Silent Hill.

Levels by MpGrill.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions. (Revised Dec 15-2016)

In case you want the savegames, download the SilentHillSaves folder, !!!!Mind you, these only work with the latest version of the level (after Dec 14)!!!

The mentioned videos are in this SilentHillVideos folder, 9.2 Mb


We’ll use the red arrow on the compass as direction.

1 - The Town.

Turn on your Torchlight (Flare Key); it will help you to see a bit better in the smog. 

The Red Key.

Go W, passing the wrecked car and take a running jump over the caved in road and watch the flyby. Keep going straight (W) passing a small closed off “Smog testing” shed and then you’ll see a “forbidden to enter” sign on the right (at the third tree).

For a Secret, go a bit further to the next tree, jump over the railing and make your way up to the grassy ledge, then jump left onto the ridge, go down over the top and find a chest with Secret #1, Revolver ammo. Get back to the road and left to that Forbidden to enter sign.  

Hop over the rail, and follow through down the slope into a cave with all kinds of stuff. Keep to the right, jump up (NE) and crawl through.

In the next area find some crates (NE) and behind those is another crawlspace. Go through and jump up a slope, in that small cave; crawl backwards down into another crawlspace and follow though to another area. Stay on the higher ledge and walk to the right hand side (SE), Lara will look at a crack in the wall. Hop down onto a flat part below and grab up to that crack, shimmy left and hoist up around the corner.

Walk N over the ledge and you’ll get to what looks like a burial site. Loop around to the right and find a chest around the corner, get the Red Key from it.

Use the Red Key.

Go back through the opening (SW) and drop down from the ledge, near the cart and up in the corner (NE) is an opening, jump up there (you might jump a bit to the left to get through the roots of the tree) and crawl through. Then climb up again in a place with barrels and a gate in the back. Use the Red Key there, get in and go to the left, jump with a slight curve to the slope and shimmy to the right till you can stand up. From standing in the plant on the wall, take a running jump to the other side and grab the edge (you may have to find the right position to grab the edge), go left and take a slight curved running jump N around that rock pillar. Climb higher and you are back at the road. Go left (W) and watch the flyby.

Welcome to Silent Hill, through the Sewers.

Continue to a caved-in tunnel, stand on the left, turn around and drop to grab the edge of the road, go to the lowest point, let go and grab to get into the crawlspace.

As soon as you can stand up, turn to the right and grab up to a niche with Secret #2, a Medipack. Drop down.  

Get down and go to the SE corner and through coming to a small area with a boat and some water. Up E are fences with a passage behind it; we’ll go there later.

The Old Waterpark Key.

Go left through the tunnel, crawling (if you sprint and ‘Alt/roll’ it goes easier) under the wooden beams and at the intersection go right first. Keep going right and end up in an area with a burning drum. A bit further to the right is a chest with a Medipack.

Go to the pit in the back (E) and Lara looks up to a well-hidden jump lever in those pipes up to the right. The pit will flood allowing you to swim through a small gap (NE) to the next room, swim right, climb out right and crawl into the (SW) corner to find the Old Waterpark Key. Go out and in the water and straight out at the other side, to the right behind the pillar; open the chest to get a small medipack.

Turn around and go around the pillar in the other corner to find a switch, use it and the gate next to you open up (2 shortcut gates opened).

Use the Waterpark Key, the Valve.

Go in there and follow through to get back to the tunnel you came from before, take a right and then left, go left at the intersection and you’re back at the boat. Jump up in the SE corner and crawl left behind the fence, stand up and climb the ladder to the Rosewater Park area. Go down S behind the boxes and kick the door in the left wall, go through and open the gate with the Old Waterpark Key.

Go through and in the small valley right around the corner is a valve wheel, turn it and get a screen of a flooded pit.

The Flooded Pit, the Main Entrance Key.

Go back as you came, climb up at the Rosewater Park sign and down the ladder to the boat. Go into the tunnels and take a left this time, follow through to a room with a walkway and get into the water. Swim down through a trapdoor that opened in the left corner.

In the larger room below is an underwater ceiling lever next to the pillar NE, a door opens in the corner right of it (SE). Maybe first go back for air and swim through, up and get out into a new tunnel. Follow through left, and in the wider room, take a right between all those boxes, first crawl straight to the wall and turn left to crawl past the boxes and get the Main Entrance Key. Get out from between the boxes and go to the back for a switch opening the entrance door back up.

Use the Main Entrance Key.

Go back through the tunnel, take a right at the first crossing and then swim back through that larger room, up through the hole in the far left corner (NW). Climb out of the pit and take a right into the tunnels, we have to get back to the boat, so take a right at the first intersection. Up in the SE corner, behind the fence and up to the Rosewater Park area. Go right (N) now and open the big gate with the Main Entrance Key. You’ll end up in Town, near Rosewater Park (straight).  

The Underground Key.

We’ll get a hint for its location later, but it saves some backtracking if we go for that Key now. Go straight to the yellow car and down into the park (N). Straight to the end and turn right, somewhere near the bottom of the sloped path take a right to the lower part of the park and find some graves. In the W end, behind the open grave is a grave with a small tree on it, under that tree is the Underground Key. Make your way back up to the street with the yellow car.

Town Centre, some Weapons.  

Go right (W) into the street tunnel and at the crossing go left, left again into a yard and then right under the archway. To the right is a chest with a small medipack. Go back to the street and right to the crossing, take a left (W) and pass the Hotel and a small park left. Next crossing go left to the end and right around the corner is a dumpster, push that to the fence and use the switch you revealed. Go through the opened gate into a yard and take a right to the back. Open the double doors and go into a storage, in the right hand back corner is a chest, stand between wall and chest to open it and get a small medipack. Hop out of that corner and go to the back, climb onto that shelf there and grab the Pistols. Drop down and it seems you cannot shoot those crates on the shelf, so leave the room out to the street and take a left (N). Go all the way to the end onto a large square with horse fountains.

Horse Fountain Square, the Electronic piece.

Take a right and go to a gate (E), shoot the box and flip the switch to open the gate. Around the corner straight leads back to the streets, so take a left into the alley, down the staircase, left and around the structure. Shoot a fierce Dog (a bit tougher than your average dog) and come to a yard, carefully hop over those dark boxes in the corner, land just behind that cart and climb down a deep shaft. Follow towards that burning barrel in the distance and grab a small medipack from the chest. At the burning barrel turn left and go to the end of that valley where two more Dogs show up.

In the chest against the back wall is the Electronic piece.

Make your way back, up the ladder, through the alley to the square with the horses.  

Tour of Town, to the Park.

On the square take a right, right again into the first street (E) and when you get to a small yard left, go left up some stairs in the back and open a chest for a Medipack. Go back to the Horse square, go a bit right and cross over to the far corner (NW), Lara looks at a gate to the right. Go into the street W and left where the street bends left, on the wall to the right is one of the clues for that Underground Key we found already... ‘Last Grave’.

Proceed to where you see a burning barrel and on the wall behind that fence (W) another clue…’ Grave holds the Key’.

Keep going S and a flyby kicks in, a wall with a cat mural. Turn right there and spot an alley, it leads to the School level, for later because we have to open a gate there first.

Go into that arch left, opposite the cat mural, to a small garden, in the far left corner is a chest with Shotgun ammo. Back to the street and left to the crossing, go straight and look for the next small yard left, go up the stairs and open the door in the back. In the chest behind the table in this workshop you’ll find Revolver ammo.

Out to the street and left is a Gun shop, sadly it is closed..

Using the Underground Key.

So, instead turn right, back to the crossing and go right, next crossing right again and find the entrance to the park left, just right of the first big tree is an entrance leading down, open the door there with the Underground Key (if you don’t have that, scroll up).

Follow through opening a small door and at the end of the tunnel a Dog will attack. Follow through vast storage areas and open double doors. A room where someone has been doing a slide show. Go through the opening in the corner and come to the School.

2 – The School.  

Use the Electronic piece, open the Gate.  

Up the stairs and loop around to the left, place the Electronic piece in the box left of the fence. A gate opens in the corridor behind that fence. We cannot get to that gate from this side, so leave as you came..

1 - The Town.

Once up at the park go out straight to the street (W). Take a right, then a left at the crossing and right at the next, you should be back at the cat mural. Go N a bit and left into a narrow alley, in the end of it you can climb up left over the wall into a small yard.

In the right hand corner is a hidden crawlspace (SW). Shoot the grate and crawl in and around the corner.

2 – The School.

Go up the hill in the corner, hop onto the corner block and grab up. Go left through to the corridor where that gate opened up (E), at the crossing go right.

Go up a couple of stairs and in this school are a lot of classrooms to explore; I found most of them empty; so I’ll just mention the ones I think worth visiting, but do look as some of them might bring a smile on your face.

From those stairs on the left is another empty classroom; so to the right we go and open a door left, just before the stairs. The mess hall; in the back on the right are double doors, go through and find a Medipack in the kitchen. Back to the corridor and left up the stairs. Careful, don’t fall down (you can climb back up NE). Try to shoot the rat from above and jump over to the ledge ahead.

Go down a ladder on the back of it and turn left, go to the far side (S).

For a Secret: Take a right up those stairs (SW), down the slope and open the door left, follow through left and come to the school garden. Go around the first corner, to the end and left are blue dumpsters, in the corner behind those is Secret #3, an Old tape. Finding two of those and using them will give you an extra Secret later. Go back inside, through the small door down the stairs to that dark inner yard.

Crate Puzzle, the Offices, the Library Key.

Go straight into the corner (SE) and into the crawlspace. Go through and open the door. To the left are three push-crates. Push the last one in as far as it will go, run around some fences until you come to the middle crate but from the back. Pull it once, go around back to corridor and push that middle crate as far as it will go. Then around it again and now push/pull that crate all the way to the wall S, opening up the path behind the fence. Now go back to the first crate and pull it once back towards the corridor. Go around through the shortcut and find another crawlspace where crate #1 was.

Get in, jump down and go left (SE) to the two cabinets; both have a small medipack (stand back a bit to open them). Turn around and go to the next small room straight ahead (W), left around the corner is a small table Lara looks at, there’s  a Key underneath, push the table away to get that Library Key. The cabinet in this room has Shotgun ammo. Turn right and into the next room, both cabinets have Shotgun ammo. Turn around; go to the next room and loop around to the left.

The Book of Silent Hill.

Leave through the hole in the ceiling NW and go to the corridor and back to the dark inner yard. Take a right and climb up the ladder to the ledge (NE).

Then jump to the next ledge (S) and go down the ladder and through a passage to end up in the SE ledge OR take a running jump with a slight curve to the left to end up on the same one. Jump over to the next (W) and grab up to the passage, get in. 

Into the corridor and left at the intersection, into a small lounge and into the far right (SW) corner corridor, open the first door right. Against the N wall is a cupboard with ties in the lower shelf, crawl in there, get down on the ledge and jump over to the other side, into the passage to an auditorium. Go onto the stage and through the left hand curtain (screen of a Book), open a cabinet  for Shotgun ammo, then go behind that bookshelf to the right. Crawl into a crawlspace and get the Book of Silent Hill.

Back to the auditorium and in the left wall near the NE corner are double doors, open them and get down some stairs and you are back at the school. Go straight (E) up the stairs and to the end to jump back to the ledge with the ladder on the inner yard. Jump over onto the stairs; follow up to a Keyhole for the Library Key.

The Library, use the Book; the Town Street Keys.

Go to the right around the bookcases and a cabinet (N) has Revolver ammo, go through that opening left to the next room and loop around to the back where you’ll find a bookcase where you can use the Book of Silent Hill (SW), a door opens to the right. Go in there and open the cabinet to get the Town Street Keys. 

Leave the Library, through the door to the Inner yard and jump straight over to the stairs (W), take a left at the crossing and then take a right down the stairs and follow through, through that nasty spider web, then take a left at the crossing near the pit ahead. Right at the end and down the hole, through the crawlspace back to the Town.

1 - The Town.

Using the Town Street Keys.

And you’re back in the yard at the Cat mural. Climb over the wall left. Go to the street and left, left and keep following the streets all the way to the square with the Horses. A bit further to the left (N) is a gate you can open with your new Town Street Keys.

Go around the corner where a flyby of a Church kicks in.

3 - The Darkness. No secrets

All for a Crowbar.

Don’t forget to turn on your PLS (Flare Key twice).

Follow through, through a small alley until you spot a sign up left (Restrooms-straight ahead, Exit- back) and jump over a burning barrel, continue and reach a place with slopes and another burning barrel ahead. Make your way up the slope to the right and follow through there, down some stairs (camera changes) keep going passing through a labyrinth like room full of fences and come to a kind of cell block. Open the cabinets on the right for Shotgun ammo and a Medipack, the second cabinet has the same goodies. 

Proceed through these eerie rooms and a short flyby shows the next hall. Jump to the grated walkways (a bit to the left) over to the opening SE. A bit further to the left is a room with two burning barrels; go in and approach that Alien hanging there, a short cut scene where you hear a door opening up and two Armless Creatures appear. Can’t shoot them I suppose, so just avoid them and go to the corner of the room (SE), left through that door. A bit further another Armless Creature and here you’ll have to time those two burners to be able to get around the corner to the left, I did that with a blind running jump so I would be beyond that second burner before it started back up OR wait till the burner straight ahead is down then run/jump to the left (NE).

Just follow through, up a staircase and some slopes around the corner and slide down a slope into a flooded room. Dive in and swim through an opening on the right (W), when you get to a room go up straight as possible (nasty collision), because the next opening is above where you entered. Keep swimming, down and around corners and at the end up and get out. 

Go into the right hand corner (NW) and through to a small room, go sort of straight into the middle opening (N), and left around the corner is a climb wall. Go up, open a door and in the room with an Armless Creature behind a fence, go to the far end and around the corner behind the dumpster is a cabinet with a Medipack. Back a bit and left into the door. Jump over to the other side and open the door there and another one at the end of that passage. You end up upon a walkway in a large hall; to the right is a door. Next to the door (left of it) is a monkey climb. Run jump over the fence to grab it and drop at the other end, go left and through the doorway. Keep right and carefully get past that coffin (fire basket) and go through the next opening. Both cabinets have a Medipack and Revolver ammo. In the back, left of the cabinets is a skeleton, pull it away by the skull and grab the Crowbar lying under those bones.

Through the Gas Pit.

Leave the room, back to the large hall, immediately turn right and hop down over the fence onto the stairs. Go down to the edge of the deep part of the hall, turn right and go to the opposite side (N), push the left most steel scaffold thing all the way in, turn right and grab a small medipack from the cabinet. Go through the opening in the back and operate the crowbar lever to open a door down in the gas pit (we’ll get there in a bit).

Go back out to the Hall, to the left (E) side and drop onto the scaffold there, safety drop down the end and then climb down the ladder. The lower part of the hall is filled with deadly gas, that’s why you might see the green bar appear. Jump and grab over to the next ledge (N) and then we have a couple of options to get to the door below. Because of the gas you’ll have to get in there fast.

If you missed that Crowbar lever upstairs, the door will also open when you hit the ledge in front of it, but it will take longer. Check your health before you start.

1: Run jump left over to the one with the burning barrel. Look back to spot the double doors under the ledge you just came from. That’s our goal. 

Hang from this ledge as close to the barrel as you can get and shimmy left around, drop and run, turn right to jump to grab the ledge with the double doors on the right hand corner, quickly shimmy right around and pull up.. You might have to time the burner or get lucky and do it the first time (don’t forget to save while pulling up).

2: Turn around, take two steps back from the edge and stand against the right hand edge of the ledge. Run down with Ctrl so you’ll land on the corner ledge with the pipe, run against the pipe, start turning sharp left and do a jump over to the ledge at the door (video Darkness1.wmv).

3: Trick Move; Face the wall (E) and stand over the ledge below, take one step forward from the edge behind you and hop back, (watch out for the emitter on the bottom) hit Ctrl after you passed the edge and land on the ledge below, turn left and run into the door and if you are quick enough you miss the next fire emitter (video Darkness2.wmv).

Inside run a bit left into the passage and sprint to the end, up the ladder to the room above (savegame.0).


The next room you’ll come to a nasty Blade, only those small blades on it will hurt you so stay clear of those as much as possible.

In the back of the room is a trapdoor and on the right hand wall is a switch, under that lamp. I went clockwise after the blades and hit the switch; made a side flip to the left to the safe corner. Turn around and run straight through the trapdoor, go straight into the corner (NW). Turn left and spot the next switch on the (W) wall. Trapdoor is in the back, drop through and go to the hole in the middle. Just hop in and end up in a pool, climb out on the low ledge (NW). Climb up into the passage, hit the switch to open the door on the left, run out, line up for the jump to the ledge left and time the burner. Jump and hop to the next, and the next, then a running jump along the outer wall to grab the next corner ledge. Best save there and do the next jumps to get to the door…. 

4 - The Hotel.  (4 secrets)

Follow up the stairs and take a left, down the stairs and straight, around the corner up more stairs and you can shoot that old door left, but I found nothing inside. Turn right and jump to grab the crack in the opposite wall, go right around. If she hesitates around the corner, release Ctrl for a millisecond and try again. Drop onto the platform and jump to grab the one left (N). Right around the corner is another one of those old doors, shoot it and jump in there. Climb down the ladder and find some eerie writing on the wall…

Shoot some bats around the corner and proceed to an opening overlooking the street, hop down to the right and to the next from which you can safety drop into the corner of the alley below. In the far end is a closed door (*that door you will come from if you happen to fall into the street later and have to find your way back into the hotel*), go down those stairs to the right and open the door. At the intersection go left up the stairs and through a door.

Exploring for the Dining Room Key.

It seems we are now inside the Hotel, go straight and first room left nothing, room right a small medipack in the closet in the corner. Further around the corner a small Hall with a closed door (Bar Key). So continue through this corridor and another Hall with Keyhole (Dining Room Key).

In the far end of the corridor are double doors; go through and on a small cabinet is Revolver ammo. There’s also a bat… Leave the room and head left upstairs, take a right from the stairs. Go into the last door left for a Medipack in the corner closet.

Go out and head straight up the staircase, go to the left and open the last door on the right. In the corner closet get another Old tape, a panel to the right of that white chair (W) can be opened with the Crowbar. In the adjoining room is the Dining Room Key next on the bed stand left.

Exploring for the Bar Key.  

Out to the corridor through the other room, go back (left) to the stairs and straight, next door right is empty, but look up to the ceiling; strange... The door opposite has a closet with a Medipack. Out and left, then right up the stairs. 

Once upstairs, go a bit to the right and open the double door on the left (N). In front of bookcase next to clock, pick up a small medipack. Then pull that shelf (E) from the wall. Go behind it and jump to the roof, turn around and jump to the platform. Shoot a bat, another jump to the next platform and around the corner to the roof. Shoot the old door and jump in to use the switch, door opens (Piano room). Jump back the platforms and into the building (*In case you fall down to the street here and need to get back into the Hotel, find and staircase down, W, follow through, throw a switch opening the door we showed you just before entering the Hotel*, you’ll have to find your way back up yourself). Out of the room and left into the corridor.

Go left a bit and open the doors on the right (S). The floor gave way, so hop left to the corner ledge and turn left, jump up to grab that fire escape ladder and climb it to the room above, open the doors and grab Secret #4, a Polaroid Picture (1) and shoot the window behind it. Hop out onto the roof and go left, jump left around the corner and follow that roof around till you can shoot an old door S, jump in and get Secret #5, nothing but a tape recorder where you can use one of the tapes you have (using two Old Tapes will give you a nice Secret).

Get out to the roof and go back to the window you came from, side flip back inside. Go down the ladder and back into the corridor.

Go right (E) and open the last doors on the left, in the last bookshelf (E) is another Polaroid Picture (3) as Secret #6.

The Piano Room.

Out of the room and right to the other end of the corridor, some doors there, push the picture on the left wall and the door opens.  A cut scene starts of the Piano room as you enter (a door is open in the end of that room if you used that switch during your outing to the roofs before). Go through and left to the next room, in the back opposite those big windows is a turned over chest with the Bar Key, shoot the chest to get it.

The Dining Room, Dining Room Key#2.

That’s it for now, go back to the stairs, keep going left around down three staircases and then a bit left and straight ahead was the first keyhole where we can use the Dining Room key.

Inside go to the left hand fireplace and run jump in along one of the sides, grab the opening and follow through, drop down and get a flyby of a Living Dead creature cleaning up her own mess. Use the nearby switch to open the way back into the Dining room for later. Go through the corridor and open the third door on the right (N).

Get in, loop right around the corner and grab up through a hole in the ceiling to get another Dining Room Key

The Reception Key.

Get out of the room, go straight and around corners to where you can use the Dining Room Key, go through the room with the cleaning Living Dead creature and loop right around the corner into a pantry, push a block (S) all the way into another room and turn left to grab the Reception Key. Get out and make your way back to the Dining room. Out left to the corridor and take a right, follow through and to that Hall with the blue Keyhole. Open the door to the Bar with the Bar Key.

The Bar, to the Reception.

There might be some nasty bats, and a detour for a real nice Secret: 

Go right and up the stairs, open the doors. Put the other old tape in the tape player and a door opens (one of the doors in the basement before entering the Hotel). Go back down the stairs, out the door to the corridor and take a right, follow through to the small door you entered from straight ahead (W), down the stairs and follow through straight, down more stairs and end up in a basement. In the end is a cabinet with Secret #7, the Revolver. Go back the way you came and into the Bar. 

Go down the stairs in the SE corner, behind the Reception counter is some Revolver ammo; then open the Reception door (E) to get back to the street.

1 – The Town.

We have to get back to the School, the entrance side where that cat mural is. Go left, straight over the first crossing and right at the next, go left into the alley behind the cat mural and left into the alley and over the wall, through the crawlspace.

2 – The School.

Go left into the corridor, through the open gate and left again, jump over the gap and left around the corner up the dirt, crawl through. Jump into the yard and use the Crowbar lever (face E) to open the door, follow through opening doors, in the last room drop through the hole in the floor.

Open double doors, and finally someone left a door open…

After the flyby shoot that old door about straight ahead (E) and find a pushable machine in the far left corner of the next room, pull it aside and get the Cellar Key. Run back to the previous room and use that Cellar Key on the door to the right, go through to a staircase and follow up to a garden. Then open the double doors in the far wall.

5 – The Hospital.  

Go up a couple of stairs and open the door to the main corridor, go right open the first door left, a bathroom with a small medipack. Back to the corridor and on the left are some vending machines, open the next door on the left, has Revolver ammo on a shelf. Back out and left then open the last door right and enter a staircase.

When you go down you need a Blue Key, so go up first and find a closed door on first floor, go up more and at the next door loop around to the left, grab up into an alcove and get Secret #8, the Shotgun.

Drop down and go through the door, go left through the broken windows (E) and into the first door right, there’s a Medipack on the shelves, then pull a rack out of the opposite corner and go through the opening, drop down through the hole in the floor, open the door and go into the corridor. This must be first floor then...

The Basement Key.  

Take a right (E), and open the second door on the left, it looks like an elevator or do they dispose of the bodies here? Either way, nothing here.

Just go to the end of the corridor and look for a half broken grate up in the right hand wall (opposite the last door left). Shoot that and get in, go right and follow through shooting another grate and drop down into a small hallway. Flip that red switch, roll and go into a room where the Basement Key can be found in the blood stained corner. 

Using the Basement Key.


Get back to the Corridors through that crawlspace, follow all the way to the other end and flip the switch to open the door to the right, to the staircases, go all the way down this time and open the door with the Basement Key.

Exploring the Basement.

Go into a corridor after opening a door and go left, the small door straight ahead has a small medipack, follow the corridor again (S), at the next intersection are some windows up in the wall in front, shoot one and get inside, a cut scene takes over.

For a Secret later: As soon as you get control back, shoot that nurse (has to be Revolver or Shotgun) and when she dies she leaves behind a Gramophone Record. You should be able to shoot her just before the other cut scene kicks in.

Turn left (N) as that nurse left a door open in the back, to the right into a passage. Go in and follow around the fenced off area, another door another cut scene.

Shoot that creepy crawler and look where it came from, a grate behind the last toilet bowl, follow in, go left and another cut scene show the appearance of more creepy crawlers…  

Save at once and run into the passage in the back and jump over a grate, run sharp around the next corner and then hold Ctrl so that when you run down into the opening you’ll end up in the passage ahead and not in the pit. Run through that room and up a ladder, don’t dilly dally, they’ll catch up (you can jump to that ledge behind you to take a breather if you like). Push the contraption in the passage on top of the ladder all the way in, turn right and flip the switch to open a door. Go back and jump over to the ledge N. Look N and spot a grate at the other side, shoot that, run jump and grab the opening. Well, I couldn’t so I just did the banana jump around the wall (savegame.1). 

Up the ladder, jump over to the S where that door opened when you flipped the switch below. Go through and when you see a glass wall, walk slowly onto the grey floor, not too far. The door behind you closes, kind of a decontamination chamber, the other door will open in a while. Just jump straight and grab the ceiling, move around a bit till the other door opens. Meanwhile creepy critters showed up below, so keep an eye on your health. 

Run to the end of the corridor, and through the broken glass wall, sharp right around the corner there is a crawlspace you can grab up into a crawlspace. Turn around in the back and go up the ladder. 

The Split Worm.

Though the door and left into the corridor is Revolver ammo on a shelf, to the right (S) through those windows is a ladder in the middle of the next room, go up onto a walkway and turn around. Hop with a left curve into the opening; follow through to the Worm’s Lair. You have to get up into an opening in the far left hand corner, turn right and jump to the corner ledge. Turn left and jump to grab the corner against the wall of the ledge with the burner (it was off when I did all of this quickly starting from the entrance), you are relatively safe here. Time the burner to pull up and run jump as far as possible onto the slanted wall below (SE), grab the edge and shimmy left to pull up at the end. Turn left a bit and side flip left, stay close to the wall and jump up to grab the ledge above (this was the part where I got torched all the time), pull up and roll to run jump as far as possible into the passage, don’t stop till you are well around the corner (savegame.2).

Locust will have joined the fun (save/reload to get rid of those). Time the burner there and go up the stairs, watch out for the burner at the entrance of the room. More burners and ledges, the route is right around. Run jump passing the burner and grab the corner ledge close to the wall. Pull up in that corner and turn left, time the burner and hop to the next ledge, a running jump to the corner and jump along the wall to grab the ledge S, this one can be tricky with the burner. I pulled up in this corner and hopped straight over the pipes to the spot behind the pipes, you’re safe from the Worm here. Wait for the diagonal burner to stop and run jump into the opening in the far wall (S), the level changes immediately (savegame.3). Slide down and end up in town.

1 - The Town.

To the Church.

You’re back in the yard where you got a small medipack from a chest when you came into town the first time. (If you didn’t get it, it is through the arch S and to the right). Go out to the street and turn to the right.

For the last Secret and only if you found that old Gramophone record: Go to the first crossing and take a right through the tunnel to the Park where that yellow car is, left and down into the park where those graves are, to the left (E), through the tunnel and along Toluca Lake to the gate in the end. Put the Gramophone Record in the player (face E) and enter. Get Secret #9, Polaroid Picture #2 from the chest. Your collection is complete now. Go back to the yellow cab and go right through the tunnel to the Town, take a right at the first crossing.  

Straight to the end (burning car), left around the corner and right through that gate you opened before, left around the corner to the square. Run to the opposite side of the square and into one of the doors of the Church (top of the steps).  

6 – The Final.

Look in the corner left of the doors you came from and get the Medipack (NE). Go the other side and to the dark doors and as soon as they open, run in and into the Church where a Giant Mutant took over, jump round shooting the creature.

To the right, S is another Medipack, NW Revolver ammo , go to the corner right of the entrance gate and the door opens (SE). Follow the passage and after the cut scene showing you life returned to normal, run to the road to end this adventure…

The End

G&D Productions Dec 15-2016