Level by Sonnyd83 (former davep83).

Walkthrough by G&D productions.

A patient in a mental health institution decides he's had enough and decides to leave, causing mayhem in the process.  

Breaking Out.

Turn around and crawl into the windowsill to get the Wire. Then walk forwards and someone is speaking. Take the Uncharged Device from the right near the bars and combine it with the Wire to get the Uncharged Device + Wire.

Place it in the wall plug (E) and pick up the now Charged Device. Get some Food for a Mouse from the table and put that into the bowl on the floor near the bars. Pick up the Mouse after he has eaten the food and combine the mouse with the Charged Device to get a Mouse with Device.

Place the Mouse on the floor at the bowl and hurray, the bars open. Pick up the mouse and turn around as the other bars also opened. There is nothing in the cells just yet so go straight (E)

The Knife and Cupboard Key.

Open the door straight ahead (the door on the right can also be opened but there is nothing there yet).

Follow through around the corner and get into a crawlspace on the right near the next corner. At the hole in the floor, shimmy to the left opening (N), watch out for the laser and crawl further. Climb the ladder at the end and crawl further to a crossing. For a Secret: Go straight and around the second corner is a laser, there’s something on the floor (it is a bit hard to see). Time the laser, be quick to get Secret #1, the Secret Blade 1 and crawl back before the laser returns. Crawl back to the last crossing.

Go to the right (or left, S) but DO NOT stand up, as there is a laser overhead. Crawl forwards and come to the laser from the Secret, crossing your path. Wait for the right moment, stand up and run straight ahead to the corner. Crawl in left (E) and safety drop down.

Turn and walk towards the girl (left) and use the switch on the wall. This should start a Timed laser and if the guards are in the right place it’ll kill the guards. One drops something. Go and pick up the Knife from the guard. Go to the closed door in the corner and then go to the girl and she disappears (you killed her with the knife) and she leaves the Cupboard Key behind. You can now open the door in the SE corner.

Go to the cupboards (near the S wall) and pull the last one to the W and then push/pull it into the new room all the way to the wall. Climb on top and jump into the crawlspace. Stand up and run straight, safety drop down and push the button. You’ll drop into the ground floor corridors.

Make use of the knife, Body Parts.  

Take a right (N), around the corner and up the stairs in the end. Open the door there and you are back at the crossing near the cells. Go right, back into the cells and visit all of them, killing the prisoners and pick up the Body Parts… (the first cell has an Arm, the next one also an Arm. The third and fourth have the Legs. The last one holds the Torso

I have all the body parts I need, now what to do with them. Maybe there is a kitchen somewhere around here.

The Mess Hall, Food for the Prisoners.

Back to the crossing E, take a left, down the stairs and follow the corridor to the other end (S) and open the small door there. Go into the mess hall and straight to the back (to the kitchen) to pick up a Boiled Baby (food) (Large medipack) from the stove (climb up). Enter the opening SW and left and loop to the left, open the closet to get a Container (take a step back to open the closet). On the rack on the right get the Boiled Baby and Flares. 

Back into the kitchen and combine the Container with the Body Parts and get Food for the Prisoners. Better save first as the place will be filled with poison air. Place the Food for the Prisoners in the oven and when it is done the mess hall will be deadly, turn right and in the corner in that small room left (SW), you can get some air and then run out and push the button on that ventilation device on the left to clean the air in the canteen.

Computer Room, Library Key.

Everybody else in the canteen is dead on the ground. Go out; follow the corridor again up the stairs and at the intersection open the door straight ahead (S). Pick up Flares and a Suspicious Sausage from under the couch left and then head left into the open Computer room door on the left. First go straight to the back and around the corner left to get a Boiled Baby.

Then retrace your steps and push both ladies into the room on the right when you enter (SW). They each have to be standing on a yellow tile and face the terminal. The switch cover at the N side is up so flip the switch there. Again the room fills up with poison, so run to the corridor (if needed), as that is safe. Go back into the room and run to the nearest lady (black, W) and pick up the Library Key from under her shoes and run out again.

The Library, Weird Push Puzzle.

Go right (N) and at the intersection another right and us the Library Key at the Library sign all the way at the end. Get in and you’ll be transported to a strange place. Your goal here is that the crosses at the N and S side need to go up and then pushed onto the marked tiles. When you walk around the blocks go up, also the one with the crosses. The wall of that middle section is climbable. Going clockwise around will raise the blocks behind you, going counter clockwise will lower them in front.

Run forwards, around the corner and passing two crosses, just around the corner there, climb up at the wall of that structure in the middle. First pull the left cross and then the right one on the tile with the eyes. Climb down at the corner (W) and run again around the next corner and do the same with the next two crosses. 

Red Room, the Guts.

Push all 4 buttons on the blocks and go around and pick up the 4 Guts. Watch out for the drills! Then go to the 4 statues in the corners and place your Guts. Immediately run to the S side so you can climb down the ladder in the middle of the floor. Drop down but don’t leave the Circle.. Go to the E cage and left of it on the floor you can grab a Torch.

Ignite it on one of the candles and take it to all the women who are trapped in the cages. You really have to run through the bars a bit though. You’ll be attacked by a bunch of bats (you can save/reload to get rid of those). Now you may step out of the Circle and you are dumped into water and swim to the bottom and get transported back to the asylum again.

Library, Chemistry Book. 

Back at the entrance of the Library you can see a big clown running around, go there and he’s gone, to the left are Boiled Baby and Flares. I’m sure I can make use of that post box. Along the left (W) wall is a small table with a Chemistry Book (examine). Make a note of that post box left of the table…

A Bottle of Nitrogen.

Open the door in the back left corner (NW) and loop around left to use the valve there to flood a passage. Do not approach that Lara head in a vase thing on the pedestal in the back! Go back out and straight into the opposite door (SW), open the trapdoor in the back and swim through. Pick up a Suspicious Sausage and Flares just where the tunnel goes up, then head back for air first if you like. Swim back in and follow through to that aquarium, pick up that Nitrogen bottle fast and get out before the fish eat you alive. [color=red]Secret #2, another Secret Blade 2 is hidden under the plants next to the bottle (SW).

A Bottle of Chlorine.

Back in the Library, walk slowly to the NE door and open it (don’t want to alarm the guard). Crawl in and stand up behind the guard, he goes up in smoke. Open the cupboard and grab the Elevator Card. Turn around and grab the Chlorine from the rack.

The Elevator, the Oxygen Bottle.

Leave the Library and around the corner on the right you can use the Elevator Card next to those green doors. Get in and push the button on the right and go down.

If you keep standing where you pushed the button, you can run into a short passage with Secret #3, a Secret Blade 3 while the elevator goes down. Get out of the elevator and run to the right (N) passing the guy as quick as you can, beetles are eating you up. At the back of the garage jump into that red surface (water, NE) and lure the beetles in.

While you’re there, take a long full of air, dive down and swim to the S, go left and down again, keep following the left wall and swim up a bit. After going around a right hand corner you’ll find Secret #4, a Secret Blade 4 on the floor. Swim back following the right hand wall to get back to the Garage.

Get out and the first thing to do now is the flip that switch (W), that opens the next cover, so flip that switch as well. The guard that is standing behind you near the ramp is taken away by that crane. Run after the guard and flip another switch, oops, he gets killed and leaves a bottle on the floor. Flip the switch again to retract that blade and now you can pick up the bottle of Oxygen.

Now I need Hydrogen, I guess the best place to look is somewhere cold...

For some goodies… turn around and run up the ramp, loop around to the left and pick up a Boiled Baby. 

The Bottle of Hydrogen. 

Go back down and go to the right and down the ramp there. Go all the way down and at the intersection take a right, into a red room. Crawl through and push the button on the left, turn left and climb up the ladder.  When you climb up a bit, you can backflip into an alcove to pick up Secret #5, a Secret Blade 5.  

Back to the ladder and climb to the top and you are back next to the Library. Go left (E) and at the intersection take a right (N) down the stairs and straight on into the Mess hall. Go the small room in the far right corner where a lady now appeared. Push the lady straight ahead into the meat locker onto that dark tile (hop back to be safe as it is very cold in that room). Then get the Hydrogen bottle near the icy pipe on the left.

To Mix the Chemicals.

You’ll be transported and now you have to use the clues in the Chemistry Book, so read it.

S side is Nitrogen (N)

E side is Oxygen (O2)

W side is Hydrogen (H)

N side is Chlorine (Cl)

So first go North and flip the lever, then go South. Now to the West and last but not least flip the East lever and you are back in the Library with the Toxic Gas in your possession. Go in and left, go to the wall there and stand in front of that Mailbox and use the Toxic gas. We have to go back to the Garage. So back out the Library and left down the ladder, crawl through and straight ahead is the burning car. Jump over it and enter. Next to the crates straight ahead are Flares and a Suspicious Sausage, after that talk to the guy.

EVIL Part 2.

When you pass him he talks some more and gives you the Car Keys. Pass the car and go up the stairs (E), climb up at the end, crawl through and take a left. Use the switch there and slide down the ramp to the car. Get into the car and drive up the ramp. Once up go left, there are policemen shooting, so drive over them. Take a right and stay to the right (you can get stuck if you crash into a parked car and sometimes at a tree and you need to drive over all policemen).

At the end of this tunnel take a right into the street and just follow all the way to the end, taking out as many guards as possible. At the end, turn the car around and drive back and fro until everybody is dead, you’ll hear when that is the case. I think that’s the last of them…

Terrorist Attack?

Then almost at the end of the streets there is a door on the right you can open, a gun shop. The shop owner will have a conversation with you and gives you the Manual Rocket Launcher with Laser sight (only after all people in the street are dead). Go out of the shop and to the right climb up into the tunnel. Open the trapdoor there and swim through.

Looks like there are 5 things I need to take care off

Get out of the water and climb the small block then jump to the big one (can also do this from standing on the ground). Shoot the sentry gun and the two guards at the White House, then kill president Obama. Last but not least shoot the American Flag on top of the White House and you get Adipi’s Heart.

Jump back in the water and you get a camera shot of the guy that gave you the Car Keys, so back you go. You can take the car or just walk. He will give you the Exit Key and a Secret Key which fit on the lock next to the High School (Only when you found all 5 secrets). I used the car again to get up and around the corner in the village near the first market stalls left is the door that opens while using the Exit Key (OSUV street sign). Go in and the level ends.

If you want to use the “Secret Key” too, go a bit further down the streets and a door on the right will open with that key (High School sign). The teacher will tell you a story.