The Chalice II – Mysterium Revelatum.


Level by Marcos.


Walcum scriptum by G&D Productions.

5 Secrets, tasks related to Secrets are in dark blue.

I- The Chapel, Health.

When you get control of Kurtis, your health is almost gone, so go take cover. Run into the passage in the back (NE), take a right in that passage and in that hallway to the left is a pot with Healing Incense, you’ll have to get back here every time you need health because you don’t have weapons and that fool keeps firing at you.

II- Binoculars.

Go to the end of that hallway and right through an open gate, turn left at the piranha pool and jump to that dark grey ledge. Hop E onto the balcony and go in, left at the end and in the back to the right are shelves with a Flare on them. Now stand right of that alcove, next to that ladder and grab up to the alcove above. On the beam are the Binoculars. Those can prove mighty helpful. Go outside, jump back to the gates and into the hallway with the Incense.

III- The Holy Water.

Go back to the Chapel, onto the floor with the dead Monks and the one SE has a bottle of Holy Water. Maybe you’ll have to go back for health again.

IV- A Monk’s Notebook.

Once back in the Chapel, take a right and climb the right hand block with the fire bowl (W side) so you can run jump onto the NW balcony. Climb the block with the fire pot to the right and run jump to grab the opening in the balustrade W. Go down the ramp and a cut scene takes over. An Ancient Warrior takes on the Evil Witch that stole the Chalice. You will have to find that guy and get the Chalice back.

To the left is an alcove with a Monk’s Notebook.

If you are attacked by evil entities, protect yourself next to the black cross.

When you take the objects hidden in the hole, be careful with the smoke emitter, it is mortal…

V- Getting down.

Go to the end of this passage and turn around at the fence, back flip over and jump to grab the ladder over the opening you came from. Go up and back flip with roll grabbing the top of the fireplace. Run jump E onto the lower part of the wall. From the other end a run jump right into that broken window. Walk as far as you can into the SW corner and a straight run jump, no Ctrl and hold the forward key to land in that window there (screen of a baddy, you’ll hear him shooting the Monk later). Turn left and jump to the bridge, turn right and look down to spot a window. Jump in there with Ctrl, inside and to the right is a room with the dead Monk (or drunk), go to the dark bookcase NE and grab 2 Flares (use Ctrl twice).

VI- Flares, Key (1).

Go back to the window, jump out to the left landing in that sloped windowsill and safety drop to the floor. On the nearby crate are 2 Flares, stand in front and grab them. Push the crate in the other corner to the wall so you can climb up and push the cross button, the gate opens up.

Go through and left, climb up left into the opening left of the lantern and drop down the other side, get your health up at the Healing Incense, face E from standing on that ledge and jump to the jump switch there (cross). The gate opens up, go in for a Flare on the shelves and remember the leaking Fuel barrel behind you. Go out, to the right and open the small door in the passage W. On the shrine to the right is a Flare, turn around and go into a small cell with a Flare on the bed, use Ctrl again to pick up a Key (1) too. Open the small door to the toilet (W) and hit Ctrl in front of the toilet bowl… That has to be done too…

VII- a Key 2 and a Bucket.

Go back to that shrine N and grab up to the opening behind it, open that fence with Ctrl and drop down. On the shelves NW is a Key (2) (I numbered them). Turn around and step on the ledge with the buckets, face W, duck and grab two Buckets (Breast Plate?). I think you can skip this a we don’t get to use it anywhere.

VIII- Key 3 and a Secret.

In the opposite corner, behind that burning barrel is a garbage bin, pull/push it onto that green tile, you’ll fall through. Follow this passage and in the room with the little angel statue is a big hand in front of a gate, save and try get that key through the gate LOL…

Go into the passage right of the angel, just before the low end, grab up right and climb over the wall to get the Key (3) from behind that gate, this time no harm done…

Climb back over the same wall and now go into that crawlspace, get into the water and pick up Secret #1, the Ictus. Get out of the crawlspace.

IX- Monastic Order Book and an Empty Drum.

Return up to the room with the burning barrel, go to the corner where you got the buckets (SW, you can pick up both buckets again) and climb up S, turn left and jump with a curve back into the opening right. Drop down the other side and go out of the small door (E), second left up the stairs, follow left around and in an alcove with a painting, grab up to open the hatch. Climb up E and in the back right hand corner is an Empty Drum. On the shelf to the right you can get a Flare and the Monastic Order Book.

Examine: We need this info later when we get to return the Chalice.

You need to say the Holy words to activate the Chalice.

If you get activate the Chalice, then your hands will have heavenly power.

Witches and other hellish creatures can die only using the Chalice powers.

Turn around, pull that crate once and go behind it to grab 2 Flares, spiders appear (in the back (E) is another hatch you can open, it is a shortcut back to the Chapel in case you forgot something there).

X- Fill the Drum.

Go back down the hatch W and down the stairs to that dark basement, go left to the Healing Incense and then into the gate you opened (jump switch to the right of the gate). Inside left and stand in front of that leaking barrel to fill the Drum.

XI- Through the Window, using Keys.

Go out and climb up left into that opening stand left and as much in the corner as possible, you see that bright window. That’s where you have to jump to. (I hopped back and jumped up once to move Lara a fraction forward, then a run jump and at the last moment grab the windowsill (savegame.0). Kick the window and get down, open the gate with the Key (3). Follow the stairs up to another gate and open it with a Key (1).

XII- Warehouse, use Key 2, the Elevator.

Go in and to the right between the barrels and the crate is a Flare. Now use Key 2 top open the gate N, go through the elevator, to the left is an old generator, put the Fuel in (Drum) and hit Ctrl to start her up… Go through the elevator and use the switch on the right hand wall, now step into the elevator and go up.

XIII- The Skeletons.

First go left (W) and at the Black Cross (see Monk’s Notebook) left is a passage where you can find Healing Incense (I strongly advise you to take a lung full). There’s a Keyhole too, but no key so return to the elevator and open the door left. Some skeletons come running and have a collision. There are three more and there’s no escaping them. Run back through the small door S, right to the Black Cross and stand close to it, the skeletons will be dealt with by a supreme power.

Go back outside, go straight from the door over the ledge and turn left at the end to get onto the beam (tightrope). Walk the beam to the pillar, some fool starts to shoot you… This is NOT the time…

XIV- The Chalice.

From the pillar run jump dive (shift) straight down onto a balcony, the landing will knock the breath out of Kurtis, but he’ll survive (savegame.1). Go left to that Monk that was killed by the big skeleton before and reclaim the Chalice. Combine the Holy Water with the Chalice and then climb the block to get to the Healing Incense. Go to the other end of this ledge and a screen will warn you the Witch is gone (or.. don’t forget to take the Chalice), further on that ledge you’ll see that big Warrior looking down over the edge. Meaning we should go down there (he was helping us before, so…)

XV- Down to the Cemetery.

Just run down landing on the roof and safety drop to the steps. Go down to the Cemetery and the Witch is shown taking a Key. First go E and left to those double doors NE, open them and step into the chapel, in the right hand corner is Healing Incense.

XVI- An Iron Bar for a Cross, a Map of Hidden Objects.

Go out and left to the fence around the cemetery, there’s a small broken gate and some loose pieces of Iron on the ground, pick up a Rusty Iron Bar. That Witch starts firing bolts. She will be there for a while, you know where to get health. Go to an opening SE, hop over the broken door and go left, on the floor next to the table is a small piece of paper, a Map of Hidden Objects. In the corner left is a wooden Cross on the wall pry it loose with the Iron Bar. Notice the big Fuel barrel in the SE corner.

XVII- Use the Cross, a Small Painting and a Key.

Go back to the chapel and in the right hand corner you can open a gate by placing the Cross. Go in and up the steps a bit, then left and find a load of Cross switches on the walls, here the Map comes of use. The green dot indicates the switch to use, it is the one left on the S wall. Save, reach in and back flip away, wait a bit and now reach in two more times to get a Small Painting and a Key (4).

XVIII- Use the Key, kill the Witch.

Go back to the chapel and straight in the opposite corner is a gate you can open with that Key (4), follow the stairs up to a huge cross, push it off the ledge and it will kill the Witch, hop down left onto the roof and safety drop down, check the unconscious Witch and get her Key (5). Go to the gate left and get out.

XIX- An Empty Drum and a Secret.

Go straight into the Chapel, right into the dark room and right around the corner is a gate, look on the wall right of that gate and throw the switch there, a door opens outside. Go out of the chapel and loop left to that open door, climb onto the block with the coffin left and open the hatch in the ceiling, turn right and grab up. Hop over the barrels to find an Empty Drum.

Hop back towards the opening in the floor and climb up to the ledge W, duck in front of the right hand barrel and get Secret #2, an Ictus. Drop down.

XX- Get some Fuel to start the Elevator.

Get out and go left around back into the room where you got the Map before (SE) and fill the Drum at the barrel in the corner. Go outside and all the way left to the W wall and to that small gate, open it with the Key (5). Put the Fuel in the generator and start it up.

XXI- Up to the Top.

Go out and loop around right into the elevator, use the switch in the back and step on. Once upstairs go back right to that Healing Incense. A cut scene will show the Warrior kicking down a door. Stand on the block with the Incense, against the S wall and run jump E with a right curve through that gap in the fence. Follow around to the other side and right up the stairs.

Kick that little Angel statue and pick up Secret #3, an Ictus which landed one step down.

Proceed upstairs and see a skeleton kill a rat and that isn’t good for his health… Upstairs you’ll come to a room where you can see the Warrior to the right.

XXII- A Cross, more Keys and a Message.

In the left wall, in the complete dark of course is a crawlspace, get through and find a dead Monk, pick up a Flare.

Go to the end of the passage and place the Small Painting there, a bookcase opens in the other room. Get back out and SE through the open bookcase. Turn around and look up for a jump switch over the bookcases. The left hand one will open up.

Immediately inside and above the alcove with the flame is Secret #4, an Ictus. Just hit Ctrl.

Follow the passage and find objects in the alcoves on the right, the last one has a cross switch, push it. Now hit Ctrl again and Kurtis will take the Cross. Now go all the way to the end and find another dead Monk, near his head is a Key (6) on the floor. A baddy opens fire, so get out quick and go out the bookcase, you’ll get a screen of a Monk behind a fence. Take a right and go to him, reach through the fence for the Key (7), reach through again to get a Message (you can only read it when it turns around in the Inventory). The Monk is killed, get out quick.

XXIII- A Torch.

Back in the hallway, go left (W) to the Warrior, jump left to the bridge and go into the door S, take a right to the Cross and left to the Healing Incense. Next to it is a keyhole, use Key 6 there. Inside are statues, “Push the statue 3 times” the message says, the only way you can do that is to move it back and forth 3 times. A Torch will drop from the hand above the gate, pick it up and leave.

XXIV- Get a Cross to open a Door.

Go back out, left of the Healing Incense is a wooden panel with a little hand, place the Cross there. The room shakes, go out to the black cross, left to where a ledge raised under a hand on the wall, place the torch there and the door will open up.

XXV- Use the Key, Back to the Chapel. Return the Chalice.

Now you can use Key 7, go to the crossing in that passage, skeletons will emerge from the passage left. Run straight and you’re back in the Chapel, (for a Secret, scroll down and don’t run back to the Black Cross to get rid of the skeletons!) hop over the balustrade to the ground floor.

For a Secret: On the balcony, take a right and go all the way to the end. Right around the corner and hop over the dead Monk, you can pick up a Flare and wait on that green tile for the skeletons to arrive (won’t take long), duck on the green tile and the skeletons will break it with their swords. You’ll drop down, get Secret #5, an Ictus from the pedestal and get out quick. Run left a bit and hop over the balustrade onto the sloped wall below, down to the floor.

XXVI- Return the Chalice.

Maybe you want to go for health first, through the opening N and to the Healing Incense in the corridor.

Check the Monastic Order Book again.

You need to say the Holy words to activate the Chalice.

Go back to the Chapel and place the Chalice in the altar (has to be combined with the Holy Water from the dead monk SE of the altar).

Say the Magic Words “Victory Liberaty”? (Monastic Order Book).

Watch things unfold and after you get control back, get some health.

If you get activate the Chalice, then your hands will have heavenly power.

Witches and other hellish creatures can die only using the Chalice powers.

XXVII- Defeat Evil.

You’ve gotten special powers from the Angels, hit the space bar to activate those powers and take care of that skeleton (shoot like any other weapon).

Go N and right around the corner, through the gate and that Witch is waiting for you, quite deadly she is, better first go back out of range and take care of the two skeletons, get health and go take on the witch, side jumps left right to avoid being hit and finally kill that Witch.

Watch the end and credits.

G&D – Nov. 05-2015.