No Christmas without Lara (Advent 2015).

Level by Schwartzmama

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Mentioned saves are in this Folder.

You want to play it with English texts? Copy the 2 files from the Script-English into the main folder and remove the German.dat file.

When you want to use the pistols or Revolver, choose from your inventory the first time.

1: In the City.

Throw the blue wall lever to slowly open the gate and while it is opening, turn around and climb the opposite wall (N). Use the jump lever there to open the door in the next room. When you go there, a flyby will take over.

The Revolver.

Through the door and left at that high gate, turn right at the next gate and push the block in twice. To the right is a wall lever, go back into the passage and into the gate that opened straight ahead. Climb down and left around to get into a passage behind the burning floor. Grab the Revolver there and then climb up the back wall (S), down the other end and grab Matches (Flares) where you drop. Push the yellow star button at the end and that high gate opens up.

A Torch Puzzle, the Red Key.

Go back to the passage; the burning floor is now safe. Take a right and climb up to the open gate E. Pick up some more Matches and slide down into the cave. Take a right and loop around right into a passage to a small cave with a chain that will open the next gate. Return to the cave and go through that gate in the far right hand corner.

Slide into a cave with a pile of wood, in the dark SE corner is a jump lever on the wall. A gate opens in the same wall, left of the lever. Go up there to grab some Chocolate (small medipack) and a Torch. Ignite it and throw it down into the cave. Ignite the pile of wood, and also that hide near the pillar N. A hatch opens over a ladder on the back of the pillar (W side). Lara says you have to throw the Torch into the water, that’s to avoid the ghost flame bug. Before climbing the ladder look in the plants on the other side of the pillar to find a hidden wall lever (E side). A boulder explodes and shows the Red Key.

Use the Red Key.

Go get that (near where you entered this cave) and go to the water hole to climb the very long wooden ladder up through the hatch. Climb off right or left into the room above and go to the W side to find a garbage container, push it aside to reveal the keyhole for the Red Key. A door opens at the other side of the room; go through that door.

The Square, the Laser Sight, Yellow Diamond.

In the next passage and in the second opening right you can grab the Pistols. Proceed to the street and go a bit left to that well. Then to the wall left of the gate E and reach into that hole in the wall (E) to get the Laser Sight. On the left is a lever, use it to open the door; we will come back here later. Turn around and go straight into the alley (W), on the market stall next to the lady is the Yellow Diamond.

The Blue Diamond.

Turn around and shoot the left window in the house (N), get inside and into the second opening on the right, in the plant next to the desk is the Blue Diamond. Go back and left around into the other opening, in the first window right is Secret #1, a Snowflake. Go out of the house into the alley.

The Green Key, Crowbar.

Back out of the alley and take a right to the last house (S), it needs a green key, go left into the fenced off area and find the Green Key next to the stone bench (S). Hop E over the fence and turn right, walk to that stone pillar and you’ll fall into a hidden hole in the ground. Grab the Candy stick Crowbar there. Climb out and hop back over the fence.

Giftbox 1 (adittional quest).

Go open the door with the Green Key and enter, left of the fireplace is a Giftbox (1/5) you can pick up. Notice another Box in the fireplace and the sprinkler above. Look up at the S wall, there’s a Lion head up in the ceiling, combine the Revolver with the Sight and shoot that Gem, a gate opens up for later, we go there when we have 3 Diamonds.

Graveyard, a Torch, the Fire Truck.

Leave the house; go left to the far N side and into a small graveyard. To the right, behind that tree E is a jump lever, it will open a fence in the Square. Go back to the Square and enter that fenced off area nearby to get a Torch. Go to the Green Key house and ignite the Torch at the fireplace. Back outside and go left, past the well is a glass structure. Go in with the torch. Ignite the flame in the glass sphere in the machine and the water will warm up, the ice on the pool outside will melt. Take the Torch with you and go around the glass house, hop into the pool to pick up the Fire Truck.

Use the Fire Truck, Box 2.

Return to the Green Key house and place the Fire Truck at the presents right of the fireplace, the sprinkler in the fireplace will activate and the fire is out. Jump in and grab Box 2, the place where we have to use it later is shown.


North House, Scepterdiamond, Giftbox 2.

Go back (left) to that alley where the lady is next to the market stall, in the left back corner are two pillars, behind it is another wall lever, it will raise a block in the house where you shot the window (N). Go back inside and up that block, turn S and grab up to the floor above. Once up there shoot a window in the left wall (N), go in and grab the Scepter diamond. Back out and go to the windows S and on the shelf between them is another Giftbox (2/5).

Sokoban Puzzle, Pink Diamond.

In the W wall, behind the desk is a pushable crate, pull it out and to the side. Go in and find a Sokoban clue on the floor (It will show you the position of the blocks and where they should go in case you have problems interpreting the textures on the blocks).

When you reach the puzzle room, a text appears: This is the implementation of a sokoban game. Lara has to push the boxes to the highlighted fields below (on the floor). You can ONLY push, not pull. So don’t forget to save before pushing.

The game just saved in the file Backgame.1, found in the main folder. You can rename it to a savegame.X and use that as a starter.

1- Push the wooden block (D- closest to where you entered) to the S onto the tile with the same texture.

2- Go to the metal block in the back (W) and move it N, then all the way E and then push it to its place in the far SE corner.

3- Turn right and go to the striped stone block (A), and push it all the way N, then to the E and finally onto its spot against the metal block.

4- Turn right, go around the wall and push the green block (C) once E and then go around to push it to its place against the wooden block.

The block in the back (W) lowers and that is where you’ll find the Pink Diamond.

Time to Use the Diamonds, the Scepter stick.

Leave this place and go out to the Square, on the square straight to the hole where you got the Sight and a bit right to the gate you opened by shooting the Gem in the Green Key house before. Go through the gate, before going onto the bridge, walk right and dive into the spot where the ice is broken, swim down to the SE corner for Secret #2, a Snowflake. Get back out of the water, over the bridge and into the room, take a right into the corner, shoot the bench left and crawl in to get a Giftbox (3/5). Crawl back out and loop around right to the back of the room, place the 3 Diamonds to open the gate and get the Scepter stick. Combine it with the Scepter Diamond to get the Scepter.

Using the Scepter, Giftbox 4, Box 1.

Go back out, over the bridge and take a right along the glass house and N of the glass house is a white fence, shoot it and go into that yard. In the next corner (NE) you can place the Scepter on the stand left of the door. Go in and climb the ladder left of the toy train. Upstairs get the Revolver ammo and left is a Giftbox (4/5). Left of that is a Box (1) on a pedestal, grab it (a screen shows where to use it) and get back down.

Yellow Key.

Go outside and left to find a gate you can open with the Crowbar right (W). Inside is the Yellow Key.

Paper 1 for Gift 1.

Go back and out to the Square, into the alley with the market stalls and go to that lady, she will say “Here’s something to wrap it” and Paper 1 will appear on the market stall, grab that and combine it with the Box to get Gift 1.

Use the Yellow Key.

Out of the alley and right to the other end of the Square, left at the yard where you found the Crowbar before and near a small snowman you’ll find the yellow keyhole. Open the gate.

The Library, Giftbox 5, Paper for Gift 2.

On the next yard is a blue keyhole, Lara looks left, shoot that blue crystal object and get the Blue Key from under it. Open the wooden door with that Blue Key. Enter the Library, hop behind the counter and get another Giftbox (5/5). Go to a table in the back with a Christmas tree on it and pull it straight W onto a wooden tile. Music will sound and Paper 2 appeared on the spot where the table was before, go get it and combine it with Box 2 to get Gift 2.

Use the Gifts, the Cross.

Place the Gifts on top of the two piles of presents along the E wall and you’ll see a trapdoor open up. Go out of the Library, out to the Square and right of the Green key house is an alley with a red 2CV. In the corner in the back is that open trapdoor, dive down to get the Cross. Climb back out; go left on the square and right around the glasshouse to that pool you melted. A bit further of the “Stop sign” and to the right is the receptacle for the Cross; the gate left of it opens up. Go into the yard and a text warns you “Stop, do you have the 5 Giftboxes?”. If so... push the blue button, turn right and go down into the hole in the corner where the trapdoor opened, use the yellow button to open the gate at the blue button. Go down and to the next part…


2- Find the Way.

1 Secret.

Preparing for a Timed Run, use the Giftboxes.

Follow the passage down, grab more Revolver ammo and a flyby takes over when you reach the bottom of the stairs, showing you a rim on the wall leading to a platform. Climb down through the opening in the fence SE, go to the back and find a waterhole. Swim S and right around the corner on the last pillar is an underwater lever raising a block. Swim back, get out and climb back up to the higher floor via the grate SW. Climb the wooden block right and grab up to the floor above. Take a right and push the ball down; those platforms go up. Turn around and go to that wall lever W, that’s the Timed lever.

Pull, turn left a bit, run down the floor onto the wooden block, run to the opening in the fence and jump to grab that rim on the wall (S), go shimmy left and drop on the platform once you are a bit over it. Side flip left and grab up into the open gate (savegame.0). Go right or left around to where you can use two of your Giftboxes to open a gate.

Crate Push.

Go in, pull that crate around the corner once and climb on top, turn left and push that crate till it drops, go down left or right and move the crate around to the back. Climb on it and get into the passage up there (E). Around the corner crawl through the low opening on the right, then follow through to a pool. A Fairy shows up but she’s no fun at all, just hop into the pool to get rid of her.

The Pool, Teddy.

There’s air up at the ceiling. Swim to the low opening W and grab that Teddy from the plant left. Roll, swim to the other side and left of the low tunnel, hidden inside a plant, grab Secret #3, a Snowflake. To the right of the opening is a nice vertical plant (E wall), hidden behind it is an underwater lever, pull it to open the hatch over the tunnel E. Swim in there and up to climb out.

Gift 3.

“Oops… my weapons and the Laser sight are gone….”

Run across that grate over the pool and find the spot where you can place another Giftbox on the table (tricky… for me that was on the right hand side looking SW a bit). That gate in the low tunnel W in the pool opens up. So back down the hatch and swim over to that tunnel, follow up to a passage. Turn around and jump to grab the ladder over the water hole (left, E), go up and off to the left into the Teddy room. Grab a Colourful Box and combine it with the Teddy to get Gift 3.

Use Gift 3, Weapons and a Waterskin.

Climb back down and go to the end of the passage to place Gift 3 on the pile of presents there, a block lowers left. Go through and follow to a door, place another Giftbox on the table and head through the door. Grab the Revolver and the Pistols and go back through the door, shoot that garbage bin to get some Matches and go back into the door. Just inside look up on the right and use that jump lever there to open a hatch over a ladder SW. Climb up there and get a Small Waterskin. Go back down and fill the Skin in the small pool, when you climb out near the block, the block lowers S and a text shows what we already know… “Ahh the Skin is full and the block goes down”. Put the water in the bowl and a gate opens behind you (N).

Shoot the Bin.

Pick up the Revolver ammo and climb down the ladder and go around the wall, step into that wood/glass elevator shaft and pull the wall lever, you will go up to a balcony with a yellow star button. A platform goes up on the right of you and a block goes up on ground floor. Step back onto the elevator and side flip to the W over the wall to end up on that block. Run jump onto the platform and then run jump up onto the one SE. Follow the trail of platforms and from the last in the corner (SE), grab up to the ceiling, go over the fence and to the wall, drop and grab the crack.

Shimmy all the way to the left and drop onto the platform; turn around and run jump to the ledge of the building. Shoot the garbage bin on the terrace and see a gate open up in the room with the small pool. Drop from the W side of the ledge onto the elevator and side flip onto the block on ground floor. Go up the ladder and in the room into the gate right to use your last Giftbox. The gate opened up at the ladder SW, go through to a Ballroom.

The Teddy Gates Puzzle.

Climb down the ladder right or just safety drop down, go to the lady and she’ll say : “Hello Lara, play with me”. Push her into the alcove with the Teddy E, then go into the alcove at the other side and push the star button. A gate opens back in the room with the elevator. So go up the ladder NE, back to the room with the pool and down N to the elevator room and through the now open gate E. Three reach-in switches on the E wall, left and right have a small and a large Medipack (you might have to reach-in twice), the one in the middle opens a hatch left of you. There’s also a wall lever on the right of these reach-in switches, don’t use that yet.

Go to the left into the other part of the room and find that open hatch (NE), there’s also a picture on the wall of a Lara ready to jump up. Face S and jump straight up, you’ll go higher than normal and you can grab the closed hatch. Grab up on the left; push that boulder onto the closed hatch and safety drop down to the lower room. Back to the S side of the room and now use the wall lever, the other hatch opens and the boulder drops into the trench. The wall opens in the same room, go there and use the two floor levers to kill the flames under the chains. Go pull both chains and all Teddy gates open up.

Leave W, up the ladder on the left, go straight and right to the room with the open gates. Drop down, shoot all the boxes behind the Teddy gates and a bridge appears above. Climb back up and cross the bridge, go into the opening right and the level changes…


3- To the Bus.

1 Secret.

In the mirrors of this room you can see a Medipack in the middle of the room, as soon as you pick it up, the block will lower and you can exit to the street. Go right and around the corner, into the first opening to the right and push the doors open.

The Elements Puzzle.

Follow through to the room with the Elements Puzzle, you still have a Water Skin, so fill it in the fenced off pool and put that in the right hand bowl (E). A door is shown in the street. Go behind the pillar NW and use the jump lever to open a wooden door S, go in and follow around the corner where you’ll find a wall lever left.

Tricky Gate, Food Trolley.

That one opens the gate around the corner, but there is a trick to get to that gate. In the passage to the gate is a trigger tile that will close the gate, so from the corner where the lever is you have to run jump over that trigger tile to the one in front of the gate so it will stay open. Inside the room and to the left is an arrow on the wall, go to the far right hand corner (SE) and get that food trolley with the Tomato soup on it, move it to the floor in front of that arrow. A trapdoor opens in between those glass fences where you got the trolley.

Winston Puzzle, the Yellow Key.

Climb down there and safety drop to the lower room, find two Winston statues and in the S side corners are two coloured tiles, next to them are two tiles that don’t fit the floor pattern, put those statues on those tiles. A door opens and a block comes out of a wall. On the SW coloured tile a Yellow Key appeared when you put the two Winston’s on their tiles.

Go to the other (N) side of the room for a yellow button in a passage. A block lowers in the upper room. Behind you is the door that opened when you pushed Winston. Climb the block that appeared after pushing the second Winston and climb down the right hand side of the block to use the wall lever there, a flash of light…(Not sure what it did..). Climb back on the block, up another block and up the ladder to the Main room.

Red Key and a Bag of Sand.

Turn left and go use the wall lever (S), a block appears in the hole in the NE corner, go there and climb up facing S. In the Merry Christmas poster is a Red Key, get that and use it S to open the door left. Walk in straight and wait out the flyby. Take a run jump to grab the lamppost (pole). Swing to the next pole and then to the ledge at the other side. Go left and use the jump lever to drain the pit. Safety drop down and use the lever, opening a gate in the room we came from. Climb out of the pit and go through the door, take a right then a left in where that gate opened. Follow around to Secret #4, a Snowflake. Go back to the corner, and look up left for a jump lever changing the direction of the sliding floor in the back. Go right around corners to find the Bag of Sand. Drop down straight ahead to the Main Room; go out W, back to the Elements Room. Use the Sand in the left hand bowl (screen of the door).

Use the Yellow Key, the Canister.

Go out W to the street, loop around right to find the Yellow Keyhole. In the room with the dancing Angels, grab some Matches and pull that table with the tree all the way to the other side and left into the alcove opposite the table behind the glass, a trapdoor opens up. Turn left and look up in the corner right of the entrance gate to find a jump lever you can climb up to, the gate opens in the other side of the room, go through the gate. This is where the trapdoor opened, drop through and find a picture of Lara. Push the picture as it is a switch, a door opens upstairs.

Turn right, go to the next corner and shoot the Teddy picture, go in and follow through to a push crate, push it and go back (or jump through the corner). Climb the crate and jump grab up to the floor above, turn right and go to the corner where that door opened (NW). Follow in up the steps and left at the crossing, in the outside yard is a pile of wood, Matches next to it. Strike a Match and use Ctrl to let Lara ignite the campfire. Get a Torch next to the tree and grey block W and ignite it on the fire, throw the Torch on that wooden floor and wait till it breaks.

Climb down (face N) and find a Winston, push him straight onto the coloured tile N and spikes retract in the passage SE. Follow that passage and find the Canister, a block lowers, throw the lever to lower a grey block in the yard. Go back, climb out of the cave and left to the corner where the big block went down. Use the jump lever to open a gate, go out SW, back to the steps and take a left, hop into the pit and use the lever to open a gate in the room with the grated floor. Hop out of the pit, follow the steps down to the room with the grated floor and loop around right into the gate you opened. Use the blue button to ignite the stove in the Element Room.

Turn around, go right and through the room with the dancing Angels (entrance gate opens for you) and out to the street. Loop around left and go through the passage with the double doors to the Element Room, Empty the Canister in the bowl with the sun symbol. Turn around, go right to the stove and pick up a Torch, ignite it on the stove and then ignite the fuel in the bowl with the sun. The door in the street slowly opens up. Throw the Torch in the water.

The Bus Stop.

Go out W, back to the street and enter the door NW. Go into the second alley right and pull that crate twice, go behind it and open the trapdoor (face N). Drop down and come to a room with some gnomes, on a crate in the corner (SE) are Presents. Put those in the socks on the fireplace and the door in the street opens up. Climb out, out of the alley and right through the door. Two busses… “Nice that I’ve done it. The Bus is waiting. Now I come home quickly!”. Go between the fence and the right hand bus (Zum Einsteig/Boarding) and where you hear Lara bump, just wait and the bus takes off….

G&D Dec. 6 2015.