The Gingerbread Man.

Level by mugs.

Walkthrough G&D Productions.

Well Hidden Jump switch, the Gate Key and GBM Head.

Turn right and walk behind that tree, in the corner of the walls, grab up S to get on the roof. Turn left and hop onto the chimney, then run jump grab S to get onto the shingle roof.

For a Secret: jump left around the roof to a ledge and then right onto the other side of the roof to get Secret#1, a Sugar Plum. Jump back as you came here.

On the other side again, jump up the broken roof parts to the top and then turn right, jump to grab the edge of the tower and go left around to find the jump switch. A door opens in this same house, on the other side of it. So go around and enter the opening behind the bushes. Get the Gate Key and the GingerBreadMan Head.

Rooftops, Jump lever, the Pick Lock.

Follow the candy street to the N and just past the crossing go up right between the houses, a bit further to the right is the gate you can now open with the Gate Key, inside is a Medipack. Turn around and on the left wall at the gate is a climb wall, go up to the rooftops. Turn left and jump onto the chimney, look left (SE) to spot a jump lever. Jump onto the roof opposite the lever, grab the edge and back flip with roll to grab the lever, a gate opens on the right (S). Go in and left and left around the corner is a bird on a pedestal, spying the couple inside, try to turn him (Ctrl), but he wants to look… The bird must be cuckoo, so let him be, when you turned him a gate opened right around the corner. Go in there for the Pick Lock.

Go back to the gate and loop left around that house (convenient shortcut: from the Pick Lock pick up J, grab up to the roof S, turn right and run jump SW over the fence). Go to the front door and open the door with the Pick Lock.

Inside, on the table NE is Secret #2, a Sugar Plum.

The Chocolate Basement.

Standing in front of that beaded curtain W you can open a trapdoor in the floor, climb down. Sewage… Shoot the vases right and get Flares, then shoot the barrel on the other side, on the corner of the ledge so you can jump from there into the opening on the left (N). Follow through (you can shoot the barrels) and stop at the end. Turn left a bit and stand jump forward to grab up to the monkey climb. Follow around to the end and drop on the ledge. A running jump to that small triangle ledge and another one to the flat part on the right (SE), shoot the barrels to get into a crawlspace. More barrels inside, follow through to where you go down and spot the hatch in the ceiling.

The Snow Cone Puzzle.

Hang from the edge of the floor and shimmy left to the opening, run jump right around the corner onto a slope and slide jump a bit left grabbing the next slope. Slide and jump left, slide jump and keep jumping (3 times) till you slide down to a safe ledge. Turn left and spot the jump lever on the pillar, jump there and use it to raise a block to the right. Standing next to the jump lever, jump up to grab the monkey swing and go over to that block (N). Jump N and grab the top of the wall, turn right go into the opening (E), find a snow cone (ice cream) in a pit.

Turn right, jump over the gap in the ledge.

Secret Detour: Before you jump over, run jump a bit left through the chocolate cascade onto a ledge there and shoot the pickle jars to get Secret #3, a Sugar Plum. Run jump back out (NW).

Now go up those stairs S, at the end of the passage is a Timed lever raising the Snow cone up to the floor. Pull, get back quick and pull the Cone twice from the block. Go around the cone and push it one more time straight onto the block against the wall (W). Go into the pit where you got the cone from and use the lever there to raise the cone, get out of the pit and jump through the corner behind the cone to get to the other room where you can now pull it three times onto the next block. Get onto the higher floor, spot a floating cherry somewhere in the middle of the room, that’s where the cone has to go so it will have a cherry on top.

In the Far wall (S) is a crawlspace, get in there and find a Timed jump lever after you turned around. Pull, get out quick and get to the cone to pull it onto the floor. Move it under the cherry and a gate will open up in the chocolate basement.

To the Gate, the House Key.

Stand next to the cone and jump to get onto that arch W, turn around and use the jump lever to open that hatch you saw before entering this room, slide down backwards (S) and go in, down through the hatch to end up in the chocolate basement. Go back through the passage and crawl through. Stand jump down onto the triangular ledge and run jump W to the square one. Then a run jump a bit left into that open gate. Loop around left inside and in that windowsill is a hole in the ceiling, grab the ladder and back flip into the passage above. Drop down the other end and shoot the Pickle jars to get the House Key.

The GBM Body.

Go up the stairs and left into the first opening, climb up W and get the GingerBreadMan Body straight ahead. Behind the small gate you can see a door opening up.

Use the House Key, use the Ginger Bread Man Key.

Drop down, back to the stairs and up through that door to the street. Go right and right again and follow candy street to the house NW (third prize). Hop to the door and open it with the Key. Up the stairs, climb up right and shoot the window.

Grab Secret #4, a Sugar Plum from the flowerpot.

Get down onto the chimney below that balcony, face the flowerpot and side flip right onto the roof, shimmy along the edge around the corner and pull up on a flatter part. This was a bit of a tricky manoeuvre, but walk as high up as possible and jump up to grab the top of the higher roof, shimmy right around to a balcony and drop. Hop SE over the fence to the roof and turn around to back flip over the top and grab the edge of the roof. Shimmy to the right around two corners to a snowy ledge and get up. Face W and grab up again; combine both parts of the Ginger Bread Man (GBM) to use it there, the door opens freeing the Ginger Bread Man…


G&D Dec 20, 2015.