Tomb Raider – Relics of Power 5.

Levels by Seth94

Walkthrough by G&D Productions

Savegames mentioned in the walk are in this Saves folder.

1- Canyon Falls.

4 Secrets.

Note: In some locations we won’t mention every move; otherwise the walk will get too long. You have to find your own way along those routes.

After sliding down into a valley, two vultures show up. To the right is a cave we’ll visit later, go straight to the other side (S) and on a block under the arched rock is a small medipack. There are some snakes around; head to the left (W) and at the waterfall go right (S). To the left is a valley with a little shack and on the shack is Shotgun ammo.

Crocodile Lake, the Crowbar.

Now go into the cave with the crates (S), hop to the right hand side of the river and walk to the end. Wait and shoot the incoming vulture. Look for a wooden block below this ledge, jump down and go down a ladder to the sandy ground below. Turn left to go into the opening N. Inside shoot the two Thugs and go left to the next section. On a crate left of the water is the Crowbar, on a crate right is some Shotgun ammo. That’s all for now, we’ll be back here later, so go back out to the lake.

A Waterwheel Cog.

Jump the ledges along the E wall to the far end (S), where you can go up a climb wall, back flip off and shoot the vulture, climb the wall (E) and drop onto the ledge left.

Turn right and jump N around the corner onto a ledge, drop down twice (N) and get a small medipack from a niche there, get back up to the high ledge. Roll and run jump to grab the monkey climb, go over to the other end and drop. Go down right, wait to shoot a vulture, then hang from the edge to shimmy right and pull up on a ledge. Get into the opening and follow through to what looks like a dead end, you can push the rock in. Through the crawlspace you’ll reach a cave. Turn left and make your way to the SE corner ledge (you might have to shimmy to get pass the stalactites). Jump and grab the ledge NE and shimmy right to the end where you can pull up.

Run jump close along the wall to avoid those falling stalactites, grab the ledge and hop to grab the climb wall, go down to the ledge. Stand back and jump to grab the crack right of the climb wall, shimmy right to the other end and pull up. Jump to the ledge SW, landing on the corner! Run off to the S and grab the edge of the rock as you slide down, shimmy right and pull up at the end, go up the climb wall. Up and off on the right, drop on the slope, sliding forwards, jump and grab the next ledge. From there get to the monkey climb (face NW, stand back and stand jump to grab the far corner of the monkey climb at the wall) and go around to the very end where you will be facing the N wall, drop onto a slope and back flip to a long ledge.

Jump and grab the crack N; shimmy left and into the crawlspace. Drop down and down again onto the roof of a shack in some kind of compound. Jump over to the other roof if you want some Uzi clips. Drop down the E side and flip the switch there. Climb up the wall next to the other shack and go over the roof to drop down behind the fence.

Push Puzzle, open the Door.

Go into the N side open door and find some push crates. Go into the back and climb right over the last crate, push it E against the wall. Turn left and push that crate once Turn left and pull that crate once, climb over that crate to push it against the E wall too. Turn left and pull that crate and the one left of it too. Climb over that last crate and find a crawlspace there (SW). Use the switch inside to open a door in the other shack, get out and into the S side shack, shoot a Thug in the first room and go through the door you opened to the second room. Move a crate to the other side so you can flip the switch opening the door, inside is Waterwheel Cog. Get out, climb the rock SW and get through the crawlspace there. Drop down, go through to the cave with the pool and pick up MP5 clips.

Secret: go left and just right of the rocks in the SW corner is a push block, push it in and get Secret #1, Uzi clips.

Climb the block SW, grab up to the rock ledge above (N), walk carefully to the end and run jump to grab the climb wall S, go up as far as and drop off on the right on the ledge, jump left to the exit and follow through to Crocodile Lake.

The Compound Access Card.

Take a swan dive into the lake below, swim to the S and get out on the low pillar near that trapdoor. Grab the Flares and shoot the Crocs. Dive in and down to the waterfall S to get the Uzi clips. Roll and swim out.

To the left, just right of the long ledge is a crawlspace (E); get in for Secret#2, Shotgun ammo.

Swim back to the N side and you can climb out right of the waterfall. Jump NW onto the ground and shoot the Thug. Now jump to the ledge at the W wall, to the next one S and if you want a small medipack, run jump to that ledge in the lake and make your way back up here. Get to the climb wall S using the slope below. Up and left into the niche, jump out left to the ledge and go S again. A stand jump down to a lower block and then up to the climb wall, go up and back flip to a triangle ledge, grab up into the niche and shoot the vulture.

Jump out left to the ledge and go S, along the S side to a ledge with Uzi clips (shoot another vulture). Make your way back to the corner (SW) and look down, get down to the block, hop back to safety drop down again, then down W and turn around. When you jump to the ledge with the trapdoor SE, the trapdoor goes up. This seems to be a shortcut back up from the water (via the ledge where the Flares were). Jump to the E and jump into the opening in the E wall. Follow down a ladder to a switch opening the door of the shack behind the gate. Go back and jump back out to the ledge at the waterfall.

(You’ll need the Crowbar in there. So in case you forgot the Crowbar on your way here, dive back into the lake, swim to the waterfall N and climb onto the ledge. Jump up to the right and follow the route to the S along the W wall again, up the climb wall and back flip to the triangle ledge. This time from the triangle ledge face N and hop down to the ledge below, hop right around the corner and grab up N, climb up ahead and then grab the edge of the ledge a bit left. Go as far as you can to the N (this is also where the trigger for that trapdoor next to the river is located) and then you can jump over to the wall at the river (No Ctrl). Jump over to the other side and go down that ladder again. Turn left to go into the opening N. Inside shoot the two Thugs and go left to the next section. On a crate left of the water is the Crowbar, on a crate right is some Shotgun ammo.

Once you have the Crowbar, dive into the lake, swim to the low ledge S where the Flares were and jump to the trapdoor. From there go to the waterfall).

Go right up to the ledge next to the waterfall and climb left up onto the waterfall. Crawl into a niche W and claim a Medipack. Crawl back, down onto the ledge and from the ledge go down into the hole next to it. Kill a snake and climb down the ladder to the lower section of the compound and into the door you just opened with that switch, shoot the Thug and go inside. To the right is an open door and you can get some Flares there. Now open that door (W) behind the pool table with the Crowbar and shoot the Thug coming out.

Then pick up the Crowbar again as it fell to the floor. Flip the switch in the next room and enter the door behind you. Go in and get the Compound Access Card. Back to the room while a SAS comes in. Go out, climb the ladder and go up to the Lake.

To the Compound, a Second Waterwheel Cog.

Swim N, up onto the ledge and jump to the right onto the ground, a SAS opens fire, go shoot him. A trapdoor may have opened at the ladder NE, only if you went back for the Crowbar earlier (see the blue paragraph about the Crowbar). In that case you can now easily climb up the wall.

If you didn’t have to go back for the Crowbar, the trapdoor will be closed and you’ll have to take the long route to get up: Follow the route S along the W wall again, up the climb wall and back flip onto the triangle ledge. This time from the triangle ledge face N and hop down to the ledge below, hop right around the corner and grab up N, climb up ahead and then grab the edge of the ledge a bit left. Go as far as you can to the N and when you get here that trapdoor at the ladder N opens (a shortcut up so you won’t have to go this long route twice).

From here you can jump over to the wall at the river (No Ctrl). Head N into the valley and take a right to that waterfall. Dive into the pool under the waterfall, follow the tunnel and climb out, next to the water on a ledge are some Desert Eagle clips. Use the Compound Access Card next to the gate and go in. The first shack left has a SAS and het drops Shotgun ammo, inside are Flares to the left. Go back out, left and take on another SAS.

Climb that crate opposite the first shack and jump to get onto the roof, left and from the corner jump to the wall next to the entrance for a small medipack. Jump back to the roof.

Secret: From next to the barbed wire N, a right hand curved run jump to grab the crack in the W wall (tricky), shimmy left and get into the crawlspace, follow to Secret #3, Uzi clips. Get out and drop down to enter the compound again.

Go left between the shacks and left around the corner of the first shack, on a rock in the corner are Grenades. Now go into the storage S and shoot a SAS and a Thug. In the left corner are Flares behind the crates and in the right hand corner is a switch, this one will raise a trapdoor on the second shack. Go out and left to climb that crate again and jump to the roof of the first shack. Jump around the barbed wire to the trapdoor and onto the roof. Go right to the back corner (SE) and run jump to grab that wall in the corner of the compound. Drop down behind the fence, flip the switch and climb the wall, back flip over the fence.

Shoot the SAS and go into the door in the corner opposite the fence. Shoot the Thug and open the crowbar door in the corner (SW). No crowbar on the floor this time. Go down into the dark and get the Second Waterwheel Cog and Flares. Flip the switch next to the Flares and go out, shooting two SAS, one drops a small medipack, the other Uzi clips. Go out and back into the first shack; a door opened in the back, shoot a Thug and get Shotgun ammo and the Uzis in the other window.

To the Waterwheel, A Detonator Key.

Leave the compound, swim back to the valley and go left into the cave with the crates. Dow the ladder on the right hand side and into the opening N. Jump over to the passage W and climb up left onto the crates, open the door and go into the back to place the two Cogs, flip the switch left and go out, you’ll see the waterwheel started up. Hop into the now filled pool and use the underwater lever. Get air and swim into the opened trapdoor right, follow down and as soon as you swim horizontal, look up left and use the underwater lever (1). Turn right and swim around the corner and a bit up a slope, turn around and use the underwater lever (2), roll and swim up to the now open trapdoor.

Climb out left and up the steps to a passage with two openings up E. The one to the right is for a Secret a bit later. Take the left passage and come to the room with the Detonator Key.

For the Secret; before picking it up, turn around facing the exit and light a flare. Safe the game as picking up the Key will trigger the secret door for 15 seconds. Stand jump into the exit, stand jump onto the wooden block, turn left and another stand jump onto the white crate. Sprint through the passage and down, ignore the thug, turn left and jump with a left curve onto the higher floor. Sprint to the door and roll through the right hand side. Inside is Secret #4, a Medipack. Now you can shoot the Thug. You cannot go back and try again as the door is only triggered by picking up the Key.

Using the Detonator Key.

Go back to the water, swim back to the waterwheel and go out E, shoot a SAS and get back up the ladder to go to the valley. Go left and into the cave E, where you see the cable on the ground, go right and use the Detonator Key. Go in and follow up to a room with a Medipack right and a Detonator left, use that and then shoot a SAS on your way out. Follow the cable to where the explosives opened a hole in the ceiling, climb up and follow the crawlspace. Drop down and climb up S, follow through to where this level ends.

2- The Factory.

4 Secrets.

Bay E, the Bay D Access Key.

Follow the tunnel and come to another valley, shoot a vulture. To the left is the Factory, a Guy with a crowbar comes running, deal with him. Now open one of the doors (near that old train) with a switch, shoot another Guy. Inside to the left is an empty conveyor belt. Go back out and right to the valley (E), right around to a garage, shoot a vulture and a Guy coming from the garage. Behind a crate right are Flares, then go behind the truck and use the switch left to open a trapdoor behind you, get down to a dark storage. On a crate in the back right are more Flares, next to this crate is a crate you can move (E) pull it once to the N, then into the room twice. Now push it all the way to the door S and then left under the switch, that switch will open the door.

Shoot the crowbar Guy and spot the Access Key on the conveyor. Jump over the pipe to the E passage and use the button around the corner to move the conveyor. Hop back over the pipe, go back into the storage and grab the Desert Eagle clips from the crate on the W wall before you leave N. From the garage go into the valley and then take a left around to the front of the factory. Into the door you opened and now the Bay D Access Key is available on the conveyor.

Using the Bay D Access Key, preparing the route.

Go out to the valley, straight along the left side of the arch to the S, in the back wall of the valley is an opening. Follow through a crawlspace to a cave with a pool. Dive in and collect Flares SE, swim to a sloped block SW, pull up and back flip. Climb into the niche for MP5 clips. Back into the water and right for Shotgun ammo along the W wall, then swim into the tunnel N. Follow through to a cave with a push block in the corner (NE), pull it out and aside. Pull the next block in the same passage once. Go back to the cave with the pool and climb out NE, go left and back into the passage you came from (up right).

Bay D.

Follow back to the valley go right around corners to a small opening SW, follow through the flooded tunnel to where you climb out at another valley (this is the passage opened by pulling the blocks out). Shoot a vulture and a Guy with Crowbar. Opposite the Factory wall is a small opening with Grenades inside. Go to the Factory and open the door with the Bay D Access Key, wait for the Crowbar Guy and a Soldier to come out and shoot them. Bit to the right on the rail car is Shotgun ammo. Jump from the end of it to the crates N and get a small medipack. Now open the door N with the switch.

Bay C.

Follow through to a Lab and go around right to the back, a dog will greet you when you enter a storage area (Bay C). To the left, outside, is a soldier, shoot him and get a Medipack from the NW corner. Go back inside and move the crates around so you can pull out the second crate from the left (on the floor) to open a passage. Go in, shoot a dog and a Crowbar Guy, go to the big doors left (E) and take a left and open a small door to the toilets. Get the Shotgun and Flares there and go back, to the other end of the Hall.

Open the Grate in Bay D Lab.

Notice the yellow cart on the elevation, there is some ammo as a Secret, but you cannot take it yet because of the deadly floor. Instead shoot the grate SW and get in, go down both sides and flip the two switches to open a grate in Bay D lab. Go back up, go out to the Hall and go outside (N), loop left around for Grenades. Then go shoot some vultures and make a note of the Lock SW and the Drill in the cave W.

Bay D, Keycard Type A.

Go back inside and right left and left again to Bay C. Go left into the lab and climb left onto the ledge with the pipe, turn around and jump to grab up onto the roof of the glass lab. Go into the right hand back corner and down a ladder, crawl through that small grate you opened (in Bay C) and shoot the SAS, he will drop Keycard Type A. We need to get back to Bay E. Go back up to the roof, take a right and drop down the W side.

Back to the Bay E entrance.

Leave W to Bay D, go left outside and in the valley into the tunnel S. Go straight into the water and follow that tunnel back to the valley with the train. Head left (E) into the next valley and right around to the garage with the truck. Open the door W with the Type A Keycard, go in and take a right. Around some corners you will see a machine (Flood Disk), remember it and proceed, go down at the big doors and open them with the switch to create a shortcut. Shoot the dog and SAS; the latter will drop MP5 clips.

Timed Run to the Trapdoor.

Go inside again and head into the corner and get a Medipack. Go back into the higher passage and at the T crossing take a right, follow the passage into the area with the glass walls and left around the corner is a button to open the door to the room where you got the card before. In the end of the passage is a Timed switch, opening a trapdoor in Bay D.

Pull, hop back turning left and run into the nearby door you just opened, straight through the crawlspace and left up the ladder, off left and sprint right off the roof into the passage W, right around corners and get to that trapdoor (save.0).

Laser Traps, for the Flood Control Disk.

Follow down to the corner and be careful, Laser beams. Run after the high laser and jump over the low one, run into the back. Turn around; spot the opening in the ceiling. Run back after the low laser a bit and duck, crawl forward as far as you can safely get. Wait till the low laser is in front and the high one went behind you, stand up and grab up to the left (right hand side of the opening) and you will be in before the high laser returns. Push the button in the end to open a small grate at the end of the laser passages. We’ll be back here. Go back to the lasers, here I used a little trick, face diagonally right, light a flare and when the high laser goes right, run down while throwing the flare away. This way you can immediately run into the back of the passage. Shoot the grate and find another laser, run after the laser, stop about a square from the crawlspace. Hop over the laser and duck to crawl all the way to the wall. You are safe there. Stand right and face W, side step right 3x and grab up into the passage above, no up key, only use Ctrl. Crawl through the grate you opened and push the button to open the grate above the other lasers.

Go back and drop down into the safe corner, top up your health. 2 ways to tackle this, I managed both.

1: When the laser is away, crawl forward to just halfway onto the second square, when the laser comes back you will get hurt a bit but won’t die. When the laser goes away, crawl forward fast, stand up and hop over the returning laser, run and hop onto the safe floor (to stand up faster than normal, you can use the trick of drawýng guns as soon as you release the Crawl button).

2: Time the departure of the laser and run as soon as you can, hit duck going into the crawlspace and crawl forward, stand up once through and hop forward over the returning laser (you’ll get hurt a bit), run and hop onto the safe floor.

Go through the other lasers with full health again and up into that opening left as before (save.1). Go crawl into the now open grate and keep crawling under the laser there, halfway up the slope and wait for the laser to go back, stand up and run to the corner (save.2). Go through the next crawlspace and shoot the Guy. On the ledge is the Flood Control Disk, push the button next to the door left to get out. A SAS attacks, shoot him and he will drop a small medipack.

Flood Control, Bay X Access Key.

Take a right to the glass walls lab and get onto the roof again, into the opening with the ladder (SE) and crawl through, in the room take a right into the passage and right again, up some steps and left to where you see the train through the window. Go to the next corner and use that Flood Control Disk in the machine, a pool floods (in Bay E).

Go back through the passage, left around the corner and then right and left into the room, through the crawlspace and up the ladder. Straight down from the roof and go through E, left at the crates and left into Bay E. Climb down the ladder in the entrance and follow through a door. Shoot a SAS and a dog and grab the Uzi clips. Get onto the high wall of the basin and dive into the water. Throw the underwater lever below the window N, roll and swim through one of the open grates. Op and out, under the pipe and use the button left. Go back to room with waterhole and pick up the Bay X Access Key from the conveyor left (NW).

To Bay X.

Swim back; out of the basin and get back up to the surface. Take a right into the area with the crates and through the passage to Bay C. Go outside and right to the last doors and use the Bay X Access Key.

Bay X, Keycard Type B.

Shoot the Guy coming out and throw the switch on the left wall. Go into the passage and best go for the Secret first.

Straight down the ladder into the pit, turn left and shoot the grate there (S), jump over to get Secret #1(5), a Medipack. Get back up the ladder.

Go into the opening on the left (S) and prepare for battle, a dog and two SAS. The second on (in my case) drops the Keycard Type B. There are Flares and Shotgun ammo in the little valley outside. Go back to that hole where you got the Secret, this time climb all the way down and use the Type B Keycard.

The Cranes, the MP5, Cut the Power.

Go in and shoot the Guy, go to the big hall and grab that black monkey climb, go carefully around those moving cranes to the far side, about halfway there, go right into an alcove and get the MP5. Go swing again and to the right into the opening on the left E. Go around and shoot the grate. Swing again and left around the corner into the opening and flip the switch to drop a trapdoor in the opening across the room (S). Go back through that passage on the right (E) and right around into the opening where the trapdoor opened. Climb down and cut the power by flipping the switch (Secret in Bay C is now available too).

The Storage Access Key.

Back up the ladder, safety drop out to the room below the cranes and go into the now safe opening S, use the button and see the cover lift from a button. Back out, up the ladder W and left/left to the control room, use the button and to the right, through the floor panel you can see an Access Key.

Go back down into the room under the cranes and look for a grate in the N wall, shoot it and enter and get the Storage Access Key. Go back up the ladder and shoot the SAS, he will drop MP5 clips. Leave NW, up the ladders and straight to the entrance, go out to the valley and left around into bay C.

Go left to that yellow cart and crawl to get Secret #2(6), Desert Eagle clips.

Rocket Storage, Lasers, Desert Eagle.

Go to the other end of the Bay (E) and open that big door to the Rocket storage. Go around to the passage in the back, follow to a ladder and jump to get to that ladder as high as possible. Climb as low as you can and when the laser goes right, drop/grab down a bit and go down to just above the low laser. Hang left a bit and when the laser goes right, drop and duck. Turn right and crawl as far as you can, stand up when you can and run straight to the back wall, you’re safe here. Turn right and shoot the grate, get in and flip the switch to open a door you could just see through the window behind you. Go back and stand back against the wall facing the laser, run behind it and duck in the deep part, stand up again and run against the wall. Turn left and hop into the opening.

Storage, the Drill Control Disk.

Drop into the rocket silo and go up into the opening N, careful at the corner, as there is another laser. Run after the laser and hop right into the niche, run down towards the crawlspace, duck and crawl to safety. Follow the passage through the door you opened and shoot the Crowbar Guy. In the corner of the small room is the Desert Eagle in a niche.

Now go down the ladder and follow to a storage room with crates. Go to the far left (NW) corner and push the crate W twice, opening a new section.

Secret: Loop around left, push the crate left to the entrance S and push it E into the entrance, blocking it. Pull the crate in NE corner out twice; go into the opening to get Secret #3(7), the Grenade Gun. Move the crate back into the secret passage and also place the crate from the entrance as far as to the N.

Pull the first crate (standing SW) once, go into the deep part of the place and pull the crate S out once, climb up and push the middle crate W as far as it goes, turn right and push that crate once, an opening appeared and that is where you find the Drill Control Disk. Go out and leave SE, follow back up the ladder to the laser. Crawl in as far as possible and against the right hand side, when you expect the laser to go away, crawl forward, stand up and side-flip left into the alcove (save.3).

Hop over the laser and leave through the rocket storage (S) hop down into the laser passage and jump/grab up to the ladder before the low laser gets back. Go as high as possible and start climbing as soon as the high laser goes right (save.4).

Activate the Drill.

Go back to Bay C, shoot the two SAS and their dog, go left to the outside and loop around right into Bay X (last doors). Go up those steps and into the room where you can put the Control Disk into the machine, the cover will lift from the button, so go use it. See the Drill move, go outside and to the right into the tunnel. At the pit go right onto the block, get down to the corner ledge beneath it and jump down to the SE corner. Turn around and hop with Ctrl to grab the ladder.

Secret: Go down the ladder about halfway, stay close to the left wall and back flip to a triangle ledge behind you, climb into the opening to get Secret #4(8), Grenades and Shotgun ammo.

Get down the ladder to the bottom of the pit, slide down the dark tunnel…


3- Winston’s Lab.

3 Secrets.

The Quad Bike.

Follow the cave, climb a block in the SE corner and jump to grab the block W. Turn around and jump to the pointy ledge, from there to the higher floor. Go through to a large cave with some structures, go left into the cave SW. Pull that crate in the middle out till you can go through, shoot the maintenance Guy and notice the Green Lock. Push the crate W all the way in, go right and shoot a soldier. When you proceed, a dog will come for you and moments later another soldier. Go around the building and meet another Guy with a wrench, go behind the pillar SE.

Climb the ladder and almost at the top back flip with roll to grab a crawlspace, get through till you reach the cave again, hang out and shimmy left to a niche, get to the roof using the monkey climb. Turn right, go to the blue beam SW and jump to grab the monkey climb there, go left around to drop behind the barbed wire. Go to where you see ammo, walk slowly into the wire and flip the switch opening a trapdoor. Take a step back, duck and get the Desert Eagle clips. Go back around the barbed wire using the same monkey climb, drop and grab the blue beam.

Go over to the open trapdoor NE, hang from the N side and drop down, shoot a wrench Guy. In the window are Flares, left is a switch opening the exit and a soldier and dog will come for you. Climb the crate left of the door, crawl in and flip the switch in the window, the door in the other end of the building opens up. Go outside.

Secret: Go straight and look up, you can see a ledge up left and a triangle ledge under a crawlspace right. The jump is tricky, but the idea is to jump onto the slope in the left corner and jump again to land on the corner of the triangle ledge, you can then crawl around to get to Secret #1(9), Shotgun ammo. Drop down.

Go to the other end of the building and inside is the Quad; shoot the wrench Guy. Get the Shotgun ammo from the window left. Hop through the grate N when the flame is down and flip the switch to open the gate to the back room.

Remember to save before you do anything with that Quad, you cannot reverse!!

Take the Quad to the back room and out the door there. Left around to the front, NW through the crate section and leave it at that building with the Green Lock and leave it there.

Main Cave.

Go back S into the Main cave. Find the ladder on the blue pillar W (between pillar and wall). Go up (2 step down from top), hang left and back flip/roll to grab the crack in the rock wall, shimmy left to the opening. Grab the monkey climb and go all the way over to the top of the structure. In the water under the waterfalls E are Grenades NE, in the middle Uzi clips and a small medipack SE.

To the Pool below, opening a Trapdoor.

From the S side of the roof go down into the cave, but stay on the ledges as you have to visit a tunnel first before you hit the water. Jump to the triangle ledge, then run off left onto a sloped block below, grab the edge and drop to a ledge below. Go into the tunnel E, jump up a slope and open the door in the end. Shoot the rat and flip a switch in the niche E, a grate opens in front of a crawlspace (NW). Shoot the grate to the burner passage W, wait for the burner to both go out and jump in running down into the next room. Shoot the soldier.

Move the two crates on ground floor to the SE so you can pull the one up in the corner away from the switch. Flip that switch to see a trapdoor open up in another section of these rooms (N). Pull/push one of the crates back under the fire passage so you can run back through (save.5).

Leave S, follow back to the water climb the block right and jump to the other side for Uzi clips. Now hop down into the pool, follow the tunnel to the pool under the Main Cave. Loop right; pull up on the grey slope, back-flip onto the ledge to shoot the Croc.

Hop back into the pool, swim N and left into a tunnel next to the last waterfall. Get out, go left and jump to the other side (W), grab up to the ledge left. Jump into the niche E, hop around the corner to the sandy ledge and then into the opening. Shoot the grate and the wrench Guy, grab some MP5 clips from the last window left, now go drop into the trapdoor you opened in before, W side. Shoot a rat, crawl to a Hall with big Propellers.

Warehouse Access Key.

Shoot the wrench Guy and a dog, head S, climb the crates in the corner for Flares. Go right and shoot another wrench Guy. There is a stack of crates, move the top one to the other end of the stack and climb up. Jump to grab the grated monkey climb and go to the opening E, get the Warehouse Access Key (goes where we left the Quad). Drop out, go N and notice the doors right and the underwater lever in the pit at the pipe. Shoot the last wrench Guy here and go back to the crawlspace W. Climb out of the trapdoor and flip the switch SE. Grab up to the now open crawlspace just right of the switch. Drop into the room we visited before (we opened this side of the crawlspace before).

Up in the Main Cave, to the Warehouse.

Notice the card reader behind the big pipe and leave S, get to the water, swim back to the big pool and use the slope again to get onto the ledge. Jump E, run jump with a roll onto the grey slope N so you can grab the edge of it; shimmy to the right and pull up. Hop to the ledge N. Stand jump (NW) left around the corner to land on a ledge behind the grey slope. A right curved run jump to the slope N and jump to grab the monkey climb (save.6- hold Ctrl). Drop grab to get to the corner block and jump along the blocks to the high one S. Climb out of this pit.

The Warehouse, the Power Activator Card.

Take a right into the cave SW, through the crates and at the Quad open the door to the Warehouse. When you stepped in, turn around and shoot dog and soldier. To the N (shoot rat) is a toilet with a Medipack in front. Get back outside and take the Quad inside after you saved. Go slow and right, then left around the pit and get down that grey slope forward, brake so you hit the block below and go down again, into the tunnel N then save again.

Follow the tunnels up and stop as soon as you see the roof in the Main Cave, walk out and shoot that soldier to the right (S). Get the Quad again, go to the end of the roof and drive through the barbed wire (over that white area of the fall) to the left side, to the cave there (N).

Detour for a Secret: Leave the Quad there and slide down to the ledge below jump to grab up into the opening in the N wall for Secret #2(10), a small medipack and Uzi clips. Hop back down to the ledge. Jump to the S end and hop left onto the sloped block. Jump again and go straight and right, back to the warehouse. Climb down the pit using the ladder on the blue pillar and follow the tunnels back up to the roof where the Quad is.

Take it into the tunnel N, keep up the speed along the right hand side to jump a pit. Park it.

Shoot the soldier and then shoot the grate; go into the passage with the burner through the first one and stand right, jump and grab the climb wall and just hang, drop a bit so you are between the two burners (yes there is one below too). As soon as you can drop down to the floor and follow this passage down a ladder to where you can shoot a wrench Guy, he will drop the Power Activator Card.

Now back up to the burners, stand at the ladder, jump up and grab when the burner goes down and go up about 4 grabs. Then watch the burner above to back flip (/roll) into the passage and take a step forward. Run through the last burner. Get the Quad and run it over the steep block (right hand side) to clear the pit. Leave it there and get to the roof.

Use the Activator Card.

Go to the S side, down that pit again to get to the corner block at the water and into the tunnel E and follow through to the room with the big pipe, use the Card behind the pipe and see the Hall with the Propellers flooded.

Hall with the Propellers, Electronic Chip.

Go back through the passage to the pit, dive in and swim through the to the pool in the Main Cave, loop around left into that tunnel behind the last grey slope and follow that path again into the opening above as you did before. The hole with the trapdoor is now flooded, swim E along the right hand wall, left around the corner and go down behind that pipe to use the underwater lever. The door behind of the pipe opens up (W); swim in and up for air. In the corner (SW) on the bottom is a small medipack, in the other corner Uzi ammo. Get that and climb out above to a drained room with 2 big Propellers. Go to the one S, hop down and crawl under the Propeller, climb up to the crawlspace to get an Electronic Chip. Get back out and go to the other Propeller, do the same to get to the crawlspace and use a switch to open a grate in the corner of the Hall (SW).

Using the Electronic Chip.

Back to the water and swim out, left around staying close to the outer walls and up at the crates SW, into the open grate, follow through and get out. Go up the ladders through an opened trapdoor and you are in the tunnels you came through with the Quad. Go down right and follow to where you see a light on the wall.

Climb the block left (E). Jump to grab the right hand corner of the block N, turn right and stand jump to grab up to the thin ledge. Jump S to that niche, up right to the ledge. Jump over to the ledge W and throw the switch there to open a door in the warehouse where we have to place the Chip. Grab up to the corner block SE, turn left and jump to grab a crack in the wall, shimmy left to the window and from the hop onto the roof, walk slowly through the barbed wire. Climb up with Ctrl, don’t jump up and get to the middle of the roof where you’ll find Shotgun ammo and Flares. Walk down the W side and turn around to safety drop in front of the warehouse. Get in and to the room straight ahead (E), place the Chip in the machine left, roll and use the button where the cover lifted, a trapdoor opens in the crawlspace at the toilets.

Out of this room shoot the soldier. Go left into the toilet and left into the crawlspace above the bowl. Drop down and follow the passage swimming through tunnels till you can climb out. Get up to the block SE, to the crack E and right to the niche. Hop to the triangle ledge, to the next and from there a curved run jump to grab the climb wall across the waterfall, go left to the block. From there jump and grab the monkey climb go to the end and drop, jump to the opening and crawl through. Jump more blocks to get to the waterfall, jump over to go up the climb wall.

Boulder Slopes.

Follow through and sliding down and come to a wider cave with boulders up left, you can walk in and have a look at the layout. There are more ways to tackle this, but this is how I did it:

In the opposite wall is a sloped alcove, go to the right hand side of it, face SW and hop back onto the boulder trigger (beginning of the sloped floor), immediately hop into that sloped alcove, just slide or back flip.

Secret: Go where the boulders were, because that’s a classic hideout for Secrets, crawl into the opening to get Secret #3(11), MP5 clips.

Raising the Bridge, the Drawbridge Wheel.

Go down the slope and another boulder on the right drops. Slide and jump over the pit, go to the pit with the bridge, left side and drop down on a sloped block to land on the bottom. Get onto the SE block, jump W and get into the crawlspace, follow through to a control room with a small medipack and a switch raising a trapdoor at the boulder pit. Go back to the Bridge pit, climb the block E, face W and jump onto the slope, jump again and get onto the high block left of it. Grab up to the slope above, shimmy right and pull up.

Get into the opening S, up a ladder and drop out to the top of the boulder slope. Slide down to the trapdoor on the left, jump and grab the crawlspace N and follow through to another control room, get some Uzi clips and flip the switch to drop the high trapdoor at the boulder pit (to exit later). Go back through the tunnels and this time after the crawl, that boulder you might have seen will trigger, so run left into the niche and let it pass. Go up where the boulder came from and get the Drawbridge Wheel. Walk back a bit and get out left through the crawlspace, hang out and shimmy left to drop onto safe ground. Place the wheel on the pillar left of the Bridge pit and the Bridge will go up.

Go across, flip the switch left to open the door and go down to a crossing at a closed door, take a right and up the two ladders, back flip from the grate into the passage and follow to where you get a screenshot of a person. Grab some Flares left of the ladder and get down to a control room. Use the switch to open the entrance door to the Lab? And make your way back up the blocks, turn and up the ladder, up some steps and down the two long ladders and when you enter the lab (to the right), the level ends.


4- Relics of Power (Boss Level).

As soon as you enter the door closes and you will be under fire from the Boss.

If you don’t really need them yet, ignore the pickups till after you killed the Boss the first time: Left around the corner Eagle clips, right around the corner another MP5 Gun, a Medipack S, Uzi clips SW, Shotgun ammo NW, a Medipack N. You can easily get those during the breaks in the Boss fight.

-First activate two switches, one on the dark pillar SW and the other NW, a blue electric ray appears on a ledge above (W). Now you have to get up the ladder W, but you have to time it right, he should have fired a large bolt at you just before you start the climb, once up there, roll against the back wall and shoot him. He will disappear and will come back after you pick up the Artifact. So climb down, go around picking up all goodies that are laying around and go get the Arthurian Shield that appeared on a tile on ground floor. The Boss is back.

-Run to the NE corner and go up the ladder (trapdoor opened), back flip to a ledge and best ignore the small medipack for now. Face NW and run jump around that grey pillar landing on the slope to grab the edge. Shimmy right and pull up on the ledge with the blue ray, shoot the Boss. Safety drop down, go get that small medipack on the ledge at the ladder if you like and then go get the Mystical Glove. The Boss is back.

-Go up the ladder SE, do like on the other side and get to the blue ray ledge to shoot the Boss. Safety drop down and go back up for the small medipack. Go get the Sceptre Amulet and the Boss reappears on the ground this time. Shoot him with all you got and when you won, the level will end abruptly.

G&D- June 2017