Letter from Santa.

Level by mugs.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Muskegon Toy Co.

Some Wires.

Lara slides down; go to the right and around the wired fence. Once in the next square go straight (E) and get Flares from the garage, next to a parked jeep. On the shelves are some Wires.

Use the Wires, a Crowbar.

Turn around and leave this square (SW) to go back where you started. Follow the fence to the other end to another area. Go further and on the left at the rubbish in the opening, look up. Jump up to grab the monkey climb and climb over the rubbish.

At the end let go, jump up to shoot the window and grab up to the crawlspace. Drop down the other side and go to a small room, open the doors, go up the stairs. At the top turn around and shoot the window (S). Go down a few steps and grab the crack in the right hand wall and shimmy into the crawlspace. Lower yourself onto an iron staircase and follow it down to the ground floor. Open the doors on the right and use the switch. This creates a shortcut to the area where you used the monkey climb, the passage is opposite the green house (E), for later. 

Go out of the double doors, to the dustbin and loop right around the dustbin, climb up the ladder between the bin and the tree and up again and open the cabinet in front to get some Flares. Then take a right, use the Wires there and a trapdoor on the left drops, go there and climb up, open the doors.

Go outside and walk the rope to the other side. Go down the iron staircase and once outside keep going straight. Pass the window of the shops and near the end of the street, after the tree, turn left and take a running jump to grab the roof. Shimmy left around the corner and when you are over the wall, back flip to the roof of the green building.

Open the trapdoor and safety drop down. Get the Crowbar and use button left of the door to get out.

Using the Crowbar.

Once out go a bit to the right and through the shortcut you created before (switch behind the double doors N).

However…Back to the Garage with a Secret: Don’t go through that shortcut gate, but go left and climb back up again at that dust bin (N). Take a right up through the trapdoor and at the rope, drop own into the yard below. Drop down left into the alley below and get Secret #1, a Tree. Climb back up and open the doors E, follow through and open the next doors, you are back at the staircase with the crack. Go left, down the stairs, at the end up left through the crawlspace and grab the monkey climb to get over the boxes. Outside go right and here the two routes come together.

Go to the right through the opening and run along the fence back to the square with the garage. Go all the way to the back (N), around the corner and jump into an alcove (W) and open the gate there with the crowbar. Look into the hole on the left and safety drop down onto a breakable tile. Shoot the small fence and crawl in and drop down at the end.



The Battery.

Drop down onto the work floor and find a desk that stands against the right hand wall (S). Go behind it and pick up the Battery. Then go to the back of the place (E). Find the rack on the left, push/pull it into the room E and then climb on top of it. Jump up to open the trapdoor and climb in. Go left, then right and pull the carton box there out twice so you can go around to get behind it.  

Move the Conveyor, the Flux Adaptor.

Once on the spot where that box was, go to the right (E) and follow through. Lara looks to the left because she sees something she needs, but it is out of reach for now so continue.

Place the battery on the left wall (E) and the conveyor moves. Go through the open gate (S) to the conveyer belt on the left and pick up the Flux Adaptor.

For a secret; Crawl underneath the boxes that are on the conveyer belt and around the corner (you might jump over the belt to continue), where you can find Secret #2, a Tree on the belt. Crawl back.

Go back through the passages and when you arrive at that pushable carton box you have to go left and just around the corner you can use the Flux Adaptor on the wall on the left (E).

Turn left and go straight (N) and around the corner left is a now open door. Get down into the room below and push a button on the intercom in the SE corner. Push/pull the carton box (SW) under the hole in the ceiling to get back up and leave (keep going right) down the hole in the floor and back to the workshop.

Go to the other end and pull the now available switch (SW).

Conveyer belts.  

Jump in and while sliding; get to the right hand side of the belt almost to the end. Then jump to the right onto the next conveyer belt. Jump to the left side of the belt, then at the end jump over to the one going left, slide a bit and jump over the next one, so going straight (S).

At the end jump again but now straight to the roof there and grab the edge. Shimmy all the way to the left, pull up and back jump onto a walkway. Walk into a small passage on the left and around to the left is a button (opens gate you can see through the window left (N).

Go outside and I just jumped on the belt below, going N (Or back flip with an angle onto the roof and slide off onto the belt). At the end drop down to the floor, go a bit further and then take a right (E) through the opening and then a left. There is an iron staircase in the corner (NW).

Go up (you can shoot the carton boxes if you want) and go out (S). Look up right and spot an opening above the belt you have to get to. 

Take a running jump to the conveyer belt straight ahead but so that you move forward to the right (W). Jump up almost immediately and grab the edge of the opening above the belt and pull up. Walk to the end and look to the right. Take a running jump to the open gate there and to the right in the back of this small room is a button (NE). Push it and a door opens.

Muskegon Toy Co.

Go outside and watch out for falling debris. Go onto the wooden roof and hop to the right into that passage there. Shoot the lower (and upper) window on the right there, you can also shoot the window straight ahead (N), but there’s no need to do that. Jump to a sneaky, hidden platform on the right behind that tree. You can shoot out another window (W) then take a running jump into that opening. Stay to the right and take another running jump straight ahead (no Ctrl).

For a Secret; Drop down into the fenced off area outside, check behind the bush in the alcove and find Secret #3, a Tree. Climb back up the wall left of the opening above and traverse to the right to climb back in.

Then jump to the half broken stairs (SE). Turn around; light a flare and again a running jump to grab the edge of that triangle opening. Crawl in (left corner), jump down and open the door, then go straight to the passage (E). Around the corner on the right is a ladder. Climb up and off to the right, where you’ll find two dolls.

At last! Before I pack these two up, according to that picture, it looks like something is missing.  

Andy’s Cap.

The nearby cupboard is empty, the one on the other end has an Old Key. Jump back to the dolls, go down the ladder, on the left of the ladder pull the turned over table filled with carton boxes away, run around and open a trapdoor there. Jump down and run to the end, use the Old Key on the right of that door.

In this Storage room, behind the crates in the far left corner (NW) is a Timed switch. Flip it and hop back turning right, jump onto the crates, run/jump to the corner where another stack is with the high crate (SE). Up the crate and roll so you can take a running jump and grab the platform in the corner. Pull up, turn to the left and hop back so you can immediately do another running jump to grab the balustrade. Open the cupboard and find Andy’s Cap.  

Safety drop down and back to the passage (S), roll at the end and climb out. Back up the ladder and stand behind Andy and put his Cap on.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

The end.