The Manuscript of the Andes.

Levels by Nicolas Lepy

Walkthrough by Dutchy and Phil.

TR2 Game.

If you want to run the assault course and look around in Lara’s home, you can choose the Lara’s Home option (La demeure de Lara) in the first menu. If you want to skip that choose Jeu (Game).


Seems you already have a Shotgun in the inventory?

Follow the street and take a right into the wooden corridor, around the corner is a bedroom, shoot the Baddy and grab his Uzi clips. Right around the corner is a lever opening a gate in the street, so return and go straight (notice door with keyhole) through the gate to the canal.

Shoot the thug and get a small medipack. Right around the corner you can grab up to a roof. Turn around and hop onto the white wall, go get Secret #1, a Gold Dragon. Get back down.

Dive into the canal and under the boat is a Medipack, then climb out at the other side. The two openings there lead to the same place with a closed door, a Baddy is shooting from a balcony above, take him out. Back to the canal and left, just past that closed door you can grab up left to a balcony. On the balcony is Secret #2, a Jade Dragon. Down again and further along the canal and a door left will open for you. Inside climb the ladder almost to the top and back flip to the upper floor.

Some Keys.

The first opening, a Baddy comes out and he will leave a Key (1). Go into the second opening, shoot the window and get a small medipack and Shotgun ammo from the balcony. Go back inside and right into the last opening, the room left has Pistol clips. On the balcony are Uzi clips, jump left onto that little roof and then shoot the window in the opposite wall. Jump and grab to that balcony and get the Key (2).

Jump into the canal, get out on the other side and go left to those openings (right) near the boat, open the door with Key 1. A Baddy will appear, shoot him and get Pistol clips. Follow in, take a right to the next corridor and left is a window, shoot it, go in and shoot the dogs. Notice the water, if you want Flares, swim through and find them in the tunnel, swim back. (You can continue through the tunnel and reach the canal, but I don’t think you need to). Go back inside through the window you shot, up on the steps left is a lever opening a door where we go now.

Go back to the canal, swim over to that gate you came from before and open the door on the right. Shoot some rats and inside a dog and a Thug (empty pockets as he leave nothing). The open door is to the right behind that central wall thing. Go up the stairs, shoot a window and continue, another Baddy shows up, he leaves Uzi clips and Pistol clips. Go further and find the Automatic Pistols in the room left. Next room has a Thug with a small medipack, go out onto the balcony and left around the corner is a lever to open a door in the room you just came from. Go inside and left through the opened door, another Thug comes out of that door and he has a Medipack. On the next balcony is Shotgun ammo and on the wall is a button opening that door at the canal.

Hop down to the street as you cannot go back through the staircase you came from. Go to the canal, swim over and go right to the door you opened, shoot a Baddy that will leave Shotgun ammo, shoot some rats and the Timed lever inside to open the canal door. You can get out by hopping back from the lever and just jump up to the opening.

Swim to the boat and if you climb up to the shore and head back into the gate to the street, a Baddy and his dog will be running around, shoot them and pick up the Silver Dragon as Secret #3.

Go back to get the boat and leave it in front of that door with the Timed lever. Save at the lever, pull and hop back, jump forward onto the floor and get into the boat, quickly to the end of the canal and through the Timed door. Go right around the corner to a jetty and get out quick to shoot the Baddy. Dive into the water and use the underwater lever under the jetty to open the door.

Inside are two Baddies and they drop Uzi clips and M16 clips. On the back bookcase are Flares, but you cannot get those as Lara doesn’t crouch in TR2, so why put them up there?

In the back left corner of the room is a lever on the front of the bookcase, the door in the other end of the room opens up and another Baddy comes in, he has nothing to share. Go through the door, shoot a Thug and go around the corner where the level will end.

2 - Night in Venice.

Go right, into the kitchen for Shotgun ammo. Out and right, straight to the bedroom for more Shotgun ammo, back into the corridor and right into the bathroom for a small medipack. Out and right, right again through a door that will close behind you. Notice the door straight across where we will be leaving later. Go left and follow the street to a square where a Thug and a Baddy show up, shoot them.

The Kitchen Area.

Take a right and shoot a Baddy on a balcony up to the right. Go left into the opening, follow through over a small yard into the Kitchen area, to the right and use a button on the far wall to open a door. On the stove to the right are Uzi clips and on the other stoves you can see two Keys, both protected by fire. Go back, notice the door there and take a left to the street. Right to the square and right again through the tunnel. When on the next yard a dog (maybe two) attacks, shoot him, go right and hop into the water. Swim into the opening and left for Secret #1, a Gold Dragon. Get out, climb out and go to the other end of the yard where that door opened, shoot a baddy and get the Medipack.

Leave the door for now, go to the windows in the right hand wall and shoot a window, climb up and don’t run in, first shoot a Baddy from there and then jump in over the glass shards. Pick up the M16 clips from the Baddy and use a lever on the wall and go through the opened door right. Loop around left and a door opens to the kitchen area. Ignore that for now and go look for a ladder you can climb. Shoot the rats and use the lever to the right, a door opens in the storages. Get back down and go back to the windows, jump out over the glass and on the yard go right through that door you opened earlier. Shoot the Baddy and get his Medipack.

Storage Rooms, Stove I, the First Floor Key.

Go into the passage in the back and take the first right, throw the switch in that room and turn around, go to the crossing and straight is the door that opened. We go right and right again to a room with a Baddy and Shotgun ammo on a crate. The door you opened upstairs with the rats is to the left. There’s a nasty knife trap in that passage, I just ran through after I saved, hugging the left wall and timing must be correct.

First go over the ground floor to the other end of the storage and shoot the Thug (small medipack) and a Baddy, collect the Uzi clips in the back and return. Get onto the second layer of crates and in the back is Secret #2, a Jade Dragon. Get onto the white beam by climbing a crate next to it and run jump with a bit of a curve around the crate to grab the part where the switch is, one flame is gone on the stove. Get down, up to the passage with the knife and get through (I just ran through again).

Crate Puzzle, Stove II, the Steel Key.

Back to the Kitchen, take a right, left into the passage and out straight to the yard, left through the window (mind the broken glass) and right to the room with the rats. Loop left through the shortcut door to the Kitchen. Straight and pick up the First Floor Key. Return to the passage with the broken windows and right of that door in the opposite wall is the keyhole.

Hop up, get through the sword traps and come to another kitchen with a gate in the opposite wall. Take a right into the passage with another knife trap and climb up at the end. In this storage are 3 crates, two wooden and one black. The black one has to go onto that face tile you see in the other corner. So move the wooden one out, then the black and last the second wooden crate, the black goes back in and onto the tile, that gate opens up.

So back down, through the knife and right through the open gate to only find a switch killing the flame on the second stove. So back to the Kitchen it is.. Out, through the swords and down, straight through the kitchen with the broken glass and loop left through the shortcut door. Grab the Steel Key from the stove and once again return to the kitchen with the broken glass. Hop out of the window to the yard and go into the door right, into the passage in the back and left through the door you opened before. Use the key left around the corner and head into the opened door.

Making your Exit.

Shoot the Baddy (Pistol clips) and throw the lever, a Baddy (Shotgun ammo)  and his dog come out of a door, watch out and leave this place, go to the yard, a Baddy with a stick (Medipack) will be approaching too, so be on the lookout. Follow the tunnel back to the square with the Black Vans and go straight and left around the corner to where you came into the street before. To the right is that door where you came in before, look for a low part of the roof left of it and grab up there from standing on the sidewalk. Get Secret #3, a Silver Dragon. Drop, turn around and go through the open door across the street.

3 – A Village in the Andes.

Key to the Hall of Records.

A couple of big crows attack, go left at the crossing, up the snow and left around the Hotel. Up the ridge and stay right to go down some stairs, two Baddies open fire. Pick up a small medipack & Uzi clips and the other guy comes up empty. Go back up to the Hotel, right and all the way around to the balcony in front. To the left is a Medipack and behind those buckets at the other end is the Key to the Hall of Records. Go back to the other end where you found the Medipack, look across the street and shoot the windows in the building there, run jump and grab to get into the window. Get inside and shoot a Baddy (M16 clips). Go through the opening in the wooden wall in the back, down the steps and come to a door that will open up, before you go out, use the button right of the door. Two doors open up in the Hall of Records.

You can go out the door, but if you want the secrets, ignore the door and go back up the stairs to the room with the Baddy. In the doorway to the room is a window left, shoot it (was a bit tricky to break it though). Go down and get the Uzi clips, turn around and pull the crate once. Climb over the crate to get Secret #1, a Jade Dragon. Push the crate back and climb out, left into the room.

Look for an opening up in the right hand wall, climb up and get Secret #2, a Silver Dragon. You can’t go back (no crouch), so drop out to the street and go to the crossing and go left on Main street where another baddy might have showed up, he will drop Pistol clips and Uzi clips. Two more crows might also show up. Go all the way to the end where you see big doors. To the right is the Hall of records, open the door and run away as a Baddy will open fire on a Native, when they are done finish the remaining enemy, no reward…

Hall of Records, the Hotel Key.

Inside just follow into a passage, you’ll come to the room where a Native that tries to stop you. In this room are the two doors you opened before, they give access to the Records room. Go to the back, climb the bookcase in the middle of the room and go over the top to find a lever. The lever will open some big doors. Get back down, out of the room and right into a storage and left in the corner are Flares. In the back of the storage is a lever opening those big doors on Main street. Two guys come out, go outside to meet them and take them out. One drops Shotgun ammo, the other the Hotel Key (in case only one of them showed up as in my game, go back inside, throw that last lever again and go outside to shoot him too, you need that Key).

Traps Galore, Blue Jewel I.

Go back through main street and take the first left (opposite that distillery plant), you’ll find the big open doors (lever in the Records room). Hop over the flames, follow the passage to a room with two pools. Dive in and swim into the right hand back corner for 2x Uzi clips, then go into the tunnel left and climb out in the end (those bubbles on the yellow tile around the corner will harm Lara, so swim through quick). Go through the doors, pick up Flares and more doors. Get through the swinging spike bags and go left at the rolling blades. Left around the corner is a push block, push it till you can climb over and use the button to open a door in the room with the pools. Now climb back over the block, push it against the button and find Secret #3, the Gold Dragon. Back out, to the other end of the room with the rolling blades and right into the opening there, through a knife trap to get Grenades. Get out, left and left through the spike bags and doors, swim back to the pool and climb out.

Go into that door you opened and left for a small medipack. Shoot the window next to you and grab the Blue Jewel ( a whole bunch of Baddies leave the supply doors in Main street). Shoot the windows in the other side of the room and throw the lever inside (couldn’t see what happened).

Leave to the pool, don’t forget there are Baddies running around, so check the health first. I waited a bit and they came one by one to the pool room. Once the battle is over, pick up M16 clips, Shotgun ammo, Pistol clips & small medipack, Uzi clips & Medipack.

The Hotel.

Go out, over the flames and take a left back to Main street, left again to the crossing at the start, take a right and then left around the Hotel. Open the door, better wait outside a bit because a couple of “guests” start a battle. Hop back and watch the show, the outcome is different every time.

Go in when the noise stops, watch out for the fires and shoot the remaining enemies. Some Shotgun ammo is dropped (under the table of course). Go into the passage right, get through the slamming doors and shoot a baddy (this was ever so buggy as the baddie went up above the ceiling and I only saw his shadow run around shooting me, even when he came back down Lara wouldn’t aim at him any more). When you do manage to kill him, pick up Pistol clips, in a corner in the back are more Pistol clips and a small medipack. There are two crates with a brighter colour, push the first in once, turn left and pull out crate 2, move it left towards the opposite wall (next to where you got the small medipack). Now Pull crate 1 back out once and left to where crate 2 was, a button is revealed. Push the button to get a screen of the big doors releasing more Baddies.

The House Key and a Blue Jewel.

Get out of the Hotel, back to the street and shoot the two Baddies, one drops the House Key, the other 2x Shotgun ammo & Blue Jewel II. Go back through Main street towards the big doors and take a right at the distillery. Next to the open big doors is a house that can be opened with the House Key. Place the Blue Jewels. A wooden gate opens left of the big supply doors, two baddies come out to play, one drops Shotgun ammo, the other a small medipack.

Go to that small gate left of the big doors, shoot another Baddy and get the M16 clips, in the corners are Grenades & Pistol clips, 2 x Uzi clips. Get on the snowmobile and take it to the Hotel, run it up the slopes between the buildings and go straight running down a Baddy and follow the valley. Up the slope and that can be tricky to get to the upper valley, 3 more baddies appear. At the end of the valley the level changes.

4 – The Manor.

Check out the Hall, shoot a baddy and grab the Pistol clips, between the crates at the windows are more Pistol clips. Further around the corner is a passage leading down, shoot a Baddy (Shotgun ammo) and come to an outside yard, shoot a Baddy (Grenades), another one shows up carrying Shotgun ammo. There’s also a pack of Flares in the central ring. In the back, right around the corner is a button opening a door in the Hall. A Baddy comes running so keep an eye out while going back up to the Hall. In the opposite wall are three openings, go into the one right of that wooden gate, shoot a Baddy (Shotgun ammo) and right around a crate is another button, it opens that wooden gate, go out of the storage, right around the corner and get the Ornamental Key. Turn around, go right around into the door you opened with the button on the outside yard. Shoot the Baddy (small medipack) and inside you can open the door with the Key. First go into the corner right of the door and hop over the flame to get a Medipack and Pistol clips.

Library, a Prayer Roll.

Enter the door and get through the slamming doors, shoot a window and get down to a storage, left are M16 Clips, get through the swinging bag and in a corner left is a Medipack. Go to the door and open it with the lever, in that library is a tough customer, takes a while before he drops.. Pick up the Ornamental Key and a Prayer Roll. Use the Key in the right hand corner seen from the entrance and this part is over…

5 – Keel of the Ship.


In the middle of this room are some Pistol clips, in the back left you can hop on a block and get through to the next section. Right around the corner is a block you can pull out. Behind it is a switch to open the door in the opposite corner, go in there. Next room has glass everywhere, watch out, two Baddies up on the walkways, try and shoot them. Go left around from the entrance and find a hole with water, dive in and swim around the corner, straight to the back and open a door with the underwater lever.

The Guard’s Key.

Swim back to the large room, turn right and go straight to the back. Climb up onto the blue wooden wall and look down right in the corner is a crate, get down carefully and pull the crate 3 times till you are clear of the glass. Climb on the crate and jump to the corner to get the Guard’s Key. Run jump back onto the crate and climb onto the wall, drop into the path between the walls and go to the far corner, get onto the blue wall and open the door with that Key.

Open the door right with the wheel and in that storage are some pushable crates. Move the one left straight across the room between the others and move the top ones to the right so you can get to the lever behind the crate in the left corner. That lever opens a door in the room left (Lara looks there). Get out and right to open the next door, shoot the Thug (Medipack) inside and go through the door in the far corner (close to the door I found 2x M16 clips on the floor). Careful, in the next room there are more Baddies than you can see at first sight.

Shoot the Thug (small medipack) on ground floor by waiting for him in the safety of the passage. Then go in and roll to shoot the Baddies on the floor above the entrance. Jump there via the crates and go to the door, it opened when I approached. Shoot the Thug inside and get some Uzi clips from the corner. Then pull those crates out of the corner so you can enter the other part of the first floor. The (dead) Baddie has Pistol clips, to the left is a button opening doors on ground floor.

Going Up, Harpoon Gun and Flood Key.

Go back around and drop to the ground floor, turn around and enter the open doors, follow that corridor to a staircase, shoot the Thug. Go left and up, then in the passage in front of you, go left and pull the right grated block (1) twice. Back out, head right into the opening with windows, push the block (2) once, go right and push the block (1) once too. Go back and pull the block (2) back once in the passage where you came from, then go around to the other passage, pull the block (1) out several times so that you can access the passage behind it. Enter it and go left, at the end you can find Secret #1, the Jade Dragon. Now return to the other side of the block (2) and push it back so that it's blocking the secret alcove again. Finally head to block (3), pull it back twice and go around and enter the opening you created, follow through to a lever opening the door in the staircase. Go there and climb the ladder, back flip off to the next floor.

Up through the ceiling you can see some eager sharks… Follow through and at the opening to the room you visited earlier is a lever lowering a bridge, shoot the Baddy across the room from here and jump to grab the bridge. Go check the Baddy for Uzi clips. For a secret head in the left corner and turn around to spot a ladder, climb it up to the top, follow the tunnel and drop in the water. Lure the fish and the sharks to the water hole and shoot them, kill them with the harpoon or ignore them, but be sure to visit the top of the ship for Secret #2, the Gold Dragon.

Return, climb out of the water, drop down the ladder and go through to the next room to shoot a Thug (small medipack). In the left corner are Flares, through to the staircase and left around the corner are Shotgun ammo and a small medipack. Go up the steps and at the black crumbling floor you have to run over to the back side of the opposite floor as some barrels come rolling down. Grab the ledge of the glass pit and shimmy to the leftmost point where you can drop down, carefully walk to the far corner to find Secret #3, the Silver Dragon.

Go down the hole and run to a broken switch, the floor gives way and you’ll drop onto a walkway in the room with the blue wooden walls (I could also jump here from the blue wall below too and pull up through the railing).

A thug is running around here and there are also the corpses of 2 Baddies (Shotgun ammo) you probably shot earlier from below. Shimmy along the edge of the floor to get to the other side and near the flame (Key in there) you can jump and grab up to a small ladder and climb up to the walkway above.  Shimmy left along the edge of the floor and use the lever above the flame. Flame dies out, get back down the ladder and go get the Flood Key. Now shimmy back to the ladder and go along the other side past a pillar to get the Harpoon Gun and Harpoons. Drop to the walkway below, get down to the ground floor (I went to the other side where the low ceiling is and dropped onto the grey wall). Go to that hole with the water again and swim into the passage, first right and up to use the Flood Key there.

The Large room is now flooded, you may have to do the next part in sections, going back for air in between. Swim back to the large room and pull out the Harpoon gun as two frogmen showed up (not enough harpoons, so I just let them be). In the far corner of the room, behind the blue wooden wall (where the glass is) you can find some more Harpoons. There’s also an underwater lever close to that corner (behind the blue wooden wall), that lever opens a door in the opposite wall. Swim in there and left, pull up and quickly shoot the Baddy up behind you. A Thug (small medipack) shows up also. You’ll find a Timed switch on the ledge where the Baddy is, a door opens behind you. Turn right and run down from the ledge, right around the corner and to the left is the door.

Notice the dark door and go around the corner, shoot a Baddy (Pistol clips) and go back to the passage you came from, from this side you can see a switch, use that to open the dark door and get in there. Shoot the Thug and get a Medipack, finally the Uzis and Uzi clips. If you wait here a while those frogmen might show up. Back into the passage and left around the corner, shoot that Thug you can see up in the next room. Go in there, jump to the black ledge and this is the upper part of one of the rooms at the beginning of this level. Go around to the back and climb up to the dead Thug (Shotgun ammo). Now go through the door in the opposite wall and come to a flooded room, lure the two fish to the hole and shoot them. Dive in and just swim straight across to get Harpoons and Pistol clips behind the ridge. Then swim to the grey Metal wall and the level ends.

6 – The Launch Area.

The Red Access Card.

Go through a passage to the next area and shoot two Baddies (Pistol clips & Shotgun ammo), there’s a hatch in the ceiling and also some Uzi clips on the floor to the right. Go through to the next area and jump around that rack in the back after you saved (you can get stuck there), pick up both Uzi and Pistol clips. Jump back out and push a button on the wall to open a trapdoor in the floor. Go down and shoot the Thug (Shotgun ammo) and the Baddy (Medipack), in that lower section where the Thug was is a switch to stop flames in the other end of the machine room. That is down between those other flames on top of the ledge, those can be stopped by throwing the switch there. On the ledge is a crate you have to push over the flame tile to the trapdoor you came down from so you can get back up later.

Now go through the passage in the other side of the room, around the corner is a card reader. On the wall are two switches, one opens that hatch in the ceiling of the room above and the other opens a door. Throw both, go back and climb that block you pushed under the trapdoor, go up and back to the next room, up through the hatch and shoot the Baddy. Grab Uzi clips and Shotgun ammo from the grates in that room and head through the door.

Just around the machine block left is a small medipack, then push the button on the block to open the next door and shoot the incoming Baddy (small medipack) and his dog… The next time I had to do this I encountered 3 enemies (M16 clips) and a dog, yet another time 2 enemies and a dog… No idea why there’s a difference.

Go through and down the ramp, shoot another Thug (Shotgun ammo) and a Baddy (Pistol clips), go right at the bottom of the ramp to the passage next to it and open the door with the wheel, a Baddy (small medipack) comes through the closed door. Go inside and shoot another Baddy (Uzis and Uzi clips), yes we lost the Uzis at the change of level.

Shoot a window in the back, go through and the alarm sounds again. Go around the computer terminal and use a switch to open a dark door. Go back to that ramp and the door you opened is straight from the ramp, push the button to close the door again and give you access to the middle level rooms. Shoot a Thug around the corner and follow through, pick up Harpoons left and shoot the two incoming Baddies (small medipack). Climb up left in the back and get the Red Access Card. Return to the black door and open it again with the button.

The Yellow Access Card, Grenade Gun.

Go out to the ramp and left in the corner are Flares. This time go along the right hand side next to the ramp and open the door there with that Red Card, go in and shoot two Baddies (Medipack). Get some Uzi clips up right and then climb up right in the back for the Yellow Access Card, go back to the ramp.

If you want the Secrets (if not, scroll down): Go up the ramp, follow straight and down the trapdoor, straight again and in the last room down the trapdoor to that machine room. Into the passage where you used two switches before and open the door there with the Yellow Card. Inside are a brand new Yellow Card and also Secret #1, the Gold Dragon. Follow the same route back to the ramp where we left off.

Go to the opening right of the black door opposite the ramp. Open the door with the Yellow Card. No need to close the door here, just go in and prepare for a battle. Three enemies (Medipack, M16 clips, Pistol and Uzi clips). Right around the corner are Uzi clips, in the back is a small medipack, two dogs and their Handler (Medipack) come out of the doors. Go back to where you came in, turn left and there are crates pull the crate in the middle out and aside, then pull out the one that was behind it and go in there to get Secret #2, the Jade Dragon.


Go in and shoot a Baddy, notice the 4 Red Card Readers left and a bit further a Thug (Shotgun ammo) shows up, left around the corner on the crates are Grenades and the Grenade Gun.

The Storage, 4 Red Access Cards.

Back down and behind that rack are a Medipack and Pistol clips. Go through the passage in the back and shoot two Baddies (Medipack). Up left in the Storage is another Baddy on a walkway, in the back are Uzi clips on the floor, in the corner right from the entrance is a door with a Green Card lock. Get on the crates and go to the corner stack above that door (Pistol clips on one of the stacks). Get Red Access Card 1 and jump to the stack near the walkway with the Baddy, jump onto the walkway and go to into the passage.

Walk in a little bit and get out as those barrels come rolling. Enter when it is safe and follow to a pool. On a walkway a Tug will open fire. Dive into the pool to use an underwater lever in the right hand corner, grab a small medipack in the other corner and get out to enter the door you opened.

Inside go left, shoot a window and come to a Mainframe, shoot a Baddy (small medipack) and behind the Mainframe is a button stopping the big propeller in the pool, get back there and swim behind it to pick up another Red Access Card. Go back into the door you opened and take a right, next right again and shoot a Baddy coming out of the dormitory. Inside pick up Flares, Harpoons, a Medipack and the M16 plus ammo. Back into the passage and take a right, in the next room are two windows you can shoot (shoot both from this side) and behind it you can pick up a Red Access Card 3 and a Green Access Card, go down through the window where the green card is and get Secret #3, a Silver Dragon.

Get out, shoot the Baddy (Pistol clips) and return to that Storage, go down to the floor and to the far left corner to use the Green Card. Inside are two Baddies (Uzi clips and small medipack), one of these guys also drops Red Card 4. Get out, left and left again and jump through those nasty barrels in the entrance. Follow through to the room with the 4 Card Readers and use the red cards there. Go through the door and the level ends…

7 – The Fight.

Follow around the corner and get a small medipack, go to the switch in the end of the room and open the door with it. In the next hall, shoot the two Thugs (2x Uzi clips & Shotgun ammo). Between the pumps in the other side of the room is a Medipack. In the fenced off area are two crates, pull them out of the corner to get to the Timed button and open the next door with it. Through the door you’ll come to a Hall where a Giant Bird Monster shows up, shoot him and the game comes to an end…

D & Ph. - Nov. 2015