Legacy of the Martaecians.

Level by Dan Nuttall.

Revised walkthrough by Dutchy (July 28- 2016).

Part 1: The temple. 

Get the Ammo in front of the Jeep and go to the next square with more Jeeps, get the Revolver and Revolver ammo to the right and go up the crates in the NW corner for Flares, climb the higher crate there and up to the ledge above. Go up the SW ladder and backflip to the ledge from which you can runjmp/grab the rope. Swing over the room to climb down the other side. Go to next room and shoot some Scorps on the higher floor and try to take out some Ninjas from here, go over to the NE corner and climb into a hidden passage in the N wall, when around the corner; sprint to the end where the Cartouche (You’ll see where to use it too) waits on the block and use the crack in the wall to get back, go down in the hole NW, shoot remaining Ninjas and get the Lasersight, go out and chase a Ninja to the square, shoot him to get the Uzi ammo, go in S room for some Uzi ammo, then to the E passage and L into the room, shoot the Ninja and climb over the crates in the corner, down the ladder to get Secret #1 after shooting the Scorps. Collect all Goodies and go back up to the passage, take a left and then right to get a Medipack where you shoot the next Ninja.

The Red eyed door in the passage stays closed for now, back to the square and NE, up the stairs and throw the 1st lever, go out and to the opposite corner (SE), shoot the Ninja and throw lever #2 inside, the red eyed door is open, get the small medipack on your way back and follow the Statue passage behind the Red eyed door to a corridor with doors and stairs, go to the N and turn to shoot the Ninjas behind you. Stand on the light coloured tile in front of the closed alcove with the Hand and look S, the Timed door is now open, sprint to it and hop in, follow to a room with a Spike pit. Run in when you expect the Spikes to retract and slide into a room with 2 Mummies, throw the lever in front of you fast and run to the ladder, go up till you can backflip to the grey block and return to the corridor with the Hand of Orion. Take it from the alcove and the door next to it opens. Go out and left into that door.

Follow past a room L you have to flood first and up the pole, get the Revolver ammo in the upper room and go to down in the Spike trap room. Shoot the vase in the S alcove, the dark floor is dangerous! The safe path, painted by the Martaecians, on the opposite wall is not quite accurate, but gives a general direction, just start on the S side of the room and save on every Tile you made. Go to the right on opposite side, up the blocks and throw the flood lever for the other room. Go to the N side and up the blocks, get the Uzi ammo and use the monkey climb to go over to the alcove where you shot the vase. Get the Uzis and drop back out, go to the flooded room, shooting a Ninja on the way.

Dive in and swim the W tunnel to the next room, shoot some vases for Revolver ammo and go E, shoot vases, Scorp and get Uzi ammo, up the Block E is the receptacle for the Hand, to open the door right of you, follow the new passage to the Hand of Sirius, hop back fast or get squashed by a Boulder. Return to the big room and enter the new door NE, go behind the vase and through the crawlspace, up a ladder and shoot some Scorps, run past some Mummies to shoot the vases between the Tombs and get Uzi- and Revolver ammo. Get into the crawlspace NW and reach the top of the pool room. Get Cartouche part 1 and a big door below opens, so make your way back down to the pool room (no shortcut, sorry) and enter that W door, follow to where you have to shoot the 2 Ninjas and get some Uzi ammo before you climb up N to the upper room, shoot the Scorp and go into the crawlspace to get Flares and throw the lever inside which will open the door below, go down again and look behind the vegetation opposite the open door to find a long crawlspace, follow through to Secret #2, a small medipack, Uzi- and Revolver ammo. Get back and into the open door ahead. Go up the pole.

Dive down in the pool below in next high room and climb out NE and go left, follow to a closed door up left, go up the ladder and backflip into the 1st floor passage, look for a couple of passages W, with 3 vases to shoot (to open a door) and dodge the Mummies there, shoot the Ninja after you shot the last vase and go to the NE side of the room, get some Uzi ammo, go up the ladder to throw the lever in the SW corner of the room and dive back down in the pool, go left again and now the door at the ladder is open, throw the lever inside to raise a bridge where we have to go next, go to the crossing at the pool and straight, over the bridge to a Boulder slope, sprint down to the pit and jump into the left passage or jump over the pit and use the crack in the wall to get there.

Go find the 2 vases to shoot NW and SW, so a door in a crawlspace in the NW passage will open, go in there to climb the ladder, shoot the Scorps and throw the lever on the floor E, go back into the SW corner, just past the ladder and get Flares. Go down the shaft behind them for Secret #3, a Medipack, Uzi- and Revolver ammo in vases. Shoot a Scorp if you happen to break the wrong vase. Go back up to the ladder to get back to the crawlspace, shoot the Ninja from the crawlspace if he happens to stand in front of it. Shoot one more Ninja on ground floor of the room with the fire and enter the open door W. Come to the Universe room.

Climb the NE pillar and place the Ba Cartouche on 1st floor E side, go down to the door you opened N on ground floor. Pull the Statue out and put it on the nearest one of the circle signs (connect by a white line) in the centre of the room. The other door opens, put that Statue on the other sign and they will activate a door W on 1st floor, go in there and run over the universe bridge.

Part 2: Mars.

In the next room you can use the Hand to activate the Teleporter behind you, step on and it will take you to a room where you can get the next part of the Ra Cartouche, combine the two parts and use it on the other side of the pillar.

The door behind you opens, go out and see you’re not on earth anymore as you can see your home planet in the sky, so this must be Mars. Follow the passages to a pit with a rope-swing to the lever, go back and see a climbable pillar raised in the room, go up to jump/grab into the S passage, shoot the Hellhound and get the Uzi ammo, follow to a room with a white (deadly) floor, climb into the hidden passage NW and use the reach-in switch, go back out to find a hole in the floor (N), follow to a passage with 2 Hellhounds, go up the ladder to use a lever and switch off the white burner floor

Drop down and go into the left passage (W), up to a room with a rope-swing, go over to use both reach-in switches to open a door on other side, go in there and shoot the Bats in next room, go in E to get Revolver ammo, go into the S passage, shoot the Hellhounds and do run jump/grabs over the lava pit, shoot the Hounds and go to the NW to find the Guardian key on the electrified ledge, go back SE, over the lava pit to the room where you shot the Bats shooting all the Hounds in the passage and find the receptacle for the Key on the grey block, the walls E lower, go up the blocks to use the lever, see the Boulders come down and the door between them opens, go there, shoot the Hound and enter, follow to the top of the rope-swing room. Jump over to the ledge, up the ladder and shoot the Bat. Near the wall face W, walk forward to the edge of the walkway and back flip landing on a sloped roof. And end up on a ledge in front of an opening, follow in and shoot a Scorp, Pick up Secret #4, a Medipack and Revolver ammo. Go back out and jump right around the corner to a ledge with a lever. It will open a door right below, to a room with a shaft viewing up to mother Earth. Grab the small medipack next to the lever.

Drop down to the ledge below and follow the passage N to that room, with Revolver ammo SW and the Timeless Sands on a block. Go back through the passage in the floor, swing over the pit and go right (W), through the Boulder room and into opposite passage. A new door opened in it to the left, follow to a room with a load of Bats, see them crawling along the walls. NE are Flares on the floor, then go into the crawlspace left of the Altar and follow up to Revolver ammo and a Ra Cartouche, climb down again, shoot some Hounds and return to the room where you got the Guardian key (Leave E, take a left in the red passage and get over the run jumps-lava pit). Shoot all Hounds and go into the far NE corner to place the Ra Cartouche and a block raises in the W, on a stack of other blocks. Climb up E there, turn around to go over to the W 1st floor, up the ladder left and into Meatgrinder Alley.

Time your run through and just before you run through the last, take a sharp right into a passage leading to Secret #5, Revolver- and Uzi ammo, a small medipack and Flares. Watch out for the grinder as you leave and take a right to follow the passages, shooting Hounds. You’ll come to a room with a Hound and 2 Bull statues. Go down the ladder to backflip into the first passage behind, drop from the other end to land in front of the Statue where you can place the Timeless sands. Go around the side of the structure and jump to the ladder, go up to the upper room and leave N. Follow back through the Grinders to the W side of 1st floor. At the ladder, jump back E into the central structure to climb down to ground floor and shoot the Hounds. Enter the W room and get the Amulet of Horus. Backflip as soon as you can, before the Boulder crushes you. You’ll see the door you opened in the cutscene, go out, climb to 1st floor again, jump over and go right (N), into that opening and slide down to a room where the level ends.