The Sapphire Hunt.

Levels by Jawi.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

 Savegames and other files are in this Saves Folder

In case you missed the story at the start, you can look it up in the read-me.pdf

1-Jungle Trail, part 1.  

(4 Secrets, 2 now, 2 later)

Turn around and go left;

 “I should explore this area and find the way to get inside the ship. Only with the sword I can enter the temple”.

Then go to the right for a small medipack behind the wooden barrier.

Then go to the NE corner and jump through a hole in the ground for some Shotgun ammo. Get out and take a left (S) and find a moveable block, pull it once and get more Flares from where the block was, there seems to be nothing behind the second block.

Up in the trees, run for the Broken Piece.  

Go to the N side and find a tree with vines where you can climb up. Once through the leaves back flip to another branch. Jump over to the next one slightly to the left (S) and use the Timed lever there. A trapdoor goes up and that is in the SW. So, after pulling the lever, turn slightly right and side flip right, now run SW over the corners of the branches and take a running jump to the SW to pick up the Broken Piece (savegame.0). Just wait till you drop down.

Go back into the passage next to you (W) and use the Broken Piece on the right.

Go through the door and hop over a slope, follow through and at the end just run into that opening in the floor, slide a bit and jump over a spiked pit, slide and land into water. Swim a bit and climb out. 

Timed Run for the Block.

Crawl to the left and get the Uzi clips, and to the right of the entrance is a Medipack. Now crawl in S and climb up a block there. Go in straight, at the tree with the rope above loop left around a tree and find some Flares on the ground next to the tree. Hop over the roots (N) and find another Timed lever (NE). This one operates a block in the W end of this room.

Now light a flare and then use the lever, roll and jump on the root, again jump with a little swerve to the left onto the next one, jump forwards again and run to the W wall. Jump on the block and hop forwards grabbing the ledge of the alcove above (savegame.1).

Then take a running jump to that stump ahead (E). Turn right and stand back from the rope (otherwise you will be too close), then jump towards it and swing into the opening in the wall. Follow through. 

The Lake, an Old Key. 

At the lake take a left and Lara looks up to an opening in the left wall. First go straight (S) and to the right behind the tree trunk next to the waterfall are Flares. Then jump onto the waterfall (W) at the pool. Stand at the edge and stand jump to grab the pole, swing and press Jump, then at the most forward point release Action to swing to the next pole (moves explained in the read-me). From there swing to the wall and grab the vines, climb up and to the left and get into the opening for the Old Key.

The Jerry Can and a Torch.

Safety drop down and go back to the entrance. There is a boulder on top of a skeleton, push the boulder aside (N) and then drag the skeleton away. Pick up the Jerry Can and run to the N to the next lake. To the left is a passage with a door, use the Old Key there. Don’t go in yet but turn around, go left or right and onto that small island. Sticking out of the tree is a Torch. Get it and carefully ignite it at the wall torch in the passage. Go carefully around the corner into another jungle area.

A Small Waterskin.

In the far right hand corner is a burning wall torch. Underneath is a lever. Turn around facing E, go up the small hill and leave the Torch on it. Then use the lever and the Torch is carried up (for later). Go towards the SE and find a skeleton behind a tree and close to a small windmill. Pull the skeleton away so you can grab the Small Waterskin. Go back out to the lake through the passage NW, fill the skin with water and go back, watch out for the wall torch in that corner.

The Fire Stone.  

Go left to the other wall (E) and find a tree stump you can climb onto. Turn left (N) and jump to the swing pole, jump to the wall. Walk to the end and stand on the right, jump up and hoist up to the branch above. 

Once up make your way to the far SW corner, there is a Fire Element bowl. When you are nearly there you can see that wall torch with the lever you used. Put the oil in the bowl. Drop down (N) to get the Torch from the block and stand jump up again with the Torch. Ignite the bowl. You’ll get the Fire Stone (in the inventory). You can leave the Torch. 

Some Pickups.

Jump from branch to branch to get to the NW corner, to the last tree there (W wall). There are some pickups around and the easiest way to get it is to climb one level higher and go to the same corner. You’ll find Shotgun ammo on that branch behind the tree N. Jump one branch back (E), turn around and run down (with Ctrl) and get the Medipack.  Couldn’t find a way back up, so I safety dropped on the ground and went up again using the swing poles.

The Water Stone.

Now you have to get one floor up again (second level, just find one of the spots to climb up) and on this floor is the Earth puzzle (SW), so you need a bag of sand you don’t have. Get up one more floor (first tree NW from the bowl) and on this third level, in the same SW corner is the Water puzzle. Fill the bowl with water and get the Water Stone.

If you want some pickups, go to the NE corner (you might have to travel along the level below to get there), when you are there turn around (W) and a running jump will get you Uzi clips. Jump back and make your way to the far SE where you’ll find more Uzi clips on a double branch.

A Bag of Sand, the Earth Stone.

Now jump around till you find a branch where you can climb even higher (or at the greenish E side). Up on that E ledge is the receptacle for the Stone of the Elements. Jump to the tree in the NE corner and then jump W for the Bag of Sand and make your way down two levels and to the element bowl SW to use the Sand, you’ll get the Earth Stone. 

The Wind Stone.

Now make your way up to the top again (you can grab up the last ledge at the water bowl (SW) and get to the SW corner, step towards the element puzzle. You’ll get the Wind Stone. In the NW corner are Uzi clips.

Stone of the Elements.

Jump to the E side and first combine the Earth Stone with the Fire Stone to get the Warm Stone.  Combine the Wind Stone with the Water Stone and get the Cold Stone. Now combine the Warm Stone with the Cold Stone and place the Stone of the Elements in the contraption.

First Sapphire Stone.

Step into the teleporter and from the other side make your way (stay to the right) to the W side to that monkey climb. Swing to the other side and step through the opening, you can see a pedestal near the two waterfalls with something you need to pick up (S). Hop down to the edge of the ledge and then two running jumps (no Ctrl). Another running jump to the right of the waterfall, jump over and grab the First Sapphire Stone. Safety drop down (Secret hunters scroll down) while losing a bit of health, although you can also make your way to the W waterfall and safety drop down there, no health loss.

For a Secret: After picking up the Stone, first jump to the windmills E, go left and jump onto the waterfall, then onwards to the windmills N, jump up the ledges N and through the opening to the other cave, to the right of that windmill is Secret #1, a small medipack. Get down to the lower ledge in the N cave and jump from there into deeper water below.

Go back to the corridor with the wall torch (E in the S cave) the door there is open now (and the fire on the torch is out).

Through that door, walk around to the right, first alcove get the Shotgun ammo. Look up (NE) and spot a swinging shield. Go back to the entrance and run jump to grab the sloped pillar. Shimmy to the left, pull up, draw your guns and slide jumping a bit to the left while shooting. When the shield brakes, the door straight ahead (E) opens.

In the next room take a right and get the Flares in the first alcove. Up in the next alcove is a Timed lever for the gate (E). Pull it and roll, run/jump out with a swerve to the right and into the open gate (savegame.2).

Kayak Lake, Second Sapphire Stone, an Old Skull.

Follow through and overlook this vast area. There is a kayak right in front of you (if you use it and save/reload, the kayak will be back at the entrance, with or without you).

For now just run/jump straight-ahead to the building, go into the opening on the left. Push both blocks left and right to the other side so you can use the levers there. Then jump down and get the Second Sapphire Stone.

Go out and if you want, go get the kayak or make your way to the W side by jumping and some swimming. Get onto the lower block there and jump to the highest one and grab the Old Skull.

Harpoon Gun.

Look NW and spot that pillar with ledges, that is the next stop. Jump the ledges to the top and a running jump to the one left (N). Grab the monkey swing to the next platform and there you’ll find 2x Harpoons and the Harpoon Gun. Jump into the water and swim E, against the small building is a slope, get on that. Jump up to the windowsill and then a running jump slightly to the right towards that monkey swing. Use it to get behind the barrier and get the Third Sapphire Stone.

Using the Old Skull.

Go back to the entrance (SE) and through the corridors to the small lake. Go straight (W) and place the Old Skull left of the gate. Inside go to the left and around the corner and look at the tree stump in the middle, there is a jump lever.

Take a running jump and be sure to take at least two steps of that running jump in the water and grab the vines. Climb up and pull the lever, get out this area and loop around to the left into the N cave, another door has opened to the left.

Go in while the door closes and turn left, grab the edge of the slope, hoist up and slide a bit and jump to the ledge. Face S and backflip and jump to grab the ledge above. Turn around and a running jump N over the slope, landing on the corner slope with a bit of a left curve (or directly on the flat ledge between the slopes). Grab the edge as you slide off and shimmy to the left and hoist up. Turn around and jump to grab the ledge in between the two wall torches and shimmy around to the front before you pull up. Go in and at the end of this passage turn left and run jump and grab the crack. Shimmy to the other side; use the lever and the fierce pit fills with water. Jump in and swim to the other side, follow through and you are back at the ledge with the torches. Now jump to the right. Grab the edge of the S slope and slide and jump to get to the ledge with the gate, which is now open. Slide down and watch the flyby.  

The Tunnel Key, the Skull Key.  

Go in and take a right (N) towards that crawlspace and get in. When you can stand straight, look up, there is a slope so jump up and grab, hoist up and backflip, jump and grab the monkey swing. Turn around and go to the other end and drop, get the Tunnel Key.

Back flip over the slope, grab and drop and crawl back out. Go to the other side into that passage (the one with the burning bush). Stay close to the wall and go right and pick up the Skull Key. Turn around and enter the other passage (E), jump over the block and use the Skull Key on the left in an alcove. The block in the passage disappears, return and take a right and again a right into the next passage.  

There is a moveable block there. Pull/push it out of there and into the passage where you just lowered the block with the Skull Key, place it onto the different looking tile (to the left at the end, near the keyhole). Go out and a tall cage has appeared to the right. You can jump on top of it using the block in the corner. Go to the wall and hoist up.

In the NE corner you can get some Shotgun ammo, just jumping the branches of the tree will get you there. Jump back via the branches and then get over to the roof at the S wall. Get the Harpoons and a running jump to a block at the wall. Take another one with a slight curve to the left so Lara slides down and you can grab the edge. Shimmy to the wall and one shimmy back, backflip with a roll and now jump back and fro to grab that pole, what worked for me is to slide almost to the end of the rocky slope, jump and grab the pole. Jump off ( savegame.3) and jump to the wooden bridge. First jump NW around the corner of the wall to get the Flares there, jump back to the bridge. Climb up W into the alcove and use the lever, a gate opens on ground level.

Run off the bridge (with Ctrl) into one of the alcoves with gates next to the bridge and safety drop down to the floor below.

Gate Puzzle.   

In the most left passage the gate has opened. Get in, grab the slope and pull up, slide a bit, jump and grab and you might end up into a passage with a lever on the right. If not and you end up into a dark passage, walk to the other end, turn around, jump up and hoist up into another passage, use the lever on the right at the end.

Turn to the right (E), jump and grab the slope, pull up and backflip. Keep jumping slightly to the left to get into the other gate that has just opened, use the lever in there. Jump down (a trapdoor came up) and go back outside (E). Go left as the last gate opened.

Jump down and at the intersection look up and to the left (Ignore the open gate straight ahead (S), leading to the previous passage). Jump to the ladder there and use the lever you find in that room. Leave this room through the gate on the left, safety drop down and get back into the passage on the right. At the intersection (face W) grab up to the grate to use the monkey swing and swing into the passage. Swing over the burners and drop down.

Open the Big Doors, the Fourth Sapphire Stone.

In the next room you have to use a couple of jump levers. One is in the far SE corner (on the back of a pillar), a trapdoor opens, get the Shotgun ammo and get out. Loop around to the right for Uzi clips in the corner and find Harpoons SW. Then go to the NW side onto that white block. Face SW and grab the edge of the slope and back flip onto a wooden platform. Face SE and jump into the next alcove left of the slope, jump onto the slope against the wall and slide to an alcove with Shotgun ammo.

Get back to the wooden platform (hop onto the slope N and then jump). From the platform jump to the last alcove N. Face the room and jump to the slope and use the jump lever, the big doors one floor up, opened up. Go to the hill in the middle of the room, face N then backflip, jump and grab the pole. Swing to the next pole and then to a ladder on the rock there. Transfer around the corner and then backflip. Grab the edge of that walkway and shimmy to the right as far as you can go (S).

Then take a running jump to a slope (SE), jump again and grab the edge of the next slope. Shimmy to the right and pull up, slide a bit and jump with a right curve into the last alcove. From there you can jump to the terrace with the open doors (S). First jump into the alcove NW, shimmy to the next one along the edge (back side) and get the Medipack there. Go back to the doors. Go in and first loop round left into the corner (NE) get the Shotgun ammo. There is a small medipack in the middle of the W wall, then go to the middle of the room and pick up the Fourth Sapphire Stone. The whole place starts to shake.  

Safety drop down and leave (N) climb up to the right, use the monkey swing (if she doesn’t grab it, face the wall and then try it again) and after that take a left and get out. Outside turn right and step into the alcove to stop the earthquake. Go back into the right hand gate you just came from, drop down in the lower passage and turn left to crawl inside. Grab the small medipack and get out through the gate left.  

Using the Sapphire Stones. 

Jump in the water and climb out SE. Go left and loop around so you can use the Tunnel Key on the pillar standing in the lake, a cage went up under the keyhole.

Jump into the water and find an open trapdoor next to the pillar, save first and swim in facing E. The trapdoor closes.

Underwater Labyrinth.    

Swim straight (E) and go around the corner to the right, then take a left, go straight to the end (E) and at the corner go to the right and then immediately left and up. Climb out and crawl to get a small medipack.  

Back in the water and swim to the wall on the right (W), left right left, left (E), second right and loop around right through a small crack for Secret #2, Harpoons. Turn around go out and left, left (W), then right, right (E) then left and up in that breathing hole on the right again.  

Face E, go left, then right to the (E) end, left and use the underwater lever there. Roll and swim straight, just follow the wall on the left and in the corner up to get back to the small lakes.   

Leave E and take a right to the back where the door is and the four receptacles for the Sapphire Stones.Go in and around the corner jump into the open trapdoor, you’ll end up at a small lake. There is nothing else to do then to jump in and swim through the hole in the floor. Get out at the other end and leave through the opening after the boulders came to rest. Best save before you go through that opening.

 “Well, it's time I put on my wetsuit.” 

2-Sapphire Tide.   

3 secrets

(As soon as you get into the next room, and if you’re brave enough, swim all the way to the top, there you can pick up a Medipack, Harpoons and Uzi clips).

Swim down a bit and use the 4 underwater levers to open the door (E), swim through and up as soon as you can to get air.

There are two Sharks around, so be careful and I got onto the small island where Lara can stand to shoot them, or use the Harpoon gun (swim away, roll and shoot the trailing Shark(s)- ( savegame.4).

The second Shark might all the way at the bottom so try to lure him out so you can kill him as well. All the way at the bottom is also a skeleton; he has more Harpoons. At the gate (N) is a small medipack. 

Into the Caves. 

Get air then dive again, go just below the surface and opposite the closed entrance door is a cave opening (E). Swim to the end and look up, swim up through the opening in the ceiling. In the next area climb up the lower platform and jump to the last platform (N) and from the NE corner of that one a curved running jump to grab the higher one E.

Face the roof and jump over, quickly swim to the other side (E) and climb out, kill the shark. Dive down and there are Uzi clips on the bottom and a underwater lever (E) behind the spikes. After pulling it to lower those spikes, you can get more Harpoons next to the skeleton.

Get out at the waterfall (N), turn around and hop backwards 2 times, take two steps forward and hop back once more. Quickly run/sprint down and jump aside as a rolling ball is chasing Lara. Go back up the waterfall and find a Harpoon Gun next to the skeleton.

Spike Puzzle.

Go through the opening behind that block and shoot four Raptors (the hole in the ground will get you back to the shark cave. No need to go there yet, avoid it for now).

Now go to the platform against the E wall and only step on the different looking tile. You see some spikes next to the other spikes popping up. Go to that tile, as it is safe now (be careful of that burning basket tough). Spikes behind the skeleton (N) pop up, so go there. Spikes to the left (E) of the skeleton pop up now. The next one is S the one before the alcove. The tile next to the different looking one now is safe (NW). This makes the tile in the alcove (S) safe, get the Harpoons and you can step out and then to the right in the corner. Finally the spikes at the lever are gone so use it (map-Spikes.jpg).

An underwater door opens. You also can pick up the Shotgun ammo next to the skeleton now.

Before you leave, go back into that alcove where you got the Harpoons and climb into a dark crawlspace S, get Secret #1(3) , 2x Harpoons and a Medipack. Drop back out.

Large Cascade Cave.

Now you can jump into the hole in the floor of the cave and get to the surface. The door N opened. Go in and walk slowly to the left and climb the block there.

Jump the breakable tiles around the corner; grab the ladder and shift around the corner. Down as far as you can with Lara’s feet on the ladder, back flip with roll and jump again with a roll to slide off and grab the edge of the wide slope. Shift to the left, let go and immediately jump over the next slope, slide far and jump again to grab the next ledge (with the spikes). Shimmy to the left, let go over a slope and now keep jumping all the way around. As soon as you get back near the upper slopes you came from, grab the tall slope if you can, hoist up and slide down a bit before jumping to the next one. You’ll end up on a ledge triggering doors to open (savegame.5). Turn left and jump to the ledge in the water. Then to the next slope on the left (S) and from there jump onto a trapdoor and into the room behind the waterfall.

Statue Puzzle.  

Look up, the stones on the floor that are safe are the ones under the lattice ceiling, the rest of the tiles are deadly. So push the left statue all the way to the end S (notice the ceiling tile there).

Carefully sidestep to the side of the right hand statue (facing W) and push it to the wall. Stand in front of the statue (face S) and push it twice and end up under the same kind of tile as the left statue.

A block at the entrance goes up, climb up and hoist op to the next floor. Left and right are a Medipack and Flares. When you walk around a Shiva comes to life, kill it. She will leave a Sapphire Key behind. The Skeleton SE has Shotgun ammo. 

Finally a Shotgun.

Use the Sapphire Key on the E wall; this opens a door behind Lara. Go in and run to the right, if possible jump onto the pillar in the water, and shoot the raptor. Jump left of the spikes and go left. Down the slope a bit and left is a small alcove with a wheel. When you turn it the spikes go down, so go back there and grab that Shotgun.

Turn around and back to the sloped passage, at the end jump onto the ledge in the water and in the W wall is a Timed lever. Pull it and roll, run to the end and jump over and use the levers, one by one. It doesn’t matter in which order as long as you use all three by way of that timed lever. A trapdoor in the right hand corner (SE) opens.

Jump in the water and open the door in the W wall. Swim to the next room, climb out and crawl to get the Shotgun ammo (if you get stuck in the plants, hit spacebar to kneel and crawl out). Turn around and jump onto the slope N, just hold the Alt and end up on a ledge. Jump to grab the ladder and go up into a dark room.

Stand in the doorway and look through your binoculars, there is a ball hanging from the ceiling. You can shoot it using the Shotgun by aiming at it; use the “look” key. A block goes up, hop onto it and turn to the door (which closed). Take a running jump to the jump lever above the door. A pillar at the other side (N) disappears, go there and yank the chain opening up a hole next to you. Safety drop down while facing N, use the jump lever on your way down and you are back at the burning levers (a block went up).  

Spikes Room.

Get in (or jump over the water and leave through the door in the passage (E). In the room where you killed the Shiva jump on the block against the wall and turn to the right. On the wall is a jump lever, after using it, go back to the water rooms and climb the ladder in the NW corner (hatch opened by the jump lever). Backflip at the top. Spikes pop up so first run jump onto the sunken tile in the floor, to the right (W) is a different looking tile but spikes also pop up there. To disable those, first jump to the tile SE, then the one around the corner on the left. Then hop on the one near the bars (W), now you disabled the ones in the alcove. So, jump back and into the alcove and see a block going up in the Shiva room. Get back down the ladder NW and to the room where the Shiva was (E). Get onto the high block, grab the monkey swing and go forwards to a jump lever. Watch the flyby.

Giant Skull Room & Torch Puzzle.  

Go to the water room (W) and left to that open trapdoor in the SW corner. Dive in, but be aware of the blades. A trapdoor opened in the floor; follow through and in the next area with the caged shark, on the right or left there’s air up above. Go right around and pick up Shotgun ammo (SW), Harpoons (SE) and then swim into the tunnel E. Left at the end pull up out, backflip and watch another flyby. 

A Torch.

Turn left, go to the far NW corner and stand on the tile, facing W and jump up to get onto the ledge. Turn around and hop to the ledge SE. Again turn around and jump forwards and grab the slope, pull up and backflip. From there face NE, there is a jump lever, just stand-jump and grab it. Safety drop down, a stone in the “Skull” S lowered. Get the Torch from the pedestal there.

Ignite the Torch.  

Take the Torch to the NE corner; jump up the block and to the next one as well. Face S and backflip, keep jumping and you’ll end up on a safe ledge. Turn to the right and see that slope?

Try to jump to one of the sides of that slope so when you jump again you’ll end up on a corner of the wooden ledge with the burning basket (stand too close to the basket and you’ll burn). Ignite the Torch and throw it down to a safe spot after you saved.

Basket 1&2.

Get down to the floor and take the Torch to the front of the big Cage and ignite the two baskets.

This opens a door near the SW corner.

Basket 3.

Take the Torch and go in and face N, just backflip and jump and you might have to jump back and fro a bit with some steering to get to a safe ledge.

Jump to what looks like a treetop and from there to the next. To the right, in the “Skull” is another basket you have to ignite.

Basket 4.

Jump back and over to the next tree (NE). The flames on ledge with the lever are out, jump to the closed gate SE and drop the Torch there. Jump to that ledge with the lever and use it (N). Jump back and to the SE corner. Leave the Torch outside for now and go in. Climb up the hills at the back. Go over the slope and climb even higher in the right or left corner and use the zip line to get into the opening above the door. Use the lever and a new block goes up inside. Safety drop outside onto the ledge and get your Torch.

Go inside and onto the block left, jump onto the ledge S and run over the corner into the opening with the lever. Stand left and hop into the passage left. Go in and drop the Torch to shoot the bats. In the alcove straight ahead are Harpoons. Get the Torch and go left (E) and around the corner carefully ignite the basket.  

Basket 5&6.

Take the Torch and go up the slope and jump over the gap, drop the Torch for a bit and go down into that gap, crawl to get some Shotgun ammo. Back up, get the Torch and go up the slope and hop up the blocks to the top. Save your game there.

At the slope slide and jump to the breakable platform, wait till it crumbles and then run forwards to drop onto the next one. Back flip to a safe platform that went up (savegame 6).

Go to the left inside and leave the Torch somewhere to the right where you can find it, and go for some pickups first. To the right near the bars get the Shotgun ammo. A bit further up in the windowsill is more Shotgun ammo. In the SW corner you can find Uzi clips. Next to the Uzi clips is a pushable block

Push the block to the E once and then pull it N twice, so it ends up next to the nearby pillar, there is a hole in the ceiling there with a jump lever (N). A ceiling hatch opens and a Shiva comes to life.

Shoot the Shiva (and get her Sapphire Key. You only need that Key in case you forgot to take the Torch up here, you can use it in the alcove E on the right. This opens the entrance door again and allows you to get back to the Torch).

Get the Torch and jump into the windowsill, face W and jump up to the lowest part of the floor. Carefully ignite the two baskets there after you saved. A gate opened NE on this floor.

Getting Out.

You can leave the Torch if you wish. Go back to the hole in the floor and jump to the open gate to the right. Running jump over to the terrace with the skeletons, grab the Uzis and Uzi clips from the pedestals (notice the trapdoor between the pedestals). Get onto the corner block SE and do a running jump into the opening in the E wall. Time the burners and climb up on the right. Walk onto the trapdoor outside and take a running jump to the roof ahead. Use the lever and make your way back to that terrace where you found the Uzis (you can jump out of the fire passage to an iron walkway on the right). Get to that open trapdoor between the pedestals on the terrace. Climb down the ladder (N wall) and take two more ladders down. Shoot the shark in the water, jump in, get Harpoons SW and next to it Uzi clips. Use the two underwater levers (N) and climb all the way back up to the terrace. Then jump up a corner block and hop over the higher one that appeared. From there jump onto the ledge (E).

Go up and left and find a small medipack, follow through and shoot the Raptor. Keep going and shoot another one. Past the doors at the end turn around (face E) and backflip over a slope, grab the edge, shimmy to the left and hoist up. Now jump to the lever avoiding the knives.

Better save first, pull the lever and run jump back, being chased by two Sapphire Wraiths. You can jump back over the slope (savegame.7). Run into the open door, and take care as there are spikes and two boulders drop down, run pass the boulders to the left and into the water. Swim to the other side and jump to the ladders on the right, climb up avoiding the knives. 

Shipwreck Cave, Quest for the Sapphire Stones.

First take out the pistols, look left (N) and spot a target ball in the dark, jump up and shoot it so a gate to the left of it opens up, go in for Secret #2(4), Flares, Uzi clips, a small medipack and Harpoons. Get back out.

Go left (NE corner of this ledge) and look down there are a series of blocks. Jump down the blocks to the ground floor. Go to the nearest opening in the bottom of the central pool, dive down, swim right (W) and find a Medipack and Uzi clips in the first corner right, the next corner right (NW) has Flares and Uzi clips, to the other end are Harpoons and Shotgun ammo (SE), swim back up and wade out N.

Burner Swing, Sapphire Stone 1.  

Go straight (N) into a yellow cave. Jump up on the left side and go to the back where the burners are. First climb down from the ledge, grab the Harpoons and climb back up, turn around. Grab the monkey swing, follow around avoiding the burners. Drop down at the end and careful this ledge has popping up spikes. Get Sapphire Stone #1. Run back a bit, jump left into the water and climb out in the corner.

Jumping Blocks, Sapphire Stone 2.  

Go out of this cave and take a left. Near the last palm tree is a low block on the left, climb it and jump W to the next ones until you get to the last one and find the Sapphire Stone #2. Make your way to the ground floor. 

Swim with the Sharks, Sapphire Stone 3.

Now go to the SE corner and jump in the water, through the waterfall and as quick as you can swim straight and climb out onto a ledge. Shoot the sharks and start jumping blocks to the NE corner where the ladder is. Climb up and almost at the top backflip, jump blocks again now to the SW corner. Turn around and now climb the ladder, on the right hand pedestal are 2x Uzi clips and on the left Sapphire Stone #3.

I jumped down to the block at the wall (NW) and from there over the slope ahead.

Deadly Pool, Sapphire Stone 4.  

Go N and in the far away corner (NE) take a right into the cave. There is a Raptor here, shoot it. Pick up Flares from the S wall, behind the skeleton next to it you can find Shotgun ammo.

Go further into the cave and then take a right into the next section. Jump the ledges around the deadly pool and then to a slope, backflip to a trapdoor. Use the monkey swing to the end and drop down, grab Sapphire Stone #4 and jump to safety (W).

Use the Stones, to the Wreck.

Go out and loop to the right and get the Uzi clips and a small medipack, then continue up the sloped tunnel (W) there you’ll meet two more Raptors. Follow through and to a crystal cave where you can place the four Sapphire Stones.

Go through the open door and turn left, jump up over that slope and just slide down. Walk to the edge, hang and shimmy to the right avoiding the burning basket. Pull up to the right of it then pull up onto the block behind that basket. Turn around and take carefully a running jump to the next wider block.

Walk forward to the edge and hop forwards over the top of the slope below, slide a bit and jump/grab the edge of that walkway against the wall ahead. Follow through to the right and take a running jump to the sloped wall S, grab the edge and shimmy around to the right until you can pull up then jump up into the alcove to the right. There is a lever there; this raises a trapdoor a bit further. Take a running jump with a left curve to land on it, or just shimmy there.  

Now a stand jump (SW) over the blue rock with a slight curve left, hop over the zip line, follow through then jump to the small ledge that is the end of this blue rock. On the left you see a ladder, jump towards to it and climb up. Once at the top, go as far to the right as possible and let go, grab and hoist up. Just jump and grab the next pillar. A running jump to the wooden platform, turn around another jump to the next one (E). Then to the roof, shimmy left around and pull up. Go through the passage and take a running jump to a stone ledge and jump down to the next. 

 “Something is shimmering over there... Maybe I can spot it with my binoculars.”    

Turn N and look through the binoculars and see a transparent ledge in the air, take a running jump with grab over there. There is another one slightly to the left and again a running jump to another one straight ahead. Turn left (W) and take a running jump, the next one is slightly to the NW. The last one is NE, near the doors. Jump to the doors and they will open, so enter.  

Shiva Fight.  

Two Shiva’s wake up, shoot them both as they both carry a Sapphire Stone.

Go to the NE and NW corner and use the Sapphire Stones there. This wakes up the last three Shiva’s. One of them has the Sapphire Key, use that in the N wall and the trapdoor in the floor opens. Go in and use the lever, get back up and out the door (Secret Hunters scroll down). A trapdoor came up on the left so you can use the Zip line.

Before using the Zip line, look left (E) through the binoculars and jump to that transparent ledge. Turn right and jump to the next, then to the platform that comes up and climb into the wreck to get Secret #3(5), Flares, a Medipack and Uzi clips. Get back to the Zip line.

Grab the Zip line and go all the way. You’ll drop into the water at the end of the line. Watch out as there can be another shark there.

Into the Hull.

Swim to the E wall and through the door (you have to wiggle a bit to get through the triangle opening) and up at the end. In the NE corner is a Medipack and in the other corner Harpoons. In the alcove (E) is a lever on the side, go in and run into the hole at the end.  

3 - Selphia’s Hall.

3 Secrets.

Wade through the water to the end, dive down and pick up the Flares on the right. Then swim to the N wall and up. Get out and DO NOT use the lever just yet.

Walk to the end and climb down the ladder. Once down go into the crawlspace on the left for Secret #1(6), a small medipack and Harpoons. Back up the ladder and now use the lever.  Water with a strong current will fill that passage so jump in and swim up at the end.

Go out to the galley and shoot the rats. Pull the box in the NE corner away, go around and shoot the fence, crawl in and shimmy around the first hole in the floor, do the same with the next one and shoot the fence so you can get out. Push the crate on the right and get into a storage place.

Storage Hold, Crate Puzzle.

At the E wall is an iron crate (right hand corner) pull it out twice and aside to pick up a small medipack where the crate came from. Then go to the NW corner and around the corner pull away the wooden crate, run around and push it in the corner. Run around again and pull/push it S so you can get around. Now back to where the wooden crate was and pull away the blue crate once, run around and now pull it S and then pull/push it out of the way into the storage so you can pull another crate that was behind the blue one. If you are not going for a secret just push that crate so you can get to a crawlspace behind a shootable grate.

For a secret, pull the wooden crate away three times so you can get behind it by going around. Go in and around the corner is another blue crate, pull it and go around to the storage where you can now get Secret #2(7), a Medipack E.

Now back to the passage and shoot out the two fences and crawl in. Go straight and on the left is in the corner an opening in the ceiling (NW), climb up, use the lever and watch the flyby showing a Key.

Drop down and go to the right (W) through the doors to the Grand Staircase.  

The Grand Staircase, down into the hull.

Go to the right into the side room; loop around right into a dark corner and on the right get Flares and behind the small table a small medipack. Go to the other end (W) and to the right at that clock, shoot the two windows (N) for another Uzi and Uzi clips. Go to the W end of the room and use the lever in the left corner. You’ll drop down in the bowels of the ship. 

Shoot the rat and push/pull the crate on the right aside  and go where the crate was and into the passage, walk slow through that glass. Use the lever filling the room you came from, jump in the water and swim back (the glass hurts you) to the room and through the opening in the ceiling (middle of the room). You’ll end up in a room with 5 levers with fire under them.

5 Burning Lever puzzle. 

In the NW is an opening in the floor, swim in and up into a room with more burning areas. There are 4 burning tiles around the higher central burners; you have to trigger those off to stop the burners at the levers in the previous room (you don’t have to actually step on them). Look up and spot a monkey swing, climb on the corner of a burning tile and jump up to grab the monkey swing, doesn’t matter which route you take, left or right. Make a circle around the monkey swing, going over all 4 corner burner tiles, at the end drop down at the water hole again.

Jumps to the Timed Door, the Rusty Key.

Into the water and out in the previous room and now you can use the 4 levers where the burners went out. The last lever at the E wall is now available, this is however a Timed lever. It opens a door way up on the S wall. Turn to the right and jump onto the pillar, two stand jumps over the first pillars clockwise, then a run jump and grab up to the higher ledge, turning right two stand jumps to the top ledge and then a stand jump to the chain. Line up for the door, swing the chain and hop off into the hopefully still open door.

Run through the passage (breakable tiles) (savegame.8). Face S before you pick up the Rusty Key, slide a bit and jump up to grab the monkey swing, you might have to swing sideways all the way to the end. Drop down on a breakable tile, run down from the tile and land onto another breakable tile, run forward a bit (you could try and jump from the slope below to catch the jump lever, or do it later). Then fall into the water. Use the underwater lever and swim through the door. Go up and out of the water, a block goes down when you pull the lever on the left and now you can reach that jump lever. Walk to the end, turn and back flip onto the slope, jump and grab the lever. Use the underwater lever again, swim through the door and roll, wait till the door closes and now swim right into the hidden door opened by the jump lever. Follow through and end up in a closed off part of the galley.  

Use the Rusty Key. 

Shoot the grate straight ahead (E) and get the Shotgun ammo. Go back out and now shoot the electric box near the windows on the left, use the switch. Right of the water hole a block goes down so you can jump back to the Grand Staircase. To the right (E) is another grate you can shoot. Crawl in and lower yourself on the left of the little ladder and use the Rusty Key at the end of this passage.

Go left, turn right and crawl under the pipe and turn right again. Jump over the burners back and fro to the end, on the right is a lever that lowers a trapdoor. Jump back the same way. Then jump through an opening on the right (SE). Push the crate away (or climb over it and jump down on the right) and follow through.

Machine Room, Getting Up.

At the end is the open trapdoor, climb the ladder on the right and take a running jump straight ahead and a bit to the right. Stand all the way to the back and take two steps forward (be sure to have enough health) then stand jump to the pole and swing to the other side. Get up to the steam blower and stand as right as you can and grab the ledge of the burner and shimmy around. Jump over that sneaky trapdoor  to the lower ledge in the corner and a running jump to the ladder on the right. Climb to the top, turn around and climb even higher. Use the monkey swing to the other side, timing the burners and you better save just before going through, hang right or left and wait till the one on your side stops (both have to be off and remember that after a reload the first sequence is shorter than normal, so be patient and wait a bit) and quickly go through. Drop on the ledge and save at the Timed lever, it will stop the burners left and right.

It doesn’t matter which you do first but jump to the corner and from there to the ladder, climb up and face the wall, backflip and jump, grabbing another ladder. Go up a bit, back flip into an alcove and pull the lever in there. Jump back to the ladder and climb down all the way, let go and grab the next ladder, climb up on the ledge and turn around. Jump to the slope and either shimmy right (or left) to the timed burners and safety drop on a corner. Jump over to the Timed lever and do the same for the other side. Go in where the block went down and use the lever you see at the end. Drop down the now open trapdoor onto that big pipe and go get a small medipack at the other end (N).

Swim for the Gallery Key.

Go back and now you can jump in the water and swim to the other side. Get the Flares and back in the water, swim straight ahead, then go down and right around a corner. Keep swimming (N) to the end and into that small opening on the left and immediately down. On the floor is a Gallery Key and a bit further a Medipack. Turn around and now swim back through the hole and when you see an iron contraption on the ceiling, swim under it and up. The trapdoor opened when you took the Key. Climb out on the left or on the right. 

The Keel, timed Jumps to the door.  

Turn to the S, jump through the gap in the railing to get up to the lever S. This is a Timed lever, operating a door in the other end of the room, you’ll have to get there using the slopes in the lower part of the room. If you want to check it out first, go left and look into the lower part of the room to plan your attack. There is an alcove a bit back from the timed door in the W wall, in it is a lever that opens the door so you can get back to the Timed lever. There are a few different ways to tackle this run.

This is how we did it:

Save at the lever, pull, side step to the right, roll and take a running jump and grab the edge of the blue block. Hoist up and run off it. Take a step and jump to the next slope, slide and jump the next one and get down. Take a step back and do a running jump to the next one. There is a safe tile behind this one as well. Slightly face to the right and if possible jump to the slope on the right as left as you can. Slide a bit and jump to the next slope, slide and now jump with a left corner to the next. Again slide a bit and do another curved jump to the right onto a slope, back flip with a roll and you are at the Timed door. Get through the door and watch out… breakable tile (savegame.9-Video TimedRunKeel.wmv).

Running the Gauntlet.

So immediately jump left or right onto a slope and keep jumping onto another breakable tile. Take a running jump to the next breakable tile and one to the passage with the sliding blocks. There are two more sliding blocks to conquer and after that just slide down back at the ship (savegame.10). 

Using the Gallery Key.

In the NW corner is a breakable tile with glass underneath it so be careful.
In the left wall (E) is a block. Push/pull the block onto all 4-glass tiles (let it rest on the tile a bit, don’t push it over in one go). The wall left of where the block was goes down so you can use a lever. Another part of the wall (on the left N) goes down revealing another lever. Again a wall on the left now goes down and get into the crawlspace and down at the other end.

The water is full of glass so don’t go in or go near it. Jump to the safe tiles further down and then to the slope. The corners of the burners are safe. Use those to get to the lever in the N wall to lower another block in the previous room and make your way back as you came and through the crawlspace.

There is now another crawlspace available on the E side, get in and jump over the pit and use the lever. This opens the big door to the Grand Staircase. So back you go. Once through the door look SW, there is a lock, jump over the balustrade and use the Gallery Key. Jump over the balustrade back the floor N, take a right and the opening is in the wall straight ahead (E)

Storage Holds. 

Go in and to the right, at the end Lara is staring at the curtains, duck and crawl in on the left side. Once in, take your guns and shoot a barrier and crawl further. Get the Uzi clips on the left and jump in the water straight ahead from the crawlspace (S) and push the button.

The floor next to it goes up, go to the blue push crate and pull it once out of the corner. Now use the switch on the W wall to open the door right of it and do not touch the water as it is now electrified. Make your way to the crate you pushed and jump up through the ceiling hatch into the crawlspace (N). Shoot the electric box, use the switch to turn off the power and lower yourself down (shift first all the way to the left or else you get stuck in an oil drum), the water is safe again. Go W and up a ladder. Shoot the rat and get a Medipack on the blue crate. Jump down on the left and get Shotgun ammo. There is another rat scurrying around and a Harpoon pick up at the W wall near a blue box and more Harpoons in the NW corner on a wooden crate and left of that Shotgun ammo.

Turn on the Lights, Open the Curtain.

Jump the crates to the SE corner, use the monkey swing to get to the other side, from there, jump to the one on the left and then to the one straight ahead. Turn to the right and then a curved running jump into the opening (NW). Go around and jump down and shoot the electric box on the right wall, use the switch and watch the flyby.

A hatch has opened on the wall on the left (W), go and climb the ladder. Slide down forward and drop into another room. Push/pull the blue crate towards the SW corner so you can jump up there and shoot the electric box and use the switch. The curtain goes up revealing a mirror. Be careful by jumping down so you won’t get trapped in between the crate and the slope. In the mirror you can spot an opening in the curtain at the other side. You can probably also spot a Shotgun ammo pickup with binoculars… Once inside walk straight to the corner and pick up Secret #3(8), Shotgun ammo.

Flip the Timed lever on the corner ledge; this opens the door in the mirror room in the far left corner windowsill. You are back in the Grand Staircase.

Grand Staircase, getting down.

Go left and at the last window left is a Medipack, on the other side (NE) are Uzi clips. Stand at the balustrade, face either W or E and look down. Jump back twice and take a running jump and grab the chain of the chandelier and slide down.

Getting to the Upper Decks.

Jump to the chandelier E and then onto the landing of the Grand Staircase. On the left (E wall) is that door you opened before. Inside go to the left where the curtain opened when you turned on the lights. Jump on the blue crate and use the lever to open a trapdoor. Pull the crate out of the passage and go in to get the Flares. Go back down to the ground floor (You can use either stairs) and go to the dark room W. Pick up the Flares from the pool, if you are lucky you can already shoot the fish in the water (NW) where that trapdoor opened, dive in and swim through the hole. Swim further avoiding the sliding pistons and swim up to get out.

Climb up where the first piston is and look through the binoculars to the S wall. There is an electric box you can shoot (Use the Shotgun and aim at it, or jump up with pistols). There is another one on the other wall (N) behind the middle piston. Go to the back of the room (W) two blocks lowered so you can use the two levers (notice the block going up, later). Jump back without being wounded and push the blue crate on the right to the wall opposite as a trapdoor is down (SE) so you can climb up one floor (face W). Get the Harpoons and Uzi clips and use the lever next to the ammo. Get down again and to the back of the room the trapdoor there is also open. So climb up onto the block and just jump into the opening. Your goal is a lever in the NE corner, use it and when you go out, get the Harpoons.

Go to the other side, as there is now an opening in the SW corner, slide down to the next level.

4 - The Hunt Begins.

2 secrets

The Chapel.

Turn around and find some Shotgun ammo around the corner, then go to the room ahead. In the left corner are Harpoons, to the right of the entrance is a blue crate and straight ahead on the right hand wall a jump lever, so start pushing. A platform went up in the corner where the crate was, so push it back so you can climb up there (NW). Turn around and jump onto the cross, climb higher and pick up a small medipack. Jump down at the other side and then jump to the crack in the right hand wall. Shimmy to the right around corners and get in the crawlspace near the jump lever.


Drop down in another part of the ship, NE are Harpoons, go the other way and around the corners is some Shotgun ammo on the bench on the right. A bit further on the right, you can find Harpoons. Retrace your steps and find an opening in the ceiling on the left (SE), get in there and shoot the electric box. Flip the switch. Get back down, the doors on the left (S) opened.

Staff Staircase.

First go downstairs, at the black and white floor take a left and get the Medipack from under the stairs, crawl to get it and stay in crawl. Then get down the other side and come to a galley of sorts, shoot the rats. On the right are Flares and on to the left in the corner get the Shotgun ammo. To the W is a Timed switch on the wall, leave that for now, but remember where it is. In the S wall is a grate, shoot it and crawl in. Shoot another grate and drop down, shoot the rat and pick up some Harpoons SE. Spot the stairs N. Push the crate way to the S to open the route to the other part of the galley and go back to the other end of the galley (W) and flip that Timed switch W, roll and run/jump or sprint out, jump through the opening where the crate was, take a left, up the stairs and on the left is the opening. Don’t run all the way over the stairs; just go up to the #4 step. Turn right and grab up, you are directly opposite the door, run a bit forward and roll into the door (savegame.11). Go up the steps and push a button just around the corner (a grate opens), and once through the door on top of these stairs you are back at the start. 

Going Up, out to the Caves.

Take a left into the staircase, go up the stairs this time. Up one floor and shoot the grate at the E wall, jump to the crawlspace and get in. Go to the right (no, that is the grate you opened, you cannot shoot that) and crawl around the corner, stay left so you can get onto the slope there. At the end you can stand up and shoot those nasty fish.

Jump in and swim down to the NE corner for Flares, swim to the S and next to the last pillar are Uzi clips. Behind the other row of pillars (NW) are some Harpoons. Get air and then dive in and swim behind those rocks (SW). Swim to the right along the ship and in a very bright spot, NE, is  a small medipack. Get up and get out the water in the far NW corner, because there are Flares to be found. Swim or jump around to the SW corner and on the W wall is a climb wall.  

To the Switch.

Climb the wall, up a bit then roll/backflip to grab another one. Climb up also a bit (till you are on the height of the blue light right of you), backflip to either a ledge or into an alcove. In the alcove follow through, jump two pits with glass and grab the Uzi clips straight ahead. Walk to the opening and look left, jump on the slope, jump and grab the edge ahead and crawl in for a small medipack. Lower down then shimmy to the right to the end (she might get caught in a corner so try again a bit further down). Let go and slide a bit and jump with a right curve to the walkway of the ship. Jump down onto the wooden deck and on the left get the Shotgun ammo and then go all the way to the other side and shoot an electric box, throw the switch (S.H: this also stops some propellers in a cave below).

This opens an underwater door, jump down into the water.

Secret Hunt: Swim into the cave W, under that climb wall, follow through to the end, the disabled propellers allow it now and grab Secret #1(9), a Medipack, Flares and Uzi clips. Swim back to the ship.

Swim down SE, back into to the underwater part of the ship we came from before. Another fish may pester you. The open door is on the right (S) and in that room is another fish. In the water (SW corner) are Uzi clips and in the SE more Uzi clips. Harpoons are to be found NE in the windowsill.

Swim up the stairs, to the right you can find Flares and Harpoons, on the other side you go up one floor. Look left before you enter the next section and hop down to that balcony to get Uzi clips and a Medipack, make your way back up the stairs and go through to the next section.

The Attic Key.

Around a corner on the left is a small medipack. Go all the way to the end and jump onto the glass floor and walk slowly through the glass shreds to the other side, there are Uzi clips in between the glass on your right. Jump over the balustrade and if you want some more pickups, look down and hop to a wooden rafter, hang from it (face S) and shimmy to the left around the corner and there is a Medipack. Shimmy back and jump/grab back up to the floor above (N).

Turn around then jump over on the left side towards the pole. Take a running jump to grab the pole and swing to the other side. Keep going straight and step down. Go straight and if you are standing correct at the edge you can see a small key on that small balcony (SW), so a running jump will take you there to pick up the Attic Key.

Using the Attic Key.

Best to jump in the water swim through the doors S, swim left and behind the pillars is a trapdoor where you can get out of the water now (another fish might show up). Look S and shimmy the rafters to get the Uzi clips there. Again back in the water, swim N and get out on that small slope on the right (NE), crawl back through the gate we entered from before and safety drop onto the staircase.

Go up the stairs all the way to the top and take a right and grab the Uzi clips from an alcove N on your way up. At the top of the stairs some Shotgun ammo in the NE corner, Shotgun ammo next to the stairs. Go to the other side (W) and jump over the balustrade (SW) and use the Attic Key.

The Attic.  

Go through and jump a bit to the right onto that trapdoor. Up to the right are Flares, jump back to the trapdoor and now jump up to the left onto the rafter. Go to the crate and hop down left and jump up the rafters in the left hand corner (NE) for a Medipack.

Go up onto the crate S and pick up Harpoons from the rafter. 

Back down and now pull that SE crate once then pull/push it to the W against the higher rafter. Get on top and take out the binoculars and look up SW, you should see a jump lever on a pillar. Push the crate in front of you W once and it drops down. Then push/pull it W and then to the left (N). Climb on the crate then push the crate in front of you (inside the pillar) down onto the rafter there, move the crate under the jump lever so you can use it.. A door opens behind the chandeliers on the level below. You can get some Uzi clips on the right of the pillar with the jump lever.

Secret Hunt Detour: Get back on the crate, hop onto the rafter going E and do a banana jump around the pillar to get Secret #2(10), 2x Uzi clips, Shotgun ammo and a small medipack from that corner. Best way back is to jump into the water below and get back up to the rafters using that slope NW, the staircase to get back up to the N side of the Attic.  

The Caesar Cipher Puzzle. (a look into the history of Poland)

Get back to the N side rafters from where you can jump down to the chandeliers and the door is at the S side. Use the chain to swing to it. Use the button (a door opens). I jumped in the water and got out NE, crawl to the left and lower yourself onto the staircase. Go up this stair and take a right into the room where it all started and in the back to the right is the door (NE). To the right you can find a Medipack and Uzi ammo in the NW. In the middle of the room is an Old Sheet of Paper.

 “It looks like some sort of a code... Maybe this portrait on the wall is a clue to decipher it.”

Examine it and try to decipher the Paper.

In the top of the painting of Julius Caesar you can see    A->B that means start changing all the letters on the paper.


1 - Text is encrypted in so called ‘Caesar cipher’

2 – To decrypt the text change every letter to its predecessor in alphabet (e.g. B to A and so on).

3 – The decrypted text:

The number matters

The dates matter

The battles matter

You are about to discover the truth of these words. Learn about the following battles and their dates

Battle of Grunwald

Battle of Warsaw

Battle of Raclawice

Battle of Oliwa

And you will be rewarded.

May God be with you

There are 4 objects under glass and the solution is as follows:

NW - Black and White shield = Battle of Grunwald 1410

SW - Olive Oil = Battle of Oliwa 1627

SE - Scythe = Battle of Raclawice 1794

NE - Red Star =  Battle of Warsaw 1920 

Push in the numbers into the slots (type on your keyboard) on the pillars next to the pedestals and close with “Enter”. The door NE opens, go there. 

Battle for the Sapphire Sword and the Rusty Key.

Once inside, spot a boulder hanging on the left, you have to go right, so start running over breakable tiles, jump over the knife and keep running, slide down to the ground floor. Go to the middle of the room and pick up the Sapphire Sword.

After the flyby start shooting the Demi Gods and pay attention as one (the last) carries the Rusty Key.  Go to the NE corner (watch out for some small pits) and on the left (NW) is a door with the lock next to it.

Walk in and turn around at the end, climb up and turn left at the end, use the swing pole and another one. Climb up the structure and use the chains to swing over the roof to the other side. Get into the crawlspace, lower yourself onto a slope and then jump with roll and run to grab up to the edge up before the breakable tile is gone. Follow through and in a room with a small puddle you can find a small medipack to the right. Push the crate (W) through the opening and jump down on it. There are Harpoons up in the SW corner, then jump in the water and swim into the hole, follow through and up.

“Well, I can finally change... What a relief!” 

5 - Return to Jungle Trail.

2 Secrets

Bike Ride.

Go up and climb up left, save often when on the Bike... Mount the Bike and go into the opening it is pointed at (SW), follow through with some speed to jump over a pit, around the left corner keep right over a “bridge” and stay right as Boulders come down. Up the hill all the way to the back and keep right going up a slope and into a passage in the back, follow through and when you see two boulders hanging, go as fast as you can and up to a larger cave where you’ll find a closed gate. Dismount and go to the SW corner, grab up to a crack and go left to a ledge near the gate. Use the lever there and jump grab over to the other side where a second lever will open that gate.

The Temple Key.

Take the Bike through the door, go left and at the end to the right, down a slope, up a hill and then over a trapdoor, keep left and through the door there to end back up in the Cave with the Lakes. It will be hard to navigate here due to the cramped space, but you have to get to the N Lake, right hand side where you’ll find a door under the vines you climbed before (E) (those Flares at the tree next to the S waterfall are back too. If you’re out, get those). Open the door with the Sword and go in with the Bike jump a pit full of water just around the corner and go down left around the corner where you see some light into a cave with spikes, go left around to the opening in the right hand wall and navigate through walls and along boulders up a hill and end op on a cave where the gate drops on your buddy seat and topples the Bike. You can leave the bike here; job’s done.

On the pedestal is the Temple Key. Slide down through the opening E.

On the second slope, jump and grab a crack, shimmy right to grab a Secret #1(11), Uzi clips. Slide down. 

You are back in the Kayak Lake district. Keep left and go up to the opening between the two pillars (N). Open the gate with the Temple Key. Take the first right and grab that small medipack behind the wood fence (as the level reset, the pickups are back). Under the push block (E) are more Flares. Only the Shotgun ammo in that hole in the ground is unavailable.

Go back into the opening and right, run jump up the slope along the right hand side and go into a room with a central pool. In the far right hand corner is another small medipack, then hop into that pool. Swim down (S) and follow down, swim through the deep part and keep going straight at the end to reach an underwater lever. It opens a trapdoor, swim back, immediately up and get out of the pool.

Raise a Cage.

The trapdoor is in the SW corner, left of that structure. Drop in, go down and grab up at the end, the ladder behind you is for getting back later. Follow the passage around the corner and come to a fire pit. Slide, jump and grab the monkey swing, go to the ledge behind the pit and drop. Now a curved run to jump over that burning floor and grab the edge of the metal floor, I ended up on the monkey swing above go to the end, hang from the end and drop down into the ladder pit and grab Uzi clips, then climb up the ledge onto a trigger tile turning off the flames (possibly you already ended up on that trigger tile after jumping over the flames). Run back to the end, turn and climb up once more. At the other end is a lever, use that and a cage will rise near the pool. Make your way down and get out S, around the second corner jump to the ladder we showed you and go up along the right hand side, slide far before jump to get over the open trapdoor.

Opening Doors and getting to a Jump Lever safely.

That Cage is in the NW corner, get on it and jump E to the bridge ledge. Go over the bridge to the other side and face the wall in front (S). There’s a crawlspace up there, get in and follow through, get down into a corner structure. Throw the lever left and watch the flyby of doors opening up below. Go to the N side against the wall, hop back once and take one step back, then jump over the slope and hop again to that small wooden bridge under a monkey climb.

First we need to do something else, drop down to the ground, go into the structure SE and get Shotgun ammo from a corner block, then pull out the other block and move it onto the tile under the small wooden bridge to trigger a trapdoor to open (important trapdoor).

Release the Boulder.

Get back up to the bridge (blocks NW), cross the bridge and go through the crawlspace. Go to the NE corner stand left, hop onto the roof, slide and jump to get to that small wooden bridge again.

Grab up the monkey swing and move sideways the first part, then go to the end and save before you reach it. At the end of the monkey swing Lara will turn sideways a bit. Try to move a bit more sideways so that when you drop you will end up on the roof ledge.

Grab up left and grab up to that rock ledge above (S), go left (crawl) and where you can stand again, run jump and grab the top of that monkey swing ledge. Go right and pick up Secret #2(12), Shotgun ammo. Return to the W end and run jump off to the left, ending back up on that roof.  

Go over to the other side (N), turn around and hop backwards, grabbing the edge of the roof, let go and grab the jump lever, as soon as you land that boulder is released, it will drop through the open trapdoor onto a friendly trigger. The door in the N wall will open up, go through and if you like, there are some Harpoons around the back (NE).

Dive into the pool, into the hole in the bottom and follow through, as soon as a gate closes behind you, go up and out of the water. To the N is a Medipack, around the left corner of the wall with the crowbar door are some Uzi clips. Now open the door and slide down… 

G&D, Oct 13-2016