The Frozen Throne.

 Level by Teme9

 Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

The mentioned saves are in this Folder.

It is so cold here, your body temperature will start to go down as soon as you start the level, you’ll have to build a fire quick so you can warm yourself. A burning Torch will also keep you safe from the biting cold.  

“It’s freezing in here. I better get a fire going!”

At the start better light a flare and take a right. Go to the E wall and find Dry Twigs.

“Some dry twigs! Not enough for a cosy fire though.”  

Turn around and go back a bit and slightly to the right, passing some wooden planks at a campsite (NW).

“Old Campsite…. Maybe there is some dry wood nearby?”

Go NW and at that tree left you can get the Dry Branches.

“I think these will do. I need to get that fire burning!”

Go back to the campsite and the small fireplace (stand at the missing stone). Combine the Twigs with the Branches and then again with the Matches and create a fire. Now you have a safe place to return to and warm up.

A Torch.

Turn around (SW) and behind the rock is a pushable scaffolding, go left around that rock and push the scaffold once to the N. Better get back to the fire and then go back, climb up (or jump onto) the scaffold and pull up on the left (W). Follow through to the left and jump along the wall over to the ledge with the big bowl (S) get the Torch close to where you pull up. Safety drop down and go to the fire; select the Torch from the inventory and ignite it (Ctrl) at the fire. You have to ignite the Torch a few times so remember, the T key will bring out or put away the Torch.

First Emerald.

Go SW and stand near the Frozen skeleton and when it is thawed out, put the Torch away (use T key), pull the skeleton and pick up the Emerald. 

Go back to the fire and ignite the Torch and walk to the E and use it on the bowl #1 on the ground on the left (this bowl will go up later so we can ignite the Torch on the ledge above).

Ignite the Face Run. 

Now it is time for a Timed run. Put the Torch away and go climb the scaffolding (try to find a good spot to just jump on, saves time) and grab up W, loop around right onto the rock ledge and look right. Jump and grab up to that rock on the right. Walk to the SE tip and run jump over to that lever ledge. Pull and that bowl you just ignited will rise. Roll, jump to the small ledge with the snow (N, bit left) and pull up there (save while pulling up, saves time). Run a bit to the right and jump to grab a crack in the N wall. Shimmy right and just around the corner hit the down key to jump backwards and grab the crack there. Shimmy right a bit and pull up, quickly select the Torch from the inventory and run to the bowl (to the right) to ignite your Torch (savegame.0). Turn around and ignite the Face (1/3), you’ll get screens of a block, two more Faces, doors and a jump lever.

Emerald #2.

You could hear that block go up, that’s a “shortcut” block back up to this ledge. Turn right, go to the edge and just run down and another block of ice will melt, grab Emerald #2. That shortcut block is down below there. Climb back up where you just came down (W) and ignite your Torch at the Face. Looking S you can see Face 2 down in the distance and Face 3 up and to the right.

Face 2.

Go to the E end again and with the Torch run jump to a slanted ledge E, then take a running jump to the next, landing on the right hand side so you can hop into the opening S. Now you can choose how to do this: Run jump from along the left side to a slope S, turning a bit right so you will be jumping right to the next slope, or slide down from standing left and jump with a bit of a right curve from the end of the slope. Keep jumping to the left between the two slopes so you’ll end up on a flatter part in front of the opening W. Hop up there and run off to the left. You’ll land on the ledge with the Face (2/3), ignite it.

Preparing Run 2.

Just hop backwards off the ledge so you’ll slide down, go to the far NE corner and hop onto the shortcut block. Hop up N and climb up left to Face 1. Ignite your Torch again, walk to the SW tip and run jump over onto the ledge with the other rising bowl (just underneath face 3). Ignite the small bowl. Look up N and spot a scaffold way up. That is where you can raise this (also Timed) bowl. Get down and climb up at the shortcut block NE, go ignite your Torch at Face 1 (to keep you warm) because we have to go the same route as for Face 2.

To ignite Face 3.

Run jump to the slanted ledge E, a running jump to the next, landing on the right hand side so you can hop into the opening S. Get to the slope S, turning a bit right so you will be jumping right to the next slope, OR slide down from standing left and jump with a bit of a right curve from the end of the slope. Keep jumping to the left between the two slopes so you’ll end up on a flatter part in front of the opening W. Hop up there, put the Torch away and run jump along the right hand side to grab the ledge W.

Go one grab right, pull up and hop back again grabbing the edge, go back left and wait for the boulder to pass. Now go up and run up to the end of the ledge. Jump and grab the hanging rock N (bit left), try to just hang and shimmy right around to where you cannot go further, climb up while hanging (faster) and then shimmy right to where you can drop on the scaffold. Save at the lever, which will raise the fire bowl up to Face 3.

Roll and run to the end of the scaffold, just run off and run to the end of the ledge, take the same route as before to get to the ledge with Face 3 and quickly ignite your Torch at the raised bowl (savegame.1), then ignite the last Face. You’ll see snow melting in front of some doors where you got the Torch before.

Into the Temple.

Put the Torch away, jump and grab that hanging rock N again, this time go left around the corner and as low as you can get with feet on the wall. Back flip and twist to grab a climb wall behind you, go left as fast as you can and around some corners. At the end from the middle of the wall part a back flip with twist to grab that jump lever you saw before. Quickly get a bit closer to the fire to warm up (savegame.2).

Go inside and left, to some big doors in the back (E) and to the left of the big door are some small doors you can push open. Go in and use the lever to raise a block, go to that block and to the right, up the stairs. From the last step you can grab a crack on the right (S), back jump (down key) and grab the ledge. Now run jump from the E side ledge with Ctrl into the opening with the Teeth doors (start run when doors are open) and use the lever there to open another door. Run jump out to the other side and enter the new passage with teeth doors to use the next lever.

Get out, turn left and stand to the right in that opening. Turn left and stand jump to grab the climbable wall, go down a bit and shimmy right a bit as well, a back flip with twist will allow you to grab the block you raised. From the block a jump to the jump lever and those big doors open behind Lara.

Enter, a cut scene takes over, go up the steps left of the Throne.

“This is it! The Throne of the Dragon!

Rumour says that the statue was made from pure Gold

Obviously not true… But usually there is some truth behind the rumours”

Combine the two Emeralds and use them on the small dragon statue (that statue right already has eyes). A door you might have seen in the cave opens up. Go back and drop down into the cave, go up the shortcut block NE and the crack to Face 1 and if you like ignite the Torch (you don’t have to). Jump the E wall route again and wait in the opening S. Stand as far left as you can get and a run jump with a left curve will get you just onto the corner of the SE corner ledge (against the wall). You can also stand jump with a left curve around the corner to a flat part, and run jump over to get there.

Grab the ceiling and go over a spike trap to the opening ahead. Drop down into a lower passage and follow the ledge to the Golden Dragon. So it WAS true…!

Picking up the statue ends this adventure…

G&D-July 2015.