The Shalebridge Murder Mystery.

 Level by Richard Lawther.

Authorized Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

In this walkthrough we tested the found weapons all in one go at the end of the game.


-This level has a so called True Compass, the red needle is always pointing N, so turn right and you’re facing E in real life, you can see the E needle is now on top.

-The Police you will encounter are still considering everyone a suspect, even Lara, so they will arrest her on sight.

-Have a look in the Lara's Notes folder, useful information there about the items you have to collect


Pick up the Crossbow, Arrows and the Laser Sight, they are under Lara’s feet where she stands.

Go left up the stairs and straight (N). At the next intersection take a left and open the doors there, careful! Stay on the right hand side and open the door with theLock Picks (in your backpack).

Police: I heard something. Hmmm this job makes me jumpy.

Painting Puzzle.

Enter and go to the right. Look at that painting, it is all muddled up and by standing on the raised floor you have to change it so it becomes one picture. We found a solution with 5 tiles, there is a solution with 4 tiles.

While facing the painting…


First row only the right hand one

        Second row only the left one

        Third row only the left one


        First row only the left hand one

        Second row the left one, the door should open.

The Study, Microscope and Crypt Report.

The door in the corner opened. Go in and get from the last table on the right a Room Item(1/9 – Study) a Microscope.

On the desk, just to the right is a Crypt Report, you cannot pick it up but you can read; Wraiths & physical manifestations neutralized by Holy Water. Leave the room and around the corner on the right in the Music room is a button that opens the door next to it. Go into the corridor and keep to the right, open the first door there. Walk to the wall (N) and jump up for a jump lever (doors open in the Billiard room).

Go back to the first room and to the corridor, take a left through the doors and take a left up the steps. At the end another left/left into the Billiard room. On the far wall (S), pick up a Room Item (2/9 - Billiard Room) a Billiard Ball from under that small table. Then go into the Poolroom (W) and jump into the water.

Swim to the NW corner and find Secret # 1, Somewhere” (aka Mrs Peacock) (bit of a strange name, but that will make more sense later). Then swim to the shallow side (E) and find a button underwater a bit to the right of the ladder

The Offices, a Police Walkie-Talkie.

Get out there and follow through, go left at the glass door with the Policeman behind it and in that corridor is a Vraeus on a table, we’ll get back on that subject later. On the left side (E) is another door of which you can pick the lock.

Behind the right hand desk (SE) is a small button, near the floor, push that and go through the next door (N). On the corner of the big desk on the right is a Police walkie-talkie. You have to stand back into the corner to get it. Open the door N with the button and step into the corridor, take a left to the glass door and go left into the corridor. Go to the end and right up the stairs, a cut scene takes over where Lara uses that walkie-talkie. 

Lara: “K33, K33”
Cop: “What is it?”
Lara (through radio) : “You are required at the front gate”
Cop sighs deeply and leaves.

Proceed up these stairs and come to the corridor where the policeman has left his post.

The Attic, the Rope.

Open the first door on the right and push the shelves once, go through the crawlspace and pick up someFlares. Climb the ladder and the next one too. On top is a hatch, so we go in right and follow through to where a sign warns us for the danger in the next room.

Stand right and face SW, run jump onto the base of the pillar so you can jump to the one on the right, keep jumping to and fro, roll in the air so you can jump right and grab the pole. Turn around and back flip onto the base of the pillar, jump to the next (S) and jump to the right, the last jump you should slide down as far as possible, so you will hit the side around the corner, slide as far as possible and jump to the pillar W. Keep jumping, roll and steer to the right so you are jumping under the monkey climb and can land safely on that flat corner under a monkey climb (maybe you have to hit Ctrl to get under the monkey climb).

Jump up to grab the monkey climb and go to the next pole, drop before reaching the pole, jump a few times to get onto the corner with the pole, go up and back flip onto the ledge. Go to the other end and look up, open that hatch and turn around to climb up to the attic, there must be a hornet’s nest, a couple of them will attack, you can shoot them, be sure to hit them. In an alcove left, behind crates are Flares.

Go N through the opening to the next section and left behind the crates are some Arrows. SE corner next to the crates are more Arrows. NE is a floor hatch; it is the one you saw on top of the ladder, we opened it in case we had to get back here for some reason.

Go back to the first room and shoot the rope that is dangling from the ceiling in the corner. Get back out (NE) the same way you came in and turn right and jump to the ledge next to the wall. At the end jump to the slope on the right; slide/jump (with Ctrl) into the entrance. Pick up The Rope (weapons #1) from the floor and get back out. Take a running jump onto the slope on the right of the pillar and from there jump onto to the ledge. Jump to the higher ledge and get up the attic again.

The Hall, Room Items (3-4/9 Hall).

Go into the alcove W and left between the crates is another hatch, open it up and turn around to climb down. You’ll arrive on the landing above the entrance hall. Go almost straight (S) and push open that glass door on the right.

Follow the stairs down and come to the Conservatory, to the right between the tables with the plants is a leaf on the floor, pick it up as that isRoom Item (3/9 Conservatory) a Leaf. Turn around and head into the passage E, follow through and open the door to the Hall. Go left a bit and then right around the glass wall into the hall, carefully… Stay on the carpet so that policeman won’t hear you, jump over to the carpet on the right and walk left to the end. Jump over to an item near the statue; it is Room Item (4/9 Hall) a Sphere.

Police: I heard something (sigh). It’s my imagination I suppose.

Jump back to the exit and in the corridor go straight (N) to the

Grand Staircase.

Immediately on the right is a button behind the pillar (SE), it opens the doors W, which is a shortcut back to the corridor at the start of the level and can use that later. No need to go there now.

Monitor Room; disable the Monitoring system.

Go to the other corner and push the button there (SW) to open a door halfway up the left staircase (W). Go up and enter, look to the right and shoot that fuse box up over the monitors. Now the alarm is off when we enter later one of the rooms/corridors that were on the screens.

The Church, Lead Pipe.

Go out, down the stairs and left, left again into a grey corridor (W). Go straight and down the stairs towards the basement. Go into the first opening right (N). You’ll get to a church; proceed to the left around to the passage into the church, go right to where the benches are. Go left towards the church doors and head for the last coffin left, stand at the right hand corner and push the lid back to get the Led Pipe (weapons #2).

At the altar is a rope you can pull but as you don’t have all the items yet, you can leave it for later. Leave the church (W and around the corner to the left) follow through and straight (S) up to the staircase of the basement.

The Lab.

Now go all the way down this staircase and into the passage to where the bear cage is. “Goldie” is asleep. Go left into the Lab and find a puzzle with three planets right around the corner.

The temperature should be just right (as you can read next to Goldie’s cage). Therefore we need to push the cold Mars planet under “too cold”. The white hot Venus goes under “too hot” and earth is of course “just right” so that goes in the middle. (The names of the planets are on the rim).

Goldie’s cage opens up. Go jump into the cage and push the button left (E), then pick up Secret #2,a Secret” (Professor Plum)  from the hay where the bear was before (the secrets start to form a clue). Back in the Lab a door opened on the right (S) side. Inside is the forensics lab where we can insert our found evidence in the machines. But you don’t have all the items, so better wait, as you’ll be back.

In the other (N) side of the Lab is another door, open it and go up the pole to back flip to an upper passage. Follow through to the room with the Magic Carpet; we need to clean the carpet in order to use it. In the corner left (NW) are Arrows, in the opposite corner is an empty Magic carpet bottle. You can leave it there because we need a full one. Go back to the pole, down and to the Lab.

That’s all we can do here for now, loop around right to the staircase and you will see Goldie run to one of the police men.

Policeman: Ahh, I’m hit.. (scream).

You are a pincushion now, taffer!

Look at him running after that bear, which stole his cap. This means the corridor is now free.

The Spanner.

Go back up the stairs to the corridors. Go straight and at the first crossing take a left, at the next intersection make a little detour to the right, up the steps and open the left hand (NW) door in that corridor. Inside and  left around the corner hidden in a potted plant in that board room is Secret #3, the golden” (Miss Scarlet).

Go out, left and open the next door (left), to the right on the shelves are Flares.

Lara’s Notes:

It’s dark. If I’m quick enough he may not notice me.

(Use “look” key to get out of the screen)

Now look left and spot a passage N (around the corner). You’ll have to sprint to that passage because a policeman will notice you, just keep the sprint key down while the cut scene plays and you will end up in a storage.

If you manage to get in all right:

Policeman; “Over there, I saw something … false alarm, I guess.” 

Pull away the right hand carpet and pick up the Spanner (weapons #3). To get out you’ll have to sprint again.

Policeman: Attention, we’ve got an intruder on the premises, sound the alarms.

Back in the corridor, take a right and down the steps (S) and loop right around and down more steps into the Cousins room, pictures of family everywhere. Head straight down the steps N and come to the side hall. Take a right up the blue stairs, halfway up the stairs is a passage left, that’s the Staff area. Nothing to do there yet, so continue up the stairs and come to the blue tiled corridor you saw on one of the screens in the Monitor room.

Mondrian Puzzle.

First door right contains asmall medipack.

First door left: Mondrian puzzle room 1, on the table you can see a Secret. You cannot get it yet, so back out and left, open the next door on the left: Mondrian puzzle room 2. Have a close look at the picture on the right hand wall, one of the colours changes. Use Ctrl and Lara climbs up touching that square. Now you can go back to Mondrian puzzle room 1 and claim Secret #4,above” (Colonel Mustard) .

Get out of the room and head left (E), there is another door on the right but is also has an empty Magic Cleaner. So back at the corridor proceed E and around the corner and in the next section left is the Ballroom, just continue straight to that window in the end. To the right is a passage, go through


Goldie the bear was at it again, still chased by that copper… She left something on that cabinet.

The Expert Puzzler Section.

Go to the right down the steps to the cabinet the bear was working on. On the floor is a Message from Goldie: I knose Y Ambrose dead. It is all on data stick. G

That data stick is on the cabinet, but DO NOT pick it up yet. Head E, down the stairs keep to the right and come to:

Puzzle #1, Numbers.

On the right hand wall are numbers and you’ll have to use the pushables left to create a correct equation. (1x4=9-5). You’ll get a screen of the puzzle 2 “Dice” sign.

Go back up to where you found the message and take the stairs straight ahead (W). Go left and follow through to:

Puzzle #2, Dice. 

Here you have to find the missing dice (picture on the wall) and step on that one on the floor tiles below.

From the sign looking into the room, step on #2 left (green side) and #5 right (red side) and you’ll get a screen of the third puzzle.


(For the green dice:   the third dice in each row shows the dots that appear in both of the first two dice.

For the red dice:   the third dice in each row shows the dots that appear in only one of the first two dice.

Go out left of the sign (NW) and straight through that corridor (stay on the blue carpet) till you are back at the steps leading down to the big hall. Just before the steps and on the left in the corner is an open door to:

Puzzle #3, Doors.

Here you have to find the correct combination to get a free path to the opening in the back. That combination is Green-Yellow, go left down the steps to the lower room with the doors and go around through the free path. Pull the cord to turn off the alarm on that cabinet in the main hall. Go back to the main hall; pick up Secret #5, The Expert Puzzler (data stick part 1).

The Carpet Cleaner.

Go back up the stairs you just came from (SW), left and right. Go forward to that low fence left and jump diagonally to the tiled floor with the brown carpet (SE). Pull the cord there to open the glass doors, then open the wooden door left of the glass ones. Inside is theCarpet Cleaner.

Lounge, (Room Item 5/9).

Go out to the wall opposite the big glass doors, push the small button to open the door left of it, enter the Lounge. Between the chairs on the right (S) is Room Item (5/9 - Lounge), a pair of Spectacles.

Candle Stick.

Head down the stairs NW, go around the corner and take a right and up the stairs where you got the Data Stick. Take the stairs on the right and go left and find a small table against the wall with the Candle Stick (weapons #4) on it.

Back to the Lab, the Magic Carpet.

Turn left and head into that passage W, you’ll get back to the purple carpet corridor with the Ball Room. Keep going straight (E) to the end, and left into the blue tiled corridor. Go straight and down the stairs, left up the stairs to the Cousins Room, again up some steps and keep going straight (S). Take a right at the crossing of the grey corridors and all the way down the stairs to Goldie’s Cage. Go left into the Lab, into the door left and up the pole. Proceed to the Carpet and use the Cleaner. Controls are like the Jeep.

(Ctrl = drive, Alt = breaks, Shift = forward and / (sprint)= reverse and Alt + arrows is step off. )

Go straight and follow the passages up to the rafters and once up on the rafters go left/right into the opposite passage (E).

Go straight and come to the next section (you are above the grey corridors), go through to the next grey corridor and go slow, because you’ll miss that passage left easily. On the third cross beam go left and up the sloping passage, the next room has two trigger pads, steer the carpet on both of them and then go through the opened door at the other end (W).

Now follow this passage over another trigger pad and through the next door; stop on the crossing of beams and step off. Go back inside the door you just came from, over the trigger pad and look for an opening right at the bend. Follow though and go down a pole, take the left (S) side down some steps and take a right (N). Open the trapdoor and drop into:

Mrs Peacock’s bedroom, Master Bedroom Key.

Next to the bed, on the oriental cabinet on the right is the Master Bedroom Key. In the SE corner are two buttons, only use the one on the right to bring out a pole behind you so you can climb back up, go to the other end of the passage (S) and open another trapdoor, drop down into

Miss Scarlet’s Bedroom, a Dart.

In front of the dresser (N) is the Dart on the floor. Use a button on the S wall, near the cabinet with the flowers.

To the Billiards Room, use the Dart.

Climb the pole back up to the passages, right up the steps and now go all the way to the other end (N) where another pole allows you to climb down to the glass doors with the Cop. Carefully go to the glass door and open it. Step into the Poolroom and go around to the other side and into the Billiards Room. To the left is the Dartboard, stand at the green line on the floor and throw the dart: Bull’s eye! A door opens up on the rafters.

Go back through the poolroom into the SW doors, carefully up the pole near the Cop and around the corner up the next pole. Follow back (left) to the Carpet and drive it right (N), straight through the open door and follow down to the rafters above the Library.

Library, Room Item (6/9 – Library), a Book.

Jump and grab the pole SW and slide down, go to the other side (W) and use that small button on the bottom part of the wall between the bookshelves. The bookcase to the right lowers, go to that opening and be fast, sprint or jump quickly behind that first bookcase on the left.

If you fail:  “Hey where’d you come from?”

When you manage: ”Hello, anyone there?...hmm guess not”  

The Cop will notice something, but won’t come for you. Now walk slowly left around the corner left and to the S and a bit left is a Book, Room Item (6/9 – Library) a Book, on the floor between the bookshelves. Walk slowly back behind that bookcase N, face W and sprint to the next bookcase. Turn to the right (N) and go to that statue at the end. Walk around the corner right and take a right again and spot that button on the floor (E). Push it and enter the lowering bookcase. Pick up a small medipack and go back out where you came in (this is a shortcut in dace you forgot the book and have to come back later from this side).

Go to the staircase W and go up to a large corridor with the brown tiled floor. Go to the glass wall and pick up a Message, it is from your friend Goldie the bear : I watching you… G.

Proceed through this long corridor and the next glass doors on the left (W) can be opened. Go up the stairs and open that big wooden door left with the Master Bedroom Key.

Master Bedroom, the Dagger.

Go to the left and next to the painter’s easel on the chair is the Dagger, (weapons #5).

The Crypt Key and the Revolver.

Turn around and go around the corner (NE) and push a small button on the wall, you’ll see pedestals with items and a red light too. Get out of the bedroom; go to the right through the glass doors and loop left around to those pedestals. Grab a Medipack and the Key to the Crypt.

Push Puzzle.

Go SW down the stairs to a Puzzle room. Aim here is to push the wooden pillar to the red square in the middle.
Blue squares: safe.
Unmarked squares: trigger alarm.
Each time you reach a blue square the pattern flips back and forth.

Start pulling in one continuous move to the first blue tile E, then pull it to the S one tile. Push it back to the W and then left to the S again. Push it one tile left (E) and now to the red tile.

The alarm on the pedestal with the Revolver will turn off. So, back up the stairs, go get that Revolver, (weapons #6). 

The Lab, Testing all Weapons, Forensics Report.

Go back down the stairs SW to the push puzzle room, push a small button to open the door NW and step through. Take a right (E), through the glass door and a right up the steps (S). Go straight down the stairs and you are back where this adventure started.

Go left (W), a bit left and W into the doors you opened when you were in the Grand Staircase.

Alternate route: In case you didn’t open these shortcut doors before:

Return to the Magic carpet via the Billiards room and up the poles, used when you threw the Dart. Use the Carpet until you are over the Main Hall and return directly to the Lab with the carpet. Leave the carpet at its starting position and climb down to the Lab.

In case you did open the shortcut doors and could reach the Grand Staircase:

From the Grand Staircase go right and then left (W) down the stairs into the grey corridor and straight to the staircase into the Basement.

Go down all the way, follow through passing Goldie’s cage to the Lab and take a right (S) and go into the Forensic Lab. Test all the weapons you found and the printer at the E wall gives you a Forensics Report with the weapon on it that is used, it was the Candlestick.

If you found and tested all the weapons, you’ll get Secret # 6, All weapons tested (Secret numbering depends on the route you follow).

To the Crypt.

Go back and up the stairs a bit and head for the Church, the opening on the left (N), follow through passing the altar in the church and straight to the end. On the right is a gate. Use the Key to the Crypt on the left of the gate on the small shelf.

Go down the stairs and look left behind an urn for Arrows. The switch next to the urn is for later when we need water; it is Timed and will fill the holy water font.

So, for now go into the crypt and take the first right. Go to the end and right again, then left and left again (E). Then take the first right and find two urns, push them aside so you can operate the jump switches above them. Go into the opened door, enter and flies attack, run out till they disperse or save/reload to get rid of them. Go in again and shoot the Wraith (an image of which was seen in one of the Study reports when you got the Microscope, so that was the clue what to do about it).

When you have shot the Wraith, it will chase you, roll and run back,

Go straight and end left/right/right/left and at the end left to the entrance and use that switch next to the urn (save here). Sprint straight E and at the end right is the holy water font, better to run to the back and duck next to the font to lure the wraith into the water.

Go back to where you shot the wraith, enter and go through to the Holy Switch Puzzle. Save/reload to get rid of the bugs.

The Holy Switch/Push Puzzle.

On that statue are two symbols, a Pentangle and a Cross; those symbols have to touch the ones on the wall above the deadly floor. The switches next to the statue will form save paths over the deadly floor.

Face the deadly floor and use the two right hand switches, move the statue against the Cross receptacle on the wall at the other side (SW), a spark connects both crosses. Push the statue back (and get a camera shot of the Cross door opening up) to the switches. De-activate both first switches and use the other two to get a path to the Pentangle receptacle. As soon as you see the Pentangle door open up you can leave.

The Pentangle Door, Coffin Puzzle.

Go out of the room to the crossing, take a right, left/right, right in the end (S) and come to a crossing with a lowered floor, go diagonally (SE) over the lowered floor. At the end of that stretch is the Pentangle door. Go down the stairs and straight to a room and wake up a skeleton.

Use the lever on the right to start the flow of holy water. Now aim with the Laser sight and shoot the head off the skeleton. He will run aimlessly into the holy water with dramatic consequences. Go get the small medipack as your reward (you can also stand under that shower and wait for him). Look up to the right hand (S) wall and on the left way up is a coffin where the lid has been moved, inside that one is the Reverend Green’s Secret.

We have to create a ladder to get there. Face the S wall and use the two left hand switches, 1,3,4 and 3,4 and climb up, crawl through the crawlspace and open the coffin to get Secret #7, “Vraeus” (Reverend Green).

Get back down to the switches and to complete the ladder you only have to use the 4th from left, 3. And go up the ladder, through a crawlspace and down at the end. Run jump to grab the monkey climb and cross over. Follow through to the next room.

Rolling The Skull.

A huge skull is on top of a ramp. To trigger the skull to roll down, stand on the red grill W and grab up to the grill above.

Your goal is to get the Skull onto a trigger tile so you have to keep the skull on the track to the end by alternately dropping and/or re-grabbing the grill. If the skull rolls to the end into the pit with the trigger tile, the next door opens. If not, you’ll burn.  

Jump off the grate, back flip left is best (if you were facing the skull) and go through the door E and get into a crawlspace behind the right hand coffin. Crawl through and pull the cord to sound the bell before sliding down (screen of a door). Go left, left and at the lower floor take a right, now go right where possible to get back to the Holy water font. Go up some steps on the left and go to the right and at the end is the open Cross door.

The Cross Door.

Follow through to a place with a zombie, go straight ahead avoiding him and loop around right into a narrow passage. Climb up at the end and push the ladder block in front of you once. Hop off left and climb up onto that ladder block (the one you just pushed). Face W and stand jump up around the corner to grab the ledge there, pull up and throw the lever to start the Holy Water. Then hang from the edge above the water and wait for the zombie to do the obvious. Go to the E side of this ledge and push another ladder block, drop down from the side where you pulled up before and land on the slope. Go get the Key where the zombie died.

Go to the W wall and around the corner is a ladder with a keyhole, use the key there, climb the ladder there and push yet another ladder block. Get down and climb the ladder to the top, stand jump left around the corner to the monkey swing, go left around and drop to push the last ladder block. Run jump NW around the corner to the lever ledge and drop down to the floor, up the ladder to the top and grab up straight ahead (S) into a passage. Go through and down a ladder.

The Platform Room.

Looking left you can see 3 platforms in a row; a bit to the right you can see a pillar with Arrows on it. That’s the safe spot we go for first. Run down left onto the first, hop back and a run jump to the second before you hit the burning screen and stand jump to the third, a curved running jump (or hop back against the wall first) to the right landing on the safe pillar, grab the Arrows. You may have noticed the platform goes down when Lara’s feet don’t touch it, use that to your advantage.

Jump back to that last platform and roll, wait till the platform is high enough to jump and grab the one W. Do not pull up yet, but shimmy left around the corner and save.     Pull up and wait a moment. You need to be low enough to be able to grab the next platform, but not so high you will graze the ceiling and fail to make the grab. Go left to the corner, but not around corner. Pull up and immediately side jump to land on a safe corner pillar.

Go into the alcove here and use the jump switch to open the gate S.

Stand jump to the next platform, shimmy right around the corner to the next corner and pull up. Quickly turn right a bit and side jump to the last platform, a right curved running jump up into the open gate. Pull the cord and that door will open. Slide down and enter the now open door on the left.

The Masonic Lodge.

Up the stairs and left, in the hall use the handles on the wood blocks turning the skulls so they face each other; enter the Lodge. Behind the seats to the right is a Message from Goldie the Bear  “look for small switch” . That switch is on the base of one of the statues (SE).

A panel opens up in the S wall of the Lodge (so do the entrance doors). Pass through to:

The Wine Cellar.

Use the floor lever right and then push one of the barrels in to the cellar so you can enter. Go left and take a right to open a door in the passage E. Go up, open the next door and come a white corridor .

 (Note by Author: the Key which is stuck in inventory is no longer relevant.)

Go a bit to the left, in the opposite wall is a door to the storeroom. Inside go right around the shelves to the wall. There is a small button at the feet of the shelves there. A little secret compartment opens up on the top shelf, go get Secret #8, button hides” (Mrs White). You can now read the message those secrets reveal;  “Somewhere above the golden Vraeus a secret button hides”.

Get back out to the corridor, go left and left again, up the stairs and end up in a corridor where you see a Cop to the right. Go straight into the room with the tables and to the right is a dumb-waiter (small elevator), just run into that and go down to the kitchen. Crawl out and follow through into the Kitchen.

The Kitchen.

There’s nothing we can do here yet, so head up the big stairs N and in the corridor with the yellow carpet straight ahead is the Dining room behind the glass doors. Go right and again right around the corner. In the end is a harness with a sword, you’ve seen many already, but this one can be pulled away from the wall to reveal a button. Open the Ball Room with it.

The Ball Room.

On the E wall, just left of the right hand vase is a lever on the wall, it opens the doors in this wall. Behind you on the W wall you can do the same for the doors there.

Go into the Bar (W-left), and kick the door in the counter, behind the counter is Room Item (7/9 - Ballroom) a Red Shoe. Go back out and cross the room to the NE corner and go left up the steps to get to the Dining Room.

On the floor (NE) is Room Item (8/9 – Dining Room) a Wine Glass. In the corridor (W) is a button on the left that opens the glass doors.

Step into the dumb-waiter in the W wall of the dining room and get back down to the Kitchen, step down from the table and pick up Room Item (9/9 - Kitchen), a Saucepan. Open the orange door (W) by pushing the button to get back to the Kitchen.

Note: You now have all Room Items.

Go back up the stairs on the right (N) and to the right into the Ballroom. In the Ballroom, into the first door right and go straight down the stairs into the white corridor. Go straight a bit and then take a left and up the stairs that lead straight up (S).

The Staff Quarters, Suspect’s Fingerprints.

Go right and at the end take a left into the Staff office; on the desk you will find the Suspect’s Fingerprint file. Through the window you can see the Chief of Police in his temporary headquarter.

Back to the Lab with the new Evidence.

Go back out of this office, right around to a small door you can open with a button on the door. This is a shortcut back up to the Estate, in the next corridor go right; around two corners and go through the open door left and down the stairs. You are back on the blue tiled stairs. Go right down the stairs, left to the Cousins room and straight through, keep going straight (S) till you are at the crossing of the grey corridors. (To the right is the Lab).
Time to pause and take stock. You now have everything you need to complete the game (Except for the Expert Explorer). It’s time to ‘construct’ your crime report.

The Motive.

A Detour if you want the last Expert Explorer Secrets;  Go to where the statuette inventory items are pointing you (via upper level near offices to find the Gold Vraeus (you probably tried to pick that up at least once).

Route explained;  Left from this crossing (E), right towards the Grand Staircase and left under the stairs through the glass doors to the first corridors. Go a bit left/right and to the right up the stairs to the first floor. Head straight (N) and left at the crossing, through the glass door and straight E down the two stairs. In the corridor with the blue carpet left is the Golden Vraeus.

Stand with your back to it and look up at the ceiling and a bit left of the lamp is a small button you can shoot. Go back (S) towards the stairs and opposite the stairs is the door that opened. Inside on a table is Secret #9, part 2 of the data stick, combine both parts to get the Data Stick called the Motive.

You can take the Data Stick to the laptop in the Staff office (where you found the Fingerprint report). Return there by going out of this room, straight up the stairs, straight through the glass door, take a right in the grey corridor and down the stairs to the first corridor. Go E to the Grand Staircase and right/left down the steps to the grey corridor leading to the Lab, take a right, through the Cousins room to the blue tiled stairs. Take a left into the Staff Quarters. Take a right and then keep going left to get to the Office where you got the Fingerprints before.

Stand at side of the laptop to place the data stick. Get the last Secret #10 chime and discover the Motive on the Laptop 

Go back out of this office, loop right around to that small door you opened before. This is the shortcut back up to the Estate, in the next corridor go to the right, around two corners and go through the open door left and down the stairs. You are back on the blue tiled stairs. Go right down the stairs, left to the Cousins room and straight through, keep going S till you are at the crossing of the grey corridors.

The Lab, the last Forensics.

Go right and down the stairs to the Lab, and go to the machine on the left. Put the Forensics report and Suspects’ Fingerprints in the analyser. You’ll see a picture of Miss Scarlet appear (the perp). Pick up the Crime Report (Part 1) from the printer.

Go out of the Lab to the stairs and up a bit to go to the left into the passage to the Church.

Note: Make sure you do have 9 out of 9 room items if not you can work out from the floor plans in the download folder (and this walkthrough) what you might have missed and where that room roughly is.

Go through to the church, and behind the altar. Pull the rope if you didn’t already and go down the stairs to the Guardian Room where you have to use all the Room Items you found. Go to the computer and read that the Glasses witnessed the murder.

Go to the printer, left in the back and get a Crime Report (part 2). Combine it with the Crime Report (part 1) and now we know who did what, why and where.

 “Miss Scarlet with the Candlestick in the Lounge”.

To the S in the crypt is a small medipack. That’s all for now, leave this place, go up to the church and then take a right (N).

Now we have to give this to the Chief of Police who is in the Staff Office. Go back up the spiral stairs to the altar, left through the church and out to the staircase to the Lab. Go up to the grey corridor, left and follow through to the blue tiled stairs.

Take a left into the Staff Quarters and left (W) to the Staff Office (open door on the right). The Chief of Police turns the chair around, stand in front of him and hand him over the report. Watch the result of your hard labour….

The End.