Tomb Raider Requiem.

This walkthrough can be used for both old and Revised version of the level, there were minor changes in game play and we mention the difference where they occur

Levels by vinraider.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Savegame Folder; There are two versions of saves in the folder, one for the “Old version” (downloaded before Dec 28, 2016) which many are still playing and one folder with saves for the “Revised version”, obviously you have to choose the correct folder.

Links to the Levels: 2-Templar's Library 3-Har Meggido
4-Vatican Museum 5-Inferno 6-Armageddon


1-Paris. 2 secrets

Walk straight off the stairs and get some Flares from the dark corner.

The Bar Key.

Go out of the alley and take a left, at the bus stop are some doors, in the corner left of the keyhole is a small medipack. Go back to the bus stop and into the alley left (S) and use the button in the dark, go back and the door left opened up. Climb over the crates to the right hand corner and push a button to open a hatch in the ceiling. Go back and pull a crate from the opposite corner, (right of the door) and put it against the opposite wall (W). Climb it and turn right, pull the dark crate there once and move the lower crate back to the front, put it under the hatch. Now you can move the other crate on top of it and you are able to climb up through the hatch. On the corner of the terrace are Flares, then hop over the corner (SE) to a small walkway and from there jump to the pillar in the alley to get the Bar Key.

Find the Bar, Jerry Can.

Drop down and go back to the street. Go straight and pass the alley you came from, follow the street around the corner and to the right is an open passage down to a storeroom. We’ll visit that in a bit, but remember where it is. At the next crossing go left to Place du République. The Bar is at the other side (S), open it and go inside, left is another keyhole, for later…

Go behind the counter and jump up to open the hatch in the corner, face the left wall (S) and grab up into a duct, follow through and drop down into a corridor. Go into a storage room and find a Medipack, a Scorpion-X clip and a Jerry Can. On the last shelf behind you are Flares. A door opened, go out to the corridor. A policeman is guarding the Bar and he closed the door to the street.. Don’t go into the Bar.

Diary…I must find a way to get rid of him quietly..

Back in the corridor, grab back up into the duct and at the other end crawl up to the opening and use Alt and forward to jump down and kick the policeman to the ground, he will drop the Bar Key you can use to get back on the street.


Go back into the street on the right (NE), at the next crossing a right and then left down to the storeroom. On the shelves is a Scorpion-X clip, turn left and go into the corner right of those boxes, kick the wall in (Ctrl) and go through the crawlspace into another basement.

Diary…That pipe is leaking fuel…

Go into the back, on the table is a Scorpion-X clip; fill the Jerry Can in the pool of fuel. Get out and back up to the street.

Using the Fuel on the Generator.

Go right and at the corner sort of straight ahead into the Allee des Mimosas (W). To the left is a door with a code pad. Go straight and into a small area with a forklift and crates, climb the high stack of crates in the back and grab the ceiling, go over to the high stack in the entrance, drop and grab, then pull up. Run jump with a curve to grab the wall S and get Flares. Turn around and jump up to the balcony above the warehouse area where you came from. Go into the crawlspace and drop down into the back of the warehouse.

Diary…found a generator, but without some fuel, I`m afraid that it will be useless..

Go into the left corner and put the Fuel into the tank, in the other corner is the generator you can now start up by pushing the button. A trapdoor goes up somewhere.

Route over the Balconies, the Code.

Push the button next to the door and get out, turn left to climb that stack of crates again and get back up to the floor above this room. Now at the crawlspace, run jump to grab an opening in the N wall, behind that tree.

Drop into an alley, get Flares from the steps (W), then go to the back of the car, get a small medipack and get into the crawlspace behind the car (most left side to get in), push the button and get back out. Next to that stack of crates a platform went up, climb up to the crates and jump up to the balcony (E), a jump over the fence to land on a sloped piece of roof (SE), grab the edge as you slide off. Hang left, pull up and back flip with roll to grab the roof, go right and back flip with roll to grab the trapdoor that went up in that opening when you started the generator. Jump straight across onto the balcony, turn left and jump to the next where you can grab a small medipack. Hop over onto the slanted grate and jump right around the corner to the next balcony, a few jumps later you can look into a window.

A serious TR fan lives here as you can see, but that’s not important, the note on the desk IS, make a note of that number (6013), jump back and around the corner, then onto that dumpster down in the street and you are right in front of that door with the code pad.

The House, platform at the Garage, One Euro.

Use the code there. Enter and left is a closed door, the door straight ahead is the bathroom, on the left in an alcove is Scorpion-X clip. To the right, in the corner under the stairs is a button to open the door next to the front door. Go in and left on a shelf is a small medipack on the wall behind you is a button to raise a platform at the Garage.

Go out of the room and upstairs and kick the first door right, near the window is a chest of drawers with a Medipack. Back out and right, at the end of the corridor through a small door and on the bed stand is One Euro.

To the Garage, the Scorpion-X.

Leave the house, take a right and at the crossing go left as in that dead-end street (Rue Edith Piaf) and left in an alcove is a Scorpion X-clip. Go back and straight (E), then left around the corner and you are at the Garage. Go into the left hand alley W and push that dumpster (SW) into the corner there. Get up and climb up to the balcony. Go to the other end and face the balcony behind the tree (E) and turn a bit to the right. Take a running jump through the tree and grab the balcony there.

Go inside through the open French door and to the right in the corner near the vase on the table grab another Scorpion-X clip. Now push open the doors to the E balcony and jump to the balcony left. Turn to the right and jump across to that platform you raised when you were in the house and from that onto the roof of the Garage.

Crate Puzzle.

Go left through the broken window, climb down a ladder and grab Flares from the table. On the wall left of the Bike (E) are two buttons to raise a series of car lifts in the other end of the Garage, don’t use them yet, or put them back. First move two crates, one onto the lowered lift and the other next to the lift to close the gap to the block in the corner, use the right hand button and move the crate from the lift to the corner. In that corner is another Scorpion-X clip (SW). Go down and use both buttons, go back to the crate. Climb over the crate and push it onto the second lift. Use the left button and the crate goes up again. Move it into the corner of that walkway and climb up into a crawlspace above. Follow to a room where you can open a door with a button. Go back through the crawlspace, down to the floor and up the stairs to the open door. On the table there is the Scorpion-X. Be careful there is just enough ammo to go around, don’t waste any…

To the Metro, the Hotel Key.

To get out of the Garage, climb that ladder (S) and jump back to that platform, safety drop down and head SE into the street, around two corners and then go left (S) and straight ahead is Place du Republique with the Bar and Metro station.

Go down into the Metro, after two flight of stairs go right and left to find the ticket machine, use the Euro you have and pick up the Metro Ticket from the floor. Go down another flight of stairs (S) and first go left to the closed Châtelet station, pick up 2 Scorpion-X clips and then go to the other side, Marie des Lilas. Use the ticket there to get through the ticket gate

Diary… The power is still on, I can’t explore that tunnel for now.

Take a right and at the other end of the station, just before going into the passage, grab up to that wall with missing tiles, climb left over the tracks to the other side. Next to the vending machine is a button to open the door there. Go in and grab the Hotel Key, next to it is a Scorpion-X clip, take out the weapon as you alarmed some policemen. Be careful, this weapon has a very sensitive trigger and before you know it you will be out of ammo, so make every shot count (it takes ten rounds to kill one).

Two of them will join you in that room if you just wait, the other two are across the tracks. Climb back along that wall and get back to the streets. Go to the right (N) and then right, follow the Rue Sainte Catherine right around the corner to the square with the bus stop and Hotel.

Secret, and I advise you to go get that: In Rue Sainte Catherine take a left into the alley where you started, climb the dumpster and grab up to the balcony (stand with your shoulder against the wall), shoot the left hand window and go into the house. In the chest of drawers are 2 Scorpion-X clips and a Medipack. In the opposite corner behind that couch is Secret #1, a Secret Gem. Get out to the street and left to the square with the bus stop.

The Hotel, Master Key.

Open the door to the Hotel and enter, get the Master Key from the little key cabinet behind the counter. Go up the stairs left and on the first floor open the first door on the right with the Master Key. In the bathroom is a small medipack, back to the corridor and open the second door. Nothing in the neither room; just shoot the right hand window and get onto the balcony. Turn left and jump the balconies till you get to a pillar next to the roof (Use Ctrl to jump onto the grate next to the pillar).

The Warehouse.

Now jump up to that flat part high up on the roof and from there to the next pillar. Jump up left to the opening in the roof to land in a duct. Go through to a warehouse, opposite wall left of the crate is a Scorpion-X clip. Left around the corner, behind a forklift is an electricity box, shoot it and throw the switch to open a ceiling hatch in the NW corner, alarming a policeman. On your way there, on a shelf left is a Scorpion-X clip. Jump from the nearby crate to grab the high stack of crates and run jump to grab up through the open hatch.

Timed Trapdoor Run, Metro Station Key.

Upstairs is a small medipack on a shelf, in the N wall is a crate, push that down the open hatch, we need that downstairs. Drop down on the crate, move it close to the high stack in the NE corner, but not right next to it (touching corners is what I mean). Get back upstairs, save in front of the button E. Push, roll and quickly get down the hole, run to and jump onto the crate you pushed and hop onto the high stack, roll and run jump to grab the first trapdoor (SW) run jump around the corner to the next, then a bit left to a hanging crate and onwards to the left onto the next trapdoor, then jump to grab the crate at the E wall (savegame.0). Left of the crate is a switch; it will open a door in the S wall, ground floor.

Safety drop down and enter the door you opened (S) and run in as fast as possible, close to that policeman, otherwise the table prevents you from hitting him and you don’t have too much ammo… This one will drop the Metro Station Key. On the other table are Flares, get out.

Secret: Do the Timed Run again, but this time when you reach the hanging crate you’re done with the quick stuff. Run jump with a roll from the crate onto the side slope W, jump again and grab the platform above the crate, crawl forward and stand on the very corner, facing the roof of the structure N. With a straight run jump and grab at the last moment you can grab the roof (to line up straight, hang from the ledge, pull up and just roll) Around the back is Secret #2, a Secret Gem. Run from the corner (SW) onto the slope and safety drop to the floor.

Leave E through that ducts, left of those big doors. Climb the grate and slide down to the street.

Back to the Metro, turn off the power.

Go right (N), left around two corners and straight to Place du République, go down into the Metro, to the same station Mairie des Lilas and all the way to the end is a Keyhole, use that Metro Station Key there. Inside climb up to the walkway, pick up a Scorpion-X clip and shoot the electric box so you can flip the switch to turn off the power.

Diary: I’ve finally reached the sight (site) where the accident occurred. Let’s see what’s hidden in this hole…

2-Templar’s Library.

2 secrets.

Pick up Flares left and go to the barriers.

Turn right, if you run down so you’ll slide backwards, hold Ctrl and slide forward down the next slope, almost immediately jump up left onto a ledge where you’ll find Secret #1 (3) , a Scorpion-X clip, a small medipack and a Secret Gem.

The next part is all about nerves and keeping them under control…

Jump over to and grab the opposite slope, drop (sliding forwards along the right hand wall) and at the end jump right onto the slanted pillar, slide far and jump right to grab that breakable platform. Hang right and save, pull up and run forward turning left a bit, jump onto the far side back of the next pillar and slide jump to grab another breakable platform. Save and run forward and curve left to hop to the next one, try grabbing it or do a running jump forward to that slanted ledge ahead. Slide and jump, then slide far and jump to grab the opening in the wall (savegame.1).

Hop over the block, slide down and hop into the pool, spot a gap in the E side (later) and climb out into the Main Hall.

Main Hall, Quest for the 4 Gems.

At the feet of that Skeleton on the tomb is a Scorpion-X clip. Two alcoves, one on each side of the tomb have Shotgun ammo.

Our goal is to open that gate up W. Around the Cross are 4 levers, they open gates in this Hall. In no particular order:

NW: The NW lever opens the NW gate, go in and jump to the ledge you see behind the left pillar, run jump out left to grab the slope left of the opposite pillar, shimmy all the way left against the wall and back flip, slide as far as possible and jump with a left curve to land left of the slope. Grab the First Gem in the back. Hop on the slope, slide into the water and get the Scorpion-X clip. Swim back and climb out, go to the Main Hall.

SW: Go into the gate, over the block and you can find a Scorpion-X clip left in the corner. Time to start jumping. How I did this: Stand on a little mound SE and grab up to the sloped ledge, shimmy left against the wall, then go back one grab. Back flip with roll and grab the slope, hang left and back flip, keep jumping between the slopes (slide from the lower slope before you jump) while you roll again. Now slide backwards from the S slope and back flip to the high slope behind, jump hard right and you should just touch the tip of the slope in front so you can jump and roll. Grab the crack (savegame.2). Go around the corner, drop and shoot the spider, grab some Flares.

Line up for the jump to the spike pillar and a running jump curved left to the balcony with Gem #2. Drop down and before you go out to the Main Hall, go behind the pillar under the balcony and use the jump lever there to open that gate in the gap of the pool in the Main Hall. We need something from there before we do the last Gem.

SE: The gate is SE of course, sprint over the bridge (sprint wasn’t really needed) and claim Gem #3.

NE: We need to get something first…

The Skull.

Go to the pool where we entered, E, dive in and swim through the gap, the gate opened by the jump lever in the SW room. Climb out straight ahead and find Shotgun ammo in grass, a bit to the right. At the right hand wall is a skeleton and at his feet, in between the grass is the Skull. Quickly hop into the pool and swim back. Enter the NE room.

There’s some Shotgun ammo NW in this water paradise and a small medipack left of the bench next to the entrance. Go to that water spout W, as that one fills the pool, place the skull in it to stop the flow of water and the pool drains, drop down and use the lever to lower a cage upstairs. Climb the plants in the far corner (NE), shoot the spider and claim Gem #4. Go back to the Main Hall and use the Gems W.

Boulder and Blades.

Climb up to one of the ledges and shimmy around the base of a pillar to the gate. Save and sprint up the slope, duck against the ridge so the Boulder can go overhead. Go up and run over the crumbling bridge to the other end and jump to grab the opening in the wall. Go up (no… no boulder) and up a ladder to reach the Library Courtyard.

The Templars Library.

Don’t venture out too much until you have the Shotgun, there are plenty of skeletons around, I won’t mention them all. Loop right around the corner and get Flares, turn around and go right around the next corner, just stay close to the building, use the lever to open the gate and go in, probably two skeletons showed up by now. A couple of bats are also pestering you. Climb the ladder on the back wall and back flip off to the ledge. On the pedestal to the left is the Shotgun. To the right a Scorpion-X clip. Shoot the bats with the Scorpion, be sure to collect the Shotgun ammo from the alcoves with the Skeletons before going down, on the ground floor are two more alcoves with Shotgun ammo.

At the pool at the side of the left ladder is another Scorpion-X clip. Now take on those skeletons, or just run out fast and close them inside by flipping the lever before they exit. I could lock in these two and I tried to get more skeletons inside, but that proved too much of a hassle. Just take them to that blue pool to the right if you exit this room. Stand on the edge of the pool, Shotgun ready and when they come close (on the ledge), jump over them/him with a roll and immediately shoot. Most of the times I spent only one round.

Underwater Lever Puzzle.

Go to the left side of the square (S), a long corridor with water with a strong current. Take a right into the alley (W) and hop to the right around behind the pillar. Back flip onto the slope, jump and grab the jump lever, opening an underwater gate. Go back a bit along the arches and turn right at the second opening. You can see the gate there. Stand right against the pillar, turn right a bit facing the right hand side of the open gate and hop back three times, run jump, hit “Alt” when you hit the water and Lara will launch herself in the gate (another way is to stand in the first opening (seen from the jump lever) in the corner of the pillar and face SW, side flip left to land close to the corner of the open gate, turn left while swimming to get in). You may have to adjust the angle of the jump a bit. Throw the underwater lever to open a gate at the other end of the canal. Swim to the gate but not in, just up to get air fýrst.

Save in front of the opening and dive in, a room with two levels and several underwater levers, some have spike traps. Swim up to start in the upper level and in the middle of the room are 6 levers on the pillars, don’t touch the ones with skeleton remains under them, so only the first two left (N) and you get screens of a gate. Go back for air, swim up straight when through the opening and the current won’t bother you.

In again and down, here you can see which ones are safe when you look into the side alcoves, obviously not the skull ones. The safe ones are the first and the last one right. Go back for air first and swim around the room for a Medipack (lower level SW), Flares (upper level NE), get some air and swim through the open gate upper level SE and follow up to a library.

Up to the upper levels, the Golden Key.

Climb out left, shoot two spiders and go right around the corner to the back. Climb the bookcase and turn right, jump and grab that fence NW, climb right and up a bit. Back flip with roll and grab the opening, climb up left or right and go into the room, a skeleton wakes up. Go stand at the hole, when the skelly comes close, jump over him and shoot him into the hole.

The second window right has a lever opening a gate below. Back down the hole and jump out left onto the bookcase, go down the other side to pick up a small medipack. Climb up (W), stand against the slope (W), a bit left from the right hand wall. Pull up on the slope and slide, then jump hard right onto a ledge behind the bookcase. Hop onto the floor, shoot a spider and get a Scorpion-X clip at the fence E. That gate you opened is at the opposite side of the room.

Get down onto the terrace with the tree, see a gate in the opposite wall. Grab up to the little roof left and shimmy around the corner, back flip with roll to grab the jump lever. Go through the opened gate, go left at the pool and climb up the bookcase right of the wall torch. Go left first and pick up Shotgun ammo from the window. Jump back over the hole and from the balcony jump to the slanted pillar, keep jumping (don’t slide much) and try to steer left at the 4th pillar so you can grab it. Hang left and just back flip, then immediately jump hard left to get to the fore last, just slide off and jump from the low block to the floor. There is a lever to the left opening a gate up in the opposite wall. First get a small medipack from the window, then jump and grab the climb wall to go up and right around to the gate.

Roof jumps, getting upstairs.

Drop backwards out of the window, grab the edge of the roof and go left, a bit further as that spike trap. Pull up and back flip with roll to grab the slanted pillar, hang left and pull up, back flip with roll and steer right to grab the plants over the spike trap. Go up to the next opening and right around to get inside.

Secret: Turn around and run jump out of the opening grabbing the roof, shimmy left and pull up at the end, go through to a roof and jump over the roof left to find Secret #2 (4), a Secret Gem. Go back and hang from the roof, go right to the first slanted pillar below and drop, grab the edge of it. Back flip with roll and grab the roof. Go left and get back on the plant ladder as you did before. Up into the room where you left off.

Go to the corner (SW) with the Torch, face E and look up. Climb the bookcase there and shift left to drop into the room above. Around the corner is a lever on the bookcase, use it to open a gate in the room below. Go back using the bookcase or jump down and go to the gate you opened (E). On the walkway your instinct will tell you to jump along the left side of the blade, don’t. Just straight along the middle. In the next room you’ll find the Golden Key. A trapdoor opens in the corner of the room. Drop down and you’re back in the room with the lever in the window.

Go down E and jump left to the bookcase, into the pool and swim back through the room with the levers and immediately up when you get to the canal with that strong current. Swim to the right and get out of the water to the square with the Cross. (Left is the Keyhole) Go straight first (N) to the blue pool and left around the building into the alley (W), pick up a Medipack, a Scorpion-X clip and Flares. Back out and left into an entrance, pick up a Medipack, a Scorpion-X clip and a small medipack. Deal with the skeletons at the blue pool and use the Golden Key on the W wall on the square with the Cross.

Templar’s Cathedral, Torch Puzzle, the Silver Key.

Diary: We have to ignite some bowls, there must be a hint somewhere to differentiate them. Maybe in the room below? Anyway I should better have the right combination before trying anything as it seems that I will have only get one try.

However, on a bright side, this cathedral is gorgeous, especially that rose window.

The Hint and Clue.

Look up to the rose window over the entrance () with binoculars, in the center of it you can see two overlapped symbols, the Omega and Lambda. Now go to the far left hand corner of the grated floor (seen from the entrance), there is a handle, face it E and open the hatch. Drop down and quickly try to look up and take a screenshot of the ceiling under the bowls, there are symbols (2-hint.jpg). You’ll have to dodge the Skellies, or shoot them once and quickly go get the items. Because on the ground are Flares, a Medipack and Shotgun ammo. There’s a door we have to open here, but for now get back out.

On the floor of the Cathedral are 2 Scorpion-X clips, along the left wall (S) and in the back (NW).

Timed run for the Gate, all for a Torch.

From the ledge with the Skeleton, pull up on the broken pillar there (NW), stand on the left corner facing N and stand jump to grab the N side upper floor. Shoot the 2 spiders (haven’t seen them in this version, they showed up later) and run to the other end, the spikes aren’t activated yet. Jump over a ledge and a slope to the other side and shoot a spider. Look over the balustrade and see a jump lever on the Tomb, jump to the roof and grab the edge and then the jump lever. This will open the first gate (NW) on the upper floor. Get back up there and in that small room (left) is a Timed lever to open the gate at the end of the S side floor. Get over the spikes and be quick over the next trap as they are about to pop up too, jump to the S side floor and sprint to the burning floor, jump over right to grab the roof of the tomb at the jump lever and shimmy left to the other end. Pull up and back flip with roll to get into the gate (savegame.3).

Throw the lever inside (twice) to open the gate again. Pick up small medipack, and Flares, get a Torch and go back out. To the end and throw the Torch down, safety drop too and ignite the torch in the Tomb while standing on the ledge with the Skeleton. Now go to the bowls, stand on the grate in the middle of the bowl puzzle and you’ll have to ignite only 4. According to the hints (2-hint.jpg), when facing W, the left hand one. Facing S, the left hand one, facing E the right hand one and the last, facing N the right hand one. A screen of the door below opening up. Go back down through the hatch and into the door N. Grab the Silver Key and get the H… out of there. You can take the Torch with you if you like, leave the Cathedral and go left to the blue pool. On the bottom of the pool are Flares and a small medipack. The building behind the pool (N) can be opened with the Silver Key.

Scaling the Hall, the Gem.

Get on a block behind the pillar NE and jump to grab the crack in the back wall (N), shimmy left to a ladder, down one step and back flip with roll to grab the block. Pull up and immediately jump with roll; you’ll bump against the block but you are able to grab the block below before sliding off. Climb down a bit and a backflip with roll to grab a ladder. Go up to a lever, the flyby will show what happened… well that didn’t help much…

But two trapdoors dropped behind you so you can now climb further up another ladder. A bit down from the top, back flip roll and grab a sloped block. Hang right, pull up over and immediately jump to land on the nearest side of the next block, jump hard left and slide jump to grab a wide slope. Go left to the end, pull up and back flip, jump back with a bit of a left curve so you can grab the floor you saw in the flyby at the lever.

Turn left and run jump and grab a slope (N), pull up on the right hand side, slide and jump onto the ledge with the boulder, immediately jump back and then jump back to the slope, as the boulder is gone. Turn to the right and climb up at the wall.

Stand right and save, run along the edge, don’t stop and just jump up onto that slope ahead so you can jump and grab the ladder and climb to the top. Now aim N, for the slope left of the Blade and jump when Blade goes right and burner will be off, you’ll slide down onto the tile, run into a corner before the burner starts again. Stand in the NW corner, hop backwards onto a slope below and grab the edge. Back flip to the ledge with the Gem. We need to use that all the way back up again. Jump over to the boulder ledge and climb back up, this time you’ll have to run after the knives and get to the ladder and upper ledges. Jump over to the burners and get onto the highest one. Stand left (the Blade hangs right), jump N and grab the block. Jump to the corner and place the Gem opening the door. Make a couple of safety drops down to the balcony and then to the ground. (in the previous version you can now get onto a disabled spike pillar and jump from that into the cavern N ) A door is open in the rock slope N, go through and climb up into the cavern.

The Cavern, the Archives Key.

Go right first and in the corner before the last big rock you can back flip to the slope on the N wall and jump to grab the ledge above. Jump to grab the one W and slide jump onto the next, one more slide jump to the block and jump to where you can use the lever opening a gate at the other end. Drop from the ledge; get under it to pick up a Medipack and Flares. Back to the other side and backflip up to the ledge again, this time go left around the corner and jump into the open gate. Follow down to another cavern. Slide down into a lower part at a ladder, stand at the ridge left of the ladder, turn a bit left and back flip onto the rock to jump and grab the ladder. Climb up to the cavern above and shoot a spider when you go for some Shotgun ammo on the right. Go back to the other side and run jump around the corner to some plants you can climb up to the ledge. Turn right and run jump with a right curve to the ledge on the building. Quickly run to the skelly and shoot it down, at the end of the ledge is a block, pull it four times to the middle of the ledge, straight opposite that pillar with the Key in the blue pool. Climb up and run jump straight (with Ctrl) to get to the pillar and get the Archives Key.

Using the Key.

Now you have to get back up to that push block again. Drop in the pool, go behind the building, through the door to the cavern and right up to the ledge, the route through the side cavern and the jumps to the ledge on the building. Go to the corner where the block was before and jump right around the corner onto the balcony, jump to the one in the middle and here I did a trick move, turn around at the edge, take a step forward and hop back, just as you are under the edge, hit Ctrl to land on the balcony below. There is a Scorpion-X clip on the balcony N, I could not jump there, nor back once I made it from an upper balcony, so I left it there (if you go take it you have to go back up through the Cavern again)…

Jump over to the pillar W and go to the keyhole, open the door to the Archives. Go in, then up the balcony into the room and grab the Scroll (you can only read it, Diary) and then the Silver Key. Go out and down towards the closed entrance door, loop around to the right in the corridor where the Silver Key can be put to use. Go up the tunnel and leave this site…

3-Har Meggido.

You lost all weapons, but we got some pistols.. There are some snakes around…

A Wire.

Left, next to the building are Flares. In the next alley left are Uzi clips. Go to the opposite side and shoot an electricity bow on the transformer station NW. Pick up the Wire.

Now go into the alley N and left into the Barbershop, open the door on the left. In front of the left mirror is a Barber Knife on the floor, combine with the Wire to make a Handmade Fishing Pole.

Now enter the grocery, next to the Jeep and to the right is a trapdoor a Templar symbol in the floor (light a flare), stand facing N and open it. Go down and stand on a grate, you can see some fallen keys below, use your fishing pole there (face W, standing just a bit on the grate) and lift the Bunch of Keys out of there.

Get out of the shop and straight to the house opposite, use the Bunch of Keys to get in, right, behind the table is a Medipack, then go up the stairs and find a picture with a Templar symbol up there, push the picture and watch the flyby. Get back out to the street and head left.

To the W is the fence to the dig site, go left a bit and grab up to the rock W, shimmy left around the corner and to the end. Pull up and back flip roll to a ledge. Stand on the corner and hop into the opening in the rock wall. Climb up straight ahead and walk to the edge.

Secret: Look left and spot a Gem, stand right and turn left, stand jump out so you will land on a ledge next to the slope under the opening, jump and grab the alcove in the rock, get Secret #1(5), a Secret Gem and Uzi clips.

Drop out, go in W and follow through, a wider cave has a Medipack in the back around the corner, go back to where you came in and hop into an alcove E, jump across to the W side and grab the ridge. Go left a bit and save. Back flip and land on a slope, just slide backwards and grab the edge. Go right to the wall and take one grab back, now just back flip and slide again, grabbing the end of the slope. Drop and grab the crack below, go left around and drop on a tiny ledge. Run jump from this ledge to a thin ledge S, go in and slide down in the hole to land in a pool.

Hall of Doves.

Get out, grab some Flares and push a button E to open a door W. Follow the passage up to come to the Hall of Doves. Check the Diary…

I’ve already seen this mosaic, at a dig site not so far away from here, in Jezreel Valley. It has been discovered in the ruins of a prison. According to the datation, it would have been one of the first Christian churches ever built. Some people call it “The Armageddon Church”.

Go to each dove statue and stand behind the dove, at the tail and turn them, all facing that mosaic. After the fourth a block will go up, go to the gate and turn right, walk to the water and look for a ladder on the nearby pillar, climb that till you can back flip over the gate. Because the block in the middle of the ramps went up, it is now possible to move that urn. Move it to both corner tiles left and right of the spike trap. Now you can use the button and see that nice mosaic floor in the other room is collapsed. Dive into the hole left or right and swim back to the Doves Hall.

The Armageddon Church, the Star Key.

Drop into that hole and go into the passage, best save, as you have to run and jump over a breakable bridge. There are some solid parts in this bridge however. Get across to the other side and go left at the church, all around to the other side and pick up some Uzi clips. Go back to the last corner and to that slanted structure, a bug and a small medipack on top. Now go behind it and crawl inside. Climb down the ladder but it is too short so drop way down into a pool. Swim down and get the Star Key.

The Getting back out quest.

Now we have to get back up, climb the block with the candles and grab up to the floor. To the right is a lever, it will open a trapdoor so you can climb a block in the SE corner, jump and grab up W to the ledge above. Hop to the floor with a push block (E) and pull it once, climb up and climb the ladder, use a monkey climb to get to a corner ledge and from there jump and grab the opening N. Inside is a small medipack, as well as a lever closing that trapdoor, so flip it. Jump back to the corner ledge and then hop down onto the ledge at the trapdoor, move the push block onto the trapdoor. Drop down to the first floor ledge and use that lever there again (W), dropping the block onto this level. Move it to the second corner so it is as close as possible to a block at a ladder (NE) across the room.

Jump and grab that block and climb the ladder, climb off left. Turn left and stand jump down to a ledge below. Throw the lever and a hatch opens on top of the ladder you came from. Hop down E to the ladder and go back up, through that hatch and off to the left. No less than two bugs attack here same time, so watch your health. You have some room to move though.

Shoot a vase S (maybe you did already) and collect the Uzis. Climb that block near the ladder and jump to the ladder in the ceiling, you’ll have to “drop hang and climb into a crawlspace” at the top of it. Crawl out and go left around the church, back to the bridge (or go along this side and use the window to get over the rock ridge).

Some parts of the bridge are still intact; you have to get to the crossing and to the right, jump over the corner of the railing to the tile around the corner. At the door jump left over to a ledge with the Star receptacle and get through the door.

Diary: Maybe the local interpretation of turning water into wine. In any case, I don’t want to taste it!

Door Puzzle.

To the right is a ledge with Uzi clips, the door opens to a Secret later. Jump back, go to the end of the ledge and run jump to the right onto a slope, jump again to get over the fence. Go into a room with 4 levers and some doors. Left on the floor are some Flares.

W Door: Jumps to the Bells.

Throw the E/W/S side levers (when looking at the walls) and W opens. Inside go left, run jump with roll onto the slope and jump to grab the ceiling, swing around to the other side, hang left near the end of the grate and drop, jump left to the ledge. Climb the cage in the next room and grab the roof, go left (S) first if you want some Uzi clips, then to the other side to use the lever in the window. A gate opens below, safety drop down with some health loss. Enter the gate N go right and to the back.

How I did it: Back flip onto the corner of the sloped block, as close to the spikes as you dare (you’ll get harmed a bit) and jump to touch the corner of the next slope, keep jumping and grab the wide slope after the third jump. Go to the right hand wall and take two grabs back.

Save, and back flip, then jump to the left and here you can just jump to and fro while drawing the pistols or Uzis if you prefer. Keep jumping to the left and as soon as get close to that slope left, slide down backwards, back flip and jump hard left to hit that left slope, jump and roll firing weapons to shoot the bell (be sure you hear the bell!). Immediately put away the guns and jump from the slope, grabbing the next higher slope. Back flip roll and grab the edge of the wide slope, go left almost to the wall and back flip, just slide down landing on that corner block on the floor, jump a bit left to get away from the spikes (savegame.4).

Get out and straight across to the other room, more jumps to a bell. Face away from the block, back flip onto the block and jump to grab the wide slope. Best go to a wall and two grabs back to be lined up, Save. Back flip and jump back with a curve to the middle slope. Now keep jumping and try to grab the slope after the third jump. The bell is probably behind you, so hang in the middle and save. Pull up, back flip and draw weapons slide far down from the slope under the bell, back flip and jump again firing at the bell. Slide down far and back flip putting away the guns. While jumping to and fro I did a roll and then jumped left (or right) to land on the wide slope. Safety drop down (savegame.5).

Go out, the cage at the Dove lowered, so turn the Dove and get a screen of that church door. Go to the room E, jump and grab that slope on the right and pull up over, slide and jump to the ledge. Go through to the room with the levers.

Secret: Don’t touch the levers you did already, but just pull the one at the rooms entrance (N). Turn around, go to that fence in the entrance corridor and jump right to the slope, slide and jump over the other fence. Then jump left to the ledge where you got the ammo before and the door is open. Inside is Secret #2(6), a Secret Gem. Return to the 4 levers.

E Door: Move the Templar Knight.

Pull the levers in the W and E back up; the E door opens. Jump through the entrance room to the back; go up the ladder and down the other side into a large room with high ledges. A Wraith appears and a bug too, while shooting the bug the Wraith will probably just take off, those bugs can harm you bad, so watch the health. In case the Wraith is still there, there is a hole in the floor left of the E bridge; it leads to a Wraith catcher.

In the right hand wall is a door, go there and drop down left of the door, there is a passage at water level. Inside is a lever opening the door. Get back up to the door, hop to the block with the chain pulley and use that to change the bridges in the room. Hop back, go through the door and approach the cage where the Knight is locked up. In the cage where the Knight is are Uzi clips. Lure the Knight out to the ledges, over the bridge and use the pulley to change the bridges again. The knight has to follow you into the room E so he can break a wooden barrier for you. Run in there and use the chain pulley, the large room is flooded. Two more bugs appeared, there are Uzi clips in the water near the door (S) and Flares next to the Dove, swim there and turn the Dove, another screen of the Church door.

Leave the room, jump up the blocks and do not use the ladder, but just run down from the block with Ctrl. Run jump down left to the ledge, turn right and jump into an alcove with a small medipack, jump back to the ledge and then get back to the room with the 4 levers (W).

S Door: Labyrinth, Knives, Knights and other Trouble.

First be sure that all levers are up, then throw only the S and W lever, and the door S opens up. Jump and grab the pole from the right hand corner ledge, with Alt and forward Lara will jump to the next. Turn to that opening and jump in there.

Slide down and pick up Flares to the right, the first room left has the Dove, but we need two Stars, pick up the Uzi clips and go back out, left and at the corner a Knight (horseman) will show up. There are some more around, go in where he came from and where the skeleton lies is a knife trap, so best jump over, to the right is a small medipack. Go left there (N) and hop over another trap. Next room with the fires, turn right and pull out the block, climb over and down behind it. Push it once and then push it to the fire floor. Climb up and run jump over the fires to grab the alcove up N, take the first Star Key. Jump back to the block (use Ctrl), go in left where you got it from and pick up Uzi clips. Follow through and at the Blade trap go in right. In the dark room is a Medipack left, hang into the hole in the floor and drop to grab a lower passage, go get the second Star Key. Jump out left or right and grab the edge of the floor above. Return to the push block, go left to the crossing and then right around corners to the Dove. Use the two Star Keys to lower the cage and turn the Dove. The church opens up.

To the Church.

Go back to the right to the slope, jump up and use the poles to get back to the room with the levers. Leave N, jump the slope to get through the corner and at the bridge be careful, as some tiles that were saved before, will now crumble. At the empty corner I did a run jump straight to the crossing and a left curve at the end to land on a solid part. Go inside the Church.

The Church.

Pick up the Scrap of Paper:  ‘Only the light will show you the right way’

It means that if you use the binoculars with light or a Flare, you will see the safe path over the floor of the church. But first go left and down into that hole in the floor and slide down the slope. Pick up Flares and take a right into the basement (we’ll be back here in the last part of the game). Use the pulley and get a screen of the door beyond the church floor. Go out, take a right up a slope and climb out. Light a flare at the floor and spot the yellow lights under the floor. First is the second tile straight in the middle (each correct tile will ignite a torch on the wall), next is diagonally to the right of it. Next is left, the second tile. Left again and the last one is in front of the door, it will open if done correctly.

Throw the lever in the right hand corner and drop into the pool below, when you climb out Lara wrote in her Diary.

There it is, the last corridor before the Grail! I’m about to find the most famous artifact in the history! I think that I will be able to retire after this!

Go in and a cut scene will take over, things go bad when Lara wants to take the Holy Grail…


4- Vatican Museum.

 The Farmacia, a Key.

Go out of the alley and shoot a dog on Viale Vaticano. Left is a keyhole and behind the tree are Flares. Head into the alley right (S) to the square with the Farmacia, there are Flares in the tunnel S. From a crate right, climb up to the balcony, stand jump and grab the pole right of the flag and swing onto the next balcony, to the right is a button to open the Farmacia. Hop down from the balcony to enter. The water in there seems to be deadly, maybe spilled acid? So hop left, over to the other side and a curved jump plus Ctrl to the shop window and go around the counter; pick up a Medipack. Turn around and duck under the counter to grab the Key (Viale Vaticano). Leave the shop and back in the alley two dogs attack. Head back to the first square and use the Key there; it’s not a door that opens, but the manhole to the Sewers (SE).


Climb down the manhole in the opposite corner, turn W and go right around the corner to find a flood switch that will drain the water from the sewer. We need that because we have to disable a propeller creating a deadly current.

Walk back a bit and shoot that wooden panel right, jump over there and come to a room with poisonous gas.

Secret: A bit to the right, in front of that balcony in the back you can see the Gem. Run jump to it, get Secret #1(7), the Secret Gem and wade back to get air, you can just about make it without losing health.

An Iron Stick (pole).

Now we have to get onto the balcony above the entrance, the upper level of the room is safe from the gas. Jump as far as you can into the room (best land on a higher point of the floor), get onto the walkway in the back, run to the (NW) corner and turn right to grab up to the walkway above and take a breath. Run jump with Ctrl to grab the balcony over the entrance and pick up the Iron Stick left of that pipe, on the other side of the pipe is a Medipack. Drop down and get out of this place.

Preparing for a Timed Swim.

Jump back over to where you used the switch before to drain the sewer and go S and then left around the corner. At the end drop down and take the first opening left. Drop down and walk carefully to the propeller. Use the Stick to disable the thing, go back to the flood switch and flood the sewer again.

Go back, left and then right around to find a button that will open a Timed trapdoor in another part of the Sewer. Push, roll run back left around towards the manhole and hop right over the rail into the channel, right into the opening and down into the part where that propeller is. In the back is the open trapdoor, go up straight and climb out (savegame.6).

The Fun Part, using the C-4.

Turn around and pick up a small medipack. There is a big boiler in this room. Open the door in the back with the button and go through to a small fuel storage. Locate the button around the corner left and go back into the room with the boiler and place the C-4 you have in the backpack on the boiler, run into the storage and close the door with that button. Duck and wait it out. Open the door again and jump out of the room (side flip). Jump with Ctrl along the left side into the opening where the boiler used to be and get into the duct.

Entering the Vatican Museum.

Out the other end and use a button left to open the door, into a corridor and to the right is a laser that will sound the alarm if you trip it. So go left and open the double doors.

Diary: There is an opened e-mail from the chief of Security:

“After the recent terrific events, the museum has been closed. As some priests are still going to the Chapel, only basic alarm systems are on. But if an intrusion is detected, an elite patrol is ready to step in and armored doors will seal off the main accesses. I will stay in the security office to keep an eye on the situation. At the moment, evil creatures did not manage to enter the City, but it is a matter of time. May God be with us.”

Ok, so I must not rigger any alarm if I want a chance to enter the Sixitina Chapel.

In the cupboard is a Key, stand a bit back to open it. Back to the corridor and to the other end. Crawl under the laser and use the Key to open the doors left of you. Go through and follow up to where a flyby starts. You cannot go through those scan portals with pistols, the alarm will sound… So go to the shelves in the far left and put your guns there. Now go through one of the portals and up the stairs. On the landing with the Capela Sistina (Sistene chapel) in front, go right into the Arte Religioza Halls.

Arte Religioza (Religious Art), a Crowbar.

Go straight to the opposite wall next to the laser, carefully side step left through the small opening (or side flip if you dare). Climb on the low display N, grab up to the rim above and shimmy right through the laser. Drop and go into the passage a bit further down, take a right into the hall and go onto the steps in the back. Grab up right through the hole in the ceiling and go to the balustrade. Run jump over with a swan dive (Alt&Shift) to land on the chandelier. Jump to the other side, move the display (first pull to the S) to the opening in the balustrade. Now pull that chain on the ledge 2 times while facing the chandelier and see it go up.


Jump onto the chandelier and then jump to grab the upper floor E, open the double doors left and go downstairs to open the doors to get back to the balcony with the display. Pull the chain 3 times and run back upstairs. Jump to the chandelier to the last balcony (or dive)(W) and use the switch there to open a door on the balcony below. Leave through the double doors in the other corner and run down, pull the chain here 5 times and jump to the chandelier as before (swan dive). Over to the other side and enter the door (W), inside is the Crowbar on a table. Drop down from the balcony into the hall, go out W and straight to some double doors, bypassing the second laser. Sidestep through the gap in the first laser and go out right to the landing. Go straight across into the other exhibition halls.

Collezione Egiziana (Aegean Collection), Laser Sight.

Climb the display and jump up left to grab up to the pillar. Use that to jump over the lasers and climb the next display. Run off right between the lasers below and side flip over the lower ones. Go to the next hall and grab up to the display on the right, turn a bit left and hop diagonally over the laser (or jump over them from the ground floor). Pull the empty display (NE) twice from the wall and then push it under a duct up over those doors (N).

A Key.

Get into the duct and come to an office, one cupboard (left) is empty, the one S has a Laser Sight. Open the double doors left and get a screen of the chief of Security. Go straight into the passage and go slow into that room, crawl (or walk very slow) to the guard and stand up where you are behind him. Select the crowbar from the inventory and whack him over the head… Pick up the Key (not much info with such names). Go back to the office, through the duct and into the Collezione Egiziana, make your way back through the lasers and go to the landing. Take a right up the stairs and open the big doors (S) with your Key.

Timed Laser Run.

To the left is a button to open the Timed door behind the lasers. Push, roll, run a bit and hop over the first two, then duck and use the crawlspace roll (sprint key while holding crouch) once, hop over the last laser to get to the door (savegame.7).

The Hydra’s, a Security Pass.

Turn left, but don’t walk yet, you have to get into that open passage straight across. (When playing the old version there is a button on the N wall to re-open the timed door, best open that now by pressing the button twice).

As soon as you walk into the courtyard, those Hydra’s will come alive and a flyby shows you where you have to go to. During the flyby hold jump forward pressed so you immediately leave the spot the dragon was aiming at and then sprint into the right hand side of the opposite passage. At the rubble side flip left through the gap and be careful, the next place is full of broken glass. Walk slowly through the glass, turn left and hop to the safe ledge. Drop down and go behind that pillar N to get a small medipack. Loop around left into the opening SW, through the deep part onto a safe spot. Walk slowly left around and use a switch, a screen of a door. Walk back to the safe spot and go back to the corner you came from (loop around right).

Climb the stone block and grab up to the entrance. Walk to the other side and stand jump to grab the safe ledge ahead. Turn left and here is a hard jump. From the corner of the ledge a curved jump around the glass in front onto the safe spot on the balcony (savegame.8). Walk around the corner and grab up (use Ctrl & Up, no Alt) to the ladder, back flip off onto the floor above. Jump to the balcony with the Medipack and then to the higher one at the doors. To the small balcony SW and from there a curved running jump around the corner into an alcove in the W wall. From about where you will land you can side flip onto the balcony with the button. The double doors will open when you use it. Jump back into the alcove, to the balcony where the Medipack was and up to the one with the open doors.

Run out right in the courtyard where the Hydra’s are below, jump onto the roof so you can jump again and land on the balcony with the window. Use the Crowbar on the window and go in, in the cupboard is a Security Pass. Grab a small medipack from the other side of the room.

Retrieving the Guns.

Run out, right and jump a bit left onto the roof, as soon as you are near the end, hit Ctrl and release again to land on the ground, run a bit left into the passage (N). To the right is the Hall with the lasers.

Make your way through the lasers; go out to the Hall and downstairs to the entrance. Go right around over the bottom of the stairs (don’t get too close to the scan portal) and use the Security Pass in the card reader. Go through the bypass door left and get your Pistols back. Go back through the bypass to the staircase.

Secret: walk over the bottom of stairs to the far left corner of the room and shoot the grate there, go in get Secret #2(8), the Secret Gem and go back to the Hall. 

Go back to the staircases and make your way back up to the courtyard with the Hydra’s, I ran right around the corner into a dead end. Positioned myself to side flip left into sight while shooting and immediately flip back to safety. It takes a while, but I did it without a single burn. The last remaining one is safer to handle so that one I took straight on, side flipping left and right (savegame.9).

Now climb the block where that thing was and grab the ladder up right; get to the balcony above and use the button to open a door E on the courtyard.

Open Doors, the Chapel Key.

Drop down and go through the new opening (E), shoot that barrier to the right. Inside go to the right hand statue and look on the back of it for a button, screen of a door opening up. Turn around and go to the far side and right down into a basement with glass. Swim S through the laser traps, from the top of the stairs, first jump up straight then jump diagonally over the lasers, one by one and use the switch on the ledge to open another door. Get back through the lasers and grab back up to the ground floor.

Go a bit left behind that slanted block and onto the white block (E), turn right and jump to grab the slanted block (SW), hang left, pull up and slide to jump left and grab the upper floor. Turn around and jump to the other side, left through the door you just opened and run jump from the floor to grab the chain of the chandelier. Go up a bit and face the right hand side of the crawlspace in the opposite wall. Jump from the chain (Alt) and grab the opening, follow through and find the Chapel Key on the balcony. Jump to the stack of crates S and get back out of here (N). From the Dragon courtyard out right and through the laser traps once more. Down the stairs and up the stairs N to open the door to the Chapela Sistena.

Chapela Sistena (Sistine Chapel), Mural Puzzle.

Run through this amazing chapel and a dog comes running from behind the altar, shoot him and go look where he came from. He was devouring the priests body. Pull the priest from his place and Lara finds something. Check the Diary:

I found this note under the dead priests body (some parts of murals, hint).

Now turn around and grab up to the scaffolding, to the right, in the corner is a Crossbow with Arrows. Now we go look for those murals, don’t think the order matters, but let’s follow the diary. Stay on this scaffold; combine Sight & Crossbow. If you got the shot correct mural part, a small sphere appears.

1: Go to the other end of the scaffold (S).Turn to the around, look up at the ceiling and look for the 4th mural from the altar side, two men, reaching hands, shoot the shoulder of the bearded man.

2: Wall behind the altar top floor, a bit left of the middle, arm raised, aim for the elbow.

3: Is on this scaffold, the second mural from the left (S) side, the right hand bottom corner, use Ctrl there and Lara touches it so it activates.

Ring Puzzle.

A cut scene takes over and 3 Skeleton Harpies appear. Deal with them on ground floor and have a look at that puzzle in the middle of the Chapel. Rings with a mark in them and 4 trigger pads in the corners. The ring in the middle doesn’t move, so we have to line up the marks on the other rings with the middle one.

SE pad operates rings 1-4, NE rings 2-3, NW rings 3-4 and SW rings 2-4.

There may be a faster way, but I did it like this. Step on SE twice (don’t accidentally step on another pad in the meantime). SW once, NE once, and NW twice.

All Hell breaks loose, a trapdoor goes up in the corner left of the entrance (SE), grab up and from that trapdoor you can grab up to the scaffold above, hang to the right and pull up, roll and run jump to grab the next scaffold. Run to the end and do a running jump left from the back corner into that blue sphere… (savegame.10).

5- Inferno.

When Lara recovered, go left, through the crawlspace,

Diary: My head hurts. What just happened? Apparently I am still in the Museum, but it is strange, it is too quiet…

Follow through, pick up Flares at the chair and open the double doors right. Follow through to some big doors that will open,

Diary: um, I don’t know where I am, but it is definitely far away from the Vatican City or even the real world.

Go in carefully and walk to the edge of the sloped tunnel. Stand a bit right of the middle (you have to land on the very left side of the first ledge) and take two steps back from the edge, hop back once and do a run jump down onto the first ledge, slide far and jump left to the long ledge, slide far again and jump to the left again to the last ledge and from the very end of that one right to grab the ledge ahead (savegame.11).

Fiery Room.

Looks like we need something to use on that block ahead, turn right and jump into the tunnel in the dark wall (S). Throw a lever there to open a door at the block and jump back up there, the right hand door is open, go in. Take a few steps back from the edge so that when you run jump to that ledge ahead you’ll land on the nearest edge (when there are no burners pointing at it of course). Depending on which burner will come first, side flip right or left and on the outer corner you will be safe. Two hops straight and a running jump into the alcove with the pedestal where the Key is. Make your way back almost the same way and I did a curved jump from a side tile around the pillar to the side of the entrance ledge.

Spike Ceiling Elevator challenge.

Use the key at the block and the door left opens up, shoot that red crystal and the next door opens, Save here. When you slide down, the floor will go up, there are 5 of those red crystals here, shoot them while going up and the spikes will retract and a barred door will open. Step just past the corner of the pillar right, the first is straight ahead, turn right for #2, turn around for #3, turn left for #4 and roll for #5 (same height), the spikes will retract and the barred door should be to the right of you. After a few attempts I did it myself and I did it with the crossbow, because that will give you the chance to already shoot the ones above before you reach them and if you missed one you can still shoot it when it is almost covered by the floor (savegame.12).

All for the Scepter.

Go through the passage and left and right, in the alcoves are a small medipack and Arrows. Down to a pool two dogs attack, on the ledge in the pool is a receptacle of sorts.

N: Red Beam Tower, the Red Crystal.

Go left around the corner to a lava cascade, climb the ledge and down a ladder to a grate. Through the crawlspace to find Flares and a lever, the lever opens a door upstairs, so go back up and take a left into that door into a cave with a big red beam.

Secret: go up the hill left and jump into the left hand opening onto a grate with Secret #1(9), a Secret Gem. Climb back out.

First we have to get to the top of that central tower thing. Climb the ladder on the back of the left pillar (NW) and take a few steps forward, turn around and grab up to the ledge above, now jump to the alcove N (straight run jump and grab at last moment) and climb the block there on the right side, jump back to the tower. Go to the SW corner and hang from the edge, go left to the ladder and up, jump to the E side and grab up again

Diary: If I trust my last experience with a double in Cleopatra’s palace, I should take care of this one if I don’t want trouble!

Meaning: suspended in the red beam is a Lara double, she should not touch those red circles in the red beam, the levers that will now become available will open those circles so she can pass through. You have to get down the tower while using the 5 levers. Well for me that was only possible after studying the video provided by MrJavi94..(Red Crystal timed run.mp4)  So, stand left of the pedestal on top and Save before you pick up the Red Crystal from the pedestal, save every time you use a lever (You can also hop back grabbing the edge and immediately drop into the opening in the middle where the beam is, landing in the water below. Stay there a while and climb out, there is mention of possible bugs when you do this although I never encountered them).

S: Dungeons, the Empty Scepter.

Return to the room where the receptacle is (S)… we need something else, hop in the pool and open the underwater door (S), go in and through to a flooded room, left in the back corner is a lever on the pillar, it will open a door above. Go back to the room with the receptacle and into that open door S. In the ceiling of the central part is a platform you can reach with a jump from the pole to the right. On first floor, to the N and W alcoves are Grenades. Drop down the dark hole in the S side and slide into a dungeon. Grab the Arrows and in the opposite corner (NW) is a jump lever, don’t use it yet. Shoot the fence to get to a passage with an all-seeing Eye on the right (W). Go to the other end of the passage and left up the stairs, right around are Flares on a pedestal

Diary: According to this tablet, there is a switch in each of the four cells. Activated in the correct order, they open a gate in the flooded cell. There’s nothing about the order but I bet there are some hints hidden in this place.  

Go back down the stairs to the cells and in each cell you can see skulls on stakes. Shoot the fences to get into the cells. The number of stakes gives you the order of the jump levers. So the first one is left, inside to the right and just above where the water is, is the lever (#1). Go out, left to the last cell right, the one you came from and the lever (#2) is just left of the puddle of water. Out and left, last cell left, shoot the dog and the lever (#3) is in the right hand corner. Out and right, into the last cell left, shoot the creature and use the lever (#4) just above the water on vertical part of the ceiling. Before you leave, grab the Empty Scepter from the alcove W.

A Key, use the Scepter.

Back to the passage and right into the last cell right and right to the opening with the water, wade through and grab a Medipack left of the open gate. Go through the gate and follow through to a room with a tile in the floor, stand on it, jump up and it will break. In the alcove down there is a Key. Go back to the cell, out to the right and up the stairs to use your Key on the door left. Step through to the room with the pole. A creature and a Skeleton Harpy will attack. Leave NW to the room with the receptacle and combine Crystal and the Empty Scepter into the Scepter. Place that on the receptacle over the pool and the door opens up (E).

The Dragon.

Go through and left into a long corridor, when you run through an open door, it will close behind you. This area will drain your health slowly…

Diary: Just when I thought that the game was won! I guess I must get rid of this “thing” if I want to go any further. I should hurry; this cursed world is draining my energy. If only I could find a way to get back to the real world again.

You are on a bridge; you have to get to the ladder behind the Dragon. So, at the closed door, turn right, just run down from the bridge next to the wall onto a ledge below. Run jump to the E, not to grab that ledge (for later), but to land on the slopes below, slide down and maybe jump from the bottom of the slope to speed things up, run right to the ladder and go up. Through the tunnel along the left side and up the blocks left, roll and climb backwards through the gap. Keep hanging and shimmy right around the corners to where you can drop into a passage.

Different Reality, Jungle World, the Key of Realities.

Go into the passage and into the teleporter (remember you can always go in these to get your health up), follow through and right around the corner is the Key of Realities. Go back through the teleporter to get back to the cave.

Back to the Dragon.

Face the Lava and jump over to the other side, follow through, down into a lower part and come to a lever. It is on the wall in front of you where you see a gate left, this gate leads to that ledge next to the bridge. Open the gate with it, run out left through the gate into the passage and from the other end jump to the ledge at the bridge; get onto the bridge.

Through the Cave while under Fire.

During the next part, save in a new slot whenever you are behind a pillar, out of sight of the Dragon. The climbable pillars can be a bit buggy due to the slanted top of bottom of the pillars. Go right a bit and at the slanted block right, hang from the edge, shimmy onto the ladder and when Lara gets her feet up, go down a bit and left around the pillar (around two corners). Back flip and roll to the next ladder, go right around and back flip to a ledge, hang from the W side and shimmy along the crack. Go left around the corner and back flip and roll to the next, left around one corner and up to the top, hang from the top and shimmy left around the corner, pull up and back flip with roll to a ledge. Run to the right over the corner to the next ledge and take refuge behind the pillar. Look NE and spot an opening up in that corner and a few blocks leading up there. Jump from this ledge onto the block NE, next to the lava flow, run jump E to the next and a hop up left to the opening.

The Detonator.

Use the Key of Realities and step into the teleporter, taking you to another Reality again. Go up the steps and use the button to the right to open the door in the back of the passage and go into a room with crates. In the back (N) grab the Explosive Arrows. Now we need to find a way to use the crane in this room, go over the crates to the left (NW) and pull that first crate once, climb over to find a passage with a button, this will operate the crane, so go back and crawl under the lifted crate to get the Detonator. Best reset the crane by using the button again and go out of the room and go back to the teleporter. Ready the Crossbow with Explosive ammo. In the Lava cave get to the opening and hop to the ledge right, jump over to the W and run jump from the highest tip (SW) onto the ledge between the pillars (S).

Run onto the single ledge SW, stand on the SW corner facing E and side flip right onto the pillar, slide off grabbing the edge and climb down the ladder (drop/grabs didn’t work for me). At the lava, hang right and back flip roll onto a tiny ledge. Walk to the edge and hop back, a run jump to the next ledge and line up for a jump to that corner block right, a harpy showed up better wait with taking him on till you are on the rocks in that corner. Explosive arrows work great here. Climb the ladder left (on that pillar) and run over the ledge, take on a creature and go right inside to another Reality Keyhole.

Different Reality, Lara’s Home, the Dynamite.

Follow through to the left; a door opens into Lara’s bedroom. A button left of the bed opens a storage closet; inside are a small medipack, Grenades, a Grenade gun, a Medipack, Explosive Arrows and the Dynamite. Combine the Dynamite with the Detonator and get an Explosive Kit.

Top of the Bridge, the Detonator Key.

Get back through the teleporter, a harpy might show up, get out to the ledge, left and down the ladder. Jump the ledges in the lava back to the ladder on the pillar. Up to the top, hang and go left around the corner, hang left and back flip to the ledge. Turn around and jump grab up to the higher ledge between the pillars. Here you can jump and grab through a hole in the floor above and get up there. Shoot a creature and close to the door and on the right hand side (stand on the dirt a bit right of the middle of the opening) so you can grab the ladder and Lara will have to put her feet up) climb up to the roof. Jump over to the next arched roof.

Secret (and health): Stand on the top of that second roof facing E and to the left. Jump up to grab the ladder and climb up, use the Key and the teleporter to get to Secret #2 (10), a Secret Gem. And your health is back up too. Get back down to the arched roof.

Jump all the way to the other side (S), shoot a harpy and get into the opening in the wall. Use the Key on the Reality Keyhole.

Different Reality, Area 51, the Detonator Key. 

Outside is a Quad Bike, first go to that fence N, right hand side and in a trench at the fence is the Nitrous Oxide Feeder. Go to the Quad and mount that on the Quad (face SW and select from inventory). Now take the Quad a bit left to the rock wall and make a U-turn left. Speed up the right hand side of the hill N going diagonally to the left of the top, and hit sprint to feed Nitro, turning more to the left as soon as you are close to the top of the fence and hit the brakes (Alt) while steering hard left so you can get back up to the fence. Leave the Quad there and go into the water, at the other end is the Detonator Key. A door opened in the fence (SW), so get back there and into the base, through the teleporter. You now have all the ingredients to put on some Fireworks Show.

Blowing up a Cave.

From the opening to the Cave, out onto the roof and drop down to the bridge below, to the SE corner and get down to that ledge below the bridge again, jump over to the E, grabbing the floor. To the left is that shortcut gate, get in there and follow through to that small lava cave. On the ledge left, in the lava is a Dragon symbol.

Best first jump over the Lava and get into the teleporter and back to get the health up. Now jump back and place Explosive Kit there and Lara will prepare herself for the Fireworks. Use the Detonator Key and watch what happens. Even that Dragon cannot stand the lava flow.

Divine Oil.

Big doors opened on the N side bridge, where you shot that creature. So go out right (W) to the shortcut gate, run left onto the ledge and jump over to the one under the bridge, grab up to the bridge. I went to the far NW corner (stay on the pavement) and did a run jump with roll onto that slanted pillar (look down and this is actually a shortcut for the ladder route), be sure to slide off the backwards and grab the edge, pull up and back flip onto the single ledge, turn around and jump grab up to the higher ledge between the pillars. Up through the hole in the ceiling to the open doors. Stay on the left and run jump over the slope into a hole and slide down to a heavenly place where you can pick up a Flask of Divine Oil.

Climb the block right and run jump to the pillar left, from there hop into the alcove in the wall and then run jump into the blue sphere.

 6: Armageddon.  

 Lara: So here we are. I’m fighting Apocalypse at the exact place it took in the Bible. I just hope it will not end the same way. I didn’t know I was so right when I said I should retire after this. Maybe it’s time to leave the scene while I still have more good adventure memories than bad ones. But no rest before I win my last stand!

Because there’s a timer running you can save time by ignoring enemies and just try to avoid them as much as possible.

Use Esc, slide down and head S to the street of the demolished town, take on the demigod left, E near the abyss is a Key next to a briefcase, duck to pick up the Key. Go to the W end of the street, another Demigod. On the dustbin left of the house (S) are Grenades. Open the house on the left of the dustbin with that Key and inside are a Zombie and a Fire Extinguisher. Run back through the street and hop into the well. Go to the opening with the fire and use the Extinguisher there. Jump through and once on the slope, immediately back flip and slide down again after the boulders passed. Go left down the slope, jump into the opening and slide down again, keep your cool and back flip at the last moment so the boulders can pass. Now down the slope again and jump over the abyss, go up to the tunnel in front and follow through, be careful at the end is a deadly passage.

Slide down a bit right of sinking pad #1 and jump to the right hand side of it while curving left, a running jump to sinking pad #2 and a curved jump left to the far corner of #3, a hop turning right to #4 and a sharp right curved running jump to the last. Depending on how you land on that one, take a running jump (or a side flip) to safe ground (savegame.13 ).

Go left at the church, debris falling everywhere, so be careful and save in a new slot after passing through a few of them and don’t forget to take a medipack every now and then. Right around the corners a demigod shows up, ignore him and run to the second last window right, climb up and run jump over the hot spot into the church. Go left and then right, down that hole again. Slide down the slope a bit along the right hand side so you can jump right onto a safe part of the crumbled floor, hop into the alcove on the right.

Go in there and right around the corner down into a hole, run around the corner and down the wide hole, up the slope on other side and just around the corner turn around and grab up to a ridge above. Pull up and back flip with roll. Follow through and duck into a crawlspace, go left and use the roll function to get through fast. Run through the chapel (savegame.14 ), get to the Grail and use the Flask of Divine Oil before time runs out.

Stop yourself from ending the World.

If you made it in time, time will reverse and you’ll end up 24 hours earlier… Take a right into the alcove and push the button to open the church, go in carefully, don’t go through that time barrier and shoot yourself (Lara in the other reality) before you can take the Grail.


End of the adventure…

G&D- Jan 07-2017.