Aqua Sanctuary.

Level by Mr XY

Walkthrough by G&D

For the Savegames and other files, download this Saves Folder

Walk to that big column in the back, to the right is a closed gate we need the crowbar for, so secret hunters will have to come back.

Just left of the big column is a hole in the ground. Drop down and follow through to a large Hall where a flyby kicks in showing a Shotgun up there and I think we need to flood this HallÖ

The Hall, Shotgun and Guardian Keys.

Take a right around the pillar, climb up to the first floor there. Turn right and go into the corner behind that palm tree (NE). Climb up the block (grab on the lower corner) and get up to the ledge from standing on the highest part along the wall. Turn around and hop to the ledge at the E wall, run jump W to that slanted ledge on the pillar and onwards to the ledge with the Shotgun. A door opens one floor down and a nasty Guardian will open fire. Best jump to the ledge W, safety drop down from the back side and go shoot him, he will leave a Guardian Key I behind.

Go into the door he came from (E), climb the pole and back flip off to the ledge with the lever. Throw the lever to open the W door on first floor. Go down the pole, shoot another Guardian and get Guardian Key II.  

Using the Guardian Keys, flood the Hall.

Go in where the Guardian came out (W) and grab the small medipack. So back out and return into the room with the pole (E), climb up and backflip to the ledge and then stand in a corner, face the ledge above the pole and jump grab up there (OR face the alcove in the W wall and run jump there with a roll, jump again grabbing the ledge above) the pole and go up the ladder. Pull up in the slanted alcove, back flip and jump back grabbing the higher ladder to get up to an alcove with Flares. Turn around and jump into two alcoves one at a time to place the Guardian Keys, the block lowers and reveals the button to flood the Hall.

Into the water.

Climb down the ladders, run down from the ledge with the pole with Ctrl into that slanted alcove in the W wall, grab the edge and safety drop to the floor. Get out and into the water, swim down to the ground floor to open that underwater door (W). Swim through, use the underwater lever and swim up at the end. Now you can move the Golden vase so push it into the other room. Back in the water and use the underwater lever again so the trapdoor closes. Swim out and climb out and go to the room with the Golden Vase (W). Push the vase aside, enter and use the lever over the closed trapdoor, some platforms outside will raise.

Higher Up to Open the Gate.

Make your way up to the ledges via the NE corner as before and start jumping to the ledges at the wall and over the shotgun ledge to end up at the last one W.

Detours for a pickup and a Secret; jump to grab the ledge with the potted plant SW, go left around the corner and grab up to a crack in the pillar E, shimmy around to the other side and drop, go into the crawlspace S to get Secret #1, 2x Shotgun ammo. Get out and you donít have to go back around the pillar, just turn towards the room. Jump to grab the crack in the left pillar with the ledge, shimmy around and pull up to the ledge between the pillars. Now jump NW, grab the ledge with the plant and then go right to the skeleton, grab the small medipack and get down to the ground floor make your way back up to the ledges. (An expert route back is to do 3 banana jumps E around the pillars behind the skeleton).

Once back on the W ledge between the pillars; climb the corner pillar to the right, turn right and take a running jump to grab the sloped pillar ahead. Slide and jump to the platform, turn right and jump to the next, turn right again and now jump to the slanted pillar. To climb higher, turn left (face S) on the highest point and hoist up.

Timed Platform.

There is a trigger tile in the E (notice the wall torch here, for later), face S and run over the tile, then jump onto the front of the ledge under the platform, hop onto the platform and grab the pillar (S) turn left and grab the crack in the wall. Shimmy to the left and go around a corner at the pillar and hoist up. Jump up to the ledge (N).

Detour for a Secret: Turn around and do a banana jump around the pillar S to grab a block there (donít aim to close along the pillar). Hop to the ledge with the potted plant and climb in left for Secret #2, 2x Shotgun ammo and a Medipack. Jump back and turn around and run off to the pillar (S) and from there you can use the crack again to get to the ledge with the closed gate or use the route with the timed platform or banana jump back.

When you are back on the ledge with the gate, jump N again and grab the slope. Shimmy to the right and then slide and jump to a block. Straight ahead next to that potted plant is some Shotgun ammo. Jump back and climb in (E). Go down the steps, through the circular knives and use the lever. The gate next to it opens. Take a running jump, grab the ledge, shoot the skeleton from the ledge and use the floor lever.

A gate downstairs opens, jump back to the ledge at the gate and stand on the left corner facing NE, run down with Ctrl and end up in a windowsill with a Medipack (window to the room with the flood button). Then safety drop down and go through the gate W and watch the flyby.

The Sanctuary.

Note: In the following part of the level it is good to keep in mind that if Lara starts sprinting on the ground and you just keep the sprint key down she will also sprint through deeper water!!

First go to the left and on the pedestal in the alcove are some Uzi clips. Then turn around, go straight (N) through the doorway and take a right where the skeleton is. Shoot the scorpions and on the left is the Laser Sight and Arrows on the other side, behind the gate is an Aqua Gem.

Push Puzzle, Three Levers, Aqua Gem I. 

Go out and go straight and find the three tiles with different colours on the right, when you step on those, doors open and reveal targets. Those doors are Timed, remember these tiles for later. Go back left (S) to the water and at the waterís edge look to the right and spot a pushable object. A bit further is another one, thereís a ladder on the nearby pillar. Move each onto the black spot (#1 & #2 from the W side) and see two blocks go up, one under a lever.

Climb the pillar with the ladder and jump over. Use the lever and get a camera shot of a gate. Go down and push the two pushables onto the next two black circles. Climb the ladder again and jump over so you can pull the other two levers.

Better jump from pillar to pillar to get down on the ground floor and shoot the two Harpies. The gate you opened is N. Go there and get the Aqua Gem I.

From the push puzzle go to the left (W) side and behind the columns is a rock ledge you can grab up to (notice the crowbar lever in the niche left on the ground floor). Turn around to take a curved running jump to the left pillar and then jump to the N rock ledge, there is a Medipack hidden in the corner. Drop down and go to the cascade S, to the right of it are some rocks you can climb up, turn around and jump onto the higher floor S. On this square is a big Obelisk where you have to place the Gems later.

Obelisk Square, Preparing for Aqua Gem II, Timed Platforms and a Monkey Climb.

Go S past the Obelisk and turn left into the alley (pedestal with scroll), go straight into the cave E and find two levers under platforms, there is also a monkey climb, those are Timed. Shoot the bats and pull the right hand lever, quickly get to the left one, use it and hop back turning left, turn a bit right and jump grab to the right hand corner of the block behind the lever. While turning left run jump into the right hand side of the opening N (higher floor), if possible with a roll in the air. Immediately jump up to grab the monkey climb and pass over the platforms before they drop and spikes kill you. Go to the end and drop grab the ridge below, shimmy right and pull up (savegame.0). Turn right and grab up again, hoist up, turn around and jump onto the monkey climb ledge. From there jump to the left (W) towards the tunnel, stay on the dark flooring and go right in this cave and pick up some Flares left. Now return and go into the tunnel W.

Jump to the right onto that arch and from the other side right into the building with a pool, in the alcove E is a chain to pull and that will give you a clue to the puzzle downstairs. Make a note of the reddish tiles (Clue.jpg). When you turn around notice the wall torch up here.

Detour for Secret: Go to the opening N, jump right around the corner onto the arch, then to the ledge straight ahead (E) in front of the hall you came from before. Hop inside through the window and jump to the right for some Flares, jump back into the window opening and shimmy left along the ledge outside to the next window, get in and jump left into the broken pillar (+Ctrl). Jump to grab the pillar E. Turn left, jump to the blocks in the corner (no Ctrl) and then into the last window. Out to the right grabbing the opening in the pillar. Pull up in the corner and jump to the ledge around the corner, down to the N and find Secret #3, Shotgun ammo, Uzi clips and a small medipack. Jump back to that gap in the corner pillar, into the window and hop to the right around the corner grabbing the crack in the pillar, go left around and jump into the window. Shimmy right along the ledge outside and get back to the arch and into the pool where you used the chain.

A Shortcut Cage.

Go to the block with a wall torch, we have to get onto that block, Stand on the broken pillar right of it, highest tip, W side and turn a bit left aiming for the lower part of the block, stand jump up there with a tiny bit of a left curve. Turn around (N) and grab up to the broken ledge above, get to that pool on the right and gather Shotgun ammo and Uzi clips from the sides. Get back and onto that block with the torch, hang from the lower side and drop to grab the jump lever. A cage rises next to you and provides a way back up.

Aqua Gem II.

Go inside the structure E and find that puzzle floor you got the clue for. Facing E, climb onto the left corner tile, turn right and hop over to the furthest in the second row, turn left and hop diagonally over all 3 tiles. Turn right and hop to the SE corner tile, from there get into the open gate without stepping on another tile (water is no problem). Grab Aqua Gem II and get outside.

The Crowbar.

Climb the shortcut cage; then stand on the W side of the floor, most right hand side (NW) and jump to grab that Arch on Obelisk Square (OR jump to the pool and from the corner there to the Arch). Run jump straight over into the W structure (no Ctrl) and go left. Go to the other side on the higher ledge and jump right around the corner, the route is easy, make your way around to that skeleton SE and grab a small medipack. Go back a bit and safety drop onto the lower grated floor to get to the Crowbar on the pedestal.

Info for a Secret: Look S and spot a door, thatís another Secret right there. The door is opened at the same time as one of the ďtarget doorsĒ near where we got the Laser sight, thatís for later.

-But this one isnít; from the grated ledge look under the arch N and spot the crawlspace, jump there from the base of the pillar (stand near the vase) and get in for Secret #4, 2 x Uzi clips.

Get out and safety drop down in front of a door, thatís where we will come out of in a bit.

Use the Crowbar, the Gate Key.

Go up the stairs to Obelisk Square and left, drop from the cascade down to the lower section. Turn left into the alcove with the crowbar lever. Operate the lever to disable spikes on the nearby column. Climb the rocks W again like you did before and jump onto the column without spikes, then to the one to the right where you can now get the Gate Key, drop down.

Use the Gate Key, the Torch.

The gate is just SW of here, open it up, swim through and climb out. Use the lever left to open the door and grab a Torch on your way out. Go left to the stairs and take the Torch up to the Obelisk. Throw it against that block E of the Obelisk (so, if you come running in a bit, just run against the block and grab the Torch). Go back down the stairs, loop left around into the archway next to the stairs and find Shotgun ammo to the right, to the left is a lever igniting a Timed fire on Obelisk Square. So first jump up once (so you can move faster) and save before pulling it. Then get to the Torch fast, youíll have to use higher parts of the floor to hurry up (itís a nasty run). Sprint up the stairs and keep sprinting through the shallow water to get to the Torch, just run against the block and pick it up to ignite it (savegame.1).

Secure the Fire, First part of the Torch Puzzle.

To make sure you donít have to do that timed run for the fire again in case you lost the Torch, go back to the lower section N taking the Torch, you can safely go down NW using the rock ledge below if you like. Go towards the crowbar lever and take a right, then left into a short tunnel to a wall torch. Ignite that and you have an easy place to ignite Torches. Youíll get a screen of a gate too and this is #1/5 we have to find.

While weíre down here, go straight out taking the Torch and over the square into the gate to the Hall (E), inside go along the right hand side and on the pillar close to that timed platform is wall torch #2/5. Go back to the gate W.

-Another Secret we needed the Crowbar for: Leave the Torch here in a safe spot, get down into the pool on ground floor and swim through the tunnel E, when you get back to the start you can now open the gate with the Crowbar where you get out of the water. Inside is Secret #5, the Uzis and 2x uzi clips. Swim back and make your way back up through the Hall as before (block NE and over the ledges and the platforms). Grab the Torch.

Go out the gate to the square and use the rocks (SW) again to get up to Obelisk Square. Just around the corner right of where you come up is an entrance, go inside and find a pool with blocks. Drop the Torch on the floor in a safe spot. Go back out and between the two entrances is an alcove with 3 levers. Use the one left and see a block go up. Go back inside, pick up the Torch and get it to the farthest block (#2), drop it by hitting the #1 key. Back outside, use the left lever again and then use the middle one, go bring the Torch two blocks further and reset the middle lever and use the right one this time for the last block. You can now reach wall torch #3/5 by taking two steps back from the edge and then jump into the alcove. You can jump with the Torch two blocks back, then jump onto the lower one and from that one swim to the E side. Jump up at the edge and hit #1 key and climb out, pick up the Torch again and get out.

 Detour for Secret: From the wall torch: hop into the water, swim right and look for a tiny triangular opening in the second pillar S, inside is Secret #6, 2x Uzi clips.

If you left the Torch in the alcove do swim back to the entrance and get out to Obelisk Square. Go get a new Torch, down the stairs SW and to the right in that door. To ignite it, take it down to the lower N section, on the #1 wall torch you ignited (or do the time run again). Go back up to Obelisk Square with the Torch.

Take it with you into the cave with the monkey climb (SE), hop onto the low side (against the wall) of the block with the left lever, run jump into the opening N, stand back and throw the Torch through that gap. Go back out to Obelisk Square and climb the cage up to jump to the pool E. Go right and jump SE around left to that arch and then to the tunnel leading into the cave. Go left and into the opening N to retrieve the Torch down there. Hop up N along the right hand side, turn around and hop into the opening to the cave. Follow out; jump to the arch and into the pool. Stand on that broken piece of pillar next to wall torch #4/5 and ignite it. Hop onto the cage and and get down to the ground floor.

Raise the Second Cage, Aqua Gem III.

Take the Torch to the SW, left of the stairs is an opening to the S section and in front of it is another lowered cage (symbol). Drop the Torch on it (hit #1 key). Go straight through that opening into the section (S), try to stay on higher ground so you donít have to wade. In the S side of the room are two trigger tiles, a ďcatĒ and a ďdogĒ, step on the dog (right one) and see platforms go up along the E wall (not Timed). The cat will lower them again, so avoid that one for now. Use the blocks to get to the first platform (SE) and jump to the last one where the jump lever is. Canít use that, so jump to the nearby pillar, turn right and jump to grab the opening N.

Detour for Secret: Turn right and jump to grab up to the rock ridge (NE) next to the opening. Shimmy left around to where you canít go further and pull up and immediately run forward. Turn left and slide down into a spot with Secret #7, a Medipack. Hop on the sandy block and safety drop down. Get back (S) up to that opening in the wall using the platforms.

Then jump and grab the arch (N) on Obelisk square, go left and turn left to jump and grab the other opening (at the lower part). Hop right around the corner onto the broken pillar, jump and grab the next (S) and shimmy left around to pull up left of the vase. Jump onto that slanted pillar in the room and slide/jump to grab the next pillar (notice the wall torch on the right (W), from there jump to the higher floor straight ahead (S). Go to the lever in the back and raise a cage with it.

Go back and run from the cascade to land on the cat tile lowering the platforms (right one). Go to the Obelisk square, through the left hand opening N and climb the cage you raised (the Torch should be up, leave it there for now). Jump to the arch and go right to jump to the opening on the right (S). To the pillar and jump left to grab the jump lever, gates open to the next Gem. Go into the S end of the room; mind the spike trapÖ Side flip over (or at least stay far from the edge) and take Aqua Gem III. Go back to Obelisk Square.

Igniting the last wall Torch, the Crossbow.

Climb the S side cage, grab the Torch and hop into the opening S, hop right around the corner to the broken pillar and face S, stand right and run jump with a slight curve to the left under the overhang of the pillar S. Turn left and another running jump onto the pillar there (E). Jump to the ledge with the vase W and throw the Torch through the gap in the pillar. Jump onto the sloped pillar E, slide jump and grab the pillar S as you did before. Now jump to the Torch and ignite wall torch 5/5. The gate to the Crossbow opens. You can leave the Torch hereÖ.

The Crossbow and a Target Challenge for Aqua Gem IV.

Go out to Obelisk Square, left down the stairs and into the gate straight ahead (W) to pick up the Crossbow. Go up the stairs and go left down the cascade to the lower square and to the back, to the right where those coloured tiles are (NE). Look up E and spot a door. The blue tile will open that timed door.

Blue: Stand behind the tile facing W, take out the Crossbow and Sight, jump onto the tile, run jump as far to the W as you can and roll somewhere past the red tile. Zoom in quick and shoot the target, donít lose too much time aiming, as a bullís eye hit isnít needed on these targets

Red: Stand behind it facing S, then hop on the tile, jump straight (S), sprint towards the water, turning a bit right to the pushables and (up and to the left is the target door) quickly zoom a bit and aim for the target start shooting as soon as possible.

Green: Now this is a nice one, the door is up left from the pedestal where you got the Crowbar (the Crossbow too). From the tile sprint as fast as possible to those rocks SW (to get onto the cascade); jump onto the left side of the lower one. Turn left and back flip onto the higher rock, then jump forward onto the higher floor (Obelisk Square), sprint straight S along this side and turn right down the stairs, up left is the target and I didnít have too much trouble with this one.

Now the gate to the last gem is open, go back to the trigger tiles on the lower N square and to the right is the opened gate (savegame.2), go get Aqua Gem IV.

Using the Aqua Gems.

Make your way back up to Obelisk Square; place the Gems on the Obelisk and the gate in the upper W structure opens up. Climb the E cage, jump into the pool and loop left around the block with the jump lever. Jump and grab the arch and jump over to the W structure (no Ctrl).

Enter through the opened gate and to the right of the ladder is a small medipack, to the left a button to open the ceiling hatch at the ladder. Climb up and find two Star receptacles next to a door.

 Upper Sanctuary, the Golden Stars.

Go left (S) into the opening and to the right down the stairs, come to a large hall. Take a right and run off, grabbing the ladder to get to the ground floor. Wade through the water a door opens and a Guardian appears, no jumping or ducking the bolts here, so shoot him while keeping an eye on the health bar. In the passage he came from is a Medipack and another door also opened, releasing the second Guardian. Both dropped a Guardian Key. In the last passage is Shotgun ammo. Use the Guardian Keys in the alcoves E and W and blocks go down in the hall. Go use the lever there to start up the platforms above. Go to the NW, up the ladder and shimmy to the right, back flip with a twist and grab the entrance ledge. Shimmy a bit right and pull up. Now run with a left curve just a bit over the corner of the slope here (SW) and jump on top of the broken pillar with the ladder. Jump forward onto the next sloped pillar and slide towards a lever. Use that to open the gate in the back of the room.

Jump back to the pillar with the ladder and take a curved running jump back to the entrance, slide back and shimmy till you can pull up. Stand on the entrance steps facing the first platform you have to jump to now. Run jump when it goes up, a stand jump to the left side of the second platform, curving right a running jump to the third platform and a last left curved run to jump and grab the ledge at the opened gates (savegame.3).

Pick up the Golden Star (1). Safety drop down, go back up the ladder and back flip to the entrance as before. Go back up the stairs to the receptacle room.

Go to the right and in an alcove on the right, are Uzi clips. Go back a bit and to the right into the N passage, to the right and outside. Hop to the ledge right for some Shotgun ammo, go back inside and straight down the stairs (W). Be careful at the bottom of the stairs because there are trapdoors with spike traps underneath.

The second set of trapdoors has a surprise, just run onto the left side and drop in, crawl into the crawlspace for Secret #8, a small medipack. Climb out of the pit.

Continue around the corner and from the bridge jump down onto a ledge left (S). Make your way down to the ground and get some Shotgun ammo next to the skeleton E. Go to the other side of the room minding the spike traps and pry the Golden Star (2)  off the wall. Doors open and Coyotes come for you. Shoot them and go into the opened door (S) for a small medipack and a button releasing a Giant Scorpion. Take care of that and in the door he came from (SE) are 2xUzi clips and the next button. Harpies can be shot with pistols when you go stand with your back into a corner. They came from a door SW, where you find a Medipack and a button.

A block goes up, allowing us to get back up to the bridge.

Before you go up, carefully trigger all 4 spike traps. I used the block to jump high over 3 of them, only the one N you have to run onto the sloped floor part close by and just jump over the corner of the trap. Almost landing near the door that will open NE. Inside is Secret #9, a small medipack and Shotgun ammo.

Use the Stars, the Boss Fight.

Climb the block; jump up the ledges S and a curved run jump to grab the bridge. Mind the trapdoors on your way back up to the Star receptacles. Place the Stars and the door opens. Slide down forward with a flare in hand, jump up to grab into the opening just before the fire tile, pull up and grab a small medipack, then use the lever to douse the fire tile. Continue your journey down.

Spot the trapdoor right of you, save and take a step forward where a flyby will kick in. Save again after the flyby. Hop to the block in front, run turning right and time the spikes on the pillar to do a jump followed by a running jump into the alcove with the Shotgun ammo. You can save in the corner. Run into the other alcove and roll, stand a bit back from the edge and stand jump to the spike pillar, then a running jump to the ledge and time the next pillar to get to the next corner. You know the drill by now, go along the next series of jumps into the alcove SW and use the button to open doors. The next door alcove has a Medipack.

From that alcove go E and from the safe ledge right into the open doors (S). To the right is a scissor trap with a Medipack, Uzi clips and Shotgun ammo behind it. The other side has a button to open the doors N. So make your way left or right (no pickups in the SE corner) around to the N side.

To the right a circular knife trap with 2x Shotgun ammo and a lever to re-open the big doors, TimedÖ So better go into the left opening first, throw the floor lever to lower the protective cage around the Boss and then go through the knife trap to get 2x Shotgun Ammo, get the health up. Save and throw the lever, roll and just run jump through the blade. Get out and hop over to the safe ledge, just stand still and blast away with the Shotgun. When heís gone, jump over and grab the Hand of Death. Skeletons will be set free, keep your position in the middle of the floor and shoot them off.

Jump to the safe ledge in front of the entrance (E).

For the last Secret: Look down E, stand on the lower part of the floor, run down with Ctrl to land in an opening, go in and get Secret #10, a Medipack, 3x Uzi ammo and jump up for Shotgun ammo then climb up the ladder to the entrance. Stepping on the fire tile will close the trapdoor again.

Now use the Hand of Death. That Big Head explodes, so jump over there and go through the opening slide down into a pool. Get out on the right (N) to use a button and go into the beautiful Treasury to take the Amulet of Horus. Go through the open door and into the sunlight.

G&D June 17-2015