1943: The Iron Cross.

Level by davep83.

Part of the 1943 Series:

1943: The Star of David (2012)
 ..... : The Black Diamond: Part 1 (February 2018)
 ..... : The Black Diamond (2014)

 ..... : The Black Diamond: 2 Minutes to Midnight (Expected October 2018)
 ..... : The Iron Cross (2016)

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Part I.

Pick up the Pistols and a Flame Thrower, turn around and push the button and then prepare to fight a bunch of soldiers (try out the Flame Thrower). Pick up the Medipack and Flares, then go through the opening at the other end (W) and up the steps on the right. Get 2 x Rope from the cupboard (take a step back from the cupboard) and turn around, go straight up the other steps and get a Torch from that room. Back in the church, go right and ignite the Torch on the wall torch.

Then light the wall torch at the N side and duck to pick up Secret #1, Secret Agenda: One World Religion, which fell to the floor.

Go to the NE corner of the Church and stand on the windowsill behind the big button and face S to jump up to grab the small balcony, Stand behind the small altar and get the Parchment.

Read it:

In the beginning God created Adam.

He then went on to create Eve from one of his ribs.

Eve bore a son named Cain.

Then 2 more sons were born, named Abel and Seth.

On the walls under the church windows are big buttons with the names on top of them. Push the most left button S side (Adam) then push the right hand button (Eve).

Go to the N side and push the most right button (Cain), then the one left of it (Abel) and at last the most left one (Seth).   

2 Pushblocks.

Now the gates on the sides of the E side are open. First take the steps on the left (N) and once up push the two blocks down to the ground floor. Get down yourself and push one block on the trapdoor to the right (central N side church) and the other one to the left side (S side).


Go back to the gates (E) and now take the right hand gate (S) and go down the stairs (up brings you back to where you found the push blocks).Shoot some bats and open the door. Jump over the blocks and use the two switches on the central pillar. The push blocks will drop down, once down push them both into the holes in the floor, a strong up-draft is created.

“I may be able to float up there, just be sure I grab the upper most ledge before I fall back down”.

Up to the Bell Tower, using the ropes.

From standing where you pushed the last block into the floor, be sure to stand on the tile with the smoke.

N - turn right or left and stand against the grey wall, jump up a long way and then grab the floor of the Bell Tower (hit Ctrl once you are high up in the church).

Walk around the hole; use the rope on that contraption (face S). Then pull the rope to sound the Bell. Jump backwards into the hole grabbing the edge, let go and grab and pull over to slide down onto the rafter. Face W or E and do the same and then safety drop down to the ground floor. Now back to the Basement and do the same at the other side (S).


A gate opens W, leading to the hallway. In the W wall of the hallway another gate opened. Go in there and shoot out the window, jump down onto a balcony. Go around left or right to the SE corner till you get a flyby and Werner might be shooting at you.

Waterworks Key.  

Shoot him by jumping up and down, then jump down to the right onto that small balcony. Take a running jump down to the awning (S) and safety drop down on the catwalk below. Go to the S end and in the alley left. Climb up and then hoist up on the left upon the roof.

Stand as high as you can get and I back flipped onto the top while facing SW. Then a running jump to grab the balcony S to get Secret #2, Secret Agenda: One World Currency.

Jump back to the roof and go over it and jump to the other balcony where Werner was. Pick up a small medipack and Flares and don’t forget the Waterworks Key 

Raise the Water, a Boat.

Get back down to the catwalk go S again and climb down the ladder. Just at the back of the boat is a Crowbar in the water. Be sure to top up your health, as there are nasty critters there. Get back up the ladder and now go N, around the corner you can use the Waterwheel Key. Enter the door and use the lever, the water rises in the S part of the locks. Go out and now to the N side, the door there also opened. Use the Crowbar on the lever to flood the second lock. (You can also get the Crowbar by flooding the lock, then dive in the water but the water is freezing cold). Get back to the boat and get in it.

Drive through the open gate at the end, get out the boat, kill the soldier (he leaves a Medipack) and shoot the two fish in the water.

Go to the end (N) and find Flares in that dark alcove right.

Then go over the bridge and watch the flyby.

The Gun and the Bike.

Kill the foxes and continue. On the left is an opening with a soldier guarding the place. Do not enter but try to shoot him standing in the opening, as inside a sentry gun will open fire. Take note of the small painting on the S wall. Run passing the next opening (sentry gun) and get to a fountain.

Follow through to the left and take a right into a small alley and talk to the girl.

Resistance member: I’ll help you get up there, but first I need some help.

Marcia: What sort of help?

Resistance member: We believe a high-ranking enemy officer will be waiting on a nearby bridge shortly. We need to take him out.

Marcia: OK… how?

Resistance member: We’ve attached a bomb to a motorcycle nearby, when you get close, the bomb will drop onto the bridge and your job will be done. There are snipers nearby so keep guns holstered.  

Use the switch behind the girl and retrace your steps, out of the alley, take a left and at the fountain go right. Watch out for the sentry gun. Climb the pole at the S wall (face )S and climb up, then back flip onto the iron platform on top of the pole. 

Go walk over the rope to the small arch and turn around. Jump on the roof on the right so you can jump again and grab the vines on the wall opposite (or slide down backwards and grab the edge, shimmy left a bit and pull up, jump/roll and grab the vines).

Climb up and hoist up, jump/roll and grab the rooftop. Climb down a bit and transverse to the right around two corners. Backflip into an opening and use the switch there. The sentry gun is hoisted up.

Quickly take a safety drop down out to the roof (before the gun burns you) and slide down to the ground floor. Now get in the opening a bit on the left, pull the rope where the sentry gun is hanging from and it will explode.

For a secret:

Go behind the bike and climb the vines to the top. Here you’ll find Secret # 3, Secret Agenda, One World Security

Nitro for the Bike.

Climb down and get the bike. Ride out and go right and get to the small bridge. There is that high-ranking officer you have to kill.

Back the bike up and park it so you can use it again and go W, back to the girl (you cannot go there with the bike now). You get transported way up.

Turn around and shoot out the grate and the next one. Crawl in and in the next room, stand with your back against the chimney and look up. Use that jump lever, a picture next to the chimney is gone, so go there and open the door to get Secret # 4, Secret Agenda: One World Language.

Go back and loop around to the left, open the door and step out to a balcony and watch the flyby. Climb down the ladder and find a closed door S. Open it and once inside go left and up the stairs, kill the soldier and pick up Flares and a Medipack. Go down the stairs and go to the couch and get the book of Cylinders with Chemicals to the right of the couch, there’s a hint inside.

Go back to the stairs and on the top turn around and shoot the grate on the right. Run/jump into the windowsill there to get Secret# 5, Secret Agenda: One World Government.

Get out and up the stairs again, open the door at the end. Inside are 5 boilers with 5 valves. Open the book you just found and solve the puzzle. (Turn only valve 2 and 4 from where you enter).

Perhaps I could grab their attention by attaching this to something big and prominent?

You’ll get some TNT and the Nitro for the Bike.

Use the Bike again.

Get out and down the stairs and back on the streets. Take the first opening on the right and around the corner push the garbage can 3 times to the N. Now pull it once into to the alley (W) and climb on top. Jump and grab the small bridge, then grab the edge of the roof on the right (N) and shimmy left to the end. Then pull up, jump/roll and grab the next roof and pull up.

Go right and then left and use the switch to open a gate. Go back to same way and jump to the ground floor. Go to the left (NE) and through the open gate and collect the bike from where you left it. Get the Nitro attached to it and drive back, sharp left around the corner at the fountain and through the gate.

Once through the gate take a right and back up against the wall so you can drive up the left side of the slope. Use the Feeder (/) and once on the roof of the mosque go right, around the corner and up the slope. The take a left and leave the bike on top of the roof. Go to the top and place the TNT (face E) there. There is a big explosion. 

Church Door Key.  

It looks like some baddies have arrived. Perhaps I can find a way to damage their car? It’d be a shame if it ran straight into that wall J.

Climb down the ladder in the NE corner and drop down onto the balcony and climb down the ladder to the ground floor. Go E into the corner where the gate is and there is a car waiting there, now entice the car to drive over to Lara and side jump away so it drives into the wall there. It leaves the Church Door Key.

I must lock that church door immediately.  

Go S and jump over and on the left is the lock. Use the Church Door Key immediately because if you don’t… (See for yourself what happens then.. after saving of course).

I should be able to get into the Mosque now.

A door opened on the back of the Mosque. Go to the ladder NW and grab up to the white block, then up the ladder to the roof of the mosque. Go straight to the slope you used with the bike and use the ladder to get down behind the slope. Around the corner is an open door and a baddy behind it shooting Lara. You can kill him. Then go in…


The Iron Cross Part II.

Agent Moorlands 40: You can save the life of this one man, but will you sacrifice the 8 others below?

Marcia: What choice do I have?

Agent Moorlands 40: Let me see… Not much!

Marcia: Why are you doing this?

Agent Moorlands 40: I think you have some items I require.

Marcia: What items?

Agent Moorlands 40: A Black Diamond and a Jewish Star.

Go left and get the Koran and read it.

Push all the persons (8) onto the prayer mats with the same drawings as you can see at the top of the page. There is an explosion every time when you do it right (you cannot push them when you are facing the men). When all are gone, a pillar will lower in the middle of the room, climb up to Agent Moorlands..

Marcia: I did as you asked; there was no reason to do that

Agent Moorlands 40: You have no idea, do you?

Marcia: Idea about what?

Agent Moorlands 40: Those two artefacts in your possession open the portal to the future, and yield enormous power. 9 sacrifices must be first made..

Marcia: You’re quite insane

Agent Moorlands 40: Well see…

The Discotheque.

Step through the portal and end up in the Disco.

Where am I?

Go left and down to the dance floor, pick up a Bucket and a Broom from the pool table, combine both and use that to clean up the vomit from the dance floor. Now you can get to that chain under the boardwalk. Pull it to open a trapdoor at the end of the boardwalk. Go back up there and drop down into a basement with bodies. Place the Black Diamond in the cross up on the N side and the Star of David S. Another portal comes to life, but those dead guys too. So be quick, hop down and then up in the corner through the portal to get back up to the Disco

Agent Moorlands 40: Thank you for bringing my army of the un-dead to the real world. As you can see, there’s no way I can be defeated now…

Marcia: Someone has to defeat you, and I guess that has to be me… Back to the future we go..

Step through the portal and go down to the dance floor, approach the bartender (S).

Bartender: Can I help?

Marcia: What year is it?

Bartender: 1993! Are you OK?

Marcia: I hope so… Well, I have someone after me

Bartender: Well, there may be something useful up inside that disco ball if you can reach it.

Go up the steps E and the trapdoor there has now lowered, go over the walkway, jump and grab the chain and use it to back flip onto the highest part of the walkway, shoot the disco ball from there and see something fall onto the board walk. Get down there and pick up the Power Plug. Drop down into the basement again and use it NW. The laser light will burn all un-dead and Agent Moorlands 40 too so go back through the portal…

The Iron Cross.

Get back up through the portal and pick up the Iron Cross, that laser beam is harmful, so be careful there. When the stats screen shows, hit Esc and if you have all 5 Secrets, you will be punished instead of rewarded, how’s that for a change.

You have found all the Secrets.

Unfortunately, you have done some terrible things, so justice must be served…

Choose your preferred method of departure.

8 buttons:

N left  : Death by Spikes.

N right: Death by Boulder.

E left  : Death by Drowning

E right: Death by Blade.

S left  : Death by Electrocution.

S right: Death by Hammer.

W left : Death by Dynamite.

W right:Death by BBQ.

So no escape possible after the sins you committed…

The End.