The Base (Die Basis) V2.

Level: Tomo.

Walkthrough: Dutchy.

Open the door at the end of the walkway and get the small medipack in the 1st Hall, open the brown door right, shoot the Guard and the boxes to spot the 1st Crowbarlever (remember for later). Thereís some closed doors too (later). Go back to the hall and go into the small blue door (N), crawl through and down into the Store room, donít shoot the Guys, they will leave you alone. Spot the door in the N wall (for later) and jump from a crate NW to grab the top of the high container, crawl up and get a small medipack. Get down and go down the ladder S, follow through, shoot the Dog and go left up the steps to a walkway. Pull the switch on that walkway, go back and take the other side of the passage to come to an outside area.

Outside, the Pyramid.

Donít shoot here, avoid the Dog (if you really have to shoot him, do it somewhere where you canít hit the Guards so they wonít start shooting you) and go around the shacks to find a door in the S shack. Go in and pull the switch to open a door in the other shack, N end of it (thereís a small medipack on the roof of this shack, didnít find a way to get it). Go around again and enter. Push the button to open a door at the Poison Pool. Go out and right to the crane you passed before, climb up to it from the yellow crate and walk to the end of the crane, jump to the pyramid and grab the edge. Go down the ladder to a ledge, run jump/grab the rope and swing/grab into the door, donít shoot, find a button that will open the door in the Store room. You have to go back there first, before you can proceed here.

Back to the Store Room.

When you get back on the rope, turn around and swing to the opening in the fence just left of the crane and grab, go right and into the door, left and up the ladder into the Store room. The open door is N, that water isnít poisoned, get the small medipack left and swim to the other side to pull a switch that will open a trapdoor on top of a ladder.

Lasersight, Uzis.

Return to the room with the blue Guy (under the crane), from which you just returned and open the small blue door. Inside that passage a door will open for you, go into a room with that ladder and trapdoor (left) and climb up to a corridor. Behind you are some boxes, one of them holds a 2nd Crowbarlever (remember for later), then open the small door and shoot the Dog. Open the next door and up the long passage to room F 13, get the Lasersight (NE), Medipack and Uziís (SW), no need for this, but when you pull the dead Guard by the hair, he will disappear. Proceed through the door N and follow out to the roof from where you can backflip onto he sloped dark block, grab the edge and shimmy all the way left, a Sentry-gun takes a shot at you before you get out of reach.

Open the door with the switch. In the new area is an alley with wooden break floors, go over to the end and push the button right, a door opens near the Crane. Left of the button is an escape door, back left to room F13, go back to the Crane. That open door is in the S wall.

Guards Keys.

Go down to a room with 2 Guys and a Guard, the Guard has to be shot in order to get his Keys, you have to try and avoid shooting the Tech Guys (hardly possible, so shoot them all). Grab a Medipack behind the wall and throw the switch SE (opens the door in the room with the 1st Crowbarlever, at the start of the level). So we have get back there, back up to the Crane area, out N and up the ladder to the Store room. Out SE through the crawlspace and left through the wooden door. The open door is E in the corner.

Enter the room with the 3rd Crowbarlever (remember for later), go on and shoot the Guard on the walkway, open the door in the end with your Keys. Inside are a small medipack and a jump switch that will raise the water lever of the Poison Pool and is now safe. Go out to shoot the Guards, get some Uzi clips off them and hop over the railing into the now safe pool.

Guardian Key, Crowbar.

Swim to the S side of the Pyramid, up and into an opening in the Pyramid (watch out for the Sentry gun).Inside take the Guardian Key and shoot the Bugs, go out and swim right around to the NW corner, and climb out onto the corner of the pyramid. From there you can go all the way up to the top, where Secret #1 awaits you, 2x Revolver Ammo. Slide down and go to the NE side corner of the Pool, into the open bars and left to use the switch and open the door where the Tech guy is. Inside the door you have to get through the blades to get Secret #2, the Grenade-gun and a small medipack.
Go out, into the pool and swim up to the opening in the E wall, throw a switch right to open the door left and get the Crowbar. Get out to the pool.

Back for the Crowbar Levers.

Swim to the SW corner (best go right around because of the Sentry gun) and climb out to the balcony S. Take a right into the door and hop over the ladder to get to the Crowbar lever (1). A door opened to a nice secret nearby. Go back over the ladder hole, through the door and from the missing part of the fence near the pool, turn right to see the open door to your right (S wall); jump into the water and go there to get Secret #3, the Revolver. Now if you want you can take revenge of the sentry gun by going left around to the NE corner of the Pyramid. Hop up one block and look up left to shoot that gun.

Then get to the Crane area, go out NE, up the ladder to the Store room and through the crawlspace to the place where the level started. Go into the wooden door E for the Crowbar lever (2), then to the room E of this for the last Crowbar lever (3) and a door opened at lever 2 and a fire starts in the room W of the 1st Hall (I think this is only to ignite the Torch). On the balcony are two more Guards, one drops Uzi clips.

Go back to lever 2, go into that new door, get the Flares and follow down to a Cave, go down to the S side and right around the corners into a dark niche for Secret #4, a Medipack. Follow the path down and find an old steel door with a receptacle for the Guardian Key S.

In that cave where the receptacle for the Guardian key is, I found a torch in a niche with broken bars in the back. I ignited the torch at that fire W of the 1st Hall, but never found a use for the Torch, maybe only to light your way through the dark caves? Bit lateÖ

So, JUST open the door with the Guardian Key, slide down to end the level.