Levels by Alphonse

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

The Mentioned pictures and savegames are in this Saves Folder.

1- Dracula House2.
(3 Secrets)

Follow the path to an area with more trees, the second three there has a branch sticking out to the rocks left. Back flip on the rocks, jump and grab up. Jump SW onto the top of the rocks, hop onto the branch nearby and get a small medipack. Hop around the corner onto a thick branch and step on the breakable floor, hop back and then turn around to climb down the long ladder.

Flood the Square.

Follow the corridors to where you go into a flooded section, at the first crossing take a right and swim into the tunnel E behind that tree. Follow through around corners and up and down to an air pocket. Climb out and use the lever there to further flood the square area. A trapdoor opened above the lever, but there is nothing to do there yet, closed gates, trapdoor and an invisible wall in front of a room.

Two Jump levers, open Doors.

So, swim back through the winding tunnel to the tree, go straight and take a right to the Square. Up left is a ledge you can now reach (SW), jump to the climb wall and go left around, with back flips and some climbing around, get to a crack in the E wall, to the left is an alcove. Grab the monkey climb there and go straight over to a jump lever opening a gate up in the NE corner. Do the whole climb wall thing again and shimmy all the way to the end of the wall to get into that gate. Do another climb wall sequence there and back flip with roll to a jump lever. Doors open up in the back of the square (NW).

Flooded Halls, the Rules of the Game.

Take a lung full of air, swim in and follow through keep going left where possible and up for air.
Swim back down out and right, straight at the crossing, left and straight to the back (S), left and then keep right into an opening in the end, climb up to a Garden room with hedges, in the far left corner (SE) is a wall lever opening a small gate.

Secret: In the SW corner you can get on a block and jump to grab the top of the hedges. Go get Secret #1, a Golden Rose.

Get air, save and swim back out and left and right around the corner to the N. Then keep going straight into the next section and in the end right around the corner. In the back left through that small gate and up, wade to the other end and grab the Rules of the Game. Another gate opens up, that one is opposite the first hall with air. Swim back, left to the S and left at the crossing, straight at the next crossing and into the small gate on the right (S). Up through the ceiling and climb out, in the NE corner is a Crowbar, use it on the door in the other side of the room.

Preparing for a Timed Run.

The next door on the left is a toilet, the right hand door leads to the kitchen. In the kitchen go to the right, through the room with the table you’ll come to the staircase, to the right of the stairs is a Book switch (Timed) on the right hand bookcase. Best go up the stairs first, take a right down the stairs into the next hall and to the left in the back is the door. First open that cabinet to the right for a small medipack. Go right to that statue (W) and from the left side you can pull it away from the opening in the wall with the shelves. Go back over the staircase and to the room with the table, pull the statue left also to the left an then pull out the shelves and move them aside so the opening is free and the path to the door E is clear.

Now use the timed book switch right of the stairs, roll and run left around the corner, sprint left through that opening and straight through the door.

The Vampire Puzzle. (Senet Puzzle)

Follow through, Dracula wakes up from his coffin and strange things start to happen. Go down the ladder and straight to the balcony overlooking the puzzle floor. Dracula’s head shows up on a wall, near a hole in the floor.
To the left are the sticks to play the game, read the Rules of the game.
In short: Your throw is the number of white sides showing, all sides black is a Six. Throw a six or land on a marked square, you get an extra throw. Land on an opponent’s piece, it is returned to the start. You must throw the exact number of squares left to the finish square to reach it.
Start by spinning the sticks and choose wisely by keeping an eye on the puzzle field.

Losing the game; Lever and door Puzzle: (you’ll get the two remaining Secrets only when you loose, not when you win).

Two trapdoors open in the floor of the room with the puzzle field. Go down the hole in the floor left of the sticks (W) and in the lower room and a bit to the left or right are those trapdoors (best take the one N). Drop in and just slide down the slopes, sliding forwards. When you see a ledge with a wall torch, jump onto that ledge.

Secrets: Depending on what side you came down, find the hole with the ladder (N side of the passage with the wall torches). Hop on the slope, slide down backwards and grab the ladder, go all the way down and in the passage down there are Secret #2 and Secret #3, Golden Roses. Go back up the ladder, pull up and back flip into the passage with the torches.
-Jump to grab the ladder going up and climb up almost to the top and back flip into a passage, follow through and a door opens. Run straight through to the end and another door opens up, climb up and throw that Blue lever.
-Turn around and a new door opens above the one you came through, jump up and take a left at the first crossing, climb up and throw the Red lever.
-Turn around and go down to the same door, it closed therefor opening a passage left, go in there, climb up one block at the end and go down right to a closed door, turn around to find a Green lever on the block you came down from.
-Hop back up onto the block with the green lever, up once more and straight ahead is a second Green lever.
-Turn around and jump into the upper passage, straight to the end and climb up twice to a room with a cabinet holding a small medipack. Now throw the second Blue lever.
- Turn around and down the blocks, left at the crossing and down to the Red lever you used already, pull it back up to open the lower door again.
-Turn around and take the lower passage go straight to the end and up the block right, then turn left and climb up to come to a Terra lever.
-Go back down, straight across the room and climb up twice to the Red lever again, don’t touch it.
- Turn around and now take the upper passage, straight to the end where you can open a Crowbar door (savegame.0). Go through a passage to a larger room, up the stairs and to the right on that landing, there is a jump lever on the back of the pillar there. A cage will rise on the other side of this pillar; use that to climb up to the floor above. Upstairs jump onto the low chandelier S side and run jump straight to the ledge at the wall. Turn right and grab up to a crack to go around to the next ledge), from there jump to the next chandelier and onwards to the floor N. In the passage W is the Crowbar door you emerge from if you won the Senet game.

Winning the Game; Up the Blocks: (No Secrets in this route)

Cages go up on the puzzle floor, go down the hole in the floor left of the sticks (W), from the puzzle floor onto a ledge SE or SW, then jump over the cages into the opening N. Follow to a labyrinth of doors and passages, remember where you were already and open (or at least try to) all doors you can find, you will finally end up at the crowbar door we mentioned in the Losers route (savegame.1).

2 routes joined:

Grab up to the rope there and swing to grab the rope E. Then swing and jump to the opening ahead. However…you can also use the chandeliers to get to the ledge in the E.
Climb up left and slide down, at the end turn around and back flip onto the slope to jump and grab up to a ladder. Up a bit and back flip onto the higher ledge, down the other end and then climb up into a crawlspace, drop from the other end into a room with some bright windows and a teleporter at the left window. Step in and the level ends.

2- Great Buddha Hall. (3 Secrets)

Find the hole in the floor and drop into a cave, go to the pool and up right into the next tunnel, up a slope in the end and from a hill jump to grab the ledge S. Go to the right and stand on the very last corner, at the edge of the pit facing NE, back flip onto the slope behind and jump to grab some vegetation on a rock wall, shimmy left a bit, back flip onto the ledge behind you. Turn N, jump over a steep part and go into the corner (NW). There is a climb pillar, but we don’t need that. Grab up left to the ledge above, shimmy left and around a corner, pull up there and go to the left to grab some Flares. Go further and left to jump up to the ridge behind the pillar and slide down into the hole there (NE).


Crawl through the low tunnel and turn around to climb the ladder to the surface. First go straight, slide down to a ledge on top of the cave you came from and jump to a ledge ahead (W), then go left to the SW corner jump over and grab a box of Arrows there. Jump back the way you came and at the pit with the ladder jump left to the N side and go to a bamboo forest. To the right is a small shrine and inside is a Medipack (looks like sushi?). Turn around and go to the last bamboo bush (SW), face N and climb up about 6-7 times. Back flip and you should land on a ridge you can stand on. Head SW and stay on the right and slide down into a pit with water, swim through to the corner where you have air above. If you climb up here and open a hatch, you are back in the area with the bamboo bush without anything accomplished..?

Crossbow and obvious Secret.

Secret: swim to the end of the tunnel, up and hop over the danger sign. Slide down, jump and grab the climb wall, up over the top and slide jump 3x, at the third jump grab a climbable wall on a ceiling block. Go left around 2 corners and back flip with roll onto a slope, jump to the next and jump again to grab the monkey climb. Follow to the end, avoiding contact with those Blades and at the end drop on a slope, slide/jump and grab a climbable wall. Go left a bit and down to a ledge for a box of Arrows. Climb back up and left to the next ledge for the Crossbow. Up the wall once more, high up and to the left to back flip into a passage with Secret #1 (4), a Golden Rose (through the fence E you can see another Rose).

Raise the water level.

Face N, jump up and grab the hatch to open it and climb up to a new area with a house. You can look inside, but the door is locked. Go to the NE and jump up to the clearing in the bamboo, on top turn right and jump from the rocks onto the roof of the house for Arrows[/b]. Jump back to the clearing and go left over the rocks in the area with the buildings. Stay on the rocks and go up in the SW corner, then turn right and go around the top of the rock to find a big stone blocking a waterfall, push the stone out of the way (to the S).

The Golden Key, 2 Golden Wheels.

Watch the flyby of two wheels and go N over the rock, down the N side and find a small medipack. Head to the E along the Buddha Hall and spot the keyhole, run further and under that orange tree is another small medipack. Turn right and go to that big bell, crawl underneath it and stand up, face N and pry the sneakily hidden Golden Key out of the bell. Go to the S from the bell, over the rocks and come down to a fence indicating danger. That area was deadly before it flooded, hop over the fence and grab the First Golden Wheel. Climb out S and grab a small medipack.

In the NW corner is an underground river. Dive in and swim through, picking up 2 boxes of Arrows on the way. At the crossing go right, pick up more Arrows near the end of the tunnel and wade out onto the rock left (W). Under that bamboo contraption is the Second Golden Wheel. You’ll have to crawl under to pick it up.

Use the Golden Key and the Wheels, the Silver Key.

Back into the underground river you go, straight and then around some corners to get to the house with the Gold lock. Go to the other side and open the door with the Golden Key, place the two Gold Wheels and go to the wheel on the axle on the left, turn it (Ctrl) and see a shrine come up. Out of the house, right around up to the clearing NE and into the next area, a bit left, in front of the Buddha Hall is that shrine, stand against it facing S and grab the Silver Key from it. Turn around, up the steps and open the Doors.
Great Buddha Hall, the Mirror.

Go up the long stairs (left of Buddha) and come to the first floor rafters. There is a mirror we have to position to catch a light ray later. Go left over the rafters and pull that mirror once so it is directly in front of Buddha.

Timed Jumps over the Pit.

Now make your way to the far end of the Hall (E) you cannot reach that from the ground floor. Down the ladder and stand back at the E wall, facing that Timed Trigger tile on the floor and the trapdoor over the pit. Run over the tile, jump to grab the trapdoor, don’t dilly dally, but quickly go left to that table (of which we’ll see more) and grab the small medipack, back to the trapdoor and jump over to grab the ledge NW, at the open doors. (The trigger tile left is for the trapdoor in case you couldn’t grab the Medipack in time, you can have a go at it from this side).

Lamp Passage Puzzle, Golden Key.

In the back of the passage you can see a fire. As long as it is burning you can run, when it stops you’ll slide back. I did a sprint with rolls (Alt) and a jump over the last part and was there before the fire went out. Do this a couple of times more and arrive at a staircase that goes down to a large button on the wall. Push it and you’ll be transported up, another small table, grab the Golden Key. Not going for the Secrets, open the doors left and get back to the rafters, safety drop down and go to the SW corner of the Hall.

For a Secret: go to the blue vase right on the table, place one of your golden roses in it and doors open to the right (N, and no idea what she says). Follow the staircase up to a labyrinth of crawlspaces.. That grey grate at the start is to get rid of critters you’ll encounter here later. There are some pickups too if you care to go for those (crawl laby.jpg).

So first go right to get Flares, back to the grate and right around the corner (it seems the critters are triggered when you go around this corner, so I waited a bit and went back to the grate, they fall through the grate, but some will be stuck in corners of the labyrinth so you won’t get rid of all in one go). Again right around and then left/right and left around corners to get the small medipack. You could now have more critters on your tail, so better go back to the grate at the start to get rid of most of them. Now go in again and all the way around to the back for [/color]Secret #2 (5), a Golden Rose. Get back to the grate and go down the stairs to the small table. Open the doors S and safety drop to the ground floor of the Hall; go to the SW corner of the Hall.

“Electric” Jump Levers, Enlighten Buddha.

In the SW corner is the Keyhole for the Golden key, use it and while lighting starts some blocks go up. On the central pillar are 3 jump levers we’ll have to operate, climb a block, stand on the corner and grab up to the monkey climb. Try to time those lightning bolts as much as possible and go to the jump lever (lining up can be hard, so save before you try a drop/grab)(savegame.2). Watch the flyby of a ray of light that hits the Buddha, he sinks through the floor.

Down Under.

Go to where he was and in the back of the hall is the open trapdoor, drop down and follow the stairs down to a crossing of passages.

Secret: To the right is a small table, use a Rose in the vase and the door right opens up. Go through and find Buddha, when you are on the floor he can hurt you when he hits the floor. Go left and onto the block where you are safe. Now do pixel perfect run jumps to grab the next blocks and finally into an opening where Secret #3 (6) is, a Golden Rose. Drop down behind the Rose to get back to the crossing of passages (E).
Take the passage left wade in and you can use sprint in some parts, just go straight to where the level will change...

3- Five Storied Pagoda. (3 Secrets)

Without Secret, just slide down into the water below.

Secret Detour with Goodies:
Cliffhanger with a Harpy.

Slide and jump at the end to grab a climb wall, go up and follow through to a danger fence, hop over that fence, slide and grab the pillar, go right around to the backside and back flip/roll onto a pillar with a Medipack. Be quick because a Harpy will come for you. Turn left and jump to grab the climb wall, seems he doesn’t harm you as long as you are climbing. Go right to the end and up a bit, back flip/roll and grab the next wall, left around the corner, down and drop on the slope while turning right, so you will slide forwards. Jump from the end to grab the next wall and go right and up to a ledge. Run into the right hand corner and turn around (back in the corner) to shoot the Harpy with pistols (you have a crossbow with explosive arrows).

Crawl through the crevice W and slide backwards down the slope, grabbing the edge. Shimmy right to the climb wall and go up to the top alcove. Grab the ceiling, follow those textures to the right and just drop onto a pillar with
Secret #1 (7), a Golden Rose. Shoot a Harpy (S), if he comes for you, just start climbing to the exit as described below and shoot him there.

Grab the wall, go left and drop on the slope, slide almost to the end, back flip roll and grab the wall, go right and up to the exit. Watch out for the hole and hop over the fence E, face W and drop into the hole there. Swim SW, follow through and climb up left on a ledge where left wall ends. Hop into the opening E, jump over the trench and go around a hole to the opening E, hang out and shimmy right around a corner, where the crack ends, back flip/roll and grab an opening with Arrows. Grab those and hop into the water S.

Getting out of here.

Swim to the W, around the corners and climb up left on a ledge for Flares. Swim back and all the way to the E end, left around the corner and spot the bucket on the bottom (we’ll get that later), go left into the opening, right, straight and up a bit to go left over the block, almost straight into the back (W) and left/right around the corners. Then down left and this is where we came down here, take the SW tunnel again, follow to the end, climb up left and jump into the opening E. Jump over the trench and walk to the NE corner, hang from the edge and shimmy left along a crack and at the end of the crack, pull up and jump the ledges to an opening SE (that bucket is in the water below, indicating there is a well above). Grab the climb wall in front of you and go all the way up and climb out of the well to the surface.

The Monkeys, First of 3 Golden Wheels.

First gather some more ammo, run to the far NE corner and between the columns of the building are Poison Arrows. Turn around and go W along the building, NW are more Poison Arrows, from there go to the higher sidewalk of the building E and grab up to the roof of the structure you are under. Go over the top and drop into the outer garden and behind that pool (NW) are Arrows.

In the pool is one of those Japanese snow monkeys taking a bath. Leave him be.. In the corner next to the structure is a box, open it using the yellow handle and you’ll see a banana, you cannot get it, but it will lure a monkey to this garden. If you wait around a bit (or pester the monkey), the monkey will climb the tree W to get the apple and a Golden Wheel drops between the roots, pick it up.

The 2 Golden Keys.

Go S at the far corner, hop over the rocks SW and open the shrine to get a Medipack.
No idea what this does or even if we have to, but when you open the box (E side) there to show the banana, a black monkey will show up and he’s the nasty kind, so shoot him. Go E along the building left and left and right of the closed entrance door are two wooden fences near some steps, side flip over both and pry the 2 Golden Keys from the wall.

Secret: Go into the shallow lake E, somewhere between the first two rocks, duck and “look up” so you can see under the surface, a marked tile which actually is a trapdoor, stand on the S side looking N and open it. You actually drop into a dry passage… Use one of your Roses in the blue vase left and the door opens. The next part is Timed; as soon as you go through the door, hurry.

Run in and pick up
Secret #2 (8), a Golden Rose in front of that time contraption. There are 3 doors that open up, take your pick you only have a short time to get one, to the right is a Medipack, straight in the back Explosive Arrows (the hardest, but I took these) and left is a small medipack. Get back up to the surface.

Proceed to the E, another monkey box there, shoot the Monkey. Go to the far NE corner, another box and monkey. Climb the box, grab up to the roof and go over to drop into the inner courtyard.

Golden Wheel #2.

A bit to the S is a building, go around to the other side and use a Golden Key. Enter and to the far left is a balcony with a rolled up ladder, jump up and shoot the blue strap with pistols. The ladder drops, climb up, run jump and grab to the other side and grab the Second Golden Wheel.

Golden Wheel #3.

Get out, go right to the Five Storied Pagoda and use the last Golden Key to get in. Climb the pole and back flip onto the upper floor, open the hatch in the ceiling next to the pole and to grab up to the ladder you need to line up perfectly straight. Do this by hanging into the opening with the pole, facing N and in the middle of that side (right behind the pole). Pull up, don’t use turn keys and side flip right to the wall, take one step straight back and jump up once. Then jump again and hit Ctrl on the top of the jump, this seems rather buggy (savegame.3). Climb up to the top of the Pagoda, the Third Golden Wheel is on the other side of the tower. Secret hunters, scroll down.

Use the Golden Wheels.

Go back down inside and down the pole to the ground floor and exit the Pagoda.
Secret: Here ready your crossbow with explosives. Now we need some trick moves to go down the roofs, stand one step away from the edge, hop back and just when you are passed the edge, hit Ctrl to land on the roof below. A Harpy will show up, go down another roof and again a Harpy. The third roof has Secret #3 (9), a Golden Rose on the S side, no Harpy. Get down to the courtyard.

Get down the ladder in the Well (SW) and drop into the first opening left, place the Golden Wheels on the wheels there and those Lion Heads drop down through the trapdoors, a door opens. Get back to the ladder in the Well and go down one floor, into the opening left, through the door you just opened and find the 3 Lion Heads there, climb up to pull them onto the trapdoors and down they go. You’re not done yet, go down and pull them out once, climb up to get behind them and push them out, then aside onto the next trapdoor. Once on the ground floor they go all the way into the passage onto marked tiles (N) so they’ll sink into the floor. A door opens on the Square above, so back up we go again. Those open doors are in the big building N.
Just run in and down into the floor….

ZIPANGU Cut Scene.
Taking the left side slope will directly get you to the next level.
Go down the hole on the right and you can watch a nice cut scene of Lara on a kite…

4- Ninja House. (3 Secrets)

Starting off with a Secret: Go left at the house and in the corner is a crawlspace, get in, drop down and hop over the danger fence, look down and spot the Cutter going round. When it passage, roll into the water and swim down after the Cutter. Swim all the way down and through a hole in the bottom, to the N and use the underwater lever to open a trapdoor somewhere. Go up and swim after the cutter and look for the opening N, follow through and up at that trapdoor. Climb the ladder to get Secret #1 (10), a Golden Rose. Swim back to the cutter and up after it, climb out S at the top, get back up to the outside.

Enter the courtyard of the house, to the right is a shrine with a Medipack. In the other end of the courtyard is a well, leading nowhere (but you’ll emerge from that later), so enter the house and here we have three ways to go. Left at the sign is that cage where the Secret was.
W corridor, the Wind Key: Left is a corridor, follow through and around the corner go straight. Spot the tiny hole in the screen on the right and give a kick to that screen. Two ninja’s attack, get the Flares from the wall on the left (N) and get out. Go left and then right through the kitchen to a garden and looping left around the corner is a Crowbar door (to the right in the garden is also a Crowbar door with something behind it?)

This is the sauna, jump up to open the ceiling hatch in the corner and climb up left into a crawlspace. Drop out onto a slope and just go down to a room with a lever, first go into that open door right, shoot a Ninja and grab another Crossbow and 3x Arrows.
Go back to the lever and use it to change the opening of doors, go into the left door now. In the next room you can have some target practice and it is easy to do with just the pistols. The main objective is to get to the chain pulley up in the right hand corner, shoot that statue too. The pulley opens the door in the right hand wall; go through. The little midget is showing you how it is done. Walk the rope to the other end and get the Golden Key there. Go right up the steps and back up to the room with the lever.

Open the door in the back with the Golden Key and go through to a room with bookcases and statues. The statues can be shot, but I’m not sure if we have to. To the right of the stairs at the corner is a Timed jump lever, first check out the route. The door is all the way in the back (N). On the way over there you’ll see one of those wooden shrines, inside is a Medipack. Now go to the lever, use it and get through the door to claim the Wind Key. You’ll drop through the floor into a tunnel connected to that well at the entrance of the house. So swim till you are at the bucket, go up and out. Climb the wall out of the Well and enter the house again and to the sign.

E corridor, the Mountain Key:

Into the corridor E of the sign, grab the Flares and a small medipack, as you enter the patio with a sand garden, get some Flares from under a basket.
Look for the panel left with the hole in it (last one) and kick it in. Look left and see what that basket was all about…

Secret Detour: In the right hand corner of this bedroom is a blue vase, place one of your Roses there and the door right opens up, a Boulder up there, slide down the slopes and make sure you slide down forwards on the last one, jump before you reach the end and run to the back and right around the corner into the opening. It may take the boulder a while to fall into the hole, go down the passage you’re in and run quickly over the crumbling floor along one of the walls. At the end turn and hop back to grab the side of the ledge while the boulder passes by.

Pull up and jump to grab the slope N, pull up and climb up to the right, down onto the next slope where you’ll find a lever on a block. This lever is special, pull and you’ll be thrown onto a higher slope, grab the edge as you slide off and shimmy left to the ledge. Jump up to grab the monkey climb and go over to
Secret #2 (11), a Golden Rose. Shoot the statue and use the pulley (for what?). From the corner where you got the Rose, hop down to the ledge under the second boulder from left. Run forward onto the safe slope behind the ledge. Climb back on the same ledge and back flip onto the ledge (SW) under the first boulder, we have to trigger that to open the exit. Hang from the side to let the boulder pass.
Now make your way up to the exit NW, you’ll have to jump up to the NE corner to get there. Climb up to get back to the sand garden at the bed rooms. Enter the same bedroom again (W).

Bag of Sand.

Kick the paper panel W, the one with the hole and go into a second bedroom, one of the beds there has a different blanket (S), pull it away and a trapdoor opens. Get down and find an Element bowl in the left corner, go to the right to a pit, get down using those platforms and grab the Bag of Sand from the corner, go up again and put the Sand in the Bowl. A door opens right of the pit (N). Go to a room with another Japanese sign.

The door will close as you come near (if it was already open), just stand on that tile in front of it and wait till it opens up again. Go in and take the Mountain Key. Swim to the well (right at the crossing and up at the bucket) and get back up to the house.

Spike Pit Galore, the Forest Key.

This time go straight at the sign and in the corridor N take the first right, seems like just a niche, but there’s a crawlspace up in the wall (E). Follow through, drop down and open the doors and jump out left at the spike pit. Grab the Flares and hop into the next passage, jump via an opening left to the ledge in the back for a small medipack and jump back into the opening, open the doors. Jump and grab over the next pit, follow through and spot the receptacles for the keys through a fence left (later of course). We just follow through down a slope into a crawlspace, go straight, right around the corner and straight and left in the back, shoot the grate, go left and right in the back, shoot another grate, one more right at the back around the corner and then take the passage left to get to a room.

In the back is a hole down, drop down to a basement with moving blocks, jump through the first and find a wheel to the right. Use that (face N) to stop the first block. Do the same after jumping through the next blocks and then a wall opens so you can reach a room S with the Forest Key. Swim back to the Well and get out to the house.

For the Fire Key.
Mechanical Ladybird, Winding Key.

Go straight at the sign and in the corridor N take the first left, kick the panel and right around the corner is where you need two Golden Wheels. Go into the passage W, at the pit with the Ladybird signs, take a right and into the first right after the corner. Walk slowly into the room and bamboo spikes fall, just turn left or right, stay close to the wall and run to the back to get the Winding Key. Back along the wall and right into the passage, jump two spike pits and get the

Mechanical Ladybird.

Use the Ladybird, Golden Wheel #1.

Back through the passage to the pit with the Ladybird signs, combine the Ladybird and Key and use it twice to clear the path, pick up Golden Wheel #1. A boulder will come down, I just went into a corner and jumped up when it was about to hit the wall and survived. Jump over the boulder and go back up the ramp to where you used the Ladybird first.

Secret Detour: Go into the opening the boulder came from almost at the top of the slopes (S) and use a Rose, hop over the table into the trapdoor which opened there. You’ll drop way down into a pool, climb onto the central ledge and see 3 Ninjas appear. Check the health and climb the pillar on one of the sides. Take some medipacks while climbing because the Ninja’s are shooting you. On top turn around to shoot all 3 of them and jump over to the ledge E, up into the passage to Secret #3 (12), a Golden Rose. Face W and jump up to open the hatch above, climb up to the entrance corridor of the house. Go left, left again to the room with the wheels and left into the passage to the Ladybird signs.
This time grab up to the ceiling and drop again, a Ninja was shooting me from the dark in the back; so I shot him first. Then monkey swing to the passage where he was and look up at the dark corner. There’s a drawing on the ceiling. Make a note of it and follow to a room with crowbar levers.

Crowbar levers, Golden Wheel #2.

The levers will transport you to another room, following the diagram on the ceiling you should go W first? If you don't understand my explanation, scroll down to "A second explanation of the task".
-Throw the lever W twice while facing N, you’ll end up in front of the picture with a purple stripe.
-Go to the lever S, use it once (facing E), use it from the other side once (facing W), again change the side using it from the E side twice, change the side and from facing W, use it twice. You’ll stand in front of a picture with a deer.
-Go over to the lever W at the grey and white ball use it once (face N), then use it from the other side (face S).
-Go over the other lever at the grey and white ball picture (S), use it once (face E) and you should be in the central room with Golden Wheel #2 on the dais.
-Go to the crowbar lever, use it once (face E), use it from the other side (face W) and you are in front of the grey and white ball,
-Go to the other lever W, face N and use it and you are in front of another grey and white ball.
-Go to the deer picture (S), use the lever twice (face E).

-Go to the purple stripe (W)) and use the lever one from facing N and twice from facing S.
You are back at the entrance room (savegame.4),
A second explanation of the task: [diagram.jpg)
1/ Start room, operate the left side of switch (1).
2/ Move to Room A, operate the left side of switch (2).
3/ Move to Room B, operate the right side of switch (4), operate the left side of switch (4) again.
4/ Move to Room C, operate the right side of switch (5).
5/ Move to Room B, operate the right side of switch (4), operate the left side of switch (4) again.
6/ Move to Room C, operate the left side of switch (5).
7/ Move to Room D, operate the left side of switch (6), operate the right side of switch (6) again.
8/ Move to Room E, operate the right side of switch (9).
9/ Move to Room F, pick up Item.

back process
1/ operate the right side of switch (10), operate the left side of switch (10) again.
2/ Move to Room E, operate the left side of switch (8).
3/ Move to Room D, operate the right side of switch (7).
4/ Move to Room C, operate the right side of switch (5).
5/ Move to Room B, operate the left side of switch (3), operate the right side of switch (3) again.
6/ Move to Room A, operate the right side of switch (2).
7/ Move to Start Room.
Leave NE, jump over the ladybird pit and go straight up to the room where you can use the 2 Wheels. The door left (N) opens up, go through, slide down and use the jump lever right to stop the flames for a while, turn left as you drop and run jump quickly through the passage to get the Fire Key.
Using the Keys.

You’ll have to swim through the Well once again, go up to the house and straight into the corridor, go to the end and place the 4 Keys, big doors open, go through a sand garden into the opening NE and open the crowbar door. Step out and go to that red Kite…

5- The Golden Pavilion. (3 Secrets)

You’ll end up in a lake.

Silver Lever part I.

Surface and get out S, go left to open the shrine for a Medipack. Go right, up the rocks SW and hop down into a hole. Grab some Flares and enter the crawlspace W, hang out the other end right and drop on a ledge. Turn around and hop to the corner slope W, jump and jump again through an opening in the wall, two more jumps and you are on a safe ledge. Go inside and grab Silver Lever part I.

Falling Blocks Secret: Go left and use a rose in the vase to the right, the door left opens, go to a cave with slopes, jump the slopes to get to the ledge left. Mind you, you have to keep moving from now on because on every flat ledge you get to a Stone block will fall. Run from the block onto a slope, jump to the next slope and then to a ledge, running jump to the ledge a bit right and jump to the slope right of it, another slope and a ledge, side flip left to the corner slope and slide far before you jump to a safe ledge. Climb up to get Secret #1 (13), a Golden Rose. Open the doors, go right then left to the table.

Go into the passage N and don’t even try to jump the slopes, just turn around and climb down into the pit, go up a ladder in the far left corner (NE). Follow up to where you found the Flares before and climb up left, go down from the rocks to the ground floor.

Silver Lever part II.

Go to that gazebo E and shoot the bell, on the floor will be Silver Lever part 2. Hard to see when Lara keep looking up at a bell that’s no longer there. Combine the two parts to get a Silver Lever.

The Lion Head Puzzle, Bronze lever part II.

Go to the NE, a bit up the rocks in that corner you can see a hole down with a plant ladder, get down there and follow through to a large hall. There are 3 Lion Heads stacked on top of each other. Jump from walkway (next to the Lion Heads) to walkway to get to the upper one S, use the crowbar lever and see one of them being destroyed.

Secret Detour: Go into the passage at the end of the walkway and use a Rose to the right. Enter the door and slide down backwards, grab the edge, drop and grab to the passage below. Run onto the slope and keep jumping to grab that wooden slope at the end, shimmy right to the opening. Jump the slopes to the ledge and climb up left (E) and follow through up the blocks to the room with Secret #2 (14), a Golden Rose. Left, in the back of the room you can return to the crowbar lever.
Now jump to the lower walkway N, around the corner is the next crowbar lever destroying another Lion Head. Now go down to the lower walkway S side and use the third lever, on the floor behind the Hammer is Bronze lever part II. Leave SW, go up to the ladder and back flip off.
A Coin Piece.

Go W to the bamboo bush next to the Pavilion and find the one you can climb, don’t go all the way up and back flip onto the first roof. Go to the lakeside (S) and grab the Coin Piece.

Into the Mountain, Bronze Lever part I.

Go to the N side of the roof, jump down to the ground and go left around the lake to the building W of the lake, the entrance is in the back, shoot the Ninja inside and head S to that rock you run into. From the left side you can go up to a flat part and jump onto the roof of the building to get a small medipack on top. Look SW and spot the hole in the rocks, just behind the ledge you just came from, jump back and hop into that hole.

Crawl backwards into the opening and follow down some holes and crawl in backwards again to come to white floored halls (NE), there are some Ninjas around, deal with them as you please. The first leaves a small medipack, go to the back and left to a room with a chain pulley, can’t use it yet. Look up in the centre of the room and spot the blue pyramid; we have to destroy that. Go up the stairs left (SE) and climb into the opening up right. There’s a wheel there, look down and spot a huge ray gun. That one has to point to that blue pyramid, you can just see it through the floor and to the N. So turn the wheel handle in that direction and the gun is ready. Go through (W) to the next room, that one will have to point E; turn the wheel twice. Next room (N) is the last one; it has to point S obviously.

Activate the Guns.

Go back the way you came and shoot a Ninja as you drop down to the stairs. Go down and now you may pull the chain, watch the events unfolding and climb the pillar to claim Bronze Lever part I. Combine with the other part to get a Bronze Lever. Leave E, up to the exit SE and up SW in the cave, climb back to the surface (E).

Using the Coin & Levers.

Dive into the lake and go into a tunnel S.

Secret Detour: At the crossing go left and over a danger sign, a bit right around a wall, right a bit and up in the ceiling, left into the opening, swim through, down a bit and then immediately up to the right into another tunnel going E, down to the left and up into the cave with Secret #3 (15), a Golden Rose. Swim back as you came, up right, left down and up, down and right, right around the wall and over the danger sign to the crossing.

Take the W tunnel, keep a bit right and then left around to where you can surface. Climb out and walk to that wooden chest. Use the Coin to pay your entrance fee and enter, left is where you can use the Bronze Lever, watch what happens. Go into the door to use the Silver Lever, again a cut scene of the crane bringing you something. Go down that opened trapdoor and claim the Golden Lever. Climb back out and use the lever where that door opened, left. The room shakes, get out and watch the cut scene of the Pavilion being moved. Dive into the water, swim back to the lake, going left where possible. Swim straight over to the other side (N) and climb out where the Pavilion used to stand, a hole in the ground, get in. Follow through and up to a red Kite, go there and you’ll fly to the next level…

6- The Great Mountain. (3 Secrets)

Climb out on the ledge and go left onto the block, face S and jump to the ladder, up to a ledge and hang from the edge to shimmy left along a crack, around two corners and up the ladder there to a ledge. Jump to the other side (S) and face N to spot the ladder on the slope. Go up and shimmy left a bit, pull up and back flip roll to grab the other side, shimmy right and at the end back flip to a ledge. Grab up N, shimmy right around a corner and pull up. Now jump the flatter ledges up N, save often!

Down Dangerous Slopes.

Stand left at the top, pull up over the edge and jump with a roll to slide backwards down the slope and grab the edge, shimmy right around a corner and pull up, immediately hop back grabbing the edge to let a Snowball pass. Pull up and go right, just run down onto the slope (NW) to slide down the right hand side of it. Just slide and you’ll end up at the bottom of the slope, turn slightly right and hop NW onto a small hill to get out of the way. Go to the slope W, a ball might come behind you, so dodge it first or just go down.

For a Secret (you could see in the load screen): From standing at the top, run jump left (SW) onto a ledge on the slope leading towards that danger sign left. Jump there and hop over the sign. A Demigod snow fairy will open fire. Take her out and collect Secret #1 (16), a Golden Rose. Hop back over the sign.

Into the Mountain.

Slide backwards down the next slope and grab the edge again, drop to a crack, go right and drop again, shimmy right around a rock to get into an opening, drop and slide to a ledge (savegame.5). Just run down the blocks and go left a bit before you slide down the slope (icicles). From the end of the slope jump to get to the danger sign before the icicles drop. Hop over, spot the ledges in that steaming swamp and stand back two hops, do curved running jumps over the ledges and just jump straight to the back wall, you can swim down into a tunnel there. Follow through to a room with Bronze gates.

For two Secrets: Climb out NW, stand behind the table and use a Rose and the gate W in the water opens, swim in and climb out in a room with a pillar and trapdoors. Use the Timed jump lever SW and jump the trapdoors to the top one N where Secret #2 (17), a Golden Rose is waiting for you. Hop down and swim back to the first room, climb out NE, use a Rose on the front of the table and the gate N in the water opens. Go in, climb out straight ahead and left is a Timed jump lever. Roll and run jump to the pole, jump up and grab the pole (the moves have to be perfect or you won’t make it in time). Go up to just under the 4th horizontal stripe above the wooden wall and turn right to face the wall straight, back flip, quickly turn around and hop to the trapdoor behind the pillar to get Secret #3 (18), a Golden Rose. Hop into the pool and swim back to the room with the gates.

The Current Puzzle, a Golden Key:

Save and go down into the tunnel S, just follow the current through these tunnels, spotting some underwater levers and in the end climb out, up the ladder into a crawlspace. Go crawl right around corners to get a small medipack, back and right for Flares, back and right and in the back left around the corner where you’ll get to the Golden Key in the niche left. Save before you take it and you’ll drop back into the pool with the gates. Get out S and open the door. Go left and pull the chain to close the sluice door below, turn around, go left to find two more chains in the back, then go back to the pool, dive in and swim into the tunnel S, left and use the underwater lever (#1) there, go to the W end, left around the corner and find the next lever (#2) on the left wall, turn right, left around the corner and the keep right to where a gate opened. Swim down and climb out in a valley.

Through the Trees, a Horse.

In the SE corner you can go up the rocks, go left and follow the path over the rocks around to the N side from where you can jump and grab a branch. Jump from branch to branch to the last tree SE and hop down SE through the leaves. Go to the Stables and see Lara ride off on the horse…

7- The Golden Hall. (3 Secrets)

Turn left and walk past that little guy taking stock and crawl through the corner of the column to the break tile in the back, be sure you slide forward down the slope so you can jump up at the end and grab the ceiling. Go right around the corner and at the end left around to the end, drop on the block and jump to grab the pole, swing to the next pole (just release Ctrl to jump) and then to the ledge with the chain, pull it to disable a knife trap. Use the poles to get back and now go straight along the monkey climb, drop on the block, pick up a small medipack and shoot two incoming Harpies.

The Left Key.

Jump to grab the ladder on the pillar NE and go down, a Ninja is shooting a statue, you cannot shoot the Ninja yet, because Lara is aiming at the statue too. So just hop to the block S and then around the pillar left to the ground SE, by now the Ninja destroyed the statue and you can shoot him. Jump onto the ledge behind the pillar (NW), then up the rocks and onto the top of the structure, get the Medipack from the corner. Now drop down and stand facing the lowest side of the rock where the statue was, jump over there. Save, run up the slope and while curving left jump back to the safe ground. Now you can go get the Left Key.

The Right Key.

Jump back to the ground and go left, jump around the pillar to the block in the lake, then to the ladder ledge and onwards to the N side. Go left and just past the doors, go left to the corner of the lake. Run jump to the flatter part S, just at the edge of the lake and follow this path to the far corner. Save, stand under the Key, and run to it, jump onto the slope behind the Key, I jumped again so I back flipped landing on the tip of the rock at the lake. Go up again and grab the Right Key (savegame.6).

Using the keys, Down the Gold Slope, a Wheel Key.

Jump back along the shore as you came and the last jump you have to jump onto the pointy rock, so you can bounce off right and with a left curve you’ll land on the ground. Go use the Keys at the door and slide down the long slope. It seems we need a Valve in the passage left, so go right and left into the red opening. Now be careful as the next passages has Knife traps, just do run jumps and climb up to a Wheel Key (Valve), pry it off the wall and return, be careful, some Knives you jumped over might still be active. Go back to the slope, straight and right around the corner to use the Wheel. The panel opens up.

Secret Detour: Just inside, turn around and climb up to the passage, Just run through the rooms, left around the corner (all kinds of symbols here) and in the back left again, hop over the danger sign and go straight to a chain. Pull it to open a door, roll, climb up once and go right before the danger sign through the open door. Jump over the Blade under the door and around the corner is another Blade. Go through the passage and up left in the end to pull a second chain. A block goes up behind you, from the block you can reach the crawlspace W, down the other side and at the door go right over a block, take a right and up right in the back is a third chain opening the last door.
Go back there over the block and this is another passage with hidden Knives. Once you are through, pick up
Secret #1 (19), a Golden Rose. Go back to the door, straight up the block and right through the crawlspace. Left (S) and at the Blade a left curved run through the corner and jump up behind the Blade. Run jump over the next Blade through the door and go up right at the sign. Follow the corridor back to where you came up before and get down.

Another Wheel Key.

Go around the corner and down the slope, in the end of that passage a Fairy is waiting for you, shoot her. In the back you can see we need another Wheel Key, climb one of the ladders left and right. Up there jump over a Blade and find the Wheel Key there, get back down and use it N. Go in to a large Hall with 3 ways to go.

The bright trapdoor on the crossing has to be opened using 3 Levers. It doesn’t matter which side you do first.

W side, Lever puzzle: When you enter that corridor, a toddler with a gun will come for you, 5 poison arrows will do the job quickly. When you come to a large hall, you can see a bunch of levers, there are more you can’t see yet. Stand-jump onto the slope left, keep jumping till you can grab the ledge S; throw the lever. A block went up down to the right (W), jump there and to the ladder on the second “head”. From this ledge (don’t climb to the top of the head), run jump with a left curve around the forehead to the other side, left is a lever, which will show the trapdoor (#1 for the trapdoor). Hop back and safety drop down to a ledge; jump to the head NE, up the ladder and up left is a lever raising a block at the central pillar. Go down the nose and stand jump down to that block, left against the pillar. Use the lever and a block rises at the entrance (E). Hop over the slopes and climb up to the corridor, go back to the trapdoor at the crossing.

N side, Various Key Items, Raise Trapdoors:

Shoot the toddler and go to a large hall with pillars and ledges, go jump the ledges to the ledge behind the far left pillar. Pry the Bead Key from the pillar. Jump the ledges to the pillar NE where you will find the Mirror Key. Jump to the pillar in the middle of the E wall and use the Mirror Key around the corner, a trapdoor goes up. Jump SW to the lower ledge in the molten gold and from there to the far corner pillar SW where you can use the Bead Key, and see a second trapdoor go up.

Using the Wheels, the Sword Key.

Jump to the SE corner and climb the ladder and back flip to that trapdoor, use the wheel there (1). Hop back once and grab up to the monkey climb, go along the right hand side (Knife trap) to the N, Drop onto the next ledge, right around the corner is a wheel (2). Turn left and go to that second trapdoor NE for another wheel (3). Go back to the monkey climb and use it to get to the central pillar, mind the Knife traps. Walk the rope to the N side (remember that when you are close to the end you can jump forward to the ledge). Use the wheel (4) there and go left to the next wheel (5). And the next wheel (6) on the pillar S, then grab the monkey climb to get to the fore last one (7) in the SW corner, walk the rope to the ledge over the entrance (savegame.7) to finally do the last wheel (8).

A block goes up at the central pillar. Either walk back over the rope and go down the ladder on the SW pillar, or do a trick drop down onto the block under the ledge you are on, losing some health. Jump to the new block at the central pillar to get the Sword Key. Get back to the entrance and up to the corridor, go to the crossing with the trapdoor and on the red pillar left is the receptacle for that Sword Key (#2 for the trapdoor).

E side, Swimming with the Turtles:

Now take the corridor E, shoot the toddler and go to a pool, hop in and turn around to swim into the opening W, follow left around to a wider corridor and a Turtle shows up, lure it back to the pool, climb out at the other side and shoot it (not an endangered species). Go back in, through the wider corridor and left (N), just a bit further left again and another Turtle shows up, dodge him and swim further. Around a left bend and then the second niche right, straight to a pool. Get out and wait for the turtle to show and shoot him.

Scale Puzzle.

Go get the Waterskins S, at the W wall is a scale and behind it on the wall, one single stripe. So it looks like we need 1 liter, go to the shallow pool NW.
Fill the small skin. Combine it with the empty large, fill the small skin again and combine again with the large, you’ll now have 1 liter in the small skin. Put that in the bowl of the scale and see the trapdoor opening up.

Secret Detour: Go to the passage N, use a Rose to the right and enter the open gate, go up and pick up the Scrap of paper which is a Map of the room with the safe ledges in a pink color. So the first two go NE, a skeleton wakes up. You can choose to shoot him now or wait, because there will be more and I had only one explosive arrow left. Then turn a bit left and jump to the NW, NE again and then left along the wall following the path, jump to the passage in the back wall to get Secret #2 (20), a Golden Rose. More skeletons woke up, so quickly get out and back over the safe path to the other side and run to the pool (savegame.8).

Another Turtle will show when you swim into the corridor S, so take him back to the pool and shoot him. Now follow the corridors back to the start, left, right, right around the corner, straight W and right at the end. Go W to the now open trapdoor.

Up the Earthquake Cave.

Swim to the SE corner, climb out at the S side. This was extremely hard for me with this earthquake.
Turn right and go up the blocks, jump up left to a flatter part and go along the ledges to the corner, turn right and a run jump over the slope to grab the ledge N. Run to a hole in the ledge and use the lever there to raise a block SE, so swim back there and go jump to the N along that side, watch out for the rocks falling. Follow the path and finally jump to grab a ladder, go up to a safe distance from the Blades and back flip with roll to the ladder behind you. Go on like this till you can climb left at some open trapdoors. Use the lever there, the trapdoors close and the shaking ends (savegame.9).

Go around the corner (W), to the right is an open gate.
Secret Detour: Go straight first, use a Rose to the right and enter the open gate, follow through right and jump over those trapdoors, you cannot reach that lever somehow. Drop down into the passage below, go left to a room with a torch on a pedestal right. Grab that, ignite it N and go to the opposite corner (SW), ignite the 3 lamps there and see floating lamps take off. When they all reached the opposite wall, the gate left opens up, go in to get Secret #3 (21), a Golden Rose. Get back out; leave SE and climb up at the trapdoors. Follow back left to the block and go to the opening left.

Go in N, you are back in that green room with the windows, step into the teleporter and the level ends abruptly.