Lara Croft and the Tomb of the Gods.

Level by Kaslerka

Walkthrough by G&D Productions. Last Edit by Phil

This Saves folder includes all files mentioned in this walkthrough..

The saves provided with this walkthrough might not work in your game if you changed things on Lara’s outfit at the start, I just went basic and didn’t choose other options.. (didn’t even know it was possible haha).

Remember that when you shimmy and simultaniously press the sprint key, you'll go faster, you could use that.

Impressive start…

Tomb of the Gods.

Left of you is a lever to open the entrance to the Tomb, shoot the bats. Go to the N side, hang into the pit a bit left and drop/grab, drop again and grab after sliding down. Hang right and back flip roll to end up on a mound below. In the N side of this place is a gate with a lever next to it, but you’ll be warned about the loose soil. That lever is a trap. Instead climb up to the ledge S from that mound, jump around to the plant N (you’ll get a message about that lever below) and crawl into the opening behind it.

You’ll end up in the cave behind the gate, jump over NW to the flat part against the left wall and from there drop down onto a pillar below. Face S and hop back to safety drop onto a slope below.

We found the Hall of Gods. One of the artefacts is placed, probably by Indy before.

So it seems we’re heading S, that door is open.


Tomb of Sekhmet:

When you enter:

Lara: Indy went this way, but I see the Sekhmet key did not work, thus he switched to plan “D”…

Zip: What was plan “D”?

Lara: Dynamite

Follow through and coming to a pit, jump to the ledge at the pillar a bit to the right. Jump to the block right (W), when you pull up, Lara will roll and you get a message. Jump to the ledge between the pillars and then hop to the ledge S, look for the jump lever on the back of the pillar and jump to operate it opening the gate E. Now go around to the SE corner where a ladder will get you back up so you can enter that gate. Follow through minding the pit and end up at a large cave-in. From the block where you enter, jump around the block with the torch to the ledges E, there’s a closed gate.

Getting Down, open the Gate, back up again.

Go to a hole in the ledge NE, there are cracks, jump and grab the hole in the wall, drop grab twice and go right, drop grab again and go right into the crevice. Drop and jump onto a pillar W, hop back and safety drop down. On a pillar in the NW corner is a jump lever opening that gate up in the S wall. Get onto that pillar with the torch and the jump lever (NW), and jump to grab the crack N, jump up and get into the alcove. Grab up right and use the cracks to go up and to the left wall. Back jump and grab the slanted block, pull up over and slide jump to grab the ledge at the entrance. Jump to the E ledges again and head through the gate you opened. Go down and almost at the dead end, look left behind a pillar to spot some light coming through the plants, get in there and crawl through the hidden passage.

Hall of the Cat.

Go up to the gate S and find a broken lever, then use the one left which is still operative. Now go down to the NW corner and start climbing the blocks to get to a crack in the N wall, shimmy all the way right (to go faster, use the sprint key too) and jump up to grab the top of the broken pillar. Grab the hieroglyph monkey climb and follow the twisting path to a pillar W, hop over to the one left and grab up again to get to the pillars SE. Jump right and use the last monkey climb to get to the pillar with the crack (above the faulty lever). Go left along the crack and jump up. Left again and pull up into the crevice. Safety drop behind the closed gate and follow through to a pit with gates at the other side. We have to open those first. Just before you reached that Pit was an open gate left.

I: Snake Room I, Deadly Blades.

Get in and stand a step back from that deadly blade, the small space between the two blades is safe, so run a bit and stop between the two blades, then run through the second one. But… You can also let Lara stand there for a while and get some coffee and all blades will have stopped when you get back…

To the Jump Lever.

Make your way up the passage coming up to the Snake Room with a jump lever high up. Loop around right, climb a block and grab the crack, hang left and jump up to grab up to the ledge over the entrance. Go jump to the ledge N and walk right a bit, jump and grab the crack in the block hanging from the ceiling (S). right around two corners and back jump to grab another crack, left around and  from the left side a back jump to land on a block at the E wall, grab the crack over the jump lever and get to it to open the first gate beyond the Pit. Safety drop down onto the sloped block below and get out W, coming out of the blade passage, the opposite gate in the passage opened too.

II: Snake Room II, Boulders.

Get in, go up a bit and roll when you hear the music, sprint down turning right into the passage and roll at the pit grabbing the edge. Wait for all boulders to pass and get back in. Follow up to the Snake Room. Let’s start in the left corner, NW, up on the ledge, turn and grab the crack, back jump. Turn and jump to grab the ledge, pull up and turn to jump back N, turn again and jump to the ledge S, crawl around the back of the pillar, shimmy along the edge left around and back jump to grab up S. Walk left and push that loose stone off the ledge. Now jump to the pole and swing to the other side and go left up the cracks, shimmy left around to a vase.

Hop to the ledge N, slide down backwards grabbing the edge and back jump to grab the ledge with the pole. Jump to grab up W, jump S with a right curve to land at the vase, jump S and at the end of that ledge you can use a crack in the S wall to go left to a ledge in the SE corner. Up left and then down into the lower part where we have to jump and grab over to the central structure. A lever there will open a second gate at the Pit.

Go back and jump to grab the lower part of the E ledge, go right and to the S ledge, drop from the end of that to the one below and go jump around a pillar NE to the ledge behind it. Jump S, go right and from the end you can do safety drops down to the ground floor. Leave S and once on the boulder slope look in the  SW corner for a crawlspace (no way you can jump over the Pit from the passage with the gates).

III: Open the Last Gate, Third Snake Room.

Crawl in, drop out and follow the passage down to where you can crawl backwards into the Pit, you’ll lose your weapon. Jump up to the crack above and go left to pull up at the passage with the 3 gates.

Go left onto a ledge and grab a crack S, up and right around the corner, back jump to a ledge and jump into the alcove with the lever (E). The last gate opens up, go back the same way hop to the ledge S and you can just run down W from the ledge.

Vase Puzzle, open the trapdoor.

In the Third Snake Room, climb up one level from the NW corner and go to the green side (S). In the centre are two vases, as you can conclude from the image on them and the ones on the floor, they are in the wrong spot. Pull the dark one once and push it left (E) once. Now move the bright one to the other tile, a screen of the trapdoor. Pull/push this vase three times to the centre of the room (N), place the second vase to the right hand tile (with the red dots), the trapdoor opens up.

The Snake Pit Puzzle.

That trapdoor is in the blue side, between the two vases. Drop down into a corridor. On the W wall is a jump lever, it opens the gate S for a short while. In the next room are a bunch of snakes you have to get into this corridor by opening the gate and letting them in. To get them all might take several (4-5) goes at it.

Jump to the lever, while you drop turn left and immediately start running to the gate (maybe a jump too). Run around that room once to get all the snakes slithering and look for the crawlspace up in the N wall, right of the gate. Get back to the jump lever, but first go to the gate to get all the snakes lined up against the gate. Use the lever again, but don’t go through the gate. Run as far to the N as you can to lure those snakes and get back to the lever. Repeat this till you have all snakes in here and then a last go at the lever to get through the gate.

Snake Tomb, open a Gate.

Now we can have a quiet look around. In the SW alcove is a cage you can move twice W and twice N, grab the edge and ledge jump up to the ledge above (no need for the cage really, you can also do a back flip jump from a slope nearby).

Grab the climbable surface on the right hand side of the central pillar and go up, get onto the highest point and drop down the other side onto a ledge. Jump down into the alcove E and go left into the passage to throw a lever opening a gate above. Get back to the pillar and up to the top. The gate is in the upper E alcove, jump there using one of the alcoves in the side wall.

Crawl through and hang into the top of the Third Snake Room, shimmy right and pull up, then jump (N) on top of the ledge.

Turn right and jump to the higher wall, then up right to the alcove in the S wall, go left and over the block. Jump around the corner to the crack and get into the alcove E, follow to the other end and jump left onto the sloped pillar. Grab the edge and drop to the crack, go right around the corner, back jump to grab the next pillar and go right around the corner, your back is now facing the wall behind you. Jump up and grab the top of the pillar, back jump and grab a ledge in the wall. Lara will roll and you will have to wait out the whole conversation before you can save and proceed.

Turn N, slide and jump with Ctrl to land on a dark corner ledge, turn left and jump to the pillar, to the next NW, to a crack W and up to the top. Walk to the other end and just run down onto a lower pillar. Turn a bit right and jump to the dark corner ledge in the wall. Pull up in the right hand corner and stand jump onto the next protruding ledge. Turn right and grab up to the crack, go left and pull up at the end, now jump onto the blue wall, go S and then jump up to the alcove in the W wall, go right onto a grey block. Here we have to grab the monkey climb leading to the snake head. So stand jump and grab the textures, watch out for the “broken” ones and go about straight to the very end. Drop onto the snake head. Hop back and drop onto a ledge with a lever.

Throw the lever and you’ll get a screen of an opened trapdoor somewhere on the ground floor level. You could attempt to do a safety drop with health loss, because you can stand on the slanted sides next to this ledge, but I don’t think that was intended.

Climb back up to the top, jump to the slanted pillar left (NE), grab and drop grab the crack, go right around to the back and jump up grabbing the top, back jump to the ledge on the wall and slide off left, jump with Ctrl as before. From the dark corner ledge turn S and stand against the wall, stand a small step back and stand jump with Ctrl, release Ctrl a bit when you are about to grab the block and hit it again to land on the ledge below. Turn right and just run off landing on a block between the pillars.

Flamin’ Crypt Run.

Go down into the lower part of the room and find the trapdoor near the S side, between the walls. Drop in and crawl through, save at the lever and have a look into the Crypt first to get an idea of the layout.

It is a combination of running jumps to safe corners (even the side of the block is sometimes safe) waiting for a chance to do the next jump. Save in a clean spot after each successful attempt. Finally you reach the open doors (savegame.0).

Into the Tomb.

When stepping through you’ll get a view of Indy’s notebook. When you hit Esc you can continue, but be careful, there are burners and pits everywhere. The way I managed was to keep going through the middle of the passage as much as possible and all in one go.

Before you start, however, you might want to know there's a much easier way if you prefer to avoid stress:

(The clue is given in the hints on screen (as I realized later), “look at the ceiling”. There are different tiles and you can simply do stand jumps from one to the other, not triggering any of the burners at all).

But if you prefer the hard-core route: Step back a bit, stand left against the pit and do a run jump onto the higher block in the next doorway. Do a running jump from that block landing on the left tile (no burner) and then run curving a bit right and jump with a left curve over the next pit, another jump a bit left onto the high block in the end (savegame.1- video Flamerun.wmv).

Moving Pillars.

Make your way down the shaft and find moving pillars. Run jump over the ledges along the right hand side and the last one I did along the left wall (savegame.2).

Spike Slide, the Pistol.

Left around the corner is the next challenge, go when the spikes are about to go up so they are down again when you jump over them to the safe spot behind them. Look down and to the right around that pillar is a safe spot, stand a bit to the right and stand jump close around the corner over the spikes to that safe spot. That is where the Pistol was dropped by someone.

Stand against the wall and hop with a left curve around the spikes, then jump again from the slope to land on a safe spot just left of the pillar, back up and run jump aiming for the left side of the opening below, don’t take a medipack…, the doors open (savegame.3). When you step forward you’ll end up in the Hall of 16 Pillars after the level change (free health).

The Hall of 16 Pillars.

Go to one of the coffins, the one in the NW corner, behind it is a crawlspace, push the thing away to the right and get in. You’ll end up in the Hall of the Scarab.

Hall of the Scarab, open Doors.

Turn around, slide down backwards from the front and grab, drop and grab into the alcove with the lever, doors will open in the lower part of the Hall of 16 Pillars, so hang out, safety drop down and slide into the pit where the spikes went down the same time you opened those doors. Grab up to the crack in the W wall and go up, right to that slope. We have to turn around, so hang right, at the tip and pull up to back jump with a twist and grab the other side. Now back flip and jump again to grab the pole. Swing and jump onto the ledge, climb up over the torch and turn around, go up to the ledge with the vase.

Hang from the ledge and use the cracks to go up again and into a dark alcove. Turn left (S) and jump out grabbing the pole, swing all the way to a block S (just hold Ctrl, Alt and forward). From the block turn back to jump onto the ledge, grab up at the torch and go right around. Run jump over that sloped block and crawl backwards to the lever below. That lever will re-open the entrance gate. Go back along the same route to the block at the S wall and safety drop down. Side flips up the SE corner flats and use the blocks to jump back to the entrance. Crawl through the tunnel to the Hall of 16 Pillars.

Two Push blocks, Scarabs.

Turn left, down into the lower floor and left (N) through the doors you opened, in the lower part of the room and in the left wall is a low push block (W) with a crack above it. We need something to get up there, go back to the Hall of 16 Pillars. Up left (E) onto the floor and find a push block there, get that into the lower floor (NW) and take it with you to the “Tomb”. Place it under the low push block and go back to the Hall of 16 Pillars, there’s a second push block in the W side of the Hall, move that to the Tomb too (all the way to the N wall and over the edge) and against the other block so you can pull out the low block. Now put the block you’re standing on left into the corner between the high floor and the low block and pull it aside so you can finally get in there.

Scarabs will emerge from that passage, try to stay on the lower floor and run back to the Hall of 16 Pillars, in the (S) end of the low floor is a pit, hang in there and wait for the critters to fall in. You might have to collect some more that got stuck and get them to the pit too.

Sekhmet Spike Hall.  (map- Spike Hall (Sekhmet).jpg)

Get through the crawlspace and drop into the Hall, hints are given on the pillars as Sekhmet is looking in the direction you have to go. Turn around and step next to the pillar, hop around the corner to the tile against the pillar, hop NW to the one behind the popping spikes. Now hop left around the pillar (to the nearer tile), then SW between the wall and the next pillar and around the corner NW again to find a broken floor tile. Hop from there N to the next pillar, then a curved run jump over two squares to the last pillar N, hop around the corner and jump SE to the tile in front of the next pillar SE (although the goddess looks left), turn right (S). A hop a bit left to the tile in front of the pillar S. Turn left and hop SE next to the pillar, a hop NE to the near tile around the corner. From here a curved run jump onto the low block NE (savegame.4).

Jumping the Tomb.

Use the higher block to get into the opening in the wall and from the other side of the crawlspace a back jump to grab the pillar, right around two corners and jump to the next, right around one corner and to the next, left around one corner and to the next, right around one corner and now jump onto the Tomb. There’s another crawlspace NE we have to get to.

Make your way to the SE corner (start with the pillar S and right of the lower floor), from the far SE pillar left around one corner and jump N to a pillar on which you can stand. Jump to the crack in the E wall, go left and at the plants pull up, roll and jump to the pillar, go right around a corner and do back jumps to the crawlspace in the wall.

Osiris Spike Hall.  (map- Spike Hall (Osiris).jpg)

Get through the room like in the other room (looking at the pillars), to the NE corner (savegame.5) into the crawlspace and follow through.

The Obelisk.

Scale that grey pillar left and run to a pressure pad on the lower floor, a gate opens below. Go back down to the entrance and down to the W where that gate is. Down W once more and find a second gate (takes quite an effort to open that), so go E. Grab up to a crack in the back of the last pillar and back jump up to the floor E, left around the corner and hop over a pit to the gate, turn around and jump S to grab the crack in the pillar, shimmy right around a corner and jump up to get to the floor above where another pressure pad opens the gate below. Get back down and go through the gate, safety drop from the end and go in S to find the next pressure pad, a gate opens, somewhere?

Hang down N and go down to the second crack and right to the corner, back jump and grab a crack N. Left around the corner and drop twice, than back jump to the floor. Go W and left around the pillar, jump up E to grab the crack, hang right and back jump to one behind you. Left around the corner (from here you can see another pressure pad way below at the lava) and go up to the floor above. Grab up E, and step onto the pressure pad to open a gate far W, below those spikes. So head W over a pit, on a block and left up to the gate. Jump over the first gap and then drop down S, go to the far end and drop down again to find a colourful vase with a drawing underneath. Not sure how we can use this, turns out it has nothing to do with the level

Hang from the floor left of the vase, shimmy left, drop down twice and go right around. Back jump to the floor and go to the other end, down and all the way around to the NE corner, jump E down to that pressure pad. Jump back and use the crack to go back up, follow back to the S end. Go left, hang out and use the cracks to get left around the corner and one floor up, from the S end to a crack and left around to go back up to the vase. Go up the cracks S around corners a number of times, working your way upward, and from the last one in the right hand corner you can jump back to the upper W floor. Go N through the open gate, hop down over the spikes and go down N once more, then go to the edge of the floor overlooking the lava.

Face N and grab the crack in the pillar, go right around and jump up, shimmy all the way right along some spike traps and then around another corner. From hanging over the last spikes, back jump onto a floor E, go to the end and down to a pressure pad.

Turn around and climb back up W, left onto the block and turn left again to go up E to where that gate opened.

Around the corner Teeth doors will activate, duck in front and roll through with the sprint key. Through the last you’ll find another pressure pad. Drop from the S side, cracks down and drop onto the block left. Go W, all the way down to where that gate finally opened.

To the Obelisk.

Go down the cracks to the lower level (opening above the spike trap) and head to the E, left around the corner and hop through the opening between pillar and cave-in. Get onto the blocks in the lava and go up that obelisk, not hard, just very tedious, just look up for cracks. The fast shimmy would have been nice here! Such a sophisticated game and that was left out… (savegame.6).

When you finally get to the top, jump grab up N and go W, then right down the corridor and in the first corner up into a crawlspace left, the passage down is blocked at the end. Crawl through and come to another huge hall where a flyby shows you around.

Chamber of Rebirth, opening Doors.

Hang out and shimmy left to the vase, shoot the vase, ignore the pole, turn right and grab up to the left side of the slope, go up to the top and use lever #1 for the doors. Slide down the same side and stand jump down to that blue ledge on top of the central structure. Go down again and drop through the hole in the floor onto a push block.

Pull the block 3 times N and climb it. Face W and run jump landing on the far side of that pointy arch, jump again and grab a ledge at the W wall. Turn left and jump grab up, turn around and hop up N. Hop N again and slide backwards from the end, grab jump lever #2 there and go to the SE corner of the central structure where you can jump onto a corner ledge. Side flip onto the top with the push blocks. Pull the one N all the way to the other side (S), get on top, stand right facing E and jump onto the arch, jump and grab the low end of the ledge and shimmy left to the plants. Jump up N, jump up S and jump up N again, drop from the N end to where the vase is, shoot it and use lever #3, the doors open. Jump to a slope below and slide down. Go back up to the ledge with the push blocks (SE corner) and move one of them S near the opening in the ledge above (unless it's already there), where you came down before. Face N, jump onto the sloped ledge and keep jumping to and fro steering right to end up on the ledge above. Go up S, and jump back into the entrance.

Scorpions, a Sword.

Follow through, get into the corridor and go up, right and through those doors you opened. They close behind you and two huge Scorpions attack, after dealing with them go to a skeleton in the near right hand (NE) corner and pull it away by the head to get the Sword. A piece of the grated floor above fell down (W). Grab up E to a crack in the pillar left of it and back jump to grab the crack W, pull up at the opening W. You cannot stand on those grates, so no need to jump there, just go inside and go left or right around to the middle of the E side.

Long way up.

Jump and grab that arch on the grated floor and pull up to jump to the beam. We have to go up again, so jump S, then right and S again to grab a broken pillar. Jump S again and turn around to jump a bit left to the beam. Now look for a flat ledge behind a sloped block NW, aim right of it and turn in left, hitting Ctrl at the last moment. Jump W, then to the pole N, swing to grab the ledge ahead. The next pole is too far off, so jump E into the structure, then diagonally left and onwards to the broken pillar N. Back flip over the slope E and then jump S into the other structure.

Hop right and shimmy along the edge to the end of that beam, jump W to grab the beam with the plants, get to the end (S) and jump back E, to the S end and go SE to jump to a crack in the pillar in the outer wall. Right around and back jump to a ledge in a pillar (only one level up so far). Jump back NE into the structure, NE again and then in the same direction to a ledge at the outer wall. Go up and jump NW to the structure, then get to that ledge between the two sloped blocks in the W structure. Pull up over the S side and go around to that block on the ledge you can see W.

Jump to a crack N and go around to drop at the other side. Make your way to the broken pillar NE and turn left and jump to the pole to swing to the corner ledge and grab it. Jump to the crack S, go up and climb to the top (but don't pull up either right or left). Go up the corner of the roof to the very top and grab up into the room above.


Go to the slanted block E, hang on it at the right hand side, do a back jump and grab the ledge, jump straight up, go to the right hand corner and then back jump veering left to land on the edge of the slope behind and grab it. Go right a bit and jump straight up. Shimmy right around the corner. At the end jump straight up, shimmy right around another corner and pull up onto a flat ledge.

From the higher side jump W and a bit left to grab the opposite slope, go right and up, go left around the corner and up, then left around to a flat ledge. You can save there and shimmy further left along the edge, almost at the corner do a back jump veering right, probably missing the ledge at this level but landing on the dark one below, grab up, go left around and up. Left around the corner and up and then left till you reach another grey flat area (savegame.7).

Indy Ball & E-T Hall.

Jump into the opening N and slide down, stand right or left and slide, keep your cool and jump onto the slope as late as possible and just let Lara slide back, now get to the middle of the slide facing down and jump to grab the pole. Slide all the way down and jump up (no grab) to that SE blue star ledge. Go up the pole there a bit and jump SW to the red ledge with the next pole (face the red ledge and use the jump key). Run jump SW to grab the last pole and slide down, stand facing W, check the health and just slide down, no jump.

Go up the block right and jump to the next, from that turn left and from the lower edge jump up to grab a crack above, shimmy right and drop on the sand. Go to that ET picture (ET.jpg) and climb up take red route 1, keeping left all the way up the light blue texture (use jump ups, you have to shimmy left once along the way). Back jump at the top, landing on top of an arched ledge. Slide down S and go use the lever. Go back N, back flip over the end and grab the edge of the slope to safety drop down. Go up the wall again and now follow the white route 2 (a tedious winding route up to the NE corner) to get to the open gate where another lever will open double doors.

Jump out SE landing on the blue star ledge and slide to the flat part, grab up to the ledge and go right, hang out at the end and shimmy right around the corner, drop-grab and safety drop down, landing in front of a gap in the wall (don’t take a medipack here). Get in there and slide down where the level changes.

Jackal Bridge, opening Doors.

Go E where those doors opened and walk straight slowly to wake up those two jackals. Hop back shooting them. Then go to the next two and do the same till all are dead. Walk S over a beam, jump to the SW corner and go right along the crack. Follow the ledges and block to the far right hand corner, hang out and jump up to the crack above, shimmy back left and pull up onto a ledge. Jump E and go left around to the end of that block, grab up S and go left to pull up and go all the way E, endure a lengthy exchange of dialog while you stand there helpless, turn around at the end and grab up W, then look left in the wall for a crack, follow left to the grey SE corner ledge. From there jump up NE and loop around right to the lever, #1 for the doors. A second lever is located at the other end of this ledge. It is possible to jump with a right curve around the rock blocking the ledge (a "walking running" jump is best, save first), you’ll end up on a flat part. From there another curved jump to get on the other side of the ledge. Use the lever, #2 for the doors as you will see them open up.

Drop down a few times in this corner and from the lower grey ledge stand jump NW (over the nearer slope) onto a slanted grey surface, grab the edge, grab the crack below, go left around one corner and drop twice and go left around the corner. Drop once more and shimmy left to a thin ledge on the N wall. Drop to the beam below and go up to the bridge and left (savegame.8).

The Shotgun.

Go through the door and skeletons appear, get straight onto that gold sarcophagus and a bit right and into the hole where the lid is open, you’ll find a Shotgun there to shoot those skeletons into the abyss, notice the trapdoor in the back of this sarcophagus. Go back up and from the top of the sarcophagus you can jump and grab a jump lever N to lower spikes in one of the pits. Go to that pit SE of the sarcophagus and down the cracks (starting in the W wall) to the bottom. Into the opening E and find a vase puzzle.

Vase Puzzle.

The top of each vase has a pattern, the same pattern is somewhere under another vase. So you have to switch places till all 4 are in the correct spot. But that sounds easier than it is…

First, bear in mind you can only place a vase once on the correct tile, if you move it off and then back on, the trapdoor will NOT open..

-Pull the green vase S twice and move it to one of the sides. Move the blue vase N all the way straight to the other side and do the same with the second S vase (the one in the SE corner). Now move that green vase you put aside into the SE corner onto its tile. You’ll get a screen of inside the sarcophagus.

-Move the first N vase all the way to the S, the second (blue) one goes against it. Pull the one you didn’t touch yet (NE) out and move it into a side alcove in the middle, pull the blue one to the N and right onto its tile NE. You’ll get another screen of inside the sarcophagus.

-Move the vase S straight onto its tile N and the last one from the side alcove onto the tile S, each time you’ll get a screen of inside the sarcophagus.

Go out W and up the cracks to the sarcophagus, drop through the open trapdoor and slide down to…

The Hieroglyph Puzzle.  (Hieroglyphs.jpg)

[color=darkblue] “Sekhmet Goddess”

So, from the S hop to the green feather left (E), once more left to the checkered teacup in the corner (K), NW again to the twisted twine (H), NW again with a run jump to the owl (M) in the alcove and use the lever (#1). To the feather (E) NE, the half sphere (T) straight E, around the corner SE to the broken G between the walls, straight and a bit right to the whip (?) (O), then E to the broken hand (D) and then to the hand (D) in the E alcove where you can use the lever (#2). A door opens, run jump out right to the feather (E) NW, then another run jump in the same direction to the crossed lines (S) and one more run jump to the door NW (S). The level changes when you go up.

The Ankh Hall.

No idea if I went about this correctly, but because I didn’t see any nearby cracks I did a run jump slightly NW with a wide curve to the right, landing on a lower ledge you can just see. Go straight N and left around the corner, grab up into the opening W and go left inside. Drop to the ledge outside, run jump W with a right curve around the Ankh to the ledge NW.

The Ankh, 4 Crowbar Levers.

There’s a hole down against the N wall, face N and stand left, run into the hole with Ctrl to grab the crack, go down twice and right around, all the way to a plant where you can climb down to the bottom of this Hall. Loop right around the wall and hop up into an opening where you’ll find the Ankh. Wait out the conversation and maybe you have to duck to pick it up, to the right is a Crowbar lever (#1), use the sword on it and get a screen of the W side Ankh structure. Get out, go to the blocks on the N side of the central pillar and go up to grab a crack in the pillar. Make your way up the cracks to the top (shimmying around corners as necessary and jumping up randomly in the darkness) and go to the S side Ankh.

Grab up and climb up, go left and hang out, shimmy left around the corner and drop to the ledge below. Turn around and go left around the corner, through the opening, look up as soon as you’re in and find a hole up, climb up twice to another Crowbar lever (#2), use the sword on it and get a screen of the W side Ankh structure.

Drop out, turn to face N and jump to the block ahead, go straight to the corner, left and climb through the Ankh structure again as before, from the ledge outside jump around to the NW ledge. Climb the grey blocks in the NW corner all the way to the top ledge on the W wall and hop SE onto the Ankh structure, up the gold blocks and shimmy left around to the other side. Drop and hop down onto a gray ledge S and jump to the corner pillar. Grab the crack S, shimmy left around the corner and pull up on the structure, go to the other side.

Slide down backwards and grab the edge, drop and grab into the opening where you’ll find a Crowbar lever (#3), use the sword on it and get a screen of the W side Ankh structure. Back out and hang down, shimmy right around two corners and drop in the structure. Hang out and drop down onto that beam. Go to the SW corner and hang down, drop to the crack and go all the way to the right till you can’t go any further, back jump and grab the slanted block, shimmy left around and pull up. Face NW and hop to grab that ledge, pull up and walk slowly into the dark opening and find a Crowbar lever (#4), use the sword on it and get a screen of the W side Ankh structure where the door will now open up.

Walk back, hop right around the corner to the ledge and climb up W to the door. Climb the block left and turn E, grab up to the rim and go right, use the rims for a tedious concluding exercise, sometimes going up and sometimes going down again before you finally reach a crawlspace up W at the top. Follow through to where the adventure ends…