CaC- The Hike

Level by Mordyga.

Walkthrough by Dutchy.

Savegames mentioned in this walk are in this Saves Folder.

A Secret, up the slope behind you is the campsite you came from.. Stand against the sloped road, S side and turn your back to the slope, back flip onto a ridge halfway up the slope, you might have to change position to find the correct spot. Hop up to the tent and go behind it for Secret #1, a Golden Rose. Slide down the steep road again.

A Crowbar.

Go to the bridge and go left along the edge, just run down so you will slide down to the edge of the river, go left and get to the walkway in front of the building. (also possible to hop into the river, swim with the strong current and climb out at the walkway (N). Go to the other end, look up and spot a wooden ledge. Back flip from the walkway onto the sloped ground SE and jump back to grab that ledge, run jump up to the flat roof. You can pull a piece of steel bar, Crowbar, from the fence there.

The Wall Hook.

Get back to the wooden ledge, run jump SE onto the rocks and grab the edge, shimmy around a few corners passing the river below and drop onto the gravel. Jump up into the dark SE corner, under that wooden floor. Use the crowbar to pry the Wall Hook from the wall.

Rubber Tube.

Dive into the river, there is something on the bottom, but the current is too strong, so just swim to the building N and into the tunnel in the wooden wall under the walkway. Once in a room with a water wheel, go left into the SW corner and up a ramp to the walkway (or get out onto a platform against the central pillar, E, and jump onto the walkway. Go through an opening in the back wall (N) to the next room and spot a boulder up left. Loop left into the  corner (SW) and climb the ladder. Go right a bit and back flip onto a ledge. Turn around and jump to the one E, then left to grab a pole and swing to jump (hit Alt, release Ctrl) and and grab the next ledge.

Left again and get to the ledge where the boulder is, use the Crowbar to pry off the Rubber Tube, this will release the boulder and it will crash through some fence E.

Slow down the Water Wheel, a Broken Handle.

Get there and hop over the boulder, to the right is a Medipack, then go to the lever. That platform at the waterwheel will rise. Go back to that room, left around and jump onto the platform to get up onto the wheel pillar. Jump E onto the broken walkway, go left and jump NW to the next part. Just before the next corner turn left where there is no fence and grab up to the ceiling. Monkey climb along the darker textures, left to the other side of the room and back again to get to the wheel pulley in the SW corner. This will slow down the waterwheel and the water will have less current. Hop into the water, swim out S and follow to pick up the Broken Handle from the bottom.

Over the Bridge, use the Hook.

Get back onto the walkway N, left and jump along the bank of the river to the Bridge, walk to the SW corner under the bridge, back flip onto the slope and jump to end up on the Bridge. Take a right and from the end jump to grab the ladder on the pillar (SE). Get to the top and combine Hook and Handle and from facing N, use that to create a swing pole. Jump back to the bridge, from the highest point run jump and grab the pole, swing and jump to the wooden floor E.

Run from the Hot Dog, ‘Hound of the Baskervilles..’

Slide down the other side and climb into an opening in the wall, when you go in, a Hound will follow you, he will kill you instantly on contact, so stay ahead and go right around the corner, to the end and left around the corner, straight with a little right/left, a bit further the camera will go up to a view from above. Actually just follow the path with a right/left around corners and then a left/right, then straight into a wider place, walk straight into the opening onto a breakable tile (savegame.0) and drop down into a cave leading to a village.

The Village, Tower Key I.

Loop left out the opening and just around the corner grab up to the roof of it, back flip onto the brick house

A Secret Detour: jump to the top of the wooden roof E, then step left a bit and aim for the part of the roof E, left slanted, at the corner of that fence. Run jump with a bit of a left curve at the end and immediately jump again with a right curve to land behind the fence. Turn around and jump up the roof S to get Secret #2, a Golden Rose. Get down to the ground and back up to the brick house (Seems like this was an illegal route, the route may have been from the top of the Tower you reach later, dropping down to the E side walkway with a lot of health loss).

Route 1; Jump and grab the roof of the building W, shimmy right to a kind of window where you can pull up. Stand on the NE corner and from there a run jump to the right hand corner of the higher roof part of the house NE.

Route 2; Alternate route to get up to the roof is to use the pointy block under the swing pole sticking out of the house, jump on the tip of the block and jump again to grab the roof, shimmy left around two corners and back flip with roll to grab the roof E , shimmy left a bit to that window from which you can jump onto the higher roof part of the house.

You can stand there, walk up to the top and spot a pole down the other side (bit right). Jump with a roll or back flip onto the roof E so you can jump off and grab that pole. Swing and jump onto the pillar with the skeleton on top, grab Tower key I, you may have to duck to pick it up.

Waterworks, Tower key II.

(The route would actually been shorter if we went for this one first, saving an extra climb up to the rooftops, ah well…not going to change it)

Make your way up to the window in the roof of the E building again, this time from the window, climb up to the top and walk left to a wooden pillar. Do a banana jump around the pillar and climb up the back side of the pillar. Turn left, facing the wall and grab up to an opening. Turn around and climb backwards off that ledge into the wooden structure. Go to the right hand wall and stand on the NW tip of the floor, hop back and run jump with a slight left curve so you end up sliding down the slope, slide far and jump to get to the slope aimed at the ladder. Jump and grab the ladder and go left around to the wall. Back flip onto a ledge (savegame.1) turn around and walk slowly through the passage with the bad floor. Around the corner is a wheel pulley, use that to drain the water from the previous room.

Walk back slowly and hop down, turn around and walk slowly through the spikes under the passage you just came from. In the back is a big button you can push, it will lower a block in the water. Walk back slowly and go to the NE corner first to pick up a small medipack there. Now hop into the hole at the W wall.

Turn the Bridge I, Timed Run.

Up in the next room (with the spike textures on the floor) is a contraption we have to turn to the S side. Take a right and swim through the tunnel (N) to the next section. Turn left and near the wall is a pointy ledge. Stand on the tip of it and grab up to the ledge above, turn right to the wall and push the block twice into the passage. To the right is a second block you can now push down into the room. Get down onto the block and look up N to spot a ledge.

Now go to a Timed lever on the opposite (E) wall. This lever opens a door up in the S wall, save, pull and back flip with roll. Run to the somewhat higher floor near the block, hop on the block and curve right to jump onto the lower end of that ledge up right and turning right jump to the one across the room. Hop to the next and another hop to the one near the SE corner from which you can jump into the open door (savegame.2). Around the corner is a wheel pulley turning that Bridge 45 degrees. We need more, so back down to the floor and through the tunnel S to the room with the Bridge.

Turn the Bridge II, Slope/platform Jumps.

Take a right and swim through the tunnel W to the next section, walk W into the hall with a waterwheel, turn left and stand against the sloped block, grab up and hang right. Pull up over and slide  before you jump (the next jumps you also have to slide far before jumping to hit the correct slopes) and keep jumping till you can grab a slope with a ladder below (NW). Climb left around the corner and up to a slope, back flip from that to the ledge at the waterwheel (savegame.3). Use the wheel pulley to get the wheel to turn faster and platforms will go up and down behind you. Use those to jump into the opening E and across that room to the passage with the wheel pulley turning the Bridge another 45 degrees.

Timed Jumps up to the Bridge.

Drop down to the room below and swim back (E) to the room with the Bridge, as the flyby showed, a block went down in the tunnel S. Swim through and to the right is a Cog wheel, opening a wooden door up in that room. Pull about 6-7 times, hop back and jump with a roll onto the slope above the Cog wheel, jump again to land on the ledge above, a running jump left to the next ledge and another running jump left to grab the opening with the lowering door, quickly pull up (savegame.4). Go to that skeleton and grab Tower key II.

Using the Tower Keys.

Turn around and walk to the open end of the bridge.

A Secret: face to roof of the bridge and jump over the railing, left or right and grab the edge of the roof. Shimmy around to the back side and pull up to get into a crawlspace with Secret #3, a Golden Rose. Crawl out and safety drop down into the room.

Without the Secret, jump to the right over the railing, landing on a sloped block in the corner of the room. Leave E, back in the first room, grab up E to the wooden floor and in the back, left side is a push block, pull it out and once to the right so it is under the entrance ladder. Go up the ladder and make your way down to the square. You can use the Tower Keys at the door N. Enter only to find another door, closed however. Turn around and walk back a bit, look up and grab up to the ladder to climb into the Tower.

Go to the side where you face the Church (N), hop onto the slanted pillar and drop down. On the back of that pillar is a jump lever, stand back against the fence and jump forward to grab it, a trapdoor opens in the top of the Tower. That door in the Tower can be opened from this side, so go in and back up the ladder, jump and grab up to get on the top of the Tower.

Into the Well, the Pitchfork.

Stand on the SE corner and look down, you can see water through the open roof of the well, stand jump down into the well and get ready to swim fast, before the Sea Hag reaches you, into the first opening W and follow going right at the crossing and go up through an open trapdoor. You are now in the house, grab the Pitchfork from the table and open the dark door in the back using the Crowbar (should have come here with a Crowbar, found at the start of the level). Combine the Pitchfork with the Rubber Tube you have (also found at the beginning of the level and you cannot go back there) to create a Catapult.

Use the Catapult, get into the Church.

Make your way back up to the top of the Tower, there were some pebbles on the ledge near the Church. Walk to the N edge and use the Catapult, on my first attempt the level crashed, on the second attempt Lara shot the stained-glass window on the Church.

Run from the ledge onto the slanted pillar with the cross on top and grab the edge, pull up and back flip to the lower floor of the tower. Now jump and grab the horizontal part of the cross to swing and jump/grab to that broken window. Pull up inside the Church.

The Church.

From the windowsill, look NW and spot a balcony where a part of the balustrade is missing. A pixel perfect run jump will get you to the corner of that balcony. A bit further is a lever to the left, it will open a door on ground floor, NE. Drop from the end and lure that Mummy into the same room, then use the lever there to blow the Mummy to bits. Where the grate in the floor opened you can now find the Church Key.

Realm of the Dead, Bone Dust.

Go straight out of the room and to the right is the door you can open with that Key, go in and climb straight up the wall. Here two Wraiths will chase you, let’s get rid of those and as a bonus the big skeleton with the sword too. Take a right and run up the sloped passage, just before that skeleton with the sword, turn right into the crypt and open the sarcophagus to get Bone Dust. Watch the health… Run out, left back down the slope and left again to get back to the Church. Take a right and go into the room with the big bench, behind it is a big bowl, put the Bone dust in that bowl and the Wraiths will disappear together with that big skeleton.

A Torch.

Go back to the Realm of the Dead where you just came from (left through the door), climb up again and in the crypt left is a sarcophagus with a small medipack. Go out and left, open the sarcophagus in the crypt at the end and get a Medipack, to the right and behind the sarcophagus are Torches on the floor, pick up one and ignite it in the first crypt where the small medi was.

Break the Spell, sound the Bell, the Village Key.

Now take that torch and go to that opening the Skeleton was protecting (E), throw the torch down and climb down after it using the ladder. Pick up the torch and go to that Circle in the middle of the room and ignite those little piles of incense. The Spell cast on this village is now broken… a pillar goes up in the Church. Go to the window S and pull that low block under the windowsill so you can climb up there. Once more a jump NW to the balcony and from that a jump over the railing to grab that pillar you raised. Turn left and jump to that chain in the niche, pull the chain to sound the Church Bell.

Drop from the niche, go to the wooden floor S and find the Village Key, when you pick it up, the church bell will fall and will destroy the floor.

Torch Puzzle.

There’s nothing you can do, you’ll fall into a flooded room below… Swim to the W side, between the rocks and face E, pull up on the mushroom rock and back flip to a triangle ledge, don’t move but jump up and forward to grab the ledge above. Walk to the right and to the right you can see Torches in a crevice. To the S is a ledge with one of those big push switches. From the tip of the ledge you can reach it with a run jump and grab. Push the switch and some coffin opens up. Run jump E and grab the edge of the ledge there, go left and pull up.

Face S, stand against the wall and back flip onto the slope, jump and grab the monkey climb. Go over to the other side and drop at the Torches. Grab one and stand left against the slope, facing the room. Slide far and jump hard left to land on the mushroom rock. Walk left to the spot where you just came up from (W side) and just run down land onto the triangle ledge. Turn left and hop down to the ledge under the Torch crevice. Then to the ledge at the gate S and ignite the Torch (stand on higher part). Now we have to get to that coffin in the passage N.

Maybe there is a faster route, but this is how I did it:

Jump back to the other ledge and run jump (bit NE) onto the slope of the mushroom rock. Jump again to get back onto the triangle ledge, face N and stand left at the edge, hop onto the sloped part of the same ledge and jump again to end up on the mushroom rock, go right and walk left around to the other side. Stand jump directly down to the ledge NE (or go there via the ledge SE). Now walk towards the opening in the N wall and hop inside. Take one step forward and ignite the grey stuff on the floor, the Mummy in the coffin will burn, looks like the pool turns deadly but doesn’t and the gate S opens…

The Well Hag and some other nasty Customers.

Swim there and climb in, make sure the health is full and follow through this tunnel, it is the lower connection to the Well in the village. As soon as the current is gone and you are able to swim again, go back into that horizontal tunnel to the House. The hag will probably be there, so try lure her out and quickly swim past her to climb back out at the trapdoor in the House.

Outside a whole bunch of enemies are waiting for you, some kill you instantly (dogs) and others set you ablaze. Your goal is the keyhole at the door W, so take a medipack whenever you need it and try to stay alive long enough to run in and jump into the river where this adventure ends.

D - Febr. 02-2017