Lost in the Canyons 2 (Demo).

Level by tombraiderxii

Walkthrough by D&G Productions.

Mentioned saves are in this Folder.

Tasks related to Secrets are in dark blue.  

1-Western Section.

The Station.

Lara standing in a locomotive; step out and check the PDA in the inventory;

 “Maybe the guard by the gates will help me”.

But first go left to the other locomotive, side flip over the closed fence and grab the Medipack. Flip back over (or take a dive over) and go through an opening E to where the guard is (entry in PDA). A portal was activated in the N room; it has to be blinking for it to work. Step in and get to another section...

2- Infiltration- Recover the Power Disk.  5 secrets.

Follow through, shoot a Dog and a weird bug, in the next cave go right and climb the block W, turn left and jump to the ledge, left again to jump to the hill where another bug shows up. Walk along this hill into a cave in the far right (SE) corner and throw the floor lever to open a gate. If you want a pickup, hop into the pool below to get a small medipack, which is hidden near the plant SE. Make your way back up to the hill to where you can now run jump and grab that rope NE, swing to the next hill and get to the second rope, now you can swing into the open gate E. Save at the Timed lever and pull, roll and run out, in the water turn right and swim through the door. Follow through and climb out, go up to where you can monkey swing over the cave you passed through before. Crawl through the foliage and climb up left (S) to the upper ledges of the large cave. 

Detour for a Secret: drop from the E side of the ledge ending up on a tiny ledge, turn E and follow the ledges to the outcrop that goes S. Jump over S and go left around to a cave with a chest, open it for Secret #1, a Secret Crystal and Revolver ammo. Find your way to jump back to that rock outcrop and get back to the entrance in the NW corner, you can climb back up to that ledge from facing N.

Grab the monkey climb and go over to where it stops over a slanted block, drop and immediately jump to grab the next block. Pull up over, jump and grab the next part of the monkey climb to go to the end of that and drop on a hill. To the left is a Ninja, shoot her. If you want a pickup, jump to the waterfall NE, get to the ledge N and find a small medipack on the left side of the ledge. Couldn’t find an easy way back so I dropped down onto the outcrop below and went along the N side ledges back to the entrance NW and over the monkey climb again. Go down to the S and find a button on a pillar right of the double doors opening them for a short time. Get in and Lara seems to be hit on the head...?

When you get control back, you have no pistols anymore. Turn right and grab the Flares, a new entry in the PDA too.

Look for a hatch in the ceiling close to the pipe and open it from facing W, turn S and grab up to the duct. In an crawlspace W you’ll find Arrows, then go crawl into the duct N. Follow to a lever opening one of the doors in the room below. Go back, drop down and run outside, straight N near a plant is a small medipack. Go right following into a small dark cave and hop in (SE). A timed lever there, save and pull and while the camera is showing the trapdoor, hop back and turn right, by now the camera is back, grab out of the pit, run out and right, jump into the opening and jump up to grab the ladder, go up and just wait till the trapdoor closes.

Red Key.

Go into the upper part of the cave, grab the monkey climb and drop at the other end, let go and grab the ledge, crawl in and run to the other end of the ledge (spot the jump lever left). When you look down in the end of the cave you can see two Ninja. Go back a bit and jump to grab that jump lever S, a boulder is released and a platform goes up next to you. Quickly go around the platform and grab up, hop onto the ledge above. Go left to where the boulder is and push it down into the cave killing those Ninjas. One of them left a Key, so wait till the boulder only moves a bit and get down there to fetch the Red Key. Behind it is a small pit in the corner, get the small medipack. Go S of the boulder and find a prisoner behind a gate.

Open the door there with the Key and go to the fence, jump up to operate the jump lever and see a door open up in a crawlspace. Go back out and get a message;

Side quest available, free the prisoners!

Free the Prisoners.

Go back up to the boulder, find the ladder up on the E wall, stand back a bit and jump forward to grab it when the boulder goes right. Go up and to the right, crawl up to the rock as if you go into a crawl space. Get down to the platform and enter the door to the room with the ceiling hatch. In the W wall, next to that table is a crawlspace, get up there and find a button after you turned around, it opens a door in the ducts near a laser beam. Climb down into the next room, this is where the prisoner is.... 

Another crawlspace in the W wall, get into that duct, left is the laser beam where you opened the door with the last button. Take a right first; go down to a floor lever with a flame. Stand against the lever ready to use it and time the flame, when you expect it to go down, use the lever and hop back or side flip left. Go back to the crawlspace as a door opened on top of the laser beam duct, so hop (or side flip) over the laser and climb down into that door left. You’ll end up in a place with Ninjas and because we don’t have a gun, just run through the room and through the next too and quickly get up the ladder. Once on top, go forward a bit and take a left. Follow through to another room with one Ninja, get op into a passage N and use the lever there to raise the block next to you. Get into the room and around to the passage W, right and run jump from that corner onto the block you raised. Jump S to the ledge, turn left and run jump SE into the corner. 

Getting back some Weapons, the Red Key.  

Face E and back flip onto the slope, jump and grab the ladder to go up with Lara’s feet at the bottom of the ladder and just back flip onto an arch. Go over the top of it and shimmy along the edge of the floor/crack to the right to where you can pull up. Walk right into the corner and find a lever lowering a block in the N wall. Walk back to the room and from the ledge where I pulled up earlier I could run jump into the opening N where that block went down (probably a shortcut as there is a ledge E). The button there will open a floor hatch way below. Make your way down the ledges, best along the E wall and drop down through the floor hatch.

Slide down and go right around to a Timed button killing a flame in the other end of this passage. So push and sprint left around to get the Pistols before the flame returns. Go back and jump up to the right to the room with the Ninja, kill her and get the Red Key she will drop.

Go out SW and climb down the ladder, watch your health and shoot the three Ninjas, one drops a Yellow Key, use that on the lock in the room with the ladder and two doors open N. Side quest complete!  As a reward you'll get 3 Medipacks.

The doors N lead to rooms we visited before, the two doors S are the rooms where the prisoners are.

Go back up the ladder E, turn around and hop into the opening left (S), turn around again facing the ladder and back flip onto the sloped block, jump and grab the grate. Go up almost to the top, back flip with a roll and grab up to the passage where you can open the door with that Red Key you got from the Ninja before.

For a Secret: jump left with Ctrl so you’ll land in the alcove with the button on top of that slope. The button will open a hatch in a place we’ll come to in a bit.

Slide down the slope, then run jump over the next pit and grab the edge. Jump over the next pit and drop down into the last one. You have to pull the lever there, raising a block under the lever in the other end of the pit so you can use that one too. Hop back, backflip onto the slope (W) and jump to grab the pole, use the down arrow to turn around on the pole and swing to the second lever. Now you have to lower the block you’re standing on, so back into the pit and use the lever E again.  Back flip onto the slope to get to the pole, turn around (down key) and swing to jump into the hole under the lever. Hop up the slope and turn left.

Detour for a Secret: Look up there and spot the chain, that’s where the secret is at and on top of the chain is the hatch you opened before. Run jump to the middle of the pole, turn around and swing to jump and grab the chain. Go up, back flip off and get Secret #2, a Secret Crystal and a Medipack from the chest. Down into the pit and back up to the ledge N.  

Run jump to the pole, swing to the next and get across the pit, climb the grate left and back flip over the slope. Face W, back flip on the slope and jump to grab the floor W. Push that crate on the right twice and come to a Hallway.

Hall with the 4 Doors.

E Round Door, Timed Door.

To the right (E) is a round door, left of it is a crate, push it in all the way in and climb on, push the button to open the first round door (E).

Enter and find a Cog Wheel on the walkway left. First go left a bit down the stairs and jump into the alcove over the stairs to grab the Uzi clips. The door at the bottom of the stairs opens with that Wheel, so get back there and pull it about 6-7 times, hop back, side flip left and run down through the door. Hop E over the striped block and find another wheel, that’s for when we have to get back out.

Fiery Room, find the Blue Marble Key.

Follow through E and come to a room with a deadly pool. Have a look; we have to raise platforms on the pillars to be able to get to the ladder N. A button in the right hand SW corner will raise the platforms (not timed).

Jump to the pillar in front of the entrance, hop from the corner of the platform onto the ledge with the flame left of the pole and shimmy left around to the other side. Pull up and hop to the platform NE. Jump to the next pillar.

From the pillar, go up the ladder and back flip off, shoot a Ninja and enter a passage near the ladder (NW) to throw the floor lever opening a door in the opposite side of the room (E). Drop down there and use the lever to lower a block on top of the pillar in the next room. Go back up to the entrance, jump onto the sloped block with the lever and jump to grab the opening to the next room. Jump to grab the top of the pillar and jump to the jump lever opening another door in the big room. Get back out of there to the room with the chequered floor and left to the open door SE, throw the lever to open the last door SW. Go in and follow through to a slide down into a small maze.

For a Secret: Before going into the maze, hop back up the slope and turn around. Run jump to grab a roof you can see just left around the corner, shimmy left a bit and back flip with roll grabbing the other roof, go right around one corner and backflip on top of the wall. Run to the other end (S), climb down the ladder (or just run down) and open the chest for Secret #3, a Secret Crystal and a Medipack before the Ninjas get the chance to raise the block and the Secret is blocked (If you do it carefully you won’t trigger any of the Ninjas).

(Shoot all the Ninjas and) climb back up the ladder in the back S. Jump onto the block NW and into the opening NW, crawl through and climb up to the floor above and go around to pick up the Blue Marble Key, a screen shows where to use it and that’s under the room with the Cog wheel. 

Use the Blue Marble Key, First Lever for the Big Doors.

Get down (I jumped down on that block in the middle) and exit the maze N, into the room with the black and white floor down the ladder NW.

Hang from the edge of the pillar, go around to the back, down the ladder to a jump lever; use that to open a door to a Secret room, climb back up.

Jump back over the platforms to the exit (SW) and go to the Cog Wheel to open the Timed door W, get back to the room with the first Cog Wheel. Go to the S end and side flip over the fence. Go to the SW corner and hang from the broken grated floor, drop onto a slanted block and jump into the opening with the stairs.

This is where the door opened when you used the last jump lever. So if the door is open, follow up, climb down around the corner and open a cheat for Secret #4, a Secret Crystal. Climb back up and go down the stairs.

Jump to the left (NE) from the block with smoke to a flat corner near the deadly floor and from there jump SE onto the crate, climb up the next and jump down into the opening (S), go use the Blue Marble Key to open a door above. Jump back to the crates, jump W to grab the grated floor and pull up. Get to the open door S, up the slope and turn around at the top to jump and grab the jump lever. A door opens left, halfway down the slope, get in there, down to the lower floor and follow around to the back where you’ll find a lever left of a window. It is the first for the Big doors in the Hall with the 4 Doors.

Get out (E) to the room with the Cog Wheel, use the crate left of the fence to get back over and go left into the passage to the Hall with the 4 Doors.

Hall with the 4 Doors.

W Round Door, Tunnel of Fire.

To the right of the W door is a crate, pull it out and aside, go in and hop left over the crate to open the round door with the button. Get out, pull a crate out of the opposite wall (S) and move it aside as well. Go in and climb up left, crawl in and stand facing S, jump and grab the top of the high stack and climb down behind it to get Revolver ammo. Climb back and get out to enter the round door. Shoot the Ninja, go S and find a slope with ledges and levers, from the bottom of the slope look up and spot 6 of them. Each lever operates a burner in a tunnel; we have to create a safe path. In the left row use only the one in the middle so you have Up/Down/Up from bottom to top and in the right hand row the opposite, Down/Up/Down and all burners are off. Back up to the floor and right into the corner, you can jump up a slope in that alcove and find a lever lowering a block in the room W, go there and jump up on it (NW).

Just before entering the tunnel, go left or right and go through, just hop down into the pool and get Uzi clips, Flares and Revolver ammo. Get back to one of the S corners, pull up on the slope and back flip with roll, and grab the slope under the triangular opening, shimmy to the flat ledge and jump back into the opening to get to the Fire Tunnel. Go across and use the lever to open a door. Return through the tunnel, down to the room and straight through the door you opened.

Boulder Room.

Go right around the corner and get onto the corner ledge. Turn S and run jump over the slope onto a boulder ramp. Throw the lever there to raise blocks in the room. Now run down the slope and a boulder will drop behind you. It won’t follow you, so go back up that corner ledge and run jump S over the slope with a right hand curve to end up behind the boulder (might take a few tries). Push the boulder down the slope and it will trigger another boulder to drop at those blocks you raised. Climb to that boulder and push it down into a tunnel (E). It will drop through a hatch near the 6 levers.  

Get down, go to the slope with the 6 levers and down into that open hatch, swim N and use the underwater lever on the pillar opening a door in a tunnel. Swim back and climb out through the hatch facing N, jump a few times on the slopes to go to the side and make your way up the lever slope. Go left, back to the boulder room and up the blocks, go into that short tunnel you pushed the boulder in and jump across to the tunnel E, go through the open door. Use the second lever for those big doors and see them open up. Turn back and run jump out of the tunnel to the right and go to the exit NE.

Hall with the 4 Doors, the Energy Disk, a Cog.

Go through the big doors S and grab the Energy Disk (I thought we were looking for a “Power” Disk?). Two Ninjas show up and these are a different kind, they have to be shot as horsemen. One of them drops a Cog. On the crates in the left corner is a Medipack.

Turn off the Fire, the Factory of Death.

Go through the fence SW, grab the Flares on the right and go left to place the Cog on the machine, see the fire go down in the W room we came from. So go out N, down the stairs and left through the round door. Jump N to the sloped wall where those flames went down and shimmy to the left side. Pull up and slide jump hard left to end up on the pillar left. Face E and side flip onto the slope, then jump to grab the pole, swing to the next and then to the other sides pillar. Stand jump and grab that sloped block N, hang left and pull up over, slide and jump left onto the ledge.

Go left to the other side and drop down onto a block, there seems to be a way across to the other side of the hall, but I couldn’t find anything there.

From the safety drop down, turn right (E) and stand jump right around the pillar onto a slope, jump again with a bit of a left curve onto the next slope and jump to grab the crack in the wall. Shimmy right to the opening and go through, climb down into the next room, jump to the other side when the burner is down and grab a Medipack. Back up the ladder and turn around, run jump over the burner (when it is off) onto the bottom part of the burning slope, you’ll slide in just fine.

Next room slide, jump and slide jump again to end up on a pillar. Maybe more ways to do this with that side wind and all. But I just did a run jump (bit NE) to the sloped pillar under the walkway. Slide jump and slide jump again to end up on the ledge in the other side of the room. Back flip onto the slope in that passage and jump to the ladder, go up and find a jump lever, lowering a block and opening a door above the ladder behind you. So climb up and get back to the caves. This is the upper region of the caves.

Heart of a Temple Guardian.

A flyby takes over when you drop down, check the PDA when it shows up.

Go left to where that Ninja was killed, shoot the other Ninja and pick up the Heart of a Temple Guardian the flattened Ninja left behind.

Climb the crates S and throw the lever there lowering a block in a ladder passage (shortcut to the start of the level).

Secret Hunters scroll down first...  

If you are NOT going for the Secrets, go straight E and in the E wall of the cave where you came in is a small gap, crawl in, this is where that block lowered. Climb down and crawl through to the cave at the start (this is also the way back up for the Secret hunters), go left to the teleport beam and step in.

But for a nice Secret [u]and after using that floor lever in the W passage[/u];

Go through to the N cave, look up the hill and spot a lever, go a bit right and jump onto the rocks at the N wall behind the plants, turn left and jump E over the steep part to the place where that lever is, throw it to open a door. Slide down, turn left and run straight to that rock pillar in the opening to the E cave, jump up the slope and you end up halfway up, jump again to get to the top. Jump to the one E and then left to the one in front of the upper cave opening N. Follow through and go through that door you opened, through the opening on the right, slide down and go straight up a gentle slope. Loop around to the right and get into an opening in the wall (N). Throw the lever to lower a block near the teleporter.

Go back and on the left (E) you can see an opening with a block, that one hides the Secret and it is lowered with a lever in that opening in the cave with the teleporter. So we’ll have to get back up here later. Drop down and go through the opening S to the cave above the teleporter, safety drop down. That opening will be right in front of you (N) in the dark. Throw the lever to lower that block up in the cave and head S, to the cave with the pool.

Climb the block W, jump left to the ledge and then E to the hill, use the ropes to get to the lever E.

Save at the Timed lever and pull, roll and run out, in the water turn right and swim through the door as before. Follow through and climb out, go up to where you can monkey swing over the cave you passed through before. Crawl through the foliage, left into the corner and climb up once. Turn around and jump to the lowered block N, crawl through and you are back in the upper caves.

Go back up the pillars N and into the high cave N, through the door, slide down and straight and then take a right into that opening. Go right and jump over to grab the opposite side opening, to the right is a chest with Secret #5, a Secret Crystal and the Revolver. Drop out, go up S and drop down into the Teleporter cave, step into the Teleporter.  

1-Western Section, part 2.

 Timed Run up the Blocks, use the Energy Disk.

To the S in this hall are some lowered blocks, go right to the trains, jump down on the tracks and find an small crawlspace (next to either locomotive), crawl down backwards and find a Timed lever. Save and pull, turn left and climb out, run left and then to the right, jump up to the floor. Run into the hall and to the corner right, hop onto the low block, up to the high one and up to the floor in the corner (SE), loop right over the arch and jump onto that balcony, run to the left corner (NW) and jump right around the corner to the third block, turn right and grab up to the alcove where you can use the Energy Disk. The gate where the guard is, is open now...

Safety drop down, go into the Hall and straight through the opened gates.... Go down the steps and straight through those caves and to an opening in the E wall, the level will change.


3- Town of Viridia.

In the first part of this level the level will change a few times, we won’t mention that.

Let’s open some Doors.

Check the PDA (Bonus features unlocked, check the downloaded folder and use this password to open the zip file). Go left into the next room, and from standing in the lower part, shoot the bottom window left (E). Crawl in there, follow through and find a jump lever on the left wall next to the ladder. The block lowers as a shortcut, we go up the ladder and over the roof to the other side (S) where we climb down a ladder. Use the jump lever there too and investigate the corridor E.

Use the lever; it will open a door in the room behind the window. Go back and through both the blocks you lowered (shortcut), take a right and go back inside. Crawl through and take a right up the steps, go straight and down the steps and pick up a small medipack on the ledge left and go through the open door in the back (N). 

Storage Puzzle.

There are a bunch of crates you can push and also some raising blocks and a button N will operate those. The goal is to move that top crate aside so we can get to the button behind it.

We need a three crate high stack next to the top crate.

-From the entrance turn left and pull that wired cage once, then push it N against the high stack.

-Turn right and move that wired cage SE twice to the W and push it N so it is also between the two high stacks.

-Move that wooden crate (NE corner) straight to the W wall (when I tried to put this one on the raising block NW and used the button, the block went aside and became buggy, so this is a way around that problem.

-Push the button on the N wall, turn around and loop around to the left and get wired another cage, pull it once from the raising block and use the button again. Move the wired cage (E) on the raising block in the NW corner, use the button again to get the wired cage up.

-Move the wired cage around the corner and against the 3 crate stack (the one with the pipe), climb on and push the high crate onto the block (should be up) E.

Timed Run over the Chandeliers.

Push the Timed button (20 seconds) on the pipe and see a door open up, that one is up in the S side room. First we have to make some preparations, get down and push one of the cages out of the door. You can go ahead and see what it is what you have to do.

Go back to the button and push it, jump down and climb the cage and jump to grab the chandelier a bit right or left of the middle (so those chains won’t bother you). Run jump and grab the second pole S, swing and hold Alt to immediately jump onto the next chandelier. I could grab the next second pole after a running jump, a fast swing and jump to the last chandelier and a running jump into the door, run into the room (savegame.1).

Another Storage Puzzle.

Shoot the Crows; we’ll have to get a crate up here to fill the hole under that valve wheel in the left corner (NE). Get down to the ground floor, in the E side are some crates with a cage on top.

-In the N wall is a wired cage, pull that out and push it all the way to the E wall (NE).

-Turn right and pull that wooden crate once.

-Pull the wired cage once to the S.

-Move the top cage E onto the lower cage so it is against the E wall.

-Move the middle wooden crate into the NE corner, climb it and now pull the wired cage onto that wooden crate.

-Jump and grab up to the floor above and safety drop down to the ground floor.

-Go push the wired cage into the NE corner onto that steel container.

Raising the Blocks.

Get on that low crate near the high stack SE and jump into the corner left of the high stack, throw the lever on the N wall to raise a block. Grab up to the slope next to the lever and pull up, back flip onto a crate and run jump to grab the block N. Go use that valve wheel in the NE corner and lower another block with it.

Go to that high stack S and drop down on the S side of the stack. Another lever there will raise a second block in the room. Back flip out again as you did before and jump to the first floor, those blocks form a path to a sloped pillar W. Drop down to the ground floor and go through the arch N to where you find some Bikes (NW).

The Bike.

Go left to the Bike next to the crate and mount it from between the crate and the Bike (you can also get the bike from under the crate in the other corner if you move the crate away). Ride it around the crates, out the storage and save. From the rubble in the SW corner you can go left up the stairs and go the far E side of the floor, turn the Bike around and go with speed over those blocks onto the sloped pillar and a bit left through the window...

That was it for now I think, seen the comment by the author..

The Western Section is only a tease; it's merely a pathway to get to the town, which was also a teaser. In the final version, you'll get the gear you need to properly explore the canyon hubs, which include optional side quests.   

To be continued…

G&D Dec 20-2015.