a bunch of Tigers. Go to the far left corner, behind the plant and get the Small Door Key. Now go find a hole in the ground in the other corner (NE). On your way over there, grab a small medipack from a tree trunk N.

Boulders and Spikes!

Go down to the dark block, which will go up as soon as you go into the passage and that boulder will chase you. Run a bit right out of the way, the boulder will be stuck in the corner, so no need to jump over the spike pit. On the back of that green pillar is a lever, opening the passage back up for later. Proceed around the corner and another boulder awaits you, run down and turning left hit “duck” to get into the crawlspace. Go through to another trap, face the spike pit (E), hop back up the slope 3 times and run down, hitting “duck” to get to safety in the crawlspace (savegame.0). Go up the slope and in the dark room stand on that sloped piece of floor facing the boulders. Take a small step back and turn a bit left or right. Hop onto the first ledge when the boulder passed and a curved running jump to the second ledge, again a curved running jump to one of the higher sides of the safe ledge with the pedestals. Avoid touching the S side tile under the “fake” pedestal (I later discovered the left hand tile in the pit between boulder 1 and 2 as well as the right hand tile in the pit between boulder 2 and 3 are safe spots, maybe you can use those too - savegame.1). Grab the First Red Gem. Getting back is a bit easier, run down onto the ledge, a hop and a running jump into the dark room.

Using the Small Door Key, the Second Red Gem.

The keyhole is in a passage off the Main area, so we have to backtrack there. Follow the boulder passages back up, if you didn’t yet; use the lever to lower the block so you can climb back up to the area where the tigers were. Go to the staircase (SE) and through the water to the croc pool. Two ways from here:

-Up the tree ladder, over the ledges to the waterfall and swim back to the cave with the push block. Follow back to the Main area.

-Or into the cave at the croc pool, left into the passage, up all the steps and through the room with the grate. Go through the underground passage and up to the Main area.

In the NE corner climb up and open the small gate there with the Small Door Key. Drop into a walled off jungle area, fight off two young Gorillas and climb a block N. Run jump to get onto the corner block and grab up E. Roll and run jump to grab the sloped block, hang a bit left, slide and jump with a right curve so you can grab the edge of the slope. Go left and back flip with roll to grab a thin ledge. Jump to the next slope, slide jump and jump again with a right curve so you can grab the edge of the slope. Go left and back flip with roll to grab a block next to a spike trap. Now run jump to the safe entrance (savegame.2). Stand well back and then hop to the break ledge and a running jump to grab the block, a running jump to the next break ledges and a running jump to grab the slope, slide onto a break ledge and when you expect the tile to break, run to the wall, hold Ctrl and forward and you’ll land in the passage (or back flip onto the sloped block and slide off into that passage). Go get the Second Red Gem.

Follow the passage, minding the rotating Knife traps and climb up left into a crawlspace. Drop out and hop over the slope to get back to the Main area. Shoot the snake or avoid it.

Using the Red Gems.

From the main area take the passage N (left) to the push block cave, swim to the waterfall and down into the croc pool, through the gates (N) and up the dart stairs. In the Tiger jungle left (W) into that opening, shoot a Vulture and use the gems to open the gate. Go through to the Snake garden.

Snake Garden.

Right around the corner is the Shotgun on a ledge; left around in the other corner is Shotgun ammo. There are some snakes here, but I only had to shoot the one NW, next to the push block. On the S wall is a lever opening a gate W, pull the block there so you can get up to the push block. Push the next one into the next room and shoot a Tiger.

Burner challenge for the Red Gem.

Into the passage right (N) and run the break tiles to the end, then stop and jump up to grab the monkey swing. Now, this is something I didn’t manage myself and believe me, I tried… Save a bit away from the burner and start moving forward along the left side when you expect the burner to be off when you arrive. Go through and around the corner where you’ll find another burner on a ledge, get close and go forward a bit when the burner is off, drop and hop back grabbing the edge. Now you have to time the burner to do two things; Grabbing the Red Gem and throwing the lever to bring up exit platforms.

Go back along the monkey swing through the burner, drop on the platform (savegame.3-thanks vimmers) and jump back to the room. Place the Red Gem SE and a block goes down behind that swinging axe. Step behind it and it starts up. Go through this passage by looking on which side the axes are hanging and run through the other side. Climb the block and grab up right. Get through the spike trap and shoot that old grate.

Drop down, walk along the wall; shoot the two fish in the deeper part and look behind that pillar for a Medipack.

Preparations for the next task.

Go to the deeper pool W, shoot the croc if you can and swim to the S wall behind those black pillars) and use the underwater lever. It will lower a tall block where we have to go later. Go back up to the higher floor.

In the N side of the hall is a pillar and behind it a lever lowering a block nearby (where the snake is). Climb the block and grab the grated ceiling to go all the way to the end. Drop/grab and get onto the ledge. Crawl forward (or shimmy around) and stand straight, a run jump to the spike pillar and a stand jump forward onto a lower ledge. Turn right, run jump to the spikes and run to safety. Now jump W to where you lowered the tall block and onwards to the corner ledge. Left to grab the dark block, hang left and pull up, slide jump and grab the one with the spikes; which just started to pop. Pull up when you have the chance and stand jump forward onto the next block where you’ll find a lever on the wall. A camera shot shows something, I think the fact that a fire appeared on the ledge S.

The Amazonian Scroll.

Jump grab up to the tall pillar S, then hop down to the lower dark one on the left and from that one (skip the next dark ledge) two run jumps over the spike ledge to the safe ledge (savegame.4). Go up to an opening in the wall, but first jump over to the flame ledge, because there is a small medipack there. Jump back. Go down through the opening, pull a skeleton from the Torch (SW) and take it back to the opening you came from. From the higher part of the floor you can hop back up and jump to the fire to ignite it. Go back into the opening and ignite a puff of gas on the tree trunk in the far left corner (SE). The gate near where you got the Torch opens up, go in and a cut scene shows the Amazonian Scroll, after that the level crashes back to desktop.

G&D, Sept 12- ‘17