ORC-Mars Orbiter.

Level by Rufierto

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

The Story is in the Story.txt file.

Climb up on the right…

Lara: I need to turn up the power supply (you’ll get the Uzis).

Back flip onto the slope and shoot out the grate. Climb in and slide down. Loop around left of that slope and pick up some Uzi ammo.

Continue to the SW and find more Uzi ammo to the right in an alcove. Continue W and watch the fly by.

Boulder Alley, Key Card 1.

Go up the steps; hop onto the left block and then into the opening in the wall left (S). Look left around the corner and do a bit of a curved run jump to grab that grey piece of wall over the boulder slope (best at the right hand side and immediately start climbing up). The boulder should pass underneath. Drop and climb the wall right of the boulder, go left over the boulder and shoot the grate.

Push the button in the corner of the next room and a block goes down. Hop back a bit and climb the ladder wall on the pillar where the block lowered. Go right onto the platform to grab the Key Card. (You can also climb up first and then push the button.)

Use the Card.

Get out of the room, go left and then right around the pillar into a corridor, all the way to the end.. Go left into the room with the electrified pool and turn right to use the Key Card there. A door opens near that green crystal in the middle of the pool as well one in the corridor.

You can get there using a monkey swing, go back to the other end of the corridor, climb up on the left hand slanted block. Take a running jump to the other side (W) and grab the opening. Use the monkey swing to get to the door in the opposite wall (W).

Turn on the Electricity Puzzle, the Blue Rod.

Inside are several tiles with symbols; you have to step ONLY on the ones with the two yellow lines. So jump to the left on the ground floor and start with the one SW, the red light turns on. Run jump and grab the pillar N, don’t pull up but shimmy around to the other side and drop on the safe floor. Run jump onto the next tile on the block NW without touching the one on the floor in front of it. Turn right around and hop onto the higher pillar with the third tile. The door left opens up. Hop down there and use the button to turn on the electricity. The pool stays deadly, so go back to the opening up in the E wall where you came from and a block goes up. Grab the monkey swing and go left. Around the corner and drop down at the next corner. Grab the Blue Rod where the block lowered.

Use the Rod, Laser Passage.

Jump left to the door and go into the corridor, head back S. Take a right up the steps and insert the Blue Rod at the back of the right hand block, a door to the right and up opens. Climb up the other block and jump into the open door. Get down and sprint through the laser beams loosing some health. Use the button, see a block go down in a pool and sprint back. Get out and down to the ground floor.

The Green Rod.

Go E and a bit left towards the plants and into the water there. Swim S and right around the corner into the opening. Just swim all the way to the end and get Secret #1, the Astronauts Secret Diary. Swim back a bit and surface, climb onto the floor and find a button near that tank to lower a block in the flower pool. Into the water and swim to climb out on the other side of the tank, pick up the Uzi ammo and leave through the door. Go back to that small pool with the flowers and hop in to get the Green Rod that was hidden there and now became available. Get out of the water.

Use the Green Rod, the Robot.

Go W again to use the Green Rod up the steps and at the back of the left hand block and shoot that little robot (with the Uzi’s and using some tactics), go inside that passage and push the button in the doorway.

Get out, go E towards the flower pool and right into the room where you got the Card before. Again a right to the boulder and climb the ladder left. Back flip into the new opening and jump out to the pillar. For a Secret, jump right around the corner of the pillar E, then left over to the second and third pillar and get Secret #2, another Astronauts Secret Diary.

Jump back to the grey pillar and then NW to the one right around the corner (you can also go along ground floor and up through the room where you got the Card).

Push the button, drop from the pillar and go into the corridor N, into the door to the right to find a dead alien and watch the flyby.

G&D, July-2015.