Beschrijving: E:\Documents\Mijn websites\\images\Dutchy_32182.gifThe Nightmare Curse.

Levels by Colin Benson.

Complete Walkthrough by G&D Productions.


This walkthrough contains all Secret Sapphires and Gold Coins, so if you want to go for those yourself, don’t use this walk but the one provided by the author.


We recommend you try to get the Secret Sapphires because they’ll give access to supply rooms.

The Gold Coins won’t give you a reward, only bragging rights to how many you found (a nice side quest).

Be aware that firing the Grenade Launcher in this adventure will hurt Lara a bit; so be careful… ,


Files mentioned in the walkthrough:

If you need savegames/jpg’s, download this -folder- (103Kb)

The video’s are in this –folder- (29Mb)


Part 1.

6 Secret Sapphires, 33 Gold Coins.

Some Supplies.

Lara drops down into a small room. Pick up the Gold Coin (1) from the corner and use the jump lever on the other side. Go through the door and shoot the Jackals, one of them leaves a Gold Coin (2) (I went up one of the stairs a bit and shot them from there, so the coin might be on the stairs).

Go up the stairs W and take a left, shoot vase #1, then #3 and last but not least #4 (There’s a nasty Scarab beetle under vase #2). Pick up Flares,Gold Coin (3) and 10 Normal Arrows. Go back down the stairs and up straight ahead (N).

The Lava Room with Ropes, the 1st Cthulhu Artifact.

In the lava room start with jumping to the left and get the Gold Coin (4) and jump back to the entrance. Take a running jump to the rope (W) and turn right and swing to the 3-block pillar (N). Turn left and jump the one SW. From there line up in the middle, take a running jump to the sloped pillar, pull up, slide and jump to grab the rope.

Turn a bit left, swing and jump off near the steam blowers. Turn left (S) and jump the pillars, picking up a small medipack in the corner. Jump over to the E and pull out that block in the corner, the block has to go under the button, but not possible yet.

Jump back to the ledge at the steam blowers. Take a running jump to the sloped pillar E, pull up and slide, jump to grab the rope.

(Turn left and swing to that two block pillar, grab the Gold Coin (5) and from the corner take a running jump back to the rope (you could also get this later, when you are using the monkey climb N).

Turn to the right a bit and now swing towards that opening in the wall you made by pulling that block out. Turn left (E) and jump to that pillar and grab the Cartouche Piece #1 and jump back.

Push the block once, pull it left, go around it and push it under that button you see on the wall. Jump on top and use the button (one block goes up and the other one down, we’ll need to do this again later). 

Break Tile Run.

Jump back to the steamers. Then jump the blocks (N) and climb on top of the block that went up, grab the monkey climb and swing sort of straight ahead (N) and let go above another pillar(In case Lara will not grab the monkey swing, drop from the block and go back up again, she will then grab the swing).

Now we go for the break tile run (if you are able to grab one of them, you can hang on and then make a save game as it is a long run).

Take a running jump to the one on the left; keep running, curving to the right and jump over. Standing jumps to the next two, keep running and jump to the next on the right, side flip left to a long series, run over the corner to jump to the one against the wall (N).

(This passage is optional, but it makes life a bit easier later if you are able to get to that button). Take a running jump curving sharp to the left from the last tile, as there is an opening in the wall there. Use the button and see a door opening up. Roll and run up the slope to the breakable tiles (BreakTileRun1).

Jump out a bit to the left on the tiles in the middle, run-jump to the next in the corner and curve left to jump to the next. Then take a running jump to grab the next breakable one (I saved here).

Pull up, run a bit and then hop 3 times, run a bit and hop again and then a running jump either left or right onto a ledge (savegame.0- (BreakTileRun2).Better wait here a bit so you can shoot a harpy that will show up. Take another running jump to the ledge behind the pillars and get the Cartouche piece #2. Another harpy shows up.

Using the Cartouche.

More jumps to do to the E and near an open gate on the left is a Medipack and on the right is a button. Push it and see the blocks change positions.

Go out the gate and jump up on the left, a running jump to grab the block, get on the monkey climb and swing back and jump back to the ledge with the steam emitters.

Now we have to pass the emitters. You can hang and shimmy passing them safely. At the end, pull up and backflip/roll grab the edge of the next one till you are at the end or running jumps with slightly curves to get pass them with a bit more health loss. At the end take a running jump to the pillar ahead and grab the ladder.

Shut down the Steamers. (Only if you managed to get to that button at the break tiles)

Shimmy left around 2 corners and backflip/roll to grab the next one. Go right around one corner and climb a bit up and backflip into the door you opened. Shoot 4 spiders and pick up Gold Coin (6) that appeared on the floor. Use the button (shuts down the steamers) and go back out to jump to the ladder. Now you have to use the ladders to get into that opening straight across (S).

Go down the slope and combine the Cartouche # 1 with # 2 to get the Ba Cartouche and use it. A gate opens in the lava room with ropes, go back up the slope and jump out right to that ledge. From the ledge jump back NE to the emitters on the right and make your way to the other end (if you couldn’t shut them down do back flip rolls again).

Back in the Lava room with the ropes, first go to the button (S) on top of that pushable block and use it, then go back and jump the ledgesto the block N and use the monkey swing, face E, to swing to the pillar in front the open gate on your left.

Get into the open gate and grab the 1stCthulhu Artifact from the pedestal and go back out to the pillar after getting Revolver ammo from the right windowsill (SW), Flaresfrom the other one and a Gold Coin (7) from the SE corner of the floor.

Getting Out.

Hop back out to the pillar; take a running jump straight ahead (S) and grab the ladder. Climb up and (if you didn’t yet, grab the Gold Coin) go to the corner on the right and jump to the rope. Swing to the steam blowers and make your way N to the monkey swing. Face E again and now take it to the end, let go and grab immediately and hoist up. Jump to the pillar on the left and then to the corner and follow through along the wall, picking up a Medipack and 2x Shotgun ammo.

Another running jump to the ladder S and up you go, slide to the end and jump to grab the edge of the entrance and leave the Lava room (W). Go down two flights of stairs and you are back in the room where you shot those dogs before.

Now you have some Flares to spare, check out the dark spot to the right of the second arch in this room, go up the ladder, jump to the N and get Gold Coin (8). Jump back to the dark arch and find Revolver ammo there on the right, now jump over to the last arch (S), look for a crawlspace up in the right hand wall (W). Jump to get in there, follow through to a small room with 2 small medipacks, a large Medipack and 10 Poison Arrows. Go back and take a Medipack to top up your health, safety drop out losing most of your health, but it was still worth it.

Go up the other stairs (E). Take a right, up the stairs and up the pole.

For a Secret Sapphire: Climb up all the way and through the hidden opening in the ceiling, turn and back flip off into a room with Secret Sapphire #1. Grab the pole again and go down one leveland backflip off.

The Courtyard, some Goodies.

Go to the outside (S) and take a left (E), go through the opening, shoot two dogs coming from the right. On the left (NE) behind that palm tree are Flares.

Go where the dogs came from (S), straight into the building and climb a pole (on the left).Backflip off and go around the corner; in the NE corner is another Gold Coin (9).

Go outside over the bridge and use the jump lever at the wall (W).Two gates open up, safety drop down or go back down the pole. In the yard under the bridge, near those small rocks N in between the grass is Gold Coin (10).Go back N and left, in the first area loop around left for 10 Normal Arrows in the corner behind the grass.

The gates are opposite the entrance, enter the right hand gate of the two and pick up Gold Coin (11).Go up to the terrace and shoot the 3 vases for Grenade ammo, a Medipack and Uzi clips. Jump over to that obelisk (NW) for Gold Coin (12). Safety drop down.

Go to the pool area (SW) and shoot a nasty Scarab beetle. In the SW corner near the closed gate (you can see a Sapphire) is Shotgun ammo.

For the Secret Sapphire: Go back to the obelisk (NE), Run left into the corner left of that Lion statue N of the obelisk and see that gate open up... Go in there and get Secret Sapphire #2from the room. Go back out

Jump into the pool and get Gold Coin (13) from a small alcove.

Swimming for the 2ndCthulhu Artifact.

Get back out of the water and leave (N), slide down the pole and run down and then straight up the next stairs.

From the bridge, jump to the right in the water, go S and swim around the corner of the structure and find a large opening in the right hand wall (S). Be sure have your lungs full and don’t bother (yet) with the pickups, just keep swimming around corners to the right, or else you won’t make it.

Get out and jump up the wall. There are two doors; one E and one W, walking near the doors will open them. A Demi God and a Scorpion appear and let them fight it out and take down the winner. Once it is over get a small medipack from the Demi God room W and push the button to open a door somewhere, then go to the one on the other side for a Gold Coin (14) and another button. Climb back up the wall using the block that went up (W)and jump back in the water and swim just around three corners, pick up a Gold Coin (15)and go back for air. Now swim back to the lake. Swim back into the tunnel a bit if you want the Shotgun ammo near the lake side.

Swim right, then left and around two corners (N side) and find an opening in the floor, first get the Shotgun ammo and then get air and face N. Dive into the hole and swim all the way through this underwater structure till you can swim up, get out and turn around, there is the door you opened before with the button in the Demi God room.

Jump over, wait a bit and backflip over the water so you can safely shoot the pack of dogs.

Pick up the Gold Coin (16) one of them dropped and go further. Use the jump lever on the wall to the right (S); this opens one gate. Push the button in the E wall (a rope appears in front of a gate) and pick up Flares to the right next to the statue and Shotgun ammoin the dark NE corner. In the dark behind a pillar on the W side is Gold Coin (17).

Go out and jump over the water and get Uzi clips on the floor on the right and Flares at the other side.

Go in the opening (W) and be aware there is a skeleton on the loose.

A Shotgun.

We best go for the Shotgun first and skip pickups. Run in left, all the way to the end and use the button (1), roll and run back, all the way towards the end and go left into the fore last alcove, into a small room, use the button (2) in the back. Run out and right and into the third alcove right for the last button (3). Roll and go right, second opening right and grab the Shotgun from the pedestal. Roll and run straight to get to the water and jump over. Roll and as soon as the skeleton jumps over, shoot him into the ditch.

Go back to where you got the Shotgun; push the button W behind the pedestal for a gate behind that rope you saw before.

Turn around and go right, and in the 3rd alcove on the left is a Gold Coin (18), follow through and the 5th alcove on the right leads to a small room. Pick up the Flares left then go out back to the corridor. If you want dome more Flares go back to the N side and in the alcove opposite the room are some on the floor. Then back to the corridor and take a left and go back to the passage with the gates.

Go E, into the water and swim back to the lake, in the last stretch is a Gold Coin (19) on the bottom.

The Silver Key.

Swim to the W wall and climb up onto the left pillar (SW), run jump to the ladder and climb up. Go up the next ladder and follow through, kill the giant Scorpion and find an opening on the left. Jump to the rope and swing to the building in the middle and grab the Silver Key.

To the right (E) is a Sapphire, line up with the gem, walk down as far as you can and a running jump gets you to an invisible platform. Walk to the end, then hop back and take another running jump and grab the invisible ledge of the next one. Then take a last running jump and watch out, two Harpies will attack. Get the Secret Sapphire #3.

Jump down into the water. Swim to the right, then left around the corner, in the structure, a bit high up is an opening near the next corner, swim in and to the end. Climb the wall there and backflip off. Use the Silver key and go through the door for the 2ndCthulhuArtifact.

Climb back down and when you swim around a corner to the right, swim straight (N) and pick up a small medipack behind a plant. Roll and swim right around corners to get out. Get air and then swim to the left (W) around the corner. Halfway along this side on the bottom are Flares, pick them up and swim around another corner and into an opening in the wall on the left near the bottom, follow through to the end and up. On the right you can find Uzi clips and at the other end a sloped block. Pull up on the slope and backflip, turn around and jump to the ladder and climb up.

Use the floor lever to change the position of the blocks, jump back in the water face N and swim down and straight to a wall, to the right is Gold Coin (20) in a plant. Roll and swim out. When you are out of the passage swim SW over the bottom and near the wall in a plant is Gold Coin (21).Then swim to the pillars and get on the now tallest one (NW). Jump to the ladder and go up. Then jump over to the bridge and leave this place. Go all the way down the stairs; take a right in the room with the arches, pick up some Shotgun ammo and use the two Cthulhu Artifacts next to the door N.

Phasing Ledges, the 1stGold Ankh.

Once inside, the only vase to shoot is the 1st one on the right (E) for Gold Coin (22) then continue your way N (the hole in the floor is for later). Take a running jump to get onto the pillar straight ahead. Jump to the next one and then jump towards the ledge with the floor lever. Do NOT use it just yet, but go to the other side (W).Time a running jump to the phasing block and run-jump with a right curve to the safe one. Hop over to the lever and push it (changes the position of the blocks at the structure). Time the phasing block again to go back to that structure you came from. Now you can push the lever at the other side you ignored before. More blocks change position around this structure.

Climb up the blocks on the left (S) and hoist up into the ceiling (face S), grab the Gold Ankh as well as the Gold Coin (23) and go back down again. Safety drop down W and then climb the blocks on the N side. Use the monkey swing and drop down when you almost reach the end. Go first left to the other Gold Ankh and then to the right a Gold Coin (24).

Look SW and see an opening there, use the phasing blocks again to get there. Get the Medipack and Revolver ammo and push the button around the corner. This lowers a block behind you, get up there and drop down. Go straight jumping some more and leave this place (S) (The ledges in the SW corner are an alternate route back to the exit).

Use the Ankhs.

In the room with the vases, get down into the hole in the middle and crawl out backwards. Shoot the pesky spiders and place your Golden Ankh’s in the receptacles. Jump down left or right into the corner and safety drop twice to the bottom.

Room with the Viper’s Gem.

In this new area is a Demi God on the left on a ledge you cannot reach, just run to the central bridge and shoot him from there jumping from side to side. At the other end (S) is a pushable block.

Secret Sapphires: Look down the E side of the bridge (maybe light a flare), near the entrance to spot a ledge below the bridge, drop down and pick up 2x Uzi clips, after crawling under the bridge, you can stand up, run down right onto a ledge with Secret Sapphire #4, jump back up SE and grab up to the bridge.

In the SE corner is the Secret Room where you can pick out what you want if you found Secret Sapphires.

Pick up the Viper’s Gem and push the block to the other side (N) around the skeleton that plays dead in the middle of the floor. Once the pushable is against the wall (N), jump up and now you can use the Viper’s Gem.

The gate left opens so get in there. Follow through grab some Uzi clips from the floor and jump the gap, with your pistols drawn as two Scorpions emerge from left and right. Once they are dead go into their rooms, push the buttons and pick up a Gold Coin(25) from the E room. The last double door is open now (N), jump the gap and run to a terrace overlooking a Lava pit with a rope.

Optional: The Fiery Rope Swing.

This is a quest for pickups (and later a Sapphire) only: Jump to the rope and swing to the other side (you have to be patient here, obviously both emitters should be off when you jump from the rope, eventually there should be an opening available), timing the emitters and grab the edge, pull up when the emitters are off (or crawl in) and then get your bounty, Uzi clips, a small medipack and Shotgun ammo. Pick up also Gold Coins (26 + 27).

Step down to the lower part of the entrance and stand back, take a running jump when the emitters are off and grab the monkey swing, almost outside the emitter range, quickly go forward. When you are at the rope (close), let go and grab the rope, slide down and swing back to the terrace. The other opening is still blocked; we’ll open it later.

Timed Jumps, the Quicksand Key.

So walk through the E opening and find a timed trigger tile. Before standing on it jump down to the first ledge.

There are two possible routes across the room, left and right side, but first save the game!

Left hand side explained:  just do two training runs so you’ll know what to expect and you can pick up the Coins. There is a teleporting tile to the right of the timed door so you can come back up if you decide to do a trial run first.

Turn left, a running jump to the ledge N (no Ctrl) (hop up to the block against the wall to get Gold Coin (28)) and jump to the ledge E. Then a curved jump around the pillar, on the ledge between the pillars, roll and grab up to the pillar you just jumped around, roll and run jump to the next pillar, roll and grab the edge to safety drop on the other side. Run jump S to the ledge at the tall pillar and run jump left to the next pillar, left again, back to the N side and hop E onto the slanted pillar. Slide and jump, then jump left to the slanted block, jump to the block and hop to the next, run over the corner and a right curved running jump to get to the opening, run through, jump left to the opening in the E wall and through the Timed door.

To the right of the door is a blue trigger pad; it will bring you back to the start.

Right hand side explained:

Jump S (no Ctrl), run over the corner left to the ledge, roll so you’ll drop down from the back side, grab the edge and drop/grab the ledge below (for the Gold Coin (29), shimmy around to the front side and crawl in to get it, crawl back out to the S side). Drop/grab again and hang left on this last crack, drop while holding the “right” key and immediately jump when you hit the slope below, curve sharp left to get to the grey block. Do a running jump and grab the block E on the right hand corner, pull up and hop up straight onto the right hand side so you can side flip left onto the next one, turn a bit right and hop up SE, get onto the highest block and run jump to the one E. Roll to drop from the other side and slide a bit before you back flip with roll to a ledge. A few more jumps will get you to the entrance and the Timed door. Get back using the blue trigger pad.

Make the timed run along the preferred route and get into the door (savegame.1).

Once you have the Quicksand Key go out, take a right and pick up Gold Coin (30) and 2x Uzi clips.

For a Secret Sapphire: Go outside first, jump to the right (N) and then a running jump to the corner (NE). Jump down and use the button to see the blocks change position at the rope swing. Back up again and jump back to the Timed door. Go to the teleporter pad to get back up. Go straight to the terrace at the Lava room.

The Sapphire: Now there are two ways to do it but I found the easiest one is to jump to the rope and turn to the right. You have to aim to the right hand corner of the opening there and then swing, keep swinging while watching the emitters and jump off to grab the edge. Pull up and find a Secret Sapphire #5 to the right.

Going back is the same as you did on the other side, I got down to the lower ledge again and took a running jump and grabbed the monkey swing as far from the emitters as possible. At the rope I let go and grabbed the rope and then swing back to the terrace.

Go back (S) over the pits to the room with the skeletons. Now they wake up and another Demi god showed up on the other side of the room, so kill them all. Maybe visit the Secret room and then go and use the Quicksand Key on the S wall. The gate to the right opens, go in and down the stairs to a room full of quicksand.

Quicksand, Torch Puzzle.

I jumped towards the pillars on the left and got up in between them for Gold Coin (31). Avoid (or kill) the mummies. There are 4 openings in the walls, two of them blocked.

Go to the column in the middle of this ledge, face the other side (W) and walk slowly straight to the middle column W, you’ll go up a high spot in the bottom, there is a bit of blue light coming from below. Reach down into the mud to get Secret Sapphire #6 and walk to the W side.

Go into the opening NW, follow through and kill the insect.

The Levers for some Fire.

-Push the NE button and use the right most (N) lever. Jump over the blocks to the button N and push it as well and jump back to the entrance.

-Throw the 2nd lever from the left (facing W) and jump over to the S side, push the button and the wall torch is ignited (W).

-Jump back to the entrance and now push the 1st lever (S side)then the 2nd as well and as last push the most N lever also. The way is clear to the wall torch but now we have to find the Torch first. So out you go and wade through the quicksand to the S. On the ledge a bit further are some Uzi clips. Go to the terrace with the thrones S.

To the left of the thrones is a button and you see a block going down. That is the NE opening, get there and inside stay on the left side and jump over, crawl under and jump over and take care of the two skeletons. Push the button on the opposite side and see another block going down and it looks like there are some Torches on a pedestal.

To the Torch.

Get back through the knives and once out, loop around left into the next opening. Use the blocks to get onto the walkways. First go right into an opening NE and find a small medipack, a Gold Coin (32),Uzi clips and Shotgun ammo.

Jump back to the walkway and go left (S) and jump over to the next walkway. Turn right and jump over to the right.

First go all the way to the end (N) and jump in the opening left, push the button to raise the EXIT block and get out (this block allows you to go back and use that last Sapphire).

Walk back and jump into the opening where the torches are. Get a Torch and make your way back over the walkways to the other side. Better throw your torch into the opening of the E wall and then jump in. Pick it up and jump the blocks to the ground floor. Wade through the quicksand to the opening NW, jump the blocks and ignite the Torch.

Jump back over the blocks and back to the room where you can use the blocks to get back to the walkways.

Once up jump to the ledges S and ignite the two wall torches SE and SW, two blocks go down in the last opening. Watch out as a Harpy is now flying around. 

You don’t need the Torch anymore, get back to the ground floor and find the opening (W wall left) and get in.

Crawl through the opening straight ahead. To the left is the way to a Gold Coin (33) and to the right drop into the quick sand and wade through to the door.    


Part  2.

6 Secret Sapphires, 31 Gold Coins.

Press the button next to the door and enter. In the first alcove up on the left are Uzi clips, in the 4th one right is a Gold Coin (34). The last alcove left has Shotgun ammo.


At the intersection go right, shoot two dogs and go right. This is a bit of a nasty jump but stand near the wall (W) and turn right (NE).Take a running jump to the slope there and immediately jump again. Get 2 x Uzi clips, a Gold Coin (35) and 2xShotgun ammo. Jump back using the same trick, go to the other side and there you can find Gold Coin (36), a large and a small Medipack, Flares and Shotgun ammo. Jump back again and go back to the intersection, notice the block in the E wall.

The Chaos Key.

Take a right (S), down some steps and kill the Demi God. Watch out there is a hole in the floor, once he is dead get his Chaos Key and some skeletons are also awake so get rid of them.

Find the hole in the floor and get down the ladder. Go around the ladder pillar and use the button to open a gate, go to that gate SE and get the Gold Coin (37). Back out and on the floor in the NE corner is Shotgun ammo, go left to the NW corner picking up a small medipack and in the corner is a Gold Coin (38).

You may have noticed the Sapphire behind the left gate E, later!

In the SW you can use the Chaos Key. Use the button inside to open a gate and climb up the ladder. The last skeleton is awake so you know what to do. Go in (S) and first go the left, on the back of the pillar is a jump lever (a block goes up under a keyhole). Leave and go sort of straight (W) into another room.

Lava Carpet.

Those red tiles are instant death so avoid them. First start jumping to the left (best is to walk as close as, then hop back, take one step back and then a running jump forwards), picking up a Gold Coin (39) and Shotgun ammo on the way. Jump all the way to the end, there is a button you have to use to lower that block at the intersection. Then jump back to the entrance. Around the other side is also a button; that opens a gate with a goody; that is in the gate under the bridge where you had to fight the Demi God and skeletons.

So, go out E and left to the bridge, shoot the last skeleton.

For that Sapphire in the left gate E, look over the edge of the bridge in the NE, there’s a jump lever on the outer ledge, use that but watch the health and the gate is open, get Secret Sapphire #1.

Go to the NW corner gate and grab that small medipack, and climb back up. Go back up the ladder into the gate S.

Deadly Floor Jumps, the Red Ornament Key.

Go straight through to the ladder S and climb up and follow through. Lara looks through an iron grating; better make a drawing, as you have to navigate that place (if you run away a bit and come back, you can look everywhere). Get down by the next ladder (SW) and now look at you notes and start to jump, your goals are the two openings E and one NW (Map-OrnamentKey.jpg).

The right hand one (SE) has a Gold Coin (40), the left one (NE) has the Red Ornament Key. The opening NW has some Shotgun ammo. Make your way back to the ladder and up you go. Go down the ladder to the bridge room.

Monkey Climb Button Puzzle.

Go straight and up the steps and straight to the intersection. Take a right (you lowered the block here earlier) and use the monkey swing to reach each of the pillars where you have to push a button.

Start with the one SW as that opens a gate to goodies somewhere in the Lake area where you go next, then do the other three (NE, NW and last the one SE).

Go through the now open gate E and down the staircase. Use the Red Ornament Key next to the gate (you raised the block earlier, S of the Demigod bridge).

Sapphire hunters: Do NOT push the button on the other side (lowers the first of three blocks to get a Sapphire later, we’ll lower them another way).

The Lake Area. (can be done in random order)

In the garden shoot the vase on the ledge straight ahead and get the Gold Coin (41). Run off the other end into the water and get the Uzi clips. Get out, go SW and go get some Shotgun ammo right of the S entrance.

For a Sapphire later: jump on either of the grey slopes there to trigger a gate giving access to the Sapphire, we’ll go for it later.

Go to the SE corner and to the right of those gates is Shotgun ammo in the grass, in the NE corner, next to the palm tree is a Gold Coin (42). Turn S and go into the open gate (you opened it earlier) SE. Climb down the ladder and prepare to fight 4 dogs. Two of them leave Gold Coins (43 + 44) and in the back are Shotgun ammo and a Medipack.

Go up the ladder, outside and a bit left. Right around the corner in the right hand wall (opposite the small pool) you can get into an opening on the right (E), slide down and jump landing into some water and wade to the stairs so you can shoot the Harpy. In the SW corner is a Gold Coin (45). Use the two jump levers to open a door in an underwater room (right hand side) and the left one for the door here, go up the stairs.

At the intersection go right (E) and in here are vases in alcoves.

E wall from left to right shoot the second one for a Cold Coin (46).

W wall from left to right the third one has Flares.

In the SW corner is a button, use it to lower the first of 3 blocks in the entrance to a Secret room.

There’s more to this room, but we need a free access to water first.

Go out W and at the intersection take the W passage (Reed symbol), follow through picking up Shotgun ammo and slide down, kill the Scarab and get a Gold Coin (47) and push the button and get out through the opened gate into the Lake. Swim straight to the block, pull up and jump to the left (S). Go back to the E wall and pull up into the same opening, slide and jump, up the stairs and go right again, to the room with the vases. This time shoot the most left one E wall and a wraith appears. Take it to the passage, straight into the W passage and get out to the Lake to get rid of the Wraith. Once again go into the same opening E and back to the vase room, go up into that alcove where the Wraith was. Light a flare and spot the hidden crawlspace, get in, go right and pick up Uzi clips. Then you can stand, continue through that side picking up a Gold Coin (48) and in the back is another crawlspace left.

Grab up through the opening in the ceiling there (face S) and go around to get Secret Sapphire #2, go back down to the passage.

Straight into the crawlspace and keep right to get to another Gold Coin (49), follow through, go left a bit to get a Medipack from the central crawlspace and turn around to get out of here. Go back W to the passage.

The Unholy Scarab #1

Now take the passage N (Duck Symbol). Pick up some Arrows, slide down and kill another Scarab beetle, push the button and slide down the now open gate. Pick up the Unholy Scarab #1 (you need 4 of those).

The Akhet Key

For a pickup, face N and dive into the water and a bit left of that orange vase N is a Gold Coin (50) on the bottom.

Swim W from there, there is a hole in the middle of that slab of stone. Dive in and swim W, there was a gate you opened (with a jump lever before), get that small medipack, the Akhet Key and Revolver ammo.

Swim out, straight into the E side (the gate opened when you jumped onto the grey slopes before) to get Secret Sapphire #3.

Get back and swim up and go to the SE side and get out of the water using the low block. 

Now for some rope swings.

Optional Pickups:

-Go to the platform a bit further and take a running jump to the rope. Turn left and swing to the next one and if needed grab the edge. Line up for the next, just a running jump will get you to the rope, swing to the next one. Turn right and running jump plus grabbing the edge will get you to the Grenades.

-Unfortunately you’ll have to swim back. Hop down E and grab a Gold Coin (51) from the bottom, swim SE to where you can pull out of the water again and get to the first rope again. Turn slightly to the right and jump to the block there.

Face the next rope and another running jump will do the trick. Turn to the right facing the orange vases and swing to jump to the single block. Jump to the vases and shoot them to get Arrows and a small medipack. Swim back, get out and get to the rope again.

Unholy Scarab #2.

On the first rope, turn slightly to the right and jump to the block there. Jump to the next rope and turn left and aim for the sloped one, when you hit the slope jump again to get to the next one. 

Now jump to the rope (W) and turn right and swing to the next platform. Take a running jump to the last rope, turn right and jump to the island to get Unholy Scarab #2.

Unholy Scarab #3.

Sorry again, but jump in the water and go for the rope again. This time go the same route as last and from the last rope straight to the building. Use the Akhet Key and get in to get the Unholy Scarab #3.

Go out, right into the water and swim around the corner to the ledge NW for the Shotgun ammo. For the last time, you have to swimback to the SE ledge and get out. Head S of the small pool.

Teleport Maze, Unholy Scarab #4.

Go into the opening in the S wall and enter the teleporting maze.

Look at Symbols Maze.jpg to see what symbol is what.

-Go step on the bird tile (right), go straight and take a right and step on the knife tile. Go left (E) and step on the reed (looks like feather) tile.Go straight and use the button on the right to lower the entrance to the Scarab. Then step on the reed tile on the left.

Next room, get the 2xShotgun ammo left and right of where you land.

The opposite wall (S) has a button, two blocks go down in the entrance to a Sapphire (if you pushed the button at the Red Ornament Key door, only one goes down and you will have to go back later to de-activate that button again).

Step on the duck tile on the right. Next room go right and step on the knot tile. Next room take the reed tile on the right. Straight ahead is the last Unholy Scarab #4.

Go out and take a right and into the passage SW and step on the knot tile. Go straight and now take the knot tile and get to a dark room. To the right is a crawlspace (NE), get in and pick up Shotgun ammo and a Gold Coin (52).

Look up in the N wall for an opening, go through to get Secret Sapphire #4. Get back out to the dark room.

Getting out:

Step on the knot tile right (NW). Next room down the steps and use the jump lever to open the exit gates and then step on the knife tile (E) and last but not least take the reed tile straight.

You are in the exit room and if you used that jump lever, the gates should be open. To the right in the grass is a Gold Coin (53).

There are more pickups in this maze if you just run around hitting different tiles, you might get some more goodies, Arrows, Flares, Uzi clips and a Gold Coin (54) as a reward (from the room with the jump lever, take the knife tile twice). Get out of the Maze and shoot the huge scorpion that guards the entrance for the Unholy Scarabs you have (E). Place them and go in to a walled-in garden.

Push Puzzle Garden, Blue Ornament Key.

Find the button on the wall on the right (S) a golden pillar goes up (N). Left of the button, at the base of the palm tree is a Golden Coin (55). Go to that pillar and push/pull it to the tile near the button. The red block in the middle goes down, get the Blue Ornament Key and a couple of Scarabs attack. After they are dead you are ready to leave.

Sapphire: Push that button S again to lower the block N, go into that hole and into the crawlspace for Secret Sapphire #5, get out. To the E of this Garden are the secret rooms (also one floor up).

When you’re done, leave (W). Back at the Lake go into the second gate left, the exit of the Maze, ignore the tiles and go straight where you have to use the Blue Ornament Key.

Draw your guns as a Demi God is waiting and a Harpy also shows its ugly face.

Quest for the Two Keku Stars

Go left (E) and use the crack and crawl through to get to the other side. Use the lever to open a gate, out and slide down and then prepare to fight some skeletons.

Sapphire: Jump up at the other side (S) and grab  Secret Sapphire #6, get out.

Get out and go into the crawlspace on the right (S). Climb the ladder and you are in a room with two pools.

Loop around to the right for Shotgun ammo and in the SE corner is a Gold Coin (56). Jump in the pool and find Revolver ammo SW, Shotgun ammo NE.

On the central floor part, between the two pools are 4 circle symbols, if you walk over the SE one, stepping on each part of the dark circle, an underwater gate will open with some Shotgun ammo behind it. The gate is under this floor, in an underwater passage between the W side pillars.

Golden Key, open doors for a Fire Run.

Get air and then dive again, swim to those columns and go into the opening right E, then take the right hand passage way first, loop right around a corner and keep going right through an opening (W) and up at the end. Get the Uzi clips and a Golden Key from the other corner and the double doors will open when you approach them.

Dive back in the pool you came out from, swim back into the passage, left then keep going right to get to a Gold Coin (57). Swim back, left around, left and left again and then take a right to the same small poolroom. Get air, swim back in and left, right around the first corner and when you hit the wall, a bit left right to the E, follow through and get a Medipack in the end. Roll and swim back to the small poolroom.

Swim one more into the passage and keep right, go up in the back through a hole in the ceiling and use the lever there to open double doors. There’s a big vase in the water under this room, better not touch it as it will trigger a Scorpion once you are outside. Swim back (S) to the small pool and go through the double doors to the main room.

Open doors for a second Fire Run, Keku Star #1.

Back at the pool outside, jump in and swim back in the E opening but now take the left hand passage. Go around corners and find a hole in the ceiling (N) and get out. Flip the lever and see another door opening.

Sapphire: After flipping the lever, take one sidestep right and look down (NW) into the waterhole, you can just see a vase. It is possible to shoot it with the Shotgun, or if you have an explosive arrow. Swim there to get Secret Sapphire #7 If you want to collect the bonus, you’ll have to backtrack to the Push Puzzle Garden on your own.

Face S and jump in the water, swim in the opening on the right and when you hit a wall take a right and around a few corners get the Gold Coin (58), roll and swim back right around corners and through the opening (S) and up. Get out and grab Shotgun ammo and the Keku Star #1. Approach the doors and they will open, step out.

The Pushblock Timed runs, preparations.

Go to the NE corner and up the stairs, around the corner use the Golden Key.

Once in jump up on the left and down, push the block 4 times. Jump over it and turn around and push it all the way back as far as it will go.

Turn around again and go to the second one and pull it 2 times and this one will stay here. Jump over the block and face the third one, push that one as far as it will go (3 times). Turn around and look up to spot a button.

Crawl over the block and down at the other end and pull that fourth block once. Crawl back over it and push the third one once (W), climb on top and push the button to raise a block in the pit a bit further.

Get down from the block, turn around and crawl over the fourth one. Push the next block (#5) in the E as far as it will go (under that gate). Go back and push/pull the 4th and 3rd block also as far as they will go to the E. You should now have a sort of clear path in this passage.

The Runs, Keku Star #2.

Go back (W) and at the door take the other passage S and save first then use the Timed button (I waited till the button reset and then used it again, so no camera shot). Backflip/roll, run right and jump up the blocks, down and run to the next one, jump up and down again, sprint through the next area and jump up the blocks and jump again to get through the timed gate (savegame.2-video-Pusblockrun.wmv). Here you’ll find another Timed button. 

If you want a Gold Coin, first drop down S onto a lower block, turn right and jump onto the first sloped block, just slide down and grab the Gold Coin (59). Face W, back flip onto the slope and jump onto the next block, slide a bit, jump and grab the monkey swing. Turn around and go back, left around the corner to drop back at the button.

Push the button, roll and run towards the corner and take a running jump around right and land on a slope, slide and jump, slide and jump and so on and land on a flat one, run off this one through the hopefully open gate (savegame.3). If you didn’t make it either go back to a save of use the monkey swing to get back to the button.

Jump up the last one and pick up the Keku Star #2. Safety drop down and leave this place.

Timed Burner Runs, Tourmaline Key and Unholy Scarab #1.

Get down the stairs to the ground floor (or jump in the pool), go left and after the pool again left. Place the Keku Stars at the door there and enter. In here are two buttons, the one on the left (N) is for a timed run in the room outside to the right (NW) and the one on the other wall (S) is for a timed run in the room outside to the left (SW).

It doesn’t matter which one you start with, as the runs are identical. Push a button and run out to the room with the emitters.

N: NW Burner room: You have to time all the burners and there are three floors you have to cover (Roll almost at the edge of the floor and grab the edge to safety drop down). When you made it through the gate pick up the Tourmaline Key and make your way back upstairs, pick up a Gold Coin (60) from the NE corner of the lowest level.

S: SW Burner room: Go to the other button and repeat the timed run in the other room. Here you find an Unholy Scarab #1.

Get back up and out(savegame.4).

Unholy Scarab #2.

Take a right and up the staircase left in the SE corner. Jump over to the double door and use the Tourmaline Key. In here are two skeletons so get rid of them (there is some Shotgun ammo to the right at the double doors when you come in) and after that go through the gate. The gate closes and prepare for some nasty fighting. Also watch out for the floor has nasty spike traps. There will be skeletons, harpies, scorpions and jackals, they will come in one after the other. When you have slain them all, the E gate opens so you can pick up Unholy Scarab #2. Flip the lever in the back to re-open the entrance gate so you can get out of here. When you are on the ledge outside around the corner on the right are two vases, just only shoot the right hand one for Arrows if you want. A running jump will get you there to collect it. Jump back and dive into the pool and get back out.

Go to the closed door in the W and use the Unholy Scarabs to open them and get in. Press both buttons and the doors one floor up will open.

The Eyes Maze, 2 Lethal Asps.  (Map: EyesMaze1.jpg)

NW Side: Go out and left, take the stairs in the NW corner and enter the double doors. Loop around to the right for Gold Coin (61). Go further and Lara looks up so read the message.

”Do not step directly into the deadly gaze of the eyes of Infinata”

Step onto the Duck tiles and you get transported.

Do NOT step in front of the sight of the yes on the walls. When there is a wall or a block shielding you than it is OK.

Walk forwards one block, turn to the right (N) and ignore the button on the wall. Loop around the red block and so you face S again. Walk to the wall straight ahead and turn to the right (W). Walk to the wall, turn right and walk one tile forwards. Turn left (W) and go one tile forwards, turn right (N) and go to the wall. To the right is a button, push it; the buttons alters the position of the blocks.

Go back one tile (W), turn left and walk to the wall (S), turn right and again go to the wall (W). Turn left (S) and go one block, turn right (W) and walk three blocks (to the right is a gate with a Gold Coin behind it..

Turn left (S) and walk to the wall, turn left (E) and go to the wall, turn left and go to the button and press it. Turn to the right (E) and walk to the wall. Turn right (S) and go to the pedestal and get the First Lethal Asp.

Back out:

Same route, same buttons only reverse..

Optional, with pickups:

Stand one block from the pedestal (facing a button W), turn right (N) and go to the wall (where that block is), turn left (W) and walk forwards to push the button again, turn left (W) and then walk to the wall. Turn left (S) and walk one block, turn right (W) and go to the wall, turn right (N) facing that gate and go left around the next corners to get to a button opening the gate. Use it and turn left (N), go around the corner left through the gate and get a Gold Coin (62) and Revolver ammo.

Go back through the gate and left around to a wall (E). On the left is a block, go forwards one block, turn to the right (E) and go left around the block, on the right is a button on the pillar, use it again. Turn right (W) and forwards one block; left (S) two blocks. Then turn left (E and walk around the corner and loop around the red block to get back to the teleporters.

Go out, right around the corner and jump to the two vases, shoot them for Uzi clips and Shotgun ammo. Go down the stairs (or jump in the pool) and up the stairs in the SW.

SW Side: Once up there is another message on top of the archway. Pick up a Gold Coin (63) in the far left corner and step on the teleporters.

Go forwards one tile, turn right N, go to the button (left) and press it, turn left (S) and go to the wall. Turn right (W) and go forwards two tiles, turn right (N) and go three blocks. Turn left (W) 2 blocks, turn left (S) and to the wall and press the button to switch the blocks.

(Optional for pickups: Turn around; go back and left around the wall to get to another button, this one will open a nearby gate.)

Turn around (N) and go three blocks to the wall, turn right (E) four blocks, left (N) two blocks. Turn left (W) 5 blocks; turn left and go to the orange block, go around it and turn right (W) into the open gate and get the final Golden Coin (64) and Arrows). Back through the same opening (E) turn left (N) five blocks; turn right (E) go to the wall. Turn left (N) and push the button on the left. Turn right from the button, one block N and turn left (W), five blocks. Turn left before the orange block and go right around the block and straight (W) to the wall. Turn left (S) and get the Second Lethal Asp.

Turn around (N) and go two blocks, turn right before the orange block (E) four blocks, turn left (N) two blocks, turn right (E) four blocks. Turn right (S) use the button again and go one block S, turn right (W) three blocks. Turn left (S) two blocks; turn left (E) to the wall (five blocks). 

Turn right (S) two blocks, right (W) two blocks, turn left (S) to the wall and push the button (again). Roll (N) and go back three blocks, turn right (E) two blocks. Turn right (S) and loop to the left around the red block and to the right and jump onto the teleporter.

Leave by either stairs or jump in the pool, get out and go right to the gate (S) and use the two Lethal Asps.

Run through the corridor and safety drop down through the hole in the floor.


Final Part.

No more Sapphires and Gold Coins.

Go through and shoot all the vases for 5x Shotgun ammo and a Medipack. Go out and watch the flyby.

Surviving the Quicksand, 2 Bastet's Relics.

Look up to the ceiling and spot a hint of the routes to take through the quicksand.

Here you have to wade to both far corners of the room to get the Relics, keep Lara’s head above the sand as much as possible.

Explained: Go to the SE corner of the entrance terrace. Face S and run jump as far as you can into the quicksand. Wade forwards and almost at the corner of the building on your left make a turn to the right. Line up with the pedestal (W) and go forwards. Pull out and take the Bastet's Relic. Return to the entrance using the same route you used to get here.

Make your way to the North and line up with the tiles on the ceiling. Running jump gets you on the ledge under the mud. At the corner of the building go forwards one block and turn left, forwards two more blocks and turn right (N). Walk to the end and almost at the wall turn left, line up with the pedestal and walk towards it. Get out and take the Second Bastet's Relic. Get back the same way.

Once back at the entrance stand in the middle, aim straight for the opening W and run jump in as far as you can, just wade straight and climb in.

Door Mazes.

We’ll direct you to the important doors, the rest only have enemies.

Use a Bastet’s Relic on the first door on the left, 4 jackals appear, after killing them pick up Ra’s Amulet.

Go out and left (S) and open the last door on the left (SE) for a Medipack and a small Medipack as well as another Bastet’s Relic and no enemies.

There’s a Hidden Room nearby: Go to the pit in the SW room, face South and look a bit left down into the quicksand pit (if you have binoculars).Otherwise jump down S into the quicksand with a flare in hand. From here head South to the wall and you should be able to see the doorway with a flare. Some surprises in there and additional audio can be turned on/off with the levers. The guy with a cat is the author…

When you’re done, step on that tile in the middle of the room to get back to the entrance of the Door Maze.

Go to the NW section, last door to open here is in the NW corner the one in the N wall. Slide down the pole and walk onto a bridge. Jump over to the second door on the right, use the amulet and shoot two Scarab beetles and get the Stone Disk of Emperor Qi.

Jump back to the bridge and go right to the end and climb the pole there. Turn around at the top and backflip off.

Emperor Qi Puzzle, ignite the 5 Torches.

Third Floor.

Follow through to another room with a pole and 5 wall torches, representing 5 stone doors. Climb up the pole all the way (3 floors) and backflip and go to the door N and open it with the Stone Disk. 2 Skeletons and a Demi God attack. Inside grab another Stone Disk of Emperor Qi and push the button (one wall torch is ignited).

Go to the door W and now you have to fight a Harpy and a pair of skeletons. Same story here, grab the Stone Disk of Emperor Qi left and push the button (two wall torches are ignited).

Second Floor.

Get to the pole and slide down one floor. Go to the door N and two giant scorpions come out. Kill them and again grab the Stone Disk of Emperor Qi and push the button (three wall torches are ignited and a first door opens up).

Go to the room on the left (E), 4 jackals appear, once they are gone go inside and grab the Stone Disk of Emperor Qi and push the button (four wall torches are ignited). Last but not least take the S door, inside is a Demi God and again grab the Stone Disk of Emperor Qi and push the button (all wall torches are ignited and the last door opens up).

There’s nothing of interest on the first floor, so grab the pole and slide down to the ground floor and enter the passage N. Take a left and in the room pick up 5x Shotgun ammo,2x Medipack and a small medipack.

Jump over to the pedestal and get the Gold Globe, leave and go straight (E) to enter a huge room with walkways.

The Globe Rooms.

Run forwards and the up the second slope on the right (S). In here are a Harpy and 2 skeletons. Go in and get another Gold Globe, push the button in the other corner.

Go back out and down the slope, go right (E) and at the intersection go left (N). Take the last door on the right (NE), 2 jackals and a big Scorpion are in there (you can let the scorpion kill the jackals and then kill the beast afterwards), in the room is a Gold Globe and another button.

Go out and straight (W), open the door, fight against skeletons and a harpy. Then pick up a Gold Globe and push the button. Get out and go to the other side (S). After the intersection, take the first door on the left; there are 2 jackals and a scarab in here. Find a Gold Globe and push the button.

Go out, down the slope and take a left and then take the first slope on the right. Kill a harpy and two skeletons, pick up the Gold Globe and push the last button (screenshot).

Go out and back to the intersection, take a left (W), part of the wall of that entrance passage is gone, revealing a lot of levers.

Lever Puzzle.

Push the lever on the left (S) a stone door goes up. Go to the other side and push only the first two levers on the right and then the button in between the levers. Go out, left (E) to the Globe Rooms and all the way straight into the passage there. Jump over to the other side and jump up all the blocks on the right to the top of the room.

Exit Rooms, the Purification Scroll.

Inside take either right or left the stairs and then into the opening (W). Shoot the vase on the right and pick up the Shiny Key.

Go out and unlock the door straight ahead. A Demi God is waiting, kill him and continue up some more steps SE. In the next room go up the steps and get the Purification Scroll and leave through the other doorway (E). Follow through and come into a room where you find a ladder so up you go. Backflip and run around to find another ladder. Climb this one all the way to the top and leave this place W. Once you reach the bike (SW), the adventure ends….

G&D Sept 07- ‘17