Princess Lara of Persia-Demo.

Level by Drakan

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

The Savegames mentioned in this walk are in this Saves Folder.

N Side Square, the Crowbar.

Follow through to a balcony overlooking a Square, jump onto the slope on the right to slide down to the ground. Two Guards attack, deal with them. If you need health afterwards, go to that fountain in the alcove W and drink some Holy water (use Ctrl). In the SE corner, left of that Gem receptacle and in the alcove behind the tree are some cracks, grab the first and ledge jump (Ctrl/Alt) up twice and get into the crawlspace and walk to that Hammer. You can use the crawlspace roll (Duck/Sprint) to get through the first or just run when the thing goes up. The second one you HAVE to run through and straight down into the pit, grab the Crowbar. Jump out running to the safe spot and run through the second hammer, get down to the Square.

S Side Square, Cutters and Gold Key.

Turn left through the arch to the S Square, left into the hole in the back corner and open the crowbar door there. Follow through to a basement full of Cutters. Climb the ladder (on the right) through the open hatch and jump over the barrels to get to the jump lever; it will close the hatch. So jump back over the barrels, slide down the slope in the back and grab up to the hatch to monkey climb to the other side of the room. Quickly run forward as you land and grab the Gold Key. The Cutters will move aside for you so the return trip will be easy. Go back to the crowbar door, right to the N Square and take on the Lions there. Go drink as much Holy water (Medicine) as you need and in the N wall is the gate you can open with the Gold Key.

Spike Hall, the Amethyst Jewel.

The floor of the next hall has spike traps; there are some hint tiles on the ceiling. First us the jump lever in the right hand corner (NE) and one set of spikes pops up. It is the tile under the first ceiling symbol. When you step on that one, you can see spikes pop up right. Donít touch the second tile (in front of you), but hop back a bit and run jump to that tile at the right hand wall. Look into the back of the room and spot one of the gates opened. Shoot the target ball there (jump up) and then use the reach-in switch in the wall; twice if you want some Shotgun Ammo too. Now that second tile became safe, so jump back there.

Look into the back of the room, a second gate opened, shoot the ball and see spike pop, left side this time. The third gate opens, shoot the ball, the gate opens up left and the last tile becomes safe. Now you have to do a curved run over the tile and jump to the safe ledge (savegame.0). Climb up where those targets were youíll find a lever opening the gate S. Go into the gate to get the Amethyst Jewel from a chest on the left. Jump back over the safe tiles and go out to the Square, to the SE corner just before the arch and use the jewel there. A strange pillar goes up to the right of you, other side of the arch.

Up Above, the Golden Ziggurat.

Just use Ctrl to grab up to that pillar (stand almost right) and hop onto the arch. Look N and jump to grab the pole there. Swing and hit Alt to jump and grab the next pole, one more time and then just swing, hit the right arrow key while swinging to move to the right and line up for the upper balcony (above the one you entered from before). Stop swinging; use Shift/Up to climb the pole and jump forward (Alt) to grab the balcony. Use the lever and see a big basket being pushed from a ledge. Hop down N to land on that slope and go to the basket (NW).

Climb up and up to the ledge, turn around and jump to the wide ledge. Turn right and jump to grab the pole. Swing and jump to grab a crack in the structure ahead. Shimmy left to the corner and then jump up to grab the top. Pull up and turn towards the center, take a step forward and hop over the corner into the hole to get the Golden Ziggurat. A platform appears, stand against the S side, jump up while holding the forward key and Lara will slide; slide far and jump to land on the platform.

Shotgun and a Secret: Turn left and jump to grab the roof, shimmy left around to get to a ledge with a lever, pull that and see a wooden platform go up left near that balcony. Stand left of the lever, pull up on the roof, immediately jump with a left curve to the platform and jump left to the balcony. Grab the Shotgun. Hop back to the wooden platform; look left around the corner and spot a ledge with spike motive. Run jump around the corner to grab it (they are disabled) and from that ledge jump to the balcony N. Follow to the other end, run jump and grab the crack in the N wall. Go right to the balcony with Secret #1, a Golden Crocodile. Go back, jump to the new wooden platform and jump SW to the balcony, from the other end back to the spike pillar and run down SE with Ctrl to land on a balcony with big doors. This is where you would have ended up without going for the Secret.

Hop to the right onto the balcony at the big doors.

Timed Run to the Big Doors.

Look NW and spot another balcony. Run down from the balcony grabbing the crack and shimmy to the right. A Timed jump lever there will open those big doors on the first balcony. Pull, roll and while running turn right to jump to the new platform. Hop onto the balcony and into the open doors (savegame.1).

Proceed to a pit, run jump and grab the crack in the opposite wall, shimmy right around the corner and jump up to the alcove. Roll and jump to grab the pole, from halfway up the pole, jump (Alt/forward) to the next, to the rope and line up for the swing to the next pole. To the corner pole and turn a bit towards the cracks, jump to grab and drop to the lower one. Go right till the camera changes. First jump up one crack again and then jump backwards (down) to the slope, slide and jump to grab the pole. Swing to the next and then to the last pole.

Secret: Turn right and jump into the niche, hang left from the edge and jump up to a crack, go right and jump up again, shimmy right and pull up in a passage with Secret #2, a Golden Crocodile. Go to the other end and hop down backwards onto that slope, do the poles again.

Get into the opening straight-ahead; inside and left is a basket, shoot it to get the Magnum and ammo, drink some Holy water and proceed down the stairs. Opposite a slope (you donít need that) is a jump lever, just jump up to operate it and the big door opens up.

The Arena, Laser Sight.

A Big Arena with balconies up and gates left. Up some steps on the right of the big doors (W) is a chest. Inside is the Laser Sight. Combine the pair and walk out onto the steps. Look up to the opposite wall (E) and spot a basket hanging from a hook, you guessed, shoot the hook and the basket falls down. Two Werewolves showed up, shoot them and if you need health, out the door E, up the corridor to the fountain where you got the Magnum.

Up to the First Timed Platform Run.

Move the basket to the left corner, next to the slope and climb up. Jump and grab the crack in the wall, jump up and then back jump (down key) to the balcony behind. Run jump over the railing to the S balcony and on the pillar left is a Timed lever, operating platforms along the S wall and a gate in the opposite W wall.

Pull the lever, run turning right and run along the left side, jump over the railing to the balcony and curving right a running jump as soon as you can to the first platform so you can keep doing running jumps. Youíll have to grab the last platform at the right hand corner, quickly pull up and turn right, hop to the ledge (savegame.2).

Donít worry if there isnít enough time to get to the gate because you have to climb over a block. So just climb over and go straight to a slope on the far end of the balcony. To the left is a Basket you have to push all the way in, revealing another Timed lever in the passage left. This one operates more platforms, in the N side of the Arena.

The Second Run.

Pull the lever, roll and run out looping right so you end up facing the wall on the spot where the Basket was before, back flip onto the slope and grab the edge to safety drop down. Roll and sprint to get onto the Basket NE, up the cracks and back jump to the balcony, jump to the first lever and if you made good time, save while pulling it. Roll and run a bit right to jump to the first of the two N side platforms, a running jump to the next and then jump to grab that slope as far left as you can. Shimmy left and pull up at the opening in the railing. Run left and then right into the gate (savegame.3). Use the lever there to open all gates S, on ground floor.

With a Secret: Go back left around to the Timed lever at the Basket, use it and do the same thing to get to the lever on the E balcony. Pull the lever and jump the two n side platforms again. From the second platform, run onto the ledge next to it. Hop to the next and then jump to grab the crack W, to the right and up into an alcove, jump to the other side for Secret #3, a Golden Crocodile. Go back down the crack and drop to the slope below to get to the ground floor.

Lever Puzzle.

Get down to the floor and into the room S, X levers and two sets of double doors, open one of the doors (doesnít matter which) and go through to the back room, take some Holy water and then pick up the Note.

ď4 levers are required to open the exit door. One >>>> ten, the numbers length is important. The smallest ones are suitable. And for a secret, the total number is the correct length.Ē

So if we write down the numbers, 4 of them have three letters, one, two, six, ten. Go back to the room with the levers and start left (E side). Pull 1,2,6,10 and see the big doors open up.

For the Secret: "total number is 4" (4 levers), so in addition to the ones already used we have to use the levers with 4 letters too; 4, 5, 9. Go back into the back room where you got the Note and behind the fountain is the open gate with Secret #4, a Golden Crocodile. Get back to the Lever room.

Leave to the Arena and go left to the big open doors where this part will end.

G&D, Jan 25-2017.