Return to the Old Spire.

Level by raidertom.

Walkthrough by G&D productions.

The savegames and other files mentioned in this walkthrough are in this Folder. 

“Something has changed… I’ll follow the Dragon…”

You are in a dark flooded pit, don’t turn but just swim forward and up to climb out. Go left to those brown rocks and in the cave behind them (NW) are Flares. Get out, loop left around to a deadly pit, there is a submerged platform you can use to get across, but it will sink fast… So, hop to the platform and immediately another hop (or running jump) across.

In the next area take a right to get to a large place with two deadly pools and a large pit in the middle. You can jump some platforms in the pool NE to get to the far corner and collect the Uzi clips there if you like. Jump back to where you came from.

All the Way down the Abyss.

Save, because when you step in front of the mirror near the deep Abyss, you’ll get a flyby showing you the route down the Abyss next to you and if you saved you can watch it again.

Go to the W side of the pit and look down. Your goal is that grey ledge. Jump backwards and hang on the edge and drop down onto the highest part of that grey ledge.

Stand close to the brown side and turn around and take a running jump with a roll straight (E) to the right hand side of that opposite grey rock; jump again, curve left and use Ctrl to land on a brown ledge under it (try to land on the left side).

Turn around and look down and to the right. Take a running jump to jump over the top of that slope; jump to get onto another slope and again a jump land yet onto another slope. Hang and pull up, jump backwards with roll and grab the ledge from the slope you already were on. Shimmy left as possible and back jump with roll and steer to the right. You hit another slope; just slide and you will land on a safe ledge (Savegame.0).

Take a running jump (NW) to that dark rock where you see some plants. Get down and loop around to the right for some Uzi clips. We’ll be back here a few times.

Go back onto the dark blocks S, stand on the one right (SW) and run jump with a roll over the slope right of the central pillar so you’ll slide off backwards from the back, grab the edge and drop to a crack. Go left around the corner and drop onto a slope, just slide and then jump back and fro on the slopes to avoid that campfire and land safely on the ground next of it. Over the campfire you can see a gate (inside is the crowbar).

Bottom of the Abyss, gathering some Supplies.

Jump a bit NE to a path left of a rock pillar go forward to the right hand corner and hop down (SE) with Ctrl onto a grey rock below. Down from the rock and head S and on a rock ledge in the S wall are Flares. To the right, behind the brown pillar in the SW corner are Uzi clips. A large Medipack can be found behind the brown pillar SE.

Go E of the pool into some ruins and right around some blocks are Shotgun ammo and Uzi clips after shooting a crate. Look for a crawlspace up SE, jump there from the nearby grey block and inside left are 2x Harpoons. To the right the crawlspace leads to a Keyhole, needing the Skeleton Key. So for now get back out and spot a large Timed door in the opposite NW corner, for later. Under a wall torch, near that Iron Gate (NE) are Flares.

The Timed Entrance Door.

Walk through the curtain E, to the left, in front of a staircase is a big wheel switch which will operate that Timed door outside the curtain. Face E, pull about 6 times and start running against the wheel, turning right onto the staircase down (DO NOT go down further) and while curving to the right jump up to the curtain, through and a bit right over those blocks to get through the Timed door (savegame.1).

Remember the next route because we will use it a couple of times.

Open the Gate to the Crowbar.

Go straight and take a right and left around the corner are Uzi clips, behind you is a shortcut gate for later, once we have the Torch. Go back to the crossing and straight W, left up the stairs and find Uzi clips and a small medipack in front of some shelves. Turn back a bit (stay in this room) and go into the corner with the spider web (NE), there is a lever. It will open the gate at that campfire, you can hear it and another clue seems to be that chain that you could also see in the Abyss. Climb over the grey ledge and find the Shotgun ammo behind the barrels. 

The Bar.

Head through the small curtain W, you’ll come to the Bar. On the counter to the right is a mirror, “Visit the Great Dragon Entertainment”. The lever will turn on the Music. In the other corner of the Bar is a second mirror, showing an Imp walking around a submerged room.

Secret: Go up on a grey block S and hop into the opening SW. Turn around and spot a jump lever. From the very corner and facing the lever, hop back and run jump to it with a bit of a curve because of the ceiling shape. You can now pass through the curtain in the NE corner and get Secret #1, a Secret Dragon. Get back to the Bar.

Spike Pit.

When you go through the curtain W, a Hellhound will attack, there are also an Imp and Bat to kill. Behind the chair in the back corner are the Uzis. Go up to an opening in the N wall, spikes will pop up across a deadly pool. There are sloped sides with in the pool, those are the triggers to lower those spikes, (you only have to jump onto the two slopes on the opposite side of the pit, if you need to go back it will also be the two on the opposite side) jump on a slope and keep jumping to and fro to activate the two and then jump into the opening on the other side. Turn around and run jump to grab the jump lever on the right hand side of the opening you came from, spikes go down and the pool turns safe for later, the spikes remain active however. Climb out N and go through, pick up the Harpoon gun and shoot the crate to get 2x Harpoons.

An opening N is for later, we’ll concentrate on that trapdoor E first. Go up the steps right of it and to the right is a dark ledge with two levers and a pressure pad. DO NOT touch those levers yet as they will trigger a flame on the ‘steel pipe’ left.

Open the Trapdoors.

The pad stops the flames on the steel ‘pipe’ E and from that pipe you can jump S and grab a jump lever. To do this, face S standing next to that pad, hop back on it and run forward while running off the ledge, go to the lower part of the ‘pipe’ and jump on, turning towards the lever, hop back and jump with a bit of a curve to grab the lever (savegame.2). The trapdoors over the ladder open up for later.

Swimming for the Skeleton Key.

Get back on the dark ledge and throw the two levers starting left, the left on is timed and shows the trapdoor that will open. Side flip to get out of the camera shot and flip the right hand one, this opens the trapdoor in the cave next door (N). It also releases a Wraith, so run through the opening N and straight into the water, go down a bit till you see a flash and the Wraith is gone. Swim further down and look around that cave for Harpoons SW, swim N and loop around left for more Harpoons, roll and go straight a bit (E) then on the right is a Medipack. Roll and swim N and down for more Harpoons and in the NE corner are more Harpoons to get. Then swim up the shaft (SW) and get out and back to the two levers.

Throw the left hand lever again, get into the water (N) and swim down, a bit to the right (E) and up behind the beam to get through the timed trapdoor. A bit onwards in the tunnel is an underwater lever to the right, gates open up.

The gate behind you (turn right), leads back to where you came from, best take that first. Because a Sea Hag was set free and she’s chasing you (if she’s not, approach the gate left (S) and roll as soon as you see her). Swim to the right into the other gate, be sure she follows you, go down left and back up the shaft SW as soon as she comes close. Get out and wait for her so you can shoot her with pistols, find the spot where Lara will aim at her (savegame.3).

Back into the water and keep along the right hand (S) wall where you can swim back into the tunnel in the steel structure (E), right around the corner is a small medipack, swim right around the corner again to get back into the tunnel with the underwater lever. Take a left through the gate (S) you opened with the lever, up in that room is air. You are under the Bar. On the grey ledge on the bottom is the Skeleton Key and that one goes to that crawlspace at the bottom of the Abyss. Swim back through the tunnel, right through the gate and keep left to get back to the room where you found all those harpoons and up the shaft SW.

A Crowbar and the route to the Keyhole..

Go backup the steps to the room with the 2 levers and up the ladder S (if you opened the trapdoors that is, look above for “Open the Trapdoors”).

Once up and you are back at the Abyss, go up the blocks S, stand on the right hand one as before and you can spot the open gate down W at the camp fire (opened with the lever behind the spider web just before the Bar). Run jump with a roll over the sloped ledges right of the central pillar. Grab the edge; get to the crack below and left around to the sloped block below, hang a bit to the right hand side of that slope and just drop and let Lara slide. She will end up in the doorway. Jump to the block to get the Crowbar. In front of the shelves are some Flares.

 “Grey rocks and these black blocks. The only demons building stuff. No wonder, that they go raiding in our world”

The trapdoor in the ceiling of the Crowbar room is a shortcut which will open up later. Get back into the doorway, hop out left a bit to the ledge next to the campfire. Run jump NE and then down left to that grey block at the deadly pool again. Get to the ground floor and go in E, from the block SE a jump to the crawlspace and follow through to the Keyhole around the corner. Through the gate is a drop into water, try shoot the Hag before you go in or use the Harpoon gun.

Room of the Missing Imp.

Below is the room where we saw an Imp run around before (mirror in the Bar). He probably drowned… Swim NE and left behind the pillar to use the Timed underwater lever to open the gate at the other end of the room, a wall starts hammering down, best is to save while pulling the lever and just swim there full speed, maybe a bit diagonal to delay till you come close and see the opportunity to turn straight through. Swim through the gate (right hand side of it) (savegame.4), up left for air and climb out.

“Oh, no… I’ve forgotten my umbrella”

And why would that be important? Because of the acid rain that comes down in the valley ahead. There are several side caves where you can hide from the rain and get your health back up.

Valley of the Poison Rain, the Rusty Key.  

Duck and roll with the sprint key through the opening. Run forward and jump with a bit of a curve around that purple (was once a) plant onto the corner of that grey rock (W wall), turn right and hop onto the safe path. Best is to first go into the opening N by jumping to the sandy corner ledge NW and get your health up by standing on the stairs. Run out along the right hand wall, onto the corner ledge and jump a bit to the left onto the path. Run left to the right hand corner at the end and jump to the dark grey rock on the right. Run along the edge and at the end jump a bit left down onto a dark brown slope, you’ll slide into a tunnel where Secret #2, a Secret Dragon awaits you. At the end of the tunnel you can get your health back up.

Now you have to run jump out (on the left of the opening) with a curve to the right around the sloped rock, landing on a triangle ledge next to a pad in the deadly pool. Use the pad to get around the pillar and run a bit N and to the right into a cave with a “mirror” which will show a flyby of the rest of the challenge.

On the corner opposite this cave you can see a burner over a pad (W). That’s the route back later and we can kill the burner. Run out of this cave and left against the pillar is a jump lever, use that to stop that burner and get back inside. Now run out and to the right, then curve left towards that yellow plant and jump through the plant onto the pad in the pool, a running jump will get you across. Be careful in the next bit, because of a burner that will start when you get close, try to curve right and jump to that grey block in the pool as soon as possible. Take another running jump straight (NE) into a small cave where you will be safe.

Looking out of the cave to the right you can spot a pad in the pool and a fence in the far corner. You can shoot that so be sure to have the pistols ready to draw. Run out sharp right onto the grey ledge and at the end curve left to jump to the pad, a running jump to grab the ledge ahead (N). Pull up and draw pistols, run left, jump onto the higher ground and shoot the fence right. Inside you’re safe (savegame.5). Shoot the bat; grab Uzi clips near the entrance and a Medipack from behind the table and the Rusty Key from the table itself. Next to the entrance is a wall lever, which will open a gate in the staircase opposite the valley entrance. It also shows the way back through the valley. 

Back to the Abyss.

I used the first side cave again to take shelter, run out and keep right, curve left and jump to the path in the pool, jump to the grey path with the burner and turn left to jump on the grey block and into the cave W again. Run out, jump to the block and a bit left to get past the burner, then right onto the ledge to the E wall and run S, up the slope and go left fast to get to the cave with the mirror.

From here straight from the mirror to the grey path and to the brown ledge a bit right, left to the pad in the pool (where you killed the burner by using the jump lever before) landing in a way to be able to do a running jump to the grey path S, right and at the end a jump to the sandy corner ledge in front of the staircase (savegame.6).

Make use of the Crowbar and the Rusty Key.

Go through the gate and you’re back at the Timed wheel. Go use it again, run through the curtain W, over the blocks into the Timed door on the right (NW). Left and up the stairs to the room with the big spider web, through the curtain W to the Bar, through the curtain W and up to the right to the spike pit. If you used that jump lever before, the water will be safe and you can trigger the two slope tiles (the two closest to the spikes) at ease and climb up N. Next room loop around right and get up the ladders in the room with the two levers. Go left and then right to the edge of the Abyss.

Timed Trapdoors, to the Crowbar lever.

Run jump and grab the grey ledge SE, the one you came from in the beginning. Jump up left and find some Uzi clips next to a pressure pad. The pad will raise two timed trapdoors in the Abyss.

Hop on backwards and start running a bit right to where you can jump through the gap between the two slopes and grab the first trapdoor, pull up fast (maybe release Ctrl for a millisecond to be able to pull up faster) and run jump to grab the next platform. Pull up and hop forward (savegame.7). Use the Crowbar lever on the ledge (facing N) and a trapdoor opens in the back corner.

Go down into a cave and find some Uzi clips in a trench at the N wall, then go down NW and pick up a small medipack.

There’s a Blue Crystal behind a gate in the water, we’ll get that much later.

Shotgun and a Note.

Go up E again and left into the passage N, you’ll come to a deadly pit with a pad. Stand two steps back and hop back to run jump to the pad and a running jump will get you across. Two Hellhounds and Werewolf attack and a Demi god shows up in the pool. Best concentrate on the hounds first. I jumped to a fro on the slopes left and right and shot them (you can also do the shooting in the passage E). Now take out that Demigod as that will open a gate in the SE corner. Then go into the opening E and find the Shotgun and a Note next to the skeleton..

 “Plantation: Red, Yellow, Blue”

Must be a hint for later! The gate that opened is in the SE corner, above that block. Inside you will be above the cave where the double trapdoor is and there is a hang glider.

For a Secret: First go straight S and to the right is a grey slanted block, stand on the higher ground next to it and back flip onto the sloped side in a way that you can grab the spotted ceiling (monkey climb). Turn around and go onto the block, duck to get Secret #3, a Secret Dragon.

Use the Rusty Key, the Walther 9 mil, a Torch.  

Use the Glider to the very end, ending up in a crevice of the Abyss. Go right and jump diagonally through the corner to the crevice NW. Loop around left where you’ll find a wall lever left around the corner, opening a trapdoor at the other end. The trapdoor leads down into the room where the Crowbar was, no need to go there yet, just jump to the path beyond the trapdoor and follow left around. A bit further to the left is where you can use that Rusty Key. Go in the gate next to it and inside is the Walther 9 mil, in the back are several Torches, pick one up and two werewolves attack. Shoot them.

Raise the platform for the Torch (we need that later).

Go to the end of the passage (W) and leave the Torch here. Left around the corner is a pit with a skeleton and a small medipack, climb out again and straight ahead is a pit with a steep slope, look right of it and spot a flat light grey ledge just below the edge of the floor and a lever. Saves you a trip through the whole level later, if you do this now. Drop down, use the lever raising a platform down behind you, roll and hop a bit left onto that slope, immediately jump again to the right ending up on that steel corner pillar. Turn left and jump into the alcove with Walther Clips. Now face out to the right and run jump with a sharp right curve onto the top of that slope, go left into the passage and go get the Torch back.

Igniting the Torch.

Take the Torch to that trapdoor down to the Crowbar room (that is back E around the corner). Hop up into the open gate on the left (E) and jump down to the left over the fire. Turn around and walk as close as possible to the fire, hop back twice and stand jump with a bit of a curve over the corner of the slopes, turn a bit left and ignite the Torch OR stand with your back against the wall facing the fire (S) and hop over the fire to the left corner of the fire and slowly turn around to ignite the Torch (savegame.8).

Use the Torch, a Bypass Gate.

Hop out to the E and run jump a bit left to that path, go to the end and face out left. Save and throw the Torch down so it will land on the ground and not in the pool below (OR from the crowbar room backflip with the Torch over the slope S ending up on a lower ledge in then deadly pool, turn around and then take a jump to the S and go to the E side). Now jump down too and take the Torch into the room E, in the left back corner (near the red curtain) is a wall torch you can ignite, opening the bypass gate so you won’t have to do the Timed door ever again.

Use the Torch, the Yellow Energy Crystal.

Go through taking the Torch with you and go left, straight and then left up the stairs, through the room with the spider web and straight through the curtain to the Bar. Go through the curtain straight ahead (W) and up right to the Spike pit jumping the two slopes to lower those spikes again. On the other side go sort of straight (N of the open trapdoor) and follow through to some kind of machine room. Jump onto the ledge with the chain and wheels, left. Ignite the wall torch and this causes the machine to malfunction and explode. The fire to the right also stops, drop the Torch on the floor and a Demigod will come down the passage E to pay a visit, go up close, duck and shoot him. In the machine room, jump up into the alcove right of the wall torch and get your first Energy Crystal, the Yellow one. Behind the gate N you can spot a Key Bundle we’ll get to later.

Preparing the next Torch use, the Laser Sight.

The fence with the Keyhole is for later. Take the Torch and run down onto the block into the water of the room S, run jump to the dark ledges on the right in the back, and go to the platform you raised when you got the Torch, stand against it, jump up and hit the #1 key to drop the Torch on that thing.

Walk to the S and near the end turn SE to jump with a curve into the alcove where the Laser Sight is.

For a Secret, skip the blue part if you don’t want the Secret:

Back into the water, to the raised tile in the water and face left to the opening in the wall. Get in there. Arm the Walther with the Sight and keep it drawn.

Turn right and run down onto the slope, slide down onto a Timed trapdoor, turn right and hop back against the wall looking up with the gun to spot a bell, shoot it and a flame will stop at the Secret. You should just have enough time to put the gun away, turn around and grab up to the crawlspace behind you (S). Go get Secret #4, a Secret Dragon. (If you fail to grab the crawlspace, you will fall through the trapdoor, go to the teleporter and end back up at the Timed wheel. Go W through the curtain, go to the right through the bypass gate, take the route up the stairs to the Bar, through the curtain W and up right through the Spike pit. On the other side go in N of the open trapdoor and follow through to the machine room. Left, down into the flooded room and up to the opening right, this time hop straight over the slope to the ledge behind it and go left to where the Secret awaits).

Now you HAVE to go through the trapdoor and use the teleporter, get back to the machine room, the flooded room as you did before.

Up with the Torch.

Go to the Platform with the Torch, grab up, take the Torch and jump to the ledge with the lever (S), turn around and hop a bit left onto the edge of the slope, immediately jump again and veer right to end up on the steel corner pillar. Hop up left into the alcove where the ammo was and from there run jump out to the right, landing on the top of the slope.

The Crate Puzzle.

Just right around the corner is a lower passage (W). Go down, jump over the gap and find a wall torch, ignite that and a gate opens on top of the stairs left. Go through the small pool of water to get rid of the Torch and possible torch bug. Climb out left and go up the stairs.

We need to get one of the crates on top of the white block right of the ladder N so we can get into the room above.

In the W wall is a bypass passage to move the ground floor crates to the other side if needed. There’s a lever operating the raising blocks and burners in the entrances on a block in the middle of the room (also W side). That lever also operates the block on the central ledge to move a crate up to the third layer. 

1: Move the wooden crate in the S section once to the E (it will be in front of a raising block on the central ledge).

2: Throw the lever on the block on the central ledge, blocks will rise and the burner in the bypass NW will die.

3: Go to the N section of the room and pull the crate standing against the central ledge once so it ends up next to the raising block on the central ledge.

4: Move the other crate there straight to the W, one of the crates against the raising block.

4: Pull the second layer crate standing left of the ladder (NW) out and push it into the corner against the lever block.

5: Pull the crate W out of the entrance once and then push it against the central ledge.

6: Use the lever on the block to lower the raising blocks, now you can move the crate next to the lever block onto the central ledge and on top of the crate in the S section, leave it there till later.

7: Use the lever on the block to raise the raising blocks and push one of the lower N side crates (the closest one) in front of the opening W, against the raising block.

8: pull that crate standing in the W side bypass out once, go to the S section, into the bypass there and to the N to push the crate onto the lower crate.

9: Back to the S section and push the crate once S into the corner against the lever block.

10: Use the lever on the block to lower the raising blocks, pull the lower crate out and move it back into the corner next to the lever block.

11: Move the second layer crate (standing next to the lever block) onto the crate next to the raising block on the central ledge.

12: Pull the lower crate (SW) out and move it to the E once so you now have a row towards the high block N.

13: Move both second layer crates against each other on top of the lower crates N.

14: Turn right and pull that crate E onto the raising block on the central ledge.

15: Use the lever to raise the block and move the third layer crate onto the white block N (savegame.9).

Going after the Key Bundle, the Small Waterskin.  

Climb the ladder N and drop onto the crate, grab up N to the higher floor. Down the steps is a closed door, left is a Keyhole, so take a right and use the lever in the opposite corner to open the door, two Imps come out, shoot them and go inside. On a pedestal right is the Small Waterskin and suddenly an Imp drops from a trapdoor into a pit with sloped ledges. Go to the pit, turn around in the middle, hop back grabbing the edge and climb down the ladder. Shoot the Imp and grab the Key Bundle. The gate opens and you’re back in the machine room where you can now open the fence straight ahead, grab the Walther ammo, Uzi clips, small medipack and Shotgun ammo. Go back up into that gate you came from and use the ladder or the side slopes (pull up and start jumping from one to the other to the top, then to the right) to get to the upper floor.

Exploring Outside, a Shotgun and the Golden Key.

Go to the right, pick up the Shotgun ammo near the open doors (NE)  and step out into the open, go left, stay on the high wall and run to the far N, must be the river Styx, even the Gondola is there.

Next to the wall is a wooden crate, pull it away from the wall and go look where it was to find another Shotgun. Three Skeletons show up or are those the Ferrymen? Slide down (S) and shoot them into the Styx River. 

Secret: Go down to the light grey ledge next to the wall NE; slide backwards and hang from the E side and drop to grab a crack below, get in there and crawl or roll to a ladder. Go up and into the crawlspace above to find Secret #5, a Secret Dragon. To get out, stand on the very corner and face SW, run off holding Ctrl to get back to safe ground (OR duck in the right hand corner facing SW and hit ALT + forward to jump out..)

Go up the slope N through a portal, giving Lara a Dragon Shield (she’s flashing) as protection against the Locust. (Don’t use a medipack when she is in this state, because it will not help and disappear) Go up to the grey ledge and turn left, hop down over to the slope (W) and do some safety drops down, Locust will attack but have no effect. On a pedestal next to the gate is the Golden Key. A screen shows the door, in the passage after the crate puzzle. Walk to the N end of the ledge, standing most right and run jump straight onto the tip of the slope (sloped right), jump and keep jumping between the two next slopes to get onto the higher one, one more jump and you are on a flat pillar. Jump to the block straight ahead (S), turn right and run jump up onto the slope W, grab the edge. Pull up and back flip with roll to grab the ledge behind you, go up and down the slope S back to the harbour. Follow the path along the right hand wall to get back to the doors. Go to the staircase W and open the door left around (N) using the Key behind the stairs.

Boulder Trap.

On the ledge NE are Flares, down the stairs is a trapdoor and up right of the entrance are some boulders. Go down along the left side and turn around when you get close to the bottom of the stairs. Now you have to hop back onto the trigger for the boulders and jump up the stairs again, turning left and jump after the two boulders which go over the side slope, but before the one coming straight down through the door (you can also jump over the blade to the right hand corner (savegame.10). Now the trapdoor is clear. In the dark above the trapdoor is a jump lever, a monkey climb leading to it, you can jump to the monkey climb from the stairs in the previous room. Stand facing N, with your feet just on the top of the stairs and start your run jump from there to grab the monkey climb. But there is another way, and that is a curved jump around the left corner pillar in the back. You’ll drop through the open trapdoor onto a platform coming up over the spikes, hop back and run jump forward with Ctrl to get to a crawlspace.

The Dragon’s Cage.

Drop out the other end and go right to the far corner of that “flower” bed for a small medipack the other “flower” bed left has Shotgun ammo between the plants.

Proceed through the Dragon portal (flashing Lara) down the stairs into the Dragon’s Cage…

 “Poor Dragon… It’s time to free him…”

Go left and then right to the back of this place and straight into a side room (NW) and go up the steps on the side to place the Yellow Energy Crystal. A gate opens up in the room adjacent to the Great outdoors.

Back to the Dragon cage and left to the NE corner where you’ll find a ladder to climb up to the steel wall. Drop on the other side and run through the wall of water to the Dragon and start swimming. Look for a ledge in the NW corner and climb up into the room above.

The Remaining Energy Crystals.

In the SE corner is a Medipack on a barrel (don’t use it now, you’re flashing), nearby in the E wall is a fence you can shoot and inside left are 2x Uzi clips (We’ll explain the jump lever on the N wall later). The wall lever in there will raise a block in the Outdoors. Go out and loop right around through the now open gate to the Outside, go left to that corner ledge again and do the jumps over the slanted pillars again to get to the upper ledge S. Climb the block you raised and grab a crack in the S wall, shimmy right around till you get to a jump lever. Use it to raise a platform on the steel pipe behind you. Jump up and use the wooden crate to get onto the platform.

Grab the Wing Glider and ride it to the ledge, more ledges appeared behind you, jump those to get to the high white block and notice you’ll need water for that bowl there.

I : SE teleporter, the Pacer, the Heart.

Hop down onto the ledge with the bowl and then run jump to the ledge on the left (SE) with the Teleporter. You’ll end up somewhere else; the Teleporter next to you will get you back to the bowl. Go out of the room and grab some Flares straight ahead, Uzi clips on the other side. Go out NE and come to a closed door. Climb the ledge left and go up to some Shotgun ammo, you may have noticed you stepped on a trigger to lower the spikes at the keyhole left. Hop back once down the slope, the spikes have to stay down, turn left and run jump over to the other slope and go up to use the Key Bundle. The door opens, get down there and the spikes pop back up behind you.

Cave with the Skeletons, the Spikes, open the Gate.

Go through the door into the Huge Cave with Skeletons on ledges. A mirror left will give you some hints for the route. There are several ways to go about this:

Here’s one of them:

Turn right from the entrance, safety drop down to a ledge below (E), face W near the wall on the left, get to the edge and take one (or two) step forward. Back flip (no roll) onto a lower slope, just slide off and hit Ctrl at the last moment to get into the lower opening. Grab the monkey climb and go over to the floor lever, it will raise a platform in the NW structure, we need that to get to the Demon’s Heart. Go back using the monkey climb and run jump NE and with a right curve around the steel thing into the pool OR safety drop loosing some health.

The Pacer.

Get out E and go under the structure, to the left is a ladder and left of the ladder, in the E wall is an opening, shoot the fence. Go in and grab Walther ammo(which will reappear if you run out), shoot the zombies with your pistols and then go for the Shotgun ammo and Uzi clips.

Go out and left and up the ladder, climb up one level and drop to the floor right. Use the floor lever to disable spikes as you can hear.

Climb further up the ladder, to the floor above and go down into the hole SE where those spikes went down. Grab the Pacer and crawl out, safety drop down and a Demigod will show up in a bit (coming from the N). Best shoot it before you go climbing again.

Disable some Spikes.

Get back up the ladder in the structure to the top and stand in the opening NW, run jump to grab the tall grey pillar. Look up in the lower ceiling N to spot some kind of wooden contraption, shoot that and a rope appears. Get to the rope and swing N onto that steel ledge with the Skeleton; shoot him off (you can also give him a head shot before you get on the rope).

If you want to go for that Medipack on the structure under the rope, loop around left onto that down-sloped grey ledge, run jump from there to the Medipack, slide down and make our way back up, use the rope again to get to the N ledge.

Go left on that ledge and safety drop down on a slope, slide and jump to get over the spike trap. From the W end of that ledge a run jump without Ctrl to the grey ledge in the NW structure. Look down right and spot a floor lever, use that to de-activate the spikes on the grey ledge you just came from (as you can see left of Lara). Climb back up to the higher floor.

Jump Lever, Open the Gate to the Plantation.

From close to that block with the burner on top, run jump onto that sloped steel pillar (S) with a right curve and grab the edge as you slide off. Hang left, back flip with roll and steer right to land on that grey ledge. Hang from the side at the spikes and drop to grab the jump lever opening that gate you saw in the mirror flyby.

Getting the Demon’s Heart. 

Make your way back up the ladder SE, to the tall pillar and to the rope, swing to the ledge N(E), go left down to the ledge with the spike trap and jump into the NW structure again.

Tackling the Burner.

Get onto that platform in the corner. Jump up to the grey beam S face the ledge with the Heart (E) and stand left. Line up with the middle of that pad trigger left and side flip on it, immediately flip back and run jump from where you land onto the ledge with the heart, you should land on top of the Demon’s Heart. Immediately grab it, turn slightly right and back flip, you’ll land on the floor of the NW structure without harm (savegame.11). There is however a Wraith looking for you, so don’t dilly dally and just run down S to the ground floor and run to the safety of the pool N.

While you’re wet, fill the Waterskin.

While you’re here, climb up on a ledge E and fill the Waterskin, we’ll need that later. Hop to the shore.

Small detour for pickups, go to a passage under the NW structure, run to the docks and shoot the Skeleton into the mist. To the right is Shotgun ammo on a crate, when you pull those wooden blocks away you’ll find a small medipack.

To the Plantation, using the Demon’s Heart.

Return to the big room and go up the ladder SE, jump to the tall pillar, the rope and swing to the N ledge again. Walk up straight ahead; hang from the N end, right hand corner and drop. Immediately take a jump with roll to grab a crack in the grey wall. Go right around the corner and to the wall, now go back 3 grabs (you are a little bit closer to the corner). Drop, slide and back flip onto another slope, you have to slide forwards a bit, then jump hard left to land on the ledge (savegame.12).

Go to the end of the ledge (S) and turn around, jump up to grab the ridge above and shimmy left around the corner to where you can pull up at the open gate (opened by the jump lever).

Grab a small medipack from the table and head up the stairs, shoot the Imps and the hellhound and proceed through the corridor to the other end. There’s a stand at the N wall, combine the Heart and the Pacer to get the Beating Demon’s Heart and place it to open the door left.

The Plantation, the Pink Energy Crystal.  

In front of the entrance is a Timed trigger pad, it will open a gate in the other end of the plantation. To the right is a mirror, it gives a screen of the gate with the Crystal.  Now we have to find our way to the gate fast enough.

Remember the Note you found earlier? Plantation… Red, Yellow, Blue…

Go to that trigger pad, stand at the S side facing it and run over the pad, jump to the Red plant near the mirror and you end up at a green one, turn W, go to the yellow one there and end up at a brown plant, head NW jumping around the green tree to the blue and then run into the gate (video-plantation.wmv/savegame.13). Try to get lined up for the next part before Lara is jumped to another tree so you can immediately run to the next and not end up against a tree.

Grab the Pink Energy Crystal and make your way back to the other side along the S side and leave, through the corridor back to the gate at the Skeleton room. Hang out and shimmy right, drop to the ledge below at the end. Run jump S to the dark rock and from there jump with Ctrl at the end into the structure S. Loop right around, jump out to the tall pillar and stand jump E to a crack in the roof, go left around and pull up inside, follow through to the SW corner (In case you need to find your way up to the exit from the ground floor, go up the ladder, out to the tall pillar, turn around and stand jump E to a crack in the roof, go left around and pull up inside, follow through to the SW corner).

A few run jumps will get you to the grey rock at the mirror straight ahead, be sure to have filled the Waterskin as we suggested, saves a lot of running later. Leave left through the door, follow through to the room with the Teleporter and climb on it instead of running!

II : NE teleporter, the Blue Energy Crystal.

Back in the mist, turn around and hop down onto the ledge with the bowl, face S and pour the water in it. The flyby will show the route to the Blue Energy Crystal. A Wraith is set free, so this time jump to the Teleporter on the right (W).

Open the gate with the lever and you’re back near the pool where you shot that Demigod before. Run to the edge of the pool before you jump and a running jump across, left through the tunnel and a bit right down to the pool. Get the Blue Energy Crystal and use the slopes E to jump out of the pool.

We cannot use the Telporter (no way back there) to get back to the Dragon Cage where we need to use those Crystals, so go back into the tunnel N, over the deadly pool and right up onto the block in the SE corner. Up through the gate and at the Wing Glider, drop into the room below.

From the block SW another run jump with roll over the ledge right of the central pillar, drop to the crack and go left around to the slope below. Without the Secret, skip the blue part. 

For the Secret hunters: Just let Lara slide into the gate to the Crowbar room. Climb up through the trapdoor NE, go left and then left through the gate to get yourself a new Torch. Go back through the trapdoor and jump out left of the gate to land next to the campfire. Jump NE and then down to the ground floor of the Abyss (taking the Torch with you as before).

Drop from the slope and jump the slopes over the campfire to the ledge next to it. Jump NE and then jump down to the ground floor of the Abyss.

Go in E and through the bypass gate left (Ignite the Torch here), left and then second left up the stairs, through to the Bar and through the curtain W, up right through that Spike pit yet again and N into the passage to the machine room. To the right there and jump up to the gate where you found the Key Bundle. Jump the slopes up to the room with the doors to the Outdoors and go through those doors. Go left along the wall walkway to the harbour and up the slope under the Dragon Portal. Throw down the Torch NW to the floor in front of the gate below and jump to the slope W to safety drop to the floor too.

Secret: Pick up the Torch and go inside and ignite a wall torch SW, a platform goes up to the right of you. Leave the Torch, you’re done with it. Go to the opening you visited before, straight E, with that wall lever and look left up on the wall (N) for a jump lever raising another platform in the room. Jump from the higher floor N to grab that last platform and jump up to the monkey climb. Go to the far right corner to use the jump lever there and then go back to the wooden corner where a rope appeared close to the platform at the door. Grab the rope, swing onto the platform and open the door with the crowbar to get Secret #6, a Secret Dragon. Get out and drop down.

Using the Last Crystals.

Behind the grey wall in the wooden corner (SW) is a trapdoor you can open by hand. Drop down on the cage, drop down outside of the cage and go into the side room S to place the Blue Crystal. Another gate opens in the room we just came from. Go out and N a bit, then left to place the Pink Crystal in the next room (W wall), another gate open. Go back to the ladder NE and up to the cage, through the trapdoor (SW) or through the water with the Dragon to the room above. Use the floor levers S, W and if you didn’t yet, the one N. This will set the Dragon free. Watch the flyby and dive into the water to get the Thankful Dragon Sculpture, you’ll end up in the star gate again, just slide down…

G&D 13-07-2016.